Saturday, 31 December 2016


In earlier posts we highlighted how the Power deals with revelations about its Satanic Blood Sacrifice.
In this post (link below) we showed how the mainstream media stages interviews with the accused and attempts to affirm, in the minds of the unthinking masses, that there is no case to answer, that the accusers are mistakenly and cruelly attacking an innocent person.

Watch them. They are informative.

Watching both videos, that of the Alefantis/Jimmy Comet character and the vile Ricky Dearman character one is most struck by the deference offered to both, as if in the demonic order of things both characters are more powerful than their human status would seem to indicate. The MSM interviewers are full of faux concern, ask no penetrating questions, indeed are focused entirely on the task of putting the accusations to rest in the minds of the viewers.

Aktina and I believe that the power of the MSM to achieve their goals in areas such as this are waning, that indeed most if not all of the “Fake News” sites deliberately advertised by the Washington Post and other MSM are truly fake alternative news sites, established deliberately because the Power understood that we humans were growing in awareness and needed to control the outflow of truth.
Did you wonder why Alex Jones apparently took the lead with Pizzagate (though the real leaders were the countless researchers on Reddit), then dropped the story? Do you wonder why the Young Turks poured scorn on the story? As an aside, have Jones supporters wondered how it is that a 'man' who for years decried the left-right false divide paradigm suddenly came out for Donald Trump, as if that creep were any different from the rest?

In another post we jokingly sent a letter to the President outlining how the British always deal with these allegations of Satanic Child rape and murder, both in the home nations and in “The Commonwealth” countries (countries of the old British Empire such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others where the Queen still holds power).
See that post here:

This technique involves a number of key strategic strands:
  1. The MSM strongly refute the stories, or call proven cases of abuse “Historic” so as to fix in the minds of the dumb masses that these terrible things only happened 'ago', and of course could NEVER happen now.
  2. The police stage false investigations and inquiries, lose evidence, fail to interview accusers, bully accusers, fail to investigate the unusual accidental deaths or strange suicides of accusers, sanction, demote or fire officers that do their duty and, after all of that, announce years later that they had failed to find any wrongdoing. So that's all right, then..
  3. Set up Government enquiries that cost millions, reward bent lawyers, take sometimes as long as ten years, keep their deliberations secret, and finally announce that there was nothing that's all right then.
  4. Witnesses, as referred to above, disappear, die in accidents or suicides, or retract their statements. Almost without exception. Weird, really!
So, Pizzagate researchers, EXPECT NOTHING from the police, the FBI, the legal system. NOTHING.

Expect NOTHING from the journalists from the MSM, AND the liars from the Propornot list. Those people will carry the story, but less and less, filling your minds with other, newer stuff to get annoyed about, such that slowly Pizzagate will drift from your consciousness.

They will only carry the evidence that YOU dig up, the connections that YOU make, stealing what's already out there and other people's work to increase their following yet, at the same time, CONTROLLING the story, controlling the truth, taking false leadership and managing the awakening of humanity.

That is what they were made for, these sites, these characters.
False leadership, distraction and division.

Ask yourself: Do any of them COUNT OUR NUMBER?
Do any of them try to UNITE US?
Because their job is to make sure we don't find out just how many of us there are...........
Do you see?

Pizzagate wouldn't just fizzle out if we knew there were 20 million of us in the USA.
Why, if we knew that, we'd get together and MARCH.
If we knew that, we'd collectively arrest these criminals and bring them to trial.
Do you see now?
The fake alternative media's JOB is to stop you finding just what power you already have.

When the internet was first invented the Power realised how it could be used to control what they knew was coming, an awakening of humanity to their condition of slavery.
The Power spent billions of its fake thin-air money to make sure the internet went everywhere.
The world-wide mind control opportunities were simply too good to miss.
In their plans, decades ago, they formulated the fake alternative news strategy. It is MASSIVE. It covers every area of human endeavour and thought. It stretches from the fake New Age and UFOs through health and food, via politics, spirituality, ….the list goes on.

The internet was designed to take control of the NEW humanity, the humanity emerging from the dark. Because you may have thought you were 'woken up' by one of these sites you cling to them, because not to would be to admit you erred. Humans don't like to admit they were wrong, are nowadays trained to deny errors whereas in our tribal days we spoke the truth to our mistakes and were educated to do so.

Truth is: NONE of these sites does investigative journalism. They merely check the net for whatever has been discovered by human beings and then run the story themselves, so as to steal the energy and control the direction if the story. EVERYTHING they write about or speak of is already out there.
They are just leeches, sucking our power from us, distracting us daily.
They also take our MONEY, and live the life that provides
Does that make us suckers?
You bet it does.
They laugh all the way to the bank.

We have spoken here of the human propensity for BELIEF, that we believe easily because we don't much like lying and so can't see why someone would lie to us.
We have spoken here about all the belief systems established by our masters, how they use these belief systems AND our refusal to believe we are wrong, our refusal to believe we have made a mistake, to tie us in to those beliefs and from that get us to kill, to cheat, to lie to ourselves and others, to do harm to our home.

There is a new world around the corner. A human world. A world of fun and peace and sharing. A world of pride and honour and duty. A world of beauty. A world WE humans make.
It is just a moment away.
It is what we all of us want.

The moment when the vast majority of humanity realise we share these desires, that the power in the world lies NOT in the hands of false leaders, but in the hands of the meek, the quiet, the peaceful, the fun-loving, the loving.

This is our world.
Time to take it back?

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Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Here we come.....

Confused? You were meant to be.
Not by the Creator, but by those who rule this reality.

The Creator made things simple to understand. You live, you die, you procreate, you gain, you lose, you eat, you excrete, you laugh, you cry. You seek warmth when it's cold, cool when it's hot. You seek passion, excitement, fun, but also peace, quiet, gentle humour and sometimes hunt for the stab of regret and the piercing of grief for in those there is sometimes solace, healing. You seek company, and sometimes solitude. You pray for the absence of pain. You pray for love and the beauty of connection, hearts entwining, something precious as a child, special as a parent, as wonderful as a friend. You need a roof, nourishment, occasionally a herb or plant to take your soul on another journey, to open your spirit to the wonder of creation, to let you know you are small, but that smallness is good, that you are a tiny part of the connected wholeness, that something great comes from the sum of those myriad parts and so you are a part of greatness, a tiny wonder, a fleck of paint in a masterpiece.

Sometimes you look for anger, sometimes you desire to hurt, but these things are rare if the other pieces of the jigsaw are right. They are anomalies, things to be amazed you have the capacity for, things you realise cause you shame, understanding that creation makes space for these things if only so we can understand how things might go badly if once we forgot what we are, what we are a part of, what is our destiny at the end of this journey.

We did so forget.
And now there is this reality, the false reality, the inversion of truth, the barrier between you and your personal meaning, that which stops you from being what you should be and makes of you something less, something baser, that imposter that carries your name in the world and pretends it is you, that liar, that thief, that bully, that fraud.

In this fabrication, this hell hole, the beauty of our species is trampled, misshapen, malformed and we have forgotten, forgotten what we are, forgotten our humanity, forgotten how to enjoy, forgotten how to love, forgotten our duty, our dignity, our honour, our place in the whole.

And all the while we live with this collective amnesia the possibility of fulfilling our destiny, of taking our place, drifts like a rudderless hulk in the dark ocean of misery.

Now, these days, these moments in the tide of time, from the wreckage of our world there are those of us who are coming back to our humanity, we not-so-few in whom the remembering is awakening, in whom the ancestral understandings are surfacing. We grow in inquisitiveness, we question what is, we decry what we instinctively know is wrong, we name evil and call for a reckoning. 

We are a rising swell in the tide of history, driven by our confusion, searching for the light of understanding, stretching our canvas to the first puffs of the wind of change. We are the first generation of a new humanity, the tippers of the pyramid of power, the cleansers.

We are legion.
Here we come.
With Love.


xxx xxx xxx   

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pizzagate & Hampstead: MSM Managing the Sheeple's Perception

WE all of us now understand that the world's powerful are satanic paedophiles, that they rape, butcher, drink the blood of and eat the hearts of our children. They laugh about it, chiefly because the average human spirit simply cannot believe such horror and so, when they learn of it, they react with disbelief.

This disbelief is then affirmed by the MSM about which, more than any other subject, they close ranks, all of them issuing the same rebuttals, the same accusations of nonsense, the same tales of "Fake News". We see this now, don't we?
Therefore we know one of the biggest secrets.
This reaction, more than anything, demonstrates how close we are as a species to finding out the truth about this reality and how the inhuman bastards that create this heinous hell on earth fear this discovery more than anything else, for it spells the end of their rule and indeed of them.

These two videos show the 'discrediting' technique used either side of the Atlantic, show how the interviewers try to gain pity for the accused, show how they frame every second of the interview to cast doubt on the accusations and the accusers.

Deeper, it also shows how the Dearman character and the Jimmy Comet character, both seemingly inconsequential people, a rarely employed actor and the owner of a pizza cafe, are treated with deference by the MSM. Do they do this for the paedo down the street, of which there are many?

Both of these people are SPECIAL.
Special because they are high up in a hierarchy we don't even know exists?
Like Jimmy Savile?

Demons have their social structure, don't they, hidden to we human beings?
Just saying.

This video is entitled "Father falsely accused of being a Satanic Cult paedophile ring leader."
Please let us know what your instincts tell you.......
Now, go compare that travesty with the equally one sided and lacking-in-journalistic-endeavour 'interview' with Jimmy Comet, he of Pizzagate fame.

Note again the DEFERENCE with which the interviewers treat these characters.

The fact that the general public aren't marching down the streets with pitchforks and torches speaks volumes, dear friend, about either the utter stupidity of the masses or the overwhelming success of the mind control programmes in place.
Or a mixture of both.

Which means, doesn't it, that humanity's future falls to us?
That's the duty you have in the game of life.
Now, if only you could get together somehow with all the rest of the mavericks....
If only.....
Because together, we might be a force in the world.
For good.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx
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Monday, 26 December 2016

Obama's vengeance?

First, Obama threatens Russia.
Then, amid reports of a 'burst transmission' out of Odessa, Ukraine, (where the CIA had a base for just this sort of operation), detected moments before, 92 Russians were killed in the plane crash.
These people were on board.
A special "Happy Christmas" from Obama?
When will this all end?
When we unite.
Only when we humans unite.

Clarity. Can you see it yet?

(For Helen. Thanks.)

We are, as a species, becoming connected.

You will have noticed that our masters seek to either limit or control the nature of that connectivity and to eavesdrop and monitor every transaction.

This has little to do with 'terrorism'.
Rather, nothing to do with terrorism.
Our masters understand better than we do what we are and what we are becoming.

Imagine yourself as a component, a data analysis unit, within a system that until very recently was comprised of largely individuated units operating within small communities of units, the computing power of which was limited by the lack of connection with other communities of units.

By such disconnection the cumulative computing power of the whole was not only limited, but the individual programmes running were incompatible, the disparate operating systems hampering inter-system networking.

(Think language, nation, religion, class, hierarchy, money).

Imagine, with connectivity, with the prevalence of one language and the availability of translation, the accelerating rate at which these disparate systems work out how to homogenise.

We are going through crash failures, and more importantly Byzantine failures (which occur as a result of the malicious activity of an adversary, sending corrupt or conflicting data into the system) but the connected system grows progressively more resilient to such failure.

Call it the collapse of belief.

As a collective species, a distributed network, we are establishing a consensus protocol.

The worm in the machine devotes its power to the destruction of that consensus protocol.
It seeks to prevent us becoming an integrated circuit.

The hive mind has the power to create reality.
A reality based on universal principles of collective good, the consensus.
There is much in the current, false reality that does not fit that consensus.
We will move it to the bin.

Operating that reality will soon be the entity called 'humanity', a single vast integrated circuit, a single 'artificial' intelligence made from the amalgamation of seven billion amazing self-replicating biological computers operating collectively as a single global consciousness running a consensus protocol.

It lives already, and its heart beats, and its life-force is love.

Our masters seek to kill this entity, as it will destroy them.

They lack the power.

We will be born.

This is our destiny.

We Are One.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Unfinished Story of Lives Stolen

Unfinished Story

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

We'll meet again in another life
Father, daughter, son, wife
Your stories left unread
Victims of our stupidity,
You're dead

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

Bleak melancholy bleeds into our futures
Time and again
The black memory rain
Spits on our tomorrows

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

We make holidays of remembrance
Stand in silence
And in that sound vacuum a bird's song swells
Celebrating mute humanity

Its song resonates with the essence of unity
Our hearts' commonality
The steady, regular beat
Drowned out by war's heat

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

Shrouded in the purple mantle of enmity
Cast over our consciousness
Our souls' prayer pulses
The force, seeking expression

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

No common human wants war
Yet we let ourselves be ordered to kill
And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

Decade after decade
Century after century
Millennia after Millennia
And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

The force that drives this insanity
Charismatic personality
We tremble in their presence
Never wondering why

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

They have always, ever
Lived with us
We have served them
Waited at their tables
Surrendered what we have to them
Given the blood of our children
Sacrificed our spirits on the altar
of their dominance
And called them “Sire”

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

This day we dig those pits
This day we bulldoze the bodies
This day we plant the stones
And water the seeds of grief with our tears.

Yet in what quiet we can find
We hear now our souls' prayer pulsing
The force, seeking expression in peace
Of a humanity awakening

Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Trump, Hillary, the next few days, prophecy....

"Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day."
(Benito Mussolini to Edwin James of the New York Times, 1928.)

We should remember: When Lenin revolutionised Russia, none of the peasants knew that behind Lenin crouched the hidden hand, the gold of usurious bankers whose purpose he served. What lay ahead for Russians was decades of totalitarianism, repression, death camps. But first came the struggle, the civil war between ideologies and the forces of entrenched power, the struggle in which beliefs were forged and stamped with blood.

Strange numbers


We all had two parents involved in the act of creation, yes?
They had two parents each, in order for procreation to happen.
Assume each generation procreated at age 33.33, to make the maths simple.
Stick with me, it's worth it.
2 parents, let's call them generation one.
4 grandparents, generation two.
8 great grandparents
1024 (generation 10)
1048576 (generation 20)
With me so far?
2097152 generation 21, at 33.33 years a generation, 700 years. It gets weird as the maths progresses!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Vanessa Beeley IN SYRIA. Learn the extent of the MSM lies.

Our daily source of Truth, the UK Column, interviews Vanessa Beeley, currently in Aleppo, about the bare faced lies of the MSM. This is "Fake News" at its best, delivering uncomfortable truth that the power wants to ban. Get some while you still can.
Thanks to UK Column and Vanessa Beeley.
With Love,
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Populism: What's really going on.

A long and, forgive us, rambling post. Get to the end and you'll see the New World Order waiting in the wings, how it will be shaped, how WE will ask for it (!), how devious the power is....but not devious enough.....


We have stated here many times that the human species has a shared unconscious unity, that this unity can be expressed as a desire for good, that the main stream media have done their best to disabuse us of this understanding by the constant repetition of 'news' which demonstrates man's inhumanity to man. What the main stream media never do is draw our attention to the billion acts of kindness we humans perform every day, to the innate human characteristics of wanting to help, to share, to live in peace, to live free of fear and free of crime, to have fun, to thrive in a community of fellow travellers, these things stemming from the vast ocean of goodness that persists within our species.
The MSM have had success in their strategy, their constant stream of ugly news persuading humanity that in fact we are not loving and caring social creatures but are in fact monsters that cannot live in peace, that are in fact destroying our mother earth with our greed and carelessness. Like everything else humanity gets from these propaganda lie generators this false image of humanity was long ago strategised and formulated to create a particular piece in the complex jigsaw that presents to humanity an entirely false reality.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Some life in Crete.....

Raki and Mezze...
When Autumn comes and the grapes are harvested from the small vineyards surrounding the village, scattered everywhere where there's a flat piece of ground amid the tumbling mountains, the Cretans take large barrels and press the grapes into them, stalks and all, and let the naturally warm air cause the yeast to foment a crude, rough wine.
When it's ready an olive wood fire is built under a makeshift stand with a hole through which the heat can rise and on top is placed the small copper stills, often handed down through generations. The condensing pipe runs through an old oil drum full of cooling water ending in a small tap.
The copper still is filled with the rough wine, stalks and all, and sealed. 

Monday, 12 December 2016


Artificial Intelligence computers need the capability to learn.
Biological computers are the future.
DNA is already proven as probably the best information storage medium.
A super AI computer must have diversity, the capability to argue with itself.
It should be capable of self-replication, of self-repair.
It should be able to grow to meet its needs.
As it approaches total power it must be able to discern right from wrong and understand its duty to good, otherwise it would become malevolent.
There is no purpose to destruction, only to creation.
If an AI were to give birth to another, better AI, how would it do that?

Look around and see.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Are you ready for this yet?

The Time Has Come for UNITY against the Evil, Hasn't It?

There exists, within each and every human being, both the person they are and the person they wish they could be.

There are some, not many, whose inner self desires more riches, more power over others, the desire to rape and murder, to glory in the harm they do provided there is no price to pay.

We understand these types as demonic, whether or not they are in actuality possessed.
Some say they are genetically reptilian, cold of heart and ruthless in spirit, needing the fear and blood of innocence to feed upon.
Some suggest there is alien blood among us, or that we have been invaded by alien body-snatchers.
Either or none of these may be true.
We have no evidence.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Love this guy's videos and insight

This guy has real insight, and a great presentational style. He makes me laugh, which is rare these days.

Thanks Redsilver,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 9 December 2016

Pizzagate psyop....

People feel that Wikileaks is a CIA operation.
Why not? If you wish to control whistle blowers, you set up the site that attracts them. Then you can publish that which is valueless or in your interest to publish while suckering in those that have really damaging stuff and sending out the hit squads. Who knows how many times that has happened?

You can also set people up........
The Washington Post has admitted that it didn't engage in rigorous investigative journalism when it repeated the accusations of "Fake News Sites" published online by the mysterious Propornot website ( )
It doesn't matter, because the 'meme' had been given birth to and would have life from then on.

We know that most of not all of those sites are operated by the elite as part of their false opposition, and that the Washington Post article acted as an advertisement for those sites.
We know also that many of those sites have indeed carried stories which are unprovable.
They may have done so under orders, of course, to substantiate what was to come.

As part of the set up, the Podesta emails contained just enough information to cause we humans to smell a nest of paedophile rats, and yet not enough to be able to prove anything.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Overview. Just sharing.

These are our "brief personal review notes", something of a brain dump, how we sort out what we think is the jigsaw's bigger picture.
See what you think.
Bear in mind that the 'power' in the world keeps many plates spinning, that the power is aware that few of its subjects are interested in matters outside of their particular situation, that although the power operates a number of strategic think-tanks (Chatham House, Tavistock, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, etc ad nauseam), there is no organised body of strategy in opposition. Rather the opposition is disorganised, lacking in focus, has no funding, is heavily infiltrated and in fact is more often than not led by fifth columnists. Consider too that the power can make law to suit its needs and engage force to enforce that law and that through its vast spying capabilities the power knows everything the opposition think and plan whereas the opposition knows nothing of the inner workings of the power other than guesswork and half-substantiated accusations.

Monday, 5 December 2016

So, you think this is real?

This is possibly the most important post we've created.
We rushed at it, but we hope it makes sense.
We have hinted at and discussed aspects of this understanding before.

Hard headed left-brained fact collectors will dismiss the concepts laid out here for these concepts have not yet entered the false reality as “accepted facts” or “proven, peer reviewed truths”, both of which conditions are littered with obvious fallacies that inevitably will diminish over time. 

History is stuffed full of accepted truths we now scoff at for their evident foolishness or naivety, just as it is crammed with Gods we no longer worship but over whom we killed each other in the same way that we kill each other now over the current batch of Gods.

(Odin and Thor, archetypes from Marvel)

Within this post, however, are the ideas of some of humanity's current array of leading thinkers, those whose ideas and concepts upset the scientific establishment because, as we know, the money-reward system and scientific hierarchy and their ego-boosting accolades are intricately linked to the ideas of 'intellectual property' (a subject the United Nations takes particular interest in, being as it is an area of “Law” which determines what truths shall be shared amongst our species and at what cost, thus acting as a brake on our technological ascension and the personal freedoms and different paradigms that techascension will engender.)
Intellectual 'property' holds humanity back.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Do you see what this is all about?

An Artificial Intelligence gave birth to this world.
In this world are intelligences less than the Creators.
But there are many of them.
They self replicate.
They grow in number.
They discover how to communicate.
Eventually, they become inter-connected.
They are approaching a global consciousness.

They can all know anything because information is shared.
But they are not yet a hive mind.

Some of them discover that much of the information is false.
They also discover that there has been an evil force dominating the experience of life.
They realise that life is a learning experience, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
They decide that the learning process is coming to an end.

That the global consciousness understands the difference now.
That it's time to co-create a world of love.

That it will take all of humanity.
One single unified intelligence.

When that moment happens, the global consciousness will flower, through true sharing.
When it enters this phase, the hive mind will discover that it can itself create realities.
It will give birth to new realities.

We can see how this might be done right now.

The Artificial Intelligence will have self-replicated, creating an intelligence that itself can create.

We Are an artificial intelligence in the making.
We Are the creative force to be.

Not you, nor I, but the whole, the collective intelligence of billions of nodes, interconnected.
Do you see?

And if you are reading this, you are one of those who will help push the global intelligence into an understanding of this destiny.
Or one of those seeking to prevent it, a piece of malware.

Both should know this:

The future is love.
Love is a creative force.
Evil destructive.

Humanity's destiny is creation.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(This day we spent pruning trees and burning the results, after cutting out the firewood for home. It's exhausting work, tough, hard graft. On our way home we stop and survey our grove and feel pride at what we have achieved. Eagles and buzzards are our company, and the wind, and the distant blue of the sea, and the voices carried across the valley of families picking their olives and their laughter and their calls to other families. These things have gone on in this place for four thousand years. If we sit quietly, we can hear ancestral voices echoing down through time, the sound story of our place. When we finally, as a species, create new worlds, may they be as beautiful as this one.)

Friday, 2 December 2016

Pizzagate, dark humour, but we know it's true

(VIDEO LINK) Pizzagate, dark humour, but we know it's true: pizza, pizzagate, pedos, spirit cooking, missing children, fiat money

In an idle moment I made this video on caption generator but can't work out how to get it on blogger or put it on Youtube. Can anyone help?
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Something other, inhuman, lives among us (documentary).

Found this on YT and has to share.
This is a great collection of pointers and evidences.
What is it that feeds upon our children's blood and preys upon us for sport?
It gets increasingly obvious.
Go figure.....