Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beautiful olive oil.......(not an ad, I promise!)

If you go back far enough in this blog you'll read about our olive farming and how we became the current carers of 5 groves of mostly 300 year old olive trees. They had been ignored and allowed to get out of hand by the previous "owner" and had grown too tall and misshapen and were overgrown with enormous acreages of weeds, weeds too tough to clear with a "weed-whacker", weeds that had to be cleared by hand, cut and dragged uphill to a suitable place for burning where the flames could be managed and not damage or set alight the surrounding trees. That work is mostly complete now, and has taken three years. We have yet to prune back around half of the trees, mostly this winter after we have harvested, an enormous task for a couple of expats unused to the heat and unused to such physical work, but also an enormous pleasure and sense of achievement. There is no money in it, but there is healing for the soul and a renewed sense of togetherness for us.
We are also educating our trees to seek water with their roots rather than rely on us piping water to them. It's harsh for them, but the oil we produce as a consequence is sublime. The trees didn't get water unnaturally fifty years ago, and we want our trees to live once more harmoniously with nature and in their natural state. They are moaning at us about it, I assure you. Sitting alone in the groves on a hot day, you can hear them curse and rail above the noise of the cicadas. They have got used to the easy life, and don't like the reversion to the old ways.
We hug them, and try and close our ears and eyes to their temporary torment, knowing that after the hardship they will be stronger, more vibrant, more capable of withstanding the ebb and flow of natural cycles, produce even better oil. For the same reason, we don't poison them with anything unnatural. No fly spraying, no chemical fertilisers.
Working hand in hand with nature, working with our hands rather than with machines and chemicals , brings pleasures and delights too numerous to list, too difficult to encapsulate in words because they are delights of the soul. If ever you wished to meet what some call god, then a closeness to the magnificence and diversity of nature is as sure a way as any. It is often beautiful, sometimes ugly, but always works in an orchestrated harmony that defies ordinary explanation. It is ineffable.
It is how the world should be.
Orchestrated harmony was at one time, thousands of years ago, how man before he was fettered lived in close association with our earth.
Some, a tiny few, still do. They're hiding from us, and who can blame them. When we find them in their forest enclaves we send in the camera teams and the diseases we carry and bring them sickness. We always have, messengers of evil sent to destroy those that still live in harmony with the world, having fun.
For the rest of us, a gulf has appeared.
The strides forward man has made, especially within the last two centuries, particularly within the last fifty years and even more fundamentally in the last ten years have widened the gulf that should never have interceded between mankind and our host. This gulf, this unnatural schism, this apartheid of man and nature, this disrespect of our earth has weakened and endangered our species and despoiled our home.
We are to blame, and yet we are not. Each of us plays a part, but few do so with full knowledge and awareness because full knowledge and awareness is something we lost Millennia ago and are only now re-discovering. The root cause, the festering evil behind this unnatural schism has been a blood line of control freaks that in absolute fairness one can only categorise as devilish, Luciferian , evil. This blood line is not Jewish, please don't fall into one of the traps they set for you. It is simply a blood line of evil.
The history of mankind as we know it (and how falsely that history is presented to us) is the history of the battle between good and evil. Good has been losing for as long as written history can record, and of course as Napoleon said, history is written by the victors.........
It's time human beings started writing history.
I've mentioned before practical steps we can take to hasten the awakening. The first is by communicating, spreading the word, lifting the veil for as many people as you can by encouragement, leading the way out of the darkness. The second is by ignoring all of the elements of the unnatural prison bars they have put around us: debt, regulation, big business, police, bad chemicals, media , nation, religion, money, race. Treat them all with contempt and disdain, these imposters that constrict your humanity and subjugate your soul.
We're much bigger than they are, and the lifting of the veil is all about realising that, about feeling our power, about fearing nothing, about courage if you are one of the first, about love.
We have an obligation to the future and this obligation starts now, starts with you and me. It is the obligation to accept risk and ridicule and to meet the enemy head on with the love that is unfolding within each of us.
Clear the grove of weeds, prune out the old wood, sink our roots deep into mother earth.
Let's make beautiful olive oil together.


S Butler said...

A link I think you may enjoy...

Only stumbled upon it myself a few days ago.

Olive Farmer said...

Thanks S B,
Love what they are doing.
So it grows.

Anonymous said...

Dear Olive Farmer,
I also have many olive trees on my land overlooking the adriatic sea in southern Italy...
We have been living here for 13 years....11 years on this property...
Have a good Italian friend that charters his small sailboat out of Greece and does alternative therapy and massage with guests if they desire it...
Very preoccupied with Swine flu scam and NWO objectives...trying to inform as best as I can...
Would like to meet you sometime...