Sunday, 31 January 2010

Death of civilisation?

There has grown, over time and in the minds of the great mass of white, Anglo-Saxon western people a general misconception of what "civilisation" is.

Born of the ages when the European nations and later the USA were able, (and are still able), by force of arms and superior weaponry and the pyramidal system of control that allows a few wealthy and powerful people to encourage, cajole, trick and force their poorer and less powerful subjects to inflict their version of "civilisation" on other, less controlled or less scientifically developed peoples.

The very idea of superiority of nations, race and culture were born in these times, carried forward by such strange notions as superior language, dress, religion, social etiquette, technology and systems of government, colour of skin, flag, allegiance, nation.

Each an excuse then and now to kill and rape and maim and steal.

These age old constructs are difficult to shake off. Passed from generation to generation they are as strong today as they ever were, allowing the demonisation of all sorts of "enemies" of "democracy" as enemies of civilisation, enemies of all that is portrayed as "good" in the world.

So it is that war can be portrayed as peace, that the warmonger Obama can be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
So it is that the rule of the many by the few rich and powerful can be sold to the masses, by the instruments of a failed education system and a controlled press, as "democracy" and "freedom".
So it is that societies made up of wage and debt slaves funding, by their taxes, the warmongering asset-thieving armies of genocide and mass murder can and do consider themselves "civilised", spreading "democracy".

This dystopia, this modern day world characterised by the universal misery of the great masses, by their invisible and yet ever present and self-inflicted oppressions, by the war, violence and terror inflicted upon other peoples and in their own society upon themselves, by this almost universal misery-spreading false reality, is yet considered the "civilised" world.

Not by everyone, of course, but certainly by the mind controlled and ignorant masses, the masses that have secured the positions of the ruling elite for ever, the masses whose acquiescence and dumb obeisance and fears have allowed humanity to build an entire history based upon falsehood, wrong, injustice and uncivilised behaviours.

Most equate the idea of civilisation with the organisation of a society of people, the acquisition of material wealth and the sophistication of the devices available, even, still, the pursuit and practise of one religion rather than another, the wearing of certain types of clothing (or the wearing of clothing at all), the creation of art and music of enduring substance and worth, the appearance of freedom of action of citizens and assumption of the fair application of law.
Such ideas of civilisation give comfort to the world's "master races", the white western or westernised nations, a comfortable sensation of moral and natural superiority predicated upon the misguided and erroneous belief that they are "civilised".

This is true, if one accepts the dictionary-type definition of "civilisation" as a human society that has highly developed material resources and a complex cultural, political, and legal organization.
You might have a different view of what a civilised society should be.

You might believe that a civilised society is one where people live in the absence of fear of one another.
That a civilised society is one which does not possess the means and instruments and organisation necessary to carry out warfare, nor indeed the will to do so.
That a civilised society is one in which crime is defined as "the causing of intentional harm to other people, property or our environment" and that any other action shall not be a crime. A society where criminal acts are dealt with in such a way that the criminal learns new behaviours and not where the criminal learns not to get caught or learns such bitterness and estrangement that he or she will never be other than a criminal.
That a civilised society is one where education brings true learning and understanding and the skills required to fulfil oneself.
That a civilised society acts in such a way that the society as a whole strives for the maximum happiness of the maximum number of citizens.
That a civilised society is one where love, kindness, understanding, recognition, harmony, learning, fulfilment, peace, fun, excitement, leisure and industry, equality and fairness and justice, all are measures of the success of the "civilisation".
That a civilised society is one that lives in harmony with the resources of the planet and the environment we all require in order to exist.

A few great people have tried to teach us these messages.
They were all assassinated.
One notably on a cross, others with a bullet or a noose or the executioner's axe.

Later their words and deeds were claimed by organs of civilisation, as the inquisition claimed Jesus' words as a basis for its torture and murder, as Obama likens himself to Dr King and Gandhi whilst reaching out his hands to harm innocents, destroy innocence.

And so we are not, in these times, witness to the death of civilisation. Civilisation was a rare and beautiful thing found centuries ago amongst simple, noble peoples and ruthlessly stamped out by the conquering forces of the rich and powerful elite.

We are, though, witness to the birth of true civilisation, the time in which humanity realises the mistakes of the past, the foul dangers we face as a result of those mistakes and the only way we can, united, progress into the future.

This realisation, this apocalypse, this lifting of the veil, this reaching of understanding is the battlefield of the moment, fought on every front by the elite with the vast weapons of control over opinion and debate and the hearts and minds of the people at its disposal from the main stream media to religion, from the flag-draped coffins of its "heroes" to the earnest declarations of its puppet politicians. They are fighting an intense rear-guard action, afraid of us at last, afraid of the truth, afraid that we might, finally, become truly civilised.

For a civilisation has no room for such as they are.

With love to all,
Olive xxx
PS Please Join:
It's a numbers thing, called critical mass.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dreaming again...

I dreamed a dream.
A dream where the world as we know it was washed away.
Where humanity stood naked and unknowing.
Without leadership. without regulation, without the baggage of history.
Just people seeking love, companionship, the warmth of a good home, the balance of life lived in tune with nature, trust and truth, justice and happiness, each other.
I saw people reaching out to one another, touching fingertips, smiling in recognition of their shared humanity, seeing one another for the first time in a new light, a new dawn.
I saw people understanding that the path ahead was full of beauty, full of love, full of the endless possibilities that their ingenuity and fellow feeling could create.
I saw a future emptied of fear.
I saw a future emptied of loneliness.
I saw a future that could last forever bringing nothing but joy to humanity and the world that is our host.
I saw humanity welcomed at last into the great brotherhood of love, the vast and all knowing essence of life itself, the "We Are" that is the pure energy of life-force of love in the universe.
I saw us coming home.
Come home, friend.
Join us.
I saw too this writer.
Recognised this writer's unfitness to lead, unfitness to pass on a truth, unfitness to wash the feet of those that will come.
Perhaps you are part of that coming?
I felt, too, the force that drives this writing, the urge behind it, the words slipping into my mind, the phraseology, the determination to keep going and to forsake the wordly, the imminent need.
I feel the mission that has entered my life and welcomed it.
There are those who visit here that believe in a god and who am I to disprove them or even want to. There is almost certainly in the greatness that is the universe things that are better than We Are. Creatures so advanced, so mindful of science and the true nature of things that they are , by comparison, gods.
Guessing now, I imagine that any species that can advance so far can only do so by virtue of their understanding of love, for if they did not have such understanding, if they lived as we do under the cloud of division and mutual emnity but with the science to cause vast and heinous destruction (as we now have) then surely they would not exist?
The conclusion is that if there is a great force in the universe, then that force is love. Nothing else could survive.
Logic dictates that there are such things in the universe. It also dictates that they are aware of us if only as a person is aware of an ant or a wasp. No doubt they keep a wary eye on us. Perhaps they watch us closely, waiting....
And we, humanity, will not survive unless we come into the fold. Unless we understand that we must live in harmony with each other and with our host planet or we must perish.
Humanity is treading that path of self destruction right now. Our specie is being led down that path by an ancient and frankly ludicrous and ridiculous system of control that we can well do without.
So let's do without it.
If you feel powerless, it's because you are.
If you feel the power of a united humanity, it's because We Are powerful.
There is a new way for humanity. A new way to organise itself, a new way to be.
It is our mission to find that way.
For you, it is to be as a torch lighting the darkness.
The responsibility is yours.
The action must come from you.
This is not a future for bystanders, those creatures that have sadly fallen under the sway of our current masters.
This is a future for unsung heroes, a future for those that give and do not count the cost, a future for crusaders swathed in truth, bathed in the light of love.
We Are making our pledge to the rest of humanity.
We seek not riches .
We do not yearn for power.
We ask not for fame nor glory.
We simply Are.
Go amongst the people in any way you can.
Bring love into your life and pass it on to others.
Be the human being you always hoped you were, that finer you that is inside, that great soul, that human.
Together, We Are going to change the world.

Monday, 18 January 2010


If you are the Adelaide person that's all over my personal blogger stuff and emails please explain yourself.
Love to you,
OLive x

Saturday, 16 January 2010

We Are 21. Please make it 22, or 23 or more...

It is the constant reaffirmation of the lies that is most disconcerting. To sit in a bus station or an airport and watch people reading their "news", to pass down a street in some suburb somewhere, anywhere, and see the ghostly flicker of the TV beating out its constant messages: buy, consume, worry, fear, be distracted, ignore.

It is not just the lies (Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, the swine flu "pandemic", the banker "bailout", "Al Qaeda") it is also the absence of truth (over one million dead in Afghanistan/Iraq, Dr David Kelly's death was suspicious, ten schoolchildren were recently manacled and then executed by "alliance" forces in Iraq).

There are endless lists of these distortions, all with the same purpose: to forward the agenda of the global elite and to control humanity’s response to that agenda.

Witnessing the dream-like trance can be heart rending at times. To see the apathy with which people greet a picture of a child torn by a bomb when if it were their own child they would explode in an agony of grief, with a monstrous screaming for revenge, for the head of the offender. Tell them that their taxes paid for the murder and they will react with the dumb stare that is the failure to understand or the anger that has become so familiar to those amongst us that try to waken the sleeping.

If it needs repeating, Tolstoy's observation sums it up most neatly:
"I know that most men...can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabrics of their lives."

So are religions transmitted down the generations, so is nationalism bred in the bone, so is racism passed from fool to fool, so do the lies and the absence of truth become the very fabric of the false reality, the false reality that allows for the emotionless viewing of a tragedy.

The successful endeavour of the global elite to create a new form of humanity has its shining success demonstrated by this apathy, this failure to be aroused, this dumb acquiescence or this defensive anger. For nearly two generations now they have also succeeded in isolating people from each other, in breaking down the bonds and interactions between people that used to be the breeding ground for organised dissent.

So they have succeeded in saddling the most radical element of society, the student body, with the burden of debt and the expectation of a diminished prosperity if the boat is rocked.
So they have weakened the family.
So they have destroyed the unions and discredited them.
So they have planted agent provocateurs in every movement that took to the streets, to discourage the silent majority from getting out of their armchairs.
So they have wrecked bars and pubs with their smoking regulation.
So they have made it increasingly difficult, with their “anti-terror” legislation, to do anything about anything.

These automatons, created particularly by the constant exposure to the soma of television, are drifting ever closer to a condition of true slavery. Sleeping, they fail to absorb the threat to their liberty that is national debt, anti-terror legislation, corporate invulnerability to the law, the security mentality and its concomitant hardware of cameras and surveiilance. An infrastructure of control has been constructed in full view of humanity and with , mostly, the approval of the poor beings who feel threatened by the great boogeyman, the “terrorist”.

The poisonous chemicalisation of the environment is the other side to this coin, aided and abetted by the system of chemical allopathic medicine and the supression of cures. Put simply, it is not in the interests of the elite for you or I to retire early and then go on to live to a ripe old age. As such we become “useless eaters” and a drain on the overall profitability of the herd. So they create cancerous environments and bury the cure.

They want you working and filling their coffers or they want you dead.

So what is this place “We Are” all about?

Put simply, it is a place where human beings that are seeing through the false reality can stand together and say “me too”. The internet is full of sites that offer anger against the elite, that offer a daily dose of distraction, a new issue to foam at the mouth at every hour. In many ways they perform the same piece of wizardry as the television. They overload us with issues and “inadvertently” impress upon us the hopelessness of battling with the forces of evil by their sheer quantity of output.

They give no direction. They do not lead. They assume leadership and then take things no further, allowing those that are awake, or think they are, to think that reading this stuff alone is all they need to do. In doing what they do they act as an adjunct to the false reality itself, often creating their own weird myths and eminently disprovable legends such that the entire “movement” of the truth seeking element of humanity, this most dangerous creature to the great beast that controls us, is discredited or made laughable in the eyes of the sleepwalking masses.

They act, either wittingly or unwittingly, as fifth columnists, wrecking what they proclaim to be building, taking the steam out of the engine of change.
Incidentally, they have become rich in so doing.

Many of them are now playing the race card, which in itself is suspicious.

There is no doubt that humanity cannot continue to do what it has always done. We cannot allow ourselves to murder each other in wars without end. We cannot trust ourselves with weapons that could annihilate our species. We cannot continue to allow some to starve to death whilst others have more wealth than a thousand generations would find impossible to spend. We cannot continue to despoil our planet and sow the seeds of future cancers into the air and the rivers and streams and oceans. We cannot continue to exist with such gross injustices as are witnessed daily.

If we continue down this path, there will be nothing worth having in life for future generations. We are crapping in our own nest, destroying the future for our own children and grandchildren.
This has to stop. And to stop it humanity needs to change the rules of everything. Everything we have learned, everything we have been inculcated with, the entire edifice of the false reality has to go.

Humanity has to “Start Again”.

That is what “We Are” is about.

A place to stand with others that want to see such change.
A place where over time new ideas will emerge, new ways of being.

Today there are few. If you add your name to the list, we are one stronger.
Like the snowball rolling downhill we will grow. Each one will find one, each of them another. With the inevitability of mathematics one day we are going to be great in number.
And when that day comes we will be the future.

If you join, find a friend.
Ask that friend to find a friend.
Let’s hold each others hands and start walking that path, that path that will lead to a better future. One day, “We Are” will be the biggest single grouping of like minded free people on earth. Only we can make that happen.
Love and Peace is our future. Let’s go there.

Love to all, Olive xxx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A different future, a way to make it happen....

Seeing things differently:
As we slowly but surely gain insight, see over the lip of the great and ancient pyramid of power and view the possible futures, find amongst the detritus of media a diamond of truth, a seed, a kernel...
So too at that time do we perceive the spoilers, the shills, the lackeys and lickspittles of the millennial regime of evil, the layers of false trails, the red herrings..
As we learn to take a look at our world not from the bottom up, but from the top down, we see laid before us the inglorious panorama that is the false reality.
The actions of our masters, the evil luciferian baby-murdering misery-strewing elite, starving a child here with their sanctions, murdering a teenager there with their heroin, strangling the life from us all everywhere with their usurious debt machine, constricting nations and throttling individuals, murdering the mother and child with their drones, sacrificing freedom of the individual with their false laws and absurd regulation, stealing labour and effort by stealth taxation collected by their puppet governments and using that stolen worth to pay themselves to produce weapons which they unleash upon innocents, crushing innocence , poisoning the air we breath and charging us for the priviledge via carbon taxes.....all this and more is the feast they have laid before us and that we, poor humanity, needing little but love and the means to be alive and spend time with those we love have swallowed wholesale to our eternal detriment.
So it goes.
From the top down it is not about detail but the broad picture.
The broad picture is the one in which humanity is prevented, by this endless catalogue of misjustice , this interminable machination of woe, from raising our eyes and perceiving the truth. The truth that peace is a possibility and indeed a probability, that love is the only way in which we can solve our problems, that our very future depends upon it both as individuals and as a species.
We cannot survive into the future without this realisation and the collective determination to make it be.
Something awaits this understanding.
It is us.
"We Are" trying to get there.
Join if you fear nothing.
It is just about finding somewhere in the world that a critical mass can be built.
It's about tipping the pyramid of power.
It's about change.
It's about planting a seed, watching it grow into a tree.
An olive tree.
The tree of peace.
Simply: It's about numbers, for with numbers can come the power to change.

Monday, 4 January 2010

"We Are" going to make this happen.

Humanity's history is littered with the failed endeavours of peaceful leaders. Failed because, like Jesus or Gandhi or Dr King these leaders were taken from us by acts of violence. Failed because their legacies were usurped and besmirched by the organisations left in their wake, by the violent and greedy and power obsessed creatures that picked up the flaming torch of peace and love and carried it into the lair of evil. So their momentary successes, their messages of love and peace, their great movements were swallowed by the abyss, their memory stolen by the freaks of evil that followed. Such a freak as Obama, likening himself to these great men of peace as he casts his bombs hither and thither murdering innocents, murdering innocence, befouling the future.

The great pyramid of control that orchestrates humanity and is pressing forward its agenda of enslavement has ever been watchful of those amongst us that find the touchstone of truth, that truth that says that humanity can live in love and peace, that there is no need for war, that working together we can create a world full of joy, that elusive happiness of the greatest number dreamt of by all right thinking people. The great evil that sets the framework of all political debate, that controls the religions human beings fall so readily into, that organises us into disparate groups and sets us against each other, creating angers and hatreds and differences amongst us, that great evil fears only one thing: the collective voice of a humanity awakened to their trickery and lies, aware of their tactics of dissension , standing united and fearless with one shared determination to cry "Enough".

Scouring the internet it becomes more easy each day to see the hands of these evil controllers and to perceive the wicked techniques of their shills and accomplices, traitors all to humanity, enemies of the future, clinging to their pieces of silver as the world continues to drown in blood and misery. Shame on them.
Many of the sites that appear to give leadership to the great numbers of human beings seeking the truth are indeed operatives of the sick elite. Their sites are deliberately framed so as to draw in the unwitting, to offer them a new cause for anger every day, a new reason to fear, a million pieces of detail in which their followers can lose themselves. They strew red herrings, lay false scents, incite anger, divide, divide, divide. They offer no single cause, they offer no inspiration, they are there just to suck in and mislead the people most likely to bring an end to the current world order, people who want to reach out to other human beings and collectively bring about a better world, a world of peace, the true humanity.
In the same way they have always controlled the religions that are so attractive to people who wish to live in peace and love. So they control the right and left political paradigm. So they control the voices of dissent on the internet.
But not this voice.
The blogspot "We Are" ( ) is almost naive in its simplicity. With a budget of $0.00 what else could be done?
It is simply a place to stand up and be counted. Simply a place where, if you desire a world built on the foundations of love and peace, a world where humanity can live in harmony, a different world to this current mockery of what we could achieve, then stand there in the light.
If ten million stand there (and you can make that so) then what could we achieve?
The future?
In love and hope,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Change the World.

My readers may want to ge here:

Please join.

It's not my site, it's yours.

It will hopefully become ten million voices strong.

Only you can make that happen.

Please join.

In love and peace together we can stand, together we can usher in the new world that awaits humanity. There will be one voice, and it will be powerful.

All it needs is YOU.

Love to you all in this very special year. The year when this started.

Please be one of the first.

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 1 January 2010

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