Friday, 30 July 2010

For our Christian brothers and sisters.....

In the year 2009 the Axis of Evil (the real one, the United Kingdom and the United States) managed to spend one thousand, one hundred and eight thousands of millions of dollars on the business of killing innocent people.

That's 1.108 trillion dollars.

You may have seen this before, but if not go and see what a trillion dollars looks like here:

If you are a "citizen" of either of these countries your governments, acting upon the orders of those that control them, without asking you for your opinion on the matter, have continued what we all now know is the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, have continued the wholesale slaughter there and in Pakistan and Yemen, have in your name and with your money brutalised, raped, murdered and tortured thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

And if you believe this to be right, look into your soul dear friend.

Every day in your name they create new enemies, new lifelong hatreds, new souls determined to end their days seeking revenge for this crime.

Revenge upon you for the evil you have visited upon them.

If you live in the Axis of Evil you are required to pay tax to fund this nightmarish debacle. It's unavoidable.
This, then, is your war.
You pay for it.
The murders are committed in your name.
Your sons and daughters are the sharp end of the killing machine.
You pay for the bullets and bombs, for the torture camps, for the poor dirt soldiers who have sunk into the abyss and come to enjoy this rape and pillage, want every day to shoulder their weapon and take aim, count life cheap, exercise the power that has been granted to them by the superiority of arms that the cleverest amongst you have developed to make them invincible.

If I believed in religion I could easily use these words:
You are an accomplice to the devil, complicit in his crimes, aid and abet the machinations of pure evil.
The blood and the tears of children drip from your hands.
You buy the bullets, you pay the wages, you allow your puppet governments to do this. This is YOUR watch, and you are letting this happen.

There are no excuses.

If you count 9/11 as reason enough, believe the official storyline, consider the three thousand dead there as worthy reason to have invaded two sovereign nations and caused the deaths of 1.4 million people, then shame on you.

Nowhere in this world can this balance be viewed as equitable.
The scales of justice are called scales for a reason.
And there is no balance in this equation.

This is not an eye for an eye.
It's gone too far for that.
Murderer of children.

And if you count yourself a Christian, as so many of you do, can you honestly believe that this is God's work?
That the lord your god looks down upon this mayhem with a glad eye?
That He watches the child die in the arms of her weeping mother, sees the anger and hatred in the eyes of the father, feels the grief and the overwhelming shock, the numbing pain and rejoices?
You honestly believe that this is what Jesus would do?

You honestly believe that the end-times are coming and that you, the murderers of babies, will be amongst those chosen, those lifted in exaltation to sit at the right hand of God?
You think He wants to spend eternity in the company of people who voted for and paid for genocide? People who spouted the bible whilst frothing at the mouth with hatreds, listened to the weasel words of snake oil salesmen building themselves mighty empires of followers and mighty bank accounts?

Charismatic preachers?
They must be.
They've convinced you to do the Devil's work and grown fat enough from your hard earned money to never be able to pass through the eye of a needle.

I have a gut feeling about the gates of heaven.
You'll find them closed to you.

And yet how very different things could have been.

What a different world you could have created if you had decided to turn the other cheek.
If you had met hatred with love.
If you had reached out your hands in love and peace as your messiah taught you to do.
If you only paid attention to what He said.

I know there are some guidelines for you christian folk in the bible you like to adhere to.
Apparently, those who make peace shall be called the sons of God.
Apparently it says somewhere that you should love your enemies, be kind to those that hate you.
Bless those that curse you.
Pray for those that insult you.
(I thank you now for those prayers).

There was something in there about turning the other cheek.

Isn't this in there somewhere:
"Rather, love your enemies, help them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then you will have a great reward. You will be the children of the Most High God. After all, he is kind to unthankful and evil people. Be merciful as your Father is merciful. "

And "Thou shalt not kill"?

Let's imagine for a brief moment that all you good christian folks out there had got together in your millions, had marched on Washington or London, voted collectively in elections, demanded that the USA and the UK acted, at least in this arena and for once, in accordance with the indisputable loveliness of what your messiah taught you.

If you'd gone on the love offensive, how different would the world be?
Let's begin with that 1.108 trillion dollars.

A hospital built to high standards with operating theatres, intensive therapy, beds for 350 patients was built last year in India for 25 million dollars. It will be staffed and run for a year for another 5 million. I use this as an example, it could be anywhere.
Out of your 1.108 trillion dollars, let's build and run a hundred.
30 million x 100 = 3 billion.

Well, that hasn't made much of a dent in 1,108 billion.
Let's , in Jesus' name, build and run 10,000 hospitals!
That's 300 billion.
Leaving 808 billion.

There would , I believe, be a glint in the eye of your Jesus, and the beginnings of a smile.
How would the world look upon the USA and the UK if, when attacked, they responded by reaching out the hands of healing, by touching their enemies with love?
Is that weak, or is it strong?

But hey, we've still got some money left.

The United Nations World Food programme in 2009 asked for a measly 6.7 billion to feed the starving. Governments promised just 3.7 billion, then reneged and handed over just 1.8 billion. Do you get a sense of the prioritisation of the Devil?
So let's be generous.
Pay for the entire programme, 10 times over.
We had 808 billion, minus 67 billion and we've still got 741 billion.
Five loaves, two fishes comes to mind......

Oxfam do a goodish job at feeding the starving and helping farmers improve yields, drilling water wells etc. They do it on a paltry 385 million.
Let's feed a few more souls by giving them ten times the amount.
Call it 4 billion.
741 billion - 4 billion = 737 billion.

Steady now, with all this love, people might just start to like you.
The Red Cross do good work. They spend just 1.1 billion.
Let's multiply the good they do by ten.
737 billion - 11 billion =726 billion.

There's so much that's wrong with the world, I'm pretty sure that the grunt and muscle of our young heroes could be put to more godly work that slaughtering people.
The UK and US employ some 1.65 million souls in the business of killing.
Let's do some retraining there.
Turn them, if you like, into the Lord's Army.
Roaming the globe giving help and care and advice. Using the planes and ships and helicopters and trucks and field hospitals and organisation and discipline and bravery to go into the toughest places and rescue, rebuild, care and provide a strong arm upon which those who are benighted can lean.
If we paid them 50,000 each for their services it'll cost us 82.5 billion.
726 - 82.5 = 643.5 billion.
Now you could be really truly proud of them, for they would be true heroes, not killers masquerading as saints.

Do you know, it's getting kind of difficult to spend all this money.
We've built and staffed ten thousand hospitals.
We've given the hungry ten times what the UN says they need.
We've made Oxfam ten times as good.
We've made the Red Cross ten times as effective.
We've put 1.65 million young soldiers of love into the field to bring succour to those in most need.
Your Jesus has a big smile now. You've started to pay attention to what He said.

And what would be the harvest of all this good?
As ye sow, so shall ye reap comes to mind.....

And you still have 643.5 billion left.
What would Jesus do with that?

Pay it to the same usurers he expelled from the temple?
But no, you've already given them some fifteen trillion between your two nations.

Boy, you really have been giving the Devil of your generosity, haven't you?

You could, of course, have forsaken the banks and given it to yourselves, along with sharing the 643.5 billion you have left from the killing machine you all feel so damned proud of.

You could have given yourselves, each man, woman and child in your two nations, around 43,000 dollars each.
Money which would pay off debts.
Money which would pay for education and health care.

Money which would be spent within your crashing economies and lift them up out of fthis nightmarish debt your governments have, on the instructions of the Devil, plunged you into.

My dear friends, you believers lost in the fervour of religion, how much longer are you going to do the Devil's work when to do what is right in the eyes of your Messiah is within your grasp, is so easy to see, is so evidently what He would wish?

And those of you who aren't Christians but still believe in the light of love and the beauty of truth (which amounts to pretty much the same thing, but minus the snake oil salesmen), this means you too.
Get off your knees.
Do something.
Do it for Jesus or for love and compassion.
It amounts to the same thing.
It's your watch, and it's time for you to make amends.

(If anyone can post this on Christian websites, please do so).

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx
(See my pledge as to how I try to live my life on

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What's next for you and I?

You know why you have arrived here.

It's because you are one of those that understand there is something rotten in the world.
Your sense of uneasiness drives your questing nature to seek out information, to gain understanding.

Those that rule over us know who you are.

Give them a wave.

Extend that digit or those two digits in defiance.

It will not be long before they decide to come and get us all.
So show them you fear nothing.

This thing that is rotten in the world, this vile cancer, has been around a long time and is spreading at great speed now through the body that is humanity.
Weakening it, causing it pain, making it afraid, numbing its senses.
Everyone is infected.

Countless are carriers, helping the spread, weakening the body-humanity's natural immune responses to this rotten growth, helping it on its way.
We each of us have a dark smudge, greater or smaller, controlled or out of control.

It can be cured.

When you do your duty and speak to those badly infected, offer them the medicament that is truth, that is when their true outer selves are most visible, that is when their eyes cease to be the mirrors of their souls and instead become the mirrored sunglasses of the truly lost, reflecting back your love and concern twisted into hatred and anger and ridicule.

When they come for you, these zombies, and come they will, it will be with the approval of those we pay to be in uniform and protect us all.

Or led by them.

The future was glimpsed at G20 in Toronto. The zombie-police in their space-bully suits squashing you and me, even if we weren't there. Modern day SS thugs, believing right to be on their side, twisting justice into "law", trampling under their marching boots the freedoms humanity holds dear, sending a message to the rest of the herd: resistance is useless.

In the full light of day and under the watching eyes of a thousand lenses they dared to trample, knew that the herd would do nothing, inwardly glorying that they had joined the winning side and the rewards, the opportunity to bully and beat and maybe soon murder would be theirs.
They are selected carefully these people.

Sometimes a real human being will get through and enter the ranks, believing in the old ideas of protecting the people that pay their wages from wrongdoing and evil. They are few, these good souls, but they are one hope for us.
The fifth column.
Proper police.
Blessings and courage be with them.
We need you now, friends.

The zombie-police, as ever throughout history in one snazzy uniform or another, are the fists and boots of the dystopic reality. They are the colour black and the texture of fear on the palette of the artists that are painting our reality and their brush strokes are about to get stronger, less inhibited.
Shame on them.

We will in due course forgive them, for they know not what they do.
It takes years to turn the insecure and cowardly bully that's selected into the ruthless bullying machine that acts without conscience, believing the uniform will protect him or her even when they step over the ever more distant line.
Usually, it does.

They socialise with one another, are made to feel comradeship and loyalty to one another, see themselves as "us" and the rest of humanity as "them". They are selected for this propensity, then trained and schooled in the peculiar psychosis that creates this angry and violent mob of oppression.

If you are a seeker for the truth then those that rule us are about to make you, in the eyes of the law and of the zombie herd, into something to be hated, to be vilified, to be rounded up and disposed of as vermin.

They have always done this, so why should this time be different?

In the 1930's the Bush-sponsored Nazis rounded up the communist, the dissenting professor, the Gypsy, the homosexual, the jew, the truthful journalist, anyone who protested however quietly.

On every block their Gauleiters took names, collected evidence of dissent or "deviant" behaviour.
They don't need Gauleiters now.
The internet is collecting all the evidence they need.
What you think of as private has been known to them for years.
You cannot hide. You cannot run.
So give them the finger and stand proud.

These are the reasons we must stand together, must know our number, must grow our number in one place. We need to understand we have a critical mass and exercise the strength that gives us.

If this cannot be achieved then you and I are lost, dear friend, and the world is lost with us.
We are well into the endgame now.

Those that rule over us are pressing ahead with their evil at an ever increasing rate, assailing humanity on every front, identifying those amongst the herd with a genetic disposition to resist, with a preference for truth over lies, people who have slipped through the control grid or are immune to their cankerous rot.

They badly want to cull the herd of that gene pool.
They want to get us before we wake up to our number and power and sweep them into the dustbin of history for all time.

They want us dead.

They have used their control of the internet to find us and flush us out.
They have used their long seeded disinformation agents to cast the lures and draw us into their nets. With their truths mixed with fantasies, their faux love mixed with finger pointing and hate mongering they are drawing us in, counting us up, finding where we live whilst at the same time using their information overload to weaken and divide our resolve.

Many are caught in these particular webs.

They can be likened to the early christians, walking heads held high through the gates that led not to heaven but to hatred, intolerance, genocide, torture, millennia of wickedness in god's name.

People still walk through those gates, joining one religion or another.

If there is a god, how it must weep at the horror committed by good people in its name.

The coming interesting times. May you live through them.
Those that govern humanity understand that they can get away with anything right now. The success of their centuries long strategy is now well proven to them. Even the biggest lies remain believed in.

They've just robbed every human being on the planet with their bank heist, condoned and orchestrated by nearly every puppet government, forcing humanity into perpetual tax slavery. They are picking everyone's pockets, every day, and the zombie herd are taking it.

With their fake but deadly war on "terror" they have robbed us all of freedoms we took centuries to win, caused millions to draw up lines that separate humanity based upon the old lies of religion. They are in the swing of murdering right now, soon to get more vigorous, soon to bring ever increasing numbers into their wars.

They've done it so often in the past, what makes you think they won't do it again?

Do you believe humanity to be better educated, more aware, stronger in the face of totalitarianism, freer of mind and spirit, less gullible, possessed of a freer media than they were in the last century, when countless millions went gladly and grimly off to murder countless millions of other human beings?
Of course you don't.

You understand the complexity of the control matrix that for a century at least has worked scientifically to prevent that very condition.

So confident are they, and so possessed of an urgency to get the job finished that we will see an acceleration of the experiment. Boosted by their successes so far, by the enormous instrument of mind control they have built, by this many headed hydra they have conjured from the ingenuity of those they seek to oppress, they will seek now to batter and beat the cornered beast that is humanity into the waiting cages, there to be factory farmed for the rest of time.

This complex system of control will reach its zenith of wickedness within the next couple of years. It has to. If more and more zombies realise what's going on and cast the blinkers from their eyes, or if those mavericks that already do see have the sense and guts to stand together then the evil itself becomes threatened, its servants like monkeys will scatter as the tree begins to fall, the change will finally come.

Who can say what their next move will be?
They have such a powerful and diverse arsenal.

Will it be a pandemic? Another, bigger war, mushrooming millions into oblivion? A nicely placed false flag terror event placed squarely at your door and mine, causing the zombies to point at you in the street, angrily beat you and spit at you as the police drag you away?

Look at the films of the Nazi era, see how the sheep can be moulded into violent haters, struggle with each other to be the one that lands the blow on the defiled, the beaten and cowed, the outsider, the non-believer.

We understand the checkmate they are driving towards, the fear of light that drives them, the final loss they face, the emergence of the beauty of humanity they so despise. We understand we are in their way.
So we are probably their next move.

Dealing with us.

The link to "We Are" is my personal, emaciated, weak but defiant two fingered salute to these bastards. Stick your finger up there too, by clicking on follow.
There IS good out there.
But we have to make it ourselves.
Love to you all,
Olive xxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The nature of the beast

You have to get into their heads.

Imagine, if you can, being one of those selcted, groomed and ushered into the upper echelons of the global tyrrany either by birth, by being of a blood, or by selection.

Imagine being amongst the brightest or the best connected that share a pathologic and loathsome character, charming by day, scheming by night, indulging ever increasing passions and measuring themselves against how well they are able to stifle any problems using money or privelege or direct or indirect power or influence.

Not that there will be problems because, once selected, you may do anything.

That's the deal the elite offer these vile creatures. The chance to suck the teat of the devil, the overwhelming evil that is destroying our minds, destroying our bodies and stealing our freedoms. It's the winning side. They scrabble to get on side.

Everything can be bought, everything provided, organised to the last detail. For this promise they sell their souls. The cost is a lifetime understanding of the term omerta and a lifetime, at cost of death, of doing exactly as they are told.

But don't worry. By and large they enjoy it.

"Let Kennedy be a lesson to you all. Don't get out of hand" is the mantra at Bilderberg or Skull and Bones or any other of their recruiting centres.

They think they've made a good deal, these ugly and unforgivable creatures, these fawning Uriah Heaps primping themselves up, smiling benignly over us like a bad impression of a kindly but sometimes stern and always fair daddy.

Amazingly, they are so good at this mind control business and this controlling psycopathy that we let them get away with it. We don't even see what they are and foresee what they will do to us if they get up that ladder.

No good ever comes of any of them.

There are millions of them.

They are the SS of the world fascist conspiracy, filling their top roles in the control grid, heads of corporations, civil services, the arms of the state, governments, banks. You will have met them in life, bustling their way past people in the great game, waiting for the invitation.

Inhuman people dominate every aspect of our lives, they do it at the behest of their masters, compete with each other as to their ability to rob the rest of us. They rob us of our work and therefore our time and our peace of mind and often our families, they rob us of our freedoms, our countries (which, to be fair, they invented in the first place), they rob us of our health and our wealth. They are robbing us of our retirement.
They want it all.

A new brood of their slavering lackeys is being nurtured right now, as it has ever been. Understanding the weaknesses and the strengths of these inhuman succubusses has been the key to the elite's successes. Their minds are a loss to the human race in the balance of power and the world war of the soul and they sit, greater or lesser, in the seats of power in every field of human endeavour.

They shape the world and direct it's resources (and people are just that to them) and hold every power.

And yet, at this "in the dark light" level, they number only around 20,000.

They serve about twenty extended bloodlines.

They always have.

They are so few.

Listen. If you're that sick, that bright, that energetic for power, that greedy for anything your perverted mind can conjure up, what career opportunity would you recognise?
The business of the exercise of power.
The great game.

And maybe one day the call will come, as you had hoped and prayed it would.
The gates to the club swing wide, and Hell is now your playground.
Roll your dice and play god.
The greatest game.

There'll be other bastards out there, just the same as you but hey, pretty soon in one way or another you'll all discover you're in the same club, sponsored by the same people, provided for by those same enablers. The right promotion here, the covering of a disgrace there, they grease the rails, gently fill you with the quiet confidence that you will be rich, you will have position, you will have power. They will provide it all.
Party on. You've crashed the final ceiling and you're on the board.
And now, let the games begin.

Once there at the table every lust or perversion is accomodated.
These are the rewards.
As you sink further into the arms of your addiction to self so your life becomes theirs, your actions are at their direction, you reach out and kill or you starve people to death or you invade or repress or otherwise satisfy your hunger for blood and misery at their behest.

And nobody will do anything.
Nobody will protest.

Even those who see it for what it is do so at places the masters' planned long ago, places that muddy the water. places that befuddle or dumb down or misinform or follow some crazy creed that turns the sheeple away or makes them laugh.
Watering troughs for the awakening stock, dribbling more poison into their minds, put their by them.

So of course by now they know who we all are, us seekers for the truth, and where we live.
They will just need to reach out a hand to grab us all before we become too many. That's why they carefully planned their own opposition.
To slow down and obfuscate and misinform and mislead and lead astray and to attract ridicule to the truth movement.

And to get the data.

Left to our own devices, who knows where we would have got to by now?
Perhaps critical mass?

The great engines of their mighty empire of patronage, ownership or controlling influence, manned by their noisome inhuman staff, weave the subtle webs of mind control spanning humanity in a world of their creation and in their ownership in every sphere.

Everything we touch, we discuss, we feel, we buy, we eat, we drink, we submit willingly to, all these belong to the false reality we are told to believe in and have dumbly and quietly and without murmur allowed ourselves to be in the position of being helpless to do without.

In other words:They have us by the balls.

So, there is only one objective for humanity.
Now it's not about keeping yourself informed.
It's not about sitting at your computer.
It's about beginning to resist.
It's about spreading the word and getting together in the flesh instead of on the internet and putting aside every difference and sharing just one single objective for humanity:
Doing something about THEM.

The map that shows the countries where visitors here come from fills me with a hope. This is just a tiny speck on the outer edge of the internet and yet visitors come from almost every country in the world. Not so many of you, but boy are you diverse.

There is a global family now on thousands of sites, in millions of places.
We need to get together.

No-one is counting us but the enemy.
Our invisible army is without name, without number, obscured and hidden to most except them. They are keeping a very close eye on us.

And still nowhere is there a single, unifying place that shows our number, that represents our strength, that shows our burgeoning power, that unequivocably states what we are going to do with that power. That fact alone is confusing until you sense the overwhelming organisation of their control structure.
No doubt one such place will appear.
No doubt they'll be behind it.
After all, they do this sort of thing for a living. Like shepherds they manage the flock, occasionally culling the herd, always sucking the blood from us, weakening us and, with their dogs snapping at our heels, take us in any direction they choose.

Even over the edge of the cliff into oblivion.

It is their ability to control the opposition even on the internet that allows them to continue with their noxious work.
And indeed time is short if we are to prevent their worst excesses as they march us towards their final solution.
It's time for YOU and I to DO something.

With peace and love in our hearts, with our inner souls making the decisions, resist, resist, resist.

Don't be frightened of being the first in your family or street or neighbourhood to give yourself over to this struggle.
Later on when this is all over everyone will understand the heroism you displayed on their behalf.
The behemoth is a dangerous and powerful creature.
But it can't beat us all.
So it's time.

Love to you and freedom from fear in the upcoming maelstrom of wickedness,
Olive Farmer xxx


Thursday, 8 July 2010


In simple terms a group of criminals responsible for grand theft, larceny and mass murder, crimes committed on behalf of the global master race, threw the historic traditions of democratic peaceful assembly and the right to free speech in Canada out of the window while they discussed how to fleece everybody in the world and further impose their puppet world fascist government.
Their resolution to cut the safety nets of social health, pensions, unemployment insurances, while maintaining the budgets for armed agression (to save us all from terrorists), their additional sales or value added taxes (you can neither buy nor sell without this sign of the beast, as our bible reading friends would have it) that punish the poor far more than they punish the rich.......

And so I cry in despair, how can this be?

I weep for humankind.

I weep for the memory of the heroes of the past that fought opression and gave their llives.
I weep for the men and women that clawed their way out of poverty, organised themselves and battled for the rights that collectively measure human dignity, that express in and of themselves the virtues of compassion, of caring, of collectively being one another's good Samaritans, that together speak of our love for one another, our desire to help those that have fallen by the wayside.

We have learned to take for granted these social safety nets, sometimes to despise those that take too much advantage of them, sometimes taught so to do by the media ("dole scroungers"), and yet we lived in the comfortable knowledge that they were there.

Foremost amongst them the idea that, after a lifetime of work, we can spend our old age with the comfort and security that the pensions we have contributed to via our taxes are there for us, there to ease our lives from the need to ravage our bodies and minds in the autumn of our years.
Stolen by these thieves.

Throughout our working lives they have stolen our time, stolen from us the benefits of automation and the advances in production, stolen from us that dream of the machine age where leisure should have taken priority over endeavour, stolen from us the dream of good health and replaced it with their drug culture, their created or invented sicknesses.

I weep for the countless millions that do not see this tragedy, that wander through their numb and dumb existences sucking in the messages, absorbing the stimuli, believing in the false reality so carefully and intelligently crafted around them.

I weep for their souls, the inner core of them that was born in perfect bliss, battered and mauled by this senseless and vicious and uncaring world that we, humanity, have allowed to be imposed upon us.

The last vestiges of dignity are right now being torn from us. The pride humanity should have in the achievements of our different peoples, the advances that we have made, the science that we have become near masters of, that sum of human achievement, the great variety and sublime beauty of our species and that which it can create, all of this counts for nothing.

It is all for nought, then, these millennia of struggle, these millennia of opression, of war, of bullying, of misery? Are we to be left with nothing that would dignify us, dignify the name of "civilisation" that we believed we were approaching and is now being ripped away from us, torn from the hands of the babies born today that could have, should have seen a life filled with the benefits of the sum of human endeavour?

What a legacy you and I are leaving for our future generations should we not, at this late hour, finally act to end this monstrous nightmare.

The world of mind engineered tax slaves, working until they die, the benefits of all of humankind's efforts swallowed by the insatiable dragons that control us, that gift us poverty, that gift us starvation, that gift us fear and perpetual war, that poison our food, poison our water, poison our minds, inject our children with their poisonous venoms, cause us to hate and kill each other, to fear each other, that control our societies such that we are permanently afraid of crime, of harm, when such things we could with the collective strength of us all end forever.

And all the time, every second of every day, their nauseous factories spew filth across our world, their power stations drift cancers across the planet, their war machines drip blood and hatred and misery, their greed rips the heart from our world.

These bastards haven't finished yet.

Their endgame is in sight, awful in its majesty, incredible in its reliance upon human beings to engage in the final solution, amazing for its breadth and span.

They are stealing the future.

They are stealing the souls of humanity.

They are taking it for all time.

They are using us to do it.

Let us put aside our differences, forget those imposed and ludicrously artificial divides of race, of nation, of religion, put aside the imagined hurts we have received from each other and recognise their source, stand together for the first time and face this perpetual enemy and finally end its dominance, end its murderous history, finally step into the light of glory that is our heritage, for which countless generations have toiled, for which so many have yearned for so many years, that golden future bathed in the light of common goodness and the milk of human kindness that is our right.

And our duty to the future to ensure.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Musings on the great truth movement....

The next few moves in the great game.......
Sacrificing pawns.......

Thinking of your opponent's strategy is one of the keys to succesful chess playing.
Understanding the strengths of your opponent and not underestimating those strengths is another.

Bearing these things in mind we can readily perceive that our global masters would have planned well in advance both to lead the truth movement (as it is becoming known in its infinite variety) and to mislead it.

The internet IS a weapon, but of course they have the planning capabilities, the knowledge, the effort (via their unwitting or conscious allies and servants), the money, the foresight (via their think tanks, staffed by some oh-so-clever human beings engaged at the sharp end of enslaving the rest of us) to make this weapon their own.

The rest of us, the "viewers", are at the mercy of the providers.

One wonders how the truth movement would have developed without the misguidance and red herrings of its many so-called leaders? These fast developing personality cults resemble increasingly others we have seen in the past, with perhaps the same frightening prospects for followers........

For example, one can easily foresee a sequence of events that witnesses:
Following a false flag "homeland" terror event mass arrests of truthers, the rest "going underground".

Following that a WACO type event or a mass suicide, as practised before by the CIA on Jim Jones' followers in Jonestown.

So, let's consider the strategy of our mutual enemies before we give them a big hug and waken them from their nightmare of malice.

Amongst the truth they have given us to make us believe (and of course the truth we have found for ourselves) they have sown some "big lies".

One such lie may be the approaching raising of human consciousness by the intervention of some alien or god-like force.

Once we are so conscious we will easily rid ourselves of evil and live together in a paradise of pure love. We will have special powers. We will get rid of the reptiles/lizards/alien bloodlines etc. that control us. We will become god-like ourselves and everything will be just fine and dandy.
For a time there I believed in this ascendancy.

I fight against not believing in it now, for there lies HOPE.

I preached it to my friends and here in this blog. I have only just come to the realisation that this is all a part of my enemy's great plan for me.

I've been underestimating the great reach of their power, the great systems and knowledge and personnel at their disposal, just how very good at all this they are.

It is VERY difficult for me to renounce this belief in ascendancy now, it has so much formed a part of my giddy optimism for the future.

Understanding the way the conscious mind works, even now that I have decided NOT to believe in this message I still want to cling to the idea that it is a possibility.

Everywhere you care to look on the internet you will find others explaining how this great event has been prophesied, how it is foretold, how there is lots of (spurious?) science to back it up.
Even messages from the gods and messengers.

Christians call it the Rapture but it goes by many names or no name. In each case it describes something that can be called a miracle.

For ever human beings have been led into these cul-de-sacs of misguided hope, of belief in a better world just around the corner, of heaven, of paradise, of miracles and mysteries which will be revealed, of revelations......

Is this ringing any bells, or have you decided to stop reading because this posting does not reinforce what you need to be reinforced?

If you are about to stop reading for that reason, consider please what you already know about mind control.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

So here we all go again, friends, falling for the oldest tricks in the "good" book! The promise of heaven, the green grass on the other side of the fence, the golden future of eternal life and godlike abilities waiting for us all just around the corner, just a few months away.

Keep waiting, keep waiting, have hope and faith, keep waiting for tommorrow, tommorrow, tommorrow it will come.

I fell for it. Did you?
I still want to believe it.
Do you?

This is the power of the mind control that has been designed just for you and I and the millions like us. There is other stuff for other people, but they've always had a special story for the folks that want, in the core of their being, to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.
Is that you, too?

Perhaps this is where we really wake up.

As our masters enjoy revisiting old strategies, here's a few suggestions that may well have some resonance:
We may well see one of the "leaders" of the truth movement martyred.
We will almost certainly see some flase flag homeland terror event linked to this person and their followers.
It will happen that a core belief in the mystic stuff will grow amongst the remaining few that haven't been "fed to the lions" or its modern equivalent. (Have we heard this before?)
Eventually, some world leader will proclaim that, having thought about it, the truthers were right and this now sadly dead "leader" had it right all along.
From that "capitulation" and "acceptance of the faith" will grow this "lovely" new world religion of peace and love.
First, though, people that don't believe it wil have to be got rid of, unfortunately!
It will be sad, but folks will agree that evil heretics have no place amongst the rest of us, for their beliefs are clearly not true.
And if we all cling to the new belief, and all behave ourselves, then who last the transformation may come and we'll all live in heaven together in love and peace.
Once we've killed all those that don't believe.
Tortured to death those that blaspheme.

It's all been done before.

We still kill each other daily over it.

What I'm saying is this: that the truth movement and its semi-mysticism is a trap, a trap that will lead to a new one-world religion. It will unite all the horseshit about global warming and the ecological/environmental issues that we like to worry about but do nothing about in our daily lives because its just too hard not to use plastic, not to drive, not to buy a cheap shirt made by a slave in China, about global overpopulation (a big lie that has been a hundred years in the making).

It will be born of the idea of transcendence, of the raising of consciousness we so hope for.

It will kill and enslave us all.

Of course I can't see tommorrow, so none of this may be true, none of this may happen, all of it might have been written by a servant of the masters devising ways to prevent the great ascendancy of the consciousness of humanity.

As with me, so with you, it is for you to decide.

There are, however, some things I do still believe.

I believe that the inner core of people is good.
I believe that evil derives from the system we have allowed to be imposed upon us.
I believe that there are vastly more good people than evil people upon this earth.
I believe that it is this dawning of understanding that the sick bastards that rule us are most concerned about.
I believe that this is why they are fighting so hard and so cleverly (and soon with such increased violence).

I believe that they are afraid.

It is for us to fear nothing, but to get on with the job of shrugging off the chains.

There are more of us, and we will at last, on our own two feet and with the co-operation of us all, take back our world from the sickness that it endures.

So try this:
Hug a friend today.
Forgive an enemy this week.
Do some act of kindness to a stranger every chance you get.
Hold out your hand in friendship to those that might need a friend.
Tell your story of truth.
Question everything, then look again.
Begin to live the future, for the future relies upon you and what you do this day and for all of your days henceforth.
This and this alone will bring about what you desire.
Live the life, live the good, walk the walk and talk the talk of this new way of being, spread the word, practise what you preach.
Be the lone hero in your street or neighbourhood that won't pay tax to murderers, won't pay interest to userers, won't buy a shirt made by a slave, refuses the poison that is pharma.
Don't wait for the great event.
Be the great event yourself.
Strangely enough, I somehow know this will work.
With much love,
Olive Farmer xxx.
(If you think these words are worth spreading, please repost where you like but please, question everything first.)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Urgent Warning: The traps are set.

You have been referred to this site to read this important document because you understand some of the vast and intricate conspiracy that is robbing you of the historic freedoms and liberties fought for by humanity over all of recorded time.

This great robbery continues today and is accelerating in its implementation in more subtle and disturbing ways than you may realise as the global elite prepare for the great tipping point.
If humanity do not understand the complexity and intricacy of the well laid plans of the evil that straddles the globe then the great battle for the soul of humanity is already lost and the golden future that humanity can create will be lost for all of time.

The future, friend, depends upon you and how you act from this day forth.

The global elite have proven throughout history their ability to control the herd of landless slaves we know as humanity. For centuries if not millennia they have recruited to their ranks of servants the finest minds, the greatest intellects that humanity can produce. With a combination of bribery, blackmail, the threat of death (and the fear that it generates) and with the promise of power and riches or the plaudits of others they cajole and force our brightest to make their plans and designs for them, to invent their hideous weapons, to design their awful control and monitoring systems, to think ahead in the greatest detail and with the benefit of the finest instruments of science and the great learning and understanding that the control of knowledge has given them.

In the 20th Century this elite recognised the threat that communism posed to them and determined to create the communist states of the USSR and China and to forever blacken the idea of societies run for the mutual benefit of all, creating the vile monsters of organised genocide that both became.

This old trick of discrediting a good idea that posed a threat to them was used again in Germany in the 1930's when the monster that was Nazism was bought and paid for by the Bush family and associated bankers, thoroughly discrediting the idea of national pride and socialism, creating the modern demon that is the Zionist state of Israel in the process.

It is well known that these creatures own and control the education system and the dumbing down of our youth. It is well known that they own and control the mainstream media and the dumbing down of the whole tribe of mankind. It is well known that they poison the water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the medicine you take for their fabricated ailments. It is well known that they want you to work hard until you no longer can and then to die before you become a cost to them. They dare not allow you to have the faculties of free thought, the great strength that is free will, nor the time in which to indulge them, nor the freedom from debt and other fears to allow you to think like a free human being.

Their control systems, via their millions of minions and their usurious control of money and national governments, of law, of law enforcement, of armed forces and intelligence agencies, of all the science that we have produced with our ingenuity, of every element of control and governance that interferes with and regulates your life, and via their long term control of the understanding of how the mind of humanity is shaped and formed and controlled through institutions such as the "Tavistock Institute" and the great minds duped into providing the mental bars of the great cage that encircles and grips the minds of all of humanity.
If you understand all of this, if you have a grip of the vast intricacy of their plans, the enormous detail of their criminal enslavements, the great numbers of us that are involved as willing or unwilling supporters of a system that progresses ever more rapidly towards the "final solution".....if you understand all of this then consider the threat that the weapon that is the internet poses to them and then consider how, knowing what you do about their skill and understanding and track record, knowing what you do about their subtle and intricate capabilities, knowing what you do about the sheer unadulterated evil of their reasoning, what do YOU think they would have done, years ago, to ensure they had control over this great leviathan of information?

Worse still, know this:

With their financial control of most internet service providers through hedge funds and blind trusts or by having been the seed capital behind them, with their control of the vast resources provided by the various arms of intelligence agencies around the world and the enormous scientific organisation and expense that lies behind enormous facilities such as the GCHQ in the UK, with their control via investment for scientific research, via control of government budgets for research into the instruments of surveillance, with their long standing and well rehearsed tactic of leading their own opposition, of what use could the internet be to them?


Logic dictates that at this crucial time, this tipping point in histroy, they would be fools not to have devised some system of identifying their enemies, of identifying and locating those that can still see through the blinding miasma of their false reality, those that somehow by fortune or sheer bloody-mindedness have emerged unscathed from their programming at school, their mind control via the TV and other media, their dumbing down and chemical coshing.
They want to know where we are and who we are so that, at the crucial time that approaches, they can quickly eliminate this last vestige of a threat to their global and eternal enslavement of a humanity that will no longer be human.

In espionage terms you have fallen into a honey-trap of the mind. You have sought the truth and there, like spiders at the centre of a web, they wait for you.
They know where you live.

Do not ask for whom the FEMA camps are built.
They are built for thee.

Fear nothing, good will overcome,
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer x.
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