Sunday, 30 August 2009

Can we understand our duty to the future?

My family. My friends.

This has become the work of my life.

Everything else matters, nothing else matters.

The future of humanity is in our care, the future of our beautiful planet is in our care.
The future is OUR responsibility.
This is big stuff.

Dig in, grit your teeth, gird your inner self with truth and shield yourself with compassion.
Do some work .
We have a duty.

We have a vital duty and now we have the very first opportunity in the history of mankind to fulfil that duty.

We are living in exceptional times.

The future looks upon us now, watching and waiting to see if we can summon the will to act according to our lights.

They await our decision.

Will we fill graveyards, or will we build homes?
Will we build trust, or enmity and division?
Will we cleanse the world, or fill it with more poison?

There are times when a human being has to cast aside the worries and fears that beset them and step up.

This is such a time.
This is OUR TIME.

This is the world war of the soul.

Please, for our future, get enlisted.
History will judge us for cowards or heroes.
History will judge us for our legacy.

Your life, my life, everyone's life should be dedicated to this future.

The future is, after all, ALL we have.

All our children, and their children, and theirs have.

My friends, the future is all there is.

There are 6.5 billion souls here on our wonderful home.
Together, we WILL become the strongest force for good ever known.
There is no choice in the matter.
Your Specie Needs YOU!

If we tread carefully and with wisdom we can avoid the errors of the past, go through the transition of hardship, and emerge into a future filled with the light of human love.

If one person believes that, others will take them for a fool.
If we all believe that, then that person would be a fool not to.
This is the fundament of critical mass.
This is why work is required.

The family of humanity has at last come to an understanding.

Never before in the history of humankind have we had the opportunity to sit and listen to one another, to hear each others voice across the world, to reach a common understanding between us.
A common understanding outside of the control and influence of the evil elite.

At this very moment and for the first time mankind is collectively arriving at this understanding.
This understanding comes from the discovery of the Truth.

The truth that mankind has been inculcated with the belief that we are not ONE.

Sold the lie that we need to hate one another, fear one another, kill or starve or maim one another for our own individual survival.

This lie withers when exposed to the bright light of truth.
It is dying now.

You can see those that aren't yet free, clinging desperately to one lie or another, hanging on grimly to something they have learnt from the false reality gifted to us over Millennia.
Divisive and ridiculous ideas of race or religion or nation or debt, instruments all of torture and control.

They too will come into the fold.
They too will accept the great hug of love that humanity has within it.
The great hug of love that we yearn to give, we yearn to receive, we shall all have.
The warm and protective arms of a humanity free at last of fear.

I'm going to ask you for your help.
I have an idea I would like to share with you.

Please help, as many of you already are.

Humanity has to act very quickly now if we are to avert the hardship and slaughter that the evil global scum are driving us towards.

In many places our brothers and sisters are already in this hell.
They need our urgent help.

The power the elite have is made up of us - and only us.
Without their manipulative controls over us, they are weak and defenceless.

Refuse to pull the trigger, they cannot kill.
Refuse to fly the plane, they cannot bomb.
Refuse to inject the child, they cannot pass their poisons.
Refuse to pay the interest, they cannot grow richer.
Refuse to pay your tax to the governments in their hands, they cannot spend it on death.
Refuse to hate, they cannot divide us.
Refuse to believe, they cannot make us fools.

Take the control of money from them, they lose control of their vile political acolytes.

Please understand the power of humanity standing in the light.

There is nothing we need fear if we act together.
The end of the dominance of evil is a step away.

A short step into the light for humanity, a long march into the darkness for evil.

We can, together, consign evil to the history books.
Together we can deconstruct this paradigm of evil.

Piece by piece, sharing each of us our portion of the burden, we can cast aside this ludicrous and foul confection of lies with great ease, with the easy shrug of 6.5 billion shoulders.
The evil elite are parasites, tiny but greedy, sucking the future of happiness from the efforts and skills of mankind.

That's ENOUGH of that.
It is Time to Start Again.

So here is the favour I will ask of you.
Respond if you can.

Each person that applies their shoulder to the wheel of our fortune lessens the effort required for the others.
Each person added brings ever closer the final end of the torture, the killing, the false health that is sickness and death , the poverty and starvation, the misery, the evil, the hatred, the mistrust.

Each extra shoulder of support brings ever closer the day.

We each of us have lists of contacts.
We each of us have family and friends.
We each of us care for those people.
We each visit sites that allow posting.
We each speak to a neighbour, a friend, a colleague.

We each of us need to stand forward, step into the breach, cast our fear aside and vow to rid our future of the filth and foul subjugation that will be our gift to the future if we do nothing.
We need to "come out" as human.

So, friends:
Make a pledge for humanity.

"I will bring the truth to 5 new people a day."

Many will initially turn aside, following their programming.
But if from each 5 we can bring one into the fold, and they likewise speak to five a day.............................

There is a certain beauty in mathematics, a certain unstoppable certainty.

Send them here.
If you like what I write (thank you), repost elsewhere.

Send them to other sites where the truth sits, even if sometimes that truth is diluted or perhaps not quite the truth.

Tell them to believe nothing but to let their inner humanity be the judge of what is right.

Let your fellow human beings walk with you.
Hold their hands, as is your duty, and lead them.

Remember, we have nothing to fear other than each other.
Without us, the evil elite have nothing.

They will pay for their wrongs and will endure justice, the justice meted out by a higher humanity, a humanity free of fear and full of light and love.

Maybe we'll just hug them.
But their control will be over.
Their ability to regain that control gone forever.
They will feel a justice of compassion and truth.

This is our future.
This can be our legacy.

Future generations of humanity will laud us or despise us according to how we act TODAY.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

(Some notes:
I don't know if this will work, but;
a) if you come here regularly, as many do, please become a follower.

Show yourself to others. Fear nothing. We are many. Let them find us, and let them find us too many, beyond number. Let them feel our authority at last,

b) can you understand the comfort of seeing a million followers?
(Not of me ,I hasten to add, but of the Idea, the "Idea of Us".)

c) If each current visitor brought five to this small offering of the truth each day, and then they brought five each day, why:
It would take us only ten weeks to reach mankind!

That might just be fast enough to avert disaster.

Would you like to try?

Then get to it.)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Your Species Needs You.......

We are all one my friend. Jew, gentile, black, white; an infinite variety of beautiful peoples united in one family.

United we yearn for togetherness and peace, united we yearn for freedom from war, freedom from want, freedom from fear.
Our earth is rich and can provide all our needs. We dream of living by each others happiness, not each others misery.

Yet each of us in our way, great or small, add something to the misery of another.
A cheap shirt here means a child labourer there.
A vote here means a death there by gunfire or bomb.
One man's feast is another's hunger.

Our lives together here should be beautiful for all, but we have lost our way.
The leaders of the world have misled us, leave us ignorant of truth and helpless with apathy.
We allow greed to instruct our actions, not care.
We have barricaded our better selves with fear and have been marched into misery for all of history.

Whole lives pass without happiness. This should not be.
This should never have been.

We have developed fantastic machinery of communication, yet shut ourselves in.

Our incredible cleverness has been wasted, for we need the warmth of friendship and fellowship more than we need our clever toys, we need love and kindness more than we need the rocket or the gun, we need health more than we need the poison and filth that pour from our chimneys and pipes into our rivers and seas and the air we breathe.

Millions of us live in misery and despair without hope.
Millions live in comfort but unhappiness.

All of mankind is enslaved by the greed and lack of care of a tiny few, a tiny few that gift us our fear, a tiny few that gift us our misery and untimely deaths.
It has ever been, but that does not mean that it shall ever be.
Our hearts and minds and inner souls can now, with the gift of our invention, reach out to million upon million of our fellow human beings across the globe, reach out to those that are tortured and to those that torture, reach out to those that hide and those that force them to hide.

We can stay the finger on the trigger.
We can remind the officer of the people of his duty to the people.

Now for the first time we together can see, all of us, the tiny few who bring us this misery for the gain of a morsel of power over us.
These machine men with their machine minds and their souls of greed and wickedness despise you and hate you.
They treat you as cattle, as an asset at their disposal to be used and then discarded when worn out .
They throw you the idea of freedom as a scrap from their plate, then take it from you in a million ways.

Their hearts are of stone, their souls bound so tightly with self interest and hatred that they are barely human, barely alive, perched like dragons upon their hoard of our miseries.

If you come to this truth for the first time know this: If you seek, you will find.

There are many places to find information, but many are in the hands of the people who wish to keep you ignorant of the vast construction of lies.
This edifice of lies is exposed on the internet, humanity's weapon of truth against the evil that envelopes us.

Believe nothing, judge for yourself, piece together the picture of deception.

Vast numbers of your fellow human beings together there hold hands, together are raising their eyes above the parapet of wickedness, together are coming to the truth and the realisation that we can, together, build a world based on the firm foundation of love and care, dignity and peace, a world free at last of fear and anger.

For the first time our chance has come.
Please join in.

Do not let this day pass, let no day pass without informing someone, without bringing someone into the arms of humanity, freeing another soul from the nightmare grip of evil.
This is our duty to our family.

We cannot, we must not condemn our future as those before us have unwittingly done.

Your Species Needs You.

It needs you to join the great mass already on the path.
Do not , please, be left behind.
Raise your eyes, dear friend, hold our hands as we will hold yours.

Look up and see that the dawn carries the light of freedom from misery for all of humankind.

This is our moment.
This too is your duty to the future, your obligation to the children of the world and their children and theirs.

We have no name.
We are no organisation.
We just Are.
And so, dear friend, are You.

Welcome to the future. Join in, it will be nice.
Love to you.
Olive Farmer. xxx xxx xxx

(Dear friends, please repost this or part of it where you may. It becomes ever more important that we lift the veil for as many people as we can.)

(With thanks to whoever wrote the Charlie Chaplin speech in "The Great Dictator", upon which this is based. A thankyou too to the person that sent us a donation, our only one! You know who you are, Doc, here's a hug for you x.)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The virus is dying

The Virus is Dying.
Take your time answering......
Love Olive xxx

Who was the first person you hated?
Who was the first person you feared?
Who was the first person you cheated?
Who was the first person you lied to?
What lies do you still hide today?
Which lies do you tell to yourself?
Who was the first person you struck?

Can you list the harms you have done in your life?
Which human being do you despise now?
Are they as guilty as you?
How did you judge them?
From what position?
Are you able to forgive them?
If not, why not?

Who taught you to hate?
Who taught you to lie?
Who taught you to hit?
Do you know who lies to you now?
How do you know?
How many times have you been made a fool of?
Do you know who is cheating you now?

Do you feel guilty about something?
Would you like to be free of guilt?
Do you feel sorrow about something?
Would you like to be free of sorrow?
Would you like to be truly happy?
Do you know what is preventing you?
Can you see that your enemy is sick?

What do you do for a sick person?
Do you revile the sick?
Do you ignore the sick?
Do you help the sick?
Do you judge the actions of a sick person?
Do you judge people who know not what they do?
Do you judge yourself?

Do you yourself seek forgiveness?
Can you see every soul as a brother or sister?
Do you care what happens to you?
Do you care what happens to those you love?
Do you care what happens to our mother earth, our home?
Do you care what happens to mankind?
Do you wish for a wonderful outcome?

Do you wish for a world free of hate?
Do you wish for a world of safety?
Do you wish for a world of true justice born of the soul?
Can you sense your part in the wholeness of humanity?
Do you know your duty?
What would you BE?

There has been a virus slowly spreading around the world. Passed from generation and from continent to continent. It is a virus of evil, and nearly every one of us has been infected. It now encompasses and shrouds the earth, dripping its pestilence everywhere it touches, making leprous the soul of every human being it touches.

It clouds the reason, fills the heart with hate, drips its poison and vitriol into every one of our number, enslaves us in its wicked motivations.

It makes a rapist of a boy, a murderer of a man, a liar of a mother, a cheat of a saint.

This pandemic of harm, this virus of sin has infected you, it's infected me.
Your mother and father were victims, as were mine.
The wicked amongst us are only judged as wicked on a scale, a scale which starts with your wickedness, a scale which measures the sickness compared to yours and mine.
The more wicked, the greater the illness, the more care and pity that soul needs to earn redemption amongst the coming family of humanity.

We all of us need the cure. We all of us need to take the medicine. We all of us need to get well again.

Caught in the terminal ward as we are, let's take the wholesome pill of truth, drink the draught of curative love, pass from one to another the soothing balm of peace.

We can all be cured. It is not too late. This miasma of wickedness that shrouds our true selves can be cast aside.
It is just an illusion.
Reality is just out there, behind the veil of deception, just a step away for mankind.

Let the morning come into your souls.
Let there be a dawning.
Let peace and happiness absorb you.

Forgive all, forgive everything, accept forgiveness yourself.

Step into the light.

There are interesting times approaching and a change for us that we may fear.

Do not believe what you hear from threatening people.
Open your mind. Find your higher self.

Their time is over.
Their virus is dying, ours is spreading.

Know this:
Our time is nearly here.
Welcome, friend, welcome.


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fear is the only darkness.

Young Caine: Of all things, to live in darkness must be worst. Master Po: Fear is the only darkness.
(Kung Fu. 1972, TV.)

At the root of all the world's ills lies fear. Fear is the blanket that swathes our higher selves, smothers our true light. Fear is gifted to us as a child by those already under its sway. Fear is the fundamental virus of iniquity that infects us all. The entirety of humanity, with a few notable exceptions, lives out its life under the great weight of fear.

This fear gives rise to all of the baser emotions, the evils that so reflect the pitiable state of mankind. From fear flows anger. From fear flows selfishness and greed. From fear flows duplicity. From fear flows violence. From fear flows ideas of tribe, of otherness, of the herd instinct.

Fear has so dominated mankind for so long that it is difficult to conceive of its ever ending, but end it must if we are to find our way across the rocky path we face and navigate our specie to the next stage of enlightenment. Humanity will never flower, humanity will never progress, humanity will never build a heaven on earth without first the defeat of fear.

As our global masters have so ordered, it is each other that we fear. Mankind fears nothing but mankind. Somehow, somewhere in the dimness of history this fear of one another was instituted. From this fear has flowed the all of the constructs of this false reality, lie upon lie stacked so high that humanity cannot see beyond this awful construct, lies so old that to question them causes others to raise their eyebrows in incredulity or reach for a weapon in anger.

The world war for the soul of humanity is underway at this time. Be glad that you are here now , for although many feel pain right now and our global masters intend that many, many more of us shall feel their swingeing and vengeful evil this world war of the soul can only have one victor. Humanity.

This confidence in the final outcome of this final battle derives from the knowledge that humanity is, slowly but inexorably, discovering the truth of its condition of slavery to fear. We are finding the path to truth, shrouded and hidden for so long. Each piece of the jigsaw we discover forms another piece of our armour. We are slowly becoming clothed in truth and this truth, when shared by all of humanity, will end all wars, will end all poverty, will end all sickness, will end all enmity, will finally end all fear.

For if mankind learns to trust and love mankind there will be nothing left for us to fear, for we only fear each other.

This is how love will conquer all. This knowledge will stay the hand of the warrior. This knowledge will cause the slave to refuse the orders of its masters. This understanding will allow humanity to see itself for what it is: one race, one specie, sharing one planet that must and will come under the lasting control of humanity born out of love for one another and the forgiveness that must flow from that love.

We must bury enmity, bury the memory of crimes against one another, discard the anger and lust for revenge that so motivates us to carry on the evil wars that we are driven to by our masters, stirring the ants' nest with their sticks of nation, race, religion and greed.

We are coming to understand our condition, coming to understand that we have only one enemy and that enemy is evil and those very few that drive us to it and have always done so. When each of us renounce evil, when each of us renounce hatred, when each of us renounce the fear of one another and reach out our hands and our minds to touch that which we fear most, our human enemy, then will our enemy become our friend, then will we finally realise our destiny, then will the flowering of our specie begin.

Nothing can prevent that, because the realisation that we can destroy ourselves completely through this senseless fear and the division and violence that flows from it leads as night follows day to the certainty that we must overcome it in order that we might survive.

Our evil masters will therefore serve our purpose. As they need to prevent us from finding and spreading the news of truth, the understanding that love for one another will defeat our only enemy, so they will create more anger, more war, more division in a rapidly expanding maelstrom of wickedness. This attempt at distraction will inevitably create a counter insurgency of realisation, a final recognition of the enemy that is amongst us. We will at last cry "Enough" and turn on those that herd us, dig them out from their fastnesses, bring them to final justice, rid ourselves of them forever.

This is why the greatest weapon we have at the moment is communication, the communication of this truth. The more understanding, the more realisation , the less harm we can be driven to do to one another.

In the first world war we were herded into by the evil global scum the artificial division of humanity was exemplified yet we still did not learn. On the first day of the Somme 23,000 so called "British" human beings were gunned down by so called "German" human beings. As this monstrosity progressed the Somme cost 419,654 "British" souls, 204,253 so called "French" souls, 600,000 "German" souls.

The enormous lie that created this intensity of evil caused man to slaughter man, so brother to kill brother. In better times those peoples share a beer and a laugh, sit at table together and share salt, learn each others languages, share understanding and friendship.

These lies of division and enmity, of hatred and so called "just cause" for murder continue to this day. So in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan 1.9 million human beings have been brought to their end by human beings. So called "Christians", so called "Jews", so called "Muslims", all human beings, many being able to to believe that they follow the teachings of one prophet of god or another and yet being able to reconcile this with the very antithesis of that prophet's teachings as they shed one another's blood in a false war built on the lies of our global masters and sold to humanity with their usual evil deceits.

We see their lies now. More and more each day are coming to the truth. Soon there will be a critical mass of us. This truth will not arrive quickly enough to prevent their further unleashing of the dogs of war. Their mind control of the sheeple is still strong, though lessening each day.
The battle lines between good and evil are drawn.
We are all of us in uniform now, all of us on active service.
Our great weapon is communication, spreading the understanding of the false reality, recognition of the enemy by the entirety of humanity and the love for each other that will flow when the scales have fallen from our eyes.

Some words from Ghandi, a true human soul with an understanding of the universality of our condition and our weapon of redemption: Love

"It may be long before the law of love will be recognizedin international affairs. The machinery's of governmentstand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another."

"Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty
Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind."

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance.Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil."

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless,whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy"

This is our time.
Fear nothing.
Olive x.

Friday, 21 August 2009

For the new visitor, the whole world explained, sort of..

(An introduction for the new visitor, with apologies to the experienced.)

This is where you take the red pill! Enjoy.

This is where you will finally understand the world, its history, your life.

This is where you will begin to see over the top of the wall and realise that there is something else, something you didn't know was there, something amazing.
That a different world awaits us when we awaken from this nightmare.

So welcome.

Get to grips with this: Something evil lurks.
This is not some religious mumbo jumbo. This is a fact deduced from observation and logical process of thought and maybe some inspiration.
You might want to use the word devil if it's convenient. This (d)evil sits behind everything we see is wrong with the world. It has done so for millennia. I won't go into it here, but you can see its guiding hand in all recorded history.

It has ever been.

This evil has honed the skill of making the world in its own image, has developed intricate controls such that it is humanity that serves its purpose, humanity that does its sick bidding, humanity that imprisons itself in this excuse for a life.

Imagine the joy and innocence of a baby; its belief, its unbounded love, the love that shines through its eyes and forms an almost tangible bond with its mother. This is the natural state of humanity. This is the beauty of our inner souls, carried by our bodies into this world. This is how we should be. This essence of love and trust and truth is what should form the basis of our lives here. There should be nothing that prevents us making this the best of all possible worlds.

But there is.

After eons of conditioning, humanity has learnt to hide the inner soul of love behind an outer projection we call "I". This outer projection is the protective wall we have constructed to hide our inner soul. The process is so far advanced that for many people that outer "I" is all there is, the inner soul of love is buried so deep.

I don't read the bible or the koran. If I want lies I can read the daily papers or watch the TV. But the story of the temptation of Adam and Eve comes to mind. There was a point way back in history where the beautiful innocence of humanity began its downward slide into the hell on earth we now live in and which is about to get very much more hellish. If there ever was a single moment, then this moment is well described in that story.

It marks the beginning of the dominance of evil.

Be happy. You are alive at the beginning of the end of its dominance.

You are lucky enough to be alive at this most interesting of times.

The dominant evil gains its sustenance from blood, from death, from misery, from power, from sickness, from agony, from tears.
Again logic.

If YOU had mastery of the world, what would you create?
Would it be an altogether nicer place?
No war, no poverty, no famine, no mutilated babies, no pollution, no nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, no fear? Then logic dictates that whatever the world is reflects the wishes of the controller.
If the world is sick and evil, then that is the wish of its master.

Witness the world's history, witness the malevolence of continual war, of unmitigated hatred, of foul crimes against nature.
Witness the countless mutilated children, the unnumbered bodies in mass graves, the selfishness that lets one man get fat whilst by his side another starves to death, one nation be rich whilst another is unutterably poor.

Are we not of the same family?
Do we not have the same blood?
Way back, are we not all from the same stock?
Do we not live on the same mother earth?

This evil has mastered humanity by discovering the motivation of fear. Fear is now passed from generation to generation, from father to son, from mother to daughter, the new born child sees it in the eyes of its parent and learns its first lesson there, reinforced by the scare stories from the great propaganda engine of fear, the media.

Every day we are bombarded with stories that make us afraid, that make us distrustful of our fellow humans, that make us angry about something, that make us want to kill people either close at hand or far away. It makes us cling to something we hope will bring us relief from this fear.
So we cling to religion.
So we cling to our false and lying governments.
So we cling to our inculcated beliefs.
So we cling to the avoidance of confrontation with authority where we can.
So we allow fear and distrust and hatred to enter and control our beings.
So we are lost.

To prevent us realising the immense fraud that has been visited upon us, the evil force understands that we should be as occupied as we possibly can be.
If we had time to think, then who knows what we might end up understanding?

So it bombards us with trivia.
So it constantly applies the fear.
End of WW2? Why, let's have a "cold war".
End of the cold war? Why , let's have a "War on Terror".

Behind each side and always behind each side were the same people, the same evil bloodline, the progeny of disaster, the descendants of the sickness, a traceable line of vileness that has subjugated us for ever and destroys our souls. Comfortable in their mansions, slavering at the misery and the harvest of souls they so enjoy, they grin malevolently at the stupidity and malleability of humanity, so easily turned to their bidding.

Scared to go out at night? Here's some mindless banality that you can lose yourselves in.
Thinking too much? Take this pill. Drink this water.
Disgusted with your country. Why, here's a choice of parties to vote for so that you feel that you are free. Here's some lovely change, disguising more of the same.

They have taught humanity to think along the tramlines of artificial division for so long that we think these things are real. They are such deep seated ideas that we find it difficult to believe that they are not true.
Everyone else believes in them, after all...............

They bombard us with trivial issues, any issue that detracts from the only issue there is.
That single issue is THEM!
Getting rid of THEM.

So we have debates between the Parties, owned and controlled by them, endless discussions about minutiae of detail.
The devil is in that detail, distracting us from the job at hand.
Petty faux spats between them, arguments over "principle" by the unprincipled!
We have endless new proposals, endless hopes for change, endless hopes that things will improve. We become believers in their lies, repeated and repeated until we think they must be true.

We believe in nation. We believe in race. We believe in any of a smorgasbord of "Gods" and "Holy Books". We believe that we deserve more than the next human being. We believe in robbing someone of their life because they are black or communist or muslim or German or whatever this week's war is about.

What this week's war is about is this:
It's about the global evil creating a world which satisfies its needs. It needs the blood of babies. It needs the misery of grief. It needs the sacrifice. It needs the subjugation of the true soul of humanity under an immense blanket of fear and an urge for self preservation and personal benefit such that humanity forgets what its purpose is, what a world it could have without this evil, what its destiny is in the family of creation.

Then, my truth seeking friend, came communication.
Here for the first time we can talk to each other.
Here for the first time we can share information.
Here for the first time can we feel the resonance of agreement that sits aside from their artificial divisions.

A good person, a free and liberated soul is just that. Whatever its skin colour, whatever its nationality, this soul can reach out to others all around the world.

We are slowly but surely holding hands, we humans.

Tentatively touching fingertips across the globe, mind meeting mind, agreement and understanding passing between us.

We many of us know what has been going on.

This understanding will create a tsunami of desire, the desire to Start Again.

This nascent truth , this lifting of the veil of deceit, is known to the evil.
It recognises the power of this unnamed movement more than most of its participants recognise. It sees in this communication the beginning of the end of its millennial control system.
It is losing its grip.

It sees the tidal wave of humanity growing stronger each day.
It is scared.

Like the cornered rat it is, it will fight back.
Be prepared, fear nothing.
Fear is the tool of control most favoured by the evil.

Courage and love are the weapons it fears most.

In the imminent debacle, let Truth be your shield, let Love be your sword, let the absence of fear be the wall of strength that sustains you.

Within three years from now our entire lives will be reshaped by the travesty they will unleash.
We must take this opportunity to create a new world, free of this perpetual evil, or the trial will have been without purpose and humanity will be lost again.

This can not be and will not be.
The seeds of tomorrow are planted today and what we sow, so shall we reap.
Let's sow the right thing.
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Boy on the Mountain

A secular parable for our times.

The boy is standing on a high place, watching the storm clouds gather across the sea and to the south. His vantage point, this mountain top, perched like the eyrie of some arcane bird of prayer.
Those in the valley, the people of his village, unsighted by the mountainside, eyes down as they tend to their duties, good and bad they none of them can see the impending turmoil.

He shouts , he shouts again and again, he shouts until he is hoarse.

They do not hear.

Blinded by their rote, deafened by the cacophony of life , intent on their daily struggle for survival, numbed by the inanity of gossip, focused on the minutiae of commerce and soil and weed and labour.

They intend not to hear. They despair of acknowledging the approach of hardship. Do not they have enough of that already?

Frightened to look, frightened to listen, frightened to understand they prefer to imagine that someone else will bear the brunt of the tempest, that they will be safe , that death and sorrow and discomfort will be someone else's lot, not theirs.

They believe despite the facts that misery will somehow pass them by.

They would rather cling to this lie than face the danger eye to eye, summon the necessary courage to stand straight and challenge their nemesis.

They move towards the centre of their tribe , seeking comfort from others, renewing the acknowledgement of those they believe will protect them, surrounding themselves with those they hope will die in their stead, speaking out against the messenger of truth, saying that he lies, he lies, gaining comfort thereby.

They mutter a silent prayer of the religion they have learnt. Prayers never answered because they pray to a lie, a figment, a bastion of forlorn hope, a last chance recourse for the pitiable, a chimera of belief and faith born of nothing but that which it is; the lies of men.
Still they pray.

He races helter-skelter down the mountainside, leaping the crevasses, bounding the rocks, bloodied he pushes through the bracken, heeding not the stings and thorns, bringing the news, every sinew and nerve devoted to his desire to warn them, to save them, to bring them to safety.

In vain, in vain.

They shun him. Point to the rents in his clothes and the blood weeping from his wounds. Mock him for his excitability. They can see no storm. They can hear no wind.
They do not want to know.

Bad things happen to other people. People far away. They have learnt not to care about such things. They have learnt to live in isolation within the mass. Not to speak out. Not to rock the boat. Not to be excited nor excitable. They have learnt not to love , for the grief that will always follow.. They fear hurt more than any thing.

They sacrifice their dignity, their courage, their decency, their emotion at this altar of self preservation.

They are safe in the herd.
Until it's their turn.

Then none will heed their bleating. None will turn to save them.

Because bad things happen to other people.

When the storm arrives, they turn on the boy and beat him as they are washed away into eternity by the tempest, cursing him for bringing this hell upon them, railing at him for attracting this wrath.

"If only I'd shouted louder", he thought.
"If only I'd run quicker. If only my eyes had been as sharp as an eagle's. If only. If only.
If only I'd shouted louder".

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Last of Their Kind.......

(Pic: Another of those crop circles done in the dark in a few hours by some drunk students with a bit of string. Or not. You decide)

The elite bloodlines that run our lives, that create the false reality in which we exist, are existing on borrowed time. The sheer numbers of us now seeing them for what they are, now understanding their dominance, now recognising their names, now understanding their horrific catalogue of crimes, now identifying their high level servants, now realising that they have manipulated us to build and maintain our own prison planet will become in a very short time the largest one-issue movement the world has ever seen.

The one issue will be: "That's ENOUGH"

Within a year from now this blog will have been visited by a million souls, maybe many more. There are many more blogs, many more sites, more and more active folks leafleting, making videos, talking to neighbours and friends. This effervescence of truth is like a virus passing from one person to another.

It's a virus that is untreatable.

This cry of freedom is reverberating around the world, echoing and re-echoing, getting louder every second, becoming a mighty wind of change that will level the mountains of historic oppression and clear the way for an incredible future for mankind. Free at last, free at last.......!
All of us, free at last.

Once you see the truth, there is no going back. Life as you knew it is over. Everything you see on the TV or read in the press is viewed from the position of strength that is a side effect of this virus. The blinkers are off, the scales have fallen from the eyes, the critical faculties go into overdrive, we understand and we understand more every day.

We see you, elite scum. we know who you are and where you live. There will be no hiding. You will be brought to justice.

You are finished.

The elite scum are of course recruiting many of us to act as a rearguard in their retreat. Naturally they aren't spending their own money to do this, they're spending ours, the tax money we give to government all goes into their pockets to pay national debt and to pay for the military that carries out their agenda of dominance and the bombs and guns and sicknesses they are using now and will increasingly use in the coming times to try and wipe us out.

They have always known this trick, this greatest of the big lies. They have understood how to get human beings to kill other human beings at their bidding, sitting behind both sides of the war in their beautiful mansions directing the governments of the warring nations, collecting on the money they create out of thin air and "lend" to their puppet governments to spend on weapons from companies they own or oil from companies they own.

This amazing sleight of hand is beautiful in its rendition and is one of the most fantastic of the lies that prop up the false reality. Nearly every nation in the world borrows "money" from these people. It's not real money of course, just numbers in a column. To do this they have to ensure that the people in power within those governments don't let the secret out of the bag. By this very guilt by association those of us with the truth virus now understand that all politicians, all political parties , are without exception party to the biggest and sickest swindle of all time. They are guilty of the grandest theft in history as accomplices.
They are guilty of genocide and murder too.
I feel a trial coming on, and not before time.

This is why politicians are working their hardest to distract us. Their time is drawing to a close too. Their fat moneyed privileged lives of power and unwarranted influence is nearing its end. The trials will be something. How the mighty will be felled, how the monkeys will scatter when the tree falls.

They are setting up agencies within the world's secret services and intelligence organisations to combat this virus of truth. You'll see them on any site you care to visit where the truth is being told, trying to herd the truth seekers towards particular dead end alleys. One example is the "head for the hills with yer guns" crowd.

There is nothing the elite like more than a dissident group that reaches for their guns. They send in the police and the army and any of the other armed and dangerous murderers they use our tax money to buy. They aren't of course on the front line themselves! They never have been. They don't actually DO anything, that's what WE are for!

The main stream media will tell the sheep that these truthers, these constitutionalists, these believers in a world free of the usurious scum that control us, doctors, poets mechanics and cab drivers, whatever they are, they and their families will be vilified, portrayed as terrorists, described as some sort of weird cult.


We've seen it before, and we'll see it again.

A show of power always distracts the sheep. They put their heads down, carry on grazing, pay their taxes, pay the interest on debt, spend their wages in the company shop, get sick on the companies medicine, breathe the companies dirtied air and drink their poisoned water, never feeling the gentle breath of the wind of freedom on their cheeks, never looking up, never becoming as we are becoming:

These sheep hate a maverick, hate anyone that threatens to change anything in their miserable excuse for an existence. Their time is leaking out from their lives as surely as water drips from a reservoir, each day spent in the prison of their own making a day lost to their soul, their soul buried beneath a cowardly dumb and vicious excuse for a human being.

Many of these Judas goats of the herd feed directly from the teat of the devil, sucking the blood from humanity. They are the civil servants, the government agents, the kwango and charity executives, the greasy pole climbers of the big corporations. They are the greedy succubuses guzzling the sickness and evil directly from the festering nipple of the elite.

They are the iron bars of the prison earth. In exchange for a fat pension and a scrap of power over the rest of us they are the staunch supporters of the status quo.
Some of them we are reaching.
Most of them will never be reached.
Their souls are unreachable, their habitual self interest too entrenched.

They are the ones who'll be knocking at your door, vaccine in hand.
They are the ones collecting your taxes, foreclosing on your homes, telling you to do as you are told in a million ways each day.

They create the nonsense that you read in the papers.
They produce the fiction that passes for TV news.
Disturb them, and they get mad.

Well, they'll have to get used to that, won't they? Because their time is over too. WE are the big boys on the block, we're the gang of 6.5 billion souls.
The world is ours .

We understand this: The world has been built on a foundation of evil and fear, walled up with a catalogue of lies and mortared with distrust and hatred. Our new world will be built on a foundation of love and fearlessness , walled up with the truth, mortared with trust and affection. Only with these weapons can we fight evil.
Love is the WMD of the new, emerging humanity.

Group hug, anybody?
(PS: A big thankyou and hug to all the followers and others that have been posting some of these words around the internet, spreading the word. You know who you are, and I thank you.
Olive xxx)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Rising Light.......

(Pic.The light of understanding is rising from the pyramid of deception.)

I wish I could do pictures here to illustrate what I mean.
I can't, so whoever does these crop circles is doing it for us.

Imagine, if you can, a structure (let's call it home) that is made entirely of love energy.
(There's a point to this, I promise).
Imagine it as a spherical ball of light, surrounding you and protecting you.
Imagine that energy coming from you, that love coming from you, that light coming from you. The structure IS you.
If you're still reading, you must be as crazy as I am!

This light of love that is you is also made up of other elements. It's wrapped in compassion, clothed in truth, and girded by trust. It is indestructible, as all energy is, and so you fear absolutely nothing.
Still with me?

Imagine, if you can, a different you. This is a you shaped like a pyramid.
It is the prison you.
It has four sides and a base.
At the base of this structure is fear.
A terrible, withering fear of death and harm that has a thousand thousand blocks of individual fears forming an eternal foundation of damnation for your true self.
Understand this: Fear is the greatest enemy you have. It is the fundament of your imprisonment and the root cause of all the world's evils.

The four walls of this pyramid prison you are Cruelty (rather than compassion) Hatred (rather than love) Distrust (rather than trust) and Lies (rather than truth).
All of the world of false reality we call life are made of these foul contradictions of our true selves. Once raise your eyes above the parapet and catch a glimpse of the truth and the whole edifice falls down piece by piece. Leaving just you and your true self and a determination to wake up your fellow travellers on this careering pantechnicon of deceit heading fast for the great pile-up on the freeway of history.

It is fascinating to me to see the symbols of the elite, particularly their beloved pyramid, sitting atop their obelisk, seen in the centre of many of the world's capitals. The pyramid sits atop the obelisk as if capping it. Perhaps the obelisk represents the true potential of humanity, the capstone represents the huge weight of their pyramid prison, the prison which we ourselves have wrought and continue to maintain with fear as its foundation.
The more you look at this world, the more you understand that the powers that guide our destinies are following a long term game plan that is almost inconceivably complex and is very , very old. Cleopatra's needle, at the centre of their throne of power in the City of London, is a 3,500 year old pyramid-capped obelisk brought from Egypt in Victorian times.

I watched a documentary here:
It's about religious fundamentalism and the strengthening expectation of the "rapture" and Armageddon amongst a considerable number of Americans and their supposed influence on government.

Of course, the influence flows the other way, from the top down. From above government. The presenter was trying to say that the fundamentalist's belief in the end-times was acting as a self-fulfilling prophecy and driving the world ever closer to armageddon, even trying to provoke it.
They may well be doing so, but the whip that drives this particular herd of sheep is the evil that has ever driven mankind towards its historic objective, set in it's historic agenda for three years hence.

This evil has understood for eons that humanity will one day find the truth. This truth discovery is happening now and is inexorably burgeoning.
When we find the truth we will begin the job of crashing through the walls of the prison pyramid and becoming something other, fearless beings over whom they will have no control.
To prevent that from happening, to prevent us from becoming light, to deny us this evolution they must re-impose the fear, cement up the base of the pyramid, strengthen the foundation of their dominance.
Be ready for their shock and awe.
Fear nothing.
Their time is over, our time is beginning.

(P.S. If you spend an hour watching the documentary, pay particularly close attention to the eyes of the flash-suited , limo driven , private jet using , sociopathic , fear-mongering festering pustules of sin posing as fundamentalist preachers. See any Love there in those eyes? Or do you, like me, see the whip masters of evil.......the heavy glowering domination of a slavering snake oil salesman?
I should learn to say just what I mean and not hold back!)

Friday, 14 August 2009

Just over the next dune.....

(Changed the picture when I'd looked up what milf meant....
I suppose it's a compliment in a way, so thank you, but it's not the idea of the blog. Here's a tit photo instead {trees I tend!})
Olive xxx

I don't know if I can carry you with me. Maybe you're too heavy. Maybe your bones stick out too much and will chafe. Maybe you don't want to be carried and will squirm and wail like a terrible toddler. Maybe you're just the right weight and I'll hardly notice you at all other than when you speak to me.
Maybe you'll share some of the weight?
Those are the nice times.

Whatever you are, carry you I will unless you decide to dismount and curse and kick out at this frothing and ornery camel that willingly but stubbornly offers itself as your ship across the desert of life.
If you do dismount. I can't promise that another camel will be along in a minute. You know how it is with public transport, five come in a rush at you and then nothing for hours. Or at all.
My advice to you would be: stay put and relax.

There is an oasis up ahead a while, but the ground is difficult and stony, covered with thorns. I have a long experience of dealing with thorns.
So relax, be happy, meet triumph and disaster with the disdain they both deserve, look to the future with a glad heart. Learn to fear nothing, learn to see the lies, and we will travel far together.

If you've been here before, welcome back dear reader and good fortune to you in the coming interesting times. I hope you do not come to the attention of authority, such as it is.
I have. But I have learnt to fear nothing.
It's nice.

If you are new, well Hi there! (Consider becoming a follower. It helps to calm Mrs Olive Farmer down a little.)
Minds touch each other here. Like-minds coming together, following the instinct that insists that something is very wrong with the world, something wrong that has to be put right. We together are looking for something we can do to hasten the awakening of our fellow travellers, shake them from the dream that is a nightmare, bellow into their ears: "Wake UP!"
They will.
And when we are all awake, watch us go.

The global hive mind of awakened humanity will be something to witness, something to be in awe of. We will amaze ourselves, turn over every stone and rock that has held us in place for millennia, find ludicrously simple and childish the difficulties and false notions and dumb ideas that currently constrain us.
The ideas that make murderers of teenagers.
Find pathetically straightforward the problems that dog us now as they have dogged us forever.
They are straightforward, aren't they?

You and I have 6.5 billion fellow travellers on this great spinning globe hanging like a glittering sapphire in the vastness of space, in the blue eternal ocean of time. When we all of us take to the oars, we'll cut through the waves as a hot knife cuts through butter.
Some sizzling, but evenly spread.

If you can see this vision, if you can feel in your inner self the great power of the united family of humanity, you can also understand the simplicity of life. Complexity breeds contention, detail is the abode of evil, detail makes truth of lies just as regulation makes justice of injustice and debt makes a slave of a man.
The substance and essence of the human soul, the great unfettered mind that beckons to us, the optimistic superior understanding of life, the world and everything that abides here awaits us all.
This chimera of life, this mirage of existence as we know it is a falsity of grand proportions. It is the biggest of all the "big lies". Everything we "know", everything we believe in, everything that forms the basis and fundament of our existence is a big, fat , sweaty LIE.

Death is a figment. Hunger is a creation of the idea of division that has rendered mankind asunder, turned us into a tumbling twisting jostling mass of squabbling and vicious dogs , scrabbling for rotten scraps whilst "they" look on in amusement.
We fight for life, but as yet we but rarely fight for each other's life.
Of course, there's no need to fight at all.
Because the most potent weapon we have is Love.

Reach for that weapon.
Raise your eyes above the parapet and witness the world for what it is and see it as it will become.
Then take the first step on our journey.
If you aren't too heavy, and even if you are, we'll carry you.
Me and all the other camels.

Oasis madam?
Just over the next dune.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The NEW New World Order. OURS!

Pic: This little fella walked past me at the spring where we get our drinking water, completely ignoring me, and spent 15 minutes "filling up". I didn't scare him, he didn't scare me. He didn't say much either. Hedgehogs? No conversation (though I tried!)

(One day I'll tell you about the amazing 100 year old time travelling and space travelling shepherd. Honest, it was really weird! Remind me if I forget..)

Boy, we're in a mess aren't we?
I feel a fellowship with all of humanity and a love for and mutual "we're in the same boat" affection for everything our beautiful blue globe provides for us.
This makes sense to me, because this is home.
Shake away the programming, and everyone will feel the same.

What a time we will have of fun and fellowship and freedom and creativeness when this nightmare is over and we can see each other for what we are.

This is our place in space and our moment in time.
This is our opportunity and our duty.
We have in our hands the chance to bring real change, fundamental change to the tide of history.
This awakening knowledge was subverted to the elite's programme with the Obama campaign:
"Change"! (Does that ring a bell?)
Future generations will look to us for the example WE set right now.
They'll also look for the villains, so that they might learn the lesson of replicating the past, sick as it has been.

Future generations will seek and find their heroes from amongst the courageous amongst us..
I hope you count yourself as one, for courage and heroism and disregard for personal safety is fundamental to any struggle played out in the sandpit of childish disagreement in which we are currently confined.
We are the foundation stones and building blocks of their future world under the NEW New World Order.

Fear nothing. You are better and more powerful than you now realise.
Don't for a moment think that globalism is a bad idea. The family of man is just that.
One hundred years ago reaching out a hand to help another human being across the world was almost impossible.
Now we can reach them in hours. Talk to them in less than a second.
The global elite wish to harness this power to their own ends, but We'll have it instead and use it for good, thank you very much.
Without their interference.

They are conspiring to introduce their global vision, whilst at the same time controlling the opposition to the globalism of humanity via their shills. They want you to distrust the idea of a global human race, one specie sharing one home, because then they would have to fight and kill all of us, united in our determination to "Start Again".

Globalism is not about global power elites enslaving mankind, it's about the family of man living in peace, love and harmony with its host, its home. It's about non-interference, it's about caring, it's about the charity that has no name or logo or advertising budget just the grunt and effort of humanity trying to do its best. It's about law and justice being what the people expect and not what the lawyers can make of it.

It's about freedom. Not the freedom to harm and brutalise under the protective cloud of disinformation and lies supported by the media and governments but the freedom to BE.
Just to BE..
As I heard once in "Green Wing", an inspired UK comedy:
The freedom to "dance like nobody is looking".
You know what I mean?
It's about love.

The beauty of mankind lies partly in its diversity, its traditions , its incredible variety. The
idea of a global system of good is fundamental to the future of the planet, as is the preservation and support of global difference, global diversity, global happiness.
This concept is not one which derives from a system of governmental and hierarchical regulation and the enforcement of laws preserving difference and punishing those that don't support "diversity", that simulacrum of decency and fairness and equality promoted by the current world masters that seeks to destroy difference by seeming to defend it.
It's about love.

The idea favoured by the global scum is to turn the entire planet into a mall where brainwashed sheep, drugged to the eyeballs, spend their debt dollar in the company store, spend their working lives cleaning the lavatories of their masters, held in place by "hate speech" legislation and the myriad of other petty regulations that stifle expression and punish the outspoken.
They elite just hate a maverick. Always have.
So be one.
Free people make them ill, and scare them.

The ebb and flow of history has so far been dominated by the rip tide of evil. There has never been a moment in the recorded history of humanity that hasn't seen the rape of a mother and child, the senselessly evil massacre of a family, the perpetual and horrific blood fest of this carnival of travesty that has gone on and on.

The sheeple accept this state of affairs as "normal", as "life". They , of course, are the very instruments of this perpetual malaise. They have the effrontery to believe in their blinkered and irrational minds that they are living in an enlightened and civilised time, the zenith of human endeavour, when of course the opposite is true.
We have touched the bottom, and are feeding off rancid black mud full of disease and the rotting carcasses of the murdered.

That's Enough, isn't it, of all that?
Are we not 6.5 billion strong in this family of ours?
Time now to "Start Again".

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hello to the Department of Homeland Security

I have this software that shows me where visitors have come from (to be honest, I only just found out it did that. I just wanted a counter.) It's interesting to see where in the world visitors come from (the city, not the house number!)
Then I found this:

Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]
Springfield, Virginia, United States, 9 returning visits
11th August 2009
Page View
No referring
11th August 2009
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No referring
11th August 2009
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11th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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No referring
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No referring
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
Page View
12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
Page View
No referring

Isn't that nice that someone there is a human being too and loves this blog enough to come back 9 times. Thankyou, whoever you are.
Or maybe they think love is bad and are checking me out in case I throw an olive at the flag of America!
Kind of a spooky Big Brother kind of moment.

In Sickness and in Health.

(I think I'm in love with these crop circles!)

There is great debate in the United States at the moment about "Obamacare", a bunch of sinister new ideas wrapped up in a nice glossy package of faux "good".
Kind of like a poisoned chocolate for the masses.
One of the ideas is that government will pay whatever big pharma ask for their death drugs and won't seek a bulk buying deal. Nice for big Pharma, but then you wouldn't expect anything different, would you?

There is simply no point in arguing over detail in this or almost any other area of government, for the devil is always in the detail, but the sheeple never see him hiding there. The global planet wrecking war whores love to watch the sheep wrangling over detail;
"What sort of noose should hang ourselves with, hemp or nylon?"
"What about silk, maybe in a nice yellow or just off-white?"
Baaa. Baaa.

Universal free health care is a no brainer. Remembering the good Samaritan, few real human beings would walk past an accident victim asking for help and ignore their pleas. All illness is accidental.
The smoker didn't intend to get cancer, the obese person didn't intend to have heart problems, the stressed out don't intend to get mentally ill, the road collision victim didn't intend to have serious head injuries. We are most of us guilty of something that might affect our health, from driving too fast to walking in slippy shoes. Who knows when we might need the help and assistance of our fellow human beings?
And when needed, should the outcome depend on money?

Few of us would not try to talk an attempted suicide down from the ledge, or seize the pills from their hands. Each of us has a bad habit or a lifestyle choice (mountaineering!) or a gene that determines when we will fall ill or pass from this false reality to somewhere else, and each of us , acting collectively, should help our fellows to sustain this life and a healthy enjoyment of it.

Shit happens, and one of the ideas underpinning government is that government should act on behalf of its citizens in the collective actions necessary in civilisation. We the people will help you if you are attacked in the street by thugs through our police force, there to serve (or at least that's the general idea). We the people will defend you from harm. We the people will help you get well and put your life back together after an accident or an illness.

Government should resemble the best of close knit families, there with help and support in sickness and in health.
Leaving you be when you don't want or deserve interference.
That is why we choose now to have government, that is its true function.

Something, as we know, has gone seriously wrong with this rationale.

The concept of delivering health to ourselves either via government or private systems has been hijacked by the profit motive. In effect, we the people will assist you when you are run over by a train IF you give all of your money to the drug companies, the private medicine suppliers and all the others involved in this ambulance-chasing-for-profit that serves as a mockery of the caring impulses we most of us have.

Drug companies have a vested interest in designing and marketing expensive long term treatments (often for conditions they have convinced you to suffer). They have no interest in providing a cheap and effective cure. Google "cancer cure" and witness the efforts made to stifle cheap and easy remedies for this plague. From cannabis oil to sodium bicarbonate the story is one of establishment suppression and the full weight of government pressure and the "law".

In the early part of the last century certain moneyed families took control of the educational agenda in schools and also in medical training, laying the cornerstone for the take over of good health by the profiteering allopathic drug regime. Boy, do they ever play a long game!
This effort continues to this day with assaults on natural alternative health, vitamins, organic farming and so on ad nauseam.
Until we are all sick.
Which is what they want.
Who benefits from sickness?
The answer should be: "No-one".
Who benefits from death?
The answer should be: "No-one".
Who benefits from misery?
.....Well, I could go on.

As long as we have a system anywhere in the world that motivates people to benefit from ANY evil , or profit from it, then those same people will have a vested interest in the promulgation of that evil.
Why do you think we have had so many wars?
Why are so many mothers weeping over the still bodies of their children?
Inside those flag covered coffins carrying the brutalisers that have reaped what they have sown for a handful of pennies sits a fat pay-check for some evil bastard somewhere, sitting beside his pool admiring his yacht and footling with someone's underage daughter or son. Laughing.

The major pharma companies are also neck deep in the influenza debacle that is spreading senseless fear around the world, generating enormous unwarranted profits on the sale of treatments that are potentially very harmful and untested vaccines that may prove to be disastrously murderous. They form part of the cartel of evil that is assaulting humanity from all sides.

Big pharma digging up dead Alaskans? What IS all that about?

Government in our current "democracies" is in no way "of the people" nor "for the people". Government has slipped down the blood drenched gutter of global oligarchy. They smirk at the sheep every time an election comes around, falling for the old right and left, republican or democrat false reality paradigm yet again.
What is most amusing to them, good conjurers that they are, is the practice of deception and obfuscation. So we have this senseless debate about the devils' detail of a certain piece of legislation when what we should be focussing on is the leprous festering devils themselves.
This is not the time to discuss detail. This is not the time to mess about at the edges, a little change here, a little alteration there, a dab of paint.
This is the time to rip up, root and branch, this entire poisonous tree of evil and "Start Again"

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Hive Mind.....

Dear Reader,
Take a high dose vitamin D. 2,000iu is OK according to my research, but check for yourself. Take what sunshine you can get. If you're British, just take the vit.D !
Here, as they say, we go.....the great roller coaster ride to the future is set to go, the seats are all full, the brakes are off and we're heading upwards to the first big fall.
The slavering soul harvesters are all in position.

Don't Panic!.
The Anglo American warmongers and their usurious masters behind the scenes have since 9/11 slaughtered 1.9 million souls in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is the first stage in their plan for global warfare, coming soon, kicking off with an almighty false flag operation against Israel, performed by Mossad.The theft of trillions and the collapse of the western economies with its concomitant domino impact on the rest of the world will engender global famine and internecine warfare. Coming soon. Carry love in your hearts for all. The last 60 years have seen startling growth in cancer deaths, new killers like HIV/AIDS and many more sicknesses. This new flu, and likely its vaccine, will bring more death. A new highly dangerous strain will emerge, they tell us, soon.
Take your vitamin D. (I ought to be selling the stuff!)

I often remark that the conjunction of War Famine Pestilence and Death on such a scale is reminiscent of the prophetic End Times. It is interesting to view the drawing together of these threats to the existence of mankind, rapidly approaching a dreadful confluence, then to consider the apathy and disinterest of the sheeple.

There isn’t an elephant in the room, there’s an enormous rabid bull elephant in must, bristling with weapons of destruction, weeping sickness and disease from its pores, eating everything in the house and now turning its baleful red eye on them. Meanwhile, they turn over the channel to watch “Britain’s Got Talent” (”But No Future”) or similar distraction fodder.

There has never been a time in the history of mankind when the flow of events pointed more certainly to the outcomes anticipated and yet the people were less engaged. This lack of engagement and suspension of reason, engendered by 60 years of post war propaganda and mind control in many forms is a modern day Judas Goat; their ignorance is leading them into the slaughterhouse. Like children, they bury their heads under the sheets if you tell them a boogeyman is coming.Well, the boogeyman is here.

I’m finding it difficult to arrive at alternative conclusions after reading these signs, interpreting the ebb and flow of current events and predicting the outcome, mindful of the hidden hands guiding the world’s history in the making. These same hidden hands gave us Fascism, WW2, Communist Russia and Maoist China, the Cold War, the War on Terror, the Great Depression (then and now) and many more institutions of pure, unfettered evil. They think nothing of plunging the planet into global armageddon, think nothing of subjugating peoples and setting up death camps, always find willing servants amongst us to serve as Gestapo, Stasi, jackbooted villains of oppression, vaccinators, camp guards, oven operators.

One example of Hegelian reasoning going on: They have planned for years to give us this flu. High amounts of vitamin D are very effective at preventing this illness. High levels of vitamin D are obtained from the sun. They have been telling us to keep out of the sun for years, citing skin cancer. Many dark skinned people suffer from very low vitamin D (these eugenicist swine are race selective in their plans…) High vitamin D levels also combat cancer, hence the lower incidence of cancer mortality as the equator is approached, higher as you move towards the poles.

The "hive mind" is the most powerful weapon in this coming struggle.

Can you sense the minds of your fellow visitors, all of the other people here, now, in this imaginary space? Have a go.
Looking at these words at this moment. Reading what you are reading, thinking what you are thinking , right now?

If you can't feel them now, you will soon. The internet is the tool of communication for awakening, the conduit of truth (and also of lies).

However would we have found other people who share our thoughts and ideas in such numbers without this incredible instrument, this still new thing called the internet, this weapon in the war between good and evil that rages around us.

Ideas and the words that express them can change the world.
Killing won't. Hatred won't. Those are the weapons of the global scum. Love and the hive mind are our weapons.

Welcome to the hive mind.
There has ever been a herd instinct; that animalistic self-preserving greedy and instinctive monster that we have lived amongst for eons. You see it all around you now, following the Judas Goat of public opinion into the vaccine slaughterhouse. Entire generations of humanity waiting in line for the axe of fate to fall, giving up their humanity for a promise of safety, trusting to the last the thieves of time, the great harvesters of souls.

The hive mind is something altogether new, altogether different.
You are here now, as many others are in many other places, connected.
It is a consensus that has no boundaries, it's a consensus that sees no skin colour, no measure of attractiveness, no differentiation based on language or creed or skin colour or nationality. Here, in just words, is a touching point of minds, invisible fingertips reaching out and tentatively touching invisible fingertips.
You will, I hope, sense them...

This connectivity, this blind communication, this togetherness of souls made possible by technology is an entirely new phenomenon for mankind. It is something we have never been able to achieve hitherto. It is something we won't need technology for in the future, but for now this technology is helping to create an entirely new community.
This is something really very special.
It's the hive mind.
We are one living creature known as humanity made up of billions of individual "cells", each one different, each one finding a particular role, each reliant on all of the others. Sharing one hive called planet earth.

There is undoubtedly in the vastness of the universe another, bigger hive called creation. Logic dictates that there has to be. Gut instinct says that there must be.

They might let us in if we learn how to behave like civilised creatures.
They won't if we don't.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hi everyone.
I'd just like to say thankyou to the folks who have become "followers", one and all , and the people that take the time to leave a comment.
Thankyou very much.
It gives encouragement to me, learning, and hope.
If you aren't a follower but are one of the many visitors (more than I ever expected, Ta , xxx) please consider becoming a follower.
I'd love to know how many of "we" there are out there, and it would help.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 8 August 2009

World War of the Soul

(Picture: another wonderful crop circle. Don't know why, but this one speaks to me of the awkening of consciousness of humanity.)

There is a World War raging at this very moment. This world war is taking place in the hearts and minds of humanity across the globe. It is the war between Good and Evil. It's about to go ballistic.
The majority of people think of themselves as "good", living out their lives keeping their heads down, trying not to come to the attention of those in authority. They are honest, up to a point. They care, up to a point. They love, up to a point.
They obey regulations, even when the regulation is wrong. They cow-tow to authority in a myriad of ways. They believe themselves well informed, watch the news and read the newspapers, follow the herd-mind in their opinions, defend their mistaken stupidities even to the death. They are patriots, and will don a uniform and kill any other human being that threatens what they believe is something called "nation" and consider themselves heroic for that act of murder. They believe in fair play but cheat in business and lie to their spouses. They go to church and promulgate the lies , believing themselves morally superior for being a member of "god's family", this same "god's family" that condemns others and occasionally murders in great swathes people who are in the family of a different "god". They believe in the lying texts of a fabricated narrative designed to subjugate and make unnatural the believers, designed to inculcate them into the belief that the soul is only released at death, that we have to wait.

We don't. We can release the soul from its prison right now, whilst we live out this part of the journey.

This great lumpen mass of "good" people is almost entirely sold on the fabricated unreality of the current world. They doubt that politicians are in the hands of the global vermin. In fact they know damn well that they aren't and if you think otherwise, why, you're one of those outrageous conspiracy fruitcakes and if you carry on challenging what they believe they'll swing for you, so help them God!
They doubt that politicians would wage murderous wars on the instructions of these vermin for a handful of gold and a seat at the table of the devil. They believe what they are told to believe by the puppet propaganda merchants that masquerade as the independent media. They believe 9/11, and 7/7 in the UK , were committed by muslim jihadists. They are right now lining up for Tamiflu and the vaccine. If the vaccine becomes mandatory, they will bring to the attention of the enforcers people who are trying to avoid it and think themselves upright citizens for so doing.
Their soul is crushed by their fearful and cowardly "body-mind", whispering it's instructions constantly: "Keep your head down, go with the crowd, question nothing, accept authority, believe the lies, take your medicine, die at the time I tell you to die, be angry at people who are free-they are a vexation and a danger to you".
Billions of these "good" people are living in a darkness of their own creation, living in the false reality, living as slaves to conformity, unconsciously doing the bidding of their masters. This conformity puts the blood of the murdered babies in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan on their hands, They're dripping with it. This conformity makes them nothing more than scavenging dogs , eating the festering scraps from the carcass of humanity left to them after the foul and unutterable demons have had their fill.
(I use those words often: devils, demons etc etc. These are inhuman people, people who can kill babies or get others to kill babies for them. What other names are fitting?)
The biggest single threat to these elite baby murderers is the internet. This is where an enormous covert war is being fought, the world war between good and evil, because it is into the hearts and minds of humanity that they need to continue to dig their leprous clawed fingers. They need to control all information or the game is up.
They don't.
So it is.

The internet allows a thousand minds to fall out of their grip at the click of a mouse, a million souls to wake up in a day. It will only take one idea to "go viral" on the internet and their game will be up. They must prevent this awakening at all costs. After all, what if all those billions of "good" people suddenly woke up to the truth?
As our global leeches are no slouches when it comes to disposing of irritations, expect an assault on the internet shortly. The global awakening gathers pace and they need to act quickly.

Anticipate the coming expansion of the "fear" factor. Fear nothing. Do not believe in their lies, however cleverly orchestrated. They are as incapable of Truth as they are incapable of Love.
Good will prevail.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Thieves of Time

Standing and staring..............

There is an intensely frustrating experience happening to me at the moment - and the same feeling of frustration is probably happening to you.
You reach a certain point of understanding about the way the world is currently ordered, you look at the violence and sickness, the hunger and death and you think to yourself: How is it that so few people understand this wickedness?
Why are they so apathetic?
If you are like me, you silently scream.
We should, of course, be standing on the rooftops hollering as loud as we can. In a way, this is what this blog hollering. (Where I live, if I hollered from the rooftops no-one would understand a word I was hollering).
Once you become aware of the truth you see more and more each day the arcane manipulations of our global puppeteers, the criminality and theft on a grand scale of the world's riches, the cold blooded genocidal murder.
They are also the thieves of Time. Every person that works to pay the interest on debts to them, every person that works to pay taxes that go to "bank bailouts" and to service national debts owed to them via their stranglehold over the world's "national" and international banks, is working harder so to do. That Time spent working to service debt is Time given, unwittingly, to them. Labour given in exchange for thin air. Governments connive in this theft of time, time that could be spent with family or friends or in good and much needed works in our communities or further afield.

"Oh what a world if, full of care, we have not Time to stand and stare."

This grand larceny of Time in the first world nations creates a schism in many families, especially where both parents are striving to pay this fictional debt, debt created by the flick of a pen in a fictional account from fictional "money" that only exists in a computer. How many broken families can track their failure back to overwork, no time together, financial worry and its commonest causality, debt? Of course, this suits the agenda of the global devils very well. It robs us of one of the fundamental building blocks of a safe, secure and happy society.
It robs us of unity.
It robs us of dignity.
It makes slaves of us.

The ability to see the truth about the world has emerged only in the last few years as a global phenomenon. The advent of the internet and the prevalence of English has served to make possible what was hitherto impossible; to break the stranglehold of the scum on the world's supply of information. They recognise this battleground exists and have done so probably longer than most people realise. They have always tried to anticipate opposition movements and usually lead them, rewarding their false quislings later as the opposition enters the mainstream. Check out the recent careers of green activists from the eighties. Establishment to a man or woman, plaudits and power, handsomely paid jobs in the global warming tax scam businesses and so on ad nauseam. Wretched beings.
Think of Obama.....think of the many "conspiracy" sites with high profile figureheads and wonder; are we are being conned again? Probably.
There are thousands of "conspiracy" sites out there, and millions of comments on forums. The global money masters are attacking this source of truth in two ways: they secretly fund sites that appear to be "anti" the "NWO" or "Global Elite" but guide opinion subtly, often heaping discredit on the site through the comments areas and forums, pushing enlightened truth seekers away. The virulent anti jew sentiments expressed on many sites, the targeting of the jews as the global elite is a part of this game. The elite have a long history of putting jews into uncomfortably hot places and arousing fear of and hatred for this part of the global family. The entirity of the history of Israel is the history of a people being set up by the elite for yet another almighty reckoning. My guess is that it will begin in early September 2009, but then or later begin it will.

The encouraging thing is numbers. If we estimate that there are two hundred thousand aware people in the world there must be two hundred million that are getting there, two billion understanding something and thinking about it, even more as mad as hell but with no idea, yet, as to why. Many are distracted, many lose their way, many turn the truth into an excuse for anger, letting the body-mind "I" respond to the information, not digging deeper for their true soul.
Not understanding that their false-reality programming has placed these false reactions at the forefront of their psyche.

The pioneers that gain the critical faculty that comes from fuller understanding are now edging further into the unfathomable truth, seeking out the pieces of this unfinished jigsaw, tackling the hardest parts, the blue sky at the edges. Soon, the picture will emerge fully, there for all to see who wish to look. It will not be a pretty picture, and it is now and will more so cause a reaction that will soon become unstoppable.
Spread the Truth. Reach out to the unknowing. We face enormous trials that will test us and the larger our host the more easily will we shrug off this parasite and "Start Again".

Monday, 3 August 2009

Out of Darkness Cometh Light

If you don't look at crop circles, maybe you're missing something......

This one for Revolution Harry, who will know.......

"Our of Darkness Cometh Light."
I hope, if nothing else, to complete this journey.

Sometimes one arrives at a point in a journey when it is helpful to look back, to see where you have been, to recognise the mis-directions, to encompass the wholeness of the trails you have followed, then look forward again, newly emboldened and certain that you have chosen the right path.
There is at this moment across the globe an as yet un-named , ill formed and disorganised mass of humanity that is collectively reaching that point. It is a mass that shares a connectivity in the ether, a mass that shares a common goal and is only now arriving at that conclusion.
You and I, dear reader, are not alone. Far from it. We are part of the biggest family of friends ever witnessed. We are part of the biggest single event that the history of mankind has witnessed. We have enormous power, a power that will do enormous good and completely reshape our future.
This mass, like a fishing boat cutting the morning sea as the sun rises, is leaving behind it a glittering iridescent wake that is spreading inexorably outwards, touching more and more people each day. This iridescence is truth and understanding, and from truth and understanding will come light, and when humanity at last steps into the light we will banish darkness forever.
Only now are we coming to understand the evil influence that has prevailed for millennia and to understand that this influence has created for us an entirely false reality. I do not mean by this that the table in front of you now is a fiction, just that everything else that you take for granted is part of an intricate web of deceit. This deceit begins and ends with what you currently think of as "I".
The "I" is your animal self, the "body-mind", the instinctive self preserving element of your mind that currently controls your body and hides from pain the real soul inside. When we are born we are born full of innocence and love, happiness and joy, pure souls. The false reality brings us into contact with hurt, with evil, and the animal "I" assumes control, pushing the true inner being further and further into darkness. This inner soul re-emerges only at death, when the animal mind has given up the struggle and the light inside is allowed, at last, to express itself. The soul inside does not fear death, understands all.
Those that control us have made it their business to force us to allow the "I" mind to have primacy. They have understood for millennia that the "I" mind is easily controlled by fear, easily swayed by lies, easily distracted by baubles. It is capable of greed, violence, unutterable savagery and hurt, hatred and misjudgement. It is what we have been lulled into believing is human nature. It is not. It is the very antithesis of human nature. It is evil incarnate, driven by self and an instinctive urge for self preservation.
We should forgive ourselves and others, for we truly know not what we have done.
It is time we ended the domination of our inner souls by this monster , and in so doing open the doors to the new future that is fast approaching.
The "I" within us has been inculcated with an incredibly complex series of lies that have reinforced this entire false reality , made true what is falsehood. Concepts many of us cling to and value are constructs designed to create division and enmity, hatred and violence, to lock the inner soul ever more firmly in its protective "I" shell. The ideas of nation, religion, race, skin colour, sex, money, property, debt, success, failure, an endless and incredibly complex catalogue of falsehoods, all designed to ensure the primacy of "I" at the expense of the beautiful lives we could have lived, should live and will live.
Freeing ourselves from this matrix of deceit is the first stage , a stage in humanity's development that is underway at the moment and growing exponentially. These words are part of that process, as are the words and ideas of each of us, spreading like a virus of good, infecting others daily. The technique is simple and begins with questioning everything. Our lives are full of experiences that have been placed there by the matrix of evil and lead our "I" selves to make misjudgements. The simple act of addressing the "I" directly , of asking it why it feels anger or hatred, why it acts the way it does, will lead to a revelation of a kind, the revelation that every "instinct" we have, learned from the lessons of life, wrought from the lessons of experience , has its foundation in the sick evil emanating from the matrix.
The "I" that you so value has been shaped into the bitter fruit you know. The root and the branch of that tree is sick and its fruit is sour. The vast community of souls awaits our ripping out, root and branch, of the lessons of deception, the history of lies, the falsehoods we take for granted.
What will remain, the inner self we reveal, is love. Love will be the foundation of every interchange , of every transaction as our pure souls cast off the shackles that have imprisoned us and we enter the broad, sunlit uplands of our future.
We do want this, don't we?
Then let's go there.