Friday, January 1, 2010

100% organic olive oil soap from Olive Farmer

If you appreciate this site, please consider buying some of our pure organic olive oil soap.

Last year, under the name "Saint Spiridon" (the village where our olive groves are) we won a Gold award in the UK for the quality of our olive oil. Our home farm organic olive oil is ultra low acidity (about 0.1%) and a wonderful golden colour. Centuries ago Cretan olive oil formed the basis of the famous "Marseilles" soaps and here in Eastern Crete there is an ancient tradition of home soap making. We've revived that tradition and now hand make our own beautifully moisturising 100 % organic olive oil soap from our gold award winning olive oil.

Our pure soap is a lovely creamy white colour, long lasting, low lather and a luxurious and pure indulgence for your skin. It is especially good for dry skin and we believe that regular use can only be of long term benefit to your skin. It is almost certainly the purest soap in the world and can only be bought direct from us. It's a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea, or treat yourself!
Each bar is hand cut to order and c.150 grammes or over. Allow three weeks for delivery.
Priced at 4 euro + 2 euro delivery worldwide.
Thankyou, Olive Farmer xxx


engineer said...

But then it is priced at 6 euro. Delivery is one cost to the provider, as is harvesting the olives. I know, the slick world, this is standard. Nice that it is not 3.99 + 1.99.

But then, 6 euro including delivery is better.

Macht SpaƟ!

engineer said...

is there a minimum order?

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Engineer,
No minimum order, one would be nice! We are living in interesting times, financially speaking. Can one blog from a tent on a mountain olive grove? I suspect we are two weeks from finding out... Er! Whoops!
Love to all,
Olive xxx

Anonymous said...

How do we here in the US buy more than one bar at a time?
In US weights, how much is c. 150 grammes?
Another front