Monday, 2 May 2011


The Myth dies, the Myth will live

Osama Bin Laden and some family members, assassinated. Or so the story goes.
Colonel Gadaffi's son and three of his grandchildren assassinated. They say.
Bin Laden's been buried at sea, they say.
Conveniently speedy disposal of the evidence, like at ground zero.
Or perhaps they've been shipped to one of the underground bunkers to join Saddam Hussein, or taken to South America where the Bushes have a few hundred thousand acres.......
We'll find out one day soon, no doubt, when the world goes through its changes.

The West, acting as the hit squad of the global elite are really cranking up the reasons for brainwashed young muslims to strike at the heart of the western nations and raise the stakes in the coming major war. They need everyone to take sides. They need anger on the streets. They need people to target other people within their communities. They need the break down of law and order. They need blood. False flag or genuinely disgruntled angry young person, the attacks are about due in my estimation, the “causes” having been so carefully prepared.
A distinct possibility is for these attacks to be carried out by identifiably military personnel from Libya, giving cause for mission spread in what is virtually war already.

Once more, the murder of children bathes the global luciferian elite in the blood of innocents they so crave and the descent into chaos proceeds without a slackening of pace.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, surprise surprise, the new government is quickly moving towards what will inevitably become war with Israel. Having brokered a deal between Fatah and Hamas they are now urging the US to back a call for the announcement of statehood for Palestine.
Refusal will cause friction and anger across the Middle East, which is being rapidly suckered into the hands of a rag-tag of unelected “revolutionaries” and military “interim” governments, ready for the attack on Israel which must come for the Imam Mahdi to return and destroy the Dajjal (Devil).
Of course, the bible thumping christians look forward to the same thing......
The muslims concur with their christian fellow travellers, for after the Imam Mahdi will come the Hadhrat Isa (or Jesus), they say.

Both false religions singing from the same hymn sheet should be no surprise to those of you who read here regularly, understanding that the books these folks believe in so faithfully were conceived of and re-written with these times in mind.

And if that upsets you, it demonstrates how completely you have been taken in.
As Tolstoy said:
"I know that most men...can seldom accept even the simplest and most
obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of
conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which
they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
thread, into the fabrics of their lives."

As individuals, we humans most times learn from the mistakes we make.
As societies, and whenever two or three congregate together, we we do not.
We have been taught to abdicate responsibility for the leadership of our species, to allow our governance to fall into the hands of evil, to be thankful that the big problems are not ours but are in the hands of our “elected” officials to deal with, allowing us to munch at the grass along with the rest of the herd.
Problems are always “somebody else's”.
Picture the herd running from the lion.
Once the kill has happened, the herd resume grazing, grateful it's not them.
Such is humanity under the sway of our fiendish masters.

Of course, at some point, YOU may be the one selected.
And nobody will do anything to help. They'll be too busy keeping their heads down and munching at the grass.
It is this learnt behaviour, so deeply ingrained over hundreds of generations, that lies at the root of our specie's current dilemma. It speaks of cowardice. It speaks of apathy. It speaks of a reliance on authority. It speaks of abdication of responsibility. It is the very foundation of the pyramid of power, so carefully structured by the great architect of your demise. It closes your mind and shutters your heart and walls up your soul and robs you of your glory.
It steals your humanity.

After this next, last, greatest lesson it is at this fundamental level that we will need to Start Again.
This taught behaviour of needing to be led.
Of treating things as somebody else's problem.
This is not love.

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


  1. I think this has to do with the hunter forced to live as a gatherer. We all need to be hunters, and go about our gathering duties as Hunters. We ALL need to be psychologically strong, independent, just, and honest. We shouldnt NEED a government to keep us in line, and we shouldnt HAVE to keep a government in line. We are so far away from "for the people, by the people." This is an ideal that will not be reached in the present human condition..
    RE: a new society, if children are never exposed to psychological dysfunction and lies, they will never have those archetypes to even emulate..
    How does one truely start over? This is where faith comes in, the more faith - the more will, the more change, and the closer we can get to real change - hence the current polarization. Our caged humanity is screaming to be let out. At some point, history stops repeating itself - hopefully not because there are but a few humans left.

  2. That we have every thing we need and don't need to look outside of ourselves in some existential space. Leaders are only useful if everybody has a purpose and is included. We don't have to be alone. Autonomy, respect. When one part of the World calls out, we lift our heads up.

    Not need to be heads down obeissance, that is sickness: Unchecked Ego at the top.
    Old, feudal style. Moo.