Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can we understand our duty to the future?

My family. My friends.

This has become the work of my life.

Everything else matters, nothing else matters.

The future of humanity is in our care, the future of our beautiful planet is in our care.
The future is OUR responsibility.
This is big stuff.

Dig in, grit your teeth, gird your inner self with truth and shield yourself with compassion.
Do some work .
We have a duty.

We have a vital duty and now we have the very first opportunity in the history of mankind to fulfil that duty.

We are living in exceptional times.

The future looks upon us now, watching and waiting to see if we can summon the will to act according to our lights.

They await our decision.

Will we fill graveyards, or will we build homes?
Will we build trust, or enmity and division?
Will we cleanse the world, or fill it with more poison?

There are times when a human being has to cast aside the worries and fears that beset them and step up.

This is such a time.
This is OUR TIME.

This is the world war of the soul.

Please, for our future, get enlisted.
History will judge us for cowards or heroes.
History will judge us for our legacy.

Your life, my life, everyone's life should be dedicated to this future.

The future is, after all, ALL we have.

All our children, and their children, and theirs have.

My friends, the future is all there is.

There are 6.5 billion souls here on our wonderful home.
Together, we WILL become the strongest force for good ever known.
There is no choice in the matter.
Your Specie Needs YOU!

If we tread carefully and with wisdom we can avoid the errors of the past, go through the transition of hardship, and emerge into a future filled with the light of human love.

If one person believes that, others will take them for a fool.
If we all believe that, then that person would be a fool not to.
This is the fundament of critical mass.
This is why work is required.

The family of humanity has at last come to an understanding.

Never before in the history of humankind have we had the opportunity to sit and listen to one another, to hear each others voice across the world, to reach a common understanding between us.
A common understanding outside of the control and influence of the evil elite.

At this very moment and for the first time mankind is collectively arriving at this understanding.
This understanding comes from the discovery of the Truth.

The truth that mankind has been inculcated with the belief that we are not ONE.

Sold the lie that we need to hate one another, fear one another, kill or starve or maim one another for our own individual survival.

This lie withers when exposed to the bright light of truth.
It is dying now.

You can see those that aren't yet free, clinging desperately to one lie or another, hanging on grimly to something they have learnt from the false reality gifted to us over Millennia.
Divisive and ridiculous ideas of race or religion or nation or debt, instruments all of torture and control.

They too will come into the fold.
They too will accept the great hug of love that humanity has within it.
The great hug of love that we yearn to give, we yearn to receive, we shall all have.
The warm and protective arms of a humanity free at last of fear.

I'm going to ask you for your help.
I have an idea I would like to share with you.

Please help, as many of you already are.

Humanity has to act very quickly now if we are to avert the hardship and slaughter that the evil global scum are driving us towards.

In many places our brothers and sisters are already in this hell.
They need our urgent help.

The power the elite have is made up of us - and only us.
Without their manipulative controls over us, they are weak and defenceless.

Refuse to pull the trigger, they cannot kill.
Refuse to fly the plane, they cannot bomb.
Refuse to inject the child, they cannot pass their poisons.
Refuse to pay the interest, they cannot grow richer.
Refuse to pay your tax to the governments in their hands, they cannot spend it on death.
Refuse to hate, they cannot divide us.
Refuse to believe, they cannot make us fools.

Take the control of money from them, they lose control of their vile political acolytes.

Please understand the power of humanity standing in the light.

There is nothing we need fear if we act together.
The end of the dominance of evil is a step away.

A short step into the light for humanity, a long march into the darkness for evil.

We can, together, consign evil to the history books.
Together we can deconstruct this paradigm of evil.

Piece by piece, sharing each of us our portion of the burden, we can cast aside this ludicrous and foul confection of lies with great ease, with the easy shrug of 6.5 billion shoulders.
The evil elite are parasites, tiny but greedy, sucking the future of happiness from the efforts and skills of mankind.

That's ENOUGH of that.
It is Time to Start Again.

So here is the favour I will ask of you.
Respond if you can.

Each person that applies their shoulder to the wheel of our fortune lessens the effort required for the others.
Each person added brings ever closer the final end of the torture, the killing, the false health that is sickness and death , the poverty and starvation, the misery, the evil, the hatred, the mistrust.

Each extra shoulder of support brings ever closer the day.

We each of us have lists of contacts.
We each of us have family and friends.
We each of us care for those people.
We each visit sites that allow posting.
We each speak to a neighbour, a friend, a colleague.

We each of us need to stand forward, step into the breach, cast our fear aside and vow to rid our future of the filth and foul subjugation that will be our gift to the future if we do nothing.
We need to "come out" as human.

So, friends:
Make a pledge for humanity.

"I will bring the truth to 5 new people a day."

Many will initially turn aside, following their programming.
But if from each 5 we can bring one into the fold, and they likewise speak to five a day.............................

There is a certain beauty in mathematics, a certain unstoppable certainty.

Send them here.
If you like what I write (thank you), repost elsewhere.

Send them to other sites where the truth sits, even if sometimes that truth is diluted or perhaps not quite the truth.

Tell them to believe nothing but to let their inner humanity be the judge of what is right.

Let your fellow human beings walk with you.
Hold their hands, as is your duty, and lead them.

Remember, we have nothing to fear other than each other.
Without us, the evil elite have nothing.

They will pay for their wrongs and will endure justice, the justice meted out by a higher humanity, a humanity free of fear and full of light and love.

Maybe we'll just hug them.
But their control will be over.
Their ability to regain that control gone forever.
They will feel a justice of compassion and truth.

This is our future.
This can be our legacy.

Future generations of humanity will laud us or despise us according to how we act TODAY.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

(Some notes:
I don't know if this will work, but;
a) if you come here regularly, as many do, please become a follower.

Show yourself to others. Fear nothing. We are many. Let them find us, and let them find us too many, beyond number. Let them feel our authority at last,

b) can you understand the comfort of seeing a million followers?
(Not of me ,I hasten to add, but of the Idea, the "Idea of Us".)

c) If each current visitor brought five to this small offering of the truth each day, and then they brought five each day, why:
It would take us only ten weeks to reach mankind!

That might just be fast enough to avert disaster.

Would you like to try?

Then get to it.)


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I am posting this blog if you do not mind. I have been writing exposes of the horrors for so long I leap to anything that is "something we can do" for empowerment.

I hope you are ok with this.

I will add a little thing to your message. There is the expression that we do what we can for our children and our children's children. I would like to add, as one who has lived with and come to understand the concept of reincarnation in ways few Westerners have. In my thought, we ARE our children's children. Or our children's children's children.

Yes this is limiting time to a linear pattern but that is how most see time, if they ever consider the concept at all.

So you see, my reasons for doing what I do are, therefore, not completely altruistic. And what do I do? As a revisionist in my country I put myself on the line with much of what I put out and I am only warming up. And, smile, after a long time at this, a few people actually listen!

Thank you for your delicious post.

The Seeker said...

There are more spreading the word around the world. Here in Singapore, a long email was just sent out referencing this website...

www . SavingHumans . com

It's difficult to understand how much of all this conspiracy stuff is real. But, better to have an open mind than to brush things off without investigating and contemplating.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Please let me know if this is ok or if you think I destroyed your work.

I took your theme and expanded on it somewhat.

The Seeker said...