Sunday, 18 October 2015

Time to Fight Back

The Essential Nature of a worldwide response. "Globalism" is good.

This article identifies the nature of the control mechanisms in the world and the neccessity of a unified "global" response and the way this can be begun. If you are "awake" it shows your importance in history and the actions your duty grants you to undertake to usher in a new world civilisation.

Let's begin by recapping what we know of the world, information which is unknown to the sleeping majority:

Money is the artificial mechanism which hands to a very few, those that own its issuance as usurious debt, control over the lives of all nations and the opportunity to shape the consciousness of its inhabitants and enforce a condition of helplessness and misery in debt slavery worldwide.

This artificially created "money" allows those same owners to create, at the flick of a computer key, any amount of money they desire and with which to "buy" whatever real assets there are in the world that they require.

The political agentur of any country is involved with this fraud. Thus governments of all political shades borrow this false money rather than create their own, then collect the false debt repayments from their people through ever increasing taxation.Almost all acts of buying and selling incur tax. There is the mark of the beast, for those of a biblical persuasion.

These same political agentur also contrive, through debt deals and through legislation and nationalisation, to hand control over real assets to the money-creators. Through a vast network of companies and investment funds the money masters have contrived to take ownership of those areas of commerce which are essential for modern life.

They have ownership of the production of raw materials, (metals, wood, fuels and their derivatives), ownership of seed production and vast industrial farms, of food processing, of electricity generation (including the nightmare that is nuclear power), of communication through telephone networks and the internet and broadcast and printed media, ownership of illegal drug production and distribution networks, vast property holdings and so on. Through the "global warming" scam they have contrived a tax on breathing. Through their ownership of share trading and other markets they regularly "milk" humanity by manipulating those markets to create inflationary and deflationary cycles, maintaining a strong necessity to earn money everywhere.

This last is the heart of the strategy.

They do not seek to increase their wealth, which they can create at will. They act to keep humanity in perpetual need, bereft of hope, constantly assailed by chaotic turbulence which prevents clear thought.

In the 1950's in the Western nations (even though recovering from the world wars these owners engineered), it was common for one wage earner in a household to produce enough money to feed and house a non-working spouse and children, to provide the occasional luxury and to save for the future.

The future presented even more hope, for human ingenuity was creating more and more technological advances which reduced the necessity for work and promised an excitingly leisurely future for the species, allowing people free time in which to pursue other, more fulfilling interests.
Chief amongst these interests has always been the desire to learn, to become more expert at something, to further education.

A society at leisure, not in debt, with the time and freedom to educate itself would be a society that found it could eradicate many of the problems which beset the human species. A society which had just experienced the horrors of conflict would seek to end war. People who "have" are more likely to give, of time and effort, to those who "have not" and to other altruistic causes in such conditions.

These are developments much to be concerned about by a world elite that could foresee, in such developments, the growth of a new world civilisation and through it the end of their control.
Their long term strategy has been all-encompassing, shaping the societies and the consciousness of the entire human species to avert this threat and to further their control.

They are successful in this.

Far from the freedom and leisure promised by technological advances they have contrived, through debt slavery, to create a world where both partners have to work to provide for a family and their lives are dominated by artificially created debt. Saving for the future is an impossibility and, with pensionable age being pushed ever back, the prospect of never being able to retire before dying is now a commonplace.

We are a species limited by two factors. The first is the brevity of our lives. The second is the condition of our reasoning powers. As a global society our growth in number should have and has created a growth in the number of brilliant minds and so a growth in our collective understanding. Our increased collective understanding should have and has created an increase in life expectancy.
However, both of these benefits have been attacked by the owners in ways few can scarcely comprehend and many are inclined to disbelieve.

Our minds have been stunted by the addition of chemicals to our water and food supplies and by the carefully engineered control of and mismanagement of our education system and the body of knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation.

This latter factor, vast and intricate in its design, involving control of educational publishing (and so control of history), control of scientific publishing and of research grants at universities, control via agentur politicians of education systems and their delivery, control of knowledge via patents and rigged markets, these and many more strategies have combined to hold back our species and to deprive us of the brilliance that we should, by now, have achieved.

Worse, a programme of deliberate environmental sabotage has denied us the longevity which a free and unfettered scientific community would have guaranteed. Our world has been sown with cancerous isotopes from over 2,000 atomic bomb testings and from the inevitable "accidents" at nuclear power stations. Our food supply has been drained of vitamins and laced with harmful chemicals. Cancer, almost unknown before World War Two, is now a commonplace and an expectancy in the world.

Our minds are similarly under attack such that our elderly are now expected to develop senility or Alzheimers, whereas in our natural state human beings of age were the wisest and most learned amongst us.

Understanding these things is to understand the enormity of the crime against humanity that has been committed. We have had our destiny stolen. We have had the prospect of a new world civilisation taken from us, we have been denied the future that a thousand generations of our kind gave their lives for.

These strategies in themselves are still insufficient for the purposes of the owners. Their need to avert a crisis to their power is so strong that they require more drastic steps.

No strangers to engineering wars and revolutions and to genocide, they understand that there is a need to reduce the size of their "herd" and to do so in a manner which grants them perpetual ownership of the residual population and a reversion to the conditions which once prevailed in the world which placed them, god-like, above the rules and laws of the world. For example there are unlimited instances in human history where kings and princes and other aristocrats killed for pleasure and fun without concern for consequence. In those times humanity was so conditioned that we expected and gave allegiance and loyalty to such monsters.

In some places we still do!

This is their dream and ambition: Total, unassailable power.

For humanity to wrest its destiny from the hands of those who have such ambitions is now a matter of urgency. Few who have eyes to see can ignore the slow and steady steps towards total chaos and the ensuing conflagration that is advancing day by day. At any moment a controlled implosion of the world's fake money system would render our planet totally incapable of trade, set thereby on a course for all-out conflict and social disintegration.

The owners have accumulated (especially through the thefts which occurred during the second world war) incredible treasuries of gold which they will utilise to create unlimited and utter control of wealth once the world begins to rebuild itself from the ashes. They are as Dragons, sitting on their piles of gold, weaving spells which make human beings believe in this shiny metal and live and die for its ownership.

They wear it on their heads as a sign of their mastery of the species via this Magick, and always have.
The prevention of this orchestrated strategy's completion seems impossible. The owners have control of the consciousness and understanding of the entire species.

Around the world people's only hope wrests with their "democratic" governments and with the higher, unelected world governing bodies created by and controlled by the owners. So the European governments are controlled by the higher, "unifying" body of the European Community. All governments are part of the United Nations.

If somehow a government is elected which attempts to gain freedom from the owner's systems of control then every measure at their disposal is brought to bear to render that new government powerless to change or to take power from it and destroy the country's people, those who were so "cheeky" as to demand change.

Witness Greece and the Syriza debacle. Witness Libya, whose leader lent money free of interest and had his head chopped off as a lesson to "leaders" everywhere.

The very concept of leadership is a concept developed and imbued within humanity by the idea of kingship over thousands of years. Societies which had no kings, societies which found the good and the wise among them to advise and guide the tribe, have been systematically wiped out by the slaves of kings acting on instruction.

Such is the history of the Americas. This concept is now ingrained at every level of society the world over and can be seen in every commercial activity, every political movement (including the "far left" controlled oppositions), can be seen in the now expected authority of police officers to "order" free citizens and to kill them for disobedience.

When, as occasionally we do, humanity throws up leaders who are free of the control of the owners, those leaders are either subjugated (using fear, bribery or blackmail) or assassinated.

The assassinations are committed by the intelligence agencies which have long been under the world-wide control of the owners or by the criminal elite (similarly controlled) or by a mind-controlled patsy.

So went Kennedy when he tried to break free and take over the issuance of money in the USA. So went Abraham Lincoln. So went Gandhi. So went Martin Luther King. So, probably, went Jesus if he existed.

The idea of leadership creates a focus for the controlling efforts of the owners. They use its idea both to order society around the world and to usefully control movements for change. Ergo, for humanity to emerge from this crisis and to win for itself the future it deserves and is its destiny, we must find a path to unity that requires and even demands no leaders.

It must be an amorphous movement, providing no targets for the owners.

The slaves revolution which would mark an evolutionary step for humanity must have at its heart a core philosophy, a belief-set which is readily understood and from which flows deep understandings which would guide humanity in the establishment of its new, global civilisation.

Everyone, everywhere must share an understanding of these core principles as instictively as they breathe and regardless of education or intelligence. They must be simple, expressable, universally shared and followed. They would, no doubt, stem from those desires which humanity almost everyhere share: The desire for freedom, for equality, for justice, the desire to end war and conflict, the desire to help others and to be helped ourselves, the desire to be free of fear and unburdened by debt, the desire to do our duty by others and the desire to find fulfilment in life. The desire for longevity and for health.

The desire for love, the root and stem of all these things.

These desires must be shared worldwide, nation supporting nation, for none can stand alone against the world power and only unity of intent can prevail.

Those who have, in the past, urged for such a Nirvana, such a heaven on earth, have been ridiculed and despised by those lost in the "real world", that reality which has been crafted and shaped over many, many years by the owners. They will point to religions and ask how those differences can be reconciled? They will point to differences of wealth and ask how those that have will accept less and how those that have not can have more without violence? They will point to nations and show how their differences cannot be reconciled. They will point out how the world is dominated by the bullies, by the greedy, by those in positions of power and ask how they can be fought?

Politics, as shaped by our owners, consists of debate and endless detail about how to tweak the system for the benefit of those who win the power to tweak it. They discuss spending more on this, and less on that, doing "this" for the good of "our nation", or "that" to harm another.
To take a sporting analogy it is like an endless debate about the rules of a football game in which everone is playing, without anyone suggesting that the game is rigged and that we should begin another, different game.

The idea we must adopt is that humanity should stop the game, throw out all its rules and governing bodies, end the endless debate about the game.....and invent and play a new game.
It is only by such a game-changing moment that humanity can avert the impending disasters and begin the long journey into the new global civilisation that is our destiny.

Such a step would be inconceivable for just one people, just one nation.

The organisation of such a vastly different reality would be too difficult for a few to steer the course of. This will take both the sharing, worldwide, of an understanding of our specie's intentions coming from the love which lies at their core and the combined efforts, imaginations, willpower and determination of all of us.

This great change appears impossible, the dream of a dreamer, and yet would be the simplest of things to achieve were it to be the shared will of an entire species, such a shared collective consciousness being able and having the power to ignore and replace the historic power structures and money systems and controls and hierarchies that have been gifted to us by the steady creep of the owners' control over us throughout history.

We can, as a species, start again, taking each and every one of us the inner understanding of love as a principle that guides our actions and duties and rights as we co-create the first world civilisation, working collectively without unnecessary hierarchies and power structures but as friends and as equal colleagues in whatever we endeavour to do.

This must begin somewhere, and soon.

There are sufficient free minded individuals in the world that see these things and recognise both the dangers facing our species, their historical and continuing source and how they stem from greed and from the lust for power and from evil intent.

This means YOU and those you know that share this understanding.

The free thinkers, the awake of the world,  must recognise the utter control these owners have over human consciousness BUT ALSO recognise the opportunity for an epochal change to occur and the prospect of an incredible future for humanity.

It is you free minded individuals, you who have still hope for good in the world,upon whom the future of humanity depends.

You are of every race and creed and political or apolitical belief. You are the rainbow warriors foretold of by the indigenous tribal peoples of America. You are those who will create the world in which the  meek will inherit the earth foretold of by the Bible.

Leaderless, you must unite. Without hierarchy, you must gather behind the banner of love and work towards a world understanding.

Without instruction, without orders, without violence  you must become a critical mass of humanity and spread your consciousness to others.

The future depends on the shared collective consciousness of humanity, on a critical mass bringing these understandings to everyone, everywhere.

There is no such body of humanity today.

It is for YOU to make it happen.

Please repost, provide a link to, copy and distribute this message everywhere you know such free minded people gather. Join this site. Join the Rainbow Warriors site linked here.

Don't donate, we seek no money. Don't think the authors seek leadership, for there should be none.

Somewhere a critical mass of humanity must gather and begin to act together to bring to the consciousness of our species the possibility of a new way, a different future for our global tribe.

Let it be here, as good a place as any, but it must be somewhere.

Humanity needs to know there is hope, needs to see in our millions those of us prepared to work for a new world civilisation.

Be a part of that critical mass.

Do it today.

With love in your hearts.

With love from ours,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

(We will never stop trying to make this happen. If everyone that read this joined in, if everyone that read this found just a few others and they joined in too, how long would it be before we could count our number and realise we are legion? B
y such simple steps can humanity find its true destiny.
Please, do your bit.)
xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 16 October 2015

Our World View encapsulated.

Our current understanding.

As our lives tumble day by day into the void so the upper glass of the egg-timer of our individual existence empties. This is what it means to be human.

Above all else, we are creatures of limited  duration.

This lack of time is at the root of our sickness, for within it lies the true origin of selfishness, within it lies the seed of mass ignorance that sprouts continually and blossoms generation after generation, within it lies the weakness that comes of vulnerability and so fear and so the ease with which we are enslaved.

We are born as a vessel for an individual consciousness, our sub-programmes running the complexity of the biological entity that carries us around for the duration of our turn, leaving us free to point our life where we will but usually in no fit state to choose what we will be engineered to become.

We are programmed by other humans, the products of the reality extant at the time of our birth and, knowing nothing better, accept and pass on that core programming. The first core programmes are language and life skills like learning where and when to evacuate our bowels and how to use our legs to perambulate. These simple programmes take around two years to download. We also pick up stuff like hierarchy, who we have to offer deference to, reinforced by punishment. Soon we are given a religion or another set of beliefs which will shape our attitudes to the world.

Often these core ideas, what language you speak, what "nation" you belong to, what "religion" you are told is yours decide who you will be invited to hate and subsequently fight to the death at some point. Few pass through their lives without such killing. Those in the USA and Europe who pay tax into the killing machines may not personally have to wield the sword but are proxies and accomplices to the slaughter of millions.

That is the history of the last few thousand years. We humans believe what we are given to internalise and make a part of us and few of us have the true freedom of will to examine such programming and discover it for what it is.

A virus.

As a result the world reflects the cumulative consciousness of a continually evolving programme with its roots in our savage past. It is in this way that we can understand that we are a hive mind, a collective consciousness, that the world is driven by the collective will but that we are almost all of us infected with malware, that the core programmes are wrong,that they serve the interests of a very few rather than the collective whole.

As each child is born they learn the programmes. During their short life those programmes will mutate. That mutated programme is passed among them and handed down to new carriers as they, in their turn, enter reality. So, for example, your grandfather was taught that to be gay is a bad thing, now most of us will pass onto our kids that sexuality doesn't matter.

The programme mutates, but you can see that it is guided to mutate, that those who own the world are the programmers. The mindset of the hive mind is altered over decades. It begins with the decision, then is fed down through education, through constant repetition, through mass media bias, through event management, through law and its enforcement, through violent actions until, eventually, our minds are altered and the new programme settles in and is believed and is passed on and defended with violence if necessary.

We kill for the programme once we believe it.

Examine the slow progress of the "Lone Shooter" idea to disarm the American people in this light.
Examine the succesful penetration of the "Muslim Terrorist" programme.

Those that control this reality have long understood the weaknesses we have inherent in our limited durabliity and long understood how to shape reality such that they remain in control.This understanding has been passed from generation to generation such that their young receive lessons which instruct them how to maintain their ownership of humanity via the control of the programmes that are running and the wires and other hardware that carry and disseminate them.

That hardware of consciousness control lies in established systems, existing protocols, the instruments of power. They are in fact everything that we have received from our past that we can readily identify once we understand what is happening to our species. They are ideas like nation and race and religion, they are Magick like money and loyalty and belief, they are structures like hierarchy and caste and class, they are symbols like crosses and crowns and lightning and suns and many more that speak directly to our sub-conscious and can override what we call free will.

Behind these things are the secret societies, the intelligence agencies, the clubs, the back rooms, the mafias and assassins, the old boys, the knowing handshakes and all the other grease on the wheels of the now vast machine of control.

That there are now many that understand these things is not readily perceived by the human tribe as a whole. We are coloured in their minds as crazy conspiracy nuts, tin foil hat wearing idiots. Soon enough, no doubt, the programmes that are running will in the usual fashion make us enemies of the herd. The masters of reality have used human technology to enable them to compile a list of us, are every day framing the case against us. How they created the killing fields in the Middle East by blowing up a couple of buildings we can see.

What they will make of us is yet to be seen but, as we grow in number, the need will arise.

Hitler made the Communist and the Jew hated members of the tribe, arrested them and disposed of them. There has always been an active gene-pool management scheme in history. Slave owners understand that if they have a troublesome slave they don't want it to breed. Better to kill it.
The British Crown actively followed a programme of organised genocides around the world wherever they discovered human beings who had organised themselves peacefully in tribes "led" by the wise and the good and living in harmony with and never harming nature.  In this way was America cleared to make way for the white man, already carrying the full set of base programmes, already infected with the malware.

The world has been slowly but surely taken over in its entirety by the reality masters, the controllers. The game is almost complete now, the whole world enslaved to debt and corporate and other hierarchy, every mind entrained, every human being carrying the virus, vast systems in place to manage the herd and to cull it when and where necessary.

Even those who see these things are and have been for years absorbing new programmes that originate from the controllers. At a simple level we can witness the same messages that Hitler promulgated about the Jews being repeated (sometimes verbatim) by the agentur that call themselves the "leaders" of the "truth" movement or the "alternative" media.

The human tribe as a species is in a very dark place now. Our collective consciousness is being shaped for one last conflict, the meat-machines that tote around our consciousness are being assaulted by vast arrays of harmful chemicals, microwaves and the terrible  quantities of ionising radiation that were and are daily spilled into the world by Fukushima and which we are told not to worry about. Many in the world, not least the American "christians", project their consciousness willingly towards Armageddon and pray for their salvation and, by implication, the damnation of everyone else.
There are few that see humanity for what it really is, such is the near complete and overwhelming penetration of the programmes of the masters of this reality.

We are born as empty vessels but there is something within each of us, there is an original programme, a core operating system that gets overwritten.

Some call it a soul. Some say it is the spark of God, the connection to the Universal Good that some call Yahweh, some Allah, others a myriad of other names.

Its expression is to be found in our collective yearning as a species, our collective desire for peace, for freedom from fear, for security. Its expression is to be found in our conscience when we do wrong, in our saying sorry. It is to be found in our giving, our need to help, our selfless heroism, our going without so that others might live. It is to be found in that deep knowing that there is something wrong with this world, that splinter in our minds that tells us right from wrong and that makes us uncomfortable in this world.

This core programme is love. It is a divine spark, for it is the best of things.

It is the single unifying factor of almost all of humanity and so should be the foundation upon which everything else is built. Our children should be taught its value and use, we should live our lives through its sharing and in the acts of good that flow from it, we should shape reality around it and from it grow a new civilisation, a human civilisation, the first civilisation.

Love is not an idea, not a vague concept, not an emotion. It is the first principle, the core operating programme and, if we can achieve it against the power of darkness that currently prevails, will give humanity the answer it seeks and enable us to turn off the malware and eliminate the virus and start again with our reality and shape it good.

Those human beings that are awake, those who carry within them the gene that has enabled them to resist the controllers strategy of mind control, those that understand the threat to humanity and see the need for action are a hidden force in the world. They are largely falsely led and in that following have been divided and distracted such that their number cannot be counted, such that there is no single place where they gather together and focus themselves to a core and shared understanding, a single point of light, where they speak with one voice, where they can be seen not as the lunatic fringe but as a huge number of human beings that will have change in the world and that change will be underwritten by Love.

In the past, for this to happen, we have waited for a leader, waited for someone to arrive from God or to take the crown or to speak with mastery. There are two outcomes. The first is that the leader turns out to be the very opposite of what we expected. The second is that they turn out to be the real thing and so the masters of this reality assassinate them and twist their message and our memory of it to their own purpose.

It is time to try something new between us. It is time to find unity without leadership. Time to unite the hive mind of humanity and discover the shared spark that exists within us all. From the gathering of the awake will come strength in numbers, from the gathering will come recognition. From the gathering will come a message to the consciousness of humanity. From the gatheing will come unified action, the spreading of the message, the united efforts of us all to debug the system, run a virus check, find our what is wrong with this world and put it in the dustbin of time.

First, then, if you are awake, find somewhere to gather in your millions and unite in your intent.
If this is not done then there will be no change. Change will only come if a critical mass of us can get together and act as one consciousness.

If this writer was one of the false opposition, would this message be spread by all the others? Would snappy videos be produced, radio shows organised, books ghost written, mainstream guest appearances be granted, million dollar "gift bombs" contrived, beautiful websites constructed, twitter accounts set up and managed by marketing teams, advertisers flock, images carefully photoshopped and distributed, steady streams of donors found, secret money passed? Sure they would, if that was what the masters of this reality wanted. It happens all the time and serves to Divide and to Distract. Think Zeitgeist. Think 9/11 Truth. Think "Shift". Think of a thousand others. This writer, on the other hand, is just a bloke who cares just enough not to stop trying.

Last week Aktina and I celebrated 35 years of marriage. We are grandparents. We want a future for our descendants that is different to the reality humanity's shared and malware ridden collective consciousness creates now. A world of love, operating as it should. This is no fantasy, no idle dream, just an understanding of the true destiny of humanity and the place we will build once this is understood, once we understand that seven billion human beings can, if they act together, make ANYTHING happen.

It should begin somewhere, somewhere those who are awake should gather and there discover their number and that they are not alone. If a million joined here, what would that mean?

Where could we go together?

You decide.

With Love,

Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx
This post is dedicated to Clifford, who after years discovered he had the will and the strength to make a stand for humanity. Our Love goes out to him and also our thanks for the first donation we have received in over a year.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Letter to the Cretan People.

An Independent Crete

An Exploration of the New Way and the Opportunities for a New Civilisation.

Nothing here is set in stone,nothing here is certain and the reader is requested, rather than to dismiss out of hand or unquestioningly accept the information here, to research for themselves and so discover the truth and to act accordingly.

More than ever before it is incumbent upon each human being to arouse themselves from their apathy and take active interest in their own destiny and in shaping the future for our species.

The human species has entered a terminally dangerous phase in its long history, just as our species is awakening to the great deceptions of the past and to the possibility for and absolute necessity of a "New Way".

Both the threats that exist to the continuance of life itself and the possibilities of creating a new civilisation for our species are relatively unknown to the general population who, as ever, are kept ignorant of the realities of politics and the system of control of consciousness and are distracted from the essential truths.

However across the world there are a growing number of people that have gained an understanding of these matters.

They as yet have no focus for their activity but they exist everywhere and in increasing number. They represent the core of what will become a great force for change in the world and, though they don't fully understand this yet, will be the catalysts that begin the process of transformation. They have no political allegiance, they have no fixed agenda, they have no leaders nor political hierarchy, some have no religious beliefs whilst others are believers, but what they all share is an understanding. They await an example to follow.

They understand that there is a vast force of evil in this world and that its grip on the world is tightening every day. This has been researched and debated and discovered to be true by the combined efforts of many millions of ordinary human beings, human beings that now see through the facade and the great deceptions and understand the vast and intricate matrix of control that exists and that has stolen the wealth and power of all peoples, everywhere.

One of these truths they have discovered is this:
The true power in any group of people lies in their collective consciousness.

Consider: If 7 billion human beings agreed on one thing, who would there be with the power to deny them?

And so it is logical that for the world to transform itself and be reborn we human beings simply need to discover what there is that we can all agree on. As you read further you will come to understand that this is not as difficult as it seems but is in fact relatively simple.

There is an opportunity right now for some group of people, perhaps a group united by a defined geographical area, to discover the authority to self-liberate which such simple agreement between them can bring. The Spanish Catalans may be the first to discover this. The Greeks, in electing Tsipras, were attempting this, only to be deceived.

Perhaps the small island of Crete and its indomitable people can lead the way? After all, in their history, they were one of the world's first civilisations.

History has a habit of repeating itself.

If you will, wrap your mind dear reader around this idea:
Reality is an expression of the collective consciousness, and so the power that exists in the world sets itself to control the consciousness of our species. This it does through control of the media (which most people still believe is free of control) and through the manipulation of events. Quite simply, your mind is not your own, but what you believe and what you think and what you debate with your fellows is given to you by the TV, by the Internet, by the newspapers, by movies and entertainments, by books, by what is taught in schools and all of these things are controlled by money.

The power that exists and which controls the world has control over the issuance and creation of money.

(Please research "FIAT" money, research "Fractional Reserve Lending", research "Global Debt Creation" and discover for yourself how money is created as debt from nothing and how the global banking system is in the hands of a very small group of people that now hold the world to ransom. Only by understanding these simple truths will you understand the other issues raised here, and in understanding them realise the potential for a different future that awaits humanity.)

 Hitherto, people have been given the illusion of democracy and defended the idea of democracy as if democracy were the only fair and just way for the true desires of a nation's people to be expressed by government.

This is clearly not the case.

If we take as an example recent Greek history, Tsipras and Syriza were first elected on a platform of freeing the Greek people from the illegal and odorous debt foisted upon them by the connivance of previously elected governments of different political persuasions.

Once in power, Tsipras proceeded to do the opposite of everything he had been elected to do. He then asked the Greek people once more, in a referendum, what they should about this debt and the people responded, resoundingly, that "NO" deal should be done.

One week later, despite the instructions of the populace, he did the deal.

A few short months later, in the September 2015 election, less than 20% of those eligible to vote were enough to grant this liar another chance at Government.

The Greek people now face years of hardship, years of closing hospitals, years of reduced pensions, years of reductions in services for the poor, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and all those other people that a civilised and caring people traditionally reach out to help.

 These hardships have already led to deaths. There have been suicides, as is well known, as businessmen see their life's work crumble to ashes, as the elderly see their pride stamped into the ground, as the young see no hope for the future. There have been other deaths. A hole in the road not fixed due to cuts in spending sends a young lad off his motorbike into the asphalt. A man dies because his local hospital no longer has the facilities to treat his illness.

 Tsipras knows that these deaths are layed at his door, and yet somehow manages to keep smiling!

And if this were not disgraceful enough, a sharp lesson has been dealt to the Greek people:
You have no power, you have no voice, you have no control over your own country.
Here, in the birthplace of democracy, you are witness to its death.

Certainly it is time for some people, somewhere, to make a stand against the global power.
It would take a people that have had the courage to say "NO" to great and powerful forces of evil.
It would take a people with great pride in their history and their traditions and in their sense of independence.

It would take a people that shared an understanding of the corrupt nature of government.

It would take a people that understood that, if the world were against them, they could feed themselves and survive.

It would take a people like the Cretan people, a people unified by bonds of family and of place, a people who in their villages and towns in the not too distant past stood proud and uncowed in the face of conquering bullies.

Now is the time to find that spirit of resistance again and perhaps, going deeper into history, to rediscover an obligation to demonstrate to the world how civilisations can be born through an expression of the collective will, the collective consciousness of a group of human beings.
Under the system of "democracy" a people cannot express themselves until those in government decree that they can, by calling an election.

Between elections all power rests with the government. In Greece, now, that government was elected by less than 20% of voters.

44% of people decided not to vote, most of those because they had come to realise (since the referendum) that whatever they voted for would be ignored, that whoever they voted for would be a part of the criminally corrupt political class.

It could be said that 80% of the people, either by not voting or by voting for some other party, voted against Syriza and Tsipras, the great deceivers and now the "legitimate" "democratic" government of Greece!

It could be said that 44% of people, by not voting, were in fact voting for "None of the Candidates"! This, in fact, would be the biggest single group of voters and should have won the election were there a box to mark "None of the others".

Of course, there never is.

It could, perhaps rightly, be said that there exists in Greece a deep disillusionment with politicians and with the political class and with government and that the few who still espouse a trust in government and the politicians and their political parties are those who are members of those groups and who seek benefit for themselves from political patronage or from having the ear of the lawmakers.

It is time for a change.

But how can this be achieved?

People share a distrust of poitical parties unless they are members or age-old supporters of those parties and often because they seek benefit from such association.

People are not given the right to self-determination, nor the right to choose another government until their existing government grants them that opportunity at a time of the government's own choosing and having orchestrated a maelstrom of propaganda through the media in order to shape the consciousness of the voters and confuse the issues.

If you earlier discovered the meanings of "FIAT money" and "fractional reserve banking" you will know that the hundreds of billions of euro that the Greeks are supposed to "owe", that Greek citizens will for the foreseeable future be burdened with rapaying, did NOT EXIST until the bankers typed the numbers into their computers and pressed "ENTER".

There was no money taken from the savings of German grandmothers to lend to the Greeks! This artificial debt was created out of thin air and now every Greek has his or her share of that debt, some 45,000 euro, to repay through their effort and their labour and by accepting less than they could have, and by rights should have, for the rest of their lives.

Ask yourselves which politicians made this clear during the elections and the referendum?

Which politicians told you that this money was created our of thin air to enslave the Greek people to an unpayable debt and to steal from Greece the real assets and value of her economy?
Which TV commentator told you this?

Which newspaper carried this story?

Only those that did were not deceiving the Greek people.
Count them if you can, and draw your own conclusions.

Were those that did the most vilified and attacked by the media?

Around the world every nation is indebted to the very bankers most governments gave money to, to "save", in the banking "crisis" just a few short years ago. Those governments borrowed money from the international banks, indebting their people in so doing, only to pay that money to the failing banks.

What they didn't mention was that both the international banks and the "failing" banks belong to the same, small, tight knit group of people.

(Please research "Who owns the Bank of Greece", "Who owns the IMF", "Who owns the Bank of International Settlements", "Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank of America" to understand how this great debt deception has been created around the world to enslave us and our children forever.
Understand too that everywhere this enslavement has been orchestrated with the assistance and deception of democratically elected governments and you will see that democracy is a spent force, that it has everywhere been taken over, that it can no longer be trusted, that it is in fact an illusion.

And then decide to do something to shrug off this great weight and to fight for the freedom of your children and grandchildren.

It is no longer the duty of a people to wait for its false government to give them the opportunity to choose again from a selection of controlled and corrupt politicians. The very idea of political parties is dead, for every party has a hierarchy and leadership and in every case that hierarchy and leadership can be bribed, can be blackmailed, can be threatened, can be corrupted in other ways.

It is the duty of a people to throw off such deception and such illegality and such criminality and their duty to find a new way, such that they pass on to their children the great treasure of true liberty.

The media scream against anyone who speaks such "heresy", against anyone who describes democracy for what it is. Our children are taught that democracy is the only form of acceptable and just government. Our TV stations repeat this fallacy. People grow up believing in its institutions and in the departments of government that serve it.

Or at least they did, until those very governments, those corrupt departments and ministries, the fallacy of democracy itself is so clearly demonstrated as it has been in Greece.

Once people understand that democracy can no longer be trusted an alternative should be found and it is the duty of people everywhere, indeed of the human race as a whole, to discover this new way.
Some people. somewhere must take the lead in this process, to show that it can be done and so begin the process of transforming the world.

Across the world, in every facet of human existence, we have been shaped into hierarchies in every part of our lives. There are hierarchies of power and control in everything we do and we have come to accept these systems as the only way to do things.

At the same time we have come to understand that in every hierarchy the opportunity exists for the wrong sort of people to gain mastery over that organisation.

In business it is the greedy that thrive, the manager that pushes relentlessly for profit, that drives his workers harder and harder for the benefit of the owners. In the police and judiciary it is those that do the bidding of the political masters that achieve high office. In the civil services we find the same, that those who disagree on principle with the instructions from above find their careers limited or themselves out of a job.

In politics, it is the consciousless dealmaker that thrives.

In every part of this world we are ordered into a great pyramid of authority and in every part of that pyramid power is focused and ultimately controllable by a very few hands. There are few human beings now that do not deep down understand that we are controlled in every part of our lives by the WRONG SORT of people.

The worst of us get to the top, everywhere, every time.

Quite simply, this is a stupidity which humanity will soon grow out of.

 The collective consciousness of humanity wishes things would be different, without yet understanding that the authority to change things exists in that collective will.

That collective will needs no authority other than itself.

The collective will of humanity is its own master, needs no permission to act,  needs no hierarchy, only needs most people to share a desire for that desire to become reality.

We all of us would wish to live in a place where our leaders are the most trustworthy of us all, where our leaders are the most just, where our leaders are the most incorruptible, where our leaders are those that do not seek power, that have no wish to bully,that do not seek riches, flash cars, luxurious houses but seek rather to reach out hands of friendship and love across the world, to give help where it is needed and to ask for help where it is required.

We would wish for a world in which the very best amongst us are pushed to the front, there to advise us in their wisdom how things should be done and whose advice we accept and make sure is followed because we all of us recognise its justice and wisdom.

Those that would see an end to war.
Those that would see an end to injustice.
Those that would reach out to help others.
Those that would be determined to root out and end forever the corruption that is so entrenched in the world's power structure and to truly liberate humanity and change the dismal course of human history.

We all of us know people like this, people whose hearts are in the right place, people who are kind by nature, generous by instinct, welcoming of others, considerate of others, selfless, fair, humble, even meek but at the same time nobody's fool, wise in the ways of the world, intelligent enough to see the right thing to do.

 If we are to be judged and measured and counted in this life then at every juncture we would all of us wish that such people were those that judged and measured and counted us.

This concept is not new to humanity.

There are lessons from our tribal past that demonstrate this way, where the tribe recognised those amongst it most fit and able to advise the whole tribe because they had the trust and respect of the tribe and that advice wasn't issued as an instruction or an order, but as advice.

And, because the tribe trusted these people, this advice was followed.

In every town and village, in every group of friends and family here on Crete we know such people. They may not be rich and if they are they will be the most generous. They may be quite young or very old. They probably have no authority in the current system but are respected. They are the kindest amongst us, a virtue that the modern world scoffs at for being impractical but that all of humanity's great philosophers and prophets throughout the ages recognised as a thing of great beauty.

Here is how Crete can become a great catalyst for change in the world:

Without waiting for an election, wthout asking for permission, without listening to great political speeches or the approval of the media, without leaders and organisation and structure and hieracrhy but as human beings, as families and friends, as villages and towns and cities the Cretans begin this process of finding, from amongst their number, their very best people.

The good people amongst us.

These people may not be speech makers, may not be those that can persuade or cajole, may not wear suits, may have no political opinions other than perhaps an understanding that this world should be a better place.

You will recognise them for the love they have in them, and for their lack of hatred, and for their intelligent and wise understanding.

Amongst us they are the exceptional people, and should be found.

Translate this document.
Send it by email.
Print it off and distribute it.
Spread this understanding to every corner of this island.

Its statement is this:

"The people of Crete do not recognise the "democratically elected" government of Greece and will, as an act of collective conciousness, find from amongst our people those we would wish to act for us and advise us, those we completely trust. 

There will be no election to find these people, but there will be an act of choosing and in that act of choosing lies its legitimacy.

Once found and gathered together, THEY will decide what is to be the future of our island and our people and will be the body that the people of Crete recognise as legitimate and whose advice we will follow, representing as they do the desires of the free people of Crete. 

Once our chosen people are decided upon and gather together we, the people of Crete, will determine our own future without violence, without revolution and will ask other peoples the world over to join us in this quiet evolution of the human species and the birth of a new way for humanity.

This process, this conscious act of finding the best among our people will, we hope, be emulated everywhere. We will reach out our hands in friendship to the world. We wish to see a better world and will choose our best to begin that process. We are not naive, but understand that humanity has to discover a new way of being.

We hope, by our example, to help to give birth to a new world civilisation.

Please support us in thought and deed."

(Authors note: I have no right to vote in a Greek election, I am a foreigner who lives among the Cretan people, teaching kids English and farming olives. In my years among you I have grown to love your place and its people. I can think of no better place and no better people to begin the transformation that humanity so badly needs and is waiting for with hope.)

Olive Farmer
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