Friday, 30 August 2019

Wallace Marshall (UCSF): Ten Craziest Things Cells Do

A species is required to create the science that's needed to build a super-computer that can create "life".
It's an over-time building process.
Think about the tower of Babel, building a tower that gets close to "GOD".
The tower is over-time learning and additions, generation after generation.
That is: Think about a few thousand years of science, a species developing, getting cleverer as the species grows in number, moving faster if they can 'share' rather than 'sell' (noting that money value given to knowledge hands control of the speed of advance to those that control fake 'money'.)
ERGO: Humanity is the creator.......waiting to become......held back by 'money'.....
What we might create COULD be controlled, as we are now, by evil..........
That's the journey our species is on.