Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Understand the New World Order

Don't underestimate them, your masters.

You understand how this great spider's web of power, money, influence and control that holds us in its grip, has ever held us in its grip, can and does create the reality which we endure?
You know they created Hitler and the Nazis. They created Lenin and the “communist” revolution. The vast and intricate control they wield now defies the understanding of most people, but you see it. They own the power that you use, the food that you eat, the water that you drink, the TV that you watch, the books that you read, the education that you receive, the medicine that you are given. They stride the world bringing death where they will, spewing filth into our mother earth, murdering and poisoning and defiling and debasing what we are.

These things you know.

And in their councils centuries ago they saw us coming of age, perhaps knew these days would come because they have a knowledge that is beyond our consideration, a knowledge they have held for millennia, a knowledge that speaks of things outside our realisation.
A knowledge that should and will be ours.
A knowledge they fear our gaining of.

These things you know or draw logical conclusions about.

For a moment, see how they have held the world in their grip and for how long and understand what there is in the vaults of their understanding that we can only guess at or dream of.

And now, think of the internet.

And Twitter and Facebook and all that is so new.

Placed into our hands by them. Their money, their corporations, their law, their infrastructure.
And think then of the vast variety of truth seeking websites, the leading names in what is rapidly now becoming a movement of a thousand different “points of light”, the world-changing swell in the tides and affairs of humanity that is evident now, the innumerable avenues of research, the events that sparked people to begin their individual searches for truth, the year in which we find ourselves now and how it has been that this year means so much to so many and raises the hopes and fears of a world of different people.....

And understand that there is quite simply no way that our masters would have allowed this thing to go unchecked.

This too, I guess, you know.

Further, look at the evidence and you can understand that the whole thing is of their creation, instigated by them centuries ago, the seeds of vast deceptions planted in the consciousness of humanity that have slowly grown, spread their roots and now approach inflorescence.
Look at things like Zeitgeist and Thrive and see the Blavatsky formulated luciferianism. See Icke and see the Rothschild inspired anti-semitism and trace it back too to Alice Bailey and Aleister Crowley. See thousands of others....and understand that they are part of what appears to be a natural groundswell of individuals giving the appearance of lone wolves when in fact they are a part of a ravening pack.

In short, we are being lied to again.
Just as bible readers have been lied to. And koran readers.

All this I guess you see if your eyes are open.

Know too that, like those lost in religion, you too are expected to defend what you have been given to believe and those you are supposed to have come to venerate and to laud to your family and friends and whose words you weave into the thread of your life.

You are supposed to spread the new gospel.

And like so many before, you will be urged to reach for the sword to defend it.
If you are a son or daughter of the colour revolutions or the Arab spring or a Libyan you already have, for this endgame is on.
And having done so, you will in their plans become part of the new pyramid of power.
Some of you already are.

And soon something EXTRA will be added to the mix. Something that makes you believe....
It's what they usually do.

These things, this Magick has been done before, so often that you'd think people would see through them, but the reason people don't is because they are a part of the picture, looking out from inside, and so are blind.

And that, dear friend, is Magick.

It is a very complex and intricate conjuring trick that fools your consciousness and makes you believe that you are acting out of free will and that you are doing the right thing and that change is coming and you are a part of that change out of free will.



You are the New World Order!

And if these words have planted the seed, know that it is the seed of the tree of love, born of the knowledge of good and evil, and it will grow beautiful and give shade and respite for humanity as more seeds are planted and the tree of love becomes a forest encompassing our world and sheltering the family that is humanity in its spreading canopy.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

P.S. We've been harvesting our olives, trees grown free of chemicals and returned to nature. It's probably one of the toughest jobs, but the trees breathe their salve upon you as you work and fill you with joy and peace with their ancient presence. You understand they are as alive as we are, but different, more patient, older.
And as an aside, did you ever look at the destruction of Groves at about the time of the inquisition and at other times? And see now the Isranazis (the mind controlled ones) ripping up the olive groves of the Palestinians? And did you wonder what's in some trees that would cause evil to want their destruction?
Seek and you will find...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The approaching dawn of the New World

Please don't imagine, not for a moment, that the laws under which you dwell as a rightful inheritor of this earth are there to protect your “rights”, are there to see that justice is served, are backed up by and enforced by the servants of the law whether they be the uniformed “peace officers” or the bewigged practitioners of law, the judges and lawyers.

This facet of the false reality, designed and refined over the millennia by our masters, forms one of the sides of the pyramid of power, probably equal in its consciousness controlling power to that other great facet, money. The two go hand in hand. To have money grants a human being more of the law than his poorer brother or sister. To have great wealth puts someone above the law. To have both wealth and an exalted position in the hierarchy grants one exemption from the law and, what is more control, over its content.

In the false reality we are sold the vision of democracy and therefore equality of voice in electing those that frame the laws on our behalf. In those places where “democracy” is not the system in place it becomes more obvious how the law works and whom it serves. Don't be deceived. The law and whom it serves never alters, and it is never your servant except in the most trivial of matters just as the news you read is never true except in the most trivial of matters. That, of course, is a part of the Magick of both of these organs of deception, that everything must be true because most of it is, and so most cannot see the lie that is buried in the haystack of truth.
And it's a big lie.

The falsity that is organised religion aids and abets this mirage of justice, adding “God's” voice and “authority” to the proceedings, “sanctifying” the “law” with his presence in the courts.
“I swear by almighty God, blah blah”.

And if your mind is free of the shackles you understand how the religions, including the luciferain new age religions, are a twisted and bastardised simulacrum of what is evident, that god is love, that love is in each of us, that we can live with god by living with love, that control over our destiny and the shaping of our future lies within this simple realisation. God is love, pure and simple. The idea of it, the consciousness of it touches us all and its light burns, however dimly, within each and every one of us. It is the rhythm of creation and the light of being.

And love has only one law: Do good is its thesis, do no harm its antithesis, Love its synthesis.
And this is the only law we should have.
This the only law you should follow.
This the only law by which anyone's actions should be judged.
Understanding of and knowing how to live by this law the only qualification for those who would sit in judgement of others.
Let him or more likely her who is without sin give love to those who have lost it, the greater the crime the more love is needed, and more, until the generations pass and humanity understands that it lives in love, that those misshapen by the false reality are an anachronism of history, a curious thing about the past, something to be looked back upon with incredulity as so much of what we have and do now will be viewed.
There will be no detail in this law. There will be neither statute nor legislation.
There will be no loopholes.
Only true justice.
And love.

Our new world is a step away in the consciousness of our species.
It has no money and instead has sharing both of what we have and of what needs to be done to make our lives wonderful, underpinned by love.
It has no law but love, no punishment but the cure that is love.
It has no religion but the belief in good, the belief in love and the understanding that the universe and all that is in it revolves eternally to the rhythm that is love, that without love it cannot be.
And it has truth, shared and accessible to all, the truth as we collectively know it about everything we know for truth is love and a lie is the enemy of our collective future.

And you may say that I'm a dreamer.
But I'm not the only one.
The future I see is a future we can reach with just a tiny shift in the consciousness of our species, a shift brought about by understanding the false reality.
And letting what is within all of us come forth.

This is “waking up”.
There are no ascended masters.
The moon isn't a spaceship.
We can see through the Magick.
We are only one step away from the light.
Ours, not lucifer's.

I don't think we have long to wait for its beginning, dear friends.
The enemy will unleash a storm, has already unleashed it, a storm we must weather and a storm we must come to understand we are manipulated to create, that without our help there would be no storm. We are being positioned to hate each other and desire to kill each other again across our world.
This time, for the first time, we can stop this thing.
We are too many now to be fooled by these old tricks, by this old magick.
In our number and our collective ingenuity there is a strength now that cannot be gainsaid, can't be resisted.
Our enemy fears this new consciousness and is right to.
For it spells the end of the old world, and the beginning of a new world.
Built with love.

And so love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Expect the unexpected

As the world story according to our masters unfolds its by now predictable plot and humanity is edged ever closer to the brink, bleating and mooing, their eyes full of flashing lights, their ears of the steady pulse of the music they are provided with, their minds filled with drivel and distraction, their souls battened down with fear and loathing, the chains of servitude wrapped around their sickened and chemicalised bodies, so expect the next stage of this drama people think is real.

It will come from the left field.
It will shock.
It will cause the herd to stampede.
In the wrong direction for our future.

In my longish years I have come to know the animal we have been moulded into.

I have witnessed the frenzied violence of the mob, the stomping of strangers heads in tribal turmoil. I have witnessed the liars, the self-preservationists, the greasy pole climbers, the back stabbers, the thieves, the fraudsters, the petty, the angry, the bully.

I have been some of these things myself, in my past, when I was lost in the herd.
Forgive me.

The racist, the pompously religious bigot, the beater, the adulterer, the sociopath, the psychopath, the evil. I've met them all, run from some and battled others. In my old corporate days I saw them climb towards power and was sickened by my interaction with them.
As a child, I was revolted by them but later practised some of their ways, largely but not always in self defence
I was lost to the false reality for a while, and knew not what I did.
I'm better now.
Not whole, but getting there.
There are still traces there, but I am making my peace with our earth and the family that is humanity.

I see with eyes quite wide open, and can see where the veil is drawn over truth, and am learning to be human.

To err is not human.
To be human is to cast off all of the teachings of the false reality. To rid your true self, your soul, of the impositions of thousands of years of the old world's lessons. To see each human being, however base and mutated and evil they have become, as a product of the control system, as a helpless servant of the evil, as someone tainted by the great swell of unavoidable history and to forgive them.

A new history can be made for our future.
What is wrong can be made right.
WE can all become human, grow a new generation in the light of our reformed souls.
WE can all of us do no harm.
To err is not human.

This new world needs new minds, minds free of the impositions of taught behaviour, minds that look at each question in the light of love and that build tomorrow with love as the foundation of everything.
In that light, humanity takes a blank sheet of paper and redesigns our reality, as shared inheritors of our world, as shared owners of our world, each the equal stakeholder in the future we must build, the future home for our family.

The truth is that to survive and prosper, to avoid the impending disaster, this is something we must achieve.
The alternative, as we can witness right now, is just too vile to conceive of.
It is time.
Time to Start Again.

There is, of course, still the great mystery to discover.
But that is not far away.

I guess it will seep from the edges of the approaching turmoil. Somewhere, somehow sometime soon a crack will open in the pyramid of deception and a small, initially unnoticed pulse of truth will ooze into this reality, be noticed, be pointed to, be understood.
The crack will widen, the flow become a flood and a new day will be born.
Look for it, and it will be found.

Know this: the more of us there are, the more of us have to be a part of the control system.

At some point, there is simply too much stuff, too many human beings out there to keep tabs on. That's why our masters have used our ingenuity to find ways to kill us in vast numbers, using money and the magick that is ideas like religion or nation or brotherhood, patriotism or loyalty, the magick that is position and power and wealth and glamour to prod clever minds into the sick business that is weapons development, the spying all seeing eye that is the internet.
That is why they build systems and frame “laws” which let them watch us with a billion eyes, listen to what we are saying......
They know what will come, and watch us with fear and trepidation, waiting for their end to become nigh.
At that point our masters plan their spiteful armageddon, for they have positioned their servants such that their fingers are on the buttons that will unleash their wickedness.
Like spoilt children that lose the game, they want their ball back.
And their ball is our blue world.

This time, let's not let them have it.
It belongs to us now.

Fear nothing.
Beware deceivers.
Know that there is good out there, and that our universe is founded on love.
We are coming of age.
Coming into our inheritance.
Be ready,
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Single Issue rEvolution?

The more I think about it, it is the unthinkable that sits at the base, the core, the heart of the problem.

We must find a way to live, to exchange, to prosper without money, without a system of exchange, simply because we wish things to be this way, because so to do is an underlying principle of who we are, what we are, how we are.

This is the single most fundamental rEvolution that the world can make.

Alone it shifts all the paradigms, collapses all the power structures, changes everything we do, why we do those things, how we relate to one another, what we do with our time, our planet, our resources, how we exist, how we will exist.

The future lies in this one thing.

To be, without money or any system of exchange other than good will.

As a species we must concentrate our rEvolutionary efforts on this single issue.

Absolutely nothing else will usher in a new paradigm for humanity. If money exists, so does everything that collapses all the good intentions of the billions of us that are not greedy, seek peace and love, want the world to be free, want the world to be full of the celebration of difference, full of joyous expression, full of harmony, full of love.
A place of sharing.
A different future.

A future belonging to a species that has come of age.

Focus on this one issue, as the world enters its change. It will sit beneath the new world, gifting it strength and durability, changing everything.
It will give birth to a world of love, the child currently stifled at birth by the thing we think we cannot live without.

The Truth is, as a specie, we should understand that we cannot live, survive, exist with it.

Time to start again, rebuild the paradigms.
Lose money.
And from that, build a world of love.

Love Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
(This dedicated to John F from Australia. We try to live without it, but the false reality makes us pay our rent, which is tough. Thankyou for your good will and for sharing.)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012, they think it's all over......

If you dream the dream of a better world you must dream unencumbered by the knowledge you have of the humanity that surrounds you, perpetuating the ugliness that is our specie's history.

You must also accept your own part in that ugliness, see the wrongs that you have added to the mountain and still do.

We are all of us the product of the false reality, all of us raised in a world that carries with it a sickness, the sickness that causes us to harm one another rather than love one another, to distrust rather than trust because these are the lessons of life in the false reality.
Oh, how we have learned.
How we still learn.

We have been picking olives for three weeks now. It is relentless grinding work, up before dawn and falling agonised to bed each night, every muscle aching but giving back pride and a sense of achievement. Each olive is precious to us, representing so much hard labour.
Today, we were cheated of some of that labour, cheated by a person that we know to be “rich”.
Worse, I became angry when I realised, too late, that we had been cheated.

I forgive him now, for his cheating was just a symptom of the disease.
And I forgive myself, for my anger too was a symptom.

I read this recently, and stupidly forgot to record where so I cannot attribute it as I should, but I hope the writer will forgive me not giving him or her their due:
“If we would like to establish a world where people are held accountable for their actions, we must be willing to give everyone a clean slate. We cannot hold people responsible for their actions when they live in a state of illusion. People must be reached individually, and to do so we must find ways to ease their minds back to reality as gently as possible.”

And we all of us do live in a state of illusion so deep seated, so ancient, so pervasive that to question it seems an act of madness......
And yet, to an outsider, it is the illusion itself that is so clearly the madness.
WE are indeed living in a lunatic asylum, run by crazed fiends who select and nurture the wicked and deranged amongst us to act as the warders of the institution and to perpetuate the wickedness.

And so it becomes OK to murder unborn children in their millions each year and call it a woman's right to do so and to create a pantheon of legitimising reasons and enshrine them in “law”.
And that is just one of a vast festering midden of wrongs made right, wrongs that dress a boy in a uniform and make him a murderer and call him a hero, that give a gun and a badge to a bully so he can wield his stick with impunity, that give power to warmongers and place in their hands the instruments of destruction, that place nations and their peoples in debt to usurers who magick their “money” out of the ether and chain us all to their pointless treadmill for life.

Understand this:
Humanity plodded along for hundreds of thousands of years hardly advancing further than the wheel. Sometime, around three hundred years ago, we suddenly began to leap forward in terms of our inventiveness. This inventiveness has grown exponentially since then, each year new science adding a further crest to the wave of progress. As our numbers grow, so too do the numbers of those we would call “genius”. As our systems of communication advance, so that genius can be instantly shared. True, it is all being misdirected, harnessed to the machine, increasing our ability to cause harm to each other, but what it represents is little short of miraculous.

In case you haven't noticed, because it's in front of your nose and you are living though it, humanity has and is continuing to evolve.

It is this evolution that our masters seek to deprive us of the benefits of.
It is this evolution that our masters seek to misguide.
It is this evolution that our masters fear the most for one consequence is that we have come to realise that they exist, and to ponder the very nature of the beast, to see its tentacles spread across the globe, to understand the mechanisms of control, to witness the evil it perpetuates.

One day soon humanity will begin to understand that the nightmare we help to sustain is just that, a nightmare, a bad dream that we can awaken from. We will look around us with fresh eyes and see the abject stupidity of most of what we do, of most of what we believe in, of most of what we have been told, of most of what we have learned. From the “money” in our pockets to the various “gods” that we worship, from the rules and standards of behaviour that we deem acceptable to the way we interact with each other, every aspect of what we have and what we do we will examine in the light of love and find most of it to be false.

And if you think I'm dreaming, understand this:
Logic dictates that this must happen, and happen soon.
We are now too advanced a species to tolerate a condition of assured mutual destruction.
It is this revelation, this apocalypse, this lifting of the veil that our masters are struggling with all their enormous might against. Their ancient and ordered pyramid of evil is straining every sinew to prevent this apocalypse, to misdirect this tsunami of comprehension and turn it to their own advantage.

This is what we are witnessing right now, and will further witness this year, the year they have set out to be the battleground, this 2012. Their symbolic magick, their psychological control systems, their shock and awe, their armies of perverted human servants, their ancient strategies coming to fruition as they seek to prevent us from realising that we live in a fiction, the fiction that has misshapen us....

This is why I always say we need to Start Again.
To forgive all sins and sinners including ourselves for truly we knew not what we did.
To wipe the slate clean.
To look afresh at our world in the light of love.
And to dream.

And as this momentous year unfolds we will no doubt witness the collapse of most of the systems of the ancient false reality. Money, religion, “democracy”, race, nation all disintegrating and from the chaos a new world order emerging which people believe is of their own creation but which will be moulded and shaped by our current masters.
We see it happening already.
It has begun.

But what our masters fear most is that we will see though this deception too, that we will evolve beyond their ability to control us, see through the further deceptions they plan and step into our own light at last.

This is the task that all souls that carry the light should now set their shoulders to.
Spread the word.
In the word is the new beginning.
And the word is love.

Fear nothing.
Beware of deceivers.
Forgive and be forgiven.

(And Thank You very much Sherill R. That meant a lot to us.
This is dedicated to you.
Please let me know your blog address.)
Love to you,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx