Friday, July 30, 2010

For our Christian brothers and sisters.....

In the year 2009 the Axis of Evil (the real one, the United Kingdom and the United States) managed to spend one thousand, one hundred and eight thousands of millions of dollars on the business of killing innocent people.

That's 1.108 trillion dollars.

You may have seen this before, but if not go and see what a trillion dollars looks like here:

If you are a "citizen" of either of these countries your governments, acting upon the orders of those that control them, without asking you for your opinion on the matter, have continued what we all now know is the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, have continued the wholesale slaughter there and in Pakistan and Yemen, have in your name and with your money brutalised, raped, murdered and tortured thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

And if you believe this to be right, look into your soul dear friend.

Every day in your name they create new enemies, new lifelong hatreds, new souls determined to end their days seeking revenge for this crime.

Revenge upon you for the evil you have visited upon them.

If you live in the Axis of Evil you are required to pay tax to fund this nightmarish debacle. It's unavoidable.
This, then, is your war.
You pay for it.
The murders are committed in your name.
Your sons and daughters are the sharp end of the killing machine.
You pay for the bullets and bombs, for the torture camps, for the poor dirt soldiers who have sunk into the abyss and come to enjoy this rape and pillage, want every day to shoulder their weapon and take aim, count life cheap, exercise the power that has been granted to them by the superiority of arms that the cleverest amongst you have developed to make them invincible.

If I believed in religion I could easily use these words:
You are an accomplice to the devil, complicit in his crimes, aid and abet the machinations of pure evil.
The blood and the tears of children drip from your hands.
You buy the bullets, you pay the wages, you allow your puppet governments to do this. This is YOUR watch, and you are letting this happen.

There are no excuses.

If you count 9/11 as reason enough, believe the official storyline, consider the three thousand dead there as worthy reason to have invaded two sovereign nations and caused the deaths of 1.4 million people, then shame on you.

Nowhere in this world can this balance be viewed as equitable.
The scales of justice are called scales for a reason.
And there is no balance in this equation.

This is not an eye for an eye.
It's gone too far for that.
Murderer of children.

And if you count yourself a Christian, as so many of you do, can you honestly believe that this is God's work?
That the lord your god looks down upon this mayhem with a glad eye?
That He watches the child die in the arms of her weeping mother, sees the anger and hatred in the eyes of the father, feels the grief and the overwhelming shock, the numbing pain and rejoices?
You honestly believe that this is what Jesus would do?

You honestly believe that the end-times are coming and that you, the murderers of babies, will be amongst those chosen, those lifted in exaltation to sit at the right hand of God?
You think He wants to spend eternity in the company of people who voted for and paid for genocide? People who spouted the bible whilst frothing at the mouth with hatreds, listened to the weasel words of snake oil salesmen building themselves mighty empires of followers and mighty bank accounts?

Charismatic preachers?
They must be.
They've convinced you to do the Devil's work and grown fat enough from your hard earned money to never be able to pass through the eye of a needle.

I have a gut feeling about the gates of heaven.
You'll find them closed to you.

And yet how very different things could have been.

What a different world you could have created if you had decided to turn the other cheek.
If you had met hatred with love.
If you had reached out your hands in love and peace as your messiah taught you to do.
If you only paid attention to what He said.

I know there are some guidelines for you christian folk in the bible you like to adhere to.
Apparently, those who make peace shall be called the sons of God.
Apparently it says somewhere that you should love your enemies, be kind to those that hate you.
Bless those that curse you.
Pray for those that insult you.
(I thank you now for those prayers).

There was something in there about turning the other cheek.

Isn't this in there somewhere:
"Rather, love your enemies, help them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then you will have a great reward. You will be the children of the Most High God. After all, he is kind to unthankful and evil people. Be merciful as your Father is merciful. "

And "Thou shalt not kill"?

Let's imagine for a brief moment that all you good christian folks out there had got together in your millions, had marched on Washington or London, voted collectively in elections, demanded that the USA and the UK acted, at least in this arena and for once, in accordance with the indisputable loveliness of what your messiah taught you.

If you'd gone on the love offensive, how different would the world be?
Let's begin with that 1.108 trillion dollars.

A hospital built to high standards with operating theatres, intensive therapy, beds for 350 patients was built last year in India for 25 million dollars. It will be staffed and run for a year for another 5 million. I use this as an example, it could be anywhere.
Out of your 1.108 trillion dollars, let's build and run a hundred.
30 million x 100 = 3 billion.

Well, that hasn't made much of a dent in 1,108 billion.
Let's , in Jesus' name, build and run 10,000 hospitals!
That's 300 billion.
Leaving 808 billion.

There would , I believe, be a glint in the eye of your Jesus, and the beginnings of a smile.
How would the world look upon the USA and the UK if, when attacked, they responded by reaching out the hands of healing, by touching their enemies with love?
Is that weak, or is it strong?

But hey, we've still got some money left.

The United Nations World Food programme in 2009 asked for a measly 6.7 billion to feed the starving. Governments promised just 3.7 billion, then reneged and handed over just 1.8 billion. Do you get a sense of the prioritisation of the Devil?
So let's be generous.
Pay for the entire programme, 10 times over.
We had 808 billion, minus 67 billion and we've still got 741 billion.
Five loaves, two fishes comes to mind......

Oxfam do a goodish job at feeding the starving and helping farmers improve yields, drilling water wells etc. They do it on a paltry 385 million.
Let's feed a few more souls by giving them ten times the amount.
Call it 4 billion.
741 billion - 4 billion = 737 billion.

Steady now, with all this love, people might just start to like you.
The Red Cross do good work. They spend just 1.1 billion.
Let's multiply the good they do by ten.
737 billion - 11 billion =726 billion.

There's so much that's wrong with the world, I'm pretty sure that the grunt and muscle of our young heroes could be put to more godly work that slaughtering people.
The UK and US employ some 1.65 million souls in the business of killing.
Let's do some retraining there.
Turn them, if you like, into the Lord's Army.
Roaming the globe giving help and care and advice. Using the planes and ships and helicopters and trucks and field hospitals and organisation and discipline and bravery to go into the toughest places and rescue, rebuild, care and provide a strong arm upon which those who are benighted can lean.
If we paid them 50,000 each for their services it'll cost us 82.5 billion.
726 - 82.5 = 643.5 billion.
Now you could be really truly proud of them, for they would be true heroes, not killers masquerading as saints.

Do you know, it's getting kind of difficult to spend all this money.
We've built and staffed ten thousand hospitals.
We've given the hungry ten times what the UN says they need.
We've made Oxfam ten times as good.
We've made the Red Cross ten times as effective.
We've put 1.65 million young soldiers of love into the field to bring succour to those in most need.
Your Jesus has a big smile now. You've started to pay attention to what He said.

And what would be the harvest of all this good?
As ye sow, so shall ye reap comes to mind.....

And you still have 643.5 billion left.
What would Jesus do with that?

Pay it to the same usurers he expelled from the temple?
But no, you've already given them some fifteen trillion between your two nations.

Boy, you really have been giving the Devil of your generosity, haven't you?

You could, of course, have forsaken the banks and given it to yourselves, along with sharing the 643.5 billion you have left from the killing machine you all feel so damned proud of.

You could have given yourselves, each man, woman and child in your two nations, around 43,000 dollars each.
Money which would pay off debts.
Money which would pay for education and health care.

Money which would be spent within your crashing economies and lift them up out of fthis nightmarish debt your governments have, on the instructions of the Devil, plunged you into.

My dear friends, you believers lost in the fervour of religion, how much longer are you going to do the Devil's work when to do what is right in the eyes of your Messiah is within your grasp, is so easy to see, is so evidently what He would wish?

And those of you who aren't Christians but still believe in the light of love and the beauty of truth (which amounts to pretty much the same thing, but minus the snake oil salesmen), this means you too.
Get off your knees.
Do something.
Do it for Jesus or for love and compassion.
It amounts to the same thing.
It's your watch, and it's time for you to make amends.

(If anyone can post this on Christian websites, please do so).

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx
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David G. said...

Terrible things are done in the name of religion, Olive Farmer.

One thing that gets to me is the sight of a group of soldiers going out on patrol having a prayer meeting before they go.

How can they reconcile killing with the 'Thou shall not kill' commandment?

Joel Spencer said...
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Joel Spencer said...

I don't care how Christians slice it, Jesus' commands to "love your neighbor" can in no way be carried out as they pull a trigger and blow his head off. All of this killing in God's name rises up to his nostrils as a stench that will have to be accounted for. America will one day see He atrocities. Sadly, it will likely be too late for redemption.

JG said...

I have been struggling with this for a long time. I do not want to support the genocide, but if I stay paying taxes, I'll be jailed, then my family will pay this price. Other than not supporting the machine with unnecessary consumption, credit card usage, boycotting military-industrial-banking complex companies, how else can we stop it and not end up in jail? Is the only moral choice to sell everything, leave the country and live off the land? This is my struggle. Help, thoughts, and ideas appreciated.

Olive farmer, I thank you for your deep thoughts always expressed in beautiful, poignant and poetic fashion.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi JG and thank you.
We did what you refer to, selling everything, leaving the country (the UK) and trying but so far failing to live off the land and as much in harmony with nature as the system will allow us to.
The result is that we have become dirt poor, but hey, that beats being an accomplice to child murder every day.
This tiny and inadequate action against the status quo we feel is our stand. We add to it by the writing you find here and by talking to as many as we can. We dream, amongst other things, of a world in which self-sufficiency can be a way of life for all those that choose it. There is enough space on this rich earth for that to be possible for everyone that desires it. Ownership of the surface of the planet is essentially in the hands of the elite, whereas of course we should all have inherited the earth off our forebears, they off theirs back through time to the beginning.
Love to you,
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

JG: I live in the US and I haven't paid taxes in 4 years. It's a pretty serious decision, since the consequences are so high if they choose to come after you, so please consider it carefully. We all have to choose the way we fight this battle, and we have to weigh the consequences of each action we take to fight. Realize this, though: this is the last stand. We are about to enter some dark times, and if free humanity is going to survive, we all need to fight with everything we have. The solution, the way to bring the beast down, is global non-compliance. Read √Čtienne de la Bo√©tie's "Discourse of Voluntary Servitude."

Refusing to pay taxes is one of many ways to opt out of the system. For me, I can no longer in good conscience lend my support to the system.

I just stopped filing and I claimed exempt on my withholding. They take $0 out of my paycheck. The IRS typically only goes after those that file a return. When you sign a return, it's like signing an affidavit about your income and the taxes you claim your supposed to pay. Don't give them any ammo to shoot you with. Just stop filing. Don't respond to any contact that they try to initiate towards you. If and when they come after me, I have a plan to deal with that. I just can no longer fund my own enslavement.

Anonymous said...

I think that once one decides to stop paying taxes, it should be understood to be a permanent decision. Barring the return of a worthy govt. For, if one stops, then restarts, you will be in their sights. At that point, my experience is that the people on the phone are humans and they will set up a payment plan with you. As long as you don't run, you will not go to jail. Jail IS to be avoided.

Right now, because of sickness, I am home on Disability, which I admit, a wonderful side effect is that I am not paying into the War-Beast of Death! I do look forward to working when I am well again, but I will relish this moment!

Olive, I love you that much more, knowing the path you have chosen! No wonder I resonate so very much with your words and images.

Love and peace,