Friday, October 16, 2015

Our World View encapsulated.

Our current understanding.

As our lives tumble day by day into the void so the upper glass of the egg-timer of our individual existence empties. This is what it means to be human.

Above all else, we are creatures of limited  duration.

This lack of time is at the root of our sickness, for within it lies the true origin of selfishness, within it lies the seed of mass ignorance that sprouts continually and blossoms generation after generation, within it lies the weakness that comes of vulnerability and so fear and so the ease with which we are enslaved.

We are born as a vessel for an individual consciousness, our sub-programmes running the complexity of the biological entity that carries us around for the duration of our turn, leaving us free to point our life where we will but usually in no fit state to choose what we will be engineered to become.

We are programmed by other humans, the products of the reality extant at the time of our birth and, knowing nothing better, accept and pass on that core programming. The first core programmes are language and life skills like learning where and when to evacuate our bowels and how to use our legs to perambulate. These simple programmes take around two years to download. We also pick up stuff like hierarchy, who we have to offer deference to, reinforced by punishment. Soon we are given a religion or another set of beliefs which will shape our attitudes to the world.

Often these core ideas, what language you speak, what "nation" you belong to, what "religion" you are told is yours decide who you will be invited to hate and subsequently fight to the death at some point. Few pass through their lives without such killing. Those in the USA and Europe who pay tax into the killing machines may not personally have to wield the sword but are proxies and accomplices to the slaughter of millions.

That is the history of the last few thousand years. We humans believe what we are given to internalise and make a part of us and few of us have the true freedom of will to examine such programming and discover it for what it is.

A virus.

As a result the world reflects the cumulative consciousness of a continually evolving programme with its roots in our savage past. It is in this way that we can understand that we are a hive mind, a collective consciousness, that the world is driven by the collective will but that we are almost all of us infected with malware, that the core programmes are wrong,that they serve the interests of a very few rather than the collective whole.

As each child is born they learn the programmes. During their short life those programmes will mutate. That mutated programme is passed among them and handed down to new carriers as they, in their turn, enter reality. So, for example, your grandfather was taught that to be gay is a bad thing, now most of us will pass onto our kids that sexuality doesn't matter.

The programme mutates, but you can see that it is guided to mutate, that those who own the world are the programmers. The mindset of the hive mind is altered over decades. It begins with the decision, then is fed down through education, through constant repetition, through mass media bias, through event management, through law and its enforcement, through violent actions until, eventually, our minds are altered and the new programme settles in and is believed and is passed on and defended with violence if necessary.

We kill for the programme once we believe it.

Examine the slow progress of the "Lone Shooter" idea to disarm the American people in this light.
Examine the succesful penetration of the "Muslim Terrorist" programme.

Those that control this reality have long understood the weaknesses we have inherent in our limited durabliity and long understood how to shape reality such that they remain in control.This understanding has been passed from generation to generation such that their young receive lessons which instruct them how to maintain their ownership of humanity via the control of the programmes that are running and the wires and other hardware that carry and disseminate them.

That hardware of consciousness control lies in established systems, existing protocols, the instruments of power. They are in fact everything that we have received from our past that we can readily identify once we understand what is happening to our species. They are ideas like nation and race and religion, they are Magick like money and loyalty and belief, they are structures like hierarchy and caste and class, they are symbols like crosses and crowns and lightning and suns and many more that speak directly to our sub-conscious and can override what we call free will.

Behind these things are the secret societies, the intelligence agencies, the clubs, the back rooms, the mafias and assassins, the old boys, the knowing handshakes and all the other grease on the wheels of the now vast machine of control.

That there are now many that understand these things is not readily perceived by the human tribe as a whole. We are coloured in their minds as crazy conspiracy nuts, tin foil hat wearing idiots. Soon enough, no doubt, the programmes that are running will in the usual fashion make us enemies of the herd. The masters of reality have used human technology to enable them to compile a list of us, are every day framing the case against us. How they created the killing fields in the Middle East by blowing up a couple of buildings we can see.

What they will make of us is yet to be seen but, as we grow in number, the need will arise.

Hitler made the Communist and the Jew hated members of the tribe, arrested them and disposed of them. There has always been an active gene-pool management scheme in history. Slave owners understand that if they have a troublesome slave they don't want it to breed. Better to kill it.
The British Crown actively followed a programme of organised genocides around the world wherever they discovered human beings who had organised themselves peacefully in tribes "led" by the wise and the good and living in harmony with and never harming nature.  In this way was America cleared to make way for the white man, already carrying the full set of base programmes, already infected with the malware.

The world has been slowly but surely taken over in its entirety by the reality masters, the controllers. The game is almost complete now, the whole world enslaved to debt and corporate and other hierarchy, every mind entrained, every human being carrying the virus, vast systems in place to manage the herd and to cull it when and where necessary.

Even those who see these things are and have been for years absorbing new programmes that originate from the controllers. At a simple level we can witness the same messages that Hitler promulgated about the Jews being repeated (sometimes verbatim) by the agentur that call themselves the "leaders" of the "truth" movement or the "alternative" media.

The human tribe as a species is in a very dark place now. Our collective consciousness is being shaped for one last conflict, the meat-machines that tote around our consciousness are being assaulted by vast arrays of harmful chemicals, microwaves and the terrible  quantities of ionising radiation that were and are daily spilled into the world by Fukushima and which we are told not to worry about. Many in the world, not least the American "christians", project their consciousness willingly towards Armageddon and pray for their salvation and, by implication, the damnation of everyone else.
There are few that see humanity for what it really is, such is the near complete and overwhelming penetration of the programmes of the masters of this reality.

We are born as empty vessels but there is something within each of us, there is an original programme, a core operating system that gets overwritten.

Some call it a soul. Some say it is the spark of God, the connection to the Universal Good that some call Yahweh, some Allah, others a myriad of other names.

Its expression is to be found in our collective yearning as a species, our collective desire for peace, for freedom from fear, for security. Its expression is to be found in our conscience when we do wrong, in our saying sorry. It is to be found in our giving, our need to help, our selfless heroism, our going without so that others might live. It is to be found in that deep knowing that there is something wrong with this world, that splinter in our minds that tells us right from wrong and that makes us uncomfortable in this world.

This core programme is love. It is a divine spark, for it is the best of things.

It is the single unifying factor of almost all of humanity and so should be the foundation upon which everything else is built. Our children should be taught its value and use, we should live our lives through its sharing and in the acts of good that flow from it, we should shape reality around it and from it grow a new civilisation, a human civilisation, the first civilisation.

Love is not an idea, not a vague concept, not an emotion. It is the first principle, the core operating programme and, if we can achieve it against the power of darkness that currently prevails, will give humanity the answer it seeks and enable us to turn off the malware and eliminate the virus and start again with our reality and shape it good.

Those human beings that are awake, those who carry within them the gene that has enabled them to resist the controllers strategy of mind control, those that understand the threat to humanity and see the need for action are a hidden force in the world. They are largely falsely led and in that following have been divided and distracted such that their number cannot be counted, such that there is no single place where they gather together and focus themselves to a core and shared understanding, a single point of light, where they speak with one voice, where they can be seen not as the lunatic fringe but as a huge number of human beings that will have change in the world and that change will be underwritten by Love.

In the past, for this to happen, we have waited for a leader, waited for someone to arrive from God or to take the crown or to speak with mastery. There are two outcomes. The first is that the leader turns out to be the very opposite of what we expected. The second is that they turn out to be the real thing and so the masters of this reality assassinate them and twist their message and our memory of it to their own purpose.

It is time to try something new between us. It is time to find unity without leadership. Time to unite the hive mind of humanity and discover the shared spark that exists within us all. From the gathering of the awake will come strength in numbers, from the gathering will come recognition. From the gathering will come a message to the consciousness of humanity. From the gatheing will come unified action, the spreading of the message, the united efforts of us all to debug the system, run a virus check, find our what is wrong with this world and put it in the dustbin of time.

First, then, if you are awake, find somewhere to gather in your millions and unite in your intent.
If this is not done then there will be no change. Change will only come if a critical mass of us can get together and act as one consciousness.

If this writer was one of the false opposition, would this message be spread by all the others? Would snappy videos be produced, radio shows organised, books ghost written, mainstream guest appearances be granted, million dollar "gift bombs" contrived, beautiful websites constructed, twitter accounts set up and managed by marketing teams, advertisers flock, images carefully photoshopped and distributed, steady streams of donors found, secret money passed? Sure they would, if that was what the masters of this reality wanted. It happens all the time and serves to Divide and to Distract. Think Zeitgeist. Think 9/11 Truth. Think "Shift". Think of a thousand others. This writer, on the other hand, is just a bloke who cares just enough not to stop trying.

Last week Aktina and I celebrated 35 years of marriage. We are grandparents. We want a future for our descendants that is different to the reality humanity's shared and malware ridden collective consciousness creates now. A world of love, operating as it should. This is no fantasy, no idle dream, just an understanding of the true destiny of humanity and the place we will build once this is understood, once we understand that seven billion human beings can, if they act together, make ANYTHING happen.

It should begin somewhere, somewhere those who are awake should gather and there discover their number and that they are not alone. If a million joined here, what would that mean?

Where could we go together?

You decide.

With Love,

Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx
This post is dedicated to Clifford, who after years discovered he had the will and the strength to make a stand for humanity. Our Love goes out to him and also our thanks for the first donation we have received in over a year.


Anonymous said...

Lifting the Veil - An Investigative History of the United States Pathocracy!

pavlovs dog said...

My God, that may'be the best thing I have ever read. Thank you.

Olive Farmer said...

Hey, Thanks for both comments, Pavlov. High praise to you, too.
Love Olive and Aktina xxx