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Credit: I watched a short video of Sonia Barrett on you tube , which sparked off a train of thought. Bless you Sonia. Ta.

The Stairway to Heaven on Earth.

If you are new to my blog, welcome. It might be worth you looking at some of the earlier stuff before you read this one, as I may skip over some bits. Or not, it's up to you.
Just lately I've been going on something of a mind journey. To me , it feels like an awakening, and now I feel like I'm waking up more every moment. It's kind of strange, and I promise no drugs are being taken.

Join in, it's nice.

Split Personality.
For the vast majority of human kind, prison starts at home. Don't look now, but your jailer is your body and that part of your mind which your body has control over. As far as most people are aware, that's "I". How they look, how they act, how they inter-relate with other "bodies", what turns them on or turns them off, what motivates them, what drives them, what they desire, what they fear. David Icke and others call it the "reptilian" part of the brain. The bit that's to do with survival. Fight or flight. Eat, procreate, die.
The "body" and its associated mind at some time in our collective history somehow became the dominant element, the expression of what we are. I would ask you to follow Sonia Barrett's example and go to the mirror. Forgetting for a moment the fact that your nose is too big or your eyes a little too close together, forgetting for a moment that you are ugly, or beautiful, black or brown or white or whatever: look into your eyes until you can see your soul..........take your time and... don't be shy.....
Wave hello, YOU have been waiting there all of your life for someone, finally, to recognise YOUR existence. Imagine the poor thing, locked away all these years without another soul to communicate with, in solitary confinement, and suddenly the door is opened, the light rushes in, freedom beckons and a hand reaches down and a voice says "Come on, old friend, lets get you the hell out of this place".
Be your own best friend, go on.

Let yourself out.
This "Body-you" has been doing a reasonable job of keeping the vessel that carries your soul alive for as long as it has but it has got too big for its boots. It thinks that it is all that matters. It thinks that it's in charge. The "body-you" has its own set of priorities that somehow have taken over: It is concerned with breathing, eating, drinking, satisfying urges that the "body-you" has; avoiding trouble, being afraid of things that might harm it, being devious in the interests of self-preservation, desiring comfort and an easy life, staying alive because it fears death. It is not, generally , such a nice thing, this "body-you". It is cowardly, greedy, self centred and occasionally vicious. It has a bad temper and is small minded. It gives and counts the cost, and always seeks for reward. It is as dumb as a dumb thing and will follow almost any distraction, believe almost any lie as long as it sees advantage for itself in some form. In brief, it is animal.
Liken the "body-you" to the dumbest dog with the baddest nature you can think of. You won't go far wrong.

Do you feel like an experiment?
If you would like to, sit now and made a couple of lists. The first list should be everything you think of as vital. Things you can't do without. Start with breathing, end with life itself, fill in the other bits.

All vital to the "body-you"?
The second list should be of everything you want and desire, whatever that need is, good or "evil". All "body-you" stuff? (or are you already on the stairway?)
Most of the things on the first list are likely to be things that prevent death. Death is something feared by the "body-mind", but not by the inner soul which recognises death as the unchaining, as liberation. Witness the serenity of people close to death, after the time of struggle of the "body-mind" for its survival. I'm not suggesting that we should give up our lives to be free, far from it. I am suggesting that we should take control of our lives, extend our lives as far as we can (and believe me, we could do that with such success now that we have such learning and collective skill and knowledge), and enjoy what we could create on earth without being corralled and herded by the fear of death.

Another small experiment. Look deeply into the eyes of people you know and love, searching for their inner soul, trying to bridge the gap from the real you to the real them. Look in the same way into the eyes of strangers. Do you understand the reaction you get? Folks just aren't used to being connected in that way. It disturbs the "body-mind" that's in charge, and the "body-mind" doesn't like it. Not one bit. In fact, as you might expect, it sees such an attempt as a threat and often reacts "appropriately".
A bit of a cheek, really, but there it is.

What's important about this is as follows:
The evil cabal that are currently our slave masters in this false reality of their creation only control the "body-you". They understand that the "body-you" has been in charge of humanity for millennia, they understand what makes the "body-you" tick. They understand how to make it afraid, how to control it. Maybe they were the ones that somehow put the "body-mind" in charge in the first place, who knows? A little like putting a collar on a dog.......
The reason someone would lock up a dog or cage a wild animal is because they are afraid of it. The reason our inner souls are caged by our "body-mind" is because someone is afraid of the real humanity they have caged and sublimated. Thse someones are responsible for everything evil you can think of, perpetrated by the animal "body-mind" on the instructions of or under the guiding hands of our prison warders. It's a time immemorial thing, this evil inculcation, but don't think for a moment that it can't end, isn't about to end soon, that you can't do anything to end it. You can.

Think about some of the most "enlightened" and spiritual people the world has known. Often they are seemingly other-worldly, living somewhere our "body-minds" cannot conceive of, and often in actuality they are hermits. This seclusion has allowed their inner souls to emerge, tentatively, from behind the veil. They have lived away from the far reaching influence of the evil master race, have had the time and peace and freedom from fear that has allowed their real selves to peep out, to emerge blinking into the sunlight and wonder at the world. The body and its "body-mind" serve the secondary role that was its original purpose and is its only true purpose now, to carry and preserve the soul. Very often they are thin, which could tell us something.....

Once we understand that there are two of us in here, and then understand that the wrong one is sitting in the driving seat, and that this bad driver is making such an unholy mess of things and is a chicken-livered scaredy-cat with a side serving of nastiness and bitterness, then it is time to take control.
It may be a good idea to enter into a dialogue with your "body-mind" and try and reason with it, asking it why it is afraid of certain things (all the things on the first list) and why it wants certain things (all the things on the second list) and why it has allowed itself to become so pathetically enslaved (a combination of the two).
Then, firmly but in a friendly way, thanking it for all it has done so far and asking it to continue doing what it is made for, kindly ask it to get the hell out of the driving seat because the higher you is now in charge. Reassure it that there is nothing to be afraid of, that all around the world every other higher soul will soon be doing the same thing. Tell it that all of the things it fears will be attended to, that it need not worry. Rebuke it for being a bad dog and taking instruction from evil masters but forgive it and reassure it that you understand all the reasons behind its actions.
Give it a pat.
Move yourself into the driving seat.
Enter dreamtime.

Dreamtime is I guess something to do with the Aboriginal concept and experience , something to do with the higher, other worldly experiences of shamans the world over from "uncivilised" (ie not yet enslaved) societies, before the shamans and witches were wiped out, before their libraries of knowledge were destroyed or stolen. In some cultures , this has had to do with certain fungi which in some way allowed some of the true power of self to emerge. I wouldn't recommend that. You don't need it. Nor would I advocate years of Yoga and meditation, for who has the time? Humanity doesn't. Things are hotting up.

Dreamtime is about getting to know your higher soul once you've dealt with the other chap. It's about conceiving of a world free of all the sticks and carrots of motivation that have for Millennia driven our poor enslaved species into the cattle trucks and prison camps of our friends the evil ones.

It's about imagining a world free of war and of weapons, free of disease and sickness, free of debt and fear, free of hunger and want, free of pollution and dangerous ideas like nuclear power stations - gifting our planet with unnatural elements that scar its future.It's about devoting science to the common good and not to profit. It's about teaching our children truth. It's about life, liberty, humanity and happiness for the most people for the largest amount of time all the world over.

It's about forgiving yourself for the sins your "body-mind" committed. It's about understanding that you have to forgive others too, for they, like you, knew not what they did.

It's about letting others know the journey you are taking, the stairway you are climbing. Your higher self will not fear communicating with others, even when it meets those still in the "body-mind". Those kinds of worry are things of the past. Humanity is stepping through a door. Be one of the first.It is by no coincidence that we call ourselves the human race, and every race needs a pace-setter. Courage, mon brave.

The Happening.

Critical mass: An amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur.

Critical mass is a fabulous thing. Imagine yourself living when people believed the earth was flat and telling everyone that no, it is spherical, like a great blue ball floating in space. The reaction would vary from ridicule to imprisonment. Imagine telling folks today that the world was flat. The difference is critical mass.

Ponder for a moment setting out on this journey. Initial reactions will be as expected, but we are in a headlong rush towards critical mass. In a few short but interesting years it will be almost unheard of to meet anyone who doesn't live by the creed of peace, love, understanding, giving, caring, kindness and happiness for all.

If you think about it, we'd be mad not to, wouldn't we?

And who knows what will follow.......

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