Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The grand deceptions

The Confluence of Science, Philosophy and Religion?

By Aktina Pempti and Olive Farmer, Crete.

Even if you are not awake to what is unfolding in the world, even if you are slumbering in front of your T.V., consuming and being consumed by the information you are daily fed, even then you will at least understand that all is not well with the world, that there is much that is wrong that needs to be put right, that something needs to be done.

As you look about you, you can see that our world is going to hell.

For many, that destination has already been achieved.

The speed of this process is once more accelerating towards a vast conflagration, and for those with eyes to see our planetary course has been set and the forces of evil are confidently engineering the demise of our species.

We believe there is little time and know that for many it is already too late, for the killing frenzy began long ago and the red mist is rising across the globe.

Like the overwhelming majority of our species you wonder how this can be.

Surely most of our seven billion strong family don’t want war, just want peace and love in their lives as you do? A sense of security. A confidence in the future.

And surely, you say, with the incredible pace of our technological advances, we can find a way to find at last what was lost so long ago.


And yet war is spreading its wings across the globe, and you feel helpless to prevent that spread, wondering how it is that the global consciousness of humanity, so strong in its desire for love as individual parts, forms a collective whole that is so rank.

You know there are few that would walk past a starving child and not feed them, bring them to safety, and yet every few seconds another child starves to death in this world.

You know that few of us can kill, few of us want to kill, and yet every few seconds someone in uniform takes the life of another human being and does so taking the wages the rest of humanity pay them.

Someone kills in the name of one god or another, one creed or another that billions of us subscribe to.

Our collective will produces these killings, this abject misery.

Our reality is composed of a collection of historical divisions, formed thousands of years ago in our dark and ignorant ages yet pervading still, archaic and tribal beliefs into which we are born and that we seem incapable of shaking off.

Each of those belief systems is formed into hierarchies gifting more power the further up one goes, until the summit is reached gifting the collective force and power into the hands of just one individual. The most ruthless.

The very idea of a hierarchical power structure is itself a relic of our brutal past, a past where, as now, force and might were the measure of authority.

We all us take part in this savage scramble, the system rewarding those that are successful in the unseemly and uncivilised savagery involved in climbing on the backs of others to reach for more.

Those that seek god as an antidote to this vile practice find only religion, and there yet another pyramid of power

The winners in this game stride the globe, strutting like peacocks, relishing the obedience and supplications of their underlings, exercising their power to dominate and to kill.

We call them Presidents or Popes or Royalty or Bankers, we call them Leader or Fuhrer. Without exception their shared badge of honour claims power over other’s lives, underpinned with a hoard of what we have grown accustomed to call money but which is merely the collected harvest of the labours of others, theirs to squander in their lust for self-satisfaction.

Whilst a child lies dying in a gutter somewhere for want of a mouthful of food.

We somehow don’t seem to understand the simple fact that taking part in this scramble inevitably creates the things which we abhor most.

By playing this game we are guilty of its consequences.

We are all of us child killers, our hands drenched in the blood of innocents.

We look at our history and see how the human species has never had even a day in its known history without the sickness that is war reaping its awful harvest somewhere on our world.

We have been the most savage of animals, yet are the only species that can see how this savagery might be transcended, that has the capability to make itself different, that understands it is only a matter of organising ourselves differently, of exercising our free will.

Regardless of the fantasies promulgated by the power mongers and money grabbers masquerading as prophets of the future it is this simple step that will take our species to the future, that will create the ascension we dream of, that will begin the world civilisation that is built on the foundation of our collective consciousness.

The simple step of exercising our free will.


This is the only weapon humanity has in the struggle for a new civilisation.

Conscious and the deliberate collective exercise of free will.

You hope that war never comes to your door, but the twentieth century spared few its horrors and we haven’t yet finished that story.

Its narrative never stopped.

It is evident that it is the narrative that tells of the old fearing the new.

It is the story of power over others battling against a new understanding, the understanding that all must be free.

It is the death throes of the pyramid of power, scratching and clawing to hold sway over our collective will, our collective desire for peace and love to pervade our world, and an end to this senseless career into oblivion.

Humanity stands at the turning point of all history.

To step into a new future it must exercise its free will.

More importantly, it must turn its collective back on history, turn its back on the inherited systems and beliefs that no longer serve any purpose but to chain our species to a sinking leviathan.

This, of course, is the problem. We each of us cling to and believe in one facet of the system or another. We each of us fail to see how life can be lived without these old and pervasive structures of power. For some it is money, for some a god, for some it is the position they hold which gives them power over others.

For all of us, as individuals, we cannot encompass the complexity of doing things differently and so consider the task impossible, forgetting that we do not have to do this thing alone, that we have seven billion other human beings, their strength and ingenuity and will, on whom we can depend as they will depend upon us.

We are many now, and get harder to control as our connectivity leads us to the understanding that we are powerful.

Our masters strive hard to disabuse us of this fact, seeking with some success to dumb us down and drive further divisions between us and manipulate our will.

They cannot succeed, though their strategy is subtle and cunning.

Some things are inevitable and irresistible.

The rising tide of understanding is such a thing.

And so the watershed that was 2012 was not the end, not even the beginning of the end, nor even the end of the beginning.

But for it to mean anything to our future we will be able to look back from our civilisation and say yes, that year marked our beginning.

For, though we are divided and misguided and misled, there are enough of us now to spread the idea.

Standing on the bloodied ground of the current reality we are casting our grappling hooks into the future and pulling together with all our might towards that place.

We can visualise it.

A civilisation built on the bedrock of love.

Enduring as it must.

It is why we are here.

It is what we have all of us been seeking.

It is our destiny.

Know this:

Even if you are sitting comfortably and in security, someone somewhere is trying to kill you. They may indeed have done so already, for the supposedly incurable plagues of sickness that shorten the lives of increasing numbers of us have their origins in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink.

And someone somewhere has with intent or with callous disregard created those things that afflict us.

They had foreseen that humanity would become unmanageable, become less inclined to repeat the senseless wars of the twentieth century, less inclined to follow, less inclined to believe deception. All of their efforts are in this arena, the magick of deception.

Those that hold sway over us know our numbers represent a very real threat to their continuance.

And so, put simply, they are and have been for some time culling the herd.

Of course there are many who still disbelieve everything that seems like a conspiracy theory, clinging to the notion that these harmful environmental factors arise by accident and error. Nor do they see any method or overarching plan in the steady march to global Armageddon, believing the flimsy media lies in the face of evident truth.

That of course is for those human beings to decide.

They have abstained from their responsibility to our collective future and will not see their error until the ugliness beats at their doors.

They know of brutality only as a distant thing, done to others.

Despite the lessons of history, they fail to see its steady march in their direction.

They are not lost, these human beings.

They merely sleep.

The call of a better future must awaken them, for there is a simple truth:

We must climb this mountain together, or our species will fail.

The money system and the pyramid of power is seated firmly at the top of all the organisations that spill these various poisons into the world and drive the engines of war. That is beyond debate.

As we collectively allow these systems to create this harm, we are forced to the conclusion that we are together committing genocide.

That we are exterminating ourselves.

This demonstrates the success of the world strategy to control humanity’s will. Those that rule over us are powerless to act themselves. Their power lies in directing our power, in controlling what we think, what we believe.

As ever the creators of our reality, those with the power to order the affairs of humanity, understand that the secret to their success lies in this control of the consciousness of their vassals.

It is belief that drives action, and everything in the world is ordered and controlled by the mechanisms that create belief and thereafter direct the actions of those that believe.

All of their structures of control are founded on beliefs that they have with care and subtlety implanted in our minds.

They know that we think what we believe is a product of our own free will, that once we absorb a belief we will defend it as if it were our own idea, will kill other human beings that have absorbed a different belief.

Few see that all beliefs, all creeds, all systems that divide our collective consciousness and desire for love are the creation of our past, are the legacy of the savagery that we are slowly shaking ourselves free from.

If you are awake to this you have come to the understanding that nothing in this world is truly as it seems.

You understand that the world is not as it should be, and are seeking the path that humanity should choose to set things right.

That pathway to our future.

Those that seek to control this awakening are of course aware of this, and have littered this road to consciousness with false trails of such number and complexity as to bewilder and confuse and misdirect the seeker. By this method they dilute the power of this awakening force, creating new leaders and new belief systems which are absorbed and defended as usual. There are few places that are not packed with detail, few that don’t create rabbit holes of information down which the seeker burrows believing that answers are to be found in knowledge and not in simplicity.

There is nothing simpler than love.

Nothing simpler than understanding its power.

It is, indeed, all we need to change the world.

Love is all you need.

The last person to say that was shot.

As were many others before with the same simple message.

The leading truth/conspiracy sites feed a daily dose of bad news, just as the main stream media do, feeding an addiction to vicarious pleasure, stoking the anger you feel and feeding detail after detail into your mind until your consciousness is overwhelmed with the size of the problems, the complexity of the structure of power, the impossibility of overcoming them all.

You look around for leadership, and find none, and yet probably know that there are millions like you who would follow, if only there was someone with strength, someone you could trust.

Not understanding that to follow someone is to give away your free will.

To obtain our future civilisation we must act alone, and yet act together.

If you are awake, you know that if such a one arises, such a leader, he or she will be the puppet of the system. You consider Lenin, and Mao, and Hitler and many many others who ride the crest of artificially created hope and drive the world to horror.

You understand their plans for a new “Christ/Maitreya”, and can determine how their strategy of engineered collapse is unfolding so as to create the right circumstances for the emergence of “the one”. No doubt their black science will sit behind any wonders that will be performed.

You probably feel confused by the sheer quantity of “truth” that is becoming available to you, and see how your “knowledge” sets you apart from those lost in the reality..

You no doubt understand that this confusion has been engineered, for being awake means that you know there are forces that want to control what you think.

You try to believe that you are selective, that you are difficult to fool, but clever minds and subtle techniques weave their magick to ensnare your belief.

As you pass what you believe on to others. Those beliefs, and their fellow travellers loyalties, become a part of you, firming their position in your consciousness.

It is the same methodology of controlling minds that religions have honed for millennia.

They sow belief, you pollinate other believers, the lie grows, you defend the lie.

All of these beliefs lead ultimately to killing.

And so we must beware of deceivers, beware of the vast deception that is unfolding that seeks to overturn the old systems, as indeed they must be overturned,, but to take control of the new world that emerges.

You are their tool in this strategy.

They have trialled this technique many times, honing their skills. They spread revolution, stimulate rebellion, knowing they have the direction and leadership of these apparently spontaneous revolts in their hands. People leap willingly from the frying pan to the fire, then stare blankly at the horror that emerges and abandon all hope.

It has happened before. It is happening now.

The science magick.

Most religions have it that the world was created in a short time by a Creator God.

Most religions have it that humanity is here to learn the difference between Good and Evil, such that when we get it right we can Ascend to an Eternal Glory.

Much that we are now finding in science seems to suggest that they may be right.

Though of course we should be cautious, and question everything.

As we have grown to see science as something more credible than religion, so we should understand that the control of scientific belief is just as much a battleground for our collective consciousness as any other belief system.

Who rewrote, edited, cut and pasted the old books we call bibles or korans?

Who paid for the science and controls its publication?

The same hands?

Science is as much a belief system as religion. Dogmas arise in both. In both cases at the furthermost edges of understanding both rely on the unprovable, on theory and faith and on hierarchy. Both depend on the acceptance of what leaders in the field say about things that are beyond our understanding. So quantum physics and chaos mathematics are reshaping our understanding of how this reality is shaped, and so we must understand that these revelations must have been paid for, managed, cut and pasted to suit an agenda.

All knowledge is controlled. Our knowledge of the now is controlled by the media (including the “alternative” medias). Our knowledge of the past is controlled by those that pay for the writing of history and control what we are educated to believe. To believe that scientific discovery is not managed in the same way would be na├»ve.

In the drive to create a new reality, a new world order that humanity believes is of its own creation, a new belief system that diverts us from the simplicity of understanding love, our controllers have taken a full spectrum approach, with no stone left unturned.

Science is as much a part of the battle for consciousness as any other field of understanding. What is useful to their strategy is published. What would give strength and liberty to humanity is buried, along with the scientists that had those thoughts.

And so, if you have an eye for these things, you will see the science that proves the computer generated reality fitting neatly the with the new age religion’s false concepts of consciousness.

Such is their plan. One world government, one religion proven by science to be “true”, one system of debt enslavement, a world free of free thinkers, a world we will believe we are the instigators of as we fall into their prepared traps.

The old religions deal with the idea of a soul on an individual level, that it is for Your soul that you live a certain way.

They have portrayed it wrongly, deliberately so.

The entire world is the creation.

Ascension refers to the consciousness of the world, of humanity as a whole.

If we are being judged, we as a species are being judged, not one by one, not You but Us.

How else would a creator judge its creation?

How else would an experimenter judge the outcome of an experiment?

If there is a God he would surely want its creation to reach its ultimate goal together.

To let some fall by the wayside is contradictory to the chief objects our various gods set for us.

Much of what we understand from the essence of our various belief systems avers this. We are all one.

Each of us should treat our enemies as our brother.

We should share.

We should live with love at the centre of all we do.

Love leaves none behind.

Love forgives.

If this world is a creation rather than an accident then we have been given this planet to prove that we collectively can learn, collectively make this world reflect the core principle.

The core principle is Love.

The conclusions, or at least the conjectures, derived from the new interpretations of reality that science is unearthing drive us to this conclusion too, though if you watch “What the bleep” you will again witness the emphasis on individual consciousness.

This individual perspective is to be found in “The Secret”, where many of the same scientists are selling their version of reality and its focus on the individual shaping their own reality to get what they want.

They focus on the self, which is the way our world currently operates and is clearly at fault.

The route we need to take can’t be found in some old book, though those books may contain at their very core, when ritual and superstition are stripped away, the first steps we should falteringly take, the core principles of how we should live.

We none of us have to look far to discover these core principles. They are written into the basic programming of all of us. We are hardwired with them. It is only the reality in which we are forced to exist that makes it difficult, if not almost impossible, to live by them.

Our existence occurs for our fleeting lifespans in a world that has been created by what has gone before, in a reality that is shaped and formed and manipulated by our history and the hands that have guided that history. As each soul is born into this reality it must adapt to it to survive, must conform to the way things are, must make its way as best it can. As history unfolds in the now, each soul is disconnected from each other soul. We must live out our lives as pawns in the great game whilst others decide the moves we make, which shall be sacrificed, which shall prosper. Sure, we can make our individual lives more comfortable by dint of our effort, but we none of us can change the world because we are disconnected.

We are, as individuals, powerless to change the direction in which the ship is travelling.

And we have been steaming in the wrong direction for millennia.

Unhappy humanity ever seeks to apportion blame for its miserable and frankly beastly condition on either some nebulous God or other human beings. The way of the world is never our fault, always someone else’s.

Difficult as the process may be, we have to accept that the world is made by our conscious thought and we collectively shape the world in which we live.

The misery and horror that litter our creation are no-one else’s fault but our own, for who else can we blame?

Each generation inherits the world.

Each generation partakes in the shaping of their reality.

Each generation passes their works on to the next.

It is not pretty, it is fraught with enormous dangers and threats to the very existence of life.

It is Your world.

In our corner of the cosmos our planet barrels through space unique for the scintillating and precious cargo it carries, that glittering and rare jewel called life. For all we are certain of it is the only life in the universe, and we are the custodians of this great gift.

And so when we by intent or by lack of care cause the extinction of a species we do more harm than is conceivable, for there may well be only this finite number of species in the universe, and we squander them.

Our beliefs and our fears, our uncertainties and our greeds, our ignorance and our bliss, our love and our hate commingle to create the world, the reality, which we give to our fellow human beings, our family, and which we force upon our environment and the other species that deserve existence as much as we do.

We raise our children into this reality and teach them their part in the unfolding drama, and so bestow an ugly future upon them and our world.

And you may cry, “Not I.”….

Some of us, you say, are more guilty than others in this unhappy state of affairs.

It is their fault, we daily remind ourselves and are daily reminded, not ours!

Some do bear a mighty responsibility for the unhappiness of vast swathes of our globe, but that is because of the systems we allow to govern how we treat with each other.

They are systems that bestow power on the most callous amongst us, and we all of us partake in their maintenance because we all of us have a vested interest in their upkeep and can see no better way.

They are systems that have been passed down the generations, systems that shape the world to give advantage and power to some, systems that we think of as innate but are the thoughts and desires of those made powerful by them made real by our complicity. They divide us, they give power over others to each and every one of us, they are systems we pledge allegiance to and encourage our children to pledge allegiance to, ensuring their continuance despite their ugly outcome.

There is a pyramid of power, and we all of us make it that way despite what we may feel deep inside about the injustice and unfairness and plain stupidity of it all.

A civilised society does not build systems that allow the psychopathic to climb the greasy pole of power, nor even does a civilised society allow there to be ways in which one human being has power over another, for that means that none are truly free.

Surely civilisation means that all are free, that none are enslaved? And yet our current reality means that none are free, that all are enslaved in one way or another, that none have free will. We are all of us complicit in this arrangement, each of us bears a part because we are all of us co-creators.

Let him without sin cast the first stone

Humanity is its own jailer.

These systems are a throwback to our earliest instincts and a nod in the direction of our basest fears but, as many are coming to realise, they have no place in a civilised society. A civilised society is not one where the trains run on time and the sewers work.

A civilised society is one where all are free, where none go in fear. It is something we have not yet achieved in all of our history but that humanity is growing to understand is achievable.

We can also see how such freedom, such civilisation will unfetter our species, give birth to amazing strides forward as we share rather than hoard what we know.

That is a simple equation.

By sharing knowledge we advance collectively at a greater pace.

It is in this way that much that underpins the reality in which we live actually serves to hold us back. Division is a barrier to progress. The architecture of division is ancient, and includes ideas of nation and race and religion and government and law, the whole underpinned and made actual by the false idea of money.

Which of course is the very root of all evil, the first thing a new civilisation should do without.

The awakening of this understanding, the yearning for a better way, the inexorable drift towards a critical mass of us having this realisation is the reason for the way the world is right now.

What we are witnessing is the approach of the tipping point, and consequently the rear guard action of those that have shaped the system for their long benefit.

What is unfolding right now in its ugliness is the death throes of the old way of being for our species.

The chief battleground is the collective consciousness of humanity, for those who hold power over the reality understand that there are seven billion human beings on this planet and that if we all agree on a thing then that thing will be.

For who is there that can argue with seven billion of us?

We are, as we live, the inheritors and rightful owners of this reality.

We should learn to exercise that power, that authority, that right.

We may try to live as good a life as we can, try to do no harm, but the systems we have built, have allowed to be built, that order and govern our reality are systems which cast guilt amongst us all and are unavoidable.

If we buy or sell we enter the system that puts tax funded guns in the hands of tax funded killers. If we believe in one version of god or another we enter the system that gives us bigotry, hatred, enforced behaviours, blind fanaticism. If we enter the world of work we enter the system that gives us hierarchy, authority and power over others that corrupts our purpose, divides us into haves and have nots, that in the last analysis leaves a child starving by the roadside or someone forced into sex-slavery or a million other wrongs.

We all share in these wrongs, every hand is bloodied. Though we try to distance ourselves from this conclusion it is unavoidable. We are all of us tainted, we are all of us guilty of allowing the reality to be shaped this way, there is no-one else to blame but us for we are all there is.

People misunderstand the idea of ascension. They dream of super powers, of great wisdom, of being as one with the universe, of being with God.

Of such beliefs are old religions bulwarked or new religions forged.

There is, though, a different form of ascension.

It’s the ascension that will happen when humanity collectively reaches the understanding of its authority to change this reality and to create a new civilisation.

The first civilisation.

As we all witness the current reality is once more drifting towards the foul spectacle of a world divided into armed camps. We are building once again towards the periodic orgies of blood letting that have spattered our history. It is what we have always done, and it is happening in your lifetime though almost certainly you dreamt that it never would, that you would have no part of such vileness, that surely we as a species had advanced beyond the stupidity of mass war.

Religions mostly don’t ask questions, but state with zealotry and faith that this is how things are. To question their orthodoxy is to blaspheme.

Philosophy questions why we are here, even if we are here, tries to make sense of the condition of being human, questions the nature of being.

Science looks at how things work, why they work the way they do, questions the being of nature.

Science has been uncomfortable for some time, since the double slit experiment nearly a century ago. It seems that our conscious knowledge of data affects the outcome of experiments at the quantum level, that tiny pieces of light act differently when we measure them and when we don’t.

A giant leap of logic from that informational starting point states that nothing is real except as a product of our consciousness, that we collectively create reality.

This is true on one level, for the world is a product of what we do, whether right or wrong, and reality is a concatenation of its parts. It may well be true on other levels.

Further, it seems that the reality we experience through our senses is more real than it should be, than it really is.

Science tells us how much space an atom consists of, 99.999% empty space.

If this is the case, how then do we experience what we think of as solidity?

As an agreement between our consciousness and the reality in which we live?

We are being led to believe, via “science” and via the raft of MKatrix style films, as if our consciousness is running a programme, and it is that programme that tells us something is solid, is real. Just as our Avatars in the Sims or WoW can’t walk through walls, nor can we in this reality even though we understand the wall is made of atoms of nothingness, forming a picture we call, and feel, real.

Science tells us through String Theory that atoms are ordered and positioned by some kind of universal vibration. Some Religions tell us that “In the beginning was the word (sound, vibration) and the word was light…”

Sound, vibration, can of course shape things. You have probably seen the videos of soundwaves forming patterns in pollen or sand.

String theorists think they have found, buried in the mathematics of their science, a piece of computer code that in our own computer networks ensures there is no read error in signals.

We are getting to see how this thing has been done, perhaps.

A giant leap of logic might edge us towards the conclusion that reality is a construct, a Matrix, and that we are avatars playing or being played in a cosmic computer generated game.

Such is the way that published science inexorably makes its path towards the New Age religion being formed at the same time.

Believe it all if you will.

We might explain much in Religion by this route, but until we learnt how to create virtual reality we lacked the words to express this thought. To see the messages in Religion we had first to begin to understand how creation may have been created. Then, perhaps, we can begin to see the wisdom and knowledge of the past obfuscated by dogma but essentially understanding at its core.

As if our forebears had the vague recollection of understanding we are in an artificial universe, but lacked the vocabulary, lacked the comparisons that can be drawn between reality and virtual reality.

We can now visualise this concept by virtue of our understanding of how it might have been done.

Everywhere in life, in this reality, we find mathematical formula.

Sacred geometry.

Again, believe it if you will.

The intertwining threads of “ancient lost knowledge”, of “quantum physics”, of the New Age religion, of greater understanding brought about by the ingestion of mushrooms or DMT, of “What the Bleep” and “The Secret”, of Manly Hall’s “The Secrets of All Ages” and the sheer intelligent vision of the psychonaut Terence McKenna, of the 2012 Shift movement, of many, many more all have their threads united by the forces driving change in our world as they edge humanity towards the work of rebuilding the prison.

And of course, in all of these glimpses of the creator, we have to ask who found them, who paid for their finding, what else has been found and then hidden or buried. All information, all knowledge rests in the hands of the controllers of this reality. Nothing is revealed unless it is part of the planned revelation. We should, indeed, beware of deceivers.

Assume that this new knowledge has been allowed into our understanding for a purpose, or that its revelation is steered towards the ultimate goals of our controllers. See how they use this information to underpin the new age religious cult, the cult of consciousness, the secret.

Read Icke in this light.

Les Visible.

Red Ice Creations.

Thousands more.

See how there is no stone left unturned in the creation of new myths to replace the old.

This is full spectrum warfare, long in the making, sinister in its intent.

Humanity is constrained, and that constraint is predicated on the control of what we think. As we grow tired of the old beliefs, so the clever strategists of the control system have birthed a new set of systems that we believe are ours, that we believe are truths, that we will ingest and then spout as truths to others as We build Their new world order.

So the Russian peasants were corralled by the lies, thinking their revolution was their idea.

There should be no need to list other examples.

If you can see, you can see.

Once we could see no explanation for random and chaotic behaviour, for how and why smoke rising from a cigarette in a closed space rose as we would expect for a while then acted randomly, billowing and moiling lawlessly.

Then the mathematics of chaos found answers for us. “Stange Attractors” were discovered. A set of rules could be seen, for those that had the eyes to see.

Philosophers battle with the concept of free will, its randomness, its impact on reality, the existence of choice.

Is there a strange attractor that makes what seems random mathematically predictable?

Who would have you believe that there is?

Just how deep is this rabbit hole?

The whole of reality is a question of free will, of random behaviours making a composite experience we call life. Free will is the whole of the thing, as Crowley the beast told us. He was, of course, telling us how reality is created by the conscious will of the shapers, showing those of his ilk how the game should be played.

That it is the free will of humanity that needs to be manipulated, just as the instruments for such manipulation became available. Radio, TV, the Media, finally the internet.

Shapers of consciousness all.

And who knows what other instruments of manipulation have been gifted by our science to those that shape our world and fill it with wickedness and self?

If you are awake, you see that our experience of life is coloured and shaded and manipulated to make a world of disparity, and that disparity causes the blood letting we see when our opinions differ, and how those differing opinions are part of a programme that’s running and is written by those that shape the reality in which we exist. This world, with all its beauty and wonder, is bastardised and made ugly and threatened by the forces that regulate it, that give us the evil and wrong that we see and that is anathema to our natural state of being.

It would be impossible to learn of evil if reality didn’t have such shapers.

They have served their ugly purpose, but surely we have learned?

Taking the long view of our conscious experience, somehow we needed this lesson. We needed to learn from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

But maybe we have learnt enough now?

In biology, from DNA via the geometric progression we witness in all life, we can see now analogies with the mathematic, how numbers make what seems real.

And where do those numbers originate? What dread hand and what dread eye framed this wondrous symmetry?

And so called “sacred” geometry takes its place, linking the past with the future as we approach some sort of Gnosis, a state of knowing, as the apocalypse progresses and the pieces begin to fall into place.

As the new jigsaw is pieced together, bit by bit, creating a new world picture for us to believe is real.

Humanity is beginning to see how its done, and beginning to understand why, beginning to see the reasons for things that are otherwise inexplicable: The harm we do each other, the ritualised murder we call war, that casual and unforgiving nature of a skewed reality, a reality far from that which, unmanipulated, we would seek to create for ourselves, whatever its origin and however it works.

And if it is a computer game, and if free will is the whole of the thing, then there are those that say we can shape it for personal gain, for a better life for the one doing the imagining. Tom Campbell is a part of this new visionary enlightenment.

But of course these are misleading thoughts.

If reality is a product of a consciousness then we all have to be co-creators. The world is shaped by what we think, so the battleground is the one that fights for control of our collective consciousness, that seeks to divide what is united

So we can create a better reality.

We simply have to do it together.

The game tries to stop us, to prevent us making a world of love, but maybe now we see.

Getting seven billion human beings to agree on something has hitherto been impossible. We simply lacked the connectivity, lacked the technology. Then, with the artificially created differences and divisions between us, it is hard to see how we can agree on anything.

But there is, at core, something we can all agree on. Some basic rules that none would argue with, that all would see as right. Basic rules that set out the difference between good and evil. Ideas. Concepts. Principles. Religions have tried to impose these rules, but have drifted into detail and where there is detail there is dogma, where dogma there is discord, where discord there is manipulation, power, ultimately evil.

It is really very simple to end this dismal cycle and requires no thought at all.

Because the answers have been there all along……

Perhaps it doesn’t matter how reality is made, just what we do with that reality, just that we understand that reality is a product of our collective will, just that we understand we can make this world a world of love just as we make it a world of hate right now, that it is attainable, that it is a matter of a collective agreement and then willing that thing to be.

See the world as something we can shape, understand the power of that will, see the forces working to deny that force for what they are and IGNORING them into oblivion.

This we can do, because We Are.

Then what happens?

Well, that’s down to you.

You can guess I’ve been thinking.

It becomes a lonely place, thoughts drifting further and further, always meeting the barrier of ignorance or the great wall that I cannot see past called secrets.

As each veil lifts so more questions arise.

Fellow travellers get fewer as they take the turnings designed for their distraction.

There are those that understand seekers for truth, offer lies wrapped as confectionary or information mired in detail. The best and most organised grow rich milking the inquisitive, selling whatever lies seem to satisfy the needs and wants of those looking for the answer.

The evil always insists that its salespeople hit financial targets. When you next visit a “truth” website, look for the money they are making, see how well they are doing for their master….

They’re winning, these consciousness shapers, but the endgame is unfolding and free will has yet to play its hand. Not just one person’s free will, but the conscious hived mind of humanity, the hived mind that wants peace and love and sharing, the hived mind that can forgive and forget, the hived mind that can see a future regardless of the chains and shackles of the past..

If the seeker has the time, and the ability to overcome implanted belief, everywhere will be found the same organised control system, the same controllers shaping thought.

Everything that is on the earth is of the earth.

Everything that is in your consciousness derives from history.

All that is thought is only the blending of the colours that exist on the palette.

Sometimes it seems that new shades have been unearthed, new knowledge offering the prospect of greater understanding, of new truth.

But of course there is no new knowledge, no invention only discovery.

Those that peel back the skin of the onion simply reveal more of the onion, and usually their kitchen work has been funded by the very reality they seek to understand, and what they find becomes the property of that system to be released into the consciousness of the world or hidden if deemed advisable, the discovery and the discoverer buried.

We are still, it seems, in Plato’s cave. The shadows grow more detailed and seem more real, their stories filled with intricacy and laced with hope but they remain stories, part of the soap opera that is existence.

In a frenzy now, all around the world, more and more of us are taking up our shovels and joining the gold rush that is the search for truth, digging deeper and deeper holes which swallow up many in the darkness of their detail.

Every now and again what seems to be gold is unearthed, attracting thousands or even millions of eager prospectors.

We forget what we know, that all that glitters is not gold.

Blinded by the light and the hope for spiritual riches and understanding we fail to notice that the mine has been salted and that we stuff the pockets and recesses of our consciousness with iron pyrites, with Fool’s Gold.

And maybe with fool’s God.

Begin with the understanding: The earth in which we dig is the reality in which we exist.

That reality is the creation of those that built the fire that casts the shadows, those that move the puppets that create the shadows we watch, enthralled and enchanted.

That reality exists within our collective consciousness, and we exist within our collective consciousness, and our collective consciousness is a product of and is enslaved by our collective consciousness, and that consciousness has been created and is misshaped by our controllers and is of their world.

You are not the you you believe you are.

You are a made thing.

We cannot think outside the box, for the box is all there is.

Or was.

Everything else is conjecture, is fantasy, and the purveyors of fantasy are the same merchants that have ever sold us belief systems. Their trumped up ritual strewn superstitions, their glittering garments and bejewelled ring kissing hierarchies drive wedges between us and leave behind their historical and their present blood spattered orgies of hatred and destruction.

They are, of course, designing the final version right now. More blood is being streamed into the inglorious pigs pudding that is the history of faith. The “new age” will turn the stream into a flood, and there is nothing more blinded by the light than the religious zealot, the madness in their fervour a miracle to behold as they machete children and burn alive blasphemers for the glory of their god.

They have until now, at any rate.

May they hang their collective billions of heads in shame.





These are the simple laws at the core of all religious belief.

Anything else is artifice, man made, viruses in the system.

Give these simple things to each other.

And the world will change.

The great surge, the swelling tide of the discontented is in and of itself the creation of the shapers of our destiny.

They have seen awakening coming for millennia.

Their strategy is to pervert it.

They’re winning, but the war is not over, for all of the most powerful weapons are in our hands, our minds, our consciousness.

They are Love. Forgiveness. Sharing. Freedom.

They are all we need.

Those that seek numbness or revelation in narcotics are supplied and encouraged by our controllers, egged on by the Leary’s and Mackenna’s of this world to go beyond our wisdom untutored and lacking the wisdom and knowledge of our shamanic forebears who trod those places with care and a long understanding, now lost.

Those that seek rebellion or revolution are guided and misled by our controllers.

Those that seek mass movements fall into the new belief paradigms devised and funded by our controllers.

Those that seek enlightenment are drawn towards their lights.

Those that seek truth will find their truth.

Every direction we take is a direction they provide, have ordained and are ready to steer towards their goal.

It is our controllers that are spooking the herd and causing the chaotic stampede, for reasons we are led to believe we understand but cannot, for we are not and will never be privy to their deliberations.

Except that they desire absolute control over us through control of our consciousness, and that control lets them perpetrate an unending stream of horror.

That something must be done to create a new reality is evident.

That a new reality must be born of our collective consciousness is evident.

That the never ending and increasingly intricate and subtle control of that consciousness is the single battlefield is a given.

The new slavery is a slavery of the mind, the internet the simulacrum of the freeing of knowledge acting as bait for the mavericks, the free thinkers, the cattle most despised by the controllers.

They now know where we live.

Judging them by their track record, and by the evident shift towards labelling us terrorists, it’s only a matter of time before they come knocking at your door and mine.

Understand that the apocalypse, the lifting of the veil is part of their strategy. The truth “movement” was designed to find us out and mark us down.

Do you see how easy it is?

The flow of words, their cadence, draws you in.

Their sound in your mind are their influence on your consciousness, shaping connections and rewiring your self.

Pictures and sounds enter, touch and smell and taste, reality shapes our being, enters our soul.

This information flow is a construct, a chaotic mathematical formula allowing for free will.

And so the game is played called life, and all the world’s a stage, and we mere players on it, as Shakespeare had it..

But what’s at stake is consciousness, for the endgame will be reached when the outcome is one of two long lasting conditions, a world of love or a world of hate, a world where every human enslaves another in a great pyramid of tyranny masquerading as freedom, or a world where every human is free, where each of us is equal.

And if you had the power to choose between a world built on the foundation of love rather than a world based on hatred, which would you choose?

If you had to toss a coin now and live by the outcome which would you choose?

And do you realise what it means, if you choose love?

And just how many of us would do that?

The consequence of that understanding is that much that we call real, much that we build upon as the basis of this reality would have to go.

Evil is systemised, almost hardwired into our world.

To defeat it, much that we understand must go.

It begins with money, such a revolution, and then with the obligations we all hold over each other and with which we enchain each other. We have to set each other free, do you see?

Once we do that, then we would know what else to do.

It is that simple to win the game.

All choose love.

Then we find out from each other how to steady the helm of the ship called life and steer her towards safer waters.

The precious gift called life, safe from us.

And we safe from each other.

And make that be.

Flip a coin.

Love or Hate?

Good or Evil.

Do that together and we will see how our consciousness can reshape this world, turn the nightmare into a dream.

The way the world is ordered is shaped by our collective will.

We can direct this programme with our collective will, our consciousness hived.

The hived mind.

And choose love.

It is that simple.

We have made for ourselves the tools.

Tweet that.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx

L'il Ol Me
Every single day, four times a day, no doubt representing shift changes of the zombies, l'il ol me gets a visit from the watchful. (Example below). If you blog, do you get the same?

The internet, of course, paid for and built around the globe by the masters serves in the same way as Hitler's local spies, sniffing out the mavericks and objectors. The alternative truth leaders draw them in. Everything is monitored. Stalin did the same with his great purge. Mao ditto. Every other dictatorial regime does the same thing, though now they have the technology it's much easier.

Next step, from Hitler's and Stalin's guides to totalitarianism, is to paint the objector as an enemy of the people. We see this now of course.
Perhaps there will be a trigger event for the roundup or, like the Night of the Long Knives, it'll be done by surprise.
A world free of non-believers, free of free will, the genetic genocide of the new world order.
Will we never learn?

Well, yes we will.

And to those who scan the internet and watch and record, who feel special because of the badge they wear and the pension they're promised, who are complicit in the steady march towards the abyss, a quote from a history book written in 2151 (I kid you not, I have it here):
"Most of these people had no awareness of their complicity in the crimes that were comitted against humanity at that time, and even those that did were held innocent at adjudication, being the product of the extensive system of mind control that shaped humanity's reality then. The vast majority were sentenced to perform good works and their numbers swelled the ranks of those volunteering to tackle the world's most dangerous assignments (the clearing away of the nuclear threat to our planet serving as an example).In this way they earned forgiveness and served as heros of the new civilisation."
(The First Days, A History of The Awakening, (World Knowledge Base, )

Hi Seattle, Love to you folks there:

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And so it goes on, day after day, even when for months I wrote nothing. That must have been so boring for you folks!
Love to YOU,

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dear Human Being,

This letter is reaching many others around the world. You have been chosen to receive it. What you do with the information it contains is for you to decide.

Whatever continent you live on, in whichever country, whatever God you believe in or no God, however rich or poor you might be, whoever you give your political allegiance to or to none, this letter is for you.

It is a call to duty. Maybe it’s what you have been waiting for?

It is about our future as a species and the part you can play.

It is about changing the world.

Set aside for a moment your personal concerns and ambitions and read on.

Our world:

This faint blue speck of light travelling through the universe we choose to call earth, we call Home, is a miracle that is, as far as we know, unique in creation.

It carries life, as no other place we know of. It is a special place. We hold its destiny in our hands.

Our species, the human race, has advanced such that our technology and our actions can destroy not only ourselves but also all life on this beautiful globe, and perhaps therefore all life in the universe.

As a human being, no matter how important or unimportant you are, you share in the responsibility for this state of affairs. You must do something, but what?

Our species:

Though sometimes it’s hard to see, we are by our very natures peace loving and caring beings. If you believe this is true of yourself, know that it is also true for nearly every other human being. We share this love of peace, as we share the desire for security in our lives. We do not seek war. We instinctively want to help those that suffer. We all of us see the harm we are doing to our planet and to each other, yet we share a feeling of powerlessness to change the world. We all of us want to be free, and know that all human beings should be born into freedom and live in freedom for all their lives. We all of us want justice and fairness in all of our dealings with other human beings. This is how things should be. It is the truth.

Until now, there has been no conduit for ordinary human beings to express this unity of desire.

This simple letter is its beginning. In it lies the power to change the world.

Our number is legion:

We are seven billion strong, our family.

In that number is the authority to change the world.

To make a world to live in that is shaped by the shared desires of us all. True democracy.

This movement:

This is your movement. There are no leaders, no policy makers, no ranks, no deals to be cut or rules to impose, no backroom sponsors, no money to change hands, no allegiances save the allegiance we have to our species and its future. Our message is simple, its heart lives in your heart, it can be expressed in one word and that word can change the world.

The word is Love.

It is time to speak the word. It’s time for the world to hear our voices.

What can you do?

Our world is full of ways we can share this message. You must simply pass it on for the world to change and for you to have helped this change happen. Share it on facebook or twitter, email it to friends, print it and send it to someone you love, to family and friends. If you are young, this is even more important for you, for the future belongs to you and it is your duty to make it reflect the desires of all of our species. If you are older, it’s time to make a stand. We can all see much that is wrong and want no part of that.

Too many of our family are suffering right now. It is time for our species to start again, for Love to be the road we follow to our future. Sharing this message will make that happen.

Use your imagination.

The word is Love.

Speak it, wear it, share it, advertise it for all the world to see that you are a part of this movement, that this is the future you want for all of our family, that there is the power to change the world in this simple word.

All of Us are in this thing together. Share this now. Share the message. Share Love. Change the world.:

A music video can get one billion hits in a couple of months. What can we do with Love?

Simply Pass It On. And when we see our number, so we can change the world.
Pass it on now, with love.   
Tweet that.                        
Olive Farmer, Crete, with Love xxx xxx xxx.