Wednesday, 13 March 2019


In different guises, but coalescing, there is a rising new Right across Europe, a 'populist' movement that is feeding off the growing resentment within every country that reflects people's justifiable anxiety and fear about migrants.
Simply, you should note that as with all things political, there are forces behind these apparently independent and naturally arising groups, and that these forces are the same forces that bombed and starved the nations across the Middle East and Africa and funded and control the many rich NGO's that 'rescue' these migrants and, with the complicity and backing of governments across Europe, bring them in to your nation, give them money and housing and other benefits (often in excess of or in preference to that available to citizens of each nation).

In other words, knowing how stupid and ill-informed we humans are, they are simply rolling out the same herd-driving strategies they have always rolled out when they want change. Create a problem, manage the reaction, insert new 'leaders', have them become Draconian and ruthless, have them emerge from the chaos they help to create as another bloody and genocidal bookmark in the history of stupidity that is our human story.

Those poor fools that gave their belief and allegiance to these demonic leaders become the aiders and abetters of this genocide and think they do right by doing wrong or are sucked into their baser selves and enjoy the killing and rape and bullying and the murder of children.
Such perhaps were the bomber crews that firebombed the thousands of children sent to the 'safety' of Dresden in WW2, or the Nazis that staffed the death camps that existed in the Polish countryside or drove the trains, and such were the scientists that invented the atom bomb and those scientists that still now work in the business of killing, thinking themselves loyal patriots and priding themselves in their demonic endeavours.

This is the story of every fake revolution and 'new start' everywhere across our planet over the last two or three centuries.

It is not 'as if' humans are collectively stupid, but that in fact we are.
Because we are a controlled species.

We search for meaning in life and that search takes us towards a belief and, forever, we have found those who can shape that yearning and build from it a following then use that following to shape society or to grow their power.

So it is that those creatures that were payed Agentur managed to create the Russian revolution based on the propaganda of the false prophet Marx and then subjugated the Russian peoples and murdered anyone that disagreed or objected or simply failed to comply, using 'believers' to do their dirty work. The same is true of the fake Communist revolution. The same is true of all organised and orchestrated religions. The same is true of 'democracy'. The same is true of the chief weapon utilised by the power to control the behaviours and activities of we human beings, that ultimate and longest lived myth, the fake stuff they call 'money' and which is the engine of almost everything which we do that is evil.

Note that with movements that have leaders it has always been a simple matter to bribe, corrupt, blackmail or terrify those leaders or, if those strategies fail, to simply kill them. History teaches us this, (if little else for, as any sensible human being can see, our entire history is a confection of lies.)

Note also that with movements that arise spontaneously without leaders it is a simple matter for the Power to create 'leaders' by giving their appointed Agentur a deal of publicity, by arresting them and temporarily jailing them to create 'martyr' status (Hitler, Tommy Robinson, etc). It is a simple matter, too, to discredit those leaderless uprisings, by simply paying Agentur to cause violence and mayhem on the streets and thereby, at the same time, create fear. Yellow vest, anyone?

Rest assured, dear reader, that there is hope for humanity, that we may yet break free and become human once more, loving and passionate creatures bonded by family and community and love. Sometimes doing wrong, but never doing wrong in an orchestrated and evil or demonic fashion.

The answer lies in the collective consciousness of all of us, that great powerful force represented by the collective genius of billions of human beings built upon what we have created between us over time.
It is this that the Power fears.

Everything that distracts us at the moment, from the fake Brexit through the rise of the new Right, via the Russian 'threat' and the ever present debt manacles, including the ridiculous gender crap and the Kardashians, on and on and on.
All to distract us from realising our true collective genius and power.
It's working, do you see?

This collective understanding, this collective consciousness, will not face the parties or leaders or their paid bullies but rather address the instruments of control that drive us to wickedness and away from our true natures.

Our species' enemy gains its Power from the constructs it has taught us for centuries to believe in and ultimately to fight for.
They are:
Organised Religion
Hierarchy and a deferential response to authority that comes from 'above'.
Nations (rather than communities or tribes)
Race (rather than an understanding of the near identical genetic make up of our species).
Work, that most misdirected and mis-utilised force of the collective energy of humanity.
(Look around you and understand how much 'work' is done to maintain the systems of money, organised religion, hierarchy, nation and how much 'work' is done simply to create profit or manage the accumulated 'wealth' of those that succeed in this fake reality.)

We need to give each other food, clothing, homes, warmth, safety, care, fun and entertainment. We need to fix what's broken. We need to invent and to cure. We need to clean our planet of the poisons spread by the Power, from nuclear waste to pervasive plastic poisons. There is a vast amount of good work to be done and there are a vast number of human beings to do that work. There are enough of us to do all that needs doing, once we STOP doing what doesn't need doing.

We must stop all activity that the Power has invented to keep us busy and set about what we should be doing: Living beautiful and fulfilling lives full of love in a wonderful world.

Don't seek to follow, don't look for leaders, look inside and understand exactly what you are and what you are a part of: A vast and intricate and powerful entity called the human race that can, with a shrug, cast off the parasitical Power that is destroying us.

The previous post, about casting off the usurious debt slavery we all live under, describes how we might easily achieve freedom. It has nothing to do with giving our loyalty to another bunch of fake leaders. It has to do with dealing with the instrument of power, that which allows our Masters to manipulate us time and again, that which gives Power to those Masters and IS AT WORK SHAPING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS AGAIN RIGHT NOW.

Generation after generation we fall for these tricks.
It's happening again.
Those that fall for them can't believe they've been tricked and will, as it is in their natures, become angry if challenged.
Such is the nature of human beliefs and the Magick behind them, the consciousness controlling science of herd manipulation that has been ruling over us for Millennia.



This, with love, from Olive Farmer.