Monday, 28 July 2014

More whistling in the wind...

The Journey
It starts with the accidental, the random, the idle search on the net. Something found strikes a chord, the chord harmonises with something within, the search begins. Each of us has a starting point, each an itch that needs scratching, each an understanding that something is wrong with this picture.
It doesn’t take long to come across the very stake through the soul that we are seeking the root of, but most don’t recognise the enemy, take it as a friend, are suckered in and descend into one of the thousands of rabbit holes prepared for us.
There we are diverted from our purpose or fall into the trap of devoting ourselves to the study of and the gaining of knowledge of some corner of the tapestry of the mind that is awaiting us, has been prepared for us, serves its purpose of diluting our common strength and dividing us yet again.
The enemy fears unity. The enemy fears singularity of purpose. The enemy fears its antithesis, love. The enemy fears the discovery of the true nature of humanity. The enemy fears revelation of its strategy and its goals.
It has little to fear.
We are, we truth seekers, no force to be reckoned with.
We are nothing.
We do not even know how many we are, what skills and resources we have, what strengths, what power derived from number.
We are rendered into a bickering, scrapping, useless mob, led by false “leaders” readied for us long ago. Every day they fill the minds of the awakening souls with more wrongs, more injustices, further rabbit holes in which to immerse ourselves, further tragedies, further baby murders such that our spirits are drenched and our minds denied focus.
Nowhere is their any attempt at counting our number, nowhere a rallying point, indeed nowhere is there a voice raised high enough for all to hear that this should be our purpose, that this unity is our only salvation.

Meanwhile the enemy has recruited vast numbers of humanity to its own cause. It uses its control of the falsehood of money to buy the complicity and cooperation of millions in its evils. In this way do we discover amongst us those willing to devote their lives to the development of weapons, to the building of nuclear power stations, to the growing of GM foods, to the poisoning of water and air and earth through industry and the falsely generated need for fossil fuels. In a million ways we befoul our planet and sow sickness and death, the seeds of such activities planted in this generation to flower into misery and grief in the next. This is our gift to the future.
Our leaders in every sector of society, in every so-called nation state are beholden to our masters. The evil weaves its magick spells and draws them into the satisfaction of their lowest perversions the better to control these lackeys and lickspittles. The paedophiles in church and state and police stand witness to this tactic. They do what is the devil’s work, unspeakable harm, and by doing so earn favour with the evil that relishes and depends upon the misery and blood of innocents for its sustenance.
The false opposition names them, many of them, these inhuman brutes.
Nothing is done and the perverts need fear nothing despite this exposure. In this way the false opposition proves itself to be toothless and ineffective whilst appearing brave and fearless, whilst appearing to risk their liberty in the pursuit of truth.
Ask yourself why Aangirfan and Icke and Spivey and many other paedo reporters are not prosecuted or simply expunged? It is either because they are servants of the very evil they pretend to expose or, some of them, genuine souls who need not be feared because they are unheard in the maelstrom of wrong being exposed around the world by the many false opposition websites or by the genuine bloggers for truth, those who because of lack of money and lack of great teams of expert staff might as well be whistling in the wind.

Like we here do from this mountainside in Crete.

At the same time the false servants of the evil that pretend to be the opposition daily force this filth into the corners of the souls of many, despoiling them. Exposure to wrong works its insidious way into our consciousness when repeated every hour of every day by those who purport to be fighting the evil, inducing what psychologists call “learned helplessness” ( ), weakening the only group of human beings the enemy fears, those who have resisted the mainstream programming. In this way, for those that have eyes to see, the false opposition act in exactly the same way as the MSM, often providing link after link to their co-conspiritors’ organs of mind control. Witness Icke and Jones’ sites amongst many. They will give you link after link, story after story, but charge you for anything their teams have self-generated.
We are cautioned to beware of deceivers yet do not know where to turn for real truth. For example, I recently came across some people calling themselves “Freedom Central” accusing the UK Column, correctly no doubt, of being funded by the Rothschilds and naming Assange as false opposition in the same breath, again no doubt true. A quick visit to their nicely professional and I guess expensive website reveals interviews with so many of the false opposition that they look like any of the other floppy hat wearing bullshitting stalwarts of deception that abound on the net and pass these speakers from one to the next.
Ask yourself where these folks get the money to jet around the world doing interviews?
Either from genuine humans that donate their hard earned to them or from the very evil they purport to despise, both being tragedies.
As an aside. we think we had 50 euros donated last year.
Not enough for the bus fare to the other end of the island.
Folks like Jordan Maxwell, Karen Hudes, Jim Humble, “Brother” Thomas, Max Igan, Michael Tellinger, Dr. Judy Wood etc etc etc are those we describe as “circuit liars”. There are so many of these snake-oil salesmen and women it puts into perspective the scale of this mind-control industry and the effort and focus being placed on you, dear reader, by the nazi-satanist-bloodline rulers of this reality.
Boy, we must scare them.
Or at least we would, if we could just stand and be counted...

It is time to begin.
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Love to you few that get here…
If the gatekeepers let any ….
We have no way of telling….
Olive and Aktina xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 26 July 2014


That humanity is at war with an almost invisible enemy is clear.
When we choose sides, when we get fired up and angry, when we steel ourselves and arm ourselves and gird our loins to go to war with other human beings we almost always fail to see that the enemy is our leader, that the enemy is their leader too, that both sides are being fooled.
We humans can be roused to such anger incredibly easily. Atrocities are arranged, blame apportioned, fingers pointed and the dumb brutes we have allowed ourselves to be made into allow the red mist to rise and cloud our judgement.
That we are creatures made and formed by ancient belief structures which are false makes this job all the easier for our masters. We are given things to believe in and take them to heart and make them our own such that we will kill to defend them. A Greek will so easily be persuaded to kill a Turk, and a Turk a Greek. A Muslim will readily despise a Christian and vice-versa. Many of us will lie and cheat and steal for something we have been taught to call “money” and some of us will kill for it, some will murder thousands or even millions for it.
Our beliefs, given to us over the Millennia and shaped and formed by our masters and reinforced at the subliminal level are serving their purpose. They were designed to divide us, to render us weak by that division, to act as triggers whenever required to set us violently against each other.
Human beings go to war over beliefs.
Most of what we believe in is false.
Most of what we believe in has been implanted into our minds at the conscious and subconscious level by the entities that are our masters, using sciences and understandings that are beyond our capacity to unravel, so short are our lives, so controlled our access to true knowledge.
We are gaining understandings now about the workings of our minds but each step forward we take presents us with further questions, further mysteries to unravel.
However, what is clear to us is that our masters long ago developed, or stole, a knowledge we are only now guessing at the true significance of.
Our minds are open to control through this science-magick. It involves the use of symbols. It involves the use of neuro-linguistic programming at an advanced level. Now that we begin to see this control matrix of the mind we see our masters seeking to reinforce and augment their old science with new science, with electronic mind control or with the old science delivered via new mediums, via new technologies and with overwhelming success.
We witness the employment of this science-magick increasingly of late, as if our masters recognise an urgent need and are fearful or are pressing forward at an accelerated pace towards a goal that has been on their agenda for Millennia. What is clear is that they operate to a timescale, an agenda. Much that we call scripture, much that we share as a collective half-understanding about the great cycle of our history, the great rise and fall of civilisations, the achievements we once rose to and their denials though cataclysm, through floods and tempests, the rumours that pervade our collective consciousness about once and once before, all of these almost instinctive understandings, these racial memories we are now discovering some truths to and at the same time discovering that these truths are systematically obfuscated by the power that controls knowledge.
We have risen before, we have approached true understanding before, we have been close to the truth that sets us free, the speaking of it rather than the knowing of it, before and we have been denied it perhaps time and time again.
When the student of this iteration of consciousness we call existence or life digs deep enough they come to the knowledge of the enormity of the project, the almost countless human beings suckered into the grand matrix, those that unknowingly act as co-conspiritors and co-jailers. Each and every one of us has swallowed some of the programming that we call reality, most of us will fight and die to protect that which we have been programmed to believe in such that the belief becomes what we are, what we explain to our friends, pass on to our children and, as Tolstoy said, weave thread by thread into the fabric of our lives. So this blog upsets almost everybody, so this blog is rarely visited. It upsets the believers. It upsets nearly the entire human race. It does this because no-one really wants to wake up, because in awakening they perceive that they have been wrong, that they have been fooled, that they are part of the very evil they profess to despise, that they are mind-controlled and have never been free, that our species is the plaything of something other and that they will have to forsake everything they believe in if they are to break free of this monster.
You cannot forgive.
You can not ask for forgiveness because you feel you have done no wrong.
The evil has you in the palm of its hand, and plays you.
We dance to the tune of the devil, even when we believe we live in Christ or are the children of Allah.
So we dance now to the edges of war.
In many places, the great fear is upon us already. Some are driven to hide in caves or basements, some are driven by the lust for revenge, some by their own version of justice, but everywhere the lords of chaos are stirring us to war.
Everywhere our masters find those amongst us willing to push the button or fire the gun that ends a child’s barely begun existence. The pictures are there enough for those with the strength of mind to look upon them and feel shame for what we do.
We are all of us baby murderers in our quiet complicity. We pay a tithe to evil through every transaction we make and the tithes are collected and turned into foul weapons and put into the hands of our young men and women that deal death and destruction in our names across our world.
Every soul is blackened by this. Most say there is nothing they can do and wallow in their self-satisfaction or their blindness to evil.
Shame on them, for there is no true excuse for forsaking their humanity so.
This mind game, this world, if it is indeed some sort of testing ground for our consciousness, shows how low down and dirty we can all of us be rendered, how cowardly we are in our naïve acceptance of the status-quo, the artificial reality, how numb and gutless we are to address this evil and to walk away from it and fabricate a different reality.
It is time to start again, friends.
Can our species ascend?
Or is the endless cycle to repeat itself?
Will it be war, or will you assert your knowledge and forgive them, for they know not what they do?

Do no harm.
Believe there is good out there.
The conduit is nearing.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I'm not so sure.....

I’m not so sure, but then we can’t be certain about anything.
Science tells us that our reality is an illusion, that atoms are made of almost nothing, that parts of the atom disappear someplace and reappear, that what appears solid is anything but. Science tells us that we don’t touch things, that what we feel with that sense is nothing but an arrangement between the atoms that we believe we are touching and the atoms which make up the apparent solidity of the creature we call “I”. They refuse to touch each other, repel each other and it is this force of repulsion that we interpret as touch. Our nerves pick up this interaction, codify it as an electric impulse and send it to the supercomputer we call our mind, which interprets that signal and informs our consciousness that there has been a proximity-event.
Think of that when you stroke your cat.
Your sight, as you know, is just such an electronic interpretation.
Something we call light bounces off something we perceive as solid and this reflection enters the biological instrument we use to collect this light-bouncing-data and that we call our eye. In turn, our eye converts this information into electrical impulses which are delivered to the supercomputer where an image is formed of what we think of as reality.
Science can explain these functions now, but is yet to identify the location of the creature we call “I”, cannot find where our consciousness sits within us or even if it does sit within us or is remote.
In summary then, what we think of as life in this reality is an interpretation of electrically presented data by an instrument we call our mind delivered to an entity we call our consciousness, the location of which we are ignorant of.
All of that data concerns itself with the position of and activity of things we call atoms, which are largely composed of nothing despite their apparent solidity and parts of which are only sometimes where we think they are and are sometimes somewhere else we are ignorant of.
That creature we call “I”, that elusive consciousness, can be encouraged to perceive this “reality” differently with the addition into the mix of some chemical compounds that affect its functionality. Some, for example alcohol or cannabis, mildly disrupt the picture. Some completely transform the understanding of reality that our consciousness experiences. When we dream, melatonin conjures a new reality to experience whilst the body sleeps. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) allows our consciousness to travel elsewhere, to perceive a different reality, and perhaps we learn from those that have experienced these thins an inter-dimensional transference of our thought processes occurs that our science has yet to develop the measurement of.
From these understandings comes the understanding that we cannot rely on anything we believe we are experiencing via our consciousness, that consciousness itself can be induced to perceive things differently and that the reality it perceives is only unreliably “real” and in substance may not in fact be there at all.
Science tells us, via the double-slit experiment, that this reality behaves differently when we watch it to how it behaves when we don’t.
In short, we are still a long way from understanding even those things we take for granted, even those things we have felt we have always understood. Our reality and our perception of it are still conundrums, still mysteries wrapped in enigmas. We have yet to discover what we truly are, and still further from discovering what consciousness had an almighty hand in our creation.
This seems to be a leap, but isn’t. What our science is now slowly unpicking are the secrets of the art of creation itself. At the atomic level we see that the illusion of reality is just that, an illusion. Einstein described it thus, adding that it was “albeit a very persistent one”.
Reality is a picture show, the shadows of Plato’s cave, we the incarcerated prisoners witnessing and believing in the phantasmagorical silhouettes.
We see the intelligence behind this construct in living things, in the double-helix of DNA, and can only marvel at the intensity of detail in this construct that enables self-replicating biological entities to be generated out of raw matter, out of the unsteady and unreal atomic energies that apparently exist, but may not. Take the wonder of the act of conception, the mingling of DNA from sperm and from egg, the development of stem cells and then identifiable organs and body parts and how the mother, without conscious thought but on auto-pilot creates this new living entity by consuming and reprocessing the atoms that form bread and cheese and milk and air and chickens and fish or whatever and creating new cells, new life from atoms that were themselves created billions of years ago and were once tree or rock or star.
We are truly amazing constructs, vehicles for the experiencing of life in something called time and space that themselves are constructs. The further out into space or inwards into the inscape, the small spaces, the more we discover the wholeness and the infinite nature of the model. Perhaps, even, the model itself increases in response to technical enhancements in our ability to investigate the model. The further we look, either inwards or outwards, the more there is to see.
Computer game creators will understand this concept, and perhaps see the way it could be done at a simple level. Perhaps, if we survive another thousand years, we will understand how to create such a leviathan ourselves, and perhaps know how to put our consciousness within it, and perhaps that is what this all is?
Certainly, some of our finest minds are examining this idea.
And so to the crux of the matter.
Readers here of long standing know that I believe us to be creatures of pure love, that this is our natural state, our born-condition. They know that I believe the hardware that is our mind downloads software that we call life-experience. In that downloading many false concepts are implanted that cause us, through trauma, to bury the creature of love beneath and outer shell, a body-mind that strives to exist and to continue existing in an increasingly hostile environment. We become split personalities. We are all of us victims of a multi-generational Monarch mind control system that takes perfect creatures of love in a perfect reality and mis-shapes them into the monsters inhabiting the hell on earth that we have allowed our existence to become.
Long-term readers will also know that I understand that there are entities that have been the architects of this havoc-wreaking, that they are behind all of the societal structures that squeeze us into this gap between a rock and a hard place, that they foisted upon us ideas like race and nationality and religion and money and hierarchy and competition and war and legal regulation rather than natural law. They will also know that they are silently and not so silently killing us now, understanding that our growth in number equates with a growth in collective intelligence and that, between us, we are discovering their hands in this travesty. They will also know that I believe we are at a threshold, a choosing point, a tipping point and that we hang in the balance as a species right now, that if we collectively awaken to this understanding we have the chance to restore humanity to its true, natural condition and from that point, with the freeing of knowledge that will come from the disposal of the control-tool called money, that we will advance into an unrecognisably wonderful future.
And in that future we will tell the truth to each other, because the truth is all there is.
Understand it is not the truth that will set us free, but its telling.
So who are these entities?
That they are inhuman, by every definition of that word, is indisputable. We see their sickness everywhere. They take our children and despoil them and murder them and delight in the destruction of such beauty, such innocence. Sometimes the murdering paedophiles get up close and ugly in this sport, sometimes like Churchill they order the bombing of Dresden and slaver at the prospect of a hundred thousand or a million such murders. That such creatures are amongst us is not in doubt. Many years ago we called them demons, possessed of the Devil, but have largely been discouraged from this view by the very hands that shape this false reality. That they turn some humans to their evil through their mind-control is easy to see. The young scientists they lure into their “defence” industries that win awards and fat pensions for developing better, more evil ways to slaughter our tribe. The grunts that laugh as they pour depleted uranium time bombs into our atmosphere. The sick and degenerate nuclear scientists to a man and woman that pervert the very building blocks of creation and seed our home with million upon million of future cancers that wreak havoc and grief and misery on our kind and will do so for centuries, forming as they do the next generation of fear-battered slaves.
When we look again at our histories, strip away the false reporting and the ideas of nation and honour and righteous vengeance, the ludicrous concepts of religion and the differences they create between us we see the same bloodlines, the continuity of an evil that we used to call Satan.
There are those amongst the leadership of the awakening souls that point the finger of race and say that they are Jews, these entities, Ashkenazi, as if there were some genetic difference between us humans when we know, from experiment, that there is more difference between a 100 monkeys on a single hillside than there is between the entirety of our human tribe. That this Jew hate is manifest identifies, more than any other thing, the agents of the deceivers amongst us. It has been a recurring theme of the evil to label and then slaughter those that call themselves Jew. It is evident to the student of history that the hands that create our reality have it in for them and indeed created the state of Israhell to collect them mostly all in one place for the convenience, at some future date, of annihilating a goodly number of what is left of them.
The false reality is created from a plot line, from a script, is full of false ideas that we have all come to believe in and identify with and call our own and which are so powerfully embedded into our psyches that we cannot conceive of life without them. In this we have become the co-creators of this hell, building our own prison walls and becoming each other’s jailers. Without this co-operation the entire construct would fall apart, but that would involve us conceiving of a place without religion, without money, without nation, without hierarchy, conceiving of a place built on trust and love and care, conceiving of the idea of one tribe, of sharing what we have and what needs to be done.
It would involve us beginning again, of writing a new script.
WE do not, in this, have to slaughter the devils amongst us. This would be what they would expect us to do and, they understand, do no harm to them. Witness every violent revolution they have led us into and see how it has strengthened their hands, led to more evil amongst us. Witness the chaotic uprisings that beset us everywhere now and see the same hands, the same old outcomes, the same deceptions and the same willingness to fall for them.
The new script’s beginnings do not begin in violence but in the simple act of us all collectively walking away from every hierarchy, every power construct, every societal and belief structure they have built.
When we lived as tribes, before there were kings, before there was hierarchy, before there was money we found ways to organise ourselves and settle our disputes and in doing this we found the wisest and the most just and those who had an understanding of love amongst us to act as arbiters. We were family then.
We are family now.
Knowing how little we know of reality, how little we can explain but feeling the threads of this story, seeing the glimpses in archaeology of previous renditions, listening to the rumours we share of previous advanced civilisations one is forced to wonder if we have been at this juncture in the tale before?
That time we failed to break free.
Are those that control our reality confident that the story will be repeated, or will this time the outcome be different?
Our future awaits us, if we can but find our way.

With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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