Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm not so sure.....

I’m not so sure, but then we can’t be certain about anything.
Science tells us that our reality is an illusion, that atoms are made of almost nothing, that parts of the atom disappear someplace and reappear, that what appears solid is anything but. Science tells us that we don’t touch things, that what we feel with that sense is nothing but an arrangement between the atoms that we believe we are touching and the atoms which make up the apparent solidity of the creature we call “I”. They refuse to touch each other, repel each other and it is this force of repulsion that we interpret as touch. Our nerves pick up this interaction, codify it as an electric impulse and send it to the supercomputer we call our mind, which interprets that signal and informs our consciousness that there has been a proximity-event.
Think of that when you stroke your cat.
Your sight, as you know, is just such an electronic interpretation.
Something we call light bounces off something we perceive as solid and this reflection enters the biological instrument we use to collect this light-bouncing-data and that we call our eye. In turn, our eye converts this information into electrical impulses which are delivered to the supercomputer where an image is formed of what we think of as reality.
Science can explain these functions now, but is yet to identify the location of the creature we call “I”, cannot find where our consciousness sits within us or even if it does sit within us or is remote.
In summary then, what we think of as life in this reality is an interpretation of electrically presented data by an instrument we call our mind delivered to an entity we call our consciousness, the location of which we are ignorant of.
All of that data concerns itself with the position of and activity of things we call atoms, which are largely composed of nothing despite their apparent solidity and parts of which are only sometimes where we think they are and are sometimes somewhere else we are ignorant of.
That creature we call “I”, that elusive consciousness, can be encouraged to perceive this “reality” differently with the addition into the mix of some chemical compounds that affect its functionality. Some, for example alcohol or cannabis, mildly disrupt the picture. Some completely transform the understanding of reality that our consciousness experiences. When we dream, melatonin conjures a new reality to experience whilst the body sleeps. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) allows our consciousness to travel elsewhere, to perceive a different reality, and perhaps we learn from those that have experienced these thins an inter-dimensional transference of our thought processes occurs that our science has yet to develop the measurement of.
From these understandings comes the understanding that we cannot rely on anything we believe we are experiencing via our consciousness, that consciousness itself can be induced to perceive things differently and that the reality it perceives is only unreliably “real” and in substance may not in fact be there at all.
Science tells us, via the double-slit experiment, that this reality behaves differently when we watch it to how it behaves when we don’t.
In short, we are still a long way from understanding even those things we take for granted, even those things we have felt we have always understood. Our reality and our perception of it are still conundrums, still mysteries wrapped in enigmas. We have yet to discover what we truly are, and still further from discovering what consciousness had an almighty hand in our creation.
This seems to be a leap, but isn’t. What our science is now slowly unpicking are the secrets of the art of creation itself. At the atomic level we see that the illusion of reality is just that, an illusion. Einstein described it thus, adding that it was “albeit a very persistent one”.
Reality is a picture show, the shadows of Plato’s cave, we the incarcerated prisoners witnessing and believing in the phantasmagorical silhouettes.
We see the intelligence behind this construct in living things, in the double-helix of DNA, and can only marvel at the intensity of detail in this construct that enables self-replicating biological entities to be generated out of raw matter, out of the unsteady and unreal atomic energies that apparently exist, but may not. Take the wonder of the act of conception, the mingling of DNA from sperm and from egg, the development of stem cells and then identifiable organs and body parts and how the mother, without conscious thought but on auto-pilot creates this new living entity by consuming and reprocessing the atoms that form bread and cheese and milk and air and chickens and fish or whatever and creating new cells, new life from atoms that were themselves created billions of years ago and were once tree or rock or star.
We are truly amazing constructs, vehicles for the experiencing of life in something called time and space that themselves are constructs. The further out into space or inwards into the inscape, the small spaces, the more we discover the wholeness and the infinite nature of the model. Perhaps, even, the model itself increases in response to technical enhancements in our ability to investigate the model. The further we look, either inwards or outwards, the more there is to see.
Computer game creators will understand this concept, and perhaps see the way it could be done at a simple level. Perhaps, if we survive another thousand years, we will understand how to create such a leviathan ourselves, and perhaps know how to put our consciousness within it, and perhaps that is what this all is?
Certainly, some of our finest minds are examining this idea.
And so to the crux of the matter.
Readers here of long standing know that I believe us to be creatures of pure love, that this is our natural state, our born-condition. They know that I believe the hardware that is our mind downloads software that we call life-experience. In that downloading many false concepts are implanted that cause us, through trauma, to bury the creature of love beneath and outer shell, a body-mind that strives to exist and to continue existing in an increasingly hostile environment. We become split personalities. We are all of us victims of a multi-generational Monarch mind control system that takes perfect creatures of love in a perfect reality and mis-shapes them into the monsters inhabiting the hell on earth that we have allowed our existence to become.
Long-term readers will also know that I understand that there are entities that have been the architects of this havoc-wreaking, that they are behind all of the societal structures that squeeze us into this gap between a rock and a hard place, that they foisted upon us ideas like race and nationality and religion and money and hierarchy and competition and war and legal regulation rather than natural law. They will also know that they are silently and not so silently killing us now, understanding that our growth in number equates with a growth in collective intelligence and that, between us, we are discovering their hands in this travesty. They will also know that I believe we are at a threshold, a choosing point, a tipping point and that we hang in the balance as a species right now, that if we collectively awaken to this understanding we have the chance to restore humanity to its true, natural condition and from that point, with the freeing of knowledge that will come from the disposal of the control-tool called money, that we will advance into an unrecognisably wonderful future.
And in that future we will tell the truth to each other, because the truth is all there is.
Understand it is not the truth that will set us free, but its telling.
So who are these entities?
That they are inhuman, by every definition of that word, is indisputable. We see their sickness everywhere. They take our children and despoil them and murder them and delight in the destruction of such beauty, such innocence. Sometimes the murdering paedophiles get up close and ugly in this sport, sometimes like Churchill they order the bombing of Dresden and slaver at the prospect of a hundred thousand or a million such murders. That such creatures are amongst us is not in doubt. Many years ago we called them demons, possessed of the Devil, but have largely been discouraged from this view by the very hands that shape this false reality. That they turn some humans to their evil through their mind-control is easy to see. The young scientists they lure into their “defence” industries that win awards and fat pensions for developing better, more evil ways to slaughter our tribe. The grunts that laugh as they pour depleted uranium time bombs into our atmosphere. The sick and degenerate nuclear scientists to a man and woman that pervert the very building blocks of creation and seed our home with million upon million of future cancers that wreak havoc and grief and misery on our kind and will do so for centuries, forming as they do the next generation of fear-battered slaves.
When we look again at our histories, strip away the false reporting and the ideas of nation and honour and righteous vengeance, the ludicrous concepts of religion and the differences they create between us we see the same bloodlines, the continuity of an evil that we used to call Satan.
There are those amongst the leadership of the awakening souls that point the finger of race and say that they are Jews, these entities, Ashkenazi, as if there were some genetic difference between us humans when we know, from experiment, that there is more difference between a 100 monkeys on a single hillside than there is between the entirety of our human tribe. That this Jew hate is manifest identifies, more than any other thing, the agents of the deceivers amongst us. It has been a recurring theme of the evil to label and then slaughter those that call themselves Jew. It is evident to the student of history that the hands that create our reality have it in for them and indeed created the state of Israhell to collect them mostly all in one place for the convenience, at some future date, of annihilating a goodly number of what is left of them.
The false reality is created from a plot line, from a script, is full of false ideas that we have all come to believe in and identify with and call our own and which are so powerfully embedded into our psyches that we cannot conceive of life without them. In this we have become the co-creators of this hell, building our own prison walls and becoming each other’s jailers. Without this co-operation the entire construct would fall apart, but that would involve us conceiving of a place without religion, without money, without nation, without hierarchy, conceiving of a place built on trust and love and care, conceiving of the idea of one tribe, of sharing what we have and what needs to be done.
It would involve us beginning again, of writing a new script.
WE do not, in this, have to slaughter the devils amongst us. This would be what they would expect us to do and, they understand, do no harm to them. Witness every violent revolution they have led us into and see how it has strengthened their hands, led to more evil amongst us. Witness the chaotic uprisings that beset us everywhere now and see the same hands, the same old outcomes, the same deceptions and the same willingness to fall for them.
The new script’s beginnings do not begin in violence but in the simple act of us all collectively walking away from every hierarchy, every power construct, every societal and belief structure they have built.
When we lived as tribes, before there were kings, before there was hierarchy, before there was money we found ways to organise ourselves and settle our disputes and in doing this we found the wisest and the most just and those who had an understanding of love amongst us to act as arbiters. We were family then.
We are family now.
Knowing how little we know of reality, how little we can explain but feeling the threads of this story, seeing the glimpses in archaeology of previous renditions, listening to the rumours we share of previous advanced civilisations one is forced to wonder if we have been at this juncture in the tale before?
That time we failed to break free.
Are those that control our reality confident that the story will be repeated, or will this time the outcome be different?
Our future awaits us, if we can but find our way.

With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Be a witness

If you understand what Fukushima is, what the process we are undergoing truly is, you will get this post.
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Here you can be counted.
Here we see can how strongly this tree can grow and blossom.
Here you can stand as a Witness.
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In the windblown particles of ionised radiation lie the future grief and torment of our benighted species, the pain and suffering of generation after generation of dwindling life, the spreading of a sense of utter bewilderment and unutterable shame at the squandering of the gift that is creation.

They have tampered with the building blocks of the creator’s work and have spewed into the world, and are yet spewing, artificial and diabolical creatures that render the beauty that is within the DNA of all things living malformed and foul.

And we are scheduled to scrap and bite over the last remnants.

Driven by the artificial dog-eat-dog imposition of the system we are finally to utterly succumb to evil, to sacrifice our souls on the altar of survival and to worship Lucifer with our every last breath.

Lucifer will have won, evil will have prevailed to the end.
That’s the script of the artificial reality show we call life.

We know they intend to provide us with a saviour when the abyss yawns so wide that those remaining tremble at the impending fall, utterly bereft of hope as so many in our world, so many of our family, are already rendered.

They are relishing this finality, these demons.
They hate the beauty that is in us, hate the world for its vitality, hate the very idea of our breaking free and assuming our place in the universe.

At this moment, when we should be reaching out to each other, when we should be awakening to the threat that lives amongst us, when we should be seeing and understanding the artificial reality for what it is, when we should be forgiving those that have harmed us and asking forgiveness for the harm we have done, at this most crucial juncture in the history of our species instead we are further divided, further blinded to the truth, further distracted from our duty, further denied the unity in love that is our destiny and was our beginning and is our natural state.

The journey we have taken has been long and arduous and grief stricken.
We have each of us experienced evil and know it for what it is.
We have each of us experienced the beauty of good and know it for what it is.
We have all of us committed crimes against humanity, and every day in our ignorance we re-offend.

If we use their money we contribute to the life-blood of evil.
If we pay their taxes and their usurious interest we pay a tithe to the very devil.
If we vote in their rigged elections, choosing whatever evil candidates they foist upon us, we participate in their charade.
If we worship our god the creator in their fine churches and temples, recite their words from their books and believe them true and use them to condemn we perpetuate their lies and the divisive harm they do.

More, we sacrifice our intentions to do good on the altar of their offensive belief systems and insult our god by the evil that we do in its name.

And if we do nothing at all to create unity of our kind, we are all of us equally guilty.

Dear friends, understand there is power in love, understand there is power in the unity of spirit that grows from love, understand that we have the power to win this game, understand it is never too late, understand that we can redeem ourselves, understand that the future lies in YOUR hands and the hands of the billions of us that wish to do NO HARM.

We CAN Start Again.
We CAN win back the world of love we abandoned eons ago when we began to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

We have learned enough, brothers and sisters.
We know right from wrong.
We simply need to do what is right.
We simply need to do that together.

Understand there are enough of us awake to change the world, to end the nightmare, but that there is nowhere we can see the tree of truth growing, understand that the tree represents the power of salvation and of rejuvenation, understand that the roots of the tree have always been there, have never been destroyed, but will spring forth again and bear fruit.
We are human.
We are beautiful.
We are creatures of love.
Find yourself within, and reach for the light of our collective future.

In their bible they speak of the witness at the end, the olive tree.
They always bury truth in their haystack of lies, always bury the needle of a lie in their haystack of truth.
They think they have rendered you too stupid to understand, and scoff at your ignorance and weakness and your divided state as you fall, again and again, for their deceptions.
Prove them wrong.
Be a leaf or twig of this tree.
Click to follow.
Now is the time.

And if this tree grows, if we are millions upon millions that grow into the light of our inner consciousness, we will be strong, we will save the world.
It could be that simple.
One click could save the world....
Will you be a part?

Note: If you are awake, you know the evil works ever to divide us. You know there are agents of the evil pretending to give you truth. You know there is no single place where we can be counted, until now. Aktina and I don’t want your money, so don’t send it. We don’t want to lead anything because we aren’t good enough to lead and the world doesn’t need leaders, it just needs goodwill and unity in that goodwill. The species is bright enough to find the path that leads to our future, we simply want to witness that rebirth and to be an equal part of it with you. You understand, if you are truly awake, that there are Tavistock promulgated weapons of mass deception aimed at your humanity. These weapons have programmed you to distrust, to not join or to join the wrong thing, to follow their deceivers. To indicate that you are human, break free of that programming and click to follow right now. You understand that if somehow a million do so, we are a force for truth in the world, and that truth will set humanity free. Be a part of the olive tree that is humanity, reaching for the light, witnessing at this time.
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With love and hope,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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Friday, May 23, 2014

In our midst, something other…...

So what are they, these creatures?
At the top of every shit-heap they strut their stuff, bullying the rest of us and leeching off us, draining our blood.
We instinctively hate them all.
They are our masters.
Since the playground bully they have plagued our lives.

You know them when you meet them sometimes, but the more cunning conceal themselves, become adept at pretending emotions they cannot feel and fail to understand.

But we still sense they are “other”, these masqueraders.
They are amongst us, seem to be of us, but they are not.
The label “psychopath” isn’t enough, for that assumes they are merely aberrations.

We used to call it demonic possession when we better understood these things.
We have been taught to laugh at that idea.
Our churches, servants of the evil that rules this reality, used to pretend to deal with them.
Now they have abandoned that pretence.

To explain what emotion is to them, to try and describe love and a sense of obligation and caring would be more difficult than explaining the colours of the sky to one blinded since birth.

But they see the power that our emotions have over us.

They perceive that we are easy to make afraid, that we are easy to deceive because we are trusting souls.
We are human beings.
We care.
And we fear, because violence is an alien thing to us.
It shocks us.

And in the world of violence and savage supremacy and needless competition they have crafted for us we some of us fall into their ways, to survive or because our blood is hot from the harm others have been made to do to us.

Everywhere there is revolution, everywhere there is war, everywhere there is unutterable harm being done, there we see their hands.

In a million little ways their reality causes each of us to do harm, and so their virus of evil infects us all and we are blinded to the possibilities of our species, to the virtuous world we human beings could co-create.

You are reading this because you see what they have done to us, what they are doing to us, the anguish they have smothered us with, the great lies they have made us to believe.

You understand that they are culling us, killing us softly, that they have unleashed the four horsemen and the spiralling vortex is pulling us into oblivion.

So many are still so lost in their artificial reality, so caught up in it that they cannot even sense the danger, let alone believe that it exists even when you put the facts in front of them.
They are yet under the spell, still in Plato’s cave believing in shadows.

Those that are aware, that growing genetic strain amongst us that have broken free of the mind-chains they encircle us with, are already for the most part being duped into the new version of this hell.
Just as the awakening Russian peasants and serfs crowded around the flame that was Lenin.

Everything that was human about communism was painted black in our minds forever.

Do you foresee what picture they will paint of you with their next false flag, right soon?

I have no doubt now that it will be something on which the cancers they gave the world and are giving the world from their Fukushima “accident” can be blamed.

You feel it, all of you.

This understanding makes you feel apart from their reality, a stranger on your own planet, alien to everything they have created.
You draw away from their stuff, turn off their TV, don’t vote in their elections, don’t believe their lies.
You see their artificial authority, you see their vast deceptions, you see their ancient strategy unfolding.

You see even those close to you lost in their fantasy, drawn to their light, spellbound and consumed by their magick, unreachable now.

And you weep for the children they murder.
And you weep for what might have been.
And deep inside you there grows a resolve.

It is not anger, it is a cold determination.

They will not win.

If you have eyes to see you know that their trickery is successful, that even those who are your fellow mavericks are deceived by ever more subtle false leadership and you wonder how the world of love that we humans were created to make, were given this planet for, will ever come into being.

You know now, I guess, that their Armageddon is upon us.
They fear our evolution.
They fear that our number and the brilliance of our ascending civilisation.
They fear discovery for what they are.

Somehow they enter us.
Somehow they recognise each other.
All of the structures of the false reality that constrain our species are populated with their kind.
The lesser demons are the street corner gun-toting Meth dealer, the night-club bouncer that enjoys his work too much, the cop that enjoys beating and killing, the corporate manager that smiles at the grief he dishes out every day, the pressure he applies. They are the kid that pulls the wings off insects, grown large, given authority over us by the system.

And at the top there are the ancient bloodlines, the eternal demons, the current owners of the world and the herd that is us.
And every so often a demon from the lower orders shows a special skill in the manipulation of our consciousness and rises to wreak great havoc on the world.

They call them ADEPT.

Those “great” leaders, those great manipulators of the human psyche are rewarded with the gift that is genocide and the joy that is to them. They dip their snouts in blood and gore and misery on a massive scale.
Their prize is the blood of babies and the theft of innocence.
Our history is replete with these monsters.
Many of them we humans revere, some we most of us despise but all of their names are known to us.
Our history is, in fact, their history.

We worship the great mass murderers of history by remembering their names, by uttering their names, by building statues in honour of them or performing rites.

One of their kind, the demon Crowley, said that the time was coming when the need would arise for the WORD to be spoken.

And in the beginning was the word….and the word was light.

The story we have been given of our kind is a lie, but buried within that lie are some truths.
There was a time once before when we could all speak to each other, when we built great towers.
We can do that now.
Last time we were scattered, and a great flood was sent to destroy most of us.
This has been the cycle of our history, perhaps many times.
We are divided and reduced in number.
We multiply and grow wiser, rediscovering what we once knew.
We reach the stage, the apocalypse, when we grow wise enough to see.
They control and restrain and deceive us for as long as they can but in the end they have to speak the word and destroy us.

That time is now.

The answer, my friend, is within all of us.
We are creatures of love.
We are many.
The end of this nightmare is a shrug away.
But we have to shrug together.
We have to walk away from their reality as one.

Can we do it this time?
Can YOU help make that happen?
What will you do, today, to save the world?

And where is your courage?
And where your voice?
It is not wasted, you do not cry into the void, for we are many, we souls that are awake.
We simply NOW need to find each other to realise our strength and the force we have become.

One click to follow, one viral campaign on this internet and we will understand that we are not alone, that we are many, and that our voice will be heard.
This is the only way we can save our world.
Nothing else will do.

They said in their bible that at the end there will be a witness, an olive tree.
Maybe the olive tree is not one witness, but a symbol of the spreading branches and deep roots of humanity together witnessing?
Will you be a root or a branch or a leaf of the olive tree?

Click to follow.

A cute kitten video on you tube will gather hundreds of millions of views.
One hundred million parts to this olive tree, one hundred million witnesses and we’ll have the strength we need to overturn the pyramid of power and start again.

Do you see why our masters will do everything they can to prevent that?
Do you feel the disinclination to join anything, that disinclination planted in your psyche by the mind engineers of their Tavistock war machine?
Do you lack trust in other human beings, even though you understand that they know not what they do?

Shake it off, their programming.

Be a part of the olive tree.
Be a witness.
It is time.

With love to all human beings,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trying again for unity, dear Human

Where to begin?
First perhaps with the quality of evil and its extent.
Across our world there are 440 nuclear power stations daily adding their radioactive filth to the killing soup of other pollutants. They are augmenting the slow death already distributed into our atmosphere by the 2,000 or so nukes that have been “tested” over the last 70 years. Any war or natural calamity could so easily bring us another Fukushima that it is a given that it will. The WHO tells us that cancer will blossom further over the coming years, that it’s to do with lifestyle and our fault for eating the fast-food poisonous filth they serve us and of course nothing to do with the vile and unnatural contaminants they are destroying life itself with. It is advanced, this diabolical strategy. If you are awake you see what is happening in the Pacific, how we are destroying life there. You have read of the dying whales and dolphins and seals, the dead oyster banks, the out-of-place creatures, fleeing the poison, surrounding fishing boats and pleasure craft and appearing to want to communicate, to ask us why, to plead for help.
And you hang your head in shame that you let this happen, are letting this happen still, are disunited with the billions of other human beings that, working together, could eradicate this monster, would.
Understanding the horror is also understanding the extent of the evil. First there are the thousands of scientists involved. Then the thousands of high level corporate fuckers. Then the governments and their bureaucrats. The WHO and the United Nations. The money men. The media and their lackeys that hold the line of consciousness and understanding, preening themselves in the arrogance of ignorance.
The Plutonium atom that has given cancer to someone you love is a durable thing. When it has done its work it will not die but be released back into the world to kill again and again and again for millions of years. It cannot be destroyed. Oppenheimer cried “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” all those years ago and yet all of these hundreds of thousands of scientists and officials and elite lackeys, knowing their children or grandchildren or pets or favourite wild creature could be next, will be next, still persist, still collect their generous salaries, dream of their pensions, live in their big houses, take their luxury holidays, interact with their fellow murderers and compete with them to get further up the greasy pole, closer to the flame that burns, the light that is Lucifer. If they are particularly evil, give something particularly helpful to the cause they will be given a durable bauble, a knighthood or a peerage from the queen of Hell or a Nobel prize.
They all of them know they are gifting horror to the world, killing their own descendants, murdering the future of our species, yet they go on.
There is something that is wrong with that understanding, for it drives one to the conclusion that there is something inhuman that dwells within them. No human being could or would commit such heinous crimes.
We understand that the power that rules us seeks and finds psychopaths everywhere and at every level to do its evil bidding in the world. At the lowest levels it finds them to be its street dealers and fear spreaders. In the police and other uniforms it finds them to pervert human justice and deliver wanton murder to the world. In its corporations it finds them to drive the great machinery of control and bolster the money system without which we can neither buy nor sell. They are everywhere, they are amongst us, we call them human and yet they are not. Some of them we label as sick and seek somehow to treat, those we discover have been slitting our throats and eating our eyes and have kept pieces of us as a momento or in the fridge as a leftover to eat later. The rest we are made to tolerate amongst us, because in every facet of the reality matrix they are in charge. We clean their houses, serve them our finest food, drive them around, bow in deference to them or gasp in pleasure at the sight of them in their finery, having swallowed the bitter pill that is glamour and fallen under the Magick spell that so enthrals us, the Magick spell that the media play such a part .in casting over us.
Our reality, the systems and beliefs we take for granted, this great pyramid of control relies upon these mini-devils found amongst us to perpetuate the preposterous ideas of money and religion and law and government and the rest that force us ever further from our destiny and our natures. Born into this prison we are forced to adapt to it to survive and “prosper”, each of us tainted, each of us made wrong by it, each of us uncomfortable with what we do and what we are a part of, every one of us contributing, paying our tithe, believing the lies, following the orders.
Perhaps as many as one in twenty of us is so tainted, perhaps as few as one in a hundred. Born of different families, born as human beings, somehow somewhere and somewhen in their lives the evil spirit enters them and they become other, they become inhuman.
For thousands of years we knew them for what they were. The possessed.
Religion assumed control of their destruction, their casting out, when religion was the connection of humanity with the creator and those that passed on its understanding were the good amongst us.
Religion became the instrument of the evil and has mostly given up this work.
Academia and science has told us they are psychologically sick, that there is no such thing as possession.
The media makes a joke of their existence amongst us. People will laugh at you if you suggest they exist these days.
Our forefathers knew better.
I know better.
I know better because I feel them when I come across them. My hackles rise. I can sense the presence of something other and they can sense that I can sense them. In my life I have encountered them many times. I was a bright boy once, of use to corporations and climbing high enough to have meetings with those in charge where they picked my brains. I sensed them there, strongly.
I have sensed them in the medical profession.
Every oncologist I have ever met and tried to engage in conversation about alternative cures for cancer, and I’ve met a few, I instinctively understood were wrong, were something alien..
Many policemen I have met, but by no means all.
Many of the senior executives at the BBC that I met when I worked for that Tavistock-extension not knowing then what it was.
I was in the room with the Director General of the BBC back then and felt great waves of fear and didn’t know why.
I do now.
As a boy, growing up in a tough place dominated by violent families and individuals I met and battled with them or ran from them, witnessed how at that level you either combated evil with evil or you capitulated and were afraid. Either way the evil won, these ignorant and stupid mini-devils, so low in the hierarchy of things, are the destroyers of peace and harmony everywhere. They gang together, as you know. Millions and millions of us live in abject fear and misery because of them and know that we have given the job of clearing them away to the very power that prevails.
At every level, driven by fear or greed or the worship of these monsters, we follow them and do their bidding.
In our tribal days we accepted our duty and understood that ALL of the tribe were responsible for clearing away such rubbish, that therefore there was nothing to fear because we were many and they were few and the job was shared amongst us.
When we act together, it becomes light work.
When we are divided, we are rendered powerless.
When we survey the world and understand so much that is not just wrong but EVIL, when we see how our systems and their leaders are destroying life on this planet without a care, when we see our tribe facing the extinction we are careless about when it’s another species, one of the hundred species we destroy each day, when we see all of this and WAKE THE FUCK UP then it will be the time for the final battle.
It should be now, of course, for there is little time.
The creator is waiting.
The creator has confidence we will find unity in Love and see its power.
We have free will as the creator’s gift.

I have often said that there is no single place where those that are awakening can join together and be counted. I have more than once tried to create such a place, and have failed. The false alternative media provide no such single gathering place, no rallying point. As our angers arouse around the world false leaders are there to misguide us, to force us into violence, their mini-devils gathering around their false flags to give them substance and credibility. We are falling for the same old tricks, being stirred to violent revolution and divided into self-interest groups as ever, plunged into chaos and misery and fear, hiding in our nests whilst the devils strut about and pretend to be of us, to be for us, to be killing on our behalf and in our interests.
It is happening in Ukraine right now, and in many other places.
This is their strategy.
And we cannot find the unity of love we so need to understand this evil, nor the courage we need to realise that it is all of our responsibility to act to end this great travesty.
It is only by unifying around a single, unarguable principle shared by us all that we can unify. The Devil IS in detail.
We are meek.
We are afraid.
We feel alone.
Their Tavistock-psych engineering has been designed to stop you from doing this, but click to follow here if you are awake.
Shall we see if we can gather somewhere?
Could perhaps the Olive Tree be our symbol?
When I started this journey I drew one of our olive trees for idle pleasure and stuck it on the blog when I was designing it. Later I read about the two witnesses in their bible, and thought “what a coincidence”, because if nothing else I am trying to be a witness to this great catastrophe, to be a part of the apocalypse – the lifting of the veil. I am not the tree, I’m just a confused and tainted individual like the rest of us. I suffer from Ego like the rest of us, and battle it as I battle the other demons that possess the body-mind that the reality has its claws into.
But the tree is the tree.
Don’t click to follow the olive farmer.
Follow the tree.
If nothing else, I guess we all of us know that there is a great plan unfolding here.
If you blog, and you are human, and you see the danger we are in, please spread the word or at least the idea.
Somewhere we must gather to know our strength.
There must be one place where we are undivided.
This is our only workable weapon.
One tribe.
The rEvolution of the species.
Shall we try?

With love to you few readers,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


And so the internet, funded and controlled and monitored by the masters, populated by their agents, gives the illusion of freedom of information whilst the careful strategy designed by the experts at Tavistock plays out, shaping the minds and thoughts of the awakening herd and misdirecting them, preventing the unity humanity needs from emerging, so preventing our true power from taking centre stage in the world.
As I have explained here many times, our strength and our brilliance and our power as a species stems from our numbers. The more of us there are, the more geniuses there are, the quicker we advance. An examination of the great technological leap forward of the last 100 years or so readily demonstrates this. For 250,000 years, small in number and divided by our masters into nations, kept apart by differing false religions and post-Babel languages, we barely did more than invent the wheel and a few simple tools. Now, nothing stands in the way of our amazing advances.
It is likely that great things have already been invented and stifled or buried by our masters who see the threat to their rule of ideas like free unlimited energy, anti-gravity, cures for disease, the extension of our life-span and so on. Ideas that will get rid of the artificial need to compete imposed upon us by the world system for so long now that most human beings cannot conceive of a world of sharing, our natural state, that will transform our world and assist us in the next great evolutionary leap forward, the spiritual leap forward, the casting off of the illusion, the reshaping of reality that it is within our power to do.
Their strategy must be to reduce our number, to render us divided and to pit us against each other, to seed the world with poisons, to push us ever further from our loving hearts, our pure humnan souls. This much is obvious.
This much can be seen in the many, many sites provided by them that give us haystacks of truth wherein are buried the needles of deception. Most truth seekers become followers, financial supporters of and defenders of these lying bastards.
If you are reading this, you know.
The more subtle strategy exists in the arena of consciousness.
Few see this.
I remember once writing about Les Visible and had a comment here on this thread from someone who had dealings with him and posting a link to Cassiopaea and Signs of The Times (SOTT) and how Les was visiting these fuckers at their Chateaux in France........
Need I say more.
The evil in the world has money as its lifeblood and its servants are expected to pile it up just like the more obvious corporate psychopaths. They are measured this way.
How our masters must laugh when the waking sheep buy the latest Icke book or Infowars video or donate to some charlatan or other so that they can buy a Chateaux in France or a ranch in Texas. At the same time, coming soon to a planet near you, they'll line up all those wakening donators, those new believers that they baited these traps for and invented this internet to find, they'll line them up and dispose of them.
They always do this.
Don't you read history?
Why should now nbe different?
This is why they despise the Ashkenazi and their false opposition demonises them so. They are clever folks, provide more than their share of the geniuses of the world. They are a threat.
The masters know they have to genetically engineer the breed.
Cut out the mavericks.
This is the history of the last century or so, working towards the cleansing, eradicating the genes that spell trouble. That's the new world order, folks. That's what the internet was for. To find the trouble makers and wipe their DNA from the herd.
Do you see?
Unity in love is the answer.
See it anywhere?
Do you see all the well known websites getting together, counting our number, finding agreement, building us collectively into a critical mass, pushing towards the tipping point?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

False reality. Everything you understand is wrong.

The tentacles of the vast organisation that governs our reality spread wide and burrow deep into every level of our human society. Many of the ideas that form themselves into what we understand of our world, many of the main structural beams of this immense structure we call reality have been with us for thousands of years. We accept them as part and parcel of what we understand life is. We cannot imagine life without these structures. We believe them to be of our making, accept them as the product of human civilisation and cannot conceive of a world without them.
It’s worth examining these structures a little. As usual I provide no detail nor evidence nor reference points nor links. If you are new to this, do your own research.

Wherever you live in this planet you are subject to the influence of one invented religion or another on your behavioural and societal norms. These religions usually control the rhythm of our calendars, when we should holiday, when we should celebrate, for the followers when we should worship whatever “god” holds sway, when we should work and when we should rest. They commonly control the naming of children, the marriage of lovers, the burial of our dead. They act as magnets, drawing in those who feel called to a more spiritual life, those who feel the need to be closer to god, and so closer to good. They are great sponges sucking in goodwill and, through their hierarchical structures, perverting that goodwill and turning it to hatred. The entire history of invented religion is the history of this process. It’s output is hatred, war, the disgusting and perverted torture and abuse and murder of human beings in god’s name. Their temples are rich, rising above the poor houses of those that worship whatever false god is supposedly closer to them in that place. The acolytes that become a part of the clergy of these religions rise in power and influence and material wealth above the worshippers. As with every element of the structure of this false reality, this inhuman world, those that lead religions rise in eminence by following the instructions and doing the will of the evil force that controls our world.

Wherever you live in this world you are subject to the governance of those that claim to control the part of the world you live in and call it the nation state or country. The idea of these artificial divisions between members of our species, our tribe, stretch back millennia. They have at their core the concepts of enmity, of difference as being bad, of racism, of taking rather than giving, of charging rather than sharing, of competition for resource. All of humanity is so used to these ideas of “nation” that we classify ourselves as American or Swedish or British or Chinese rather than as members of one tribe, rather than as human beings. History shows how kings and princes and their modern lackey governments have used the idea of nation to plunge us into war again and again such that there is not one single day in recorded history when there hasn’t been a war somewhere. Not one day. We have been taught to fear our neighbours, taught to hate them, cajoled or forced to take up arms against them, taught to mistrust them and to inflict terrible harm, to murder not just their young men but their mothers and their children and their elderly and their sick. This terrible idea of nation has wrapped the world in a net of great evil as our puppet governments surround our world with spies and surveillance and the great all seeing eye that is the control grid. It has created vast arsenals of disgusting weapons of mass destruction that threaten the very survival of our species. It is evident that both this surveillance grid and this vast stockpile of killing power are used against our species in order to control the free will that should be every human’s birthright and to cover us over with a vast and stifling blanket of fear. Ultimately these things exist to destroy us should we for one moment threaten to break free of the false reality. The evil that governs the world is a petty and jealous and spiteful evil and would rather we all of us died rather than be free.
This is the greatest threat to our species, this malignancy of intent. As we awaken, so the evil draws closer to the pushing of buttons.
It has pushed many already.
This is why we sicken and die.

Wherever you live in the world and whatever you do you both the quality and often the duration of your life depend on something called money. This artificial creature divides us one from the other, measures our relative ‘success’, positions us in a social hierarchy that is different from but no less ridiculous than the idea of class or caste.
Please note, scripture lovers; you can neither buy nor sell without it.
This evil called money and the thirst that we have been engineered to have for it is the single cause of much that ails our human society, the single cause of much that pollutes our planet and poisons our air and water and food. Humans are so blind to the stupidity of the idea of money that they fail to understand that it exists only so that we can be milked of our labours and so that we can be organised and controlled by its use.
The control of money rests still in the hands of those that created it and for thousands of years and still now in many places put their images upon it. Now, as we awaken, their agents provocateurs are insisting we adopt a new, precious metal based money!
Well they would, wouldn’t they?
Money drives the evil drugs businesses, the prostitution, the human trafficking, almost every crime you can think of is driven by lust for this stuff. It’s allure creates the organised criminal networks that spread fear and misery and evil amongst our species, those networks answering to the same power as our puppet governments and our religions and our laws.
The continued existence of money guarantees that humanity will never be free, assures us of a future of continuing misery and evil, wraps our species in fear so completely that we shall never learn to trust other members of our beautiful tribe. Ultimately, money will destroy us all.

Wherever you live in our world you are part of an organised social structure that determines your position relative to other human beings. This idea, of one human somehow being superior to another human , has its origins in the dim and distant past when someone, somewhere, decided they would be king or queen. If there is one at the top, then there must be a structure underlying that supremacy. These positions, as kings or lords or money masters have always been gained by violence or trickery or deceit and are maintained by violence or trickery or deceit. The idea that one person is somehow superior to another is now so deeply embedded in the human psyche that we accept it as normal and as appropriate and cannot see how we can exist without it. The modern corporate system relies heavily upon this such that if you work you are usually bossed. Humans strive to climb the ladders of this artificial separator, strive to “succeed”. The most villainous, psychopathic and ruthless amongst us are rewarded by climbing higher up these various ladders until they are given power over the lives and livelihoods of countless others. This is such a ridiculous idea. We most of us understand that our lives are better when those that we grant decision making authority to are those that demonstrate the most love, the most caring, the most justice, the most wisdom, the least desire for wealth and power over others. The entirety of our planet is ordered and structured to be the exact opposite of what common sense and our natural instincts tell us they should be. There have been in our known histories peoples that have lived, tribally, each doing their share and duty for the benefit of the tribe, governed by those that are wise and full of love.
Such peoples have been slaughtered such that they barely exist upon the face of our world now.
Kings have driven that slaughter.
They were human beings, living the natural way of human beings, and their ways have almost been forgotten by us.
We must rediscover such humanity if we are to survive what our master’s spite intends for us and is perpetrating upon us now.

There are so many elements to the false reality, each when researched proving hollow and meaningless and destructive of our species, each having its origins in the same evil that besets our species.
Each of them can be stepped away from in an instant, such is the fragility of the system of evil that besets our tribe. We simply need to step away from them together, and for this reason the great psychological engineering devices that are media, the internet, education, publishing, and so on focus all of their intent upon this one arena, this one objective.
I ask you to consider why those who control this reality have focused so much effort and money on the internet, ever pressing for its global extension?
Understand, as you strive to discover truth, that truth is not to be found here on this site or anywhere else on the internet.
It is certainly not to be found on the sites of the false leaders, in their thousands, placed on this internet to dilute and dissipate and control the awakening of our tribe. Beware, as ever, of clever deceivers.

Truth is only to be found in your heart.
The way to be with other human beings is to be found in your heart.
The answer to this riddle and the survival of this species is to be found in your heart.
It is that simple.
For that truth to be powerful and to change the world we all have to see that simplicity together.

There is more to come in this unfolding end-game, dear friends.
Fear nothing.
Know there is good in the universe.

Dedicated to those that are suffering and in pain and are anxious, some of whom are close to our hearts.
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fill in the gaps with your understanding

We have old stories, and in them we see our history made myth.
We have old understandings, and know those understandings are ridiculed as unfounded and unprovable faith, or adulterated and employed as tools of deception for adherants.
Everywhere lies confusion, everywhere uncertainty, everywhere fear and these are all embers of a fire lit millennia ago and fanned and stoked by the masters of this reality, whatever they are.
Deep and dim in our specie’s memory are the keys to this great puzzle.
Some parts of the story we know.
We have been before.
We are now at a stage we have reached before.
We were drowned then.
We survived in small number.
We collected.
We understood each other and began to understand the nature of reality.
We were scattered and made unable to understand one another.
From unity was woven a new disunity.
The masters of our reality established themselves once more as kings amongst us to build the pyramid of evil once more.
This is a great cycle, gyro-gyro, round and around we go forever slaves to the consciousness that imprisons us.
It is to prevent our ascent to an understanding of godhood, to prevent our unification with the creator, to obstruct our coming together in love.
There is more to this great game than we most of us see.
Few see the prison walls.
Yet fewer see the jailers.
Almost none understand where this world exists, as a construct of our collective consciousness, built atom upon empty atom into a reality that is merely a figment of our imagination, wherever those imaginations exist.
Gyro-gyro we go, time and time again, in the great game.
Believing it real.
Suffering in Hell.
Gifting Hell to each other as co-creators of this myth.
Sometimes learning.
Most often not.
There can be no escape, unless we escape together, unless we understand what is required of us all, unless we see the nature of the prison, unless we understand the rules of the game.
We must find love, all of us, and gift it to each other.
And become co-creators of our reality.
This is the grail.
This the key.
This the power that can tip the pyramid.
Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It becomes somewhat confusing, baffling even.
There are questions to which we can see no logical answer, or we are thwarted in our quest by a lack of information or by esoteria.

Unresolved is our origin, now brought into question.

Unresolved is our quest for certainty of the existence of some superior creative force, and how that creative force engendered the reality in which we play out this game.
In this game in which we are the observers of the creature we think of as “I” that has had to survive and thrive in this environment.
Shaped as it is deliberately evil.
As if to test us.

Unresolved is our understanding of the nature of this evil, save that it dwells in greater or lesser force in each of us.
In some of us it holds sway, and the connection between the biological entity called “me”, the “body-mind”, and the consciousness within, the conscience, the observer, US, is almost severed.

Brick by steady brick, in response to hurt, these human entities wall off their soul because they can bear not to look it in the face.
They are ashamed, and so they cut themselves off from that which makes them feel shame.
In response to hurt they learn to hurt.
They become less than whole, and so are sick, and have not the beauty of love within them as we do, and so should be pitied.

These are the ready servants our masters of reality seek out and recruit and promote and reward at every level so that at all times and in all circumstances evil holds the power in the world and is in absolute control of its wielding.

It is this reality that creates those that are sick with evil, nurtures its progeny and makes them able to do harm and so to continue this charade.

This is the true nature of the reality we exist in.
But it is not the only reality we can choose to have.
We have free will, and have yet to exercise that freedom.
A future is the prize, and beauty its decoration, and it is for us, our tribe, to find.

You understand who I am addressing?
The inside you that you dare not look in the face.
The US that is the soul and the common thread that runs through us all.
The true humanity, shrouded as it is but alive within us all.
That thing that has waited, and will now be born.

The most sick of our family are those that rise amongst us to be warrior kings, those we are ever beset by, by whatever title they adopt.

Those that are killing our species now, are summoning forth the evil in all of us and setting us at each others throats. Human against human by their devious strategy they cause us to harm one another.

To bury further our souls beneath a flood of savagery, orchestrated and soul-less and so inhuman.

All this shock and horror is to distract us from our time, to prevent our understanding, nothing else.

To prevent us from finding our power and from understanding that power is love and that it is in each of us, it is of us, it is what we all share.
Only this they fear.

Therefore only this will save us.

And perhaps, despite all we are ignorant of in our search for truth, this thing is the answer to the game and what we are all here to discover.
Perhaps it is that simple, that obvious, that easy to achieve.
A simple act of free will.

And perhaps this is the time.
And that is why the instruments to achieve this common understanding are placed in our hands.

And maybe we will make the right decision.
And we will evolve, and will have passed the test.

And we are one kind, we humans, and each is related somehow by ties of blood going back to the beginnings with the other.
Our family is seven billion strong and more diverse than our imagination can encompass but yet it is one family.

Sinners we are all, some more or some less, some almost without sin, some almost without soul, but within us all is our conscience, our self-disgust, that thing we force ourselves to ignore as we do what we have to do or are angered to do in the reality that has been crafted to force us into this absurdity.

We need only to let our souls into the driving seat, all as one, to understand in an instant, what we are capable of.
The reality, the evil, sees the dawning of this sudden capability and what such a moment of understanding would mean to the world..

All the evil in the world is hatching its vile and centuries old plot to steal this Moment from humanity.

It is time to wake up.
It is time to wake up.
It is time to live in a world of love

We are full of hope.
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx .

Thursday, March 6, 2014


The world is an asylum, a prison for the criminally insane.
Look how we do things.
We have a global system which in every field of human activity creates the environment for the most ruthless, the most aggressive, the most scheming and ego-centric to advance and so to have power over the vast numbers of us that want this place to be good.

It is that simple.
It is insane.

Most of us want to be good.
Our systems and those that dominate them are evil.

And our systems are old, so old that they create the world we see about us, shape the false reality in which we suffer and are afraid. They are our history. They are our belief systems. They are money. They are the idea of one human being somehow being entitled to more than another. They are the idea that some shall live in squalor while others squander billions on their personal pleasures.
They are the idea that we are not one tribe, one species, humankind.
They are the idea that we don’t own this planet, that it is ours to protect and to cleanse and to beautify by virtue of our heredity.

And it is our world to rid of the legacy of Kings and the murderous and callous vilenesses their control grid perpetrates upon us.
And our duty.

You see, we are one tribe and the world is our Homeland, the land of our forefathers and ancestors.
It is as one tribe we should live.

Organised around the principles of freedom, equality, duty and share. Governed by codes of ethics. Guided by the most wise and the most caring.
Sharing the objective:
To create a place of beauty for all of our family so that all may be at peace, so that all may find happiness and fulfilment, so that each will know they are safe, because they are of the tribe of humanity and we work together as one.

Nothing else will do, because nothing else will save us.
We must cast aside our history, cast aside our personal grievances, cast aside the systems that girdle the pyramid of power and give it strength, walk away from those that would dominate us and follow those we choose and know to be best amongst us, such that we get those things done that need to be done.

We can do this.
But only if we have the strength to Start Again.
AND ONLY if we somehow can get together and know our strength.

Only if we agree to put aside what the current reality has taught us and look with wild surmise upon the possibilities that our future can bring if we can just do that one thing.
Start Again.

They understand our coming, our age-old masters, and in their spite they are wrecking everything and poisoning the herd by stealth.
And by obfuscation and by lying and by bribing the foul excrescences called scientists, that bank their fat salaries and dream of their comfortable retirement whilst tootling to work in their BMWs to labour on better ways to kill people.

They exist, these people, and somehow those that rule over us make us avoid staring this ugly truth right in the face.
Pure shit in human form, often winning Nobel prizes, we have been made insane enough to honour these fuckers.

Without such human beings the control grid could not function.
They are the cheating judges, the care-less CEO’s, the cop that likes to beat, the drug lord, the grunt that likes the shooting too much, the playground bully, the slime ball politician, the greedy fuckers.

We have let them scare us for too long now.

What gives them their structured power and authority over us are the systems we maintain, designed as they are to cream of the best of the psychopaths, the brightest and most evil to feed the system and preserve it.
We give them gold-bedecked uniforms, we clean their houses, we polish their shoes, we give them our finest stuff and our best places to live.
We do what they tell us to do, even when we know it’s wrong.
They cause us to kill each other! Brothers and Sisters of the same tribe, the human tribe, the owners of this planet.

Is this not a proof of mass insanity?
That we cannot see the absurdity of this and the vast misery it bestows?

And the system is old.
Older perhaps than we know.
And is about to topple.

And so the lifting of the veil is coming.
Apocalypse now.

There are conclusions one can draw about the future.
We will co-operate without money.
We will house and feed and clothe and entertain our family and do it well.
We will be happy and content.
We will care for each other.
We will guarantee each other freedom from fear by always acting en masse to deal with those that seek to dominate by fear.
We will do our duty, and delight in the work we do.
The world will flower and blossom and be rejuvenated by our efforts.
We will live in a world of love.
We will find the answers.
This must be.
For nothing else will do.
The alternative, the old reality is playing out its endgame.
We should keep nothing of it.

This is what it means to be HUMAN.

Let the Evolution begin.

Do something.
Somehow, become one tribe.

With love,
Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Internet as a Consciousness Engineering Weapon

The internet is, of course, a consciousness engineering weapon fully in the hands of our masters.
We understand, and have been informed by our masters via engineered “whistle-blowing”, that they listen to every phone call, hack every e-mail, check every tweet and monitor every social site.

Once the public was informed of this outrage nothing happened.
Our Masters understood that nothing would happen.

Because they know exactly what the species is thinking at any moment.
This is the power the internet grants them.
Most humans are too stupid to realise this.
This they understand too.

When Obama makes a speech, the data tells him what to say and how to say it.
What words and what phrases to use, what hand gestures and facial expressions, what tone of voice.
The speech thus tailored is then measured for effect against the desired results.
What we think is expressed via media.

The news media are scheduled to respond in the way they are scheduled to respond.
The alternative media is scheduled to respond in the way they are scheduled to respond.

Active steps are taken to divert people or prevent people from finding pages like this.
So is the consciousness of the herd engineered in such a masterly way.

Make no mistake, friends, they are proceeding with their cull.
Confident in the knowledge that almost nobody knows.
And confident that those who do are being misled and attacked by sophisticated psychological weapons that divert and distress and divide and so render powerless.

Those who can see are witness to the steady destruction of life on this planet.

Our masters have created such a numb and dumb populace that nobody seems to care, nobody seems capable of getting off their backsides and screaming from the rooftops whilst our beautiful world is ravaged by these uncaring monsters and humanity assists them for a dollar of their worthless money.

This is our current condition, this the world we pass on to those that follow, stripped to the bone and empty of resource and sullied and dirtied such that every species is now threatened with extinction. They have filled the world with poisons that will linger for thousands of years. They know, from their data-mining of this consciousness engineering weapon, that nobody really cares.

One draws the conclusion that our masters either do not care for the future, that they are so psychotic that they don’t give a shit about anything except their NOW, or that a world destroyed somehow meets their success criteria……

That begs another question that must be esoteric.

They know who you are, what you look like is fed into their facial recognition data bank and if they so choose they can follow every movement you make. Your phone tells them where it is and so likely where you are. They know what you buy, what you desire, how much is in your bank account, what you watch on TV etc etc etc etc etc etc on and on and on ad nauseam.

They know EVERYTHING about you.
And they use this data.

Forget Gallup polls.
They know EXACTLY what you think.

As they data mine this information they gain an exact knowledge of what crimes they can commit and get away with. They can assess the effect of every action they take and measure the reaction, or more usually non-reactions, of the pathetic grazing herd of dumb cattle that they have made of humanity.

We witness their evil cancerous menace reshaping the world.
We witness the herd responding to their false “revolutions”.
In every nation the edge of the abyss draws near.
For many it is too late and the chaos has descended.

They cause us to squabble and to kill each other.
They divide us into factions and set us against each other.
Their internet is weaponised, stirring hatreds everywhere.
Whilst the really big issues are not even seen by most………..

Do you think this is a game?
Do you believe that your thought cannot be engineered?
Do you believe that their false trillions could not buy enough traitors to humanity to create this monster?
Do you think no-one could be so evil, so diabolically clever, so organised, have so much power, plan so carefully and comprehensively?

Grow up.

Aktina and I understand that few will read this.
Maybe nobody does, and our few “hits” are all from the scumbags.
Probably why we never get a comment……..?
But we know this:
We know that the chaos will deepen, that the agony will increase, that the grief will become unbearable. This much is clear.

We know that the bastards will offer up their God-King to save us………
This they have told us.

And we also see this….

A world of love, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, unstoppable and beyond our master’s power to control, the true nature of our species set free, the god-christ that is in each of us coming to the fore.

And in our grief for the world we smile, for we see the end, and know it is a beginning.

If you are reading this and are a real person
Love to You
Aktina and Olive.
Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Global Unity, Humanity's Last Chance Saloon

The fomented chaos continues to burgeon.
The sheep are focusing on keeping their heads down, lest the horror swing their way.
The debt burden imprisons them as surely as bars, and can and will be made heavier. Our masters will steal from the industrious and the careful their amassed hoards and another stilt upon which this creaking reality rests will be kicked from under us.

Thus we are rendered weak and divided and incapable of the global unity humanity requires for its survival and prospering.

The false opposition reviles the idea of globalism. The master of this reality weaves the false and Luciferian alternative mass awakening, its Shift and Zeitgeist and Thrive’s, its Occupy, its Venus and a thousand others.
You can’t get behind them all.
You will begin to find fault in detail with them all.

You will distrust many.

You will notice the relentless and unsubtle money making.
They grow rich.
You begin to smell a rat.
Look elsewhere or grow weary.

Such, of course, is their strategy.

To make a myriad of rabbit holes, to avert the one thing that can stop this horror in its tracks.
Global unity.
A slaves rEvolution.
The birth of a new humanity.
Not from some divine intervention, something which our masters can almost certainly contrive to provide for us and have adverted in their plans which are known to us, their protocols
The Zion name they carry of course was a contrivance, a diverting finger pointing at their most hated target group, but the plans, as we can observe, roll out.

By other subtle positioning of the pawns on the grand table they incite the human to once again choose a part of its family for extermination, according to the strategy of the master.
And so Israel, and those who profess to be Jews, that whole contrivance was to get them in one place and to make us want to kill them.

Most alternative media picks at this particular scab in our subconscious.
Do you see how the game is played, and the field upon which it is played?

Step into the Director’s box and view the turmoil from its rarefied atmosphere and imagine, for a moment in time, that there is no time.
Only from such a superior vantage point can you see the great threads which have run through our collective consciousness and see how and when they were imposed and how they have been maintained over a time span far beyond our limited life spans

You see that much of what we humans have done to each other, and much that we do to each other now has been orchestrated at their hands.

Imagine there is no time for them, that they see the long game as we cannot for they can see their blood and its power through the ages. They do not think of “I”, they think of “we” and speak in that way.
Don’t view them as a succession but rather as a continuum of one consciousness.
As if their DNA is different to ours and carries the collective memory and knowledge forward to each generation.
Insane genocidal freaks to a man or woman.
Alien to us.

Everywhere, for many centuries this consciousness and its bloodline has exercised its power to shape our reality.

All of our “nations” bear the stamp of their controlling division of the spoils of the herd.

All of our religions have been moulded by their hands, the structures of these belief systems riddled with their compromised and perverted and so blackmailed creatures who serve their purpose.
Slowly they nudge religion to the edge of collapse, rekindle again the blood-feuds so to weaken the idea of god further ready for the appearance of their god king.

The very idea of money. The idea of work in its current form. The idea of regulation. The idea that one human being can somehow be superior to another and so be able to instruct that other what to do. These are their ideas, for that structure and the ladders people are forced to or desire to climb serve their agenda in making us seek power over others.
This is not human. This is taught behaviour, so embedded in our collective consciousness as to seem normal, to seem right to many.

We have come to rely on this system of organised bullying to maintain the shallow veneer of civilisation that we all recognise as false. Its days are numbered and our masters understand this better than all those of us who believe we are awakening but are instead sleep-walking into version 2 of reality, the ground for which is under preparation now.
Many bloggers and thinkers and activists have already allied themselves to the new flags that are raised. Our consciousnesses cannot shake off the idea that we need to be led.

So is reality shaped.
So too is our idea of what we are as a species shaped such that humanity believes itself unworthy to have stewardship of this planet, when in fact we have no such stewardship and haven’t for recorded history.
We have ever been in their hands and have been sullied and perverted by them and have come to resemble them.
For shame..

All of the “positions” we hold in society are about this structuring of relative power over others. These structures exist because we are playing a game of their design, with counters called money that they control and even bears their portraits. The idea of management, the idea of working for gain instead of simply doing what needs to be done and done well, the collective blindness humanity has to these controlling structures within the reality, their origin and maintenance, what we call life itself, all these things are by design.

All is entirely contrived.
This is why I call it the false reality.
We have yet to discover the reality we human beings can create.

We are so badly enthralled by this now collapsing edifice, so many of us locked in fevered anticipation of the next soap opera episode to even stop and think for a moment that they fear us not, believing they have won and will always win.

We are so divided.
They are as one.

Everything you will find in every media bears their shaping hand, or is like mine, a weak and feeble voice, viewed by few , easily “disappeared” should the need arise.
Remember, friend, that nothing on this creature of theirs called the internet will have an effect unless they wish it to. It was designed to shape your thought, as all media is, and is the most effective tool we have ever designed for our masters for them to enslave us with.

Please remember, their countless Trillions of dollars or pounds or euros or whatever run through the internet with incredible authority. They are data mining humanity, know by this our every stirring of resentment, can schedule their events with great precision because at every moment they know what, collectively, humanity is thinking.

Their false trail layers prompt and cajole us to expose what we think.
They have the trouble causers, the mavericks and free thinkers, in their sights.
Nothing is left to chance.

Knowledge is power. And now they know everything. Listen to every call. Read everything written. Know what scientists pass between each other. Know what the terrace fan is feeling on Saturday night. Know where you are and what you’ve spent and on what.
Made you easy to find, should they want to find you.

If the wrong thing began to go viral, it would disappear.

Shall we see?
For such a viral awakening is, for those that can see, our only hope.
Rest assured, our masters have their own such weapon in readiness.
They understand that humanity is collectively stupid, that few can see, that those who awaken are still easily trained, that those who prove troublesome can be silenced in a moment from afar using the technology humans built for them and operate for them.
No wonder they are as arrogantly confident as ever.
We are dust beneath their shoes.

Their hands are very firmly on the switches and controls of human consciousness from every media we are presented with, caused to pay for with money, often debt, and so we enslave our consciousness and further their control over us in this clever twisting of reality.

Simply, the internet is a consciousness weapon.
It’s in their hands.
It is pointed at you.

Around the world their structures and belief systems are used to cause us to despise each other, to cause us to believe we cannot trust each other. They constantly bombard us with stories of the horrors they have contrived, to make us feel afraid and untrustworthy and a vile plague upon the earth.
This is one of the purposes of their global warming finger pointing, one of the reasons for their incessant poisoning and wanton destruction.

They are shaping our consciousness to believe we don’t deserve the place and it would be better off without us.

Such a meme makes war and strife easier to engender, makes the ember of distrust left over from the last contrived inferno tinder dry and ready for the spark.

And it is a very sparky world right now by their design.
There are little tinder piles everywhere of their creation and little hurts that will blossom into rage are scattered amongst us.

We must under no circumstances globally unite, do you see?
Please click to follow…….

For that global unity would interfere with their global world order strategy, almost complete and utter.
So do the Ickes and Infowars of their false opposition train us to despise the idea of global unity. So did their servant Lenin cause us to distrust the idea of working co-operatively.

Do you see how this works?

Think long, dear friend, and you will see how many years they have been culling the herd, fearing we might get too large to control or too connected to organise our own freedom.
Fukushima will, eventually, be seen to have murdered millions of us in the agonising and remorseless pain of their creature cancer.
If the oceans are killed, as seems worryingly likely, perhaps billions of us.
They have exploded two thousand nuclear weapons to sow cancer and terror across the globe for 70 years and we have done nothing but allow ourselves to be so moulded and so abused.

Time to wake up?
You would think so.

It has been time for thousands of years and has never yet come.

Our masters see the great turning point , the hinge of history more clearly than we.
They saw long ago the approach of our increased number and the raised collective intelligence that would flow from that and have done all they could to control, to shape, to direct through what we are taught at school and by their false reality and by everything that enters our consciousness to dissipate and divide the power of 7 billion stirring consciousnesses.

They are successful thus far.

We do not see our power.

We can not unite.

But the potential exists…….
Can you feel it?

It is your humanity calling.
The voice of our collective soul.
And it is good.
Shall we count our number?

If you want to find out how many truth seekers there are in this world do you know where to look?
Our masters do.

Yet humanity doesn’t know how many there are out there who want to find the truth.
No-one is counting us.
You could click to follow and so be counted.

And if a million did so we would understand that this new force in the world could be realised, that true change would be possible, that the iron girders of how we do things could be reshaped to suit our needs as a species.

It is simply a numbers game.

So our masters wouldn’t want you to click follow and they hope they have prepared your consciousness not to do so, probably not to trust this site or the motives of the broke
crazy who pens it.

So do you click?
Is there still something of the bloody-minded in you?

If you have got this far, that’s what this is about.

Can we count how many truth seekers there are, and so light a new fire in the world?

The alternative media would have you believe in some nebulous but surely imminent transformation of reality. The churches and temples of our master’s religions have the same meme.
We are being shaped to expect and, as history shows with those swallowed by their messianic creations, expectation can be nudged along for millennia.
The Christ will always appear in our time, but never does.

Thus they corral those that seek a world of love, render them divided and determined to defeat each other’s vision and so weakened as a single force but yet still in their hands should such unity come up from the ground.
They shape similar homes for those who pursue political solutions.

Global unity can only be derived from a single unassailable first principle and if we are to become civilised at all as a species and save ourselves from the unfolding calamity then that unassailable first principle can only be love.
Click to follow if you see this, please.

With that first principle we can find new ways of choosing who should guide us and who should make larger decisions such that the structures that are born of and flow from our collective power are the structures of justice and freedom and love that we all hope for now and pale imitations of which we currently accept..

We can in future grow to trust those that lead us, once we understand how to ensure that the best of us, the most full of love and true humanity, are selected to guide us.

(This, of course, can never be done whilst there is money.
This is why the false opposition push “gold backed” money.
Traitors all, they are the very worst amongst us and therefore our masters ensure they are the richest. Have you donated to them recently?)..

By finding this first principle of love and by finding our numbers, and only by these means, can we end our wars, reconcile our differences, bury our dead and our anger and start afresh with reality.

We can house our family, feed our family, cleanse our earth, free those who are imprisoned by fear, reveal our true better natures to a waiting universe and perhaps an expectant god.

Do you see?
It can only be global.
It can only be love.
Please, click to follow if you want to see our number.
It has to begin somewhere.
It is, as you understand, almost too late for those of us that yet live, already too late for those millions of us that have already fallen in this last battle

Our master’s servants understand this better than most truth seekers do.
They are prepared for it.
Their presence of course occupies centre stage in the false awakening.
You will find many joined hands and smiling faces.
They await warily any sign of our emergence as a new species and have plans ready to deal with such contingency, chaos waiting everywhere, bitter feuds to stir, pied pipers to follow.


Buttons to push.
Buttons made by human beings, structuring their own demise.

Click to follow.
Let’s begin.
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(If you click to follow it doesn’t mean you support my views. What it does mean is that you would like to discover the strength of our numbers. This post, I guess as ever, is about global unity, our last, best, only weapon in the battle for our souls.
It’s to see if there is some chance of making change in the world from the ground up.
It’s about counting “us”.
You know who I mean.
Do you know how many “we” are?.
So, Please consider clicking to follow, and so perhaps we can find our how many of “us” there are.

If we can show we are many, perhaps even at this late juncture we find the only weapon we have.
Humanity's last chance

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Radioactive Reality guy from Youtube.

I don't usually link much to stuff, understanding that much of what is out there is part of the controlled opposition to humanity (and that therefore, some of the leaders of the alternative view of reality and the human condition are in fact the very worst of our sort, the very vilest of traitors). This guy seems human. Where is the Scream? Here, unfolding further, is one of the extinction events the world is psychologically engineered not to think about. This must be true, that people are so engineered.
The silence is eery to us.

Because we hear no great and swelling roar of voices raised, see no irresistable rising of the force of good.
Instead we see mute and dumb grass croppers, chomping and cud chewing.
Led by their noses here and there with the daily promise of new fresh grass to chew.
Sheep that are looking around, but still sheep, dreaming that they are awake.
Everywhere distraction.
Nowhere focus.
Where, for example, is the single unity of objective amongst true, free bloggers?
There is none, even there, where one could expect to see understanding of the predicament, the timescales, the progress of this war on our kind.
There is not even a feral growling together, the least we could expect.
If you blog, post a link.
If you comment, post a link.
But you won't, because the psych war has been focused on preventing unity.
And if that persists, we are lost.

And they are killing us now, as fast as they can without spooking us. Killing us softly. The entire herd. The planet. Fukushima is just one of their fronts.
Look how we are assailed by every facet of the reality they have wrought. They are wringing us dry, squeezing every last drop of living effort from us then contriving to cast us aside or cause us to die of the poisons they are seeding. We all know this deep inside, every baaaing one of us. We are being slowly killed.

We have to stop this.
And who are we?
WE are the meek.
The one's that don't want power over others, that don't want to cause fear, that don't want to be rich, would like to see an end to all war and an end to terrible hardship, who would like to see what we could make of this world in a different way, we are all of us good folk, and only we can save the world.