Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A different future, a way to make it happen....

Seeing things differently:
As we slowly but surely gain insight, see over the lip of the great and ancient pyramid of power and view the possible futures, find amongst the detritus of media a diamond of truth, a seed, a kernel...
So too at that time do we perceive the spoilers, the shills, the lackeys and lickspittles of the millennial regime of evil, the layers of false trails, the red herrings..
As we learn to take a look at our world not from the bottom up, but from the top down, we see laid before us the inglorious panorama that is the false reality.
The actions of our masters, the evil luciferian baby-murdering misery-strewing elite, starving a child here with their sanctions, murdering a teenager there with their heroin, strangling the life from us all everywhere with their usurious debt machine, constricting nations and throttling individuals, murdering the mother and child with their drones, sacrificing freedom of the individual with their false laws and absurd regulation, stealing labour and effort by stealth taxation collected by their puppet governments and using that stolen worth to pay themselves to produce weapons which they unleash upon innocents, crushing innocence , poisoning the air we breath and charging us for the priviledge via carbon taxes.....all this and more is the feast they have laid before us and that we, poor humanity, needing little but love and the means to be alive and spend time with those we love have swallowed wholesale to our eternal detriment.
So it goes.
From the top down it is not about detail but the broad picture.
The broad picture is the one in which humanity is prevented, by this endless catalogue of misjustice , this interminable machination of woe, from raising our eyes and perceiving the truth. The truth that peace is a possibility and indeed a probability, that love is the only way in which we can solve our problems, that our very future depends upon it both as individuals and as a species.
We cannot survive into the future without this realisation and the collective determination to make it be.
Something awaits this understanding.
It is us.
"We Are" trying to get there.
Join if you fear nothing.
It is just about finding somewhere in the world that a critical mass can be built.
It's about tipping the pyramid of power.
It's about change.
It's about planting a seed, watching it grow into a tree.
An olive tree.
The tree of peace.
Simply: It's about numbers, for with numbers can come the power to change.

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