Tuesday, 25 February 2020

A World without Money: Our human future, the source and font of our destiny as a species.

A World without Money:
NOTE: The Power in this reality prevents human beings from finding this information if it can.
You will see why as you read, if you are given the grace to find this place.
Please, share.

Before you begin, remember that all tribal human beings, then and still now in remote places, had as their origins a condition of mutual dependence, a deep understanding that being together enabled survival and benefited all. Tribal human beings shared labour and shared the results of labour, shared plenty and shared dearth and hardship. It is in no doubt that this way of interacting with each other is humanity's natural state of being, something we have forgotten and been educated against; for millennia in some places, for just a couple of centuries in others. Lost as we are in the world of money it is difficult to imagine living without it, seemingly impossible, but within that idea rests nothing less than our collective future and the destiny of our species.

Had those tribes been allowed to develop beyond the primitive state everywhere, once they'd arrived at organised sufficiency (as we human beings have, largely, today), what would the world that emerged have looked like?

Those tribes, all of our forbears, had no understanding of money. Witness, for example, how they traded with early conquerers and how, for example in the Americas, they had to be taught about money and persuaded into its use. Once they learned to accept money or more usually were forced to use money for trade then they were abused by its power and the corruption that goes hand in hand with it.

Those who know US history are no doubt aware of the long struggle against foreign banks that the Republic fought, losing that long war finally when Woodrow Wilson connived to establish the privately owned “Federal Reserve” bank. Now Americans, their children and grandchildren, 'owe' trillions of fake dollars to that criminal institution which creates the fake debt-from-thin-air and in that way has enslaved the future generations of a once free nation.

America's wars are not wars of defence. They are wars that pursue the interests and agendas of those that own the USA, wars sold to the unwitting public through vast and subtle and well orchestrated propaganda via the mouthpieces of the governments and the controlled media. Until very recently, and still largely but no longer wholly the case, we human beings were quite easy to fool. Now, however, there is a vast and growing understanding of the methods that are used to trick we human beings into becoming killers and supporting the machinery of war.

Examine our human history from that perspective. Every Empire, and notably the British Empire, is the story of conquered and subjugated tribes (in England's case those British tribes conquered by the current Queen's ancestral Viking line through William the Conquerer in 1066) being forced into using the conquerers fake money, then being forced into the conquerer's army and directed to conquer other tribes in other places.
Examine the Roman Empire and see the same methodology.
Toss in some ideas like “patriotism” or “God', wave a few flags (or drape them over the coffins of the young dead heroes), and you have more than two thousand years of we human beings trooping off to fight the wars of Kings, Emperors or the money men, killing and wrecking much of beauty.
That is our human history, but it is assuredly NOT our human future.

In every case the Empire introduced to the conquered tribe the idea of money, pieces of metal bearing the image of the Emperor.
That the Emperor controlled the minting of such money goes without saying.
In England it was the Royal Mint that pressed the coins and later printed the even-faker paper money. Still does.

Understand that before money the Emperor or King could only steal stuff from their subjects, only take food or objects or labour to build their castles, all temporary things that could not be stored. Money allowed a population to be taxed, allowed the ruler to store and pass on, generation to generation, the stuff called money that could be used to buy labour, pay soldiers, bribe and corrupt.

This is what money is: Stored human energy. It can be used to buy human effort at any time.
A ruler can utilise that stored energy to pay assassins or armies, to reach out and kill or steal across the world. That is the story of the British Empire, an organised criminal enterprise funded by the stored energy of those that payed tax at home, that crossed the world stealing other countries' wealth and resources, bringing those tribal peoples everywhere into the money system, taxing them likewise and then recruiting them into those armies, such that the Power grew.

A careful examination of these historic Empires shows that there were recurring themes in every case. These were: The subjugation of tribes, the introduction of money, the introduction of organised religion, the destruction of tribal understandings of our human relationship with nature (with creation), the murder of the tribal elders and shamans that carried much in the way of tribal wisdom.

Empires have been, and still are, wars against humanity, wars against a system of mutual dependence and sharing, wars against an understanding of our human relationship with our world and its nature.

Some might say that this represents a war against the Creator itself, a war against good, a war against love, a war against wisdom, a war against justice, against God if you choose to give the creator that name, against Gaia or nature if you view things differently.

Every Empire that has ever been was an Empire that killed, an Empire that committed genocide, an Empire that stole, that raped, that tortured, that sullied nature with its vile greed. Recall the great murder of the buffalo herds in what is now the USA. Recall the great tiger hunts of the British Raj. Recall the vast pollutions now ignored by most fake 'green' charities and NGOs (as they try and convince humanity that CO2 is the only pollutant we need care about) whilst the vast corporations owned and controlled by the money power endlessly pour killing filth into our air, our water, our food.

As we said: It is a war against what has been created here (if you understand this world has been created) or against the beauty and pure balance of the natural world if you believe this place was arrived at by accident over billions of years.

Those Emperors that see no evil in setting out to enslave vast numbers of human beings evidently do not care about anything else. They enjoy, and still do, shooting lions or tigers or rhinos. Some say they enjoy the hunting and killing of human beings the most, and of course that is a truth of all of our human history, that Kings and Emperors have relished killing human beings.
They still do.

Do you think there are no Emperor Kings now? Do you think that the bloodlines of these monsters somehow gave up their power to conquer and kill, somehow decided that all that murder and blood simply wasn't the right thing to do? Somehow decided to give up their ancient power over humanity and the vast wealth that brought them? Do you think the advent of 'democracy' somehow forced these monsters to say “Oh well, it was good while it lasted!” and sit back in their palaces and play cards? Do you think that those monsters that had the ability to reach out and kill whoever they wanted to kill, anywhere in the world, suddenly decided not to bother any more and just gave up?

Understand the mind set of those ancient 'aristocratic' bloodlines. They saw humanity as something to be killed so that they could take whatever they wanted that the humans had grown, made, mined or even given birth to. They saw it as their right. Their privilege. That sense of privilege to kill and steal and rape was absolutely and unquestionably visible right through the Victorian age and beyond, clear and unarguable only a century ago. The “British Empire” was an Empire driven by aristocratic privilege. Through centuries the British aristocrats had created pirates, privateers, armies and navies and, as time wore on, private Limited Companies that carried on the business of the theft of nations and the mass murder of human beings. Notable, for example, was the East India Company that set about the rape and pillage of the Indian sub-continent with its own army of subjugation, that discovered the Opium business, that invaded Afghanistan to steal the opium, that built railroads across India to carry the stuff, that twice invaded China to force the Emperor there to accept its import and secured Hong Kong as a port of entry for the vilest trade of all.
Many great aristocratic stately homes through the ages were built on such evil. Human beings are still deferential to their owners, the descendants of drug dealers and murderers whom time has granted respectability to.

When we saw the Taliban reduce the production of heroin to almost nothing, then see now the record harvest that have been produced seen since the US/Anglo invasion of Afghanistan in modern times, one cannot help but wonder whether the same greed, the same hands indeed, are as much behind the drug business now as they have always historically been.

This then leads one to the question: Did the great ruling families that dominated human history for thousands of years give up their privilege, OR did they find a way to disguise their power yet retain it?

Many researchers point to the Rothschild banking dynasties as the source of power in the world today. They are right to see the control of money and its creation as debt as an instrument of absolute power, because money is the source of the dark energy that gives the Power its control of all human institutions, all human endeavour. Previously that money had to be stored in the form of gold or silver, but since the days of paper money that energy has been created at will. Now, as money becomes digital, its creation and the power that act of creation grants its creators has become absolute.

Do you believe that the ancient aristocratic families, those that carried with them the tradition of killing to obtain what they wanted and held that killing as their privilege, they that throughout the Victorian period and for at least a thousand years before killed anyone that threatened their privilege, simply handed control of the world to a few bankers?
Bankers that they could have had killed at any moment? Bankers whose businesses they could simply have taken away?

Or do you think an arrangement was made, an alliance, an employment of the banker criminals and a bringing of them into the fold?
Certainly the bankers were given titles by the aristocratic rulers. Certainly they were allowed to forge blood-alliances through marriage.

As we humans have developed, as we have emerged from a state of ignorance, as we have grown in number and so grown in collective intelligence, as we have have come to expect and even demand freedom from the whims of undeserving hereditary criminal families, do you not think that those families would have created a different image of themselves, would have endeavoured to disguise and hide their power whilst still retaining it, whilst still continuing to extend that power?
Do you think they just gave up, after all that time?
Do you honestly believe they and their advisors lacked the intelligence to take the appropriate action?

Or did they simply get clever, because they saw the rising threat to their privilege represented by the growing number of humanity and our burgeoning collective intelligence? Have they hidden their power through an impenetrable screen of tier upon tier of trusts, corporate holdings, nominee accounts, offshore and secret banks, disguised shareholdings? Is their power these days almost entirely dependent upon money and the use that dark energy can be put to, coupled with, in the case of the pre-eminent British Royals, a still substantial power over government and the hierarchies of the armed forces and the police (who still swear allegiance to the Queen)?

As nearly every nation is held in the debt thrall of the fake money Empire, as nearly every student emerges from college deeply in debt, as nearly every marriage and new family is swallowed into the maw of debt just to gain a roof over their heads, as almost every human being everywhere lives with personal debt or the fear of losing their ability to service debt one might readily realise that the Empire never died, rather it took on a different form and has grown to conquer and control our entire species.

That this money Empire is evil is without question. Take vaccines as an example. Do some research into the SV40 polio vaccine. Read the article in the Lancet (the UK's foremost medical journal). Know, then, from reading between the lines of that article, that for 50 years a vaccine that actively creates cancers in human beings and actively turns off the DNA that suppresses cancers has been injected into human children across the world. Hundreds of millions of human beings. See, from that article, that this vile product was identified as cancerous decades ago, that the scientist that discovered the problem had her job, her lab, her funding taken from her, that the discovery was suppressed. Big Pharma and governments (including the Russian government among them) colluded together to hide the discovery of the cancer giving nature of this vaccine for half a century. Behind big pharma and these contemptible governments, at the last analysis, lies the power of money, thereby the power to create and issue money, thereby those that have that power who have hidden themselves from humanity's gaze behind a wall of complexity and detail.
See, too, how they connive to control all research into cancer cures, go after those that find alternatives and kill or imprison them, and how big pharma profits massively decade after decade 'treating' the very sickness big pharma injected into generations of human beings. Note, too, as the Lancet reminds us, that those scientists that were at the top of the hierarchy of science and were rewarded with money and position and title, those Judas human beings, would all have to die before a new generation could establish the wrongs that had been perpetrated........

One might assert the same thing about 'global warming' and 'climate change'.

The killers among us, the enemies of human beings, still strong, still powerful, still absolutely uncaring of human misery, still privileged, using the power of money and the control of hierarchy that money grants to pervert human beings and cause them to make an alliance with evil.
WE can be bought, we human beings, and have granted to a very few the Power to create from thin air the very stuff with which we are bought.

That an entire species can be so foolish is a wonder.
That we will continue to be so foolish is that which our rulers are concerned about.

Know that everything that enters our collective human consciousness day by day does so by design.
We are living in a technological dream, an electric dream, comprised of inputs that are orchestrated across the world to shape our minds day by day, second by second, to fill us with concerns, to cause us to tremble with fear, to desire an escape yet to fear the attempt, to feast on petty distractions rather than stand erect and look our enemy in the face and, by doing so, understand that despite appearances WE are the power in this reality.

Our rulers are not overwhelming in number, are not any longer fearsome. Only the instruments of their power hold them in place and allow them to continue to despoil our planet and our species. Those instruments all now rely on fake money and the vast organisations that money spawns.

We need not face these monsters in battle. We need simply to ignore their instruments, those principalities of dark energy, debt and fake money, money itself.

If our species returned to its original, tribal understanding of a common interest shared between us and stepped away from money (that which all of our forbears lived for thousands of years without) then ALL of the power of this vile world order would vanish, in a moment.

We can still grow food and distribute it, still build, still manufacture everything we need, but do so in a world where every human being is free of debt. This merely requires organisation, and that organisation already exists.

There used to be a country called Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Rhodesia was created by the man Cecil Rhodes, who stole a nation for himself. You may have heard of 'Rhodes Scholars', bright people from the USA like Bill Clinton that get sent to Oxford's Rhodes College to receive their instructions from the power.
Rhodes was a bright, murderous empire builder. He saw that the old way of doing things could not carry on for much longer, that Royal and Aristocratic power would be challenged by the rising intelligence of a species growing in number and insisting upon educating itself. Rhodes formed an organisation to steer this transition from overt to occult (hidden, secret) power. Chatham House and the Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs emerged, organisations which promulgated US versions (the Council for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission). The use of the secret intelligence agencies of the nations of the British Empire (including the USA!) that were in this club ensured that at all times murder could be committed to carry on the purpose of spreading this new world Empire. The 20th century is littered with examples of regime change by these agencies, leaders assassinated, countries invaded, wars started, nations starved, embargoes enforced. Syria and Venezuela are current examples. And, at all times, the 'story' fed to humanity was of some created threat or enemy, or that the assassinated leader was somehow evil. Rhodes realised that money and its issuance were the keys to this New World Order, this dark hidden hand. He understood that the great emerging intelligence of our species must be harnessed and used against us and that to achieve this end money must be used, money to buy the hierarchies of academia, money to buy the acquiescence of politicians, money to course through the vast systems of corruption that flow through our world today and create every injustice, every harm to our species and our environment.

Money allows its possessor to build vast corporations, to sponsor and fund science, to control university appointments, to bribe and blackmail politicians, to fund newspapers and TV stations, to create innumerable websites, to pay for thousands of vast NGOs, to control governments, to hold in its thrall countless thousands of human beings that sell their moral compass for a handful of the stuff. Journalists that bury stories that are inconvenient, climate scientists that fudge data to make human beings believe that we are bad for our planet (when those that are destroying it with vile pollutants are, exclusively, the vast corporations that the money power owns), policemen and judges that enable paedophiles to escape justice, scientists that develop worse and worse weapons that threaten our species, on and on.

It only seems that the Power in this world is unassailable.
That Power is money, and behind the fake construct called money sit the same ruthless creatures that have always seemingly been amongst us, and they and their Empire of Evil can simply be ignored into history through the exercise of humanity's indomitable collective WILL.

That which more than seven billion human beings collectively decide WILL BE.
Unity of purpose lies at the core of that collective will.
Recognition of that which binds us together, rather than the minor issues that divide us.

Our humanity is found expressed in our human-heartedness.
The love we share, the love that sits at the heart of almost all of us, that would sit in every heart were the world not misshapen by those that seek to divide us, to render us asunder, to have us at each other's throats over invented causes. Those drawn to religion are so drawn because the world's religions profess to represent a universal LOVE.

All of the detail that we are expected to master in a myriad of divisive issues that spew from the vile maw of our masters are the property of Evil, the very opposite of Love. We endlessly discuss economic alternatives, great minds are put to the task, theories and concepts and 'isms' are promulgated, yet NONE of these detailed arguments ever discuss the simple and universal moral wrong that is that we human beings allow a few 'people' to create all money from thin air and issue it as debt to nations and to people.

There sits the leviathan in the room, the monster that is never mentioned on serious, detailed TV discussion programmes, never mentioned by government Ministers that 'borrow' trillions from these fake banks. All of them are complicit, all aid and abet the greatest crime there has ever been, a crime that funds and pays for every other crime that is perpetrated in our world. The very font and spring of Evil itself.

Of course, these criminals are rewarded.
And not just with money.
For as we see, they are allowed to wallow in filth and avoid human retribution, avoid justice.
The flight lists of the Lolita Express tell us that.

Alongside the dark energy of money are the more ancient and lasting forms of mass hypnosis and mind control that are used to hold us in thrall, but are now waning.
Organised religions still have power over many human beings, but many more now see them for what they are and view their historical and their current catalogue of wars and terror, of torture and burning at the stake with horror.
Deference to Royals and Aristocrats still pertains in many nations, an automatic inculcated bending of the knee, but this deference is rapidly waning.
We still accept hierarchy, despite all of us understanding that all hierarchy stems from money, that more often than not those that rise in all hierarchies are those of psychopathic intent who lack any form of morality at all. This mute acceptance will only persist as long as the money power exists, when we will remove the psychopaths from positions of authority forever.

Many human beings still believe that their policing systems and judicial systems are there for their own good. They largely are, of course, where petty criminality is concerned, but everywhere the upper echelon of that power system works to protect those in true power in the world, and that is why those senior officers were promoted. The trust we have in our police and legal hierarchies, too, is rapidly waning.

Vast corporations escape punishment for money laundering, for polluting, for injecting cancer virus into human beings, for countless crimes against humanity. Warmaking politicians escape prosecution. High level paedophiles and child murderers face no penalty, or conveniently 'die' before they can be brought to justice.
All of these injustices rely upon the power of money.

So it goes, for the time being, but such is NOT the future of an intelligent species of billions.
Our human destiny does NOT lie in 'more of the same'.
WE will step into a different reality, for that must be our human destiny, a world established on the foundations of care, of love, of human-heartedness that is there for us, just a step away.

Almost all human beings now realise that there is something wrong with our world picture, this current reality.

Everywhere there is a growing sense of unease, a growing distrust in power in all its forms, a deep resentment, a growing disbelief in almost all media, a distrust of officials. Everywhere, too, there is a growing understanding that we human beings could, if once we organised and shared an intent, merely cast off the parasites that feed off all of us.

Predators and prey, the nature of all of reality.
WE mistakenly think that we human beings are the top of the food chain.
The evidence shows we are not.
Shows that our rulers are inhuman in nature.

Examine the history of any place on earth and, somewhere in that history you will find Kings or Religions taking children in sacrifice, aristocrats found to have been murdering the young, cannibalism. They prize the heart, these creatures, for the andrenochrome the terrified victim creates and the 'high' that is produced from ingesting their blood and heart.
This is difficult to think of, something we are conditioned to believe is merely 'history' and not of this 'civilised' world now.
But this is not, in any sense, a civilised world. It is a world which is technologically advanced and organised, but a world where that very technological advance is utilised to build ever more efficient killing machinery, ever more sophisticated surveillance equipment, is utilised to extend power rather than limit it, to treat sickness for profit rather than cure sickness out of benevolence.
In no way are we a civilisation, rather its antithesis.
That must change.

At the heart of true civilisation is love, is good intent, is value placed on beauty, is care, is wisdom rather than mere learning.

That we as a species now are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with those that have power over us is an indication of the emergence of our single world wide human-hearted understanding. The growth of 'populist' parties is a symptom of this emerging collective understanding, though of course they are mostly the creatures of the power, put in place to attempt to steal the leadership of human discontent, that once in power merely continue with the world agenda. It takes a while, once we have placed our human belief in these new 'saviours', to realise that we have been fooled yet again, just as generations of human beings were fooled by Lenin or Mao or Hitler and so many others, representing ideas that seemed good while having a determination to sully those very ideas in the collective consciousness for generations by making those ideas seem the source and origin of death camps and wars of aggression and the demise of millions. In that way were the ideas of sharing and mutual dependence slaughtered in the death camps of Communism and National Socialism, so that generations might point the finger of hatred against those concepts whilst the greater evil of capitalism, controlled by those that create money as debt, grew its vast control matrix over our world and the font of the real criminality.

Now, the Power has the very pulse of the human collective understanding closely monitored through mass surveillance and via data mining. The new 'smart' world we are being sold is being created so that such intense monitoring will become absolute, that there will be nowhere we can go without being eavesdropped or witnessed.
They fear us now, with justification, and have prepared.

The power needs, is desperate to have, a knowledge of the emergence of the new humanity, a deep understanding of our collective psyche so that it can target its vast array of propaganda engines to deal with each new contingency.
Money settles each of these accounts, allows the Power such enormous organisation, pays the salaries and bonuses of the Judas human beings that do the actual work.

What we are living through, what we are a part of but cannot yet see, is the emergence of a new epoch in our human history.

It is this emergence that the power identified more than a century ago and has been organising to combat every since. It is the product of our number, the product of there being billions of us, the product of the collective intelligence that billions of human beings are creating.

The Power seeks to control the shape of that collective intelligence, has developed new media in order to do so, but we ourselves are using that new media to communicate our dissatisfaction. For a brain to form, the connective wires have to exist, the neurons. So our new media are enabling the formation of a collective human consciousness, a single entity, a great mind made of billions of processors called human beings.

The expression of our humanity, our collective human-heartedness, will find expression through this process. We stand at the very threshold of a new dawn for our species.

At some point that mind will coalesce, become an almighty Will, a single species acting as one, humanity finally realising what it needs to do to wrest control of this planet from those who would do harm and have been the enemies of good, the enemies of love, the enemies of what some call God, that notion of a universal good that must operate in this universe.

As before, the Power believes that we will accept a fake alternative. It has been incubating this fake brave new world for decades. It has prepared and made ready to destroy nations and governments, to destroy corporate capitalism, to create a world of small city states and 'not-for-profit' organisations, to grant each and every human being a 'living wage', to wipe out debt, things we might choose to do ourselves......BUT behind this simulacrum will be a new world government, populated by unelected leaders, and a 'gold-backed' fake currency issued by the very banks we know are the font and fulcrum of evil itself, united as a 'world bank' entity with only 'good in mind' (they will have us believe) whilst behind it will be the unutterable evil of perpetual human slavery.

To imagine that the Power will meekly allow us to seize our planet and shape its future based on a shared understanding of good, of human-heartedness, is folly.
Everything they are now doing is part of a strategy that has been developed over a century or longer, perhaps much longer indeed than that, to prevent our emergence as a species.

The question is, will they be successful?

The answer is No.

Humanity, that coming great mind, the collective yearning of human-heartedness, that great dream of a world of justice and freedom, that collective will-to-good that will end wars, end pollution, end injustice, everywhere and for all of our future, that very destiny of an intelligent species MUST happen.

It is the destination that any intelligent species must ultimately reach, that such a great mind must arrive at, and humanity, we billions of cells in a single great mind, WILL reach that destiny.

Ask yourself, what other future will do?
What other destination is there for an intelligent, loving species?

In our mind's eye we have seen this future, Aktina Pempti and I, and it is good, it is full of wonder, and it is within humanity's grasp.

We are a moment away now.
Share this vision, please.
Pass a link.
Post a comment.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
And to follow:
We understand, as our readers do no doubt, that there exists a dualism within each human being, that both good and evil speak to every conscience, that there is a switch within each of us that, if applied, will turn us from that which we should be into that which others fear.
We are, each of us, both demons and angels, co-existent within the body which carries the life through this iteration of reality.
There are those amongst us that at some point in their lives allowed the switch to be applied and at that point left behind their inherent humanity for the sake of the satisfaction they obtained from becoming evil. These inhuman types (for that is what they become at that moment) dominate this reality.
Some suggest that there are alien 'body-snatchers' at work. Others say that these people have allowed Demons to enter their souls. Some say that they are followers of a Satanic creed, that they are Frankists or Sabbateans or Satanists. Some say they are merely psychoipathic human beings, or sociopaths. Many point to the rich and famous entertainers that admit they have 'sold their soul' to the Devil. Some mention the Rothschild scion that died young after he had admitted that he had been to Satan's villa, here on earth. Others refer to the symbols that have been set in the great centres of power here on earth, the Vatican and the City of London and Washington D.C., those obelisks carried forwards from Babylon, or the Gate of Ba'al that has been shown off across the world's capitals in recent days. Some speak of the “Tomorrowland” 'music festivals', of the world's beautiful youth gathering together to worship openly satanic entertainments, waving the flags of almost every nation, and who knows where the 'money' comes from to enable these kids to indulge their passions....?
Whatever the origin or nature of these freaks of nature, that they are the font and origin of all that perturbs, disgusts and frightens the vast mass of humanity is without question.
From the street corner mobster, the school bully, the kitten-drowning five year old, through the utter bastard that rises to the top of our major corporations, through the killers that become generals or politicians, dictators or powerful bureaucrats, via the servants of false and inhuman hierarchies everywhere, these minor demons dominate our world as it is.
The fuel that drives the engine of almost all human misery is their currency, their fake money, that which grants these creatures lives that the rest of us only dream of: The vast houses and the servants that upkeep them, the yachts, the private islands where perversions are indulged, the very best that humanity can produce, the best foods, wines, narcotics, sex, gardens, clothes, art, everything that we produce at our finest they take for their own, including our most beautiful human beings, sacrificed for their pleasure.
Know how Power works: It offers, slowly and by stages, the knowledge of freedom from punishment to be understood. It encourages perversion. As these perversions are adopted so after a while they begin to cloy, to bore, and so further perversions are sought and obtained. At the summit of this vile pyramid are the worst perversions human beings can imagine, the rape and torture and consumption of infants. Those that feed this market are exalted among the freaks that dominate this reality, the Saviles, the Epsteins, other friends of the “royal' and the powerful, feeders of the finest and most delicious perversions that Evil can furnish to its servants.
Everywhere we human beings fight over the 'privilege' of supplying these monsters. Artists sell their finest works to these undeserving creatures. Architects build their palaces. Craftsmen furnish them. Gardeners and landscape artists create their earthly heavens. Servants clean and shine and wipe every surface. Chefs create their finest foods.
Though we human beings dream of such luxuries and finery, though we are taught to desire them, though we buy lottery tickets in the hope that we might, this is absolutely not what most of we humans really desire.
We desire love.
The love of good parents. The love of another. The love of our children and family.
The love of a craft or skill or service rendered for others so that we might sleep proud of our contribution, however humble. Often those that perform the 'humblest' tasks are those we should exalt the most, those that do the worst of jobs are the best of us without whom we would be lost.

We desire just enough.
We desire a roof over our heads that is ours and cannot be taken from us.
We desire good and natural food and freedom from its want.
We desire good and natural water, good enough wine, good weed, whatever nature supplies so that we might sit and share with family or friends and enjoy good company.
We desire each others bodies, as nature has decreed, and the incredible fun that sex grants us and in whatever form takes our fancy, free of the diktats of false religions and fake hierarchy, but bounded by an innate understanding of what is right and wrong, a knowledge of the understanding that we should do no harm.
Our children, our future, should have their innocence protected, should grow into a world of wisdom and knowledge granted at appropriate moments as we always understood when we were tribal peoples and as our human bodies dictate.
The Power, as we see, insists that we teach anal sex to five year olds.
Instinct tells us the wrong of that, but if we object we are reviled by the Power's media, even arrested by the Power's 'police'. If we object too strongly or too successfully, we might be jailed.
For disturbing the 'peace'.

We desire freedom from fear, we love certainty, an understanding that if we fall we will be helped to our feet, a knowledge that of others fall we will have the time and the energy to help them to their feet.
We love community, being among others that speak our language and share our heritage, but we also love to experience other cultures, other heritages, other places, to wallow in the wonder that is the diversity of humanity, the difference that should not be abhorred as it is often now but be relished, enjoyed, experienced so that we all of us broaden our outlook and become acceptant and full of pleasure at this great variety.
Behind all of this joyousness, this love, sits our human-heartedness.
We will these days walk past the injured, the starving, the crying child, because the world has separated us from our spirit.
We must make time for ourselves, must create the freedom from fear that allows us to devote ourselves to each other, to care.
This was what we were, as tribal peoples, when we were free of the monsters and their Empires.
You arrive late to work today because you paused to speak to someone lonely, and are lauded for that action.
You miss an appointment because your child needed comfort, and are given praise for it.
You eat less today, because you came across someone whose hunger could not be ignored, met with the agreement of those that would have done the same and the offers of those that have already enough.
You spent the day cleaning your neighbourhood, because it needed doing, and got the pats on the back such deeds deserve.

You, together with your neighbours, made it clear to the local bully that their behaviour wasn't acceptable, that you'd act together to stop them bullying, just as our tribal ancestors made such things clear. We don't need vigilantes, but we should be vigilant.

We are, as a species, approaching a new civilisation.
A human-hearted future.
It requires organisation, vigilance, and above all the understanding of LOVE.
That must be our human foundation.
What else will do?
What else denotes progress?

If you are a believer in any religion, there is its central theme, there what you can cling to as the world enters a new epoch.
Friends, we stand at a crossroads. Before us lies a junction, a place of choice, a point at which we need to choose. Within that choosing comes both certainty and uncertainty, both hope and concern, an understanding of what we are intended to be and a sad recollection of what we have become. The road ahead is fraught with difficulty, with danger, but also with possibility, with opportunity. If we do nothing, what lies ahead is more misery, that which we know so well, as all slaves throughout our long human history have known.
But if we billions choose to act, then what lies ahead are our human dreams, our human potentialities, a very different place.

Humanity's destiny.
A world of Love.

Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Power cannot stop it. All Empires end......

Some people identify the world wide rule of fake money and usurious debt as the chief problem humanity faces, and they are right. They see that since the days of Rhodes and his vile assistants a dark Empire has arisen, an Empire built on the foundations of the Royal bloodline's old military empire of seizure, subjugation, enslavement and theft and willingness to kill, but reformed and remodeled to meet the crisis to Power that is the rising collective consciousness of the great mass of humanity. It's a dark and hidden Empire, hidden behind walls of legalese, behind vast edifices of secrecy, behind the jargon of 'economics', behind the fine words and and lying objectives of the well paid executives of thousands of charities that are no such thing and thousands of NGOs that are funded by governments and so are no such thing as Non Governmental Organisations but are simply extensions of the governmental power that is controlled everywhere by the new Empire.

They sought to replace armies of invasion with the more subtle instruments of debt, hierarchies controlled by money and fake democracies, detailed and complete control of thought through all of the avenues that money can buy (from the media through universities and the funding and publishing of science), through the continuation of blackmail, war, assassination and fear as subsidiary weapons, through the emerging science of psychology and an understanding of what makes human beings think a certain way (now developed further from the early days of Tavistock to the current absolute science, aided by data mining, of the entire collective human consciousness), and eventually via the removal of the threat.

The threat is a vast population of human beings, the rise in collective intelligence those numbers bring, the capability to share thoughts, ideas and an understanding of the nature of our human existence, a knowledge of the tricks that have been played upon our species, shared and resented.

Ergo the removal of that threat ultimately relies on one of only two strategies: Complete mind control OR a vast and rapid reduction of our population. BOTH options are in play.

Some people identify climate change as the chief problem humanity faces.
Some people identify the big lie that is climate change as the chief problem humanity faces, which is more correct. Through that lie the Power hopes to convince us (and more especially our children) that it will be good when billions of us die. The Power is busy conditioning children to believe that old people are useless, sick, dependent polluters, that the old 'had it good' at the expense of the next generation, that granddad and nan would be better off dead and the planet would be better off without them. There'll be other 'useless eaters', of course. People that live simple lives. People that carry a disability. People that want children. People that believe there are only two sexes and that family is vital to human society. Others that don't fit the fake new world that is being forced, crammed, down the throats of the new generation everywhere in the world. A new generation of humanity existing in a world of no certainty, no moral cogniscance, no understanding of the right to question and the necessity of questioning.

Some identify Evil, in all its forms, as the chief problem humanity faces, and they too are right.
Not the petty misdemeanours of ordinary human-hearted people nor the great evils we human beings rarely commit when in the heat of passion or jealousy, but rather the great evils perpetrated by our leaders and those that steer them: The orchestrated paedophilia and the destruction of our children's innocence. The endless wars and rumours of war. The great profits made from the organised distribution of addictive narcotics (legal and illegal). The deliberate dumbing down of generations of human beings. The endless propaganda that creates an inhuman reality, a reality full of fear. List the great evils that assail humanity: War, starvation, genocide, pollution, debt, fake religions that promulgate violence, artificial competition, speaking mistruth (I love my job....), injustice, cruel law enforcement, vile addictive narcotics, slavery, prostitution, and in every case it is easy to trace these evils back to their source: Money and the role money plays in the exercise of Power, the practice of Evil.

Some people identify the deliberate slow poisoning of humanity as our greatest problem, and they too are right. The chemicals and ionised radiations sown into our food chain, our water supplies, our atmosphere. From this slow poisoning have emerged the myriad of new sicknesses that have become our greatest killers, our greatest spoilers of life through illness and disability, the thieves of the wisdom of the elderly through dementia and Alzheimer's. These slow poisons work hand in hand with the education of the young into believing that to save our planet there needs to be fewer human beings, and those few that remain need to be fit and healthy. Those that aren't are merely pollutant creatures, a waste of space, need to be reprocessed perhaps as fuel (for fat burns well...).

Some people identify electro-magnetic radiation and the near certain use of this science for the purposes of mind control as the greatest problem humanity faces, and they too are right. EMFs sicken us, slowly. EMFs are the vehicle for much that humanity has become addicted to. That addiction has created a medium through which those that own humanity can engineer our understanding of the past, the present and therefore the future.
Put simply, it is both a mind control weapon aimed at humanity's mass consciousness and a deliberate and invisible poisoner of our natural being and the nature in which we exist.

Through this medium they are taking a never before witnessed and absolute power over our reality, what we understand as 'truth', what we accept as 'proven fact', the entirety of the inputs to our consciousness that together coalesce to form “now”, our reality, our world.
It is the instrument through which they hope to control, for a thousand years, the collective consciousness of our species.

Those that have the eyes to see know that a new generation is growing into a world where the absolute truth resides in that dreadful Wikipedia (Wicked Paedia) and the state approved media and state sponsored websites, where every other version of reality has been deleted. Every book-burning dictator, every religion that burned 'heretics' and 'blasphemers' at the stake, every vile 'Royal' that had dissenters and objectors killed, every single iteration of Power under its single source has murdered truth and tried to remove from the genetic substance of humanity those genes which are embodied in the mavericks, those that see truth as a high ideal, the scientists and journalists and thinkers and philosophers those that speak for justice, big and small, shoved into camps or simply murdered through all of our human history by the Power that hs always understood the genetic engineering and selective breeding processes required to produce an acquiescent herd.

Ask any farmer.

Some people identify the 'Jews' as the dark overlords of this reality. Such a belief has been engineered, of course, and is a useful shield to those that own us.

Some people identify the Royals as the dark overlords of this reality, and they are closer to the truth.

Some people identify an alien bloodline as the dark overlords of this reality, rulers that have interbred with humanity over thousands of years such that they resemble we humans, are almost indistinguishable from us.
Blood and DNA tests might determine whether that is true or not, when the time comes.

Some people identify mass stupidity as the chief problem humanity faces, that combined with the intricate web of financial reward systems that secure the services of those that are not stupid but are merely wilfully ignorant, or simply so left-brained that they are utterly stupid whilst appearing clever (in a world that rewards the accumulation of information (true or not) over the exercise of intelligence). There is much that is true in this belief. Society has been engineered to reward those that are capable of 'learning' what they are given to learn, whilst rarely exercising their right brains, wherein lies the ability to question. Science and religion rely on these unquestioning 'learners'. All dogma and the evil that results from dogma has left-brained learners at core.

Some people identify the mass mind-control that is organised religion as the chief problem humanity faces, the age-old belief systems that are self-perpetuating and rely upon the yearning for connection with the force of love that exists at the core of many human-hearted human beings, that takes that yearning and turns it into an instrument of division, enmity, and hatred and that has, for thousands of years, been used to provoke mass murder, torture, genocide and the wholesale destruction of the accumulated knowledge of entire civilisations and the tribal understandings of this reality and its creator and the relationship between we humans and creation itself.

They are right, of course, to see religion as the greatest emanation of evil, the greatest perverter of all, that which contrives to transform the urge to good into the frenzied killer that is 'belief'. We are, or at least we were and are now coming to see we were, creatures susceptible to a lie well told that appealed to our innate willingness to believe in archetypes, those old stories that are inbuilt and reside in our deep subconscious. Every great novel appeals to these deep understandings, ALL propaganda and mind-shaping speaks to our mass subconsciousness. Humanity has had its collective mind controlled for thousands of years. They appeal to our human-heartedness, these tales, then, having won our belief, twist and render evil that which was intended to be and is inherently good.

Do you see?
Believers, everywhere, are incensed by such understandings.
Those that create and control belief systems KNOW that we humans will react in such a way.
Now there is a new belief system being wrought around us. A belief in the truth and absolute good of 'science', a belief that humanity is 'bad' for the planet, a belief in what appears on the internet (where, within a few years, no truth will any longer exist, just the fake 'consensus' built by the vast resources being poured into the exercise, resources paid for by the fake 'thin-air' money that the Power has at its disposal and which can buy human beings, those willing to sell their human-heartedness (their soul) for a fancy house, a fancy car, the promise of a fat 'pension', the opportunity to feel they have 'succeeded' in the fake competition, the chance to bully, the award of a worthless 'title'.

There are more of these great problems, so many that it might seem that they are insurmountable and that, because of this insurmountability, our species is doomed.

This, of course, is how our world is intended to be viewed by those that own and shape this reality.
Power, in all its forms, has cemented our species into this mind-set of hopelessness.
But those that do feel so hopeless forget simple mathematics.

WE human beings, we simple, human-hearted, powerless creatures......
Are more than SEVEN BILLION strong.

We are elements of the greatest force that has ever been. The largest army. The greatest force for good that has ever existed. Individually we know, each of us, a tiny portion of the vast puzzle.
Collectively and between us all we know EVERYTHING there is to know, everything we need to understand, every piece of the jigsaw from KNOWING how to properly collect and recycle rubbish to KNOWING how to cook the perfect meal to KNOWING how to raise our children to be good to KNOWING how to delve into the intricacies of DNA or of atoms, to KNOWING how to get food to each other from across the world just when we need it and so on and so forth.

NOTHING is beyond we human beings now.
Nothing at all.
Everything that IS, IS because we make it so, because we are collectively clever, because we know how to organise, because we CARE.
This understanding is hidden from us by everything we have already spoken of here, but it exists, is known, and every human being no matter how 'humble' sees their part in the whole, sees how things are capable of being, knows deep down that humanity has a destiny that is close.

Over the last century the Power has examined all of the elements that together create unity between we human beings and picked them off, one by one, such that we have become lonely in a world of billions of human beings. We compete against one another, rather than cooperate. We have been engineered into selfishness. We charge for rather than share. We look for insult so that we might feel offended rather than accept insult as part of normal human interaction. Even our great charitable giving has been brought into the fold of the Power, so that charities have become career opportunities for the greedy, protective covers for the child-stealers and perverts, thieves of goodness and sharing, stealers of beneficence.

By such means, via all of these created problems, through such a series of intricate strategies some centuries in the making, the Power believes it has defeated the great threat, the rising consciousness of billions of human-hearted people.

We can see this belief in everything they now do, acting as if humanity is of no concern, proceeding with their great and final solutions as if we humans cannot see the terrible evils being perpetrated upon us.

This arrogance is its chief mistake.

The great threat to Power is not yet understood by most human beings, though the owners of this reality have always known it will come and have been fighting its emergence for centuries.

You can see how they fear it through their tight control of every aspect of our human development, through their ownership of the budgets for scientific research and the hierarchies of universities, through their control of all media, through their organised debt-creation, through their control of governments and religions and corporate hierarchies, through their determination to create endless wars, through their attempt to control our minds in every way possible. All of their strategies have been and are focused on this single objective, one that most of we human beings don't even realise exists. All of the greatest problems we face as a species were created by the Power in order to prevent the emergence of the thing they fear most.

You won't find this threat discussed or even mentioned in the fake and well orchestrated alternative media, in the myriad of websites created by agentur of the Power to distract humanity from this understanding. Such is the depth to which the Power's control of our human consciousness goes, much further than most 'awake' human beings realise.

Those that do understand are being systematically sidelined, or simply removed from the game by murder (as usual).

THIS is the threat to the Power you should realise exists and work towards spreading the understanding of:

Since Confucius wrote of “Ren” thousands of years ago the power has sought to deprive our species of this understanding and to absorb much of its strength into the hierarchies of fake religions and fake charities and other absorbers and misdirectors of human good will.
In other places the Power has sought to destroy entire nations and tribes that had the understanding of this power and to remove all vestiges of that learning from the face of the earth, such that those tribes would never develop and become what the Power fears most.

Humanity's power lies in human-heartedness, being human, the true nature of our species, a species that has been enslaved by evil for millennia to such an extent that it now hardly recognises itself.

We have lived, for ages, in a world organised by an entity that rewards evil, that grants power to those that have no conscience, to those that seek self-gratification in all its forms, to the wicked amongst us. This is evident from all our history, from every moment of it, the domination of human beings by those that enjoy killing, rape, theft, usury, bullying, cruelty, those that take pleasure from the misery of others, those that care not for anyone else but themselves, those that descend to utter debauchery and psychopathy. THAT is our history. Examine it for truth.
But it is NOT our destiny, not our future.
That history is INHUMAN.
Our future is human, is human-hearted.

Though not one of us is absolutely good, we most of us hold deep within us a knowledge of love, of the deep desire for love, the love between parents and children, the love that gives birth to care and charity and justice, the love between two human beings that makes them one, the love of this creation and all of its utter beauty, the love of love itself, foundation of everything that is good.
THIS is our Power, our human power, seven billion souls understanding what is right and wrong, seven billion slaves in a world of evil coming to the realisation that THIS world is NOT OUR world, that there is much that is wrong …..

and that there are enough of us, and we are clever enough, and we are human-hearted enough....

to make this world a human world, a human-hearted world, a world full of love......

And that, dear friend, is our destiny.
The conduit is closing,
There is good out there.”

It will not be long.

Share this.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
From our high castle,

The Power cannot stop it.
All Empires end.

Note: We have been getting comments lately. More are welcome. But we find that we cannot REPLY to comments at the moment (MICK: We wish you luck and joy in your switching off of the internet weapon and send you our love.)

Monday, 6 January 2020

New Year.....?

The game of life which we play within is almost utterly convincing.
Most believe that this is the 'base' reality, and has been arrived at by an incredibly vast series of unlikely coincidences stretching across billions of years.
That belief is an error.
Bought and paid for fake science is trying to maintain that belief, just as bought and paid for fake religions pushed a different and equally ludicrous belief system.

Such beliefs, the God delusion or the Science delusion, are errors the Power would like to enjoy the continuance of, but is concerned that humanity will rectify.

The current Great Lie, that of human-caused climate change a.k.a. global warming, is being rammed down humanity's collective consciousness/throat by the bought scientists and the paid for mass media and the enormous edifice that is the NGO industry ('not for profit' except for the enormously fat wage packets of the smiley-faced schemers that run them.....and of course THEY can be trusted, can't they?)

That great lie, perhaps the greatest of them all, is designed to make humanity believe that this, OUR world, would be better off without us, or better off if there were much fewer of us.

When, as you might have noticed and despite the efforts of our rulers to mess things up, the more of us there are the better things get.

AS our human population grows, so our collective intelligence grows.
This enables us to thrive.
We invent our way out of difficulty.
We organise.

Our rulers therefore set out, long ago, to own and control all human development, all science, all initiatives for peace and to deprive us of the progress we would otherwise have made.
They are the brake on our evolution, the barrier to progress, the enemy of our collective future and what our species must and will become.

If it weren't for our rulers we would live without war.
If it weren't for our rulers, we would live without debt.
If it weren't for our rulers we would live without their engineered sicknesses.
We human beings would find our common desires, not focus on the false divisions we have been given by our rulers.

Much of that which we humans call evil is of their origin, most of it sustained by their fake money system which they use to buy the souls of the weak and the greedy and the psychologically malformed, much of it sustained by the fake belief systems that were implanted in the human consciousness millennia ago.

We exist within a creation, a creation so beautifully intricate in its workings and so diverse in its imaginings that it cannot be the work of a single entity.
Rather, it is a cooperative creation.
Perhaps millions, even billions of minds were involved.
But united behind that a driving unity that formed the foundation of everything here.

If our species were free of the inhuman monsters that rule our reality then, in time, our species would develop the capacity to engineer such a creation.
WE have a good model, after all.

Few understand the purpose of the game.
Some suggest that the purpose might only be understood by God, and is ineffable.
We think that's unlikely.
We think ten billion free human beings could eventually work it out.
We think that might be our human purpose.

And in that understanding you will find the urge towards love that is our human story, the narrative we should pursue as we reset our world and co-create our species' future.

With Love for the new year,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

For our friends....

 A few of our olive trees now that the rain has greened the land.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Paris descends into chaos on anniversary of 'Yellow Vests' protests

Protest: Get brutalised by cops until you stop.
Protest: Get associated with fake protesters (cops dressed in black civies) that burn stuff and smash stuff.
Go on strike: Deny other ordinary human beings of your services. Doesn't trouble the gangsters that run the world one little bit. Which idiot invented 'strikes' in the first place?

Know your enemy. Your enemy is those that create money as debt and OWN the governments of the world. They OWN humanity. They are the enemy of our species.

Strategy: Simple. Deny them the power of their fake money.
Money will collapse. Go to work. Keep calm. Make sure others stay calm.

How long will the money creators' Power last if HUMANITY ignore their fake stuff?
Money is the source of ALL their Power. Deny them that and they will fade.
Simple to see, easy to do, no effort required.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Destiny? (Edited and reposted)

Do you realise what a mess we human beings are in?
But, do you realise that humanity is on an Evolutionary path?
That nothing can stop us?
That the power that has shaped human society for centuries is weakening?
That the power is using every weapon it has to distract humanity from its inevitable Evolutionary path?
It cannot win, this time.
We Are like a great tide, unstoppable, as powerful as only seven billion minds can be.
WE now see that We Are enslaved.
WE now see HOW we are enslaved.
It is only a matter of time before everything changes, before We Start Again and rebuild our reality.

This is the best of all times to be alive and to be human.
Your duty calls.......

As human beings We Are driven away from thinking about the fundamentals of this existence.
What we should be as a species.
How we should live.
How we should transact.
How we should interact with the creation that is the world.
These fundamental questions are rarely addressed because we live according to the system that has been woven around us over the centuries.
This system has been woven by the powerful and operates to the benefit of the powerful and serves to preserve that power. It serves to keep humanity in a condition of helplessness and of perpetual confusion, whilst maintaining the illusion of freedom. 

At present, and for all of our known past, when we humans do consider the fundamentals of our existence we are driven towards examining these fundamentals in the light of false concepts, false ideas, lies built upon lies, layer upon layer of falsehood, each untruth cementing the last until we are, as a species, lost in this false reality that is in essence a matrix of evil.

For example, you might consider an action which will have a financial consequence. You might hate your job, loathe your employer, feel guilty that what you do helps make a plutocrat even wealthier whilst you struggle to pay your usurious debts, but those very debts ensure that you go to work every day. In years past, slaves understood they were not free and were kept in their chains by the threat of or the actuality of violence. Since manumission the power has used more convenient tools to create a condition of bondage, tools which produce profit rather than incur costs. It costs money to keep slave drivers and paid bullies, whilst money is earned from the interest on debts. 

What else can you call this reality but a false reality?
It is a reality framed by false debts created by banks at will and from thin air and enslaving every human being in almost every indebted nation.

(That as a species we allow a few people to create money at the touch of a key or the click of a mouse is an act of collective stupidity that beggars belief. By accepting this fake exchange medium we are granting perpetual power over all of our lives to the money creators. If they told us leaves were currency but only allowed themselves to grow trees we would soon see the great infamy, but they wrap their infamy in complex economics, in jargon, in laws, in mortgage agreements, in the compliance with this great Ponzi scheme of almost every government everywhere. THEIR fake money frames this reality and governs almost all human interaction. It is so ubiquitous that we forget to question its existence, forget to ask what impact it is having upon us, forget to examine how almost all crime has money at its source and so how much crime would be reduced if we chose to do away with the stuff.)

It is a reality framed by hierarchies that derive in the most part from the power of money or from the power of patronage handed down from the scions of 'Kings' that gained their power from the theft of nations and the genocides of tribal peoples. We allow the descendants of mass murderers decide who shall have power over us! 

It is a reality framed by religions that have been crafted and shaped by the hands of the powerful over centuries so as to capture the human urge for connection with the Creator and the human instinct for Good and to periodically turn that yearning for Good into the Evil of crusades, of fatwahs, of burnings at the stake, of excommunications and of death for blasphemy, of inhuman morality shaping our very sexuality. In many places and for many people religions have captured the great moments of our lives and drawn us into their influence and power by this means. They are there at the christening or naming, sometimes they cut the foreskin or otherwise mutilate the genitalia. They are there at the joining together of marriage. They are there at the death...and often in our past have been the cause of it.

It is a reality that has continuously found we human beings driven to slaughter one another en masse in wars, every single one of those wars being squabbles for more territory or more riches or the control of more people between the powerful. 
The fake and orchestrated 'revolutions' that have always scarred human lives, always ended in 'disappearances' or death camps, always divided us, all of them were not true revolutions but were the consequence of decisions made by the power to reshape and reorder the chosen nation.
Do human beings really WANT to kill 'foreigners' or people that believe differently to themselves?
Normally only when we believe that those 'foreigners' have attacked and killed some of our own.

The consciousness engineers that busy themselves rewriting history and the media busy reshaping the present would have us believe that false flag events are mere conspiracy theories. Some few of we human beings believe this drivel. Most of us, now, know that the powerful are absolutely capable of and guilty of staging events that cause human beings to want to go to war.
9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Polish invasion of Nazi Germany.......The consciousness engineers would try and have us believe that these are mere conspiracy theories believed in only by nuts. They might think that they have won that battle for the minds of our species. They have not.
We KNOW, vast numbers of us, that the genocidal freaks that own this world create wars for their own dark purposes and that We ordinary human beings fight those wars, kill or be killed like chess pieces in some grand game of chess.
And in that spreading 'knowing' lies the end of wars between we human beings forever.

Sometimes we become 'racists', when those of different backgrounds and cultures come to live amongst us, but rarely does this turn to killing. The most virulent and dangerous form of racism is that produced by the propaganda of the powerful, that racism created to serve a purpose.

Some have suggested that Hitler's anti-'semitism' and subsequent death camps owe much to the desire of certain powerful people to lift one section of humanity above ANY condemnation for ANY crime for all of time. If that is the case, it seems to have worked.

We should recall that every single human being is a genetic mongrel. The worst white supremacist will have some black blood in there somewhere, the worst black supremacist some white blood. Our DNA tells us a story, a long and geographically interesting story of the movements of peoples throughout thousands upon thousands of years, the inevitable mixing of bloods, the mongrelisation of our human tribe.
We Are one.
Sure, we are a variety of different shades, heights, features.....but We Are Human every one.

Our human story, our journey, is a thing of great sadness. It is a story of a species in the hands of a force of Evil that controls our actions and our interactions at every level in every way. Hierarchy, money, faiths, laws, governance derive from this Evil and shape our human society in its wicked image. We, our human species, live in an utterly false and inhuman reality.

Something better awaits us.

Where has it come from, this Evil?
Not from the meek, not from the dutiful, not from the normal, not from the children we once were long ago before we were assaulted by fear, but from a small number of creatures that have dominated our world for centuries and whose actions can only be termed 'inhuman'.

Every motive for every action we human beings take that is not of our instinctive nature but depends upon some inhuman falsehood. We Are now so far removed from our instinctive nature, from our human way of being, that we have forgotten our humanity, our human-heartedness.

Sure, there are those among us that have decided to become evil. It's very tempting to the sickest amongst us, the puppy drowners and the rippers of wings off insects, those that carry a deep and vicious desire for revenge stemming from some childhood embarrassment.
We all of us know such beings.
They have seen the way the world works and have forsaken their humanity for the dribbles from the plate of those that hold Power here.
But they are few.
They are as dust beneath the heels of the vast majority.

We Are the power in this reality, we mostly harmless, we good hearted, we loving.
We just have to realise our strength, understand our commonality and what we billions of us share that unites us rather than divides us.

This is a unity and a strength that derives from the common sense and the innate goodness of our kind, our human-heartedness.
It's not a strength drawn from the fake rules and dogmas of fake religions, from corporate stipulations and the drive for 'profit', from the falsity of fake 'democracy' and the 'rule of law' that has nothing to do with the rule of what is right, what is just.

It is a strength drawn from our human-heartedness, an understanding of both 'do no harm' and 'do what is right', an understanding of what it is to be human.

The so-called Christians that burnt other Christians at the stake. The so-called Muslims that murder children with their bombs. The so-called Western 'democracies' that have killed innocents for centuries and kill babies every day. The so-called Communists that killed so-called Fascists. Left and Right, Christian and Muslim, Hindu and Zoroastrian, rich and poor, black and white, on and on the fake differences are made real to us by the orchestration of events and the memes that pass into our consciousness through the whole of our lives.........

Divide and conquer is familiar to all of us, we human beings.

Reality is a divisive construct, made by the powerful, used to make we human beings something less than we could be, than we shall be, than we must be if we are ever to make this world the place of beauty it should be. It is designed to weaken our billions, designed to prevent us from realising we can cast off the power as easily as we change our clothes. The slaves ALWAYS outnumbered the slave owners, thousands to one. They just had to realise their power, break the mind-chains that held them in place. This is true of humanity, and in that truth lies a great promise, the promise of a different, of a human-hearted future, of a world built on the foundations of human Love. 

This is our destiny.
What other outcome do We wish for, we human beings?

We human beings.
We human-hearted.
We that want something useful to do, something good to eat, somewhere nice to lay our heads, some hope, some love, some hugs, some comfort, some fun, some laughter, some idea that we have been of use and are of use, some nice sex, some sense of fulfilment however humble, a safe place for our children to grow and share their laughter with us, the preservation of their innocence, the understanding that what we will leave for future generations will be an improvement on that which we inherited.

This is what billions of our human tribe desire, what we share.
And in that sharing lies our power, our unity, and the understanding of what we MUST do.

We Are currently denied this actuality, this reality, that future, that destiny.
It is time for an Evolutionary step.
Time to start again.

There is, amongst us, an age old and systemic malaise. It is the Power derived from our natural human fear, our natural disinclination to kill, our natural urge for simplicity and pleasantry, our desire for normalcy.
We Are, as a result of our instinctive goodness, easy prey.

We can none of us imagine creatures that would kill a child for pleasure or for gain.
So we are disinclined to believe that others would be so Evil.

And yet they are.....and we know it now.

Every so-called 'war' that the Power has forced we human beings to engage in has involved massive loss of children's lives.

THEY, those that are the Power in this world, intended this.

We KNOW, now, just how regularly the Powerful are associated with paedophilia and child murder, though our fake 'justice' systems always fail to make these creeps pay for their crimes against humanity. In our billions, we know these things now.

Churchill, that scion of the 'great' aristocratic house of Marlborough, ordered the destruction, by fire bombs, of Dresden, a city where the Germans had sent their children to be safe. Dresden, being a place of no military value, a university city, a place of learning and beautiful architecture, a small city.... full of children.
Incendiary bombed and annihilated, the fake historians covering up the numbers of dead children....

These child slaughters have gone on for millennia.
Our human children are now and have ever been a target for those that have preached the benefit of sacrifice.
We know this from our history, yet cannot believe it of our recent past or indeed of our present, even though we see the Epsteins and the Saviles and all the rest pandering to the bloodlust of the POWER.
We cannot believe it because we are HUMAN, because such crimes are unthinkable, because we fear to look them in the face, because we are human-hearted.

Think of us as a species, not as separate races, not as generations, not as left or right, not as the winners and the losers, not as Muslim or Catholic, not as of one nationality or another, but as a kind, as an entirety, as humanity. 
WE know child murder is the very worst of crimes, yet our leaders have ordered the bombs dropped, even once orchestrated the Child's Crusade, today have created 'Extinction Rebellion' to persuade our children that they should suicide to save the planet.

Think of how our minds, our collective consciousness, is so manipulated by propaganda, by what is surely mind control. See how our children are manipulated to believe in 'global warming' and how they believe, in their very hearts, that humanity is destroying our world. 

So beliefs have ever been inculcated. 
Begin with the children. 
There are few Christians that began as Jews, few Muslims that began as Christians, few Socialists whose parents were Conservatives, few Americans that don't believe their country is the best place on earth (despite the evidence to the contrary), few Brits that don't think they're the best, few Frenchmen (or women) that don't believe that La France should rule the world. 
So they go on, these beliefs. 
They are born of the natural human instinct known as tribalism, that desire for communal togetherness, that instinct which the Power understands so well and knows how to use to drive division between us all, to create hatred. To use to make us want to kill.

And they know how to make us want to kill, to take what is one thing, the human species, and fragment us into warring parts.
Ideas of 'nation' and 'religion' and 'economics' and 'hierarchy' and 'race' and so on.

To make a war, they only need a trigger.
The slow build up of consciousness engineering propaganda (The 'Russians" did it!)....
And then the event. 
We now call these things 'false flag' events.
WE KNOW their game, and can see their tactics.


Know that we are a mixed bunch, we human beings. Mixed in terms of genetics, mixed in terms of outlook, mixed in terms of what we have chosen or been taught to believe, mixed in a billion ways. We Are a vast agglomeration of difference, some of that difference stemming from the history of any given place, the circumstances of our rearing, the belief or disbelief in what we have each of us learned and what we have each of us in varying degrees decided to unlearn, the chances offered to each of us or those we have each decided to take and the reasons for those choices.

Within this matrix we understand that there is influence and Power, shaping the growing minds, exploiting the natural tendencies, using for advantage the beliefs that have been implanted in young minds, shaping opinions, shaping reality itself.
Within this matrix we understand there are two forces: Good and Evil.
Within this matrix we understand that all of the Power to shape opinion and shape minds and drive the herd that is humanity in one direction or another is held by a force of Evil that uses its fake money to sustain that Power.

All of our known history and all of our present, and therefore unless and until we decide otherwise all of our collective futures, have been and are in the hands of this Evil.
Its Power appears mighty. Its Power stems from control. Its Power encompasses almost everything we humans believe. It controls Money, it controls therefore all trade and all human interaction, it controls through the Power of money all hierarchies, it controls religions, it controls the new religion of science, it controls justice or its lack, it controls the agenda of every thought and every opinion we human beings are taking in the unrolling of our story.

It fills our minds.
Consider that for just a moment.
It fills our minds.
But its power relies on our human compliance, our fear and our reluctance to face it.
Without our compliance, it is nothing.
We can ignore it to death at a Moment of our choosing.
That Moment is approaching, despite the apparent arrogance of the Power, despite its actions and strategies to reshape our world that are ongoing because it SEES our RISING, sees the EVOLUTIONARY path we are on even if many of us do not yet see that reality.

We are weak. We are easily fooled. We are short-lived. It takes us decades to mature, decades to rue the mistakes we made as children and young adults, decades to learn that we have been lied to, decades to realise what is the true nature of humanity, decades to remember the collective spirit that unites us all.
When we were teenagers, we thought we knew it all, or that everything was just unknowable.
How wrong we were.
When we entered our twenties, we thought the future was ours.
How wrong we were.
In our thirties we saw the way of the world, and mostly conformed.
What alternative was there?
In our forties we became a part of the very system we despised as teenagers, because in that conformity lay the fake idea of normality and the potentiality of prosperity, of promotion, of future security in the form of a 'pension' (now being denied, the age at which you might get one pushed ever back)...
In our fifties we got sick, and started to depend on fake pharma in the hope we might live healthily.
In our sixties we realised what was important, but too late, too late......

We 'die', we human beings, and only at the end of our lives do we realise, finally, what is truly important to us all.


All of these things apply to the individual human being, kept separate from all the others by a strategy of division. They do NOT apply to our species. 
Our species knows everything that there is to know, between us all.
Our species is the power in this reality. 

Because of the nature of this reality, because the controlling Evil has for so long shaped human interaction, because we accept what has gone before as normalcy we have, as a species, forgotten how wonderful We Are and how vital Love is to our species, how love underpins EVERYTHING we see that is of true value.
Love is our collective dream.
It is our solace.
Love is what we most value, above everything else.

There are many that are rich, fewer that have in their hands the means of creating from thin air unbelievable 'wealth' and the Power that comes from that, yet those at the very top have no understanding of Love, lack the riches that love brings, are bereft of that simple joy that lives in the hearts of humanity.

To know you are Loved is worth more than trillions of fake money, of digits in a 'bank account'. 
What we humans most desire is to be loved.
To be thought of as worthy.
To go to bed each night with a smile, knowing we have been of value, knowing someone cares, knowing we have done good.

This is our human-hearted destiny.

We have forgotten what we learned about sharing, about how sharing is fundamental to human society and that we all of us benefit from being a part of the greater whole, world-wide.
We have forgotten exactly what that greater whole IS.
It is the enormous beauty of a caring and loving species and what that species can create.

We have forgotten joy, we have forgotten laughter, we have forgotten duty, we have forgotten obligation, we have forgotten honour, we have forgotten decency, because inhumanity has shaped this false reality.

We need to remember.
We need to understand the nature of our species.
We need to re-discover our collective human-heartedness.

We need to look again at our morality.
We need to look again at our sexuality.
We need to look again at our idea of justice.
We need to look again at the way we preserve the innocence of children.
We need to look again at our science.
We need to look again at our systems of exchange.
We need to look again at hierarchies.
We need to look again at authority.
We need to look again at our laws.
We need to re-examine everything in the light of our human-heartedness.

We need, as a species, to Start Again.

To begin with the fundamentals we ALL understand.
The fundamentals of justice, of right and wrong.
The fundamentals of care.
And the fundamental understanding of the ease with which humanity can be bamboozled and the vigilance we need, as a species, as a one-world-tribe, the vigilance we require to take possession of our future and collective destiny.

The destiny of our species.

Ask yourselves: What legacy do you wish to bequeath your children and theirs?
A legacy of perpetual war, of untrammelled greed, of undeserved power, of disgusting pollution, of a diminished world, of perpetual debt, of all the continuing trends that you witness fed to you as 'normal' and 'unavoidable' by the machinery of endless propaganda?

Our human society should and will be built on the guiding principle of love, of good, of wisdom and justice.
What other future would almost all of us wish for?

Is that not what we almost all of us desire, we billions of meek and afraid human beings?
That Good should prevail over Evil?

And so the steps we need to take as a species are the steps that every slave in every moment of our history should have taken.

In the knowledge that THEY are few, and We Are many.

Just tell them to stick their fakery where the sun doesn't shine.

Hierarchy gives us orders that we feel we must follow, because we fear the consequences of refusal.
Money substantiates that hierarchy and we fear its absence, even though we might understand that it has been created from nothing, and that its creators are granted huge power over us by our meek acceptance of this vast trick.
Other beliefs that have been sown into the collective human consciousness, bad lying science and dodgy religion amongst them, fake democracy and the rule of false law, a myriad of other beliefs that have for centuries stemmed from the Power, stemmed from Evil and now, for all of we human-hearted to see, strive with a bloody determination to keep we human beings enslaved.

We are arriving at a great turning point in our collective human history.

It is the relatively simple matter of casting off the fake reality we exist within.
It does not seem simple to YOU, as an individual.
But it is simple for ALL OF US.
Billions of other human beings are WITH YOU.
The future is ours, humanity's.

We just need to realise that We Are one tribe, living in one world, and that We Are Love.

Now, spread this, for as you know the Power is Adept at confusing the issue.
They are adept at dividing Us.
They rely, now, on the messages that enter the collective human consciousness.
It is up to humanity to discern what is right.
It is not easy, for they are devious.

Our human destiny lies in simplicity.
There are no politics.
There are no conflicts.
There are no divisions.
We few of us would walk past a starving child.
We few of us would bomb a community of strangers that want exactly what we want, a simple life, free of fear.
We few of us would seek to profit from someone else's sickness.

We Are One.
We Are human.
We Are human-hearted.

You might wonder where we start?
We start everywhere.

You might wonder when we start?
Why, now, of course!

You might ask, who is the enemy?
Why, what your human-heart tells you is wrong.
The enemy is NOT the powerful. The enemy is the systems the powerful have built.
We need no gallows nor guillotines.
We simply need to ignore the systems the powerful have built, and Evolve our own.

You are just a part, a single element of a great whole, powerless and weak, meek and afraid as a single human being but nevertheless a part of something greater than the sum of those parts.
You are destiny unfolding.
You are the world put to rights.
You are the very foundation of the future of our species.

This, with love,
Aktina Pempti and the Olive Farmer,
High in the mountains of Crete,