Friday, 24 July 2009

Tipping the Pyramid

The vast edifice of the control structure now necessary to keep humanity ignorant, subdued, moronic and enslaved, and the huge numbers of human beings required to man the stations on behalf of the controlling elite has become the greatest threat to their continuance as the dominant bloodline. An enormous break in the cycle of history is upon us. We are approaching interesting times, and when the tree falls, the monkeys will scatter.
We must be watchful, lest we let some of them escape
The enormity of the control grid is as evident as it is mind-numbingly horrifying and to the unthinking its very size, power and ordered structure is its strength. But as the old saying goes, the bigger they come, the harder they fall.
Consider that every human being that currently forms a small "cog" in this vast enterprise-machine has a stake in the future of our planet, that stake being comprised of their own life span and thereafter the lifespan of their children and grandchildren. We all of us have an eternal future consisting , if nothing else, of our genetic fingerprint. Most "cogs", of course, are currently unaware that they are perpetuating an ancient and evil control system. They do not understand their role. They believe in the facile and simple lies that explain their work as something reasonable, even noble.
Consider the soldier, dumbly willing to exchange his life for "flag" or "country", imagining that shelling an Afghan village and murdering children is somehow noble! This particular lie, "King and Country", has been told for Millennia. There have always been boys willing to believe this atrocious fallacy, ever been mothers pushing their boys forward, proud of their nobility, beaming with love at their smartly uniformed offspring, weeping with grief at the flag covered coffin or the still-alive husk of humanity returned to her , eyes full of death and wickedness ,shame and remorse, crippled.
Consider the Doctor, the brightest of us; years in college, years in post graduate hospital work, starting out with the burning light of decency and the desire to help others, to bring cure and relief to those that suffer, ending a product of the controlled medical education system dolling out drugs on behalf of big pharmaceutical companies, never really understanding what harm they do, never fulfilling their dreams.
Consider the nurse, working on the production line of vaccination that we'll all see this coming autumn. Does he or she know, for sure, what's in those vaccines? How does she feel about herself? Proud. I'll guess. Intentions that are honourable are subverted by evil at every level. The very best of us are led by the Judas goats of education and fallacious historical narrative into entire careers that are a lie and a mockery.
Consider the policeman entering the academy with the burning torch of justice blazing in his mind's eye, short weeks later plunged into a world of sin, reaching out for support and comfort to his fellow officers and finding there a wicked cynicism, the very antithesis of his intent, and succumbing.
In every area of life, in every occupation, vocation or calling, from the cradle to the grave human kind learns to believe in, accept and promote the pyramidal structure imposed upon us by the elite. Only the maverick stands apart, and boy do the rest of the herd make them pay for their independence. This structure, represented so clearly in the symbology of the elite, is the key to the entire mechanism of control. Without such a structure, it would be impossible to control and manipulate 6.5 billion souls.
Think about that for a moment.
As each young human enters the system so the ancient structure is imposed until it becomes an integral part of the mindset. We all of us accept this concept, and it's the biggest and oldest lie of all. Our governments are run in this way, our local governments, our corporations and businesses. If we attempt to replace any of the current power centres, we organise in this same fashion to do so. The problem, of course, is that it takes a certain type of human being to rise to the top of any pyramidal structure- and there waiting for them are the elite with their blackmail, their money, their uniforms and badges, their flattery, their invitations to the "inner circle", their many "pats on the back for good doggies", their murder, their sexual perversity, their threats and their cajoling, their money and promises.
It isn't that power corrupts, it's that if you become powerful someone will corrupt you, or that the reason you wished for power was because you were already corrupt. Some evil bastard will want you in his pocket and by hook or by crook they'll get you there and if they don't they'll have you killed.
After all, how many of us can resist temptation? Which of us is without sin?
To maintain this complex lie requires increasing numbers of us to fall for the story, to believe the lie, to take the bribe or cow to the threats to shore up the walls of this immense pyramidal edifice. The problem for the elite occurs when all of their controls of education, of media, of governments, of intelligence agencies, when all of their devious mind controls and dumbing down techniques can't prevent the truth from sneaking out. Then they are in trouble. Until the advent of the internet it is fair to say that almost nobody had a clue what was really going on in the world. Now there are millions of us. The cracks are appearing. The cracks are getting bigger.
Remember: it is humanity that holds this pyramid together for them. As more and more become aware, so we are beginning to worry them. They should be afraid-not for their lives- but certainly for their liberty and certainly for the exposure of whatever secrets they have denied us.
If you can, imagine what you would do in their shoes. The apocalypse, the lifting of the veil, is upon them. Their end is in sight but they still have most of us in their matrix of deceit. They will use whatever old tricks and devices they have found successful before, only this time with a vengeance because they are fighting for their very survival. Expect war, expect nasty weapons, expect pestilence, expect famine, expect every trick in the book and every horror they can conceive of but remember this: we pull the triggers, we unleash the plagues: can we reach those people in time? Can we bring them back into the fold? Can we let them know that we forgive them, that they need not do what they think they must? Armageddon can be averted, but only if each of us reaches out to as many people as we can, each of us acts as a carrier of the virus that is truth.
Go forth, as it were, and multiply. A lot depends on your efforts, your courage, your skill, your humanity. A lot depends on you.


  1. Great article, well put together and articulated. Thank You!!

  2. This article certainly proves that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that EVIL is being allowed to rule this Earth Age.

  3. Thank you for this article Olive Farmer