Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arundhati Roy and democracy, Indian style......

Pictures: All of my pictures are taken locally, this from my balcony this morning. The sunrise reflects what I believe is about to happen in the world, a new dawn for mankind.
I have just now read Arundhati Roy's post on "Information Clearing House" http://informationclearinghouse.info/article22994.htm .
For anyone reading this, ICH is a great source of intelligent and cogent debate, offering viewpoints that are not always agreeable to everyone but brilliant because of that. Often they give us a gem, and such is Ms Roy's post, full of wisdom and an alarming expose of what passes for democracy in India. It's a lengthy post, and worth every minute you might take to read it.
Thank you, Arundhati. Bless you.
How can one possibly make any worthy response to such an immense document?
The vastness of India acts as a magnifying glass. All of the world's sicknesses, all of her griefs are there portrayed with crystal clarity.
As a westerner the iniquity and barbarism described seem far away, because we in the west have mostly enjoyed a life free of the extreme and ill concealed levels of corporate violence and political skullduggery you describe, at least for the last sixty years or so. We are also of course denied a press and media that might bring such atrocity to our attention.
Our liars and thieves and corporate and political murderers are more adept and experienced than yours at hiding their evil, at fooling the public.
We are more brainwashed and mind controlled and live in a falser reality. They need to manage us more carefully.
And yet, as ever, it is our liars and thieves that are raping your nation, the western corporations and the capital and banking hierarchy behind them that bleeds your people and finds, as ever, plenty of willing thugs to do the dirty work for them.
There is a conclusion to be drawn:
Democracy, as we practise it and as the baser amongst us allow it to be, has become an open door to the venemous serpent of evil that has prevailed and now owns the planet.
And what a shit heap they are making of it.
As Hitler found no shortage of volunteers to manage his final solution, no shortage of "ordinary" Germans to gather up the "homos", the delinquent, the disabled, the Gypsy, the jew, so it is that the "democracies" in which we live find no shortage of bullies, no dearth of the greedy , no difficulty in finding the psycopathic, the angry, the inadequate and the stupid who will do their master's bidding for a handful of pennies and a pat on the back, no shortage of devils to organise the destruction in exchange for a title, a pot of money and an exemption from the process of law, such that they might bury their snouts in whatever perversion and sickness they favour without fear of just retribution.
Democracy has been hoodwinked.
Democracy has been stolen.
Democracy has been asleep on its watch.
It is no wonder that democracy is "sold" to the sleeping public as the only fair and just form of government. The reason is that democracy is by far the easiest route to the creation of the state of evil, the world government of the meek by the wicked. It is easier to trick people into doing what you want than to force them to, although force helps.
After all, for a few baubles, they'll do all the hard work for you.
We are our own prison guards.
We suffer from a world malaise, the malaise of indifference and apathy. This is coupled with another evil, which is the loss of a true moral outrage , the loss of a spiritual dignity, the loss of what it truly means to be a human being.
The forces ranged against us have been orchestrated for centuries if not millennia and the advent of modern technology has gifted the elite monsters an entirely efficient and horrific toolkit of control, subjugation and usury. Quite simply, they are on a roll, the crest of a wave. Whilst we were sleeping at the wheel the criminal baby murdering swine have tightened their grip.
Their object must now be clear to almost anyone of discernment, and will be denied by the vast numbers of their servants, those sick folk who prefer being a slave driver rather than risk being a slave.
Like the Jews at Belsen and Auschwitz that acted as guards, that wielded the whip rather than face the whip, the cowards (and aren't we most of us?) that swapped dignity for life.
And so we draw our battle lines. And so civil war is upon us. Man against man in the last fight for the preservation not just of mankind, but of our pillaged and raped planet.
We face choices.
The masters that have ever controlled us understand that we are easily manipulated and that they possess the tools of manipulation. They understand that they control the weapons of aggression. They feel that, even if we could cast them aside temporarily, their control of money and its issuance throughout the world will allow them to quickly recover. They look down upon us. We are small to them. We can be controlled. Why should they fear us?
They should fear us because for the first time we can talk to one another. Nation of ordinary people to nation of ordinary people.
And in that communication, a commonality is emerging. In that communication an understanding and a learning is coming about. In that communication, the perpetual lies are being revealed for what they are.
The truth is being revealed, and nothing will prevent its advancement.
When the soldier refuses to shoot, when the policeman refuses to bully and arrest, when the politician states the truth, when the lackeys and lickspittles realise the tide is turning, then will be the time.
The apocalypse, the "lifting of the veil" is upon us. The truth is out. It is incumbent upon us all to spread that truth.
If we can act, and act with peace and love and the force of reconciliation and goodwill rather than the force of violence and evil, if we can act with dignity, intelligence and valour, if we can act with one set purpose to Start Again with our people and our planet, then we will enter a broad, sunlit upland of peace and repose, a golden age of rebuilding and cleansing, a time of hard work and decent labour with a worthy end.
A brave, brave, new , world.
Time to Start Again, brothers and sisters. Our children and a thousand generations of our descendants depend upon us, now, the current guardians of the world, to finish this evil.
Once and for all time, and with all the care, love and intelligence we can muster.
There are 6.5 billion of us.
Lets get together.


Revolution Harry said...

I'm more than ever convinced that if enough of us here in England can take this murderous cabal, centred in the 'City of London', to task we could do the world a great service. I'm halfway through watching an address by Lyndon LaRouche, linked to by 'Robert' on the UK Column forum. He leaves no one in any doubt as to where he sees as being the centre of so much of what is wrong in the world. He calls it the British Empire. we perhaps know it better as the Crown.

Daniel Bland said...

Hi Olive Farmer-

Thank you for sharing such motivational calls for others to search for truth. I have recently strated a website which is dedicated to the quest for truth. You can check it out at www.BlandyLand.com If you are interested, I would like to republish your blog there. I,m new to the web, but have some friends who can teach me how to set it up. Let me know if you are intersted. Thanks again for sharing!

Daniel Bland