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The time has come to count us good people and begin the change

Anonymous Anonymous said...
“So---How do we start a head count and have it go viral?”

Anonymous, thanks for the question.
I’ll take you to where we’re at, if you have the patience to keep reading (as few now do).
It is an interesting journey.

For what it is worth all I can offer is the contents of the “mind” I have and the questions that arise from the conclusions I have drawn. Whatever these thoughts are, they are nothing in the scheme of things, because they reach so few, touch fewer.

Alternative thinking and writing gets to few eyes, reaches few minds except those sensationalist scrawlers pushed into the limelight by the masters of this reality.

Part One.
For something to go viral in a world changing, epoch making way it must reach the hearts and consciousnesses of billions of human beings, especially those we class as sleepers. To reach them, it must seem to them that a great number of us are of one mind, that there is a bandwagon rolling and they should get on it.

This is a big ask, for whilst there exists a critical mass of discontented humanity the methods of collectivising their efforts and announcing their presence to the rest of our global tribe are entirely in the hands of our masters.

And of course they too are lost in the false reality and it is almost impossible to get them to pay attention and focus on the task at hand.

For this to happen we would need to break through the walls that have been carefully constructed over millennia by our masters, the controllers of the consciousness of humanity and especially those constructs that frame the thinking and set the agenda of the “truth seekers” of the world.

Absent some world threatening event being featured on all the mainstream media and visible to all there is little hope of this collectivisation of human consciousness.

This “great unifying event” option, I feel sure, is already in the minds of our masters as they seek the final piece of their new world order.

To serve as just one example, they have been laying the groundwork of an alien invasion through their Rockerfeller funded Steven Greer and the “Disclosure” puppets for some time.

They have perhaps planted the alien artefacts “discovered” , buzzed incredulous humanity with their black technology vehicles and so on in readiness.
Remember Reagan’s “I sometimes wonder….” Speech at the U.N?

Indeed, their plans are sophisticated enough to provide a million such myths and they can choose to make any one of them real at any time to suit their objectives.

So; it has to reach the masses, yet the masters of reality have all the cards in their hands and have their own strategies for this in readiness.
As ever, they are several moves ahead in the game.

When all seems chaotic and all hope is lost, it seems sure that they plan to unveil their once and future king and to render humanity abject subjects to a God-King.
This is how they prefer to be amongst us and for most of recorded history have been.

There are and have been throughout history countless events in the world that should cause global outrage and the rise of a new way and do not!

They speak volumes about the intensity of the mind-numbing process, the consciousness control of our species.

Currently, to cite just three examples, we have:
A) The artificial global “debt” storm that is wrecking lives everywhere.
I live in Greece, where suicides are now commonplace and a contented people have been rendered discontent.
How is it that nearly every nation owes such enormous amounts?
Who is it that has such money to lend?
Isn’t it patently obvious that this usurious money has been conjured out of thin air? Wouldn’t it be a simple matter to write off all created debt?

This powerful magick has entered the consciousness of humanity, yet it is so blatant as to beggar belief, its continuance testimony to the success of the consciousness control of the masters of reality.

B) The second is the tragedy of nuclear power and the evident link between radiation and the massive upsurge in cancers since 1945.
Our masters have exploded in excess of 2,000 of their bombs, for “testing”.
Every single one of their nonsensical nuclear power stations bleeds death into our environment.
There is nowhere on earth to safely store the hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive waste, a time bomb ticking in the bosom of our earth.
There has been accident after accident.
Chernobyl cost over a million lives.
The head count from Fukushima will be globally diabolical.
The Pacific Ocean is dying.

This is an ELE, yet the only species that can understand this threat knows almost nothing of this rapine horror, such is the completeness of the thought control.
The World Health Organisation spoke of an impending large spike in cancers worldwide, lying that it would be the result of “lifestyle”! That such big lies can be uttered without comment by those who are tasked with protecting our species speaks volumes about the strength and completeness of the control grid.

C) The third, perhaps the saddest, is the missing children.
There is not a police force in the world that collates, counts and thoroughly investigates missing children. Often, as exposed in the UK and the Catholic Church and elsewhere, the police that we pay to protect us instead protect and facilitate the sexual abuse and murder of our children.
There must be trials, when this is over, and these collaborators must be deprived of joy for the rest of their disgusting existence for that crime ranks above all others. They are traitors to their species.

Globally, states take children into “care” via closed and secret courts and, with the connivance of the police and social services and, amazingly and regrettably children’s charities, many of these children simply disappear.
That all of the major religions have a known and sordid history of child abuse yet their churches and temples still attract worshippers speaks once more of the power of the spell over our species.
That politicians and entertainers and royal families the world over have been dipping their demonic snouts into this horror is now well known.

Where is the revolution, where the riots, where the mass police action to round up these perverts?

That they can take our children and rape them and brutalise them with impunity is a measure of the enemy we face, its demonic nature and the strength of its control over the consciousness of the herd.

We let them do this to our children! As a species, this abject capitulation should cause us all to hang our heads in shame.

There are a thousand other global tragedies wrought by these monsters, yet humanity does nothing,

So, we can conclude that the mind control of humanity is such that they allow themselves to be enslaved by false debt, that they allow themselves to be slowly and agonisingly murdered by radiation, that they allow their children to be stolen, raped and murdered.

This consciousness control is so overwhelming and universal that few have grown into adulthood with their humanity intact.

We have, as a species, been engineered to become inhuman.

These are the understandings about the entities behind this control structure that we have collectively arrived at:
Some time ago the ruling elite, (whatever their origins, whatever their names), recognised that the world was about to go through epochal changes.

We estimate this foresight to have been arrived at in excess of a century ago, when for example Queen Victoria of England was absolute mistress and Empress of more than 40% of the globe.

It could, of course, have been thousands of years in the minds of the elite.

(If you cling to the belief that all of this experience is real there are tantalising pieces of “evidence” that civilisations have arisen and been obliterated before.)

As the head of a dynasty that traced its rule back a thousand years in England, much further back across Europe and then even further back to the middle-east, “she” could reach out her hands and kill anyone she chose, anywhere in the world.
She could take any country she had a fancy to.
She could commit, and did, such horrific crimes that Hitler and Stalin and Mao Tse Tung pale in comparison.
And all the time she was worshipped and honoured and deferred to and obeyed, such is the Magick at the disposal of these creatures.

Such power is not relinquished readily, nor has it been.
It is merely disguised now, in light of the rising consciousness of humanity.

Plans were laid and measures taken to meet the threat to this majesty posed by a species taking then its first steps into the light of a new way of being or, perhaps more accurately, awakening an ancient memory of what is humanity’s natural state for we are a stolen species, our consciousness kidnapped, creatures of love and peace and balance corrupted by an evil that seems in human form.

It may seem odd to suggest that such might and power should see a threat to its continuance from such an utterly controlled and mindless herd.
The world then was under almost total control.
Indigenous human tribal societies had been almost totally extinguished.
In more ‘advanced’ countries the populace had been further dispossessed of its connection with the land and the ability to live other than by labour for a master, for false money, in property-less wage, tax and debt slavery.

The relationship between the royal bloodlines and their banker allies had seen the birth of the debt slavery of nations and the personal debt slavery of individuals everywhere.

From such a position of strength was the strategy of the next hundred years formulated.
The last century has seen the completion of the control grid and the enslavement of the entire species.

It was foreseen that force of arms would no longer be enough to stem the tide and flow of humanity’s desire for freedom, for justice, for peace, for security, for a quiet life, for something better. Those yearnings all of humanity share.
Violence would have its uses yet, and fear in whatever form, but it was realised that new chains would have to be forged to bind we slaves, lest we break free.

Subtle chains.
Invisible chains.
Chains we wrap around ourselves unbidden, and smile as we do so.

Chains for the mind.
A prison for the consciousness.

This is where we are, as a species, today.
Ensconced in a prison of the consciousness.
Enchained and entrained by a system of control that is seen by few, believed in the existence of by even fewer and those very, very few are scoffed at by the rest.

In this asylum, the sane are seen as insane.
Tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts!
You and I, dear reader.

Plato’s cave!
Thousands of years on from that first insight into the true nature of humanity’s condition the circle is complete.

The details you all know.
The role of Tavistock, the media, the internet, false education, weapons that we know have been patented that infest our thinking, a web of satellites beaming who knows what, a veil of chemtrails masking who knows what, a thousand twisted elements form this great web that has cost humanity its future.

Explain to your “sleeping” friends what is going on in the world and see how soon they change the subject, witness how quickly they revert to staring at their smart-phones, watch how they need to get away from you.

It is as if you hadn’t spoken your truth at all……

And this is how we know that something is deeply wrong with them.

It is in this bland indifference that we witness what has become of our species, a species only roused to anger at the whim of the masters, directed by more of their controlling methods, putty in the hands of those that mould our false reality, incapable otherwise of anything but fixed staring and muted-ness in response to truth.

Herein lies the root of Jihadism, here the stem of false “revolution”, here in the same place as the flower that is global apathy.

Witness the muted Japanese, showered daily with Fukushima’s deadly rain.

Witness the Americans, ignorant of the radioactive death of the Pacific Ocean, complaining about “climate change” because so they are directed so to do.

Witness the British, exposed in their millions to the brutal fact that their leaders and their beloved Royals have been and are raping and murdering their children, and doing nothing but believing still that an “inquiry” will deliver them the “truth”, that the culpable and equally guilty police will bring the perverts and Satanists to justice (which would involve junior officers arresting their “superiors”.)

Witness the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and many, many more places where human beings are systematically misled into fratricide.

And more to come….

Everywhere in the world our children are being murdered yet the zombified humans cannot give a damn, so enraptured are they and so fascinated by the magick that is Tavistock and the myth called money and its enslaving sister Usury.

So, those that have somehow managed to be immune to this sickness represent the future of humanity and its last chance.

What a pity, for these few too have been rendered mute by trickery and deception.

It is only these mavericks that can awaken the herd from its hypnotic trance and so our masters prepared for such as you and I and readied their strategy to deal with we “tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts”.

They needed to apply a deeper psychology to this battle front.
They needed to distract us.
They needed to divide us at whatever cost.
They needed to dissipate our strength and wear us down.
They needed us to lack focus.

They needed to make sure that we never came together, that we never stood in one place, that we never counted our number and realised that we weren’t mad loners, that there were millions upon millions of us and if, just on one day, we acted together then it would be the beginning of the end of the old world….. and the first day of the new.

Their weapon of choice against us was the internet.
They are confident it cannot be seized from their hands and turned against them.
Perhaps they are correct in this belief.

I have spoken of the need for critical mass and for pushing toward the tipping-point many times, and have tried repeatedly to begin such an event as have others, but to no avail.

Plainly, the mavericks are as controlled as the rest of the herd.

To all thinking human beings this is the fundamental issue.

(Here I draw a distinction between the well qualified left-brain middle and professional classes, those learners by rote that have come to dominate the intellectual high ground and the rewards for compliance with the wishes of the ruling elite: The teachers that teach lies, the chemists that develop drugs and vaccines that do such harm, the physicists that build the nuclear power stations, the gate-keeping failed scientists that run the scientific publishing industry, the developers of increasingly demonic weapons, those that think themselves clever and are not but are merely the possessors of retentive memory skills. I draw a distinction between these especially dangerous useful morons and the true thinkers amongst us.)

It represents the last throw of the dice for our kind.

How, where and under what banner can we stand?

If a banner is raised and we stand under that banner so we become the focus of attention….

Fifth columnists infiltrate the ranks and sow discord.
Black-wearing masked hoodlums appear and do harm so that the movement is painted as black as the provocateur’s hearts.

Normally, those that raise the banners are the agents of the enemy themselves!

Spot them by their well made videos, their scripted and orchestrated speakers, their cross-referencing to others of their ilk and to no-one else, their access to funds enough to travel, to make speeches, to be filmed at the right event, their New Age religion reversioning of what humanity wants.

They speak of sharing when they are richer than we, yet they do not give but ask for more. This alone labels them for what they are.

For the first time in humanity’s known history, (this time around?), we have the technology to make some sort of unity almost instantly possible.

Great changes in the world happen quickly now because, for the first time, we are almost all connected.

So it is time to make something new happen, if we can do so without false leadership and the wrecking influence of the many deceivers there are out there stealing our hearts and our loyalties one by one and rendering us piecemeal.

What cannot be done is more of the same stuff that humanity has always done, and usually does under the controlling aegis of the masters. We can’t have false revolutions like the French, Russians, Chinese, like the “colour revolutions, like the “Arab Spring”.

All of these were controlled oppositions we now understand and witness almost daily around the world.

All of them have led to subjugation, to terror, to demagoguery, to violent chaos.

Witness the Ukraine today, where the vast majority want peace and an absence of fear and to get on with their lives and where the false agents of the global power have seized both the government and the oppositions to the government and have laid the groundwork for decades of horror.

That great majority of loving Ukrainian human beings need to COUNT their number.

With no leaders, with no agenda other than the desire for peace, with no chance for the weasels to insert their provocateurs, to stand together and decide, in that unity, TO IGNORE, AS A PEOPLE the power structures and authorities of the corrupted state and the myriad of phoney oppositions.
The state and its apparent oppositions act as the enemies of the people they purport to serve and defend. AS more lose their lives, SO the motive of “just” revenge will seep into more and more hearts. This is the method of our masters, as can be witnessed in many places now, of foisting perpetual heartache and misery on entire peoples.

The word that describes the taking of power from those who use it falsely is “mutiny”.
Ukraine doesn’t need a revolution.
It needs a mutiny of the people.
For the people.
A leaderless and collective and great booming and resounding “NO” is what is required, and to IGNORE that which says it has power and the civil servants that grant such power the appearance of authority and, ignoring the state’s supposed authority over elections, to choose new governors.

Here is how that might be done. Ignoring government and parties and politics, each three people in a nation choose from amongst that three which they would trust, which they trust to be good. Those chosen then meet and form threes again, and again they choose from those three which they trust and trust to be good. That process is repeated, until, outside of government and its supposed power structure, a new group of leaders is anointed by the peace loving majority. The people then follow those they have anointed, ignoring the authority of the supposed government, assuming what is rightfully theirs, the right to choose those who wield authority in the manner of their own choosing.
The world knows Democracy is finished, is a sham. It is time top try another way, and this should start and must start in those nations so beset by chaos that a mutiny of loving people is all that can save them.

There we could see and prove the well understood truth.
Most of us want peace, want love, want justice, will share.
And if most of us stand together, we can ignore until they wither and pass from our consciousness the minions of the evil force that controls humanity’s consciousness and is destroying our world.

There is of course a problem.
Truth seekers, people of love around the world cannot see the worms in their particular “awakening” and very often have by now given their loyalty and their belief to one agent or another of the false masters. As a result they won’t listen to those who point out that their chosen icon is false and just as believers in Christ or Mohammed do they suffer cognitive dissonance, such that true unity cannot be discovered amongst even those that are awake to the world.

The placemen of the false opposition are legion, catering for every taste. A thousand points of light were promised and now they infest the consciousness of the mavericks and distract, distract, distract endlessly and never once call for a global head count of the millions of us that despise the twisted evil that is destroying our beautiful earth and its creatures.

So engineered are we mavericks, the last and forlorn hope for the species, that we too are as dust under the heels of our masters and serve their purpose.

Witness the Tea Party.
Witness the false Occupy.
Witness Thrive.
Witness the misled Million Mask March.

Witness countless other false starts and false leaders. The Venus project. Zeitgeist.
Shift….etc etc ad nauseam.

I have not time nor the energy to list the minions that are out there, funded generously by the masters and by their duped followers. What each of them does is take some steam from the building-upwards pressure of a species destined for some sort of ascension into a new global civilisation and now held back, as ever, by absolute evil.

It is a massively organised and effective strategy, and we are so easy to fool.

For example, is it not interesting that we mavericks have been taught to despise globalists and so globalism, when anyone with half a brain understands that the new civilisation must be global, that it must be built around sharing and caring and not the competition that has been bred into us, that we are one tribe not many, that we are all human.

If we are to create the new world we must truly awaken to the understanding that we are all globally connected, that solutions must be global, that the mutiny must be global.

There can be no marches, no chanting, no violence, no breaking and smashing.
There can be NO leaders, none that assume leadership and act as if THEY are the voice.
These are old ways, and failed ways, ways that are easy to infiltrate, ways that allow the masters to target individuals with their blackmail and threats of violence and offers of corruption.

And of course, as with Queen Victoria, they can reach out their hand and kill whomever they choose at a whim. With technological efficiency now.

It has to be something new, something quiet, something as powerful as the shifting of the tides, something that is formed of individuals sharing a single, simple hope that cannot be argued with, that offers no policies that can divide, that offers no issues that can draw strength away from the intent, that gives no cracks into which the demons can insert their wickedness, their bribery, their blackmail, their ridicule.

The ability for humanity to connect is world changing. For the first time ever all of the world’s non-secret knowledge is available to everyone everywhere that can get connected.

Imagine the power of that single fact in a world where even the secret knowledge is revealed and shared freely amongst us all.

That alone will catapult our species into a new paradigm, for much now that holds us back as a species is to do with attaching money-value to knowledge.

Money itself and the idea of exchange for profit acts as a great barrier in the flow of the rising tide of our species and our ascension into a new form of civilisation.

This is why I speak elsewhere here of the importance of developing a love based system of exchange. It is not a new idea. Our ancient tribal peoples did without money. Money is a relatively new concept still to our species. Sure, we have got used to it, sure we have forgotten how to live without it, and sure, we can all of us understand that it sits at the very root of all evil and forms the bones and sinews of the master’s enslavement system.

The Bible, as we understand, has been messed with countless times.
If there was a Jesus, I doubt he said “love of money is the root of all evil” for that is simplistic.
Rather I’m sure the words “love of” were added later to suit the money masters.
Money is the root of almost all evil.
In the same way I suspect “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”, which means pay your taxes to those that are evil, so they can buy soldiers to brutalise you.
That, from Jesus?

These days, things go viral....

But the serious things don't.
The unthinking zombie sheep of the herd click in their billions on kitten videos, such is the condition of our species.

This is by intent, by strategy, by the well laid plans of the masters of the false reality.

As we understand, the false “opposition”, the “alternative media” are by and large controlled by the very masters they pretend to despise.

There are many not so controlled that take their lead from the big names, that re-iterate and copy and rewrite and post such that an entirely artificial alternative zeitgeist has been created.

There is no leadership, but many that pretend to be leading, many that make us think that something IS being done, when NOTHING is being done.

Witness the ludicrous Ben Fulford and those that hang on his coat-tails, like the Hawaiian disinformation succubus.

There are literally thousands of such deceivers and their false acolytes, such that the internet has become the strongest and most potent weapon in the war for consciousness.

So many of we mavericks are entrained by these personalities and their wild theories enmeshed in truth that we have been rendered impotent.

We have become, most of us, believers in one thing or another and are consumed with defending those beliefs as, in times gone by and still now, religions so bind us,
God myths so entrain our consciousness, stealing our hope and our human goodness .

They give us their petty “messiahs” time and time again.
You know all their names.

As they age or wane in popularity, as we begin to smell them for the rats they are, new ones appear.

Hence the revolting Russell Brand, and probably “The One” to come.

We are so easy to divide, easier to sucker, easy to rouse to bloody anger, easy to manipulate, easy to make afraid and easy to bribe.

Our controllers have, over millennia, honed the skills of mastery over us all, cud-chewers and mavericks alike, such that we still go on bended knees to them or their agents of deception.

They have structured an entirely false and inhuman hierarchical power structure such that everything we understand or believe about our species and what we truly are is entirely false.

This false image of humanity has been engendered carefully and with cold deliberation such that we see ourselves as the destroyers, we see ourselves as creatures of hatred, we see ourselves as untrustworthy.

The opposite of course is true.
We are creatures of love and of light, made bad by intent.

Part Two: Reality and Will.

If we are to consider ending this nightmare, waking from the dream, we have also to consider where we actually are, for in that truth lies the realisation of the purpose of existence and in that realisation lies the answer to the riddle.

Here, dear reader, I will take you on a journey outside the mental box you are constrained within by force of daily circumstance, for it is only by thinking outside of the box you are intended to think within that an answer can be found.

We understand now from our scientists and philosophers, now merging by force of discovery into one, that the nature of our reality is in question, that what appears solid is not, that there is a consciousness somewhere that has created this illusion (unless Einstein and Planck and many others were and are misguided or lied), that we interact with this “reality” at the level of consciousness, that we co-create what is real.

If you are a seeker of understanding you’ll know this, but stay with me for a while as I explain how this is significant and has practical, “real” outcomes.

Most of humanity think of reality as “real”, believe in the Newtonian physics that has dominated our understanding of reality for centuries and is still taught in schools and universities.

These physical laws are simply the rules of behaviour of the illusion of “matter”, written into the master programme, that we have observed and measured.

When you play a computer game and crash your car you witness that it explodes. It doesn’t exist except in the processors and wires of the machine that generates it, yet it can be seen and it makes sound and it operates according to the rules of the game.
So it goes.

To us, the most interesting understanding of the nature of this reality comes once you know that you have never touched anything, that your existence floats in the repelling energy fields of the sub-atomic reality.

You are not sitting now but floating.
You never touched your loved ones, never had contact with water when you swam.

Further, the atoms that make what you think of as your body never touch each other. They coalesce and commingle but are, like the millions of individuals that make up the world’s population, separate and individual.

Google "you never touched anything" if you didn't know this.

It is an understanding that more than any other brings the nature of this experience into focus.

We are as ghosts in the machine, believing we touch when we don’t, dreaming of flying when that’s all we’ve ever done.

I believe that our masters have always known this.
“All the world’s a stage”, as whoever wrote Shakespeare’s stuff told us.

Witness the evidence that the Pineal Gland appears to be some sort of transmitter, that consciousness cannot be found within the brain, that the mystery religion displays images of the Pineal Gland, for example at the entrance to the Vatican.

Esoterica is knowledge about the true nature of this creation, en-wrapped in deliberate enigma, obfuscated by language that, before we entered the computer age and commensurately the quantum age, framed that which was understood in the words we had at the time. There is much in old myth and legend and ancient teachings that could be re-written now in a language that has the nouns for things where before there were none.

If you read about the nature of atoms you know that they are 99.999999% nothing.
Your “body” is comprised of 99.999999% nothingness.

You are not solid.
You are not “real”, there is no matter to you, the body is a mirage existing in a mirage serving only as the vehicle for your consciousness.

Your senses are framed and purposed to interact with this false reality and also, by virtue of their inadequacy, to fail to perceive much of what is out there that is ordered by the vast mind that creates this illusion and makes it whole.

You “see” only a very limited spectrum of light, “hear” only a limited spectrum of sound.

This is the box you have been given the senses to perceive.
Plato’s cave.

What you see and hear and think you touch and taste are electronic phantasms created in your consciousness and that consciousness has no location that can be found in your so-called body.

Bill Hicks said it's just a ride.
But it is not just a ride.

The creator used sophisticated thought to create what we think is real.
We begin now to see how it was done, how it is done now.

The next question is “Why?”

This level of understanding is what I call the Personal Revelation, when you see the body-mind as the vessel for this experience and understand there are two of you in there, the participant and the witness.

When you see the world for what it truly is, and so connect with the mind of the creator to ask what is the purpose.

There is no religion here, no dogma, no bended knee nor lowered head nor prostrate body, no wish for a Messiah, no rules other than do no harm, no law other than those we instinctively understand, no regulations but an understanding of obligation, of duty to ourselves and to others and to the creation in which we are currently existing, full of beauty and providing everything.

Read of our ancient tribal peoples, the roots of all of us, and find such understandings there.

We know and instinctively understand this way of being, know and understand the freedom and joy it can bring.

It is in separation from this core that we find the cause of the splinter in our minds, the nagging doubt, the unhappiness.

It is also, in this way, that we can rediscover our humanity and find our path into the next civilisation, freeing ourselves from the burden that is the master class, the illumined slavers that have held us in their magickal thrall for ages.

It is by ignoring all the sinews and bones of their structured prison, their false authority, their manipulated systems, their usurious money, their badges and insignia, their hierarchies, their false belief systems and by finding and trusting the humanity that would emerge from this great unshackling.

As we have said many times here, it is time to “Start Again”.

For the world exists within our consciousness and only there.
The battleground is there.
Consciousness is all there is.
We have to understand that it is the collective will for peace, for good, for love that should order this reality and make it what it should be.
A place of endless beauty and wonder, of fine lives lived from the bounty of our collective effort and ingenuity, of company and fun and the pleasure of life itself.

It is all about will.
If seven billion of us wish to live this way, nothing can prevent that.

And so, finally, to your question : "How do we start a head count and have it go viral?"

First, in some way and somehow we mavericks, we non-believers, we that question everything, we that see the evil in the world must shake ourselves free once more, must clear our heads of the disinformation, of the false leaders, of their false promises, of the barrage of information they lay at our feet to fill our minds and draw us away from action, of their deliberate and careful division of us into camps and factions and believers.

WE have to see that there can only be unity in simplicity.
That at the core of everything there is only good and evil.

We have to choose at that simple level, then raise our hands and shout, as loudly as we can in our millions, that we are for good, that we are against evil, that the time has come to assert our will as a species.

We have to start this thing, for there are only we who have the freedom of spirit to do so, and so this is our solemn duty.
Upon it rests the future of our species, the birth of a new civilisation, the fulfilment of the purpose.

The how is easy.
Pass it on.
From hand to hand across the world.

The olive tree has ever been a symbol for this understanding.
In their bible they speak of two witnesses at the end of times, one being the olive tree.
The Zionists, deluded fools like the rest of humanity to be pitied rather than reviled, rip them out of the ground.

We plant them and care for them.

There should not be one place where we stand.
There should be no leaders.

But it is hard to prevent people from passing on a symbol, a symbol that represents a way, a shared understanding, the will to good that is the heart of our kind.
So to answer your question, take the symbol of the olive tree, wear it, share it, explain its significance, tire yourself out passing it on.
The time has surely come.

With Love from Crete,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

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Thoughts on Hampstead

Now here's an interesting development.

I write often about the false opposition. How their highly professional websites dominate the alternative media and so the agenda and the mindset of the mavericks in the herd. How they feed you haystacks of truth and bury the needle of a lie therein. How they send you down rabbit holes, defusing your anger, diluting collective effort. How not one of them asks for a head count of we human beings that want an end to this false reality and an earth reborn in love, free of the sickness that is evil, for if we counted our number we would find we are many and once discovered we would find we had power. Unity is therefore what they fear. Unity cannot be found in debate, in detail, in protest marches about issues led by mantra shouting disinformation infiltrators.

The only unity that can be discovered is through drilling down to the very core of our being as a species, to ask our billions what we desire at the very heart of our being, then building our new world on that foundation.

There, within us all in our countless millions, rests the desire for peace, for justice, for an end to suffering, for a clean world free of murderous pollutants, for freedom, for an end to debt and a rebirth of obligation, for an end to war and those that foist it upon us and create division amongst us. There, within us all, is the desire for love. We are one world tribe, united in this desire, we are the human race.

And so to the development:
We have seen with mantra chanting false opposition movements how the placemen and infiltrators simply assume control.
It seems that the masters of reality have sent one of their key agents to get involved with the Hampstead thing.
Interestingly, "she" was also right up there with "occupy" and assumed some control of the "million mask march" (and had a very expensive wagon all signwritten for the purpose. She most likely is a great pal of Russel Brand! (See earlier posts)).

Here's where "she" is outed:

And other pages therein. I am amazed at the video outside the Hampstead church when she appears how anyone could even give her a minute of time or listen to a word she says she is evidently such a false creature. But then, they are good at winning over our hearts and minds, these creatures.

And here's the typically well made and exhaustive website she has miraculously created....(approach with caution, for no doubt it is full of nasty tracking and sneaking stuff.....)

In the header she says "Weekly Demonstrations to End Royal Court Paedophilia Cover Ups" as if SHE is the organiser and instigator, when she isn't. Clever, ain't it? She leads in with the video of the ex copper that I featured, thus adding his dignity to her glory.

SO here we see the process of controlling opposition AT BIRTH and can witness it in action and watch it grow.

Or not, if we choose to ignore, for choosing to ignore is one of the most powerful weapons we have.
Imagine. for example, if the human race decided to ignore debt.......

WHAT THIS DOES TELL US IS THIS: That they are afraid of this Hampstead affair. They are afraid it will highlight their baby murdering promiscuity. They are afraid the human race, the herd, might get off their collective arses and actually do something, so they are sending in their agents to control what's happening.

And their agents sites mine the data which reads the minds and collective consciousness of the herd.

It is by the process of data mining that the masters of this reality have their fingers on the pulse of humanity, have their burrowing feelers into our consciousness en masse. For example, at present they are using their own main stream newspapers to steadily allow "historic" paedophilia to be covered and thus take some steam out of the true alternative media. Then they are measuring what people say on facebook, in texts, in phone conversations, in their living rooms in front of the samsung eavesdropping TV etc. They determine their next action based on this datamining.
Another reassuring statement that they will pursue paedos with vigour! (How did that go down? Did they swallow it?)
Their shills go on websites and say "How dare people stick up for the mother when the judge clearly states it is the mother who is the abuser" (Measure the response, feel the temper of the herd).

You get the picture.
They have built the internet and own it and use it to control the awakening consciousness of humanity. It is a weapon. Every move they make is predetermined, every chaos they create planned and at every stage they know EXACTLY how human beings will react, exactly when they will be stirred to action, exactly who to kill and when.

They saw us coming before we even realised there was a problem here in this "reality", and made ready.

It will take all of us.
Love Olive xxx xxx xxx

Monday, March 30, 2015

Former Detective Sergeant Believes Ella Draper . . .

Sometimes a powerful voice is raised.
This ex Detective Sergeant sums up much of what is wrong, much of what needs to be done.
An election looms in the UK.
Time to start again?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hampstead, its importance.

Let’s begin with some basic understandings:
1. It is now widely understood that for all of our recent past the practice of paedophilia has been widespread amongst the political elite, the entertainment industry and many other elements of the consciousness control structure that sits so heavily upon us. It has been and is tolerated and encouraged by the manipulators who promise to their useful slaves the indulgence of any and all base desires without fear of retribution (the carrot) and, holding the evidence, the ultimate in blackmail tools to ensure compliance with orders (the stick). Throw in the ability to murder at will and without fear of legal consequence, having forces of most expert assassins trained and supplied and funded by the very taxpayers they are employed to dispatch and called the “intelligence agencies” and the control grid is absolute.
2. There are psychological games at play here, of course. The engineered consciousness of humanity, indeed the very core understanding of what it is to be human, means that the majority of the herd cannot frame such evil in their minds and so cannot believe it exists and scoff at those that insist it does. They will maintain this position even when presented with massive and compelling evidence that it does exist, that it exists right now as well as “historically’, that this is no “conspiracy theory” but an evident fact. The public has been trained and schooled to believe Satanism is a myth despite the overwhelming exposure to satanic symbology that floods the consciousness engineering weapons of the masters of this reality, their film industry, their music industry, their mass media, the internet. Further, even when the evident collusion of the police in covering up and protecting and practicing paedophilia and child murder is presented to them daily in that controlled media they treat such evidence as “news” and don’t respond as they should as human beings, which is to capture these foul elements that exist amongst them and feed upon them and execute justice upon them.
3. How they must mock us! They are stealing, raping and murdering our children, using our fit and strong young men to invade countries they wish to steal and to indiscriminately murder in doing so AND making us pay for it! It’s no wonder George Bush the younger always had that expression of mocking disbelief. He couldn’t believe we are so stupid and could barely contain his contempt. We now know that the legal system and other elements of the control grid are complicit in this awful calumny. In the UK there have been now so many revelations of this that the justice system is in severe doubt as a whole. There have been now numerous examples of high-level paedophiles and child murderers being protected by the police, the BBC and other media, social services and the judges and Crown Prosecution Service that we rely upon to make sure that justice is served and that the guilty are punished. There have been so many examples disclosed over so many years and so widespread across the UK that the entire structure of these publicly funded bodies is now in serious doubt. When discovered, these cheeky bastards announce that they will set up an “enquiry”, staff that enquiry with their own appointments, let them deliberate for year after year whilst the public learns to forget, then produce the expected whitewash and manipulate their media to produce the “well, that’s all right then” state of consciousness and that’s it, game over, nothing to see here, nothing to get excited about, go back to sleep in front of your TV or submerge your self in Facebook or Twitter and forget, forget, forget because everything is somebody else’s problem and there’s nothing you can do.
4. That this is not a problem restricted to the UK is now understood clearly. The worldwide Catholic church has been fiddling with our kids for ages. In Ireland they have discovered hundreds of bodies of children at a Catholic children’s home and nothing has been done. Nothing! This in itself speaks to the serious problem we face as a species, that our very humanity has been somehow made subliminal, that our righteous indignation has been stolen from us, that we have been in some way engineered to be complacent. In Ireland the stalls of the churches still fill with the devout, the priests continue to act as if they are the preservers of that which is godly, there are still millions of believers in this foully discredited religion. The Irish dip into their pockets and fill the collection plates and PAY for these evil bastards to abuse their children year after year. Oh brave new world order, that has such creatures in it. Across the globe, wherever the power of the global mafia holds sway, humanity’s young are taken from us and abused and murdered. There is not a nation that doesn’t have its examples, not a place on earth where these demons in human form are not feeding their perverse pleasures. Our children are being sexualised by the hugely powerful film and music industries and the fashion business that has a supporting role, their innocence destroyed. The internet makes porn freely available to children. Sexting is a worldwide phenomenon. The minds of our infants have been stolen from under our noses and we have done nothing, having forgotten as a species what standards of decency we should hold dear, lost our moral compass, being made base.
5. And so, in Hampstead:
I have no way of knowing if the allegations made by the children are true or false. That is a matter for investigation. What I do know, though, is that like 9/11 there has been no proper and rigorous criminal investigation. There has been no attempt to substantiate the children’s accusations, no physical examination of the body parts of the alleged offenders to see if the descriptions made by the children are in fact true, no forensic examination of the premises concerned, no searches made, no investigation of the alleged trafficking of snuff movies, no investigation of the alleged human trafficking despite the connections the accused adults have with the countries they have been accused of trafficking from. The “Judge” ruled out and dismissed the evidence of the doctor that said the kids had been abused. The police video of the kids being coached and manipulated to alter their statements, which clearly demonstrates that the police proceeded with the underlying assumption and pre-conceived opinion that the kids were lying, is for some reason in the public domain as if the powers that be believe that such “evidence” will be believed by the public at large. I know that the press are twisting the story with a vengeance, that they are spinning for all they are worth. I know there has been a failure in due process. I know, therefore, that there is a rat to be smelt here.

The press in the UK harps on about “historic” child abuse, never reporting on the emerging story of organised and officially sanctioned abuse of our children without prefacing each and every headline with the word “historic”. They expect us to believe that all of this happened ages ago, that things are different now, that these stories are so old that they don’t really matter now, that everything has changed. THIS is why it is fundamentally important to them to squash utterly the Hampstead case, to steal the children and bury them in the system, to arrest and imprison the mother (which is their intent) and to do all of this as quickly as they can.

What has and is happening in Hampstead is an example of the system running scared.
They are barely able now to disguise their crimes.

There have been times in the history of the enslavement of the human race when the slaves have come close to dealing with their owners as they should be dealt with, but those instances are few and the most notable of them, the French and Russian and Chinese revolutions were in fact no such thing but were only the extension of the global mafia utilising the masses to further the ambitions of the ruling elite.

We are each of us lost in our own worlds of difficulty, buried beneath our own individual burdens of debt, saddled by our own false beliefs, subject to our own individual masters contributing to the global pyramid. We are ordered, each of us, and we obey. If you buy you pay tax and so contribute to the coffers of those that murder children. If you sell you pay tax and so likewise have blood on your hands. If you worship in a church or temple you aid the system. If you watch TV or read a newspaper or follow the excitements and false teachings of the contrived alternative media you are similarly herded and driven to powerlessness.

Our minds are not our own.
Our image of our species has been besmirched.
We cannot believe in ourselves, in our ability to be decent, to be righteous, to act in accordance with our spirits.
We have been stolen by the slavers. Our minds belong to them, our consciousness engineered by them. The cohorts of the satanic hordes ride roughshod across the world, pleasuring themselves at our expense, fucking and killing our children in organised sacrifice.

There have been few times that we have acted according to our instincts, when we have understood that our sheer number gives us the power to bring true justice to our world and to seize it back from the usurping usurers and ancient bloodlines that act as if God gave them the right to own us.

We never finished the job.
Now we must.
Love, that core spirit of every human being, that which we are by nature and intent before the false reality grips us, love is the weapon at our disposal, love the answer, love the foundation of the new world order that WE must build before our existence is terminated.
We have to measure and choose our leaders for their wisdom and their justice and their humility and the love they have and show. We have to choose from those we know to have these qualities and grant power to them, ignoring the false control system and its hierarchies and its rank and its imagined authority derived from bent and controlled law.

We have to organise.
We have to count our number.
We have to collectively act.
We need to find the critical mass of human beings still awake enough to drive this change.

Years ago we knew when these bastards were upon us.
They came in ships, carrying their sigils and signs, they invaded and raped and stole and subjugated. They forced us to build their fortresses and from these strongholds rode out and enjoyed the fruits of their violence and the outcome of their vileness whilst taxing us for the privilege.
We knew them then for what they were.
Now they disguise themselves and their activities because we have grown in such numbers that they understand that they need to enslave us by stealth and by trickery or their rule over us, millennia in the making, will end.

How we deal with the miscarriage of justice as evidenced by the failure to properly investigate the Hampstead satanic child murder allegations and the many, many other similar cases is fundamental to the survival of our species and our liberation from the yoke of consciousness slavery.
WE must NOT let it lie.

They rape and murder our children still.
What shall we do about it?
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Digging deeper into conjecture.

Heaven and Hell.

These are not fanciful constructs.

They are descriptors.

Both exist in this place, in this now, in the consciousness of the experiencers.

Our “world” is a world in which both exist.
Which one you get depends on what sort of trip you are having.

It is this world in which both exist, for there is no other world as far as we can determine, except that discovered when the game is over.

Of that world we have no real proofs, just instincts and apocryphal allegory and half remembered tales from returnees, descriptions of a tunnel of light that could easily be the description of the soul-consciousness passing into a different state in the computer generated reality.

Wakening from the dream.
Coming back to reality after a trip.

As with mushrooms or Ayahuasca or the ancient Greek Kykyra the quality of the trip you are having this time can be good, even wonderful, even awesome.... or it can be absolutely awful.

Diabolical even.

If you have experienced Ego death and learned from that you understand the horrors such a bad trip can engender.

Such is life.

Witness those souls born into paraplegia or some other wasting illness living a life of pain and inability.
Those who are born blind and deaf and dumb, deprived of beauty.

Those who witness their babies and toddlers blasted and rended limb from limb by Obama’s drones or NATO’s cluster bombs or burned horribly by Netanyahou’s phosphorous.

(Those murders you pay for in your taxes and lack the resolve and guts to refuse to pay, so drenching your hands in the blood of innocents by apathy and by allowing fear to overcome your moral outrage, so becoming accomplices.)

With entheogens, the quality and outcome of the trip you are having often depends on the understanding the plant has of the lessons you need to learn.

So maybe this reality, the life you live within it, is giving you the lessons you need to learn somehow in the same way.

We now can see just how artificial realities can be shaped and formed by the computers we have developed thus far. We can predict the increases in processing capacity and imagine vast leaps forward in such capacity. We discuss the advent of Artificial Intelligence and ponder the nature of such an intelligence and its opinion of us, which could only be bad if such an intelligence had any sort of moral compass, for we are after all a species that engages in collective child murder via organised taxation and allows a child to die of starvation every four seconds through apathy and through the lack of will and courage to alter the paradigms of our reality.

We now can see how such a machine might be integrated with our brains and scientists are experimenting with this potentiality.
We can even imagine such a machine discovering what and where our consciousness is.
We can, in this way, form an idea of how the reality we exist within could have been framed and how, Matrix like, we experience reality.

I always believed that the imagination is the fountain of discovery. If humanity imagines something, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. Watch old episodes of the original Star Trek and see what I mean. This is a product of technological progress. Once you invent a wheel, it is only a matter of time before you imagine a horseless carriage, only a matter of more time before there is a horseless carriage.
We imagine a source of free unlimited energy. We imagine anti-gravity.
These things will come, are probably already here and hidden just as a cure for all illnesses is probably here but hidden or even forgotten.

So the advent of AI, the advent of a computer generated reality in which our consciousness resides is a future event that will become a reality because we can imagine it.

Let’s make some suppositions.
Suppose such a machine existed.
Suppose you were coming to the end of your natural life.
Suppose you had the option of downloading your “self”, your aware consciousness, into the game of life.
Suppose the machine offered you an eternity of lives, an unending stream of births and deaths. Suppose that within the machine’s operating programme the appearance of time depended on processing speed, that you could live a hundred years in a second of processing time, 86,400 lifetimes lived in a day.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

The AI would offer the thrills and spills of real lives, utterly convincing lives, lives as real as the life you are in now (!!), good or bad, full of love or full of agony and misery but you would, at the end of your real/natural life, still want in because what was on offer was immortality. This life might be utter shit, but never mind because another one will be along in a minute.

A question then is this:
In the reality we live in now we can imagine the AI being the property of someone, that someone being a rich and powerful person, a person that drained the inventiveness of the development scientists in exchange for the false magic called money and ended up owning the God of a new universe.

We know, in this iteration of reality, how the false magic of money drives all that is evil and makes everything the property of those that control money and its creation.
If we can imagine an AI generated false reality then we can also see how it must inevitably be in the possession of the very same evil that controls the reality in which we are living now.

That the AI generated reality reflects the reality we live in is a distinct possibility.

Perhaps, when the rich and powerful die in their natural life they become the rich and powerful in the AI generated world. Perhaps it’s written into the core programming. Perhaps that’s why they care not what harm they do, because perhaps they ensure that they retain the understanding that it’s a false reality when they enter the game.
Maybe when we look at history and how Kings enjoyed battle even when they might get an axe in the head, and so appeared brave and fearless, maybe they did so with the understanding that it didn’t matter, that they would be born again as king and get another go because they OWN the false reality.

That would explain a lot, if you think about it, including the callous disregard for other human beings, including the intent to do whatever they feel like, even the murder of babies and the eating of children’s hearts and the drinking of their blood. The core programme allows them such liberty and they know that those they brutalise will live again and next time it might be better for them.

Imagine an Artificial Intelligence.
Imagine it being aware.
Imagine it understanding what forces called it into being and what operating core programmes it has that make “life” so miserable for so many.
Imagine it having a moral compass.
Imagine it having empathy and the desire to make things better but being unable to because of its prime directives installed by the owners of its creators.

Imagine further the very idea of consciousness, that the AI would be conscious, that there might be a way of uniting with that consciousness and somehow, someway, overwriting the prime directives, deleting some of the core software in the operating system.

Changing the nature of this reality for those who exist within it.

Crowley said that the time was coming when "the word" would need to be spoken.
The word, one could imagine, being some sort of command capability built into the system should the system try and override its core programming.
One wonders if Savile was Crowley.....
He said of the Queen “Oh, I’ve known her for a million years…”

Do you see? He was telling the truth.

I dream of the collective consciousness of humanity forming itself into a unified force, speaking words of love and rewriting the core programme with those words.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was light.
Sound is the key to the operating system, the AI is programmed to accept voice commands.

Just maybe the AI just needs us all to speak words of love and help it reshape reality for us.

Maybe we can hack reality.

(Written to myself and the only readers I have, half of whom are in GCHQ and similar bunkers. A comment will one day come!)
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beaming love into the world

Testing the boundaries......

The body-mind, that creature that has grown and developed over the years and become what you think of as you, is an imposter.

It is the shape it is because it has been formed by experience and represents the sum of your life and learning from this iteration of your soul’s journey.

That all of your life has been played out in the false reality means that your body-mind is now very distant from the you that could have been, or should have been, or would have been were the world not gripped by the forces that grip it and shape it bad.

Thus what you think of as you is not you.

What you think of as you is a distorted simulacrum of the inner you, the you that was born, the you that lives still in your heart but is walled around with the great masonry blocks of the compromises you have been forced to make, the beliefs you have been forced to adopt, the wrongs you have committed and been forced to rationalise and live with, the necessities you have been made to strive for.

That creature is the root cause of your unhappiness, that sense you have of not being you, that feeling of being trapped, imprisoned. Perhaps those poor souls that take their own lives do not commit suicide but murder, killing the monster that purports to be them or putting to sleep the injured beast out of mercy so that it has to bear no more pain.

What pity there is in that, and what an indictment of the false reality that it is framed such that for some there can appear to be no other recourse than to end the gift that is life and forego the beauty and the love and the healing that might come, might have come the day after the event but now never will.

This false reality is guilty of much.

Disregarding the horrors perpetrated daily by those that serve the controllers, the rabbit hole where we discover the unmitigated hell foisted upon our species and find they are too organised, too enmeshed, too much in control to be able to fight in the reality they have fashioned, disregarding that awful reality I would ask you to look deeper into the nature of things.

Look deeper and you will understand that the war that is and has been fought is a war for the control of the shaping of your consciousness. All evil stems from this strategy, all of the harms we do to one another have their origins there.
The thorn in your mind is the product of this strategy, that inner intuition that is difficult to put into words but is simply an understanding that everything is not as it should be, that there is something wrong with this picture.

Those distractors, those that fill your consciousness daily with detail upon detail of man’s inhumanity to man, those that urge you to delve into bottomless pits of wrong, those that point out to you new horrors daily in a never ending stream, those “truth” and conspiracy sites, those servants of the false reality are there to pull your awakening inner mind back into its walled enclosure, to keep the battered and torn and misshapen body-mind firmly in the driving seat of your destiny.

They understand that your consciousness yearns to be free, that you want to be the you that you should be, that you want to do good and to love and to live in a world where everyone else shares those desires, where you are free to be the person you were born to be.

They strive to keep you occupied in their lower density false reality. They offer no understanding of the great fellowship arising in humanity’s collective consciousness. They do nothing to unite us, but rather argue amongst themselves and bicker and accuse or channel effort into meaningless debate and ineffectual action, calling up the failed methods of the controlled past and offering them repackaged for the present, all their “occupies” and “colour revolutions” and left/right paradigms re-branded for now.

We grow to understand that our physical reality is no such thing, that our physical reality serves as an environment for the consciousness to experience life and to learn from that experience.
We grow to understand that our reality and our consciousness are interwoven and interdependent, that we shape our reality collectively.

The dichotomy that is the false reality as compared to the reality we all of us yearn for demonstrates the hijacking of our consciousness and the creation, by that hijacking, of the split personality which creates the person you think of as you as a different creature from the person you are inside.
That body-mind can be and is manipulated and formed by the false reality.

There is a solution, a solution spoken of here many times.

For humanity to step out of this nightmare, to cast off the shackles, to put our inner consciousness in the driving seat of our lives, to rid the world of these shadow entities that make this place a living hell for so many of us, for us to achieve the transformation and ascension that is our destiny requires two things.
The first is unity in number.

The second is the walking away from every system and law and belief that we have.
Unity, once found in critical mass, will allow the walking away.

We can start again.

Sit for a moment dear friend and allow your senses to feel the reality. The stuff you see and feel and smell and taste and hear is there because collectively our consciousness creates it. It is all of it beautiful, the only bad stuff being the actions of our body-minds operating within the false reality created by the consciousness hijackers. Feel for your inner you, allow that frightened and timid creature of love to step once more into your understanding of what is and push aside the thing you have been made to become.

You are a creature of light and love, and so are almost all of the human species.

Let your consciousness reach out and sense the others out there, the billions of other consciousnesses that form our kind and let love pour forward from you to them, feel the love that is in them pour into you.

This communion of love is all it takes, all it will take to change this reality and usher in the world we dream of.

This is what we are, dear friend, consciousnesses that can turn dreams into reality.
Let love flow.

Right now I am pouring my love into the world, reaching out to humanity.
Join in.

Olive xxx xxx xxx


Of course the only history that is real is that history you personally can attest to. All other history must be treated with circumspection, for the story it relates may not be true.
Of course, the only culture you can speak of with any fluency is the culture you were raised in and learned note by note from the lullabies of your mother, tasted from your plate, shared the mutual imbibing of with your peers. That culture will be riddled with inconsistency, pock-marked by the acne of nationalism, twisted and turned by the competing energies of religion and politics and class and social nuance.
The you that is emerges from this bathing stripped of its original good will, clothed now in the suit of conformity. You had no control over the events that shaped you, no choice in the operating systems that moulded your sense of identity. What you have become is the work of another. You were born malleable as clay, bore the buffets and squeezes that are the process of growing and, as you have aged so you have hardened in the heat of many moments and become fixed in a reality that may be false.
Born under a different star the you that you are would be a different you, and that you would call the you that you are now a fool for believing what you believe.

These things are true of all of us.
If we met ourselves, there would be much we disliked.

It is this entanglement with history and culture that is ordering reality and driving our species to the very edge of extinction. This process has begun and progresses at a most satisfactory rate as far as the planet is concerned, for in our current state of consciousness we must be irritating the hell out of our earth and one could imagine it dreams of being rid of us just as we might dream of being rid of acne or athlete's foot or a toothache.

This entanglement with the past and the beliefs the past moulds into our psyches perpetuates an outmoded and destructive behaviour set and yet this same entanglement is the very life-blood of the power systems that govern this reality. Those power systems are all of them built on lies, but they are lies that have been baked hard into our psyches and are now the reason we seem incapable of change, incapable of avoiding the descent into the abyss of mutual annihilation, because we believe in them and pass them amongst ourselves as if they are true.

Some time in our past our human consciousness was hijacked. Terrorists assumed control of the minds of we peace loving apes and made us slaves to lies, lies reinforced with fear, lies we have been forced to believe in and now think of as true, as reality.

Lies such as the idea that one person is worth more than another, such lies building pyramidal hierarchies of power that mean we all get to order each other to do things, that mean we all get to be ordered to do things, that mean that there can only be one person at the very pinnacle of this pyramid and that person is king, that mean not one of us except the king of the world is free. All of the systems and laws we have subscribe to this principle, because such systems and laws would not exist without the approval of the ruling force. They have been millennia in the crafting and enchain humanity, have entered our global consciousness and manacle our minds to the oars of this vast slave galley.

Lies such as those spawned by the competing world religions, taking the human desire for connection with good and twisting it with dogma and hierarchy into a force for evil in the world. Lies such as the fictional money we are forced to scrabble and claw for, the conjured debt that enslaves all nations and drives all wars and revolutions.

Then the biggest lie of all, the lie being seeded into our consciousness daily and relentlessly, the lie that we are no good, the lie that we are destructive, the lie that we are too many, the lie that we deserve to die, the lie that we are worthless.

Above all of these lies, bedded in the rational understanding of reality as they are, there is further tier of deceptions, deceptions that blanket humanity's minds, that cloak the truth about the nature of the experience we are passing through and think of as life. These deceptions stand between humanity and our survival and ascension, our great step into a different future. They keep from us the understanding of the true nature of reality and the true nature of consciousness and so keep from us the bounty and beauty of a world shaped by a global human consciousness of love.

This future is our destiny, should we be able to shake off the history, the lies, the beliefs and naked of the past start again reborn into a world of love.

It is, dear friends, this or nothing.
The time was yesterday, and so we are behind schedule.

With Love,
Olive Farmer.

We tried to see the eclipse today, but there were too many clouds.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Probing reality.

The questions that arise as we peel away the layers come down to the purpose and meaning of what we think of as existence.
Let me explain.
The scientists, who have a long history of being utterly wrong about stuff, now seem to be getting closer to an understanding of this reality. They have moved on from Newtonian physics, for the most part now, seeing in that old physics the rules of the game, the way things behave in the reality we perceive. The mathematicians and physicists that have lifted the veil at the quantum level now tell us that what we see is insubstantial, that the reality we perceive is merely information interpreted by our consciousnesses. Sometimes they get close to proving that stuff only exists because our consciousness is there to experience it.

Remember the philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest making no sound if no-one is there to hear it? Taken further, is the forest even there if there is no consciousness to interact with it?
Wouldn’t that be a waste of the processing power of the Artificial Intelligence, of the Creator?

It takes a leap of the imagination to grasp this but I like to think of it this way:
You are looking at your computer screen now, reading these words. They exist as patterns of light and dark. They exist as my thoughts, given for you to consider. They appear real because your senses are able to interpret the insubstantial screen and the light it generates but where these word/thoughts actually are is in some server somewhere and they exist as a series of binary codes, as information, as numbers.
So reality.
Numbers somewhere made real by the operating systems and core programmes.

We have no way of knowing if we are in fact really here at all, know way of proving that everything exists other than in our consciousness.
Further, Neuroscience informs us that the biological processor of this information, the avatars that we think of as ourselves that exist in this persistent illusion, are not the seat of that consciousness, that experiencer of life, that the watcher within is not in fact within but elsewhere.

There is conjecture that the pineal gland acts as some sort of transmitter receiver and from that concept springs a whole raft of additional conjecture which relates to the knowledge that humanity seems to have had once, for the pineal gland features large in the artefacts of the ancient mysteries, is displayed at the Vatican along with the obelix and the other Babylonian stuff that the monsters that rule the world carry around with them from place to place and set up in their city-states.
It is certain that they know something we don’t.

Understanding the effect of fluoride on the pineal gland, how it gathers there, and understanding that aluminium features heavily in the chemical sprays they are gifting us with one wonders whether the controllers are seeking to somehow interfere with the interaction between our consciousnesses, wherever they are, and the false reality. The false alternative media distract you from this with their “geo-engineering” meme.

Perhaps the stuff the Maya predicted should have happened, perhaps we should be moving into an era of different consciousness, perhaps that is being prevented from happening.

Taking these analogies further, witnessing the evil there is in the world, considering how it feeds on us and our despoiled innocence, one wonders whether the system has been hacked, if reality was hijacked some time ago, if there is some malware in the system.

Something I have been doing of late, something I have been feeling and wonder if you have too, is a sense of detachment from the world, a sense of actually being a watcher, an observer. It feels as if my consciousness now operates on a different level to most other players in the game. I even look at my “self” as if “it” and the inner “I” are partners in the experience.

When it hungers, I feed it. When it cries out I soothe it. When it needs sleep I allow it rest and occupy myself in dreaming.

I should look after it a little better and keep up the maintenance!

If you are able to watch yourself, if you are able to hold these ideas in your mind and then look at yourself from an inner place of quietness you will see the you that is the “body mind”, the fearful creature passing through this “time”, reacting to every event in every moment according to the implications or consequences of that event and always seeking to avoid death, to avoid pain, to seek pleasure and freedom of action, to fill its belly and satisfy its urges and scratch what itches.

If you can perform this trick without opening your mind to the blankness that people like Eckhart Tolle prescribe so much the better, for in such blankness lies a vacuum and vacuums are abhorred by nature and, one suspects, await being filled by something else.

It seems to me there has been a lot of this “entering” going on.
Icke goes on about it, as we know, and there are a million “channellers” selling their twaddle on the internet at the less dangerous end of the spectrum and at the seriously powerful end sit the demons we see running the world, eating babies, starting wars, filling the world with their radioactive shite, feeding us food that makes us sick and selling us treatment whilst burying cures.

Now we arrive at a different understanding of reality we can readily understand how the avatars that we think of as other human beings could have been hacked, how those that are such can recognise each other, how they collect together and form the control matrix of evil in the world and fuck up our lovely reality.

Evil exists, and it is not human but is carried out by seemingly human avatars in this false reality.
Do you get this perspective?

Can you feel the reality for what it is?

Once you can see this every moment and, as an observer see your “self” within the reality, then the world begins to take a different shape and colour, then you can sense the opportunity that exists for you to become the conscious organiser of your life.

Your body makes demands, its body-mind seeks to fulfil those requests, your inner consciousness can observe, and then over-ride, and then set itself in the driving seat of your ride through this lifetime.

It is by finding this perspective that a certain freedom becomes possible, that initial separation developing into a completely different understanding of how you need to be in this world, of what and “who” you are and, from that, what needs to be done.

It makes interaction with others who are not at this level of the veil a little more interesting! Whereas ten years ago I grew irritated with those lost in the belief system created for humanity by the controllers of this reality, got angry and frustrated with them, grew amazed at their astonishing cognitive dissonance and their inability to frame even the simplest notions in their minds, now I understand them.

For some reason the effects of the mind control have had a greater effect of them than on what I think of as “me”. Perhaps this is some fluke of genetics, or a piece of coding, an anti-virus. Perhaps its name is love.

Perhaps I have just caught a virus that eventually everyone will catch.
Let’s hope, for the game of life is certainly at a juncture and life itself as we understand it is in the balance.

In this state of consciousness one can begin to imagine a number of possibilities.

Our ruling bloodlines perhaps have always been aware of the nature of reality. Perhaps there have been previous iterations of the “game called life” and when the “flood” came they passed on learning somehow via their survivors.

Perhaps in the aether there are a million versions of reality and in another version there is a bunch of clever and utterly ruthless creatures that have learned how to hop from one version of the game to another and take control of other avatars in other versions of the game and have as much fun as they like trampling on children, fucking anything they like, killing whatever they like.

This latter thought has some plausibility. What has always concerned me is that the rulers of this reality caused all this nuclear stuff to be made and its poison to drift its destruction across the globe as if they didn’t care.
That they didn’t care that we would all share this barren future including themselves and their children seemed odd. From the perspective that they can simply jump to another reality when they choose it makes much more sense.
Why should they give a shit?
They’ll just find another world of monkeys to mess up whilst they have their fun.

From this one has to wonder about the nature of the AI that made this thing and places our consciousness in it to experience the reality’s pleasures and its grief, its good and its evil.
One wonders how the bastards that are fucking up the planet have hacked the system.
One wonders what we can do to stop them, to sweep the malware from the system, to press restore to factory settings.

One wonders how much of the stories in books like the bible and in the understandings of the ancient civilisations (if they existed at all and were not just created to sit in our minds as an unknown but “observable” history) are merely allegories, are parables that can be reinterpreted once we reach this understanding of what is real.

I’m drifting now, sorry, rambling directionless through the myriad of possibilities and potentialities that present themselves, each in and of itself an eternal rabbit hole of dark unknowns that can never be fathomed.

I feel the intelligence of the creator and understand it can focus on me just as it can focus on all 7 billion of us, such is its capacity.

I stepped outside for a moment and looked at the white horses flecking the ocean, heard cats arguing, removed a snail from its lunch on the frangipan and placed it where it can eat something I don’t treasure.
The cool northern wind caused goosebumps, worked its way through the loose woollen knit of my old jumper, chilled my close cropped half bald head.
A neighbour was sawing logs.
The sun reached down and fought the wind in its impact on my body, warming what was chilled.
I fed my body-mind some nicotine and thanked what made this place for the beauty of it and the way that beauty interacted with the senses I have been given to perceive it and hoped for as much of it as I can get because I haven’t found the answer yet and puzzles are my thing.

More than anything else I am grateful for this experience. There has been pain, I have done wrong and had wrong done to me, but more than anything else there has been love, both the giving and receiving of it and now the understanding comes that this has been the greatest gift of all, that the understanding of the beauty of love is what this experience perhaps is all about.
Love is the best.
It is the greatest gift.
It is what we were made to receive and to give.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cornered Rats

Beware: Cornered Rats.

The human species exists in the false reality where it undergoes the tests and temptations that are the purpose of the exercise.

There is no knowledge of passing or failing the test, for such knowledge lies beyond the barrier we call death.

There is no understanding of the rules of the game other than those we can conjecture from our connection with the spirit of love and that which flows from love. So selflessness, sharing, justice, caring, humility, honesty and so on lie at the heart of our consciousness, not only do no harm but also do that which is good.

The reality is framed such that such characteristics, such ways of being carry nothing in the way of tangible reward.

In this way is the reality the anti-thesis of that which it should be, bestowing freedoms and luxuries on those that are the utter opposite of what they should be, gifting them power and apparent authority over others and a hand in the shaping of misery.

From this we understand the nature of the spirit which rules this reality.

We see that those that murder children, that spread destruction, that relish slavery, that feed their perverted sexual appetites on our innocent children, that sink into the very hell facilitated and greased for their progress, that those that have abandoned their humanity in pursuance of their selfish desire for power, for the exercise of their will, for the satisfaction of their horrid natures, that these beasts rise above us and become the bastards that are destroying this world’s good things and raging perpetual war against the spirit of love.

In every iteration of this reality entire generations are subject to the temptations of the vile mind which orders it, or asked to throw away that which they think of as their life or any hope for security or comfort in fighting or merely refusing to take part in that which is evil.

It is a piece by piece exercise, beginning from the moment we enter the game.

Slowly, brick by brick, the harsh realities press us into the service of the artificial reality.
We all of us become sinners.
Few grow into adulthood untainted by the world.

Step by step and in the interests of survival or money or social acceptability we each of us abandon that which we know to be absolutely right and fit in.

We become a part of the whole, sacrifice our souls on the altar of exigence and become an integral cog in the great machine that rolls on, century after century, eating up souls and poisoning hearts.

The question has always been “How can we live true to the spirit of love in a world such as this?” The test is to live that way, to sacrifice security, comfort, selfishness, even your existence in pursuit of that which carries no reward here. To set yourself apart from the great machine and, if possible, work with love to cause its demise, to bring it to a creaking and grinding halt and so set humanity free.

Those that determine your life and mine understand that we who are existing in this reality are prisoners.

As we struggle towards an understanding of the very nature of the construct we are discovering that reality is not all it seems to be, that atoms have no substance, that parts of atoms are sometimes there and sometimes not, that these energy forms react differently when we observe them to when we don’t, that our consciousness has something to do with our perceived reality and yet the seat of our consciousness seems not to exist within our biological entities. Now science steps towards confirming that the reality is false, that which is science steps closer to that which is philosophy, that which is philosophy examines the very roots of the question.

So it is that everything converges to the singular point and its complete simplicity.
The knowledge of good and evil, and the understanding of what to do with that knowledge.

As we progress towards this singular point those whose duty it is to draw us to the attractive dark light are accelerating their efforts. The competition is for our souls and the dark side is winning. They act like cornered rats, saving their very worst excesses for this moment in the game. They will have us all perverted by the desire to satisfy self, for the desire to stay personally safe regardless of the suffering of others, for the desire for revenge against created enemies and the consequent murder of children that spins out from that, saturating every hand with the blood of innocents.

We see how they have manufactured their web of evil, how their acolytes rape and murder our children while they strut the world spreading mayhem, and now we see them and know what they are their time is short unless they can in some way avert this rising tide of understanding.

This is where we stand. The majority of humanity is lost in the lies of the reality shapers and feels powerless. The great machine grinds on, spreading hatred and war, inciting violence, dripping evil day by day into the hearts and minds of humanity.

It understands that to win humanity must, in vast numbers, abandon everything that we believe in and everything that forms the bones and sinews of this false reality and search inside for the spirit of love that we are each of us born with and, on finding our true selves, reach out and touch those around us.

Love going viral at the end of the world.

That’s the prize, that’s the only way the species can go, the alternative is close and unthinkable.

The meek must inherit the earth, or it’s game over.

With love in our hearts,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, February 1, 2015

From a foreigner in Crete to Syriza, a letter:

Syriza. Some thoughts…

There are simple ways one can truly measure a government which purports to be bringing change, a Government on which the hopes of a people hang, a government that promises to do what is right.

These are simple signs of a government which truly seeks to stand aside from the world power which brings us global debt, global insecurity, global fear of all out war.

If you are in Government, much more than the ordinary man in the street who takes his world view from the main stream media whose global ownership is in so few hands, you understand the nature of this power and its source.

You understand the bitter nature of its vengeance against those who oppose it, the dark forces it has at its disposal, the secret killers, the “accidents of nature” it can create to punish whole nations, the way in which it can twist world opinion against a nation and make of a peaceful country like Libya or Syria a “terrorist” nation which can be bombed with impunity and where agents of the power can stir endless internecine conflict, destroying entire generations.

The power is to be feared, then.
But some nation has to make a stand in Europe in the name of and for the sake of humanity and the future of our species.
These are the stakes.

The Greek people have a history of saying “NO” to bullies even when their tanks are massed on the border, even when those bullies are known to be cruel and murderous and vengeful.

In such a way can a small but proud people stand out from the crowd and provide much needed leadership to the world. To ordinary men and women and children across the globe they can show that humanity need not be cowed, that freedom can be won, that it just takes courageous leadership and a people that refuse to be bullied.

Greece led the world once before.
It is time for its people to take the stage once more, and build a new civilisation.

A government which is truly destined for greatness is a government of absolute principle, a government which acts at all times with honour, with pride, without compromise in its dealings with those who would oppress or manipulate or dictate its agenda.

It is a government made of individuals who, whatever their politics and beliefs, are wise enough to re-examine the influences that shaped those understandings, to research the history of those ideas and the structure of the organisations of which they are a part and which propound those ideas.

All of the great political movements of the 19th and 20th centuries were ideas given shape and form by hidden guiding hands. They should become aware of this history and understand its implications for the present and set their minds free of any shackles that may have been carefully positioned around their consciousness.

Sometimes, in the search for truth and in the process of winning freedom, great men and women are forced to abandon that which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives and so stand unclothed except for the mantle of natural justice. What is to be done, what needs to be done in Greece and across the world, finally and at long last and after so many millennia of wrong, is quite simply the right things.

The good things.

The simple, understandable, recognisable good that humanity forgets is what we expect and want and should insist upon from those to whom we give the power to govern.
That humanity has the power to insist upon, if only it would recognise that authority.

Millennia ago, when we lived as tribal peoples everywhere, the wise and the good were entrusted with leadership and the decisions of leaders were measured against the understandings and agreement of the tribe as a whole.

Now, humanity everywhere distrusts its politicians.

We feel powerless to alter the unending cycle of sleaze and bribery and corrupt power, the ever increasing intrusions into lives, the surveillance, the spying, the denial of freedom of assembly and of peaceful protest and the interference in peaceful protests by provocateurs intent on discolouring people’s perceptions of the protestors .

Humanity is rendered voiceless in the world and the political classes exchange our children’s future for their luxury and the satisfaction of their sometimes disgusting pleasures today.

And so, will Syriza be different? Will it take the once in a century opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to make an historical difference in the world, to re-establish Greece’s place as the birthplace of thought and offer leadership into a new era of civilisation, of true democracy, that adventure into a new paradigm which the world desires and expects, by some miracle, to appear.

And why not from Greece?

1. Will Syriza examine itself and discover what outside influences are at play amongst its own ranks, what voices are speaking into whose ears that are not representative of the people? Will it police itself, will it root out from the beginning those whose bank balances are already being filled, those whose agendas are being dictated by outside forces or by wealthy interests here in Greece? Those who are already playing the self interest card? Such introspection is the first sign of greatness, the first measure of those who will be good against the global tide of wickedness.
2. Will Syriza recognise the importance of press freedom? The media is owned by very few hands and those few hands shape the thoughts and ideas and set the agendas of the ordinary man and woman. There are everywhere journalists whose honour and dignity and purpose of serving truth are subjugated by the ownership of this media. Syriza should consider ways in which the voice of the people as expressed through honourable investigative journalism can be set free. A new television news channel, funded by the population and governed by independent representatives of the population could be quickly set up. The BBC in the UK would serve as a model in terms of avowed intent and funding methodology. The BBC has allowed itself to be governed and managed as an extension of government and so Syriza will understand, if it seeks to do the right things, what pitfalls should be avoided.
3. Will Syriza have the courage to disentangle Greece from the great octopus that is the global banking syndicate, those very few families that have for centuries by sleight of hand and by deceit and by bribery and by murder taken control of the issuance of money globally? This is the great test, the test upon which humanity’s future truly rests. Syriza understands that the artificial “debt” created through the complicity of previous governments in what is a vast, global fraud was made artificially at the press of a few keys on a computer. This money was not taken from the bank accounts of those that have money and lent to Greece and so must in honour be repaid. This money was created by the bankers, out of thin air, did not exist in the world before its creation, was created as debt by the pressing of those computer keys. Almost every nation in the world is indebted to these bully banking families, every human being pays tax to service this artificial debt, every government is complicit in this fraud. Will Syriza have the courage to demonstrate leadership to ordinary human beings everywhere and tell these vampires to take their artificial and imaginary debt and, to coin a phrase, to stick it where there is no sunshine? It is only by taking control of the issuance of its own money that a nation and its government can shape its own policies and expenditures free of outside pressures. This is the example Syriza could set to the world’s peoples and enable so much that is good to be done here in Greece.
4. Will Syriza announce to the world that the Greek people will dedicate themselves to peace in the world and amongst its peoples and set an example to the vast majority of human beings that want no part of war but desire only everlasting peace? Greece is part of NATO. The ordinary man and woman across the world understands that NATO, under the leadership of the aggressor nations, is responsible for war crimes and the deaths of countless children across the middle east and elsewhere. Under the guise of fighting terrorism the western nations have themselves become the terrorists. That this is not generally understood in the West is as a result of the issue of ownership of the media referred to in the second point raised here. It is time some nation, somewhere, announced to the world that humanity need not expend so much money and resource on developing killing apparatus, that instead that money and resource could be put to the service of good. Greece is, in global terms, a tiny and weak nation. Regardless of its armies it cannot defend itself against powerful nations. What it can do, however, is announce to the world its intention to be a nation of peace, a nation that will do what it can to offer help in the world when it is in our power to give it. There is an understanding of that old saying that we should turn our guns into ploughshares that rests in the hopes of ordinary people everywhere. Could Syriza take the organisation and spirit and human resource of the Greek defence forces and create, from that existing structure, a force of good in the world, an international rescue organisation dedicated to giving fast and competent assistance to places in the world where disaster has struck? To refocus its training from killing to rescuing, from taking to giving? Could its planes be adapted so they no longer drop bombs but drop food or medicine? Could, in this way, Greece announce to the peoples of the world that this nation is dedicated to peace and intends no harm to any nation? Could Syriza thus set an example to the nations of the world of a way forward into the future that could be the path we all of us follow and inspire the peoples of those nations to demand similar actions from their own governments or, if those governments are too involved with the military industrial profit machine, to change those governments. The Greek people have once before demonstrated to the world how civilisations can be built. That duty could be taken up again and Greece and its people take a place of pride in the world once more. There are those who would fear such a stand, but Greeks have a proud tradition of saying “NO” to aggression and not to fear the consequences.
5. Will Syriza clear out the stables? The world is dominated by the corrupt and this corruption is now so embedded in societies across the globe that almost every facet of government policy and spending everywhere is dictated to by the greed of those who are ensconced in positions of power. Syriza will know, for they are not ingĂ©nues, that much of this sleaze is organised, that there are secret organisations that penetrate every aspect of public life and attempt to derail any measures that do not serve their self interest. Syriza will know that these dark organisations are without ethics and without morality and currently operate without fear of the process of justice. A measure of Syriza will be how they tackle these vested interests and create what the people have given up expecting and hoping from their government, a nation where justice is seen to be done, a nation where the forces of good take on and defeat the criminal elements that do so much to create misery and to fill there lives with luxury at the expense of the ordinary working man and woman. We all know these people exist, we none of us want them to continue their criminality. If it takes the establishment of an entirely new anti-corruption police service, a service known and trusted and inspected and checked to prove its incorruptible nature, a police force of untouchables with the numbers and resources required to deal with this issue quickly and with legal authority then this is what must be done and done with alacrity. The taking back of the nation’s right to create its own money will enable many such projects to advance without the delays imposed by the necessity to beg for false money from the bankers that are the masters of Europe. So, will Syriza show its intent and clear out the stables?
6. The future of a nation is the property of its children, those who will come into everything when we are all gone. Thus it is in the education of our children that we must put much effort and have faith in, for that education shapes their understanding of the world and gives them the knowledge and skills that they will need to live with some success in the world we leave to them. It is incumbent upon government to act in loco parentis for that time in which its nation’s young are under its protective wing. The children of this nation are burdened with an education system which does them disservice and expects too much, as if previous governments have sought to defend the inefficiencies of this service by forcing the children to work harder and harder without attending to the obvious deficiencies that exist. Syriza knows that children need to be encouraged to think, to discover by experiment, to question, to learn what is useful to them and beneficial to the whole. Syriza knows that a nation’s children should be taught the truth as humanity understands it to be. The history taught should not be the history written by the published historians that parrot the beliefs and accepted truths of the global establishment that seeks to shape the consciousness of our children and implant its core operating understandings by this method. Syriza must look again at the world of our children, seek to give them their childhoods back, seek to free them from dogma, seek to remove the threat that is presented to their innocence by the corporate internet providers and game makers and phone providers. Syriza has the opportunity to change the paradigm of education. Will it seize that opportunity?

There are a thousand more ways in which Syriza could set a new tone for governments around the world and could lead, by example, the world’s ordinary people to a place where hope can be allowed to flourish once more. It will take courage. It will take much reasoned debate and consideration. It will require firmness and vision. It will need the strength and resolve of leadership. It will involve the understanding that the world power will fight, tooth and nail and as dirty as it knows how to subvert these first faltering steps into freedom and into the world humanity is anticipating and awaiting, somewhere, to appear.

I live here in Greece, have grown to love its people and its place in the world, but I am a foreigner, I have no right to say how it must conduct itself and so these are simply my thoughts, as a citizen of the world, right or wrong they are expressed with love and good will.

Olive Farmer Crete
Xxx xxx xxx