Monday, January 4, 2010

"We Are" going to make this happen.

Humanity's history is littered with the failed endeavours of peaceful leaders. Failed because, like Jesus or Gandhi or Dr King these leaders were taken from us by acts of violence. Failed because their legacies were usurped and besmirched by the organisations left in their wake, by the violent and greedy and power obsessed creatures that picked up the flaming torch of peace and love and carried it into the lair of evil. So their momentary successes, their messages of love and peace, their great movements were swallowed by the abyss, their memory stolen by the freaks of evil that followed. Such a freak as Obama, likening himself to these great men of peace as he casts his bombs hither and thither murdering innocents, murdering innocence, befouling the future.

The great pyramid of control that orchestrates humanity and is pressing forward its agenda of enslavement has ever been watchful of those amongst us that find the touchstone of truth, that truth that says that humanity can live in love and peace, that there is no need for war, that working together we can create a world full of joy, that elusive happiness of the greatest number dreamt of by all right thinking people. The great evil that sets the framework of all political debate, that controls the religions human beings fall so readily into, that organises us into disparate groups and sets us against each other, creating angers and hatreds and differences amongst us, that great evil fears only one thing: the collective voice of a humanity awakened to their trickery and lies, aware of their tactics of dissension , standing united and fearless with one shared determination to cry "Enough".

Scouring the internet it becomes more easy each day to see the hands of these evil controllers and to perceive the wicked techniques of their shills and accomplices, traitors all to humanity, enemies of the future, clinging to their pieces of silver as the world continues to drown in blood and misery. Shame on them.
Many of the sites that appear to give leadership to the great numbers of human beings seeking the truth are indeed operatives of the sick elite. Their sites are deliberately framed so as to draw in the unwitting, to offer them a new cause for anger every day, a new reason to fear, a million pieces of detail in which their followers can lose themselves. They strew red herrings, lay false scents, incite anger, divide, divide, divide. They offer no single cause, they offer no inspiration, they are there just to suck in and mislead the people most likely to bring an end to the current world order, people who want to reach out to other human beings and collectively bring about a better world, a world of peace, the true humanity.
In the same way they have always controlled the religions that are so attractive to people who wish to live in peace and love. So they control the right and left political paradigm. So they control the voices of dissent on the internet.
But not this voice.
The blogspot "We Are" ( ) is almost naive in its simplicity. With a budget of $0.00 what else could be done?
It is simply a place to stand up and be counted. Simply a place where, if you desire a world built on the foundations of love and peace, a world where humanity can live in harmony, a different world to this current mockery of what we could achieve, then stand there in the light.
If ten million stand there (and you can make that so) then what could we achieve?
The future?
In love and hope,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx


engineer said...


Only 10 percent approve of the hunting and killing of 27 wolves in Sweden, out of a total of 250.


If they need to be limited/controlled (which they should not), then don't send out 12,000 nasty humans with weapons to do it. There are a sufficient number of medical techniques for this purpose.

"12,000 hunters thrilled over permission to kill 27 wolves."

The problem: Humans.

Gold is discovered in CabaƱas, El Salvador, a desperately poor province (future US model, perhaps). Canadian company Pacific Rim would mine the gold and provide jobs. Local environmentalist will fight it. Supposedly, the environmentalists are being secretly discouraged. The wife of one (who is hiding) was shot five times.

The wife (32) had six children plus one in the hopper, 8 months.
They claim to care about the environment and reproduce in such a reckless manner! Huge contradiction. And this is universal.

Tiny El Salvador has 6 million folks.

This is the real world, in contrast to “we are”.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Engineer,
Thanks for your comment.
Humanity has a long history of violence, a long track record of heinous crimes both to ourselves and to the planet.
To believe that this is our natural state, to believe that this is our nature is to ignore those that have driven us through millennia, to ignore the controlling hand of evil when judging humanity is like ignoring the influence of a parent when assessing a bad child.
The two are inseperable.
To change the world we need a new paradigm, a new set of values, a whole generation raised in a different way, then the generation after that, then the next.
The evil has been in charge for 5,000 years. Change is coming.
Do not give up on humanity. I sense that you live in peace and love, how then can you not believe that others can live so? It is simply your learned experience, and learned experience can be changed.
The great swell of the tide of truth is growing and will become a tsunami of change right soon. This is why Obama stole the ideas of hope and change, to attempt to defuse the new understanding and steal its leadership.
He's failed.
Nothing will prevent humanity finding its new way. We have to. It's called survival.
Love to you, Join "We Are" and get some hope into your veins my friend.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

S Butler said...

SOAP ARRIVED TODAY! THANKYOU SO MUCH! Very quick delivery. Will let you know what I think when I have tried it :)