Friday, August 7, 2009

Thieves of Time

Standing and staring..............

There is an intensely frustrating experience happening to me at the moment - and the same feeling of frustration is probably happening to you.
You reach a certain point of understanding about the way the world is currently ordered, you look at the violence and sickness, the hunger and death and you think to yourself: How is it that so few people understand this wickedness?
Why are they so apathetic?
If you are like me, you silently scream.
We should, of course, be standing on the rooftops hollering as loud as we can. In a way, this is what this blog hollering. (Where I live, if I hollered from the rooftops no-one would understand a word I was hollering).
Once you become aware of the truth you see more and more each day the arcane manipulations of our global puppeteers, the criminality and theft on a grand scale of the world's riches, the cold blooded genocidal murder.
They are also the thieves of Time. Every person that works to pay the interest on debts to them, every person that works to pay taxes that go to "bank bailouts" and to service national debts owed to them via their stranglehold over the world's "national" and international banks, is working harder so to do. That Time spent working to service debt is Time given, unwittingly, to them. Labour given in exchange for thin air. Governments connive in this theft of time, time that could be spent with family or friends or in good and much needed works in our communities or further afield.

"Oh what a world if, full of care, we have not Time to stand and stare."

This grand larceny of Time in the first world nations creates a schism in many families, especially where both parents are striving to pay this fictional debt, debt created by the flick of a pen in a fictional account from fictional "money" that only exists in a computer. How many broken families can track their failure back to overwork, no time together, financial worry and its commonest causality, debt? Of course, this suits the agenda of the global devils very well. It robs us of one of the fundamental building blocks of a safe, secure and happy society.
It robs us of unity.
It robs us of dignity.
It makes slaves of us.

The ability to see the truth about the world has emerged only in the last few years as a global phenomenon. The advent of the internet and the prevalence of English has served to make possible what was hitherto impossible; to break the stranglehold of the scum on the world's supply of information. They recognise this battleground exists and have done so probably longer than most people realise. They have always tried to anticipate opposition movements and usually lead them, rewarding their false quislings later as the opposition enters the mainstream. Check out the recent careers of green activists from the eighties. Establishment to a man or woman, plaudits and power, handsomely paid jobs in the global warming tax scam businesses and so on ad nauseam. Wretched beings.
Think of Obama.....think of the many "conspiracy" sites with high profile figureheads and wonder; are we are being conned again? Probably.
There are thousands of "conspiracy" sites out there, and millions of comments on forums. The global money masters are attacking this source of truth in two ways: they secretly fund sites that appear to be "anti" the "NWO" or "Global Elite" but guide opinion subtly, often heaping discredit on the site through the comments areas and forums, pushing enlightened truth seekers away. The virulent anti jew sentiments expressed on many sites, the targeting of the jews as the global elite is a part of this game. The elite have a long history of putting jews into uncomfortably hot places and arousing fear of and hatred for this part of the global family. The entirity of the history of Israel is the history of a people being set up by the elite for yet another almighty reckoning. My guess is that it will begin in early September 2009, but then or later begin it will.

The encouraging thing is numbers. If we estimate that there are two hundred thousand aware people in the world there must be two hundred million that are getting there, two billion understanding something and thinking about it, even more as mad as hell but with no idea, yet, as to why. Many are distracted, many lose their way, many turn the truth into an excuse for anger, letting the body-mind "I" respond to the information, not digging deeper for their true soul.
Not understanding that their false-reality programming has placed these false reactions at the forefront of their psyche.

The pioneers that gain the critical faculty that comes from fuller understanding are now edging further into the unfathomable truth, seeking out the pieces of this unfinished jigsaw, tackling the hardest parts, the blue sky at the edges. Soon, the picture will emerge fully, there for all to see who wish to look. It will not be a pretty picture, and it is now and will more so cause a reaction that will soon become unstoppable.
Spread the Truth. Reach out to the unknowing. We face enormous trials that will test us and the larger our host the more easily will we shrug off this parasite and "Start Again".


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Good Evening Crete,
Quite a shout tonight.
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