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Sunday, September 14, 2014

No rhyme, some reason

What beginning, what end
What in-between
The story of you
Wrapped in tri-fold enigmas

What past, what future,
What now
The story of you
Wrapped in ignorance

What god, what rules
What reality
The story of you
Wrapped in deception

What acts, what deeds
What truth
The story of you
Wrapped in uncertainty

What to think, what to feel
What to do
The story of you
Wrapped in powerlessness

What good, what sin
What duty
The story of you
Wrapped in confusion

They speak of honour in memoriam
They speak of decency in obituaries
They speak of self-discipline in mockery
They speak of sin as ubiquity
They speak of peace as unattainable
They speak of war as unavoidable
They speak of humanity as deplorable

The ruinous species
The unforgivable species
The filth
The squalid
The animal

The story of you
As taught

But not the story of you
As found

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Images of Humanity

Your resistance to trusting others is no innate and understandable self-defence mechanism, built there at the front of your consciousness by experience and “life”.

It is a feature of the software downloads that have been hacked into your mind steadily by the engineers of the false reality.

Your resistance to joining any group that requires you to leave your comfort zone and act is no experience-led understanding of the futility of resistance.

It is a feature of the software downloads emanating from the same source.

Your inability to feel part of something much greater than yourself, to accept that you are part of a hive mind, part of a global consciousness comprised of billions of free entities, is no accident.

See above.

Your understanding of the world and humanity’s despicable behaviour to itself, to other species and to the world itself is an understanding created by design, a carefully wrought alchemical magick striking at the very core of your humanity, at your inner being, at the soul of you.

What you think is you is not you, it is an artificial construct carefully designed and constructed brick by brick throughout your life.

You are not being yourself.

You have never been yourself.

Your consciousness was enslaved and infected with viruses from the very moment of your birth.

Your mind was constrained and inhibited even before that, the DNA passed from your parents already tampered with.
You use probably around 6% of your potential brain power.

The pure consciousness that would be the result of full use of the amazing device that is your mind would give you the power to shape matter in conformity with will, to speak reality into existence.

Matter, solidity, reality are phantasms that exist in your mind, rendered from the nothingness that is the atom, shaped and given form by the thought of the creator and held in place by vibration, held in just the place so designed that your senses can perceive them, those senses designed to perform this miracle and to convert those chimeras into the electronic mirage you think you see and touch and smell and hear and witness the passage of through something you believe is called time.

My contention becomes apparent.

The meat machine you call your body, (source of so much angst and pain) is created by a program we call DNA which orders and places and gives functions to perform to these self-same chimeric atoms, the result of which you call existence and live through, benighted as you are, and witness the passage of via an electro-chemical construct that connects you with this reality and is the interface between this dream and the consciousness which is experiencing it.

Your vessel is almost empty when you are born.

You carry with you no knowledge of anything but love and the animal base programming to seek a nipple and suck and to pull air into your lungs and breathe.

This understanding does not absolve you of responsibility.

You are expected to find your way, expected to discover the deeper meaning of love, to micromanage reality as best you can given your limitations and the forces ranged against you.

You are expected to resist the viruses that attack you from the moment of birth, to do the best with the resources you have been so limited to, to understand the nature of the whole and the consciousness of your fellow experiencers and your collective ability to shape this reality with the love you were born with.

It is not the creator that has this expectation.

It is you.

You have carried this with you and, deep inside, it still lives.
It is called love.
It is the real you.
It is the conscious experiencer of this life.

The odd sensation you have gnawing at the back of your mind that speculates what this is all about and makes you uncomfortable in this reality is that same thing.

We all have it.

It is time to let those voices speak.
They are there at this time in such profusion around the globe because our consciousnesses are becoming aware.
Otherwise we wouldn't all be questioning so much.
This is why we must beware of deceivers.

To lift the veil that shadows our true selves, our true nature, the human that lives within and to communicate with the seven billion other souls that share this reality requires communication and a gathering around core understandings.

Nothing else will do it.

As a collective consciousness we have failed in this simple endeavour.

A child will tell you, almost any child will tell you, that you should live with love in your hearts, that you should do no harm, that you should care for others, that you should help those in need, that you should share what you have, that you should do your best, that you should not walk past a wrong but do something to make it right.

The child that was you knew these things well.

You have buried that child within, strangled its innocence and the beauty of the simplicity that is love, allowed the builders of this reality to take control of your very essence, but it still lives.

The engineers that design this reality have almost completed their great work.

The enslavement of an entire species, taking that which is beautiful and good and perverting it, shaping monsters.

The battle has always been fought in your consciousness, always been about the creation of a body-mind that stands between your true self and the false reality they have wrought.
It has been about belief.

They have sought mastery over what you believe in and what you believe of other human beings.

They have for millennia constructed their psychological pyramid of power, making you believe in gods and kings and money and competition and a million more courses of the bricks they have mortared into place as they walled in your true being.

You have lost faith in humanity.
The image of humanity you carry within is completely distorted.

Around the world, every second of every day, we do good to each other.

Unrecorded and unremarked upon and hidden from our understanding we still help each other, we still give selflessly, we still care billions of times every day.

We all of us feel better when we do these things.
We all of us understand this is how things should be.

BUT we do not know that this is how things really ARE.

Your false image of humanity is created by the continual software downloads that speak to your unconscious, alpha wave mind.

The TV and the internet feed your consciousness an endless stream of examples of man’s inhumanity to man, rarely if ever offering you a scrap of information about the vast amount of good we do each day, the vast yearning for a world of good we all share, the commonality of our understanding of the difference between good and evil.

They dare not let you understand how good we are, the vast quantity of good we do each day all over the world.

At the end of each news broadcast, with a wry smile as if this is an anomaly, they let you catch a glimpse of this truth.
Man dives into raging river to rescue a kitten.
Elderly lady spends all her time making dresses for children in Africa.
Charity donations soar after some orchestrated event.
As if these things were odd, were unusual, were quaint and old-fashioned instead of how things really are.

Your so-called alternative media feed you the same diet.
Evil, evil, evil, evil “wise/lovely saying”, evil, evil, evil.

Look again at your favourite sites and see if this is not so.

Imagine, for a moment, if every news channel everywhere in the world focused each day on stories of good being done, of kindnesses, of unselfish acts.
There are more than enough stories to fill every channel every day a thousand times over.

Then imagine at the end they did a story about some harmful act, some anomalous behaviour, something that had gone wrong somewhere….and how you would react.

Your image of humanity would quickly change, your entire worldview would shift.

Your day to day existence would change, your outlook, your relations with other people, the thoughts that dominate your mind, your expectations from other people would alter completely.

Your outlook and attitudes towards many things would slowly transform into a different worldview.

Your tolerance of acts of war and brutality by your government and its uniformed agents would disappear, your expectations of them would rise to the level of good that you see every day being performed by your fellow human beings and you would expect nothing less of those that purport to lead you.

Everybody would be shocked and horrified by such transgressions.
They wouldn’t last a minute.

Now, you just accept these vile things numbly, as if you and the other seven billion human beings can do nothing to change things!

Imagine, too, that your history books were full of the good we have done for each other, crammed with the acts and deeds of those that have given and helped and cared. Imagine they dealt with the history of foul violence and intolerable cruelty for what they were and are today, the vile machinations of a controlling force that cares not for our species and can only be categorised as inhuman, that force being represented by the same bloodlines that have coursed through our history, forever twisting and mal-forming us and shaping our reality and beliefs and consciousnesses to leave us bereft of our true humanity, swallowed by the maw of evil generation after generation.

Imagine teaching that to your children, so that they knew what to be wary of, so that they understood the true nature of humankind and the evil that has beset us for so long.
Imagine how that would change the classroom, form the young minds passing through into adulthood.

See what is taught now and understand the depth and full-spectrum control of the enemy within, see how at every opportunity they shape our emerging understanding to prevent the discovery of our true nature.

The answer, my friends, is simple.
Many would have you believe it is not, that it is immensely difficult, immensely complex, that the enemy has all things covered, that there is much to fear, that events roll on inexorably and all you can do is witness.

Those are the deceivers, my friend.

Understand the true nature of yourself and of other human beings.

Let it out, this inner you, let it take the driving seat of the meat-machine despite the false reality’s insistence that to do so would make you weak, that others would prey on you, that you would lose everything.

You wouldn’t.
You would gain everything.

Start to believe in humanity.

You’re a fucking brilliant and incredible species!

Shape reality, it’s there to be shaped by you all.

Love will help.

Be one world tribe, and hold hands as you walk into the future.

Or let them kill you.

That’s the moment we’re in.

Xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The things kids say......

A lesson from the less programmed.

I teach English, and I also teach thought, the process of deduction, how to arrive at conclusions that have merit even when the route to those conclusions takes your mind outside of the reality box in which it is contained.

I ask questions, and teach how to question everything.

After every answer I ask: “Which means what?,” for every answer creates a set of further conclusions that can be drawn from that answer, driving down to something immutable.

Programming of the hardware that is our brain begins at birth, begins with the first exchange of love (or otherwise) between the mother and the child.

That programming layers the false reality over the core programming that is born into the human child.

It creates a second self, an alter, the “body-mind.”
No doubt you have read of MKUltra and Monarch mind control and so on?

Yet most fail to perceive the fact that they are the creation of such a system, that they themselves have been programmed from birth.

Which means that…..these systems of creating these “alters” have been around for thousands of years.

Which means that our entire planet is comprised of mind altered beings living in an entirely false reality.

The core programming, at its immutable core, is love and so everything that derives from love.
I don’t need to “prove” this, but seemingly most human beings have been programmed to disbelieve it.

Sharing, giving, caring, kindness, justice, equality and so on are the core programming of every human being.

Observe the behaviours of babies, how they crave love, how they respond to love, how they respond to that which is not born of love with fear and anxiety.

These things are easy to see, and we need no studies nor peer reviewed scientific papers to understand this truth.

Hold on to that understanding.

Observe how babies react to other babies, regardless of skin colour, regardless of sex.

Observe how very small children behave with each other before the programming begins to take a hold of them.

Observe how they share.
Observe how they play.
Observe how they care.
Observe how they create.

Their behaviour is simple and uncompromisingly born of love.
They are human.

This is our natural state of being.

Everything else is a lie born of the programming that is fed down to us via the structures imposed upon us thousands of years ago by our masters and which we are taught to believe in and revere and find we cannot imagine living without.

So are ideas of race, of religion, of money, of hierarchy, of class, of nationality driven so far into our consciousness that we believe in them even though, if we once dared to look, they are all of them ideas unnatural to us.

Not natural.

This is the history of our tribe, the history of a tribe lost in a nightmare, chaining each new generation to the lies WE were taught, serving our masters by unthinkingly accepting their software and spreading it like a virus between us..

We each of us lose sight of this basic understanding, learn as we “progress” through life to ignore our base core programming as being not suitable for the reality in which we exist.

We have learned to distrust each other, and are daily fed information that “proves” that we should.
This is why the news is only ever bad news.
This is why the leading “alternative” and “truth” sites are full daily of bad news, serving our master’s agenda of creating false division between us, of creating mutual distrust.

Imagine, for a moment, a news agency that focused on the good we do.
That every day showed endless examples of the kindness that we show to each other.
That endlessly broadcast stories of unselfish giving, of kindnesses done without reward. Of honesty. Of justice. Of succour given to those in need.

Our world is full of such acts, they are a moment by moment reality that are the summation of the human spirit in its natural state even in this benighted reality.
If they were advertised daily, fed to us through our TV screens, our image of our species would change from the bitter pill we swallow now.

We would be filled with an optimism, filled with a desire to do our part in this whole, filled with self-belief and hope, filled with the natural trust for each other we should have.

How we are fed such stories, usually at the end of each news broadcast, leads us to think of them as anomalies.

Man risks his life to save a drowning dog.
Ahh! Wouldn’t it be nice of we were all like that?

Well, we are.

We Are a wonderful species, seven billion saints twisted into devils, yearning each and every one of us for peace and justice and kindness and hugs and fairness and enough but no more than the best we can do for each other.

WE have been robbed of this reality by forces we don’t understand but recognise are amongst us.

It is time to count ourselves, we humans, see how vast and loving our tribe is, understand our world had been stolen and is being turned into a foul pit of poison and that we are not as we should be.

It’s time for the Tribe to stand and be counted and to wrest our consciousness from the minds that misshape them and make us savage.

The billions of us that become adults and still retain a residual yearning for the true humanity they were born with feel strangers on our own planet.

We can’t understand why the world is as it is.
Are lost in it.
We feel powerless to change it.
We feel afraid.

Some are drawn to institutions that appear to desire a different, more human world.
That advertise themselves as the organisations that will link us once more with the love we understand is at our core.
They roll out ancient texts that they say were given by God and they say are there to save humanity, to restore a world of love.

Not one of them has ever lived up to its advertising.
Never once in thousands of years.

Almost all of them teach difference and bigotry.
Almost all of them have a history of unmitigated horror, of the taking of life, of the torture of human beings of a different faith, of the ritual abuse of children and of paedophilia.

And yet the faithful are still drawn to these false refuges, the yearning is so strong in them.

And they see symbols they do not understand the power of, repeat mantras they do not understand the significance of, follow rules they fail to see the inhumanity of and so their humanity is programmed again by the masters of this reality and buried deeper in the morass of lies.

For each of us as each day passes in this existence the false reality programming gets a firmer and firmer grip on the “body-mind”.

The body-mind is the creation of the programmers, the usurper that tells the child how to live based on the reality programming passed on to it by those amongst whom it lives.

It is an ancient science, this mind control of a species.

As we grow more aware, we begin to see how it is done.

As we grow more aware, we begin see how this ancient art is being added to and refined by the Nazi/Tavistock minds that coldly calculate how to produce the outcomes our masters desire by the application of scientific techniques.

No doubt this more refined knowledge will be utilised to the full if the master’s New World Order takes hold.

Certainly it was carried forward from the last time they culled the herd.

Understand this: We are as beasts to them.

We can see their bloodlines now and begin to understand how their influence has shaped everything, how their structures are overlaid upon the pure love consciousness that is our natural state, can begin to understand how we have been manipulated into believing in a reality which is untrue to our natural spirits and is entirely false.

The herd is baa-ing and moo-ing this message, this understanding.

Some hear it and are drawn into another false reality, one which seems more true, but they do not ask “Which means what” of every answer they find or of every purveyor of those answers and so are lost again, becoming believers again in something that is false.

Once adopted, like all believers, they defend their understanding and share it, becoming recruiting agents, the Mormons of Icke or the followers of Alex Jones and the latter day saints.

Truly, we are as a species as dumb as our masters believe us to be.

By the age of five some kids will call other kids “paki” or “nigger”, or tell other kids how they are better than them, that their Dad drives a better car or they have a bigger house. They’ll call names because they have been taught to.
The name calling hurts and adds to the defences being built around the human being that lives within the injured kid.
It learns to call names back.
The name calling turns to fighting.
Fear enters the soul and takes hold.

The infant is slowly wrenched away from its humanity by this process.
The human baby becomes the inhuman child.

We are, by this route, a species which lives entirely in denial of its true spirit.
Creatures of pure love made savage by the controllers of our reality.
Simply look around you at the world and witness the veracity of these simple truths.

They are the immutable facts which give understanding of the human condition and the mess we are in and the harm that we do.

In the false reality the parents, themselves victims of the programming of their generation, download that programming into the child’s mind as “truth”.

And so the child learns that it is black or white and that the colour of its skin makes some sort of difference.
It learns that it is French or Russian or Greek and that this accident of birth will make a difference to its entire life.
It learns that it is a Christian or a Muslim, and that all the other religions but its own are false or not quite right and that only their religion is the religion of God.
It learns that certain foods are good, certain foods bad, and that those foods that are bad might be perfectly OK for other human beings.
It learns that it is a boy or a girl and that the difference of sex means it will have a life that is different to the one it would have led if the genes had decided it would be the other sex.
It learns about the traditions and history of its “people”, of ancient habits and ancient enmities and the rules of life created by these histories.
It learns what it should wear, how it should think about certain things, who is acceptable and who not.
It learns what class it belongs to, what caste, what level of society.

It learns that it is not free, that it lives in a world of “rules” that have nothing to do with love, with the core programme.
It is instructed that the core programme is wrong.
That it will face hardship in this reality if it tries to cling to that innocent goodness of spirit that is its nature.

There lies the root, the core, of the unease we all of us feel.
That NONE of this is right.

We are fed complications and debate daily to remind us that the reality is vastly complicated difficult to understand and impossible to change.

It is not.
The answer is simple and lies within each of us.
We should not ask God where the answer is but simply understand that the creator, if there is one, gave us the answer from the beginning.
It’s not hard to find.
You were born with it.

No child is born in a vacuum.
No child can avoid being programmed.

The result is that the open, loving soul finds itself in a world where it is divided from all the other souls by one thing or another.
It learns that it is different, those differences created by the accident of where and to whom it was born.
It learns that it must distrust, or fear, or hate other human beings because of these differences.
At kindergarten it meets other kids so programmed, some of whom have been taught that one way to have more is to create hurt and fear and to do violence.
The race begins.

As it grows, it learns that the world is a competitive place, that to live it must scratch and claw all through its life, must fight to get a bigger share or just to keep the share it is due. It learns that every other kid is its adversary in the game of life. It has to listen to the bullshit lies they call education and it has to undergo hours and hours of boredom learning meaningless and useless facts that, once released from the indoctrination school it will never require again in its daily life.

If it succeeds in learning this concatenation of lies and useless information it might win further education at university and become so indebted so early in its life that it will never be free.
From that day forward it will fight for money, jockey for position, do whatever is required to “get on” in life and secure its future.
It may breed.
It will pass on what it understands of the world to its children.

So the prisoners of the false reality become the builders of the prison walls for another generation, never understanding that this whole reality is carefully shaped and maintained by the masters of the world, that our very humanity has been misshaped and buried underneath a vast structure of lies such that our humanity is buried, the instincts that flow from love hidden, that we have become inhuman.

And so:
I set a hypothetical scenario to a class of young teenagers.
I said the world as they know it had gone.
I said there were a thousand of them left.
I asked them how they would build their new world.

The answers were not surprising.

They spoke of equality.
Of care.
Of sharing.
Of kindness.
Of lack of hierarchy, that the waste disposal person and the doctor would be equal, that neither could be done without, that their contributions were equally important.
They spoke of justice.
They spoke of listening to the words of those with wisdom and love and how those most full of these attributes could be trusted to ponder the bigger decisions.
They spoke of there being no money, and that money didn’t matter.
They spoke of focusing effort on that which needs doing.
Of growing good food, of building good homes, of having fun.

They spoke of acting together, of total unity when dealing with those who sought to get more than their share or to make others afraid and so get power over them.
They would all together deal with bullies, such that the bully had no “resistance leader” to privately beat and so defeat.

Kids, you see.

The programming hasn’t fully taken hold.

They hear the call of their innate humanity still and trust it.

The complex becomes simple to solve.

It simply requires unity of intent.

Of the will of the group.

They soon discovered, by asking “Which means what?”, that underpinning everything they believed was the right thing to do was one single thing.


If kids can work this out, why can’t we grown ups?

You can start our one world tribe at the link provided.
In case you are blinded to this fact, there is little time.
Our masters are about to press “reset”.
They have built their seed ark.

Join your tribe.

Love to you,
Olive and Aktina.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dumb-dumb bullets for the Consciousness.

Dumb-dumb bullets for the Consciousness.
How the alternative media assists the global evil.

Increasingly, as the world spins towards the engineered global chaos, we are astounded at the ridiculous and childish concerns of most alternative bloggers and how they reflect the behaviours of the dumbed down sheeple they pretend to have become separate from.

They take their agenda for debate from the leading alternative sites, all of whom take their agenda and cross-refer to the leading main-stream media sites.
Like an army of sports commentators, and no runners.
Using their excuses for minds to comment on some event or another orchestrated by the masters of evil and fed to them to discuss.
And the dumb sheep that call themselves “awake” are as lost in this bullshit as the other sheep, the one’s they pity!
It would be funny, if the stakes weren’t so high.
People are dying everywhere.
The global chaos is coming their way too.

This lack of vision and lack of ability to see the whole picture, to focus on a solution, to see what is important, to unify in their petty pronouncements so that the world sees something other than one person’s ego, becomes increasingly astounding.

We know that a good many of these voices are orchestrated by the very evil they purport to be fighting, but that to spot the blogger shill is not easy.

This might help.
Then again it might not.

Everyone that thinks themselves awake has been targeted and lured and drawn towards and cross-referred to these organised opposition sites.

To compare what’s going on consider this:

When we ran large cross-functional sales and marketing divisions of corporations, before we realised what a bunch of crap the whole thing was, we had marketeers devise strategies based on analysis and research. Those strategies were designed to capture the target market. Included amongst those ideas was cross media referral, especially cross-media referral that appeared independent. Customer ratings and approvals. Independent reviewers. Scientific and authoritative opinion. Rewarded referrals from existing customers to their peers in the market, rewarded usually by discount on further purchases. Tele-sales. Field sales. Advertising across a number of media. Brand building ads. Sales prompt ads. Every staff member was trained and trained again. Those not able to follow the corporate dogma replaced. Those most able promoted.
You get the picture.
We are ashamed of that period of our lives.
All of that was just done for market share and for profit.
Where the consciousness of humanity is the prize, the stakes are much higher.
And so the effort will have been much greater.

When you look at the market for alternative thought (for that is what it is, a market) bear in mind that someone, somewhere in control of the purse strings had this very same approach.
Organised, thoughtful, considered, planned.

Backed by the unlimited resource of Magick money, money made from thin air, the alchemists greatest achievement.

Their idea was from the beginning to make sure, as with the main-stream media, that every single avenue was covered, that every single detail was orchestrated and managed, that the whole was done with the utmost professionalism by those that were believers of the creed.

Sure, there will always be new market entrants that steal some sales.
If they grow, you buy them.
Or target them and destroy them.

What you think about is not a game.
These are serious people doing a serious job.

Its object is to control the debate.
Control your conscious thought.
Prevent you from ascending into the world of unity that is the human being’s true destiny.

To stop you uniting against them.

They are global, and therefore we have to be.

Rest assured they had the best minds from Tavistock guiding their activity right from the start.
Rest assured they had the best understanding of the IT you use to monitor your thought processes and data-mine the results of their efforts.
They have a chain of command.
They involve the luciferian security services, they involve the greatest minds.
They speak of secrecy and of duty to their followers.
They reward handsomely, and not just with money but with the satisfaction of whatever desires their servants have.
They kill those that step out of the fold.
This is your enemy.
The same one Kennedy spoke of.

Rest assured you are like putty in their hands.
They have you.
This is no game.

One of their demons, Crowley, told them that free will was the whole of the thing.
To continue to rule the world, they had to control everyone’s minds, everyone’s consciousness, everyone’s will.
Not just the baa-ing masses.
Full spectrum domination.

That’s the game we’re in, dear reader.
Do you honestly believe those who control knowledge in the world, who had spent centuries ensuring their mastery of information, would let the internet rob them of that power?

Grow up.
Wake up and smell the roses.

They put the cable in your street.
They own google and facebook and the rest.
They manage Wiki.
They gave you Snowden and Assange.
They killed people whose name you’ve forgotten.

This is how it is.

Chief amongst their objectives was to create a universal inability to get off your ass and do something.
This has been their most carefully orchestrated psy-op.
It involves learned helplessness.
It involves the cult of personality.

It involves sigils and signs that speak to your unconscious (examine Icke’s book covers, for goodness sake!)

It involves mass hypnosis and NLP.
Watch Jones speak.

The only thing they had to fear from an increasingly clever humanity, that cleverness derived from our numbers, was the ability for us to put aside our differences, to focus on one single issue and then to collect together in our billions and do something.

So far, they have won that game.
This is no surprise.

They have put a huge amount of effort and thought into it and were doing so when most of you were in kindergarten.

Most “truth seekers” have become addicts, mind-controlled patsies.
They have been taught learned helplessness.

In the way the endless pictures of starving Africans in the past was counter-productive for charities in the end, so the endless horrors of the world’s evil pumped into the mind causes anger at first, then merely a desire to be informed, a relish for “news” that reflects the habits of the dumb sheeple news watchers we all know and pity.

There are countless shills out there blogging away.
Most of the truly free minds follow their lead and, usually, refer to the sites in their blog-rolls of the very people they are fighting against!

Our masters must laugh so!

Some obvious Shill types:
1. The jew haters. They wear their hatreds on their sleeves and would like to put a star on the sleeves of those they hate. These are the most readily identifiable and those that comment on their racist postings equally identifiable as shills or as a part of the great ignorant masses, falling for the old divisive tricks again, (for morons hunting for scapegoats are always with us.) These bloggers spout the same Nazi crap that their masters have always spouted, yet “truthers” fail to see the jackboots in their faces!

2. The “specialist” shill. These guys work hard at exposing the terrible activities of our masters. Some go for the queen. Some go for paedos. Some go for “crisis actors’. Some go for 9/11 truth, still! Some go for the main stream media. Some are “professors” or “experts” or “ex-CIA” or “Ex-Illuminati” or “ex-world bank”. Some go for UFO truth. Some are experts in creating bullshit alternative histories. Some “channel” and claim to be in touch with aliens or demons or angels or God. (NO, sorry, that’s the world’s religious leaders.) Some are collectors of all the rest, the Red Ice merchants of confusion, the “men in hats” brigade, all jackets and jeans. They all of them gather followers, all of them collect a lot of money. Most have ads for gold investment. Not one offers a place to join, a movement of people to be a part of, none offer hope, just endless reportage of worthless shit designed to make you the apathetic creature you have become. Their object has been to provide rabbit holes for you to dive into, so that you try to learn instead of trying to DO SOMETHING.

3. The “consciousness wisdom” shills. From the sayings of some wise old fart from a thousand years ago they purport to pass on wisdom. Some of what they spout makes a lot of sense and seems good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t suck you in. They love to tell you its all karma, that you’ll get it sorted in the next life if you get your karma right in this. It is unmitigatedly self-focused. Not one speaks of action, of doing something to make right the world we have borrowed from our kids and pooped all over. They had a field day with 2012, speaking as a man of some great consciousness shift that would come from fairy land. So that you just had to sit and wait, polishing your nob to awaken your Kundalini, knowing that the great blah-blah was coming and humans would all be superman. They make me sick, these retards. They are two a penny. Read their comments and weep. “Oh, you are so wise” my backside! The world is drifting into a nightmare. Half is already there. Babies are being slaughtered as ever and the great mass of humanity that would do no harm is being herded into the gas chambers in a piecemeal way and all they can do is repeat what some old guy, now dead, wrote long ago. Listen: if there was anything really worthwhile there, understand our masters would have rubbed it out of the minds of humanity long ago.

4. The Jesus is coming again brigade. Listen: a few years back they found a model of a pyramid in Ecuador. It had the all seeing eye and 13 rows of bricks. On the bottom it said “the Son of God is Coming”. It is 14,000 years old. Google that. The rulers of our reality were likely here last time. Likely they wiped us out when we got to the stage of being able to communicate with each other. Sort of like now. Read the part about Babel in your bibles and understand the resonance with these times. Likely they have always told us the son of god is coming. Before Jesus it was Mithras. Before him all manner of creatures. Then, as now, believers KNEW that they hadn’t been fooled, that THEY believed in the one true god. Then, as now and for all time, the believers are only a breath away from burning the blasphemer at the stake, or just wishing eternal damnation on them. They prove everything with a quote from the Bible as if that was the end of the argument yet not one of them has discovered the true origins of the words they spout, what was edited by Constantine’s lackeys, what left out, what re-worded. Ditto the Islamic faith and the many hands of many Mullahs down through the ages that have crafted a book that serves their purpose of controlling the minds of the stupid or providing a career for the snake oil salesmen. They are all over the place, these sham prophets and showmen shamans. They encourage children to kill.

And of course the leaders of the pack.......

We could go on. No doubt you have your own favourite types. No doubt, yet again, we’ve insulted a good chunk of our readers who identify with one or the other of the above or are themselves bloggers that do nothing but comment on the fodder the masters feed them.
So be it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ref is looking at his watch and reaching for his whistle….

Love and Global Unity are the way to our collective future.
Will you do your part?

Global solutions, one Tribe...

We don’t trust governments nor their agents and servants.
We don’t trust the media, nor the false alternative media that robs us of unity.
We don’t trust money, nor tax, nor banks.
We don’t trust soldiers, nor those drawn to terrorism by faith or anger.
We don’t trust angry people, nor those lost in the false reality.

We refuse to be drawn into conversation about the pathetic detail of the lie we are all forced to live in.

We won’t talk about stocks and shares and markets, about gold as an investment, about property ownership other than one’s own home and how we all should have one, about pensions, about social welfare projects, about health care, about wars in various parts of the world, about revolutions, about ailments that kill that could be cured.

We won’t talk about football scores or TV shows or “the News” or pop hits or trivia or glamorous people or gossip.
We won’t talk about the police.
We won’t talk about “economic crises”.
We won’t talk about “debt”.

We won’t discuss activity that directs itself towards one problem generated by the false reality or another, because to do so means becoming lost in the detail, means becoming lost in arguments about how to change a speck on the ear of the elephant.

Rather than how to get rid of the elephant.

We are fed up with bloggers and pundits that do detail.
That go into endless and ultimately “so-what” detail about one thing or another, one speck or another on the skin of the beast.

We are disgusted with websites that throw all of these things together, to create learned helplessness, linking always to their brothers in the mainstream media or their covert alters in the alternative media.

Frankly, these particular traitors to humanity make us sick.

We are fed up with bloggers and pundits that don’t call for global unity, that don’t call for global unity in every post they make, that don’t DO SOMETHING to try and create global unity.

They are a waste of time and a distraction, dividing thought and dissipating energy.

There is only one job that needs doing: getting rid of the elephant.
All else is trivia.

There will be no change unless humanity focuses on this one issue.
If you can’t see this, ask yourself why?
It is as plain as the nose on your face!
It is right in front of you.
There is only this one issue: Can We Start Again as a species?

The world will continue its spiral into genocide and mass killing unless people understand this simplicity.

We have pointed these things out for years here and the world is unfolding as we said it would and NOTHING has changed, nowhere is there hope, nowhere an attempt to unify our tribe.

There are many that call themselves awake.
Many that say they seek truth.

Can you count them?

Ask yourself why not?

Anything else but world unity is a waste of time, a useless and stupid and counter-productive waste of people’s energy, the infantile mind-dumps of those that lack any vision, those that cannot conceive of answers, those that think inside the box of the false reality and think themselves clever for doing so.

They are useless, these child’s minds, at this time and in these circumstances.

You might as well read about cake making, for all the difference they will make.
Humanity is killing its home planet, killing its own kind, will terminate its contribution to the history of this world by ending all life here and creating a barren, lifeless planet for the creator to look upon and weep and wonder where things went wrong.

This is fact.
This is underway right now.
But hey, look, David Icke has misspent the millions he raised and the People’s Voice has descended into squabbles and personalities. Don’t look at the big issues, look at their pathetic greed-inspired squabbles. Get involved! Make your voice heard! Go on, lose yourself in another rabbit hole, just like you were supposed to.
But hey, don’t look at that! Look instead at Sandy Hook. Or the police actions in Ferguson. Or Isis. Or Tony Blair’s new pronouncement of evil. Or at Paedos. Or at whatever else that is a side issue they can distract you with.

Or you could wake up.
And recognise the seriousness of our times.
And see how you are being manipulated.

That the world needs to change everything it clings to that was gifted to us by the masters of this reality is paramount.

There is nothing else.

Screw religion, but know something somewhere that is far out of our understanding created this vision, put together atoms of nothing that our consciousness believe to be real.
Know that this creator wants us to do right by each other and care for this reality.

Know that we are being tested.
Know that love is the answer to every question.

Listen: Let’s say that the people of one country decided to make a stand for humanity. Let’s say they got rid of their government, disbanded their army, refused to take money for goods or services, re-interviewed their police and built a new peace force, got rid of banks and debt, guaranteed every member of their society a share, a place that they could call their own free of debt or cost, work that offered a useful and fulfilling future directed towards the things that needed doing.
Let’s say they guaranteed each other freedom from fear and made sure they were all involved in that almighty task, and that they would all understand the benefit to them as individuals of that whole population focus.
That bullies and criminals would be quelled, that wife beaters and street thugs would be dis-empowered simply by the actions en masse of all of the people.
Imagine that they would organise and share and distribute and find fair ways to do this, ensuring no power was gifted to any person nor organisation, that there was no hierarchy.
Imagine that they chose their wisest and most good to be the ones that scheduled and arranged their organisations at every level, but that none could order, but only ask.

Imagine that country and the people in it and think of the rest of the world and the organised force that would be brought to bear.
Imports would stop.
Agents of disorder would be despatched, bombs planted, previous power centres stirred to aggression and strife.
Accusations of terrorism would be made, and the dropping of bombs and the murder of babies condoned by the world’s governments on behalf of their masters.
Sticks would be inserted into the hornets nests of religion and gods with beards and fancy houses would be called into battle, their servants called to kill for their beliefs.

So you see, there can be nowhere change without it being global change.

Any blog or website that speaks of globalism as a bad thing is either stupid or works for the very evil that distorts our reality.

We can only act as one tribe if we wish to set ourselves free, if we wish to avert the disaster that already sweeps across our globe, if we wish to avert wholesale genocide and weapons of mass destruction.

There is nothing else to talk about.
Just HOW we can organise and make our voices heard GLOBALLY.
One Tribe.
The only way.

Go here and become a Warrior.

The site isn't finished yet. Write and suggest content if your mind is free.

One World Tribe: Rainbow Warriors

Thanks to Veritopian (see our blog list) we came to recognise that there are many prophecies that concern us and the millions, probably billions of people like us in the world.
People that desire an end to war, an end to fear, an end to uncertainty, an end to the destruction of nature and of our world, an end to the chaos.
People that KNOW that to do all these things requires the rising of a global Tribe of all peoples so minded, so united, so joined, with such a single purpose, with the authority that stems from that collective will to create a better future.

The only debt we have is to our children and theirs.

Be a Rainbow Warrior.
(In fact, be one of the first..)

Love to All
Heap your blessings on this project.

One World Tribe!
Says it all.
Love to you all.
Be Warriors.
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh what a tangled web...

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive.”

As the great web of deception called reality was constructed around our human Tribe the evil that sits at the black heart of world governance made sure it was ever hidden, invisible to all but a very select few, and still remains so today.

We know a dark force sits at the heart of all of humanity’s ills, a force set on the perversion of our souls and the blackening of our eternal spirits.

Over Millennia it has carefully constructed a reality so perverse that not one human can live a life without sin.
We are all of us liars.
We all of us are murderers of children, born and unborn.
Unborn via our tacit approval of abortion.
Born via the payment of taxes to the central banks that orchestrate the horrors of war.

Every human hand drips with the blood of children.

In terms of the creator’s intentions for us we are lost.
We have failed the test.

Each of us is born without sin, a creature of love.
The false reality disfigures us all, makes us impure, makes us collaborators in its treachery and malignancy.
We all of us do harm, either individually or as part of organised society, part of the false reality.

That the world is in the hands of evil we all of us know.
Since time immemorial there has never been a day when there was no war on this earth, never a day that kings and powerful people have not driven us to seek the blood of others of our tribe and then to carry the memories of that slaughter for centuries, to be stirred up and revived at will by the evil.

The history of the division of our tribe is the history of the artificially created nations and religions and financial systems inflicted upon us by the evil.

The history of social unrest, of criminality, of drug addiction, of depravity of all kinds lies in the fallout of the overall systemic malaise that has its head in the global governance of the servants of evil.

Their imposition of money was their greatest feat of Magick.
It still holds almost all of us in its thrall and is so embedded in our psyches that we cannot imagine a world without it.

We seekers of truth understand who are the chief collaborators in this unholy mess.
We see the hands of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, the black nobility, the committee of 300, the Order of the Garter.
We see the hands of the Vatican city, of the Catholic church, of all the world’s Abrahamic religions, of the Jesuits and the artificially radicalised Muslims.
We see the hands of the Bankster criminals, the Rothschilds and the Morgans and the Schiffs and so on.
We see the hands of the many secret societies, the Masons and the Tongs and the Mafias and so on that orchestrate and make sure of the instructions from the top being unhindered in their passage to the bottom of the pyramid of power, affecting every single aspect of our lives, painting in the detail of the false reality, sowing fear everywhere.

We see the dark societies, the black arts mages of Thule and Golden Dawn and Skull and Bones, we see their focus on the depravation of children, on Paedophilia and child murder, we see their progress at the very heart of the war machines everywhere, in the MI5 and the CIA and the invented terror threat that sucks in the consciousness of us all, drawing our youth into vile extremism.

I could go on, so incredibly tangled is this web of deceit, such a distraction in its required diligence to get a firm understanding of.

The false alternative media will target either one or the other of these elements of the power matrix.
They are paid for by the very elite they seek to demonise.
Real truth speakers end up in jail or dead.
The alternative media leaders grow rich and fat.

Some say the queen of England is the heart of the demonic empire, and she is close.
Some the Rothschilds (who are mere newcomers to the game).
Some the Jesuits.

Almost all will pin the blame on the jew, repeating Hitler’s words again and again.

Understand that those seem to call themselves “jew” but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan, guide you to associate jews with themselves, understanding that their grip on the power is so complete that (they believe) there is nothing you can do to get at them, so close do they sit to the flame that is evil.

They have lined up those who are apparently of their religion or race for destruction more than once.
They sponsored Hitler, along with their royal and catholic co-conspiritors.
It seems to be a paradox, but is not.
The Rothschilds and their ilk are not of that faith but are servants of a deeper and older belief system.

Make no mistake, the evil that uses these so-called jews wishes to see the destruction of the “jewish” people as earnestly as it ever has.
It has made sure that the jew once more is the chosen race.
Chosen for destruction, that is.

That this seems almost biblical is of course no error.

The apparent power of the “jewish” people has been carefully fostered and encouraged by the dark hands with two main purposes.
Firstly, to distract attention from the real force in the world.
Secondly, to make such an overwhelming body of evidence against them that few humans will mourn when Israel is bombed into hell and all its people with it.

The creation of the State of Israel, the mind-control of its now savage peoples, the horror they now perpetrate has been a slow and deliberate strategy going back hundreds if not thousands of years.

The apparent and real support for Israel in its murderous progress by the world’s governments and the Bankster mob proves useful ammunition for the rising alternative-media-inspired jew hate.
Thousands of alternative media sites make the links, from the protocols of the elders of Zion via powerful “jews” they “prove” that the jews are behind everything evil.

The evidence has been carefully planted so as to make a prima facie case.

The current behaviours of the state of Israel and its mind-controlled inhabitants seeming to justify the hatred of the human tribe for a part of its family.

Human beings will fall for anything if they have not the mental capacity to unravel the devious strategy of cleverer beings.

Witness the 4 billion of us that worship the various “gods’ that have been woven into our consciousnesses, themselves replacements for the hundreds of similar gods we were fed before that, once outdated, were replaced with more modern alternatives.

Witness the readying of the new age religion, to accompany the new world order and the coming again of a Christ king or maitreya or Imam Mahdi and, for example, Tony Blair’s world faith federation. Witness the carefully orchestrated writings of Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and all of the new age religion orchestrated blogs and websites and those that claim to “channel”.

The usual fucking bullshit being readied in the backrooms of your mind for the great, world changing days to come when they expect a much reduced in number humanity to get on its collective knees to their saviour.

Ask yourself this: If the evil that runs our reality wanted humanity to despise a part of its family (the “jews” in this case) how would they go about it?
They have the sheeple despising muslims.
They had in the past and still in some places the present have whites despising blacks and vice-versa.
Their entire history has been the careful manipulation of hatreds between us.
Yet so many now believe in this jew myth that they cannot see that they, too, are manipulated!

This is always the case with our species.

We are quick to point out how others have been fooled, how others are responsible for evil, yet can not believe that we ourselves are so fooled, that we ourselves are so evil.

This is the secret of the Magick.
The control of our consciousness.

It takes little to trigger hatred and the lust for revenge.

Today, across the globe, we fall for their deceptions again and again.

In Ukraine the ethnic Russians and the ethnic Ukrainians are at each other’s throats, there being absolutely no difference in their DNA whatsoever!

In Iraq, as part of the build up to the destruction of Israel and the “final solution” to the jew problem, the Muslims target other Muslims or strange believers in other weird religions, again there being no difference whatsoever in their DNA.

We are all of us human, we are one tribe, yet we tear at each other and rend each other limb from limb for ideas of race or religion or nation, still today as we have ever done dancing to the tune of the force of evil so readily as to make a mockery of us as a sentient species.

We are not sentient.
We are not homo sapiens sapiens.
We are mind-controlled animals believing in myths and prompted to horror by rumour and by false flag events and by the subtle hands of our rulers.
And that includes you and also Aktina and I.
We are all of us slaves to the false reality.

If you call yourself awake, you have to understand how your awakening has been orchestrated to make you a part of the new world order.
You have to be aware that forces cleverer and more organised than you can possibly imagine would strategise for your creation and the role you now play in the world.
This evil has ever had its hands on our consciousness.
They are not about to set you free from that.
The internet was built with their “money”……….
Are you stupid enough to believe that they would not have planned its careful use?

The guillotines of the French revolution were operated by those who thought they were setting themselves free.
Ditto the gulags of the Russian revolution.
Ditto the death camps of Germany, the murder squads of Communist China, the radical Muslims and fundamental Christians of today.

The awakening of human consciousness was inevitable as our numbers grew and so our collective brilliance emerged.
Our masters understood this inevitability and the threat it posed to them.
They laid their defensive plans carefully and with devilish attention to detail.
You, dear truth seeker, will fall for one element or another of their web of deception.
They knew of your coming, and span their webs to capture your mind.

Unless you see this, you will never be free, will be part instead of the new world order.

If you cannot see how they would have understood your particular coming and arranged to control your particular consciousness on an individual level then you are being as stupid as they imagine you to be.

If you despise the jew, they made you do that.

If you will rejoice when the jews get their punishment from the evil, you have fallen again for their strategy.

We sit in our mountain groves and watch what seems to be the world spin on its axis, understanding that the atoms that seem to make this reality, if emptied of the space between their component nuclei and electrons, could fit into a football stadium. We see the marvel that is the design of the great mind and wonder at its incredible nature and its purpose. We ponder the myth that is free will in this reality, the myth that our consciousness is unchained, and wonder what this reality would be like if human souls were awakened from their nightmare.

We know that will only come from forgetting everything we believe in and forgiving every harm that has been done to us and that we have done to others.

There is no answer in religion.
There is no answer in race.
There is no answer in the redistribution of wealth.
There is no answer in war.
There is no answer in blame, for all are guilty.

This, we guess, is the test.
This understanding, we guess, the key to our human ascension.


Aktina and Olive.
Xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some questions asked of us and our answers to the best of our ability...

From the last post an Anonymous commenter asked some questions that probably deserve some answers where we are able and from our perspective.

1. What is your read on the lost information? What do you think it is?
We feel there are two major areas of esoteric knowledge. The first is hidden, but not lost, information. We can only guess at this. We assume that much is hidden in the Vatican library, that some will be hidden in plain sight such as the symbols we see adopted by the rulers and see on their architecture and in their religions and money and their corporate logos.
These symbols hint at an understanding of their effects on the subconscious mind, as do for example the best of the crop circles, the insignia of ‘royalty’, Masonic symbols, Magick symbols and so on.
It is our understanding that the human brain is little used by our species, that it is fantastically more capable than we have access to the use of, and we witness this in the occasional savants that we produce amongst our number.

We feel that the unused portion of the mind acts in two ways.
Firstly, the brain manages the organism we dwell in or rather witness life through. It regulates the incredibly complex biological machinery, being able to manage the process of converting the atoms that constitute food and drink and air into a new human being for example. That’s some processing power.
Secondly. we also intuit that the mind is hyper-thymesic, that it stores every second of our lives, and holds the stored data from every other life we have led, if indeed we are on a longer journey than our short almost momentary existence each time.
There is much evidence that this is the case.

So, much of the hidden knowledge maybe relates to the power over our consciousness that can be generated from this symbology and also by other means. By the use of word cadence and hand and body movement and word stress and those things in conjunction with projected emotion, as demonstrated by Hitler, an Adept can hold an entire nation in thrall, a demonic entity, as Hitler was we feel, can still garner adherents decades later despite his tragic effect on the world and the monstrous consequences of his actions.
This effect, this Magick, we associate with something other.
We believe the word Adept describes those that can wield this power over consciousness.

Connect the dots with what Dietrich Eckhart said about Peyote, about opening Hitler’s third eye, about connecting him with the force and perhaps the existence, in fact not fantasy, of demonic possession comes into focus.
On that subject we understand that the ehtheogens open up areas of the consciousness we are normally deprived of.

We understand that our minds are capable of trans-dimensional travel and also of time travel, both as a real, lived experience.

We believe that the knowledge of our forebears in this area has been deliberately extinguished around the world by our masters, burning witches and slaughtering human tribes and cutting down groves as they went about this work.

Evidence suggests that whilst some are beneficial to our understanding of the nature of reality, the experience we call life and the nature of the creator, some, and especially peyote/mescaline may open doors into other dimensions where lurk creatures that can step through those doors.
Maybe why the Aztecs turned to mass murder/sacrifice?
The question arises as to why we have limited access to our minds superior skills and abilities?
That must be in the programming we call DNA and so we believe is by design.
Similarly, we only age because of that programming.
In time, both matters will be open to redress once we understand more fully the programming. This is a matter of time only and maybe is achievable now, but hidden from us, or maybe it will take the computers of a hundred years hence.
That is a future our masters seek to avert, amongst the many difficulties they face as our species grows in number.

(Understand the effect of numbers of people. With one million people we have maybe one genius in our tribe. With ten million we have ten. With seven thousand million we have seven thousand. Ergo, the more there are in our tribe, the cleverer we get. This is why our masters try and convince us we are too many and are desperate to cull the herd. This is the reason technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, (but not as fast as it could!)
We are collectively cleverer because there are more of us.
This is why the money system is so important.
Firstly, it attaches value to knowledge and so slows down our sharing of information that is valuable and therefore acts as a brake on advancement.
Secondly, money pays for research and our masters control money and therefore our masters control what we discover.
We know that the garden shed inventor is a worry to them, ergo the disappearances or untimely deaths of free energy inventors, for example.)

This hidden knowledge about consciousness and the control of this reality through the minds of our tribe brings into focus the work of Tavistock and the role the TV and other media and the internet now play in the great game. Our masters saw our growing number as a threat, sought to dumb us down by controlling education, worked hard to make sure the TV and the Internet were everywhere so that their grip of our minds was wholesale and complete. Many other factors come into play here, not least pharmaceutical coshing and the entire psychiatry industry.

About the mind and reality we know these things.
Firstly about reality.
If you took all of the space that lies between the nucleus and electrons of the atoms of the human race you could fit all of us into a small wineglass, the planet into a good sized football stadium. What we believe is solid is not, but exists only as a construct in our minds. What we see and hear and touch exists only as electronic signals in our minds. We never actually touch anything, we only think we do.

From this we understand that reality is like a computer program and our minds interface with this reality and can only see the things our senses were designed to see. In this way, atoms being virtually nothing and our senses being so artificially programmed to witness only certain parts of reality, those atoms that are a part of this particular game as it were, we can understand that the same space that we occupy can hold another dimension or a whole range of other dimensions, each dimension witnessed by its occupants with the senses they have at their disposal.

We can understand a little of this when we witness the different senses of creatures co-existent with us. The hearing of a bat, the sight of a vulture, the sense of smell of a dog, the homing capability of many species that probably relates to some ability to see magnetic forces and navigate by them. The knowledge some animals have of impending disaster, rats leaving a sinking ship before the sinking begins. Dogs howling before an earthquake and so on.

We guess that our rulers have a deeper knowledge about the nature of reality than this, and that knowledge has been in their possession for eons.

We understand from Magick that it concerns itself with the matter being in conformity with will. What we guess this means is that the insubstantial nature of reality can be manipulated by the force of the mind.
We imagine that arousing the human ability to manage reality in this way is again a matter of the DNA blocks to the full use of our minds and that some amongst us have skills in this area that we can only guess at.
We hear in legend of the great practitioners of the Kaballah and how they could walk through walls and travel in time and space and so on.
We know that these capabilities are available to all of us.
Time is a construct of the reality and can be moved around in by consciousness, as can space, and the wall you walk through and the body you make walk through it are made of atoms and so are insubstantial and do not really exists in solid form except in our minds that conform to the rules of the program.

Think Neo in the Matrix and you get the idea.
That movie was no accident, of course.

So, hidden knowledge relates to consciousness and the control of reality.
As a side issue it relates to the true story of humanity’s history, our previous incarnations, the deluge and so on.

We know our masters understand that there is something out there that was misplaced at some time in the past that, if discovered, would open humanity’s prison door. This is why they control archaeology so carefully and that is why much of our known history is a myth, as any questing mind can discover readily.

This is why the first thing Hitler did was send teams of archaeologists (along with seers and mystics and practitioners of the black arts) to search Iraq and Tibet, and why Bush did the same with Iraq.
They lost something in the past and fear its discovery.

It is the grail, and almost certainly has nothing to do with the Jesus figure although it might, for certainly if he really existed he was an Adept, perhaps an adept working for the good- though his legacy has been twisted and turned to child molesting and child murdering across two millennia.

2. Are we "Gods" in the Making or Remembering?
No. Being a god is about being capable of shaping reality, of creating. Who knows what the unlocking of our minds true potential could reveal? However, the creator leaves evidence everywhere of its incredible power to design, so powerful and enormous that we are staggered by its completeness. So no, we are almost certainly not gods in the making, but we are part of the creator, experiencing and living life, learning good and evil, the fingertips of the ineffable and incomprehensible consciousness.
At least that’s about as far as my limited intellect takes me.

3. Who and what are we and why. Do you believe that "Imagination" is the "Creator"? Is it true that we are "Perfect Love". Is it true? What is true? What do you think we are and who we are and why?

We're tempted to say “42” and leave it at that.
We are not real, nor is reality real, all existing in the consciousness and conforming to the master software download called reality.
We have no idea where the consciousness really is. Science cannot find it in the brain, but as far as I know scientists haven’t checked out our toenails yet to see if it’s there.

We know our rulers revere the pineal gland, about which there is much conjecture, and their ‘pineapples’ are proudly displayed in the Vatican as if they are laughing at us, that they control the consciousness of the species and this is their little joke.

That our consciousness is controlled is without doubt and I guess is you read all the rest of this blog you’ll understand how reality is shaped and formed to prevent humanity from re-discovering its true nature, which is pure love.

Perhaps that’s what the game is about?

The creator wants to see if we can find the way, the path and the true light of love despite the forces ranged against us that seek to prevent that awakening.
In that way it’s a test, and not of the individual but of the species and our being able to act as one in this matter.

It is our understanding that the world and humanity itself could find this path but that it needs to be a global understanding between us all.

The meek will inherit the earth, but only if we can act together.

Such a movement in consciousness would open the floodgates of our brilliance, unfettered by secrets and the hoarding of knowledge for the sake of money.
It would transform our individual lives, it would enable us all to live in richness on this enormous planet.
It would focus the brilliance we have on the issues that matter and so we would become unrecognisably advanced in a generation or so.
We would clean up the mess the demonic forces have inflicted upon us.
We would become healthy.
We would live much longer in good health.
All these things and many more simply depend on the freeing of knowledge and the careful direction of the energy and minds of our ascending species.

We have a feeling we are not alone in the universe and understand that to take this step or enter a downwards spiral to self-destruction are the only two paths available to ascending species that have discovered how to end all life on a planet.

Either we change NOW or we die and destroy the creators’ work.

This change will only come about when we collectively realise how our reality is designed to make us selfish and wicked, designed to make us killers of children.
We are doing it now, as we have always done.
That wickedness is the child of the evil that controls us and shapes the false reality with that intent, its age old systems there to drive wedges between us and to prevent us from being the one Tribe we are.

There is more difference between the DNA of a hundred monkeys of the same species on a hillside somewhere I forget where than there is between the entire human race.

Aktina and I know we are creatures of love, that our souls are placed in these marvellous bodies to go through this experience, that the world is shaped by our rulers to produce the creation of alters, as seen in Monarch and MKUltra, of second personalities that we believe are “I”, and that this process is dependent on trauma and then on the need for the “body-mind” to adapt to systems that are entirely the opposite of what they should be.

Our world is inverted. Upside down. We reward evil and undervalue good!

The systems in place produce a world in which the most vicious, the most greedy, the most venomous amongst us rise in power over the rest.

Simple logic tells you that this is a vast stupidity, and a vast stupidity created by the eons old systems, hierarchies, nations, religions and monies etc that are the creation of our masters.

You’d have to be blind not to see this, as you’d have to be blind not to see that the inevitable outcome of this false reality is the wanton destruction and murder we see all around us and the finality of these moments in the story of our kind.

We have to unite in love now.

We are at the precipice.

It is our guess, from the hints at previous civilisations, that we have been here before and that last time we failed to avert the inevitable.
It is our guess that our masters were the same then as we have now.
It is our guess that they believe they have our consciousnesses so under control that they can make us destroy ourselves again and I can see why they would be that confident for nowhere are we standing together, nowhere are the meek gathering to assert their authority over reality.

That’s why we keep trying to get lots of followers.
If we had a million or two we could change reality because that’s all that’s needed to create a critical momentum that leads to a critical mass.

Not that we are leaders, for leaders are the last thing humanity needs.
But we hope we could inspire an understanding of the power of love and the knowledge that love is the only way and the deep understanding that we are creatures of love perverted by a false reality, and that we can change that reality.

There is a new future for humanity of we choose it, and with technology we could choose it quickly.

Please bear in mind that we get only about 50 views on a good day…..and that almost no other blog or alternative website links to us and feel the burden that we feel for a moment in our insanity.

And click to follow, and post a link, and see if we can’t get that critical number is what we often ask, but to no avail….

Love to you,
Olive and Aktina

Friday, August 15, 2014

Slaves rEvolution

Understand that the hierarchical business model, the hierarchical governmental model, the hierarchical class and money-driven status model, the positioning of one person above any other person for any reason is an unnatural and inhuman product of the fear of loss of security and the fear of loss of life imposed upon humanity by those that govern our reality.
Some time in the past we humans lived as Tribe.
From somewhere a sub-type entered our societies, a distinct and base type that used the trauma of horrible violence, the utter shock this caused to the rest of us, to place themselves at the head of our Tribe and to make themselves rulers over us.
These “royal” bloodlines have interbred for millennia and still today hold sway over our global Tribe.
Once we had been frightened into accepting rulers, hierarchy was imposed.
Once hierarchy was imposed, we ceased to be tribe.
We learned inequality.
We began to struggle against each other rather than co-operate for the general good.
We competed, not for fun but for profit or position.

Our “rulers” strengthened their grip over us, steadily and stealthily building support systems for their rule, cementing each individual stone in place, building and maintaining a non-tribe false reality.

Every aspect of our lives, from our interpersonal relationships to our deepest desires are encompassed by the ancient structures they have imposed upon us.

Ideas of nation, of race, of religion, of money, of false “ownership”, of law, of force of arms, of war for benefit and a million more elements of the pyramid of control go together to form this false reality.

It has become so ingrained that few of our Tribe can even conceive of living without these things and yet the only way to end the nightmarish reality we exist within is to completely eradicate all of these artificial, hierarchical structures and begin again as a global Tribe, finding those with most wisdom and love to guide us, giving what we can and taking what we need and focussing on core principles that derive from love and from an overwhelming knowledge of belonging to the tribe called humanity.

This will be the slaves rEvolution.

All are equal within the Tribe, none have authority, none have a right to a bigger share of what the Tribe produces.
In the Tribe, we share what needs doing and we share what we have.
In the Tribe we heed the advice of those who are the most wise amongst us, know that those who have the most love to give are our most worthy and treasured members.
In the Tribe we act as one to solve difficulties and to ensure that no single person or group within the tribe dominates others by fear or takes more than is due or gives less than is expected.
In the Tribe we recognise that sometimes someone in the Tribe is infected with some kind of psychological evil that causes them to disrupt our harmony and seek power over others..
The Tribe deals with them with isolation and with cure.
We deal with them as a whole, together, so that none can be made afraid and made to do their bidding.
The Tribe understands our relationship with the earth, our co-vibration with the place that gives us home, our co-relationship with a nature held in balance for eons and the stupidity of disrupting that balance.

In the Tribe we organise to be most efficient, we focus effort on that which needs to be done, the highest priorities the happiness and well-being of the Tribe, the comfort and security of the Tribe, making sure that none are left behind.

Examine how the desire for money creates much that is harmful in this world and understand that the Tribe guarantees safety and security and the fulfilment of needs.
The Tribe replaces money and does away with it.
We work to produce what the Tribe needs and find ways to fairly distribute what we can make.
The Tribe has the systems available to do this easily.
The Tribe can feed its members well. It can house its members well. It can transform our cities and restore our nature.
Its inventiveness accelerates as its numbers grow, this is plain to see.
The Tribe is capable of creating an amazing future, full of wondrous things and of plenty.
This is your future.
Because you are a fully paid-up member of the Tribe.
You are human.

We must recognise that the full force of our rulers and their long planned and deep strategy is and has always been the prevention of our reverting to our global Tribal organisational system.
The will use those in their thrall to kill us if we show the slightest understanding that there are 7 billion of us, that WE ARE the inheritors of this world, that we desire peace, that we desire freedom, that we are willing to work hard to make this world a good place for all of our Tribe.
Above all they will seek to divide us, to prevent us from reaching this understanding, to deceive us and to sow discord amongst us, to use their intelligence agencies and their agents to stir up racial or religious or financial turmoil and chaos amongst us. They will make us hate each other by means of these clever strategies.
They know we must never be allowed to unite.

Everything that we see on our nightly news is the product of their fear of us.
They can see us rising.
Click to follow if you want to show that you are Tribe.
Fear nothing.
These times are no place for cowards.

Let Aktina and I know if comments don’t appear or if you cannot for some reason click to join the Tribe.
Equally, if you get error messages when trying to visit this site or find words within this site that you suspect have been altered.

If you are a truth seeker or a conspiracy FACTist, understand there is not one alternative truth site that tries to count just how many of us there are.

We cannot count our number!!!

Isn't that odd, considering the times we live in???

We are everywhere divided by the “leaders” of this unveiling of the truth.
We might be in our millions and millions RIGHT NOW yet still we are powerless BECAUSE WE CANNOT SEE HOW STRONG WE ARE.

This can be that place.
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With love from Crete.
Beware of deceivers.
There us good out there and within each of us.

The time must be soon, as you can see when you look around our world and how, daily, our Tribe is increasingly threatened and driven to chaos by the power.

If you understand the urgency and like this post, please link to it everywhere you can

We scream loudest when we scream together.

Aktina and I love comments,
And we love YOU.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx
Please join your Tribe.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More insane ramblings from minds detached.....

Know this:

Since the days of Babylon and before our masters have controlled information, knowing its power.

There exists fundamental knowledge which we have absolutely no understanding of.

They let fall from this vast table crumbs of information that feed the hunger for truth.
But the crumbs are stale and bear no nutrition.
They are merely holes for rabbits to dive down into, delving and delving until we reach the hard rock of understanding that there is really nothing there.

So the Kaballah.
So any “esoteric” knowledge.
So Grimoires and the Book of the Dead.
So a million unexplained Mysteries from sacred geometrics to the riddle of the Sphynx. So the university study of “physics”, where great minds toy with the mechanics of reality in the kiddies sandpit built by Newton and Einstein whilst the energy of the matrix goes unseen about its business.

I once “worked” for a company that supplied legal textbooks and accountancy textbooks to professionals. It was bought by a company called Reed Elsevier. I met the “boss” one day, a towering young blond Nazi of a guy, who told me he was off the next day to Ecuador or somewhere to buy another information supplier.
He gave me the creeps.

Then, I had no idea why.
I know now.

This company effectively owns professional and scientific data worldwide.
Peer reviewed scientific papers from universities that the taxpayer funds go to them and from them you can “buy” that information.
Information that you paid for in the first place.
In this way is the iron grid of knowledge control maintained.

However, the vast secrets our masters have control of are the big ones, the reality changing ones, the ones locked away in vaults so impenetrable that we will never discover them unless and until we rid ourselves of the mind-parasites that infect our species.

They are to do with the nature of reality and its manipulation.
To a large extent, they are ideas above our ability to reason, so controlled are our thought processes.

What do you really understand of Chaos Mathematics?
Of Quantum mechanics?
Of the true nature of this universe and the reality projected into the only space it can fit?

Your consciousness.

And what do you know of that consciousness, other than it is a complete mystery.

We use no more than 6% of our mental capacity.
We are engineered dumb through DNA.
Occasionally a “savant” shows us our true capability.
A hyper-thymesic our minds capacity to remember every single detail of every waking moment.
A hypnotist or an NLP practitioner how easy it is to control what we believe is free will.

So we exist in a dream, believing we are real but not knowing, believing we can think but being unable to, locked in a dark cave in a false reality, engineered stupid, dumbed down, blind to the hidden truth.

This world is a gulag for consciousness.

Do you believe that our masters would allow us a glimpse of their knowledge?
Since the very first they have nurtured this competitive advantage over us, this great sinew of the control matrix.

I have spoken elsewhere here, long ago, of their fierce determination to extinguish knowledge wherever it arose, even when that extinguishment required the genocide of entire cultures, entire tribes.
Find it, read it, and weep for what we once had and have lost.

And now we have the internet, and believe we are freed by it, believe it will deliver truth, believe it will unveil the mysteries.
And we have our “truth” leaders.
And we believe them.

Believe IN them.

Our masters manufacture their Magick money from thin air.
They built the internet.
They pushed hard for it to encompass the globe.
They bought every part of it that would serve their nefarious purposes.
They filled it with disinformation agents.
All with this Magick money.

Why were they so keen, why attach such urgency to the project?
Because, like any weapon of mass destruction, they would spare no expense to get their vile hands on it.
And they have no expense.
All of it cost them nothing.
Nothing ever costs them anything.
They control the beast called money and conjure it from nothing.

They know that money isn’t real, and that they can make as much of it as they like at the touch of a button and so buy whatever they like.
A child to rape and butcher.
There will always be a seller amongst us, eager for the Magick that is money.
And that is true of everything, such is its allure.

Do you believe, truly, that they would relinquish their control of knowledge, of information?

Do you believe, truly, that they would loosen their control of your consciousness?

The false reality exists in your consciousness.

Life, education, what you see and hear and what your parents saw and heard and pass on to you, all of these things are softwares downloaded into the hardware of your mind, shaping the false reality, creating what you think is real.

So is the internet.

Sure, there are “free minds” postulating their theories out there as we do.
Theirs not the “Money Bomb” nor the million pounds donated for the “People’s Voice”, but theirs the lonely voice echoing in the void unnoticed and largely unheard, access controlled, computers infected….

Humans are easy to control.
You are human.

Ergo you’re a pushover.
A believer waiting to believe.
It’s in your DNA, your base programming.

Witness the cult of personality engineered via the “Glamour” Magick that produces pop-stars and revered mass murderers like Hitler and Mao and Obama, the signs and symbols and Magick sigils sinking deep into the subconscious.

Witness those that worship the “Royal” family, last remnants of the longest continuous bloodline of psychopathic killers the world has ever known, and how the mind-controlled kneel to them.

For “God’s” sake we worship killers.

Read that again.
For God’s sake.

We are nothing, Aktina and I.
But We Are.
And we love.
And we do no harm unless we lapse, or forget, or let the body-mind do our living for us.

This post is in memory of the friends we have lost of late to the plague that is cancer, gifted to us by our masters.
Three these last few months; the golden Sally, and Stelios, and Debbie, added to the long list of those we have loved and lost and must remember.

And to the children, everywhere, that are dead or missing for the pleasure of the parasites.

With love.

Wake up.
Olive and Aktina.

Monday, August 11, 2014

It is your fault

We are, we humans, responsible for the world and for the mess it’s in.

Sure, you and I both understand that our world, our reality, is shaped and formed by the institutions established by our rulers Millennia ago and that their global engineering is now focused on the psychological operation required to both control the minds of the sheeple, via TV and chemicals (as we are now too many to control by force), and the minds of those awakening to the chance we have to become free, via their internet.

Sure, you and I both know they are engaged in a piecemeal, country by country, imposition of chaos such that fear and survival and hatred are the daily bread of a billion or two of us.
So easy to do.
A bomb here, a bomb there, blame apportioned, a well placed “radical” leader or two and the whole place turns into an internecine warfare zone.

And as the Nazi death camps showed us, it only takes a few vicious killers to cow and terrorise thousands of us.
We will walk into a gas chamber en masse rather than face a single, individually aimed bullet and so lose two minutes of what we call “life”.

By the few thousand it’s easy to cow us, by the billions it’s impossible.
To continue to rule us, they have to divide us into smaller and smaller groups.
You allow them to prevent you from becoming unified, becoming one, by dividing your attention, by splitting your loyalties.
We are one tribe.
Begin there.

Sure we know how MI5 set up the Paedophile hotel at Kincora boys home and lured and blackmailed their targets, LED the “Irish Republican Army” and planted hundreds of bombs in Britain, (not ONE single bomber ever, EVER being caught over a period of 30 years………)

Sure we know where and how they learnt and honed their ideas of creating the chaos that they now spread worldwide bit by bit.

As a species we are such fools, we will fall for anything no matter how often the old deceptions are repeated. A third of the world exists in such created chaos now. Children are taught to reach for guns to avenge. The merry-go-round of stupidity goes round and round, gyro-gyro we dance to the edge of the pit.

And our babies die.
And some of us cheer.
We are one tribe.
Reach out to your enemies.
Like you, they know not what they do but are victims.

Sure, you and I both know that They are, and have been for some long years, engaged in the weakening and poisoning of their herd via pharma and food and disease and poisoning. Their most outstanding effort so far has been the silent radiation killer that worked so well from their 2000+ “test” bombs and Chernobyl. This has now been rolled out in fuller form via the Fukushima ELE event.

There will be another Nuclear “accident”, rest assured, because they know that the cancer we get will be blamed on us, as the WHO tells us, on our eating habits or smoking habits or, as in the case of the upswing in thyroid cancers amongst Japanese children, on “better screening” discovering more “anomalies”!.

You couldn’t make it up.
If you want to be sick now, here’s the bucket.
They find scientists to lie to avoid blame and grow rich and collect a pension….such creatures are amongst us.
I long ago stopped thinking of them as human.
They too are of our tribe, even those that have allowed the darkness to enter their souls.
Forgive them.

So sure, we know who is to blame and understand that, above those we know and see there is one other.
There can only be one.
The tip of the point of the dagger that is driven into our souls is just one consciousness, just one being.
That one we must forgive too, for the victory to be complete, for the reality to change.

These things we understand, and a thousand more.

So how is it our fault?

Because we allow false leaders to draw us into their thrall.
Because we allow them to draw away our focus.
Because we distrust each other so much that we cannot believe we can live without the very chains that bind us, the very structural beams of the pyramid of power that make our reality.
Because we have had the idea of collective action, of collective anger, beaten out of us or psyched out of us.
Because the false opposition have induced “learned helplessness” and have stolen the head of the human-phoenix-rising by their “cult of personality” and have built great structures of dissonance, learned via their experiments in Soviet Russia and Communist China.

If you still believe in the great “truth warriors”, who slander and abuse our masters yet never come to harm, never face the courts, grow richer and richer by the day you might as well be in some evangelical church emptying your wage packet into the bucket that’s passed around or in some radical Muslim temple feeling the wrath of “Allah” entering your veins for all the good you’ll do.

They have your mind.

They want your money.
It is a badge to them, a merit of rank in their system.

That last, alone, should speak volumes to you, but consider the church goers that give their collective millions to “Christ” and realise how easy you are for them to sucker in.
Money bomb?
The “People’s Voice”.
I remember reading how upset Les Derisible was when the people of SOTT or some other conglomeration kicked him out of their Chateaux in France for being off his head.
So much of your money flying around they can really indulge themselves.
Rense Ranch.
Etc etc etc etc, Ad Nauseam.

It reminds me of all the old fake Gurus they used to wheel out to play with your consciousness in the 60’s and sell you the dream of love and wisdom so that they could buy even more Rolls Royces.
It’s cultism, do you see?

Some “Zen” folks say let it be, it’s a ride and there’s nothing that can or should be done except work on our own Karma.
Such are the seeds these “gardeners” plant, be they one person or, as often as not, a team.
They say they believe that the creator wants us to suffer so that we learn.

Some of that I share.
Like some of the ideas in Zeitgeist and Thrive and the rest, haystacks of truth burying the needle of a lie.
Like some of the stuff Icke says.
Like much of the false opposition.

False leaders don’t gather your consciousness with lies, they gather it with the truth you would have discovered anyway.
And make you feel like you OWE them your allegiance for waking you up.

They didn’t.

Your maverick soul kicked you up the backside and told you to look.
They just waited for you, like bushwhackers of the soul.
And gathered you in.

I believe the experience of life builds a false “body-mind”.
I believe that what the CIA learned at MKULTRA was already known to our masters and has been imposed upon the human psyche for ever.

They traumatise us.
They create a false, selfish human.
A distrustful human.
They kill the child within.

The ladders we climb in life are their ladders, the reality built to re-inforce the false reality we are traumatised into accepting.

They offer a protective arm that we cling to and, like so many of the British royalists for example, we revere our controllers, the slave owners of humanity.
We seek to get closer to the CEO.
We seek to please the boss in a million ways every day and every step we climb puts others beneath us and we believe that is good, believe that we do well by this.

Those “trustees” that assisted the Nazis corral their fellow inmates….same thing.
Judas goats.

And so all of this IS our fault, because we cannot find the child we were, we cannot connect to our soul, we cannot be human in an inhuman world, we foolishly allow ourselves to be led to wickedness, we refuse to forgive, we refuse to ask for forgiveness, we refuse to tell the truth to each other preferring to hide behind lies or to believe that a white lie will protect another human being……

We do not speak the truth, we fear truth, yet ON LY the speaking of truth will set us free.

Love to you all,
Olive and Aktina.

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It’s the only reward we get.
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