Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cleansing

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The Cleansing.

There will be work to do in the years ahead, and perhaps it's worth thinking about it for a moment or two. It's easier to identify something that's wrong than to conceive of something to replace it that's right. Finer minds than mine will be tasked with finding those solutions, and the awakening will mean finer minds will abound. But we can suggest some principles, and from those principles should flow the solutions we shall need to build the new world after all of this unpleasantness is over.
It goes without saying that we will wrest from the elite the controls they have inflicted upon us in every aspect of human existence and rebuild particularly the distorted and hampered and often wicked sciences, freeing the intelligent and educated from the strictures and restraints imposed by the love of profit and money and the sick lust for war and misery, freeing doctors from the insane allopathic drug company medicine regime, freeing historians from the shackles of consensus, freeing teachers from the regimes of curriculum and examination so that they might teach with a joy and freedom as is fitting, freeing each spark of intellect and supporting each avenue of what I like to think of as beautiful thought, cleverness fully devoted to the betterment of our planet earth and those that share it.
Clean slate, blank piece of paper, blue sky thinking for the creation of a new world at last.
There will be an immediate explosion of advancement that will shake to the foundations many of our preconceptions. Things we have been taught to think of as benign or beneficial will be revealed to be the opposite, to be harmful and wicked. Things we have been instructed to imagine are impossible will be found to be eminently do-able. Secrets and lies will be ripped open, and the beautiful truth will make everything possible. In a brave new world of billions, a world of common ambition and fine intention, no task will be beyond us.
Imagine, for a moment, gathering every research scientist in medicine, every alternative medicine practitioner, every shaman and herbalist and others and putting them together in one (bloody enormous!) place. No big pharma agenda. No profit motive. No secrets and jealousies, no patents and controls.
Just the plain and simple idea of ridding us of what ails us.
How long would it be before cancer was eradicated? Two weeks, three weeks? If like me you suspect that cancer is being inflicted upon us and that cures are being suppressed, maybe sooner. The same applies to many of the modern life threatening and debilitating conditions. How many drugs would be found to be harming us? Many, many of them.
What hideous mind has conceived of such torture and inflicted it upon us all?
There will be much cleansing to do.
The first and initially most difficult will be the cleansing of our spirits. Each and every one of us lives behind a facade, the "body-mind" false projection, a tissue of lies that conceals our wrongdoings, hides our frailties, creates the image we project to the other liars and sinners. This is the mainstay of the false reality we have allowed ourselves to create to the detriment of our specie (and all the other co-inhabitants of the spinning blue globe). This falsity has to be stripped away, or we'll be destined to repeat the sins of the past. We must own up to all of our sins, forgive ourselves, forgive others for their sin. We must make absolutely certain that we know what sin is, not what we've been instructed to consider is a sin by the control matrix, or consider is not a sin when in fact it is. There will be many ingrained and inculcated preconceptions that I am certain our higher selves will recognise and deal with. Some of those cause enmity and hatred, vitriol and violence amongst the "body-minds",where selfishness prevails . We will have the wisdom to deal with those things.
Here's my list of principles, up for debate:
Principle One:
Even a sparrow knows you don't crap on the nest, yet humanity has been crapping on the nest for centuries. Principle one, therefore: Love and respect our home.
We will have to rid the planet of every poison that we have inflicted upon it, from oil based plastics to nuclear weapons and power stations. I could go on for hours and so could everyone else. What on earth have we been doing? How could we have been led so far astray? The clean up will take years, much labour , the sacrifice of baubles and meaningless toys, petty conveniences and certain privileges for some. I believe that we will love doing it, and great stories and songs will come of it with which to bore younger generations in the years to come. The cleansing will be a happy time, the restorative after the pain.
Principle Two:
This is not about communism or socialism, it's not about people not being able to make a success of their lives and become wealthy. Forget all of that. The old constructs of measures of worth, of what we believe to be measures of success, of what we believe will make us happy are all so much baloney. There are some simple rules to happiness that are common to the greater majority and will be common to all in time. To love others and be loved by them. To live free of fear and want. To enjoy friendship and community and solitude in the measure we each like. To have a sense of worth.
Humanity has simple needs. We need food and water, heat or cool, light or shade, a good roof, the love of family and friends, a helping hand freely given when required and as much fun as can be had. Many of the jobs many of us do are quite simply not required. Don't think about money, that too is just so much baloney. Don't think about pensions, insurance, taxes, old aged folks homes and every other ludicrous construct you can think of that combines to make up this den of iniquity we have forged for ourselves at the bidding of our current masters. There is plenty to do, but let's do the right things and into the bargain give ourselves a bit of free play time. That is possible, you know.
Once we are free of fears, we will be free of fears, if that makes sense.
One of those inculcated perceptions is that the world is short of space and short of resource. It is not, of course, it is short of a common will and the application of science. There aren't enough human beings. I love them and want to have more of them as they can be and will be such a jolly and diverse bunch. People who think there are too many need to walk across Australia and then look at the water in the Pacific ocean (from which we know how to extract salt already!). Australia is 7.617 million square kilometres huge. With water, we could hide 7 billion people there at a population of 10 people per hectare. We would just need pipes. The rest of the world would be empty. It just seems like there are too many of us because that is what we are told and because inequality makes an unholy mess of some bits of the planet and the greed of the current lot of usurious bastards that are buggering us over (please excuse the language!) means that profit is king. Their profit. These dragons sit on half of the world's wealth or more. Half of our labour goes into their pile of gold. It is like having a parasite bleeding the planet, sucking our energy into a bottomless pit..
So, principle two: Just Love. Everything else will flow from that.


Anonymous said...

In the world today; because people don't talk to God, and have faith, and DO His Will; we have a situation, where; instead of the souls being in-control of the animal bodies, doing good, for the benefit of everyone, unselfishly; there are approximately 6,000,000,000 human-animal-bodies, running riot, in-control of the souls that are locked inside of them, and causing havoc, because of their selfishness and greed.
Control yourselves!!!
Slow down, and take care, that you are making sure, safe and certain steps forwards, along God's path, i.e. The Way home. Don't move without God's guidance, or you may step on a snake, and go backwards, in a three steps forwards, and four steps backwards situation.
- the above is an excerpt from:
Dear "Olive Farmer",
You write well, and share lovely thoughts. Thank-you.
All praise and glory goes to God The Father.

Daniel Bland said...

Hi Olive Farmer-

Still very much enjoying your perspectives. Hopefully you have been checking out

I would love to see Olive Farmer's thoughts in the comment section sometime. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Bland

Blandy Land said...

Thanks for the great insights so far. Your comment last night was so insightful that I decided to repost it on the main page. I included a link to your blog and recommended that all my readers check in regularly as we navigate these treacherous waters. This is definitely a very exciting time to be alive. We are here for these times for a reason, so let's make the most of it. Thanks again for providing such clever perspective on my blog.

Daniel Bland