Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dear CW@Linkoping, this is for you for keeping the roof over my head for another month. Love OLive xxx

I see a child suffering pain or misery and wonder how this precious gift, this encapsulation of the future can be treated so by those in possession of the present. How it is that we can collectively create the conditions that allow for these miserable crimes against those we depend upon to do better than ourselves, to advance the condition of our specie, to invent and create and produce a world that is an improvement upon the present. Is that not the purpose of each generation? Is that not the raison d'etre of being? We are the custodians of the advancement of our kind, our children our investment in hope.
And yet, and yet.
We are no better than our parents, no better than our grandparents, perhaps worse. In their ignorance they allowed themselves to be duped into wars built upon lies and the ridiculous notions of artificial divisions between us, divisions of spurious religion, artificial politics, colour of skin or race, whipped into fervours of hatred, killing and killing and killing until exhausted by it they fell into peace.
And here we are. Repeating the gullibility.
The difference is the peacetime, theirs being more civilised that ours, theirs being more honourable, theirs being times of decency and general good by comparison.
How we have let the world slip further out of our hands, how we have allowed the forces of evil to tighten not loosen their grip over our world, our kind, our collective futures.
We have slept on our watch.
There is no excuse.
Even now we sleep, even now we allow those that steer us to edge us ever closer daily to the inevitable Armageddon, the cyclical blood-letting and ritual harvesting of souls upon which they feed. Even those amongst us that count themselves awake are drawn into the mist of distraction, led but not led to any purpose by the agents of evil, angered but given no direction, falling into line again like rats blindly following the pied piper to destruction.
The programme of wickedness continues unabated.
The collapsing economies will right soon lead to bloody revolutions, starvation, the loss of all we count as civilised. Like rats we will fight for scraps as our world tumbles to ruins again around us.
And as night follows day we all of us will be called once more to mutual destruction, even in this time, even as the dawn of a new era tints the morning skies, even as the promise of a new start beckons us all.
There are lessons here, learning to be gained, determinations and firm stances to be taken, organisation to be orchestrated, strength to be gained in numbers, strategy to be formulated, battles to be fought against the evil that is within us, the evil that is provoked to violence, the selfish and self centered person that provides shelter and sustenance for our souls. This is the real crime the evil ones are committing, the crime that is the same crime they have always committed, the crime of ruining our beauty, causing us to be evil in their image, guiding the hands raised in violence and wickedness and the lust for revenge, the need for the satiation of an artificial anger.
The war is within ourselves my friends, the war between love and evil, the Jekyll and Hyde within us all, between Yin and Yang, darkness and light, harmony and chaos, opposites.
How easy they have always found it to herd us into their corral and force us to butcher one another. We are as simpletons to them, as cattle, as dogs put into the pit to bait a bear or bite a rat, as gladiators killing to entertain them.
Know this: This time is known to them, this hinge of fate, this opening of the conduit to the future, this transformative moment. It has been known for ages, planned for over centuries, feared by them and more especially their minions, their lackeys and lickspittles, their half-breed bloodlines.
You see, they know what reality is, fear us discovering the truth, finding the number 42, opening our eyes as they can, discovering the power that is in love, touching and connecting with the soul of the universe, entering the hive mind that is the ineffable exhalation of the purity of the energy of creation.
Meeting god, and seeing that we are in its image, a part of the whole.
As god is, so are we, an expression of the unity of the wholeness of creation, a part of the jigsaw that is everything. And everything is one thing, part of the great software, currently beyond our comprehension, the matrix of being.
Think outside of the box, the cube that is a limiter, the geometry of constraint.
The false reality is just that.
Everything you understand about the world, everything you are cajoled into focusing upon, every detail, every concept, every cause, every moment in “time”, every step that you take and every emotion you feel and every issue you believe in and every sight you see, thing you touch, smell that absorbs you, the entire confection that you understand as life and the world, the whole thing is false.
Focus there for a moment.
Think outside of the box.
Outside of the box is the “future” that is eternity, the knowledge that is truth, the truth that is light, the light that is the source, the great utterance that was, in the beginning, the word.
Fear nothing.
Let love enter your very being.
The distraction that is the false reality seeks to occupy you whilst the future is stolen from under your nose, whilst the devil seeks to continue his dominion over you.
The devil that's in your own head.
The deceivers are out there, pulling your strings and about to plunge you into mayhem.
Quite simply, don't let them.
Rise above it all, find your voice, let your soul sit in the driving seat.....

Love to you all,
Olive xxx xxx xxx
(This post serves as the introduction to my new blog, sharing some stuff that's coming into my head, seeing over the edge into the distance that is near, not drowning but waving. It will be called the olive tree, for obvious reasons. I'll let you know when it's ready. Plus: If you live in Canada and see an olive oil called “Saint Spiridon” buy a bottle, it will help a friend and it's the best in the world. Hold tight. x)