Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Third Awakening

The Third Awakening.

There are two forces at work in the world, evil and good. Evil is organised, good in a state of disarray. Every action taken at every moment by every human being falls into one or the other camp. There are no grey areas. We understand that, at core, almost all human beings are spiritually good, driven by love, but that the reality shaped for us by those in power makes it almost impossible for any of us to live a good life, to live without harming others.

If you drive your car is it just one of the particulates exhausted by your car that plants the cancer in a pedestrian's lungs? If you turn on your washing machine, is it the nuclear power station that produces that power that caused the Leukaemia in the child? Was it the plastic bottle you drank from that caused the death of that fish in the Pacific? As you buy you pay purchase tax, as you earn you pay tax: What part of that tax bought the bullets that rained down on Iraq, paid for the cop that got out of hand, funded the rich lifestyle of one paedophile politician or another, helped fund the 'money from thin air' usurers in their global war against humanity?

We have endured this inevitability of evil for so long now that we have forgotten what it means to be human, how we can live, how we will live once more when we have shaken off this parasitic infection. If you know the history of North America you will see that it was ever the intent of the power to destroy the tribal understandings that governed those peoples. The same is true of South America, and of Africa, and of the Middle East, in fact everywhere.

Part of the history of the progress of evil has been the deliberate and ruthless destruction of the ideas embedded within tribalism for those ideas spoke of wisdom ruling rather than power and fear, of sharing rather than competing (other than for fun), of nurturing our mother earth rather than despoiling, raping her, of respecting our learning rather than misshaping it to serve a purpose, of understanding our place in a continuity. Every tribe in every part of the world, all of our ancestors, all of those centuries of learning were deliberately eradicated so that we should forget who and what we are, how to be with one another.
We Will rediscover the wisdom of the past.

When people speak of a paradigm shift what they really mean is a movement from a state of existing within a reality based upon evil (on greed, on control, on misplaced power, on hierarchy, on beliefs which deviate from the original intent, on “I” rather than “We”, on fear), to a reality where all of these things have been ignored into non-existence and a new civilisation is built founded upon love, on good, and we proceed from that foundation with vigilance, lest we should ever slip again and allow a force of evil to insinuate itself into our collective consciousness.

We speak here often of the collective consciousness, how its manipulation is key to the power grid.
We speak here often of the true understanding of consciousness at the quantum level, how reality is in fact the creation of that collective consciousness.

There are two levels of existence: The first is that in which most people live, believing that reality is comprised of unchanging and 'solid' things, that the world is what it is, that their place in the world is bounded by restrictions of which time is the most unforgiving, trammelled by programming that determines their sense of self.
The second is that level of being wherein it is understood that reality is shaped by the collective consciousness and that the world is a construct of information, that the creator gave us to do with as we please as an expression of free will.

We do not speak of a “God”, for in that is embodied ideas of faith and of worship, and from those ideas come religions with dogmas, creeds, and sacrifices, from those idea come divisions, hatreds, ridiculous 'rules', burning at the stake, suppression of women, persecution and, always, war. From that we understand that 'God” is the creation of the evil power, religion used to serve that power's purpose: To taint every soul with evil.

That there is such a creative force is the product of the progress of scientific understandings. Both Einstein and Planck recognised its existence though the computers which are commonplace now did not exist in their time. It is through computers we see the nascency of a science that can create alternative realities, presently dealing with just two senses (sight and hearing) at low resolution compared to the reality we exist within, but no doubt at some future point being capable of creating a reality as convincing as this.
From numbers. From information.
Just as this reality does.
Ergo, there must be a creator.

We have written here often about what the purpose of the game must be.
The first purpose is that we, as a single collective consciousness, should come to the realisation that there is good and there is evil and that we should choose good.
The second purpose is that we should at some point come to a full understanding of how this reality is made and, from that understanding, develop the ability to create realities ourselves.

There is a certainty in that progression, but the second point cannot be achieved until the first is realised, for our true civilisation cannot be achieved from the current reality wherein there is ownership of knowledge and ideas rather than the free sharing of those things, where money acts as a brake on the speed of advance, where evil controls scientific experiment and research and publishing, where evil can prevent the discovery or spread of life changing science..

If you follow these logical progressions you will find that there is an inevitability to the evolution of our species and the movement to a new civilisation. Everything our masters are now doing is driven by their need to prevent that evolution. Their chief success has been their capability in separating people, in dividing the single tribe that is humanity. Their tools have been religion, ideas of race, money, nation, politics, political ideas, social class or caste, hierarchy, 'capital', ownership and so on.

We should be clear about ownership. Every human being needs to know that the roof over their head is their own, that their clothes and 'things' are their own, and that nobody can take them from them. Every human being should have a decent place to live, one with which they are happy and one which they might grow out of and move on from as time passes. We have utterly failed in this, and yet simply by being human and alive in this reality each of us is an inheritor, by birthright, of an equal share in this planet. It is ours. We 'own' it. Nobody in human law owns more of the planet than anyone else.

We have described here before how a city with the population density of Paris, with its squares and parks, its public utilities, its crowded centre and its sprawling suburbs, how a city such as that extending over the whole of Texas would accommodate all seven plus billion human beings. More, in fact.
There is no over-population.
Our planet is huge.
We do need to stop raping her, do need to repair the damage we've done, do need to change our eating and other consumption habits, do need to focus our science on these things, but there's plenty of room and plenty of stuff for billions more of us. We need to focus on happiness, of course.

When you read this blog please understand that in the future there will be no such thing as money, no system of exchange. All money is fake and we do not require it. It is merely a system of control and a way in which the labour of we human slaves can be stored and concentrated as 'energy' or power in the hands of the few.

The fake idea of communism, developed by a close relative of certain banking bloodlines, insisted on 'money' and 'a strong central bank'.
In practice, communist revolutions were funded by the banking bloodlines, the awful murderous hierarchies they developed a symptom of that control ethos. Still now, 'communist' political groups have their hierarchies, their 'party officials' and so on. Trades Unions, now almost gone, suffered from the same malaise. Good pay and profitable corrupt payments to those that formed the hierarchy of power defeating the avowed intent of the unions origin.

The ideas of communism and national socialism were deliberately staged events in human history designed to besmirch the ideas embodied within them, ideas of community and communal effort, ideas of sharing, ideas of building a sharing society in a place where the culture and history of a people are somewhat distinct. We associate both with killing regimes, so they served their purpose well.

Can we ever learn to dispense with hierarchy, to dispense with leadership, to shake off the idea that we are NOT all equal?
Well, it's do that or die.

What's happening in the world right now is that the human species is slowly waking up to its condition of mind-slavery. This is evidenced by the increasing numbers of disbelievers, people who are not yet truthers but have come to the conclusion that their politicians and media are a bunch of lying rats. These people commonly choose not to vote. Increasingly they search the internet for their take on events. It is these disbelievers that should be drawn into the fold as we progress, adding their billions to the millions of truthers there are right now (deliberately uncounted and by design kept separate from one another).

What unites truthers is a common understanding: That we could, should and will have a world that is not run by megalomaniac psychopaths, a world that is just and fair, a world that feeds the starving children rather than bomb them.
As we know, the power expected these truthers and prepared a thousand 'points of light' on the internet to distract, divide, exhaust and steal the 'leadership' of. The power is winning that battle, but increasingly truthers are beginning to realise that they have been targeted by intelligent and well funded psychologically clever trickery and are now, increasingly, wary.
This is the second awakening.

The third awakening is the realisation that we are all in this together, we human beings.
The news and the fake alternative media which, more often than not repeats the mainstream news with an added comment or two, tries to focus truthers' minds on the old warhorses: Nation! Race! Religion! Money! Gold! US v THEM. Divide and rule is evident in everything the alternative 'leaders' produce. They even argue amongst themselves, with intent, never finding the true focus that is required, the shared common desire for love that exists in almost every human heart.
Remember: Most of the bad people you know were born into an evil world, had harm done to them that made them selfish, bitter, made them bullies or thieves, made them strangers to the power of love. They are to be forgiven, as are you for the harms you have done and, as the generations pass in our new civilisation, those types will grow fewer, will eventually disappear, and our species will have reached its destiny.

To reach the point of the third awakening is to understand that almost everything you have grown to believe in must be shaken off.
As a species we must cast off the religions we were given, must do away with money, must dispense with hierarchy, must ignore fake democracy and find a way in which the kind, the loving, the wise amongst us can guide us (rather than lead us). We must rediscover that peace is bought through the collective actions of good people, that we must carefully all of us police each other, not through lynch mobs and swift injustice but through the rule of common law, born of love, collectively and actively applied by everyone.
In the future, every person born will at a certain age and for a year or two become a protector.
Protectors will protect people, ensure everyone's safety.
Every young person will learn the value of protection and understand from the experience that there is no room for fear in our world, that every bully at every street corner or in every class must learn that we will not tolerate their kind. We will not be bullied at work. We will not be bullied by an unjust system. We will never allow a power to develop or a hierarchy to be formed so that we will never be afraid again.

To reach the third level of awakening is to realise that YOU have to give up some of your beliefs and seek the foundation of the new civilisation, love and the good that grows from love. This does not mean you have to give up your belief in a creator, merely to set aside the books and hierarchies that constrain that belief and seek communion with your creator from within.
Did not Jesus say that?

If you are truly awake you will know that the power has seen our coming and has prepared alternatives which are being slipped into the human consciousness via their agents.
They plan to do away with money as we wish, but will replace it with a fake 'gold' backed digital currency. (Note the love affair with gold and bitcoin amongst the likes of Cliff High or whatever he calls himself, Alex Jones and many others.)
They will do away with inequality by paying everyone a basic wage via their chip (though all pigs will be equal, be sure some pigs will be more equal than others).
They plan to do away with nations. Check the world council of Mayors via the United Nations, the 'sustainable cities' project and many more. They will blame the wars they orchestrate on 'nations' and will divide us into embattled cities.
They plan to do away with democracy, having already around the world set up NGOs and recruited into the ranks of civil services and corporations, police and judiciaries people they call “Future Leaders” who have all been mind-engineered by a 'charity' called “Common Purpose”. When the mass of people wake up to the illegitimacy of their elected governments, so they will be persuaded to hand 'governance' over to the people that provide services: Charities, government agencies, corporations, NGOs, all being 'non-profit', all being 'led' by 'Common Purpose' graduates.
They will do away with religions, and bring in a new world religion. First they will get everyone to question their faith by creating a religious world war (underway now), then get the leaders of those religions to come together (already underway as announced by the Pope, the Russian leader of the Orthodox church, many Mullahs etc).

Do you see?
Even though humanity itself has not reached the third level of awakening, the power has realised its inevitability and is preparing, itself, to destroy religion, nation, ideas of race, money, hierarchic power structures and so on.
Then THEY will introduce the replacements humanity craves and create an utterly FAKE new civilisation and everywhere embedded within the new structures will be their “Future Leaders”, their more equal pigs, and everywhere there will be fake digitised money which our masters create, and everywhere there will be the ownership of individual human beings through the control of their ability to either buy or sell.
They plan to make the world so utterly chaotic that the awakening masses will demand these changes and, when they magically appear, will view them as of their own creation.

It is at this point that some greatly honoured world figure will arise. He will promise to exert all his power to bring peace. He will call together the world's leaders and the world's faith leaders and the heads of the mighty corporations. He will pledge his personally vast pile of gold to the new world currency and encourage others to do the same. He will make great promises. He will speak of his family's past evils and resolve to make amends for them. People, everywhere, will love him.
People, everywhere, will spurn or kill those who don't love him.
Those Maverick human beings that have reached the third awakening.
He will choose to go by his second given name. Arthur.
The once and future king.

All of these plans have been laid out for more than a century. Read Pike's letters. Read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Read the legend of Arthur. Read the histories produced by the Victorian British Israel society showing the line of descent of the British Royal family from King David of Israel. Research Common Purpose. Research the global cities movement (funded by the Rockefellers). Read the works of Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust's involvement with the UN. Research the connections between the Rothschilds and the Chinese lust for Gold. Find out what happened to the Gold the Japanese stole and buried in the Phillipines, who dug it up, what banking jobs certain Admirals gained, where that gold went, who was investigating those crimes, where they were and what happened to them on 9/11. Learn of Cecil Rhodes and the plans he and his co-conspirators laid to extend the 'soft power' of the Crown everywhere throughout the world via alliances with tame bankers and the deep manipulations of various secret societies and 'noble orders'.
Everything happening today is by design.
Everything is planned to prevent humanity from finding their true power, the power of a species to own its planet and shape its reality, the right of a species to live in a world of love and find beauty and happiness, justice and freedom from fear through that shared ownership, through the global understanding that we are one tribe, one species, diverse but connected, sharing one home.

You note the alternative media call the power 'globalist' and insist that globalism is a bad idea?
Well, they would, wouldn't they?
Because no man is an island, because no 'nation' can survive alone, because every human being should have an equal stake in our world, because of these things and many more, ONLY a GLOBAL human solution can answer the needs of our species, can make our species a cohesive entity, can speak for our species to the universe and in that speaking announce:
We Are.
And We Are Good.

Aktina and I are sure that, if there are others in this universe, they are waiting for humanity to find this single voice, to discover that we are Love.

As to the reason the power wants to render us infertile and to kill us through war, wants to dumb us down through bad education, wants to misdirect our science, wants to own our better minds and direct what they research and so on?

As our number grows, so we have more geniuses.
Simple maths, explaining the rate of technological change.
So the more we are, the collectively cleverer we become.
Eventually, through that collective cleverness, we will see how we are enslaved and find a way out.
Through that collective intelligence we will discover the foundations of a new global civilisation.
This is humanity's destiny.
The power seeks to prevent us from achieving this destiny.
It is YOUR task, as someone who has reached the third awakening, to prevent them.

We do this by sharing understandings.
Share this.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx
P.S. The power has long targeted this blog with its algorithms. We guess because we are dangerously simple, identifying how the power 'is', seeing its instruments, knowing how these instruments ('principalities') can be readily ignored to death. I wrote this two years back and since then my visitors have plummeted, no comments get through to us and no donations are received. We are here for a purpose, all of us human beings, and what we have now IS NOT our purpose, nor our destiny. WE exist in a false reality, dominated by selfish evil and snide cunning. More and more humans see this now as our collective consciousness awakens, yet we are being misled. The time to do battle approaches, not with violence, but through ignoring the power structures: Money, misplaced faith, hierarchy, nation, race etc., all those things we are schooled to fervently believe in ..........
To the monitors: You are weak and your purpose in life is becoming 'of the past'. You will be reviled among human beings. Your 'status' will vanish. We know what you are and we will find you, root you out and condemn you. We will shun you, forever. None of us will speak to you, ever again. Your fake 'money' will be gone. Your security will disappear. We will mark you indelibly. You are of the past. Recalled by history in the same light as SS prison guards or Gulag bullies, human beings will vomit at the thought of you. For shame, you have become inhuman and we will treat you as lepers among us as we grow into the new light of our  human world.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


In different guises, but coalescing, there is a rising new Right across Europe, a 'populist' movement that is feeding off the growing resentment within every country that reflects people's justifiable anxiety and fear about migrants.
Simply, you should note that as with all things political, there are forces behind these apparently independent and naturally arising groups, and that these forces are the same forces that bombed and starved the nations across the Middle East and Africa and funded and control the many rich NGO's that 'rescue' these migrants and, with the complicity and backing of governments across Europe, bring them in to your nation, give them money and housing and other benefits (often in excess of or in preference to that available to citizens of each nation).

In other words, knowing how stupid and ill-informed we humans are, they are simply rolling out the same herd-driving strategies they have always rolled out when they want change. Create a problem, manage the reaction, insert new 'leaders', have them become Draconian and ruthless, have them emerge from the chaos they help to create as another bloody and genocidal bookmark in the history of stupidity that is our human story.

Those poor fools that gave their belief and allegiance to these demonic leaders become the aiders and abetters of this genocide and think they do right by doing wrong or are sucked into their baser selves and enjoy the killing and rape and bullying and the murder of children.
Such perhaps were the bomber crews that firebombed the thousands of children sent to the 'safety' of Dresden in WW2, or the Nazis that staffed the death camps that existed in the Polish countryside or drove the trains, and such were the scientists that invented the atom bomb and those scientists that still now work in the business of killing, thinking themselves loyal patriots and priding themselves in their demonic endeavours.

This is the story of every fake revolution and 'new start' everywhere across our planet over the last two or three centuries.

It is not 'as if' humans are collectively stupid, but that in fact we are.
Because we are a controlled species.

We search for meaning in life and that search takes us towards a belief and, forever, we have found those who can shape that yearning and build from it a following then use that following to shape society or to grow their power.

So it is that those creatures that were payed Agentur managed to create the Russian revolution based on the propaganda of the false prophet Marx and then subjugated the Russian peoples and murdered anyone that disagreed or objected or simply failed to comply, using 'believers' to do their dirty work. The same is true of the fake Communist revolution. The same is true of all organised and orchestrated religions. The same is true of 'democracy'. The same is true of the chief weapon utilised by the power to control the behaviours and activities of we human beings, that ultimate and longest lived myth, the fake stuff they call 'money' and which is the engine of almost everything which we do that is evil.

Note that with movements that have leaders it has always been a simple matter to bribe, corrupt, blackmail or terrify those leaders or, if those strategies fail, to simply kill them. History teaches us this, (if little else for, as any sensible human being can see, our entire history is a confection of lies.)

Note also that with movements that arise spontaneously without leaders it is a simple matter for the Power to create 'leaders' by giving their appointed Agentur a deal of publicity, by arresting them and temporarily jailing them to create 'martyr' status (Hitler, Tommy Robinson, etc). It is a simple matter, too, to discredit those leaderless uprisings, by simply paying Agentur to cause violence and mayhem on the streets and thereby, at the same time, create fear. Yellow vest, anyone?

Rest assured, dear reader, that there is hope for humanity, that we may yet break free and become human once more, loving and passionate creatures bonded by family and community and love. Sometimes doing wrong, but never doing wrong in an orchestrated and evil or demonic fashion.

The answer lies in the collective consciousness of all of us, that great powerful force represented by the collective genius of billions of human beings built upon what we have created between us over time.
It is this that the Power fears.

Everything that distracts us at the moment, from the fake Brexit through the rise of the new Right, via the Russian 'threat' and the ever present debt manacles, including the ridiculous gender crap and the Kardashians, on and on and on.
All to distract us from realising our true collective genius and power.
It's working, do you see?

This collective understanding, this collective consciousness, will not face the parties or leaders or their paid bullies but rather address the instruments of control that drive us to wickedness and away from our true natures.

Our species' enemy gains its Power from the constructs it has taught us for centuries to believe in and ultimately to fight for.
They are:
Organised Religion
Hierarchy and a deferential response to authority that comes from 'above'.
Nations (rather than communities or tribes)
Race (rather than an understanding of the near identical genetic make up of our species).
Work, that most misdirected and mis-utilised force of the collective energy of humanity.
(Look around you and understand how much 'work' is done to maintain the systems of money, organised religion, hierarchy, nation and how much 'work' is done simply to create profit or manage the accumulated 'wealth' of those that succeed in this fake reality.)

We need to give each other food, clothing, homes, warmth, safety, care, fun and entertainment. We need to fix what's broken. We need to invent and to cure. We need to clean our planet of the poisons spread by the Power, from nuclear waste to pervasive plastic poisons. There is a vast amount of good work to be done and there are a vast number of human beings to do that work. There are enough of us to do all that needs doing, once we STOP doing what doesn't need doing.

We must stop all activity that the Power has invented to keep us busy and set about what we should be doing: Living beautiful and fulfilling lives full of love in a wonderful world.

Don't seek to follow, don't look for leaders, look inside and understand exactly what you are and what you are a part of: A vast and intricate and powerful entity called the human race that can, with a shrug, cast off the parasitical Power that is destroying us.

The previous post, about casting off the usurious debt slavery we all live under, describes how we might easily achieve freedom. It has nothing to do with giving our loyalty to another bunch of fake leaders. It has to do with dealing with the instrument of power, that which allows our Masters to manipulate us time and again, that which gives Power to those Masters and IS AT WORK SHAPING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS AGAIN RIGHT NOW.

Generation after generation we fall for these tricks.
It's happening again.
Those that fall for them can't believe they've been tricked and will, as it is in their natures, become angry if challenged.
Such is the nature of human beliefs and the Magick behind them, the consciousness controlling science of herd manipulation that has been ruling over us for Millennia.



This, with love, from Olive Farmer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Take your cue from this:
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Unity IS WHAT WE NEED right now, and unity is found in the simple idea we propose here and ask you all to spread. 

WE are as a species, both at a personal level and at governmental level, now almost totally enslaved by usurious debt.

In almost every nation, but especially in the West and its allies, the law and its army of enforcers stand behind the holders of this debt and force its collection or seize the property of defaulters.

As proud parents we send our children to university, thus ensuring that our children put on the yoke of indebtedness and mature into adults bearing this intolerable weight.

Everywhere the cost of housing in our cities has been artificially inflated, year after year for decades. This was not 'market forces', but rather a connivance perpetrated by the banks and property sales businesses, each of whom benefitted massively from this slow but sure and deliberate policy.

Those older generations that bought in the sixties and seventies have seen the house they bought for pennies grow in value to dizzying and impossible heights. 

In 1940 the median house price in the US was $2,938
In 1960 it had risen to
In 1980 it was $47,200
In 2000 it was $119,600 (whereas if the price had just kepy pace with inflation it would have been only $30,600, according to the US census.)

Latest figures show that the median price is now  $363,300.

Recall, there are places where property is dirt cheap, in the busted heartlands of ex-industrial cities. These keep the median national price down!
In places where there is well paid work, in the mega cities that so entrance our young, a home suitable to raise children will cost from $500,000 to several million.

At the same time, student debt levels have rocketed.
At the same time incomes have stagnated.

The average salary for 25-34 year olds in the USA (ie the time when once people started families and, once, when one partner [usually the mother] would elect to stay at home and create a nest for their family, was $39,416 in 2016.
In the 1940's it was c. $1,000
So to buy a median house in 1940 cost around 3 times the annual salary.
To buy a median house in 2016 costs around 7.5 times the annual salary.

Somebody on minimum wages or close to them, and there are many millions so enslaved, have no possibility of EVER owning their own home.
Frankly, even those that prosper face little prospect of ever owning their own home too.
They will merely occupy a home that belongs to a bank until such time that an income hiatus occurs, brought on by unemployment or ill health. Then the bank will take the home.

The evidence litters our cities, where the American homeless numbers burgeon.

The near impossibility of ever getting out of debt, of ever owning one's own home, has created an intergenerational barrier. Put simply, our young have grown to despise the old because they own a home or have no debt or, indeed, have some savings.

Interestingly, our young are now very much in favour of euthanasia (76%), but not so much in favour as our 40-60 year olds (84%), who are closer to those now countless millions that are ageing in sickness because of the poisoned food, water and air that has been gifted to humanity by corporate greed and purposeful intent over the last 60 years or so.

In the 1940's most human beings would have recoiled in horror at the idea of abortion unless for serious medical reasons. In the 1940's most human beings would have recoiled in horror at the idea of euthanising our elderly.
How times have changed.

Each generational cohort has been assaulted by a devious and clever manipulation of attitudes, driven by those that orchestrate our world's governments, such that what was previously considered horrific or beastly or even satanic is now considered acceptable or casually unavoidable.

The last 50 years, in other words during the watch of the older generations, has seen the complete debt enslavement of humanity and the twisting of its moral compass to such an extent that a 50 year old in 1950 would almost certainly vomit if they watched an evening of today's  television.

The coming world chaos will be driven by the intergenerational strife that has been created by the consciousness shapers and debt creators, as much as it will be driven by all the other assaults on our species from weaponised migration to chemical enfeebling, from engineered rivalries between countries to contrived racial and religious strife.

I simply ask this question:

What would be the outcome if every human being in debt , on one pre-agreed date, simply refused to pay any debt? 

Both personal debt and the vast governmental debt which their taxes pay the interest on and which grows, year on year, ALL OF IT CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR BY THE MOBSTERS THAT CONTROL THE CREATION OF MONEY AS DEBT.

These money magicians have now lent an astonishing $233 TRILLION to the human race.

That's around $32,000 to every single living human being, from a Swedish 2 year old to an Australian Aboriginal grandmother that has always live in the outback and hardly knows what money is .
It's worse, of course, if you are working, because children have no ability to pay these debts, the unemployed and the sick and the elderly are generally equally incapable.

The global workforce is c. 3 billion.
Thus the workers of the world are responsible for $76,666 of government debt each.

Recall that billions of those workers live in India, China, Indonesia, Africa etc etc, where average wages are much lower than the first world countries. Half of the planet exists on less than $1,000 dollars a month and of course there are many places where $50 a month or less is the average.

Bear in mind, too, that the average figures are boosted by, in every nation, the salaries of the corporate and governmental elites and those that hold senior jobs in the vast networks of fake NGOs that have been spawned in readiness for the collapse of democracy and the introduction of the New World Order.

By which we conclude that this fake and artificially created debt, which lies in the ownership of private bankers, can be considered unpayable, ever.

Is this our legacy to future generations? 
A world of chaos and perpetual debt slavery?
A world of perpetual conflict?
A world devoid of hope for our young?

Know this:There is only one way to end this perpetual cycle of misery.

I'll ask the question again:
What would be the outcome if every human being in debt simply, on one pre-agreed date, simply refused to pay any debt? 

If a few so refused then the weight of the state and its laws would be brought to bear upon them and they would lose everything, including their liberty.


Then there would be NO WAY that any agency of government or law could ever try and enforce the collection of this absolutely fake debt.
And by refusal to pay this conjured out of thin air debt, we set our species free.

We could do this almost immediately.


I want you to think deeply about something.

Ask yourself what are the chief causes of fear in the world amongst we human beings?
What are the worst things?

Naturally there is war. There are murderous dictatorships. There is genocide. There are the vast almost uncountable threats to our bodies from pollutants, chemicalised water and food, deliberately murderous medical advice (eg that Statins will help you live longer, that cholesterol is bad for you,..... there are thousands of these). We fear, and suffer from, terrible criminality, from the nation killing bribery and corruption of those in authority through to drug dealing and prostitution and the trafficking of babies for sex or for organ harvesting.

There is much to fear. Too much. And its source is clear.

Anyone that takes a discerning view of history, anyone that takes a moment or two to research these matters beyond what the fake history books and fake media drill into us, finds that it was the bankers' money behind the French revolution and its guillotine, behind the Russian revolution and its Gulags, behind Hitler and his war and his death camps, behind the Chinese revolution and its murderous and still genocidal activities, behind countless dictators from Peron to Pinochet to Sadam Hussein.

Bankers created the death mills of the 20th century.

Big money is also behind every single pollutant we human beings produce and are being weakened and killed by. It is big corporations that make the plastics and the poisons, big corporations that make the cancerous nuclear power stations and the weapons derived from them, big corporations that make treatments that sicken us rather than cures that can help us (and also make truly beneficial medicines illegal, or slowly legalise them in such a way that bog money dominates their production and can thereby shape their effectiveness,...or deliberate ineffectiveness).

It's difficult to fight big corporations, because they employ many of us. The are slave owners, and often slave owners that pay not a penny in taxes, not a penny to help we human beings repay the fake debt we are saddled with.




What would be the consequence of we human beings refusing to pay these artificial debts?

The consequence would be that money would collapse.
What would be the consequence of a collapse of money?

Well, our banker rulers would expect the world to become utterly chaotic.
They think they know us better than we know ourselves.

They would expect riots, then wars, mass starvation, that everything and everybody would stop working, that within a few short weeks we would be weeping and wailing and begging on our bended knees for some saviour to bring back fake money to the world and so shackle us forever.
And know: The bankers intend to create such a collapse themselves anyway.
It's one of the last pieces in the jigsaw of horror they are weaving about humanity.


WE'LL WRITE NEXT ABOUT how exactly we human beings can easily handle the fallout from the disappearance of debt and then money.

How it can be managed carefully to prevent injustice.

How ownership need not be threatened but actually enhanced.
How we can between us make it so that everyone, mortgagee or renter, has a guaranteed ownership of their homes, a certainty of food, a hand in government, a world of peace free of fear in which to prosper and be healthy.
How we can reduce the burden of work.
How we can being the process of cleansing our planet.

It will take all of the billions of us that just want these things. A home. A family. Clean food, air, water. Time to have fun. A future worth fighting for. It will take we billions, but because of our number and the very few that will try and spoil that future, it will be done.

The first step?
Simply we all of us refuse to pay debt.

There are thousands of fake or just self interested 'truthers' littering our minds with dross. None of them have a plan. THIS IS A PLAN.



Copy it, repost it, use it as a basis or script for a video, use it as a subject for a podcast, email links to friends, twitter it, put it on Fuc%book.





Wth all our love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Upgraded your phone? MURDERER

We live in an interconnected world (I hesitate to use the word global...) and our human answers MUST be as one tribe, therefore must be 'global'. The fake alternative media push against this idea, because it is plain to see that the current 'globalist' demonic savages are to be feared, so it is easy to accept the 'nationalist' concepts that are actually a part of the cabal's plans.

Duped again, do you see?

These old fake ideas keep us separated.
They also let the richer 'countries' piss and shit on the poorer, your brother and sister human beings.

Changed your phone recently?
Got a new laptop?
Chucked out an old DVD?

Then you, and to my shame I, did this:

Let's see our guilt. Grit your teeth.
We have killed, but there is a new way, a global human way, a way that does without money, from which almost every evil stems.
Only a unified humanity, free of money, can stop this murder.
Open your mind to a moneyless world.

Friday, July 6, 2018

With love....

Concomitant with this great surge towards technical accomplishment comes a deeper yearning, something we human beings are estranged from yet grows within us, a yearning for simplicity, for connection with our world's nature, for good company, for a deep and lasting understanding of justice and our duty to justice, that which stems from love as an absolute.

This is why we are disgruntled, this great disconnect between how we want to be and how we are shaped to be in this fake reality, that which robs us of our deepest understanding of commonality, of sharing, of fun, of love and sets us one against the other in a perpeptual battle for survival. And we see now and we know that we are relying upon those that would rather kill us, that we are trusting those that would poison us, that we give respect to those that desire our children's blood and andrenochrome for their fun and their youthfulness and their longevity.

Few enough understand this, yet our number grows. The great mass, though, sits at the tipping point, weighing a lifetime of disinformation against the rising consciousness of instinct. The slave masters, those 'others', strive to steer human consciousness towards war, towards self preservation in the face of imminent death, that which they have learned long ago to engineer.

What their strategy does is dehumanise us, for we human beings survive through cooperation.
Divide and rule.

So we exist in a time between times, a moment between epochs, a space wherein the dichotomy between that which we have and that which we have lost sight of but yearn for has been filled with an inhuman distraction, a great attractor, that which appeals to our basest instincts, that which denies that our finer instincts can prevail.

This is the single lie.

There seem to be a million lies, from fake government to fake 'money' to fake religion to fake hierarchy through fake 'medicine' to fake ideology and so on, but there is only one lie, one lie  to rule them all, one lie to find them, one lie to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Most do not recognise the journey we are each of us on, the trip we chose to take, the test we volunteered for. This ignorance of the nature of this reality is something we accepted as part of the deal, something we understood would be a part of this game. Even the simplest life form is programmed with an understanding of that which prolongs life, that which averts death, that which offers ease, that which fits the life form into the great fabric that the creator has woven to make this reality function.

Yet we human beings are born in utter ignorance. The spider's DNA tells it how to weave the miracle of engineering that is its web, the giraffe can walk ten minutes after birth, bacteria need no schooling, yet we human beings are born the most ignorant of all creatures, the most needful, the most empty of that which is required to survive.

That survival depends on motherhood, on fatherhood, on society, on organisation, on sharing and preeminent above these things on love. To live we require love. to live well we require an abundance of it. This is the first lesson our empty minds learn, the first lesson the fake reality urges us to forget, the understaniding that the great and devious lie has taught us to forget, to dismiss. We are schooled to treat as fantasy the idea that we can cooperate, when this very cooperation gives us all that we have.

We can live without money. It is a part of the lie.
We can live without hierarchy. It is part of the lie.
We can live without organised religion, without dogma, without fake books, all part of the lie.

All that we think we know has been fed to us. All that we believe in has been fed to us. All that makes this reality  'real' forms a part of the great lie, that which makes our lives short and, unless we are very lucky, makes them brutal or miserable.

We lie to survive in this false reality.
The truth will set us free.

Love is human.
Love is what we were intended to find.

Now is the Time.
With great love to all human beings, rotten or pure, base or high,
Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Older post, revisited.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Due to popular demand I now produce nicely printed copies of this piece to fit an A4 frame.
Each one is personally autographed by Olive Farmer, and is something that always starts conversations with awakening spirits.
To have your own signed copy, click the "Buy Now" button. Thank you, xxx xxx xxx

In memoriam for the many slaughtered innocents murdered by our glorious masters with the dumb unfeeling acquiescence of the sheeple electorates of the US and UK.
Particularly one baby, just 8 days old. May his soul rest in love and peace.
Something maybe to print out and stick behind the windscreen wipers of the SHEEPLE as they do their shopping at the fits on an A4.......
Then scarper, because the SHEEPLE get really angry when you give them the truth.
Angry enough to kill another baby, maybe?

"Do you remember killing me, my friend? Surely you must?
I was just eight days old.
But then why should you remember me, just one of the many children you have slaughtered?
But I was wrapped in a nice new blue blanket.
You still don't remember me?
I was being carried in the market by my mother.
You murdered her too.
Of course you don't remember, there are so many bodies, so many lives you have ended.
Not you, you say?
Why, it was you that paid for the missile that took my life, don't you remember?
It came from the tax you paid.
Do you remember now?
Money you regretted paying, because you need something else in your life.
Some gadget or toy.
You remember, you paid the wages of the man that aimed the missile at our market that day?
You voted for the man that gives him his orders.
The man you asked to protect you from me and my mother and the other million or so that you have slaughtered.
Do you still not recall?
I had a given name, but you know me as "collateral damage".
Remember, you were gifting us your democracy that day?
Your democracy of depleted uranium.
Or was it in self defence that you murdered me?
Or was it revenge for something I didn't do, years before I was born, knew nothing of in my innocence?
You tell me: Which just cause slammed my body into the dirt?
Did you think of me today as you went about your life, my friend?
Did you wonder what I might have become had you not slaughtered me?
Had not smashed my soft bones and crushed the new life from me?
Did you talk of me with your family?
Mention my murder to a colleague?
Spare me a thought as you filled your car at the station, ate your evening meal, watched T.V., tucked your children into bed?
Did you see my face today?
Did you wash my blood from your hands today?
It's still there, my friend, and always will be.
Did you pray to your God today?
Did you do anything to stop this murder today?
Did you protest? Did you march? Did you withhold your tax? Did you rage against the slaughter of innocents?
Did you spare just a passing thought for me today, my friend?
Remember I had a name?
My name was collateral damage. I was eight days old. Wrapped in a blue blanket.
And you killed me. Don't you remember?"

(Click "Buy Now" to get an autographed copy of "Remember" and help fund the Olive Farmer. Thank you.) 

Older post, revisited.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did you see my dive?

(When I saw those that jumped from the twin escape death for a few seconds more)
I'll never forget that day.
I'll never forget the instant certainty that the event was a charade, a 'big lie', a travesty.
I'll never forget Bush's expression, nor his gloating grin when he realised that it was working, this enormous fraud.
I knew then that it would become an excuse for more horror.
It has been.
This is in memoriam for everyone that passed on that day, and those that have been murdered since - with that day as an excuse, a justification for infanticide and genocide, for torture and rape.
It's another one for the Sheeple......

"Did you see my dive?"

"Did you see my dive?
Though I say so myself
It was a thing of beauty.
Behind me, certain finality,
In front
A few moments more.
Moments to savour breath.
It was, my friend, an easy choice.

Did you see my dive?
I like to think it was audacious
Full of bravado

You know
When things go really bad
How Time goes so slowly?
It was, for me, an eternity.
I had time for a quadruple somersault
In the Pike position!
Never seen before.

But the "board" was so very high.
I had time.

Time to consider my life's mistakes,
Suddenly clarified for me
By the circumstances.
Time to apologise,
Time to wish,
Even time to hope beyond hope.

Unfortunately, no camera caught my excellent dive.
No lens was turned my way
Which is a pity,
It was such a great dive.
I let out no scream,
I was too busy thinking.

I think I cried,
But not for myself.
I cried for the truth.

In the clarity that comes,
I assure you, my friend,
In such a great moment,
In the eternity of those few seconds,
What is revealed is the truth.

You discover what really matters.
You find what you really wanted all this time.
Right at the end you find
What really matters is love.
What really counts is the truth.

So if you can hear me now,
Even if you didn't see my beautiful dive,
Find the time to find love in your hearts,
For all of creation,
In everything you do.

And for me
And for all the others on that day,
Know it is your duty,
Know it is your obligation,
Not to simply believe
But to find the truth.

Insist on it.
Demand it.

Because of all the truths hidden in this world of lies,
This one truth can set mankind free.

And, because it's unlikely you saw it,
It was,
Dear friend,
A beautiful dive."

Older post, revisited

A Christmas song for the Sheeple..... (First Published Dec 2009)

Did you see the news today
Did you hear the anchor say
Your hero soldiers, in retaliation
Obliterated some foreign nation

They nullified the “terror threat”
(Adding billions to your national debt)
“With pictures some will find disturbing...”
But many, strangely, reassuring

The limbless child, the blasted village
The shattered lives, the rape and pillage
From the comfort of your TV chair
You guiltless sit and mutely stare

You thank your god for the brave marine
Who harvests blood for the war machine
And the President, who with his lies
Will soothe your guilt and sanitise

What makes you think it's not your business
This vile atrocity, this evil sickness?
Dumbed right down and desensitised
You swallow the lie as advertised

You turn from the horror to bland distraction
Wallow in your lethargy and inaction
Drink your booze or pop your pill
Do anything that saps your will

No way can you accept the guilt
For the shattered bodies, the blood that’s spilt
For the missile that's your Christmas present
To a Yemeni or Afghani peasant

(It's always nice, at Christmas time,
To launch a rocket, to lay a mine
The tax they’re taking when you shop
Pays for all the bombs you drop)

Why do you think that you don't care?
That you can sit and, unfeeling, stare
At a baby’s body, shattered, dead.
What have you let inside your head?
How can you think it's right to slaughter
Someone's brother, someone's daughter
You think it just, for 9/11,
To send a million souls to heaven?

How is it that a great democracy
Can swallow such foul hypocrisy
And you, in your bloody complicity
Forget you are part of humanity?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kids? Food and drugs for the dealers.

We Are a food source.
The child stealers are drug dealers.
They terrify the child, murder and extract the andrenochrome, sell it as Walnut Sauce.
There's a war on.
Always has been.
Humanity v. 'THEM.'
This guy, by the way, is human.

Paedos. Are they human, or INhuman?

This is something of a must watch.
Reminiscent of the Hampstead case.
The state gives the abused kids back to the abuser.
The state murders or arrests witnesses.
The media cover it all up.
The media smear the accusers and ruin their lives.
In this case, the USA have arrested and will place in the hands of the vile Lithuanian paedo elite someone who objected to all of this.
Where is the Hitlary arrest, Mr Trump?
Why are kids being held in ex-Walmarts, Mr Trump?
Why are migrant kids disappearing in the UK, America, everywhere?
Walnut Sauce?
The andrenochrome?

There are many that think we alone, we human beings, are the only sentient beings inhabiting this reality.
Think again.
They grow in number, and assume the bodies and minds of people you know, people you grew up with.
Is it impossible, knowing what we know about the nature of this reality, that something other has entered our space?
Has always been here, but now they grow in number.
We need those sunglasses, from the documentary 'They Live'.

Monday, June 18, 2018


We KNOW there is a heart of darkness, that this dark energy has more than a thousand years of practice at controlling and owning the human species, a genealogy that we can trace, a history of war after war, genocide after genocide, a history of controlling human knowledge and of owning what is useful in order to control, and slow, the rate of human advances.
What it's nature is can be only described as INHUMAN.
This great analysis shows how this POWER controls EVERYTHING.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Freedom with goodness is not only possible, it's natural.

Do you know, there is yet another division arising between we human beings.

Perhaps, despite the huge chasms that exist between the differing Abrahamic religions, this rift will become the largest single chasm separating our tribe.

This division is that between the 'awake' and the 'sleeping'.

As the understanding of our human condition grows, so the emergence of a new set of ethics is emerging. These ethics are bubbling into the consciousness of the awake.

They are not yet all shared, simply because the fake leadership of the alternative media strives to smother them with reversioned elements of the control grid.

Nationalism driven by fear of immigration, 'Gold Backed' or 'block chain' currencies, resurgent 'Christianity' or fundamental Torah Judaism or Koranic Islam, the Racialism of the new far right, fake new-agey medicine which is slowly opening the door to a new form of Big Pharma, even the plainly Luciferian 'New Age' religion coming in the back door through agencies like Marx-Hubbard's massively funded 'Shift' movement and other linked operations that encourage us to 'thrive'.....I could go on.

Remember, our reality is created by humanity's collective consciousness.

To control this consciousness brings absolute power.

Get a human being to belive in something and you get a slave for life that will kill those that believe otherwise. This is our story, as a species. That of humans being made to believe something fake and then ordered to kill other human beings that had been sold a different pup.

These old belief system had begun to crumble, so our masters understood that they needed to create a new set of beliefs and, from the chaos that is occurring between this new set of beliefs and the old will come a harvest of blood and a New World Order. 'Truthers' were created to form an element of this process.

Remember, the last two centuries are simply the story of this unfolding strategy.

Note, from the machinations of Cambridge Analytica and the vast web of connected corporations, that 'Big Data' is used to 'model' behaviours and that all of the 'Colour' revolutions, the 'Arab Spring' and other chaotic revolutions were engineered by these data owners and behaviour shapers. They created 'Islamic terrorism' just as they engineered the IRA terrorists in the UK and the Operation Stay Behind and Operation Gladio terrorists before that. There's always a stupid human being who will kill for something they have been fed, especially if 'God' or 'Nation' are involved. There's always a psychopathic half-breed human who will, for 'Money', do whatever they are bidden to do by the Power. CEO's of big corporations, evangelical preachers, drug lords, scientists that create death (too many to list), politicians at every level, bent police officers, soldiers (those that aren't psychopathic half breeds end up living in a tent in the woods or taking their own life when they mature and realise what they've done and for whom), and so on ad nauseam.

Know, then, that the 'Truth' movement has been and is a chief target of these too-clever consciousness manipulators. Their vast budgets and unlimited supply of well funded and well heeled 'leaders' (those adept at selling a message, expert at deception, having charisma and the Magick called Glamour) ensure that they are masters of your mind space, the setters of agendas, the creators of memes. They caused you to vote for Trump. They are getting ignorant beer bellied scumbags to hate Muslims and love their little boy 'Tommy Robinson' (whose real name is yet to be revealed).

Do you see?

The Power saw the rising consciousness of humanity coming before you and I woke up and created the internet and put i-phones in people's hands so that they had a direct line into your mind and are thus enabled to 'modify' your behaviour.

Years ago, knowing that people were becoming indignant at the power of 'Royals', they created 'Democracy', a strategy which enabled them to disguise where true power lies.

Now it is their avowed intent to capture the rising consciousness of humanity that sees how democracy is failing them, that sees how money and debt are enslaving them, that seeks redress for the endless wars and the inequality that creates starving babies and millions of human beings that have no home, that creates a huge army of debt enshrouded and drugged up zombies commuting to their worthless jobs where they labour for hours merely to pay the interest on fake debt.
In other words, they are after YOUR consciousness.

And getting hold of it.

If they don't, then they're finished. Ergo it MUST be.

Notice that just how evangelical Christians get really annoyed if you question any aspect of their faith, so do Alex Jones' supporters so react when some evident truths about that demon are pointed out to them.

We watched some videos of the Tommy Robinson demonstrations and noted how, as ever, there appeared megaphone wielding chant orchestraters, self appointed.....

They are everywhere, these agentur, in every organised protest.
Sometimes they dress in black and 'attack' the police (or should we say 'their colleagues?)
You see, as a mob, human beings are very easily led.
We know this from every fake 'ism' that has driven upheaval and revolution everywhere.

What the awakening human consciousness knows is the following:

We don't care which way you choose to swing, nor how you choose to dress, nor what colour your skin is, nor what creator you choose to believe in, just so long as you don't mess with our kids or try to force others to share your own personal belief system, just so long as you don't forcibly inject our children or make them learn, before they have even reached puberty, about anal sex and rimming and blow-jobs and all those other things that are for adult minds and adult decisions.
We believe in freedom, providing No Harm is done.

We don't believe in money and we despise the way it concentrates power in the wrongest of hands, and the way it creates criminality, and the way it gives rise to usury and so perpetual slavery. Money is an evil force, is not of human invention, was unknown among us all when we were tribes before we fell under the sway of the Magick that controls our consciousness.

We don't believe in organised religion. Look what they have done, those monsters, and still do. But we have a sense that this place was created, and we have an inner calling which requires us not only to do no harm but also to actively do good. Some call this a soul. We call it humanheartedness, that which unites almost all human beings. This is our human essence.

WE don't believe it's right to go to war. We don't want weapons of mass destruction. We don't want pollution. We don't want people to live with no roof over their heads, or live in fear, or starve, or die for lack of care.

This is Humanity, as it truly is. Waking up is coming to realise what humanity is, at core, and how we have been misshapen, and what forces have caused us to be so debased.

Once identified, human beings will know what to do about them. They are chiefly ideas and beliefs of Race, Nation, Religion, Money, Politics, Hierarchy, Democracy and so on. All these fake beliefs that  power has created to keep our collective consciousness in its grip simply need to be ignored until they wither and die. Those that want to keep one or the other of them are simply those slaves that benefit from them the most.

We can ignore them, too. Must ignore them. They are the Kapos of the camp.

We are humanhearted, we human beings. It is the essence we share. We have the numbers now to both cast off our masters' power systems and create a very heaven on earth. This may have been the creators intent from the beginning.

 If there are indeed alien entities observing us, or the creator, it is this humanheartedness that we should be expressing as a planet, as a species.

Currently, what do they see? Creatures that kill each other for fake reasons. Creatures that kill their own young. Creatures that believe in fantastical notions that are so evidently utterly false and absolutely harmful. Creatures that are in possession of a heaven that are raping it to death. Dumb, ignorant, nasty creatures is what we seem.

Yet we are just an awakening away from becoming wonderful.

So look for no new leaders, look for no new beliefs, join no rallies and marches, never repeat a mantra from some freak with a megaphone or a succesful Youtube channel. Look simply for your human heart and, when you have found it, start to ignore the power and its systems.Share this simple process. If 6 billion of us did so tomorrow, then the world would have changed in a moment.
Fear nothing. Rather, do the right thing.

There is one single belief that is worth having: Belief in the Human Race and our shared humanheartedness. That however low we have been brought, we are just a moment away from dealing with evil in its great variety and taking ownership of our world.

It is time the collective consciousness of humanity, what we really are, created this reality and made it a good and a wholesome place.

Freedom with goodness is not only possible, it is natural.

If there is a God, wouldn't that be its greatest desire?
Pass that on.

With Love,
Olive Farmer