Friday, 10 July 2020

Bill & Melinda Gates Giggle & Smirk Over 2nd Wave of Pandemic

Mr Bill and Mr Mel Gates telling us what's in store and grinning over the death tolls to come, because the 2nd scamdemic . beginning October, is designed to kill. OUR human time is coming: 11:11 2020, when WE evolve and end the nightmare.


  1. They'll get their punishment in Hell! ..right where they belong FOREVER!!!!

    1. Bill and Melinda Gates belong to the Synagogue of Satan, the Catholic church, led by the Antichrist Pope Francis. Jesuits and the New World Order:

  2. WE think it goes even deeper than that. The Vatican, the Jesuits, the Sabbateans, the Frankists, the Satanic hordes, the demons, the alien doesn't matter what organisation they are a part of or what their nature truly is. What matters is "their works". Judge them by their works, by their actions. THERE you see the unity amongst them, and that unity IS EVIL.