Monday, 30 August 2010

The Olive Tree and Me

I climbed and found a wild olive tree
A thousand years in the making
Sat beneath its bows
Watching the world spin by
Keeping its company
Hearing its voice

The sound it made and the sound that made it
Engulfing me

It told me of a past forgotten
Of water and soil that were clean
Of the shelter and life it had given
And of the wrong it had seen

It let me reach into its essence
Understand what it was to be Tree
See the shape and form of its vibrance
See the same shape and form in me

Then I felt the universal connection
Soared on a thermal of synergy
Gloried in incredible perception
Understood, at last, empathy

We stand at the crossroads of discovery
The choices we make must be right
Take each others hands in unity
And walk together into light.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cure yourself

The universe as we understand it
Is described by our limited knowledge
By the science that we have so far mastered
By the minds we have so far bred
By the measuring devices they have so far conceived for us
By the truths our masters have contrived to have concealed from us
By the limits of our invention
By the mistakes that we cannot yet disprove and so live under
By the systematic obfuscation that is the natural outcome of a world that is controlled as this world is

If we allow a child to starve
If we murder by machine and artefact
If we hold so dear to ourselves that which we value at the expense of others
We can not claim civilisation

Without civilisation there can never be truth
Without truth there can never be understanding
Without understanding there can be no true education
Without true education knowledge can not be attained
Without knowledge we are stagnant

The world was flat once
The sun revolved around it
The speed of light was as fast as you could go
Money was a good idea
What we could prove was all there was

The moment in time which we occupy
The space within the universality we see
Both are a product of our ignorance
The ignorance that produces the machinery or biology or chemistry of killing
The ignorance that despoils
The ignorance that harms

What does the universality make of us?
What does it see?

It sees a carbuncle on the arse of creation
It sees a part of the whole that is wrong
It sees the runt of the litter
The child born sick
The sick child that will grow into the monster
The monster that is havoc
The virus in the body of everything

Logic overcomes knowledge:

We are therefore not alone

We are therefore in the hands of a superiority born of a billion years of progress beyond our own

Some may call it god for such is its wisdom and power and love

This everything, this universality, this everywhere and every time, this whole of which we are part

This life force

Is you.

Cure yourself.

From the healthy seed the tree of understanding grows.

(Thanks Sher***, the only one who heard. Love to you. Come visit one day if you can. Olive xxx)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Naming some of the bearers of false gifts.......

If you are a part of the great matrix of control (and I know that many of them read this blog, as they read all information, take names, build their lists for the camps)...
Listen, eavesdropping scum....

You may share a common purpose.
You share, too, a common destiny.

It's not what you believe it will be, will be not nice.

You may believe that you have the future in your hands, that the winning streak will go on and on, that your destiny is to climb ever further up that greasy pole towards your god, your helper, your master, your lover, that lucifer that has promised you the ultimate in fulfilment.


You have joined the losing side.

I remember you at school, harbouring your hurts, turning them as soon as you were able by might of body or by strength of mind or most usually by slick and vile cunning into the thing you value most, the ability to bully, the ability to make others afraid, the ability to hurt and to belittle and to demean.

Then you found the world of work and by the grace of your master you discovered your real environment, your true place, for at the top of every pyramid that forms a part of the great edifice of control sits a demi-devil that seeks out and rewards your pathetic kind.
And so your true journey began.

As you progressed you found the benefits were more than you could have dreamed of. The material gains, the social position, the feeling of acceptance in this vile club you so value, the ability to exact your revenge upon the rest of humanity for whatever hurt it is that drives you.

We see you in all walks of life.
Watch you slither, hear you hiss, smell the hatred that oozes from your pores, avoid when we can the fickle nature of your psycopathic ego.

You see, we know you all.

We see you in the police. Beat officers that enjoy the beat, detectives that like the framework, senior officers that enjoy cementing their relationships with others that construct careers, pointing trowels in hand, aprons donned.

Amongst you are the real police, the proper coppers. They bide their time, and then will act to prevent your worst excesses, use the true law against you, clean out the pigsty you have created.

We see you in the big corporations, your rapid and undeserved advances, your machinations, your instinctive disloyalty to those who deserve your loyalty, your cunning connivances.
Your staff hate you.
Your colleagues despise you.
All of them see you for what you are, all will grow to understand what the corporation itself is, what it is a part of, how it can be disposed of or changed when the time comes.
You are in people's sights.

Humanity closes upon you daily.

We see you in the media aiding and abetting the great liars, using your skill to manipulate us all. You are in our sights, as are those that guide you and manipulate you. We see you in the military, see the unspeakable acts, witness the fear and misery you gift.

Everywhere you prop up the matrix, everywhere you are recognised by the evil, used as its minor assistants.

The drug makers in big pharma, the weapon builders and designers, the politicians and the tax collectors, the civil servants and the bankers, the list goes on and on.
Everywhere the system reinforces your power and rewards it.

And everywhere you feel confident in your petty power, luxuriate in your ability to use and abuse other human beings.

You are so easy to spot, so easy to mark down for when the time is ripe, will be so easy to round up and bring to the justice that is ours, not the faux simulacrum of justice that is currently yours.

Amongst your kind are the current stars of the alternative internet war, growing corporations of ace manipulators whose design is as wicked as it is clever, whose purpose is to prevent the coming together of humanity, to mislead the awakening, to befuddle the senses, to slow the building strength of the tsunami of change.
What do you hope for from this service?
What will you gain?
Fat wallets you have already, of course. .....

All of you puppets of the Tavistock mind controllers you pretend to despise, using their tried and tested psy-ops, mixing truth with subtle lies, creating a new brand of religious fervour, gifting information overload, linking to each other and co-operating with each other in an effort to corner the market, shear the sheep.

The web of deceit you are building is as intricate and widespread as the mainstream media you pretend to despise. As always, the global scum that you work for build and control their own opposition but please, though it's tempting, do not underestimate the growing critical faculties of the herd.

We are about to turn, and you will not be leading that turn.
You will be, in due course, brought to justice.

Let me wonder aloud who you might be, where you might be found.....
I hope I am wrong.
I guess time will tell us.
You might, for example, be amongst these sites...?
OK, let me know if I'm mistaken and if so I will withdraw......

(If any of my readers are further aware of this deception and those involved with it or have information they wish to share please leave a comment or send me a message.)

There are of course many, many more of them out there.
After all, their masters have all the money in the world.
It is that complex.

I will do the big list one day soon.
From apparently lonely bloggers, through special interest sites (2012, Illuminati, consciousness, witchcraft, shamanism, drugs, 9/11, etc etc etc) via the vast numbers of forum members, everywhere the net within the net operates to control, manipulate, distract, and most of all prevent the important truth from coming out.
Including the most important truth there is.
There are more of us than there are of you.

Your time is about to be over.
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx

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I can absolutely guarantee that I am bloody penniless.
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Saturday, 14 August 2010

New driftings in my mind...

This is a long one.

And I know this: I'm becoming self-contradictory.
As I feel around the corners of my mind, toying with concepts and revisiting them, wondering aloud, trying to outguess the designs of the strategists employed by the scum that have got us into this deepening whirlpool of misery I find myself arguing with opinions I'd formed previously.

I hope it's a healthy process. Question everything, even ideas and concepts that you have espoused to others and form part of the thing that is you.

Driving the impulse to think and rethink is the dread certainty that things are about to get a whole lot worse and the knowledge that the great mass of people are still sleep-walking through existence, that they are deliberately engineered that way, that unless they can be awoken there is no hope of critical mass, no hope of ending the spiral of decay.

Understanding that the scum were aware of the coming of the global political awakening that is happening in this new space called the internet and laid their nets and snares and honey traps here, positioned their placemen and fifth columnists and false leaders well in advance, lead their own opposition, drives my thinking now and colours the process of logic.

Well of course they would, and of course they do and of course it does.

Look back and see what the internet has become over the last ten years. Cast your mind 30 years forward, see the speed and universal availability, see the device connected to our minds, see the interface of biologically derived processors and our nerve systems, see the implanted screens, see that humanity will be able to connect with each other and with truth instantaneously, see wisdom coming to the ignorant, all language one language, all knowledge available for all people, see the threat that is to them.
This thing will create a hive mind.

They have to make it a hive mind that they control, a hive mind they fill with useless garbage and lies, a hive mind that they pervert to their ends or it will bring their end.

When I understood that the agents of the elite were promoting the idea of a coming awakening that was not to do with the guessable future but with some form of cosmic intervention logic told me that in fact it was a feint, a new age pseudo religious hoax designed to cause us to wait for this divine or out-worldly intervention rather than do something, anything, ourselves, now.

And so I decided that it won't be along any time soon.

Then I started to think.

Firstly, do not for a moment believe that the scum that control us have as little idea of the future as you or I do. Their vision is quite clear. Something they know is coming is scaring them badly. It may be the projected advances in the relationship between humanity and these miraculous machines and their understanding that the speed of change is exponential, knowledge of which they have gained by perverting the most intelligent amongst the herd with a few silver pieces and picking their brains. It may be their great store of hidden knowledge, stolen from the libraries they have pillaged throughout history, exterminated where that knowledge existed in the minds of human beings......

Which brings me to the tangent...

Throughout history the elite scum bloodlines have made it their business particularly to wipe off the face of the earth the shamanic practitioners that, oddly, were pretty much the same the world over thousands of years before there was any means for that sort of consensus to be arrived at.

That global coverage in those times is strange in and of itself.
It speaks volumes.

From Korea to Tibet, in Africa and in South and North America, in Europe, amongst aboriginal peoples everywhere there has been a global tradition of shamanism and everywhere for millennia these people have been exterminated at every opportunity by kings or governments or the superstitions that call themselves religions in the service of their dark overlords. Even the early christians that retained their shamanic traditions and practices (the Gnostics) were wiped out by their “fellow” brothers in christ.

Now why do you think that the global scum bastards have always been so interested in the shamanic traditions and practices and lore?

They shared one practice, these shamans.

In every place they discovered something in nature that could transport them to another place, interpreted differently as the spirit world, the land of their ancestors, the future, the place where God is, a connection with God in the sense of being a part of God.
Different interpretations, same place.

The stuff they used varied.

St John the divine, he of Revelations fame, used the Fly Agaric mushroom (Amanita Muscara) found aplenty on Patmos.
Hey, maybe he got the idea from jesus himsellf? That alone might explain some stuff.

Others used other magic mushrooms, the Psilocybin.

Some chose the Salvia Divinorum.

Those that could get it locally (in those days locally was where everything had to come from) used the best of the lot, Ayahuasca.

The essential ingredient of Ayahuasca is known as DMT.

Soon you'll be able to find out more about DMT at but until that's ready in October search for the effects of DMT on google.

There are some unusual things about DMT that are fairly strange in that it is a most pervasive molecule, found everywhere in nature, and also a most decidedly unusual molecule.

It is almost as if the bio-engineers that made our world made sure we'd find it, and that when we had the knowledge to decipher it and investigate it properly it would be the clearest signal to humanity that we are not alone, that we are part of something bigger, that this is not all there is but is just a weird and tiny construct. A joke gone bad. A typo.

Look into DMT and all these other spirit plants, I urge you.
This is not some tripper advising you to get off your head.

There is something other in these plants that may provide some sort of answer, some missing piece to the jigsaw of understanding, something that the scum have been hiding from us.

Who knows, maybe we'll find the MOTIVE behind the shit that they do, because it sure as hell isn't money or power because they have all of that and always have. The motive is something else, and it's time we discovered just what that is.

The drifting thought process on this tangent takes one to the Pineal gland, the interaction of these wisdom plants with this organ, the recently discovered crystalline coatings on the Pineal gland that scientists liken to transmitters/receivers and the sense you can make of what people say DMT takes them to, what this then means we are, what then fluoride in water and toothpaste is really all about
( ) and then what chemtrails are all about......

and there's something in this to do with crop circles....

I think this is going somewhere, but it's 3.30 am, I've been drinking Raki and I've got to figure out how I can pay the rent!
Lots of love to you all, fellow component entities of the great matrix that is and will be.

Speak soon, fear nothing.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
Part two:
The great thing about the London Times crossword is its adherence to a particular set of rules that determine what is and is not a good clue, what is and is not pure and incapable of mis-interpretation. For example, the clue "HIJKLMNO" can only produce the answer "WATER".
The great puzzle though, the only one that counts, is the MOTIVE.
The global scum bloodlines and their vile succubuses are known to us.
Their methods and techniques of domination, mind control and enslavement are largely understood, or surmised when they are secret and beyond the realms of published science.
We know how they do what they do. That is the apocalypse, that understanding.
We know enough of true history now to understand the tragedies they have inflicted upon us, the horror they alone are responsible for that has blighted us for ever. We are witness to their crimes, witness to the unending catalogue of foulness that has made humanity what it is, a slave specie, the pathetic simulacrum of what it should be and must at last become if we are to end the nightmare.
But the question remains: Why do they do it?
It cannot be power nor money nor the capability to plunge themselves into whatever foul perversion they feel inclined towards.
They have all that and can do that anyway.
The motive, therefore, must be to procure the results of their efforts. The results of their efforts are, as we understand them:
  • The enslavement of the consciousness of humanity
  • The production of fear, enmity, jealousy, greed, hatred etc.
  • The production of a global misery.
  • The abandonment or misdirection of hope.

These things are what they feed upon, what they wake up in the mornings (if they sleep) determined to do more of. As a human being these objectives seem alien.

We can understand unlimited wealth and power and filthy but unpunished behaviour. That ordinary stuff is what our dreams have been caused to be made of. Win the lottery, buy loads of worthless stuff, shag what we like.

We can understand the psycopathic and sociopathic amongst our kind that get off on a smidgeon of the sort of stuff the scum deal in, know they are sick, recognise how they became so, are growing in our understanding of how they can be made whole again, can forgive them if we have the breadth of heart.

But the scum are in an altogether different league, are playing an altogether different ball game. They are after the very soul of humanity.

More than that, they are accelerating their efforts to keep that soul behind the constructs of the matrix of lies that form the alternative, prison reality because they understand that now more effort is required, that now they have to be on top form, that the danger to them is high.

Another tangent:

However made, the crop circles I often feature here, carrying as they do understandings of mathematics, of biological mathematical formulae, of fibonacci numbers, of chakra and consciousness, the mathematical fingerprint of god, the power of nine (visit www.rodinaerodynamics,com and liken the products of the math with the patterns found in some circles) seem to me to be the happy gifting, the fun gifting of a certainty of a future that is different, a future that is love. They speak to me of surity, of good, and to a great degree that the future will be measured not against what we now understand of life and of consciousness but will be something utterly different.

The main stream media did a lovely job years ago of seeding into the minds of the sheeple that crop circles are just boring circles, made by young and pissed farmers. They knew the amazing stuff was coming, sowed disinterest early on. How did they know? I wonder. Visit if you don't already. Why are they not plastered over the press, these wonders of the world (or otherwise)? No prizes for guessing.

When you consider the experiences of Shaman, the other place that DMT can join your consciousness with, the brave new world that has such creatures in it, the mathematical construct that is the universe and the capabilities that the interconnection with that great whole can bring......

Consider that in the light of what we can reasonably see as possible scientifically in respect of the capabilities of connectivity brought about by developments in computer technology and then take a great leap....what could we make in a hundred years, what in a thousand, what in a thousand thousand?

And therefore what has already been made, what already exists, what is the true power of numbers somewhere either in or outside of the restrictive set of dimensions we currently exist in?

Consider how such knowledge will impact upon the scum....

Consider therefore what is the very nature of them, of what kind are they to know of and recognise and prepare for the threat that approaches and indeed what is the nature of that threat?

Then consider the weapons they are utilising in light of this information and conjecture.

The Pineal gland, that organ which gifts us dopamine and responds to the sacred herbs in the way that it does is the collection point for the lovely fluoride they feed us on. Is Fluoride about masking the receptors rather than keeping us dumb and acquiescent?

Are chemtrails the planetary scale masks, the diffusers of some approaching stimulus? Star Trek shields that are there to ward off the approaching trigger?

Ultimately, from all of this, we realise the game is not as we percieve it. The superbowl or world cup final in the greatest game is upon us and we, humanity, remain largely ignorant that we are both the pieces and the prize in this ineffable game.

And of course, it's no bloody fun at all.

Except for the spectators, wherever and whatever they are.

One can only hope that after it's all over, we can see the funny side of it all.

There is good out there my friends. Let's hope it gets a move on.

Love to you,

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Thanks for some of the insights found via http;//

and the ARC foundation.