Friday, July 31, 2009

Turn it off, turn it on.

(Pic. Another beautiful crop circle from Wiltshire in the UK.
Another sign, however made.)

Do you think you have no power? Do you think you are so locked into the grid that there's nothing you can do? Are you afraid to do anything that might draw attention?
Thinking like a fish, seeking safety in the shoal, not worrying that the predator is taking some of your fellows because you are OK, safe in the middle here with all the other little fishes, running scared but still alive?
This is the power of fear. It's the power that lets one bully rule a mob, one evil cabal rule the planet. Fear is what is ruining your existence and everyone else's. Fear is what is turning our beautiful planet into a garbage dump. Fear is what will turn mankind into micro-chipped serfs eking out a living from the rubbish heaps of the past whilst the elite continue to sit atop their golden piles, using and abusing us for all time.

So, that's enough of being afraid, isn't it?

And guess what?
If the herd turn on the predator, the predator is finished.
Our planet is dominated by a few thousand at most of these evil scum and a few hundred thousand of their acolytes, with a few million of their indoctrinated muscle brains in close support. It looks scary, but in fact it’s tiny, weak, and beginning to crumble.
There are 6.5 billion of us.
That’s 6.5 billion. What we say goes.
It’s no wonder they are afraid.

So here is something of a strategy which will require YOU to take a stance, you to take a lead, you to cast off fear and become one of the many courageous forefathers of the brave new world. Do you want history to sing songs about you? Well, here’s where that starts.
I should say one more thing: The “body-mind” which controls you has a fear of “death” which is the strongest hold over you that the elite have. Can you cast off the fear of “death”? Because if you can, you are already free, you are already one of the huge foundation stones of the future. Bless you.
Let’s deal with quite a few of the control elements of the false reality grid, and see what the brave amongst us can achieve, and just how quickly. Remember this: If everyone did this, you’d be a fool not to, wouldn’t you?
Fear nothing.

DEBT: This is a fabrication, as we know, just as paper money is worthless.
So: Do not make payments on any money debt you have to a corporation (but repay those debts and obligations you have to other human beings with speed and care).
If ten people stop paying, they’ll repossess. If 2 billion stop, they’ll be powerless.
Stop today. Watch them wither.

HEALTH: Look closely and research the medication you take. If you find it is genuinely helping you, continue. If not, stop it. Go to your physician and calmly ask him to explain why the medication is beneficial, and to give you proof. This is particularly true of vaccines and drugs for mental health. Research alternative cures. A global fall in the uptake of the many evil drugs will go a long way towards changing the attitudes of the sickness purveyors masquerading as your friend.
We will build a medical system entirely free of the motive of profit one day soon, which is so easy to do, and is a no-brainer, isn‘t it?

MEDIA: Simply turn off the television and go and spend some downtime with some people you like. Imagine the anchorman reporting to his boss: “I’ve been telling the lies, Rupert, but no-ones listening!” No viewers, no ad revenue, therefore no TV stations, no propaganda. What did people do with their time 50 years ago? Why, get together. What did they do when they got together? Have fun, and talk things over.
Do the same with the printed media. If you don’t read or see the news, there’s nothing to be scared of other than what happens locally within your circle. And guess what, there’s very little there for you to be scared of unless you’re unlucky enough to live in some mini-hell , (and we’ll sort those out soon enough.)

GOVERNMENT: This is an easy one. Think of yourself as an employer, and the government as one of your employees. That is, in fact, what it is. Remembering that you should do nothing to harm your fellow humans, decline to take instructions from your employee! You’d be mad to wouldn’t you? Government should have its name changed to “services co-ordinator” and that should be its role. Emptying the garbage, cleaning the streets, ensuring citizens are safe (and not by going overseas and murdering, raping and torturing your brother human beings). So; do not pay tax until the “government” spend that tax only on the things you agree it should spend that tax on. Make the required deductions before you pay. Don’t want to contribute to the murder of Pakistani babies? Don’t pay. Don’t want to pay the fictional debt you are imagined to owe the Federal Reserve or whatever your national bank masquerades as? Don’t pay. Don’t want to fund the poison vaccines or take them? Don’t pay, and say no. Don’t agree with something the government wants or tries to insist you do? Then just say NO. You are in charge, you pay the wages, you are the boss and, if you are causing no harm to anybody else, you can do just what the hell you want and it has nothing to do with them at all.
Paying no tax might make the government short of the money it needs to pay for the things you don’t agree with, and that’s exactly how it should be. Almost all of your taxes are back handed to their crooked friends or the world money masters or go towards killing people.
Just say NO.
Can you take on the big bully? Yes, you can (!)
Then replace the whole lot of them with good people and “Start Again”.

RELIGION: This is less easy. If there is a god, he (she, or it) is within each one of us, not in the ordered and structured cult you are currently involved with, nor in the words of some book that was written not by god but by a committee of power freaks designing an instrument of control a few hundred years ago. Research the origins of the book, see the guiding hands of men, not god.
Consider the history of religious violence.
If you need a god and feel a need to worship your god, do so at a personal, man-to-god level. It should be between you and your god, and no book or religious leader or set of peculiar rules should stand in the way of direct communication between your soul and your god. It is the closest you’ll get to him, and you don’t need a building with a funny roof or some guy in weird clothes to get close to god. Funnily enough, if god exists, he’s very close to you right now, and always has been.
Don’t give up on your god, just give up on religion.
If you wish to give money to salve your soul do it personally to a person you see in need or go look for them. That works.

POLICE: If you are causing no harm to another soul, you are doing no wrong. You are a free human being. The policeman is your servant, paid by you to keep you safe and free from fear. He has no right or duty other than that. He cannot insist on you giving him your name. If a policeman breaks this code, smile, remind him that you love him and that he is a beautiful soul too. Remind him that you are his superior as his employer. Ask him to recall his oath and the constitution. If everyone did this, how long do you think they could continue being the muscle brains of the elite? Maybe then they could focus on the real criminals; you know, the baby murderers, the real “terrorists”, the incredibly successful thieves that have robbed your country for generations, the torturers, the local thugs and bullies. You know: Do their job.
Many of these uniformed souls are the most pitiable. Evil has entered many of their hearts and they see no good unless it is clothed in the same uniform of power they wear. To them, the world is “us” and “them” and their conditioning is often difficult to break down. Do not hate them, but love them more because they need your help and mine if they are to come through. When they realise that they are standing outside of the enormous family of man, so will their transformation begin.
To the good cop: now is the time, brother or sister. Join in.

WAR: For goodness sake, whoever invented this thing. Whoever can think that it is ever good, particularly when for the last couple of millennia almost every war has been engineered by those that benefit (and rarely die in them) and fought by those that have no stake in the gains made by the instigators.
The soldier, poor thing, is lost in the maelstrom of fear and vengeance and numbed to the brutality and harm. When we bring them home we should ask them to be our bravest and most devoted servants of good, allow them the opportunity of redemption. A world rescue service might give them that chance, or tough assignments where the world is messiest and grunt and determination are needed to clean it up. Give them laurels for good work, and help them cleanse themselves by rebuilding. Each of us has a soul of good, but some have to dig further and need more help than others.

BIG BUSINESS: All business that is to do with the essentials of life should be not for profit. This is a ridiculous construct and just makes life much harder than it needs to be for everyone but particularly the poor. Drug companies and health care, food, power, public transport, water, sewage, the list goes on. We have allowed the profit motive and the unseemly influence of business to interfere with the very basics of life, and so humanity is forced to work much harder than it needs to. We squander the time we should spend with family and friends and in the enjoyment of life on corporate profit for essentials and in ludicrous misspent taxes. Big business propagandises us into the consumer culture which is creating the enormous polluting piles of rubbish we are gifting our children and grandchildren, much of it harmful, and perpetuating the inequalities of the world. For a species that shares one planet, that’s plainly silly and kind of sad.
Surely we will be able to conceive of a better way to order our lives, a way beginning with and built on the foundation of Love. Not an “ism”, not a pyramidal power structure, just love and what flows from love.
Turning these things off will go some way towards freeing humanity and ushering in the emergence of our higher souls. We will accelerate the disappearance of the evil that has ruled us, and prepare the way for the new future we are about to build built on love and the overwhelming power of 6.5 billion souls, which nothing can resist.
It will take courage, especially the courage to be first. But you are not afraid, are you?

This is easy when it comes from within, from the inner soul, and from love. Reach out and touch everyone you meet with the love you have inside you. Try it ,and see how quickly your life becomes better. Consider every action you take and be motivated in everything only by love. Be the first in your street or business or club or town or group of friends. Folks will find you weird at first, but you will soon meet others who have had enough of evil and would rather help to build a heaven on earth for human kind, thank you very much.
Across the globe, in every walk of life, from the highest to the lowest this quiet awakening is happening right now. Every day thousands more are reaching the understanding that the world is ours and we should take control of it from the foul hands of evil that have imprisoned our souls for so long.
It is the first step to our awakening and transformation.
Soon that growth will be exponential, and the wicked will , like rats cornered, fight with their foulest weapons.
Do not believe their falsehoods. Do not fear.
Our time is now, theirs is nearly over.
Join in.


Anonymous said...

Olive Farmer,
I just found your blog. Thanks for inviting the readers of Solari here...
What an uplifting space you have created here. What clarity. Hope.
Yes, we really can. Thank you for reminding me.
Blessings to you and the world you imagine.

KathyM said...

Thank You Olive Farmer for your wonderful words of inspiration. I'm here in the US trying to make plans for a new kind of future. I stopped paying credit card debt some time ago. I won't be filing a tax return ever again. I won't be taking a vaccine again. Waking up is hard to do!! I'm sharing what I'm learning with others but the US government has people soooo brainwashed and afraid that my attempts aren't working well.

Ironically, my father and mother raised us (5 children) very close to the Earth. We raised our own vegetables, chickens and occasional hogs and a calf. My dad also raised fishing worms and rabbits. He made us pick wild blackberries, plums, pick up black walnuts and hickory nuts to bring home and store for hard times. He also made us work a tobacco crop every year. He didn't believe in paying interest so he didn't borrow much money EVER!

I couldn't wait to get married and move to town away from him and his slave master ways. Now I'm 48 years old and thinking of going back to the country with possibly more survival skills than my children's generation! Only thing is....I'm out of shape! Maybe gardening will get me back into shape!

I've gone round with religion all my life. (Bible belt of Tennessee here in the US.) Everything I did when I was young was going to send me to hell if I didn't repent. My most recent thoughts of God are: "When enough of us turn our thoughts and ways to pure love,,,wonder if,,,,that's when we will see the real God? I no longer believe in "a religion" but I'm thinking that God is something so glorious that it can only be expressed as humanity works together in love without fear.

Olive Farmer said...

You are an inspiration. Thank you, lead on. You are out there , making the waves, showing the way.
Your courage ..... is fabulous.
Thank you. Love Olive,xxx xxx xxx