Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Sir" something something. "Cops can't be bothered looking for runaways (unless they've escaped from one of our paedo safe houses)."

 "Sir" Peter Fahy, some sort of big copper, has said that the police can't possibly continue to look for missing kids. It's just too expensive.!!!
This is the copper, referred to here:
Fortunately, the investigation was dropped. I'd hate to see a miscarriage of justice.
(I do like the "Sir" title. Like Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Edward Heath, Sir (later lord) Leon Britten,  Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Cyril Smith.....and so on. Do they only hand out these titles to Paedophiles, one is forced to ask?)
Time spent tracing missing teenagers is an "unsustainable" burden for police, one of the UK's most senior chief constables has warned.
"Many cases involve young people who repeatedly run away from care homes. Some go missing and are them found and returned by police officers; hundreds of times.
"If we take our eye of the ball the bottom line is that these children could be killed."said an officer from the protecting vulnerable people unit.
And here's a few headlines, among the many hundreds in the UK alone, that show that the police, rather than "taking their eyes off the ball" have for decades actively connived in, aided and abetted and covered up paedophile abuse and child murder.

You couldn't make it up.
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