Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Olive Tree & Humanity

Here's a list of US government agencies.

Check it out.
It's huge.
It makes you realise what the ordinary citizen is opposed by.
Though their remit is ostensibly to work on behalf of the people, in actuality they work on behalf of the ruling power.

Each of those agencies is hierarchic.
Those that rule determine, through selection, the heads of each agency.
Those people get chosen because they are of, rather than opposed to, the ruling system.
In turn, they select the next tier on the same basis.
And so on down.

In this way each agency is a self perpetuating organ of government, each higher level employee locked into the career ladder that rewards compliance with the top-down system.

In this way 'democracy' loses its worth, because the staff continuity of these hierarchic state institutions ignores elections.

As we know, Presidents are chosen by the secret government, not by the people.
Therefore, Trump is a chosen man.
Alex Jones and the rest are, of course, liars and cointelpro agents.
(Even those you personally trust?)
The people Trump selects to lead the government agencies will be those who are of the system.
In this way, those agencies will continue their work of managing the herd.
We see this already.

As we know, the essence of our rulers is inhuman, is evil.
As we know, they insist on proof of evil from their appointees.
This is expressed through paedophile activity and child murder.

To gain the highest positions we must assume careerists have passed an initiation.
This most certainly involves Pizza.
We can also assume that they benefit in terms of longer life and better health.
See our recent post on the science about young blood.
We can also assume that they are told how to cure cancer, for none of them ever contract this now almost universal disorder.

When we break out of this prison we must find a better way to organise and decide.
A method of ensuring that the good people are our leaders and advisers.
This understanding excludes money, for where there is money there is graft and corruption, there are motives which seek to focus the benefits of effort into fewer and fewer hands.

This understanding also excludes power, for power itself corrupts.
Ergo our new system must grant no power to our leaders and advisers.
Power gives one person rights over many.
The chosen will have to ask, and rely on our good will.

Know that without money we must have voluntary systems and a strong idea of duty, reinforced by the collective consciousness.
We will have to find ways of dealing with the lazy, the greedy, the selfish, the bully.
This is not beyond our abilities as a species.
This is how we did things when we were all of us tribal peoples.
Perhaps for hundreds of thousands of years, before money and rulers.
This is how we can do things again.

Our understanding of true common human values and human nature has been twisted by the onslaught of years of mainstream media brainwashing, by millennia of kings and their wars, by millennia of money and its vile offspring, usury.

Don't be fooled.
Human beings are basically good.
We share the desire for peace, for love, for justice, for freedom from want in our billions.

Take money out of the system, take away hierarchy and most of the root causes of harm are taken away.

It will take a generation or two, but imagine the effects on our state of mind as a species.

Ideas for the new path for humanity are welcome here.
Please feel free to comment.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

Here in East Crete our little cottage stands a hundred yards from the ruins of a Minoan village, 4,000 years old. Around here there are olive trees over two thousand years old. They have been cut down or burned by wildfire many times, but the roots survive and new trunks and branches grow. This is why we call our trees 'riezes', roots.
After a few years the trees fruit again.
Two years ago we had a grove infected by a canker and cut the trees. The new growth is free of disease and fruitful.
We liken this to humanity.
Our roots are strong and healthy, but the top growth has grown diseased and ugly.
It seems a big thing to do to cut all that top growth away, but once its done the human tree will grow fresh and strong and fruitful, the new structural branches smooth limbed and free of canker, the leaves green and fresh and wholesome.

And we will bear fruit again.

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