Thursday, 20 August 2015


One wonders, one really does....

After seeing the debacle in Greece, where a stooge of the Bankster paedophile mafia used his charisma and the sneaky edges given him by the dark force to unite those who opposed the permanent debt slavery of the Greek people, then went on to reveal himself as the worst of traitors and to sell his country's children into never-never repay land......
After seeing that great sponge suck up the rebellion and anger of a nation and squeeze it out into the toilet pan of oblivion.....
After witnessing the sense of hopelessness that this betrayal passed on to others in Europe who were praying that Greece had the balls to DO SOMETHING and found, instead, that the traitors were inside the walls.....
After witnessing this betrayal, one can look at the leadership "contest" for the Labour Party in the UK and see oddities of a similar nature.

Let's first deal with Corbyn's history of doing nothing to clear out the Paedophiles in Islington:

In 1992 Corbyn was told about organised child abuse at children's homes in Islington by social workers, informed of child trafficking by council employees,
He was informed that they believed some children had been murdered. 

What would YOU have done?

Corbyn did sweet fuck all about these and other vile allegations.

Now, surprise surprise, Russel Brand supports Corbyn:

Of course, Icke supports Corbyn. Both have been accused of "anti-semitism".

Then of course there's the hundreds of thousands of new member registrations in time for the leadership vote, and the Labour ruling body's dismissal of legal advice about those new registrations:

It all starts to stink somewhat.

Then there's obvious shills posing as deeply thoughtful media analysts who support Corbyn, failing ever to mention his somewhat questionable connections with the "do nothing about paedo murderers" gang which dominates the power structures of the world elite in every nation, religion and corporation:

I wrote to these poor fish asking why they had not researched Corbyn's apathy to child buggery and sacrifice as reported.
I received no answer, naturally.

Those who are masters of this reality rape and murder children, drink their blood, eat their hearts to get high on Adrenochrome.

It is not human to do this.
It is the pinnacle of all that is inhuman.
Draw your own conclusions, using instinct.

There are more and more of these demons among us, and they have absolute power over the rest of us and they don't care that we know, don't care that we are discovering them because they have something very bad up their filthy sleeves and it makes them cocky.

One wonders what it is?
Will we disCERN it in time?

Only time (whatever that is) will tell, but I guess we haven't long to wait for the externalisation of the hierarchy and the new "Christ".

(One of the "Masters", called the Fifth Ray", lives in Crete, apparently).

Unless humanity somehow manages to find unity in love, which is the only hope, our great promise as a species and the great test which we are all undertaking will culminate in failure.

Interesting times.

Aktina Pempti
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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

"Sir" something something. "Cops can't be bothered looking for runaways (unless they've escaped from one of our paedo safe houses)."

 "Sir" Peter Fahy, some sort of big copper, has said that the police can't possibly continue to look for missing kids. It's just too expensive.!!!
This is the copper, referred to here:
Fortunately, the investigation was dropped. I'd hate to see a miscarriage of justice.
(I do like the "Sir" title. Like Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Edward Heath, Sir (later lord) Leon Britten,  Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Cyril Smith.....and so on. Do they only hand out these titles to Paedophiles, one is forced to ask?)
Time spent tracing missing teenagers is an "unsustainable" burden for police, one of the UK's most senior chief constables has warned.
"Many cases involve young people who repeatedly run away from care homes. Some go missing and are them found and returned by police officers; hundreds of times.
"If we take our eye of the ball the bottom line is that these children could be killed."said an officer from the protecting vulnerable people unit.
And here's a few headlines, among the many hundreds in the UK alone, that show that the police, rather than "taking their eyes off the ball" have for decades actively connived in, aided and abetted and covered up paedophile abuse and child murder.

You couldn't make it up.
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Wicked Paedia on Satanic Abuse (nothing to see here).

Wikipedia, or should that be Wicked Paedia, is as we know the repository of what the Sheeple consider "facts", as opposed to "ridiculous conspiracy theories".

I find this entry, on ritualistic Satanic abuse, particularly amusing. It is, like so many things, reminiscent of the cop who says "Move along now, Sir, there's nothing to see here!"

"Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organised abuse, sadistic ritual abuse and other variants) was a moral panic that originated in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout the country and eventually to many parts of the world, before mostly diminishing in the late 1990s. Allegations of SRA involved reports of physical and sexual abuse of people in the context of occult or Satanic rituals. In its most extreme form, SRA involved a supposed worldwide conspiracy involving the wealthy and powerful of the world elite in which children were abducted or bred for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution".

(Translation: "Moral panic is a type of mass hysteria. These allegations (ie never proved), these lunatic suppositions (ie crassly stupid fantasies) spread all over the world, but thankfully its all over now and you can just go back to sleep. At times it was extreme (ie not something normal people believed, just extremists who are all bat-shit crazy), and the rich and powerful upright citizens of the globe were wrongly accused of sacrificing and fucking kids, despite being philanthropists!)

"Nearly every aspect of SRA was controversial, including its definition, the source of the allegations and proof thereof, testimonials of alleged victims, and court cases involving the allegations and criminal investigations. The panic affected lawyers', therapists', and social workers' handling of allegations of child sexual abuse. Allegations initially brought together widely dissimilar groups, including religious fundamentalists, police investigators, child advocates, therapists and clients inpsychotherapy. The movement gradually secularized, dropping or deprecating the "satanic" aspects of the allegations in favor of names that were less overtly religious such as "sadistic" or simply "ritual abuse" and becoming more associated with dissociative identity disorder and anti-government conspiracy theories."

(Translation: Nobody in their right mind believed these ridiculous unproven stories, nor the cooked-up stories of the kids and their supporters, many of whom were mislead or misguided members of professions we all distrust anyway. Of course, religious nutcases got involved, but people of rationality who had joined the movement soon dissuaded them of the Satanic element of this supposed abuse and sidelined those who think demons are real and believe in Santa and the tooth fairy too! Thankfully, a psychological condition called false memory syndrome (see below) was identified to explain away the children's stupid stories of anal rape and baby murder. So, that's alright then, phew!) 

"The panic was influenced to a large extent by testimony of children and adults that were obtained using therapeutic and interrogation techniques now considered discredited. Initial publicity generated was by the now-discredited autobiography Michelle Remembers (1980), and sustained and popularized throughout the decade by the McMartin preschool trial. Testimonials, symptom lists, rumors and techniques to investigate or uncover memories of SRA were disseminated through professional, popular and religious conferences, as well as through the attention of talk shows, sustaining and spreading the moral panic further throughout the United States and beyond. In some cases allegations resulted in criminal trials with varying results; after seven years in court, the McMartin trial resulted in no convictions for any of the accused, while other cases resulted in lengthy sentences, some of which were later reversed. Scholarly interest in the topic slowly built, eventually resulting in the conclusion that the phenomenon was a moral panic, with little or no validity beyond paranoia."

(Translation: Thankfully, the entirely trustworthy law enforcement officers and judiciary, about whom nothing bad can be said, found that all these ridiculous stories were totally and completely untrue, apart from the odd low-ranking pleb from a trailer park caught with his trousers down and his dick where it shouldn't be. Lots of University types chipped in with their sage and wise conclusion that everyone involved was paranoid, and so mentally ill, and so should be locked in an institution for their own safety.)

"Official investigations produced no evidence of widespread conspiracies or of the slaughter of thousands; only a small number of verified crimes have even remote similarities to tales of SRA. In the latter half of the 1990s interest in SRA declined and skepticism became the default position, with very few researchers giving any credence to the existence of SRA."

(Translation: So, finally, this ridiculous mass insanity has died down. Satan doesn't exist, and if it did it wouldn't ask for the fear and misery of children, nor for their sacrifice, nor for their young and innocent blood. Nobody fucks kids, nobody fucks them to death, nobody drinks kids' blood,thank God. Move along now, there's nothing to see here. Just you pop home and have a nice nap, now, and it will all be better, you'll see.) 

Do NOT read this, or you might wake up:
Nor should you search on the internet, which is crammed full of conspiracy nutcases, for the many, many mainstream news articles covering child abuse and sacrifice at the highest levels in governments the world over, in all churches, in the top-level banking community, in the intelligence agencies of the world's powers and in politics down to community level. Never search for the connections between secret societies like the Masons and child abuse. Never search for the complicity and aid offered to paedophile child murderers by social services the world over, nor for how these bodies have been infiltrated by paedophiles, nor for the connection between children's charities and their highly paid bosses and certain well-known paedophiles like Jimmy Savile.
And, for God's sake, NEVER search for links between the Royal Family of England and all the famous rich and powerful paedos that have been discovered, because if you did that you might suddenly see the connecting dots of this vile savagery (which doesn't exist, remember) and trace it right back to the beginning..........!
Remember "skepticism is the default position".
Demons don't exist.
God exists, the Pope and all the other organised religions say so, but Satan doesn't, and certainly no-one worships Satan these days........

Do you see how hard they fight against discovery of their filthy, inhuman proclivities?

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

There is no smoke without fire.

There is no smoke without fire:

They tell us that human beings have walked this earth for 250,000 years, in our current form. If you believe it, then the inevitable question that arises is why we have so little evidence, so little proof, so little of our story and why so little of what we once knew is now lost to us.

There is a question mark over much that we accept as fact. We can cast our consciousness back some five or six thousand years, back to Babylon, and find since then some semblance of a narrative. Before then we are mostly at the mercy of myth, of collective species "memory" (the flood stories), or in the hands of half-arsed archaeologists who accept only the evidence that fits their theories and those theories don't allow them to address anomolies as fact.

Like many things that hold us back, there are career implications.
I despise career implications.

It is the control of the issuance of money which determines all economic activity in this world and creates human beings that drift into what can only be called a demonic state for the sake of their career, for the sake of the good opinion of a "boss" who is similarly demonised, for a slightly better house and the empty promise of a pension which could be stolen by the cancer or dementia that stalks our modern world.

Let's consider some of these demons for a moment, and think of them outside of the bubble of rationality that has been created over the past centuries,the excuses made for them, and measure them against the infinite capacity for good that should order our world.

I shall use no ordering or scaling. Each is as demonic as the other.

One: A demon that sucks a growing child from its mother's womb, despite no medical threat to either, then sells the foetus, in separate parts, for profit. Such demons murder millions every year.

This video is not suitable for young viewers, nor for those in some sort of denial.

This is, if possible, even worse:

Two: A demon that gives treatment to other human beings that will make them sicker than they were or will kill them, sometimes agonisingly, whilst refusing to investigate cures that exist but are outside of the profit machine that is medicine. Oncologists head this league. Psychiatrists and their ever-lengthening list of pseudo-illnesses that make 40% of Americans cash cows for the drugs companies come in a close second, especially since they increasingly target children.

Did you know that Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychiatry, wrote a treatise on Demons called "The Seven Sermons to the Dead" and that he spent years creating his "Red Book" with the help of a spirit guide called Philemon?

Three: A demon that puts on a uniform and uses the authority granted to it by virtue of that uniform to bully, to daily exercise unwarranted control over human beings, to torture, to frighten, to rape and to kill. We call them police officers, we call them soldiers. Not all are demons but those few that aren't  know they are in the presence of evil and feel powerless to act. 

We have all seen this type of video:

Most of us have seen this:

There are countless examples of such horrific behaviours, so many that we mistakenly believe that humanity itself is to blame, that we are a species that contains within its ranks those who are "sick", those who are "psychopathic" whereas for millennia we understood that there were those who were possessed, who were no longer human.

By being persuaded that such possession was superstitious myth we have lowered our guard, allowed these creatures to frame and organise the reality in which we exist, allowed them to seed their kind increasingly among us.

Witness, for example, the hundreds and hundred of UK police officers that betrayed their own country, betrayed humanity itself, by allowing themselves to be ordered to drop case after case after case of paedophile rape and murder committed by the very highest demons in UK society.

One of many, many examples:

 The "Hampstead" satanic abuse case highlights that, of course, this is not a story of "historic" abuse but an ever present fact of life. I've shown this before here, the video of the father accused by the Hampstead kids of leading a Satanic abuse and murder sect by a BBC journo who, in my previous post, I highlighted as having a strange fascination for abuse cases in her interview work.
Of course, the BBC's link to Satanic abusers and their cover-up of them is well documented.

I talk of instinct. 
What does yours tell you about these two?

These demons in uniform act as our police. They are not all possessed, but the hierarchy leading right to the top has been infiltrated by these monsters such that justice is now denied, such that human children and babies are raped, sodomised and murdered at will by those who have power over this reality.
No human being would do this, though you have probably been programmed into thinking that they would, because your programming tells you that demons don't exist.

Four: Demons called "nuclear scientists" and their many apologists amongst the media, in "government" and elsewhere. These demons built weapons that will kill us all,built power stations that drip cancer into the world day by day, have amassed between them so vast a supply of spent fuel that life itself on this planet is ever only a whisker away. 

An Electro Magnetic Pulse from our sun, another earthquake or tsunami or two, a thousand other conceivable "accidents" and all of this creation is over.

I try to imagine what would cause a human being to engage in the design of weapons and can only think of money and of the false sensation of "worth" built into the hierarchy of science which, like all hierarchies, is a product of the false reality and our demonic rulers.

Imagine raising a bright kid, paying for the child to go to university and then being told they had been recruited by the government to work at Fort Dettrick in biological weapons production and development, or for an arms company to devise better ways to kill people.
You would wonder where you went wrong.

Five: Demons called politicians, at all levels of politics, that sell their souls to the power that exists and make traitorous arrangements in exchange for being allowed to act as their masters do.They become a "somebody" amongst us, whilst they enjoy whatever foul practice their demonic natures can contrive. They like whoring, paedophilia, drugs, torture and murder. They pass laws that send missiles half way across the world to drop in a marketplace and murder children and grannies. They pass laws that deprive everyone for the benefit of the few. They kill daily with their weapon of choice, the law, whilst being above the law themselves.

Hitler was a prime example of the demonically possessed political leader. His hatred of the Jews was a symptom of this possession shared among many similarly possessed, those similarly citing "spirit guides" who lay all the world's problems at the door of the Jews. David Icke springs to mind!

This is a brief introduction the the transformation of Corporal Hitler into the creature that bewitched a nation:

The world's history is littered with these demons, littered with those that sought power and then used it to create wars that killed millions, to build and fill death camps, to destroy hope and happiness and good and to  let evil stalk the world.
They are with us now, these demons. We see their works daily around the globe as humanity suffers for their disgusting pleasure.

If you have difficulty believing people could kill babies and drink their blood, this is illuminating (though it barely scratches the surface):

Here's a typical satanist cult caught out:

Six: Demons called bankers. Those who enslave the world. Those whose demonic magick called money oils the wheels of evil everywhere at every level and creates almost every wrong we humans do. These are the fount and source of the dark power that enthralls humanity, their false money controlling every activity we engage in except those things we know to be good. 

One of their lower number, Strauss-Kahn, was linked to an underage sex scandal in Lille and eventually outed for his orgiastic tendencies where, according to one young lady, he "liked rough sex".

One can imagine that he had in some way displeased his masters, otherwise this story would never have got out.

Money has no place in giving, in love, in acts of kindness, in sharing, in the giving of hugs and the lending of a shoulder to cry on. These acts are pushed from human consciousness by the overwhelming control of money over our world. If we forget to be human, it is usually because of money, and we forget to be human every day.

The bankers, as readers here and elsewhere will understand, have been behind the greatest killers of mankind's history including Hitler and Stalin to name just two. In the hierarchy of demons they are right up there with the British Royal Family.

Seven: Demons called "Royal", those that have for thousands of years urged us to kill each other in great battles for their entertainment and "taxed" us (ie stolen from us) such that their lives are ever the most luxurious. 

They have for millennia used human beings as playthings, raping, torturing and killing us in vast numbers, laughing as they do so,enjoying the sport. At the same time, through Magick, they have arranged things such that we most of us defer to them, get on bended knee in acts of worship, seek their horrid approval and wear their medals and titles with pride. 

Those that please these demons the most are rewarded with a title that grants the holder a life full of deference and fawning and privilege.

The "British Empire", which filled lots of ordinary Brits with pride, is the history of one demonic bloodline's vicious and uncompromising attempt to bring mayhem and murder, starvation and subjugation to as much of the human race as was possible. This Wiki page is testament to the horrors involved if you read between the lines and understand that every conquest meant death and mayhem and slavery. Nowhere will you find a list of the numbers killed by these British Royals but they must rank first in the top ten mass killers of all time:

Eight: Corporate demons. Those that rise amongst human beings, often inexplicably to those humans among whom they work (who know them for the devious, backstabbling utter bastards that they are), to dominate the world of profit which, as an adjunct to the magick called money, orders all human beings into hierarchies and makes everyone share in the evil that is done.

I like, in that entry, the list of the top ten professions for Psychopaths, including as it does......
  1. CEO
  2. Lawyer
  3. Media (TV/radio)
  4. Salesperson
  5. Surgeon
  6. Journalist
  7. Police officer
  8. Clergy
  9. Chef
  10. Civil servant
Of course, for psychopath I'm suggesting you read "Demon".

Nine: The legal "profession", those that use the law to support and give privelege to the demons that rule over us, those that use the law to protect profit, those that use the law to subjugate and to deny liberty, those that use the law to bully and subjugate, those that use the law to validate lies and crimes, those that have embroidered natural human law (do no harm) with an intricate web of deceit and perfidy.

Ten: The backstreet bully, the mobster, the kid at school that drowns kittens or pulls the legs off spiders or makes other kid's lives full of unbearable fear, the football mob gang beater who delights in kicking people when they are down (see "police officer" above).

THESE are some of the demons that make our world what it is: Inhuman.

In the past, when we lived as tribes, when we lived as communities, when we lived as close- knit interdependent human beings we understood and could see clearly those amongst us that had been taken over by demons. We knew the nature of the beast, and had strategies to rid those possessed of demons and cast out the evil force. We knew how to recognise them instinctively, could pinpoint often the moment when the demon entered or know those that had been entered in the womb.  

The story of Jesus casting out demons is one example of this understanding.

The demons that rule now this reality have, over the centuries, sought by their trickery to make us disbelieve in their existence. What was once commonly understood by our species is now treated as simplistic superstition, is scoffed at by our psychological profession (see above), is no longer addressed by the Christian religion, its perverted and inhuman practices covered up by those we task with protecting us (government, the law, law enforcement, see above). 

That these demons exist is something we instinctively understand when we meet them. The cop who keeps beating you when you are unconscious, the soldier that drives you into the showers in the death camps, the lawyer that seizes your home for his banker masters for "non-payment" of fictitious debt, the soldier that enters your home and shoots your children, the drone pilot that kills you and your family indiscriminately. the scientist that builds the nuclear power station and gifts your loved ones cancer, the corporate fascist that loves to make your life hell, the list now is endless, the power all theirs.

When you meet one, stop for a moment and let your instincts inform you.

We can sense them, and the sense lets us know we should fear this entity in human form.

If we hadn't been taught to dismiss this instinctive sense, hadn't been taught that demons don't exist, then we would as a species know what to do.

Their presence amongst us has coloured our understanding of our species. 

Thousands of years ago, and more recently amongst the untouched tribal peoples, our sense of our own association with and duty to creation was strong among us. Our understanding of our difference from savage species was clear, our obligation to live life with love underpinning everything we did was understood. We knew that we humans are creatures of love, born empty of everything except the capacity for love, growing into close societies framed by this understanding. 

Over time, the demons have altered us entirely such that we know not what we do, that our image of our species reflects the ages of demonic dominance and the structures and constraints they have placed round us that force each of us into sharing in their dirty work.

You pay tax, you put the gun in the hand of the demon, put the bullet in the brain of the kid in Gaza, put the human being in jail for smoking a joint. You buy a phone you give substance and reality to the slavery of the Chinese factory worker. You walk on by those that need help because the demonic structure doesn't allow you the time to do anything except service the debts you have, doesn't allow you the mental freedom to understand that we all have a duty to each other, that we are one family, that being good to each other was what we were born to do and that such love makes life worth living and is the fount and source of all good.

I always understood that there is no smoke without fire and that this dictum applied to the racial memory of a species, as reflected in the flood "myths" and the "giant" stories for example, and that there is so much smoke emanating from this particular source as to persuade me of its fiery heart.
Here is a list of demons from Wiki, across every religion and tribal origin of the species.

Please don't tell me that every single part of our human family for thousands of years got it absolutely wrong and that these things were childish and simple superstitions.  From every continent, from every tribe these understandings have been known to us, these demons been given names. 

Further, we have ample evidence of these creatures being cast out and of the human spirit retaking control of the possessed. Millions upon millions over the millennia have been thus cleansed.

Our science now tells us (if we can ever trust science in the field of theory and conjecture) that we understand little of the true nature of reality.

Being so blind, how can we state with certainty that, for example, there are not other dimensions and that from those dimensions these creatures cross and inhabit the meat machine we call our body and the bio-computer we call our mind, forcing our spirit or consciousness out of the driving seat for this iteration of the game of life? 

Many of us understand now that this life is some sort of test, that we are here to learn the difference between good and evil, that in a world dominated by satanic demons who among us can remain true to their humanity. 
Jesus, we are told,  said that he who is without sin should cast the first stone.

No stones were cast, for none are without sin in this false reality.

The child that is born , that creature of love and light that we all were once, is inexorably drawn into the web of sin created by the demons that control this reality. 

It is time to change all of that. To take our planet from evil. To retake our place in the scheme of things. 
To make a world that is good.

With Love,
Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx