Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Last of Their Kind.......

(Pic: Another of those crop circles done in the dark in a few hours by some drunk students with a bit of string. Or not. You decide)

The elite bloodlines that run our lives, that create the false reality in which we exist, are existing on borrowed time. The sheer numbers of us now seeing them for what they are, now understanding their dominance, now recognising their names, now understanding their horrific catalogue of crimes, now identifying their high level servants, now realising that they have manipulated us to build and maintain our own prison planet will become in a very short time the largest one-issue movement the world has ever seen.

The one issue will be: "That's ENOUGH"

Within a year from now this blog will have been visited by a million souls, maybe many more. There are many more blogs, many more sites, more and more active folks leafleting, making videos, talking to neighbours and friends. This effervescence of truth is like a virus passing from one person to another.

It's a virus that is untreatable.

This cry of freedom is reverberating around the world, echoing and re-echoing, getting louder every second, becoming a mighty wind of change that will level the mountains of historic oppression and clear the way for an incredible future for mankind. Free at last, free at last.......!
All of us, free at last.

Once you see the truth, there is no going back. Life as you knew it is over. Everything you see on the TV or read in the press is viewed from the position of strength that is a side effect of this virus. The blinkers are off, the scales have fallen from the eyes, the critical faculties go into overdrive, we understand and we understand more every day.

We see you, elite scum. we know who you are and where you live. There will be no hiding. You will be brought to justice.

You are finished.

The elite scum are of course recruiting many of us to act as a rearguard in their retreat. Naturally they aren't spending their own money to do this, they're spending ours, the tax money we give to government all goes into their pockets to pay national debt and to pay for the military that carries out their agenda of dominance and the bombs and guns and sicknesses they are using now and will increasingly use in the coming times to try and wipe us out.

They have always known this trick, this greatest of the big lies. They have understood how to get human beings to kill other human beings at their bidding, sitting behind both sides of the war in their beautiful mansions directing the governments of the warring nations, collecting on the money they create out of thin air and "lend" to their puppet governments to spend on weapons from companies they own or oil from companies they own.

This amazing sleight of hand is beautiful in its rendition and is one of the most fantastic of the lies that prop up the false reality. Nearly every nation in the world borrows "money" from these people. It's not real money of course, just numbers in a column. To do this they have to ensure that the people in power within those governments don't let the secret out of the bag. By this very guilt by association those of us with the truth virus now understand that all politicians, all political parties , are without exception party to the biggest and sickest swindle of all time. They are guilty of the grandest theft in history as accomplices.
They are guilty of genocide and murder too.
I feel a trial coming on, and not before time.

This is why politicians are working their hardest to distract us. Their time is drawing to a close too. Their fat moneyed privileged lives of power and unwarranted influence is nearing its end. The trials will be something. How the mighty will be felled, how the monkeys will scatter when the tree falls.

They are setting up agencies within the world's secret services and intelligence organisations to combat this virus of truth. You'll see them on any site you care to visit where the truth is being told, trying to herd the truth seekers towards particular dead end alleys. One example is the "head for the hills with yer guns" crowd.

There is nothing the elite like more than a dissident group that reaches for their guns. They send in the police and the army and any of the other armed and dangerous murderers they use our tax money to buy. They aren't of course on the front line themselves! They never have been. They don't actually DO anything, that's what WE are for!

The main stream media will tell the sheep that these truthers, these constitutionalists, these believers in a world free of the usurious scum that control us, doctors, poets mechanics and cab drivers, whatever they are, they and their families will be vilified, portrayed as terrorists, described as some sort of weird cult.


We've seen it before, and we'll see it again.

A show of power always distracts the sheep. They put their heads down, carry on grazing, pay their taxes, pay the interest on debt, spend their wages in the company shop, get sick on the companies medicine, breathe the companies dirtied air and drink their poisoned water, never feeling the gentle breath of the wind of freedom on their cheeks, never looking up, never becoming as we are becoming:

These sheep hate a maverick, hate anyone that threatens to change anything in their miserable excuse for an existence. Their time is leaking out from their lives as surely as water drips from a reservoir, each day spent in the prison of their own making a day lost to their soul, their soul buried beneath a cowardly dumb and vicious excuse for a human being.

Many of these Judas goats of the herd feed directly from the teat of the devil, sucking the blood from humanity. They are the civil servants, the government agents, the kwango and charity executives, the greasy pole climbers of the big corporations. They are the greedy succubuses guzzling the sickness and evil directly from the festering nipple of the elite.

They are the iron bars of the prison earth. In exchange for a fat pension and a scrap of power over the rest of us they are the staunch supporters of the status quo.
Some of them we are reaching.
Most of them will never be reached.
Their souls are unreachable, their habitual self interest too entrenched.

They are the ones who'll be knocking at your door, vaccine in hand.
They are the ones collecting your taxes, foreclosing on your homes, telling you to do as you are told in a million ways each day.

They create the nonsense that you read in the papers.
They produce the fiction that passes for TV news.
Disturb them, and they get mad.

Well, they'll have to get used to that, won't they? Because their time is over too. WE are the big boys on the block, we're the gang of 6.5 billion souls.
The world is ours .

We understand this: The world has been built on a foundation of evil and fear, walled up with a catalogue of lies and mortared with distrust and hatred. Our new world will be built on a foundation of love and fearlessness , walled up with the truth, mortared with trust and affection. Only with these weapons can we fight evil.
Love is the WMD of the new, emerging humanity.

Group hug, anybody?
(PS: A big thankyou and hug to all the followers and others that have been posting some of these words around the internet, spreading the word. You know who you are, and I thank you.
Olive xxx)


Peaceful said...

Dear Olive,

Thank you very much for your blog, and sharing some more about yourself, notably that you (may be) are a woman. I too, like someone else commented, assumed you were a man. I have heard about the complicated theories/use of NLP, when in fact and all along, the always ready-to-use imagination and assumption leads us far away from Love/Good/Truth, and directly towards that arrogant state of thinking we know anything, when we know nothing at all, and believe lies as truth. All we must do is ASK, so that we may know. There is but One Remedy for this insanity that I am aware of, called JAHTRUTH.

I am a woman, and if this comment is submitted for your review, it is because it has been approved by a man, for me to do so. I write this comment, as it makes a difference to know whether the writer of this blog is a man or a woman.
That which was taken away from me in this wicked world, has been restored; this being, to know my place (women are not equal to men), as God (love, good & truth) intended. Women can and do speak out in the community with valuable thoughts; as permitted.
Love is enough, indeed.

'A woman rescued from so-called women's liberation'

Von Curtis said...


Rise, Slaves



Its amazing isn't it .

winston smith said...

Olive Farmer is a dude not a dudette

Robert Toth Dr., iur. said...

I am also quite certain the Olive farmer is a man. But does it matter anyway? It's his/her eye-opening thoughts that matter.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

The evidence that will be used to prosecute Cheney has now been posted at www.BlandyLand.com

Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Robert Toth Dr., iur. said...

Please, Daniel, do not be that naive, Cheney will never be prosecuted. At least, not in your country.
He might be prosecuted by the People but not by the institutionalized courts. The peons of the elite control there everything.

I really hope that one day we'll be awaken and that there will be a time when we do not believe in our corrupted leadership (courts, gov'ts, etc.) any more.

Von Curtis said...

The elite are getting worried they are now telling us that our economy has turned the corner and is on the road to recovery.
What rubbish and a lot of people are waking up to a certain amount of the rubbish.
By the way how do you think those beautiful crop circles are done and why are they only in England ??

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Von Curtis,
If I think too much about how they get there I'm likely to become a crazy!
From the enlightened souls of the near future to whom time is just another dimension, I could say, bringing us a message of hope in a capricious and clever way. Or I could say it's aliens. Or I could say we subconsciously make them ourselves.
Knowing the Brits sense of humour, it just might be the most elaborate hoax performed by a crack squad of very well organised art and physics students.
Do you know, I just don't know.
The place is interesting as the area contains stonehenge and many other ancient rings and burial barrows and is also a confluence of lay lines. Or maybe its just because its flat.
Whatever the truth, I see beauty and feel very calm when I look at them. The give me a sense of confidence in the future and seem to indicate the approach of something very significant very soon.
I just hope the US isn't using HAARP to do them. That would be a shame.
Love Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter for the link
Keep up the good work with your wonderful blog.
May we all come to live in peace and freedom.

my blog is

Von Curtis said...

'I just hope the US isn't using HAARP to do them. That would be a shame.'

Yes Ollie , I hope that is not what's going on too - they are very intricate though , I'm afraid it does make you wonder how 'on earth' it would be done. In other words it almoist would have to be done from above and they are done so quickly - how often do they change and how many appear at once ??

I must say a lot of people are waking up fast in country Australia , in the local town I went to yesterday it is amazing how many people I talked to are becoming aware of the government corporation BIG PROBLEM and many people want to live their lives differently now.
It is indeed an amazing time.