Saturday, July 26, 2014


That humanity is at war with an almost invisible enemy is clear.
When we choose sides, when we get fired up and angry, when we steel ourselves and arm ourselves and gird our loins to go to war with other human beings we almost always fail to see that the enemy is our leader, that the enemy is their leader too, that both sides are being fooled.
We humans can be roused to such anger incredibly easily. Atrocities are arranged, blame apportioned, fingers pointed and the dumb brutes we have allowed ourselves to be made into allow the red mist to rise and cloud our judgement.
That we are creatures made and formed by ancient belief structures which are false makes this job all the easier for our masters. We are given things to believe in and take them to heart and make them our own such that we will kill to defend them. A Greek will so easily be persuaded to kill a Turk, and a Turk a Greek. A Muslim will readily despise a Christian and vice-versa. Many of us will lie and cheat and steal for something we have been taught to call “money” and some of us will kill for it, some will murder thousands or even millions for it.
Our beliefs, given to us over the Millennia and shaped and formed by our masters and reinforced at the subliminal level are serving their purpose. They were designed to divide us, to render us weak by that division, to act as triggers whenever required to set us violently against each other.
Human beings go to war over beliefs.
Most of what we believe in is false.
Most of what we believe in has been implanted into our minds at the conscious and subconscious level by the entities that are our masters, using sciences and understandings that are beyond our capacity to unravel, so short are our lives, so controlled our access to true knowledge.
We are gaining understandings now about the workings of our minds but each step forward we take presents us with further questions, further mysteries to unravel.
However, what is clear to us is that our masters long ago developed, or stole, a knowledge we are only now guessing at the true significance of.
Our minds are open to control through this science-magick. It involves the use of symbols. It involves the use of neuro-linguistic programming at an advanced level. Now that we begin to see this control matrix of the mind we see our masters seeking to reinforce and augment their old science with new science, with electronic mind control or with the old science delivered via new mediums, via new technologies and with overwhelming success.
We witness the employment of this science-magick increasingly of late, as if our masters recognise an urgent need and are fearful or are pressing forward at an accelerated pace towards a goal that has been on their agenda for Millennia. What is clear is that they operate to a timescale, an agenda. Much that we call scripture, much that we share as a collective half-understanding about the great cycle of our history, the great rise and fall of civilisations, the achievements we once rose to and their denials though cataclysm, through floods and tempests, the rumours that pervade our collective consciousness about once and once before, all of these almost instinctive understandings, these racial memories we are now discovering some truths to and at the same time discovering that these truths are systematically obfuscated by the power that controls knowledge.
We have risen before, we have approached true understanding before, we have been close to the truth that sets us free, the speaking of it rather than the knowing of it, before and we have been denied it perhaps time and time again.
When the student of this iteration of consciousness we call existence or life digs deep enough they come to the knowledge of the enormity of the project, the almost countless human beings suckered into the grand matrix, those that unknowingly act as co-conspiritors and co-jailers. Each and every one of us has swallowed some of the programming that we call reality, most of us will fight and die to protect that which we have been programmed to believe in such that the belief becomes what we are, what we explain to our friends, pass on to our children and, as Tolstoy said, weave thread by thread into the fabric of our lives. So this blog upsets almost everybody, so this blog is rarely visited. It upsets the believers. It upsets nearly the entire human race. It does this because no-one really wants to wake up, because in awakening they perceive that they have been wrong, that they have been fooled, that they are part of the very evil they profess to despise, that they are mind-controlled and have never been free, that our species is the plaything of something other and that they will have to forsake everything they believe in if they are to break free of this monster.
You cannot forgive.
You can not ask for forgiveness because you feel you have done no wrong.
The evil has you in the palm of its hand, and plays you.
We dance to the tune of the devil, even when we believe we live in Christ or are the children of Allah.
So we dance now to the edges of war.
In many places, the great fear is upon us already. Some are driven to hide in caves or basements, some are driven by the lust for revenge, some by their own version of justice, but everywhere the lords of chaos are stirring us to war.
Everywhere our masters find those amongst us willing to push the button or fire the gun that ends a child’s barely begun existence. The pictures are there enough for those with the strength of mind to look upon them and feel shame for what we do.
We are all of us baby murderers in our quiet complicity. We pay a tithe to evil through every transaction we make and the tithes are collected and turned into foul weapons and put into the hands of our young men and women that deal death and destruction in our names across our world.
Every soul is blackened by this. Most say there is nothing they can do and wallow in their self-satisfaction or their blindness to evil.
Shame on them, for there is no true excuse for forsaking their humanity so.
This mind game, this world, if it is indeed some sort of testing ground for our consciousness, shows how low down and dirty we can all of us be rendered, how cowardly we are in our naïve acceptance of the status-quo, the artificial reality, how numb and gutless we are to address this evil and to walk away from it and fabricate a different reality.
It is time to start again, friends.
Can our species ascend?
Or is the endless cycle to repeat itself?
Will it be war, or will you assert your knowledge and forgive them, for they know not what they do?

Do no harm.
Believe there is good out there.
The conduit is nearing.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

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