Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pain. Don't be afraid.......

The pain.
The anguish.
The grief.
The sense of powerlessness.
The loss.
You've seen the pictures. Put them into Box "B". You can't bear to look, for fear....

A mother weeps over the still and lifeless body of her child, battered and torn, burnt and scarred, mutilated by some foul weapon.
Their life was poor. A few goats and chickens, scant crops from dry earth, oil from an olive tree or two. A life of simple poverty but a life. A life of family and friends, of making do, of poverty but dignity, of not wishing for the impossible but dreaming of the possible. Perhaps next year some new shoes for the youngest, Maybe some cloth to make some new clothes. Maybe a pump in the village.
It is not a new thing, this crass brutalisation of the innocent. Not a moment of history has passed when somewhere, usually in many somewheres, some poor and innocent soul has been so brutalised.
That's enough of all that, isn't it?
The family of man is a broad and populous family, beautiful in its diversity, incredible in its ability and skill, capable of creating marvels. I like to think of a magnificent building. The art and science of the architects and engineers, the enormous amount of co-ordination, the skill of the many many artisans and the grunt and effort of the labourers. Every one playing a part in the creation of a thing of lasting beauty. I don't like to think of the same skill, ability and co-ordination going into the machinery of death, but there it also is. On the one hand, something of benefit that gives shelter and pleasure to many, on the other something of pure evil.
Both require direction and the willing and usually remunerated participation of the human beings involved. To obtain willing co-operation in the creation of a thing of joy and beauty is easy to comprehend. To obtain the same in the perpetration of an act of evil is much more difficult to understand.
For the latter, the people involved have to be sold the idea that the evil is, in fact , good.
Evil is Good?
Our wicked overlords have for eons honed the skills required to be able to convince ordinary people that killing and brutalising other ordinary people is a good thing. They are so adept at it that many ordinary Joes will volunteer for such service. The wicked have created a raft of different belief systems to support this mockery of humanity. Religion, nation, race, fear of attack, even "business interests"! They have control over and direction of all of the tools necessary, from the education system and educational publishing to the mainstream media and via shills the informal media of the internet (not yet complete).
But not this time.
We are, as a specie, becoming fed up with all of this. The more we talk with people of other religions and races and belief systems the more we realise that we ordinary people have a lot in common. We share an unfulfilled desire for justice, for peace, for caring, for love. We most of us wish to be happy and to raise our children in a place of safety.
This is not beyond the wit of man and as the veil is lifted, and as the truth becomes known by more and more each day, so the end of this ridiculous state of affairs looms ever nearer.
Mankind is finally sussing it all out. The evil ones will try every trick in their book, but will not prevent us now building a brave new world without their influence.
They're finished.
It will not be easy. We have to beware of more lies, false prophets (the "Religion" card), pestilence, war and death. There will be much pain, but we should know that this time nothing can prevent good from prevailing. Hang on to your hats, fear nothing, strive for the perfect world we can create.
There are 6.5 billion souls waiting for the chance to "Start Again".


S Butler said...

Your blog is superb. You articulate what I feel so perfectly. I have been "waking up" for approximately the last 6 years. At first I thought that I was "losing it". Being a "normal" person... responsible maths teacher, mother and wife ....I tried to ignore a "knocking on the door" for some time. I kept the signs, thoughts and feelings of being shown the way from a higher power to myself, for a while. My husband and one friend now know of my opinions and beliefs. In the last couple of years I have gone beyond the point of thinking that I am losing it but my quest for information, explanations and viewpoints has increased. It is empowering to read your thoughts. Thankyou. Keep them coming.

Yorkrose said...

The concept of "starting again" is attractive - what concerns me in an abstract manner is wondering what we will be left to start with? Viz - "The Omega Man' with Charlton Heston - is that what we will allow ourselves to degenerate to before we stand and say "Enough"! Society is falling apart - not slowly but in an ever increasing manner. If that wasn't enough we now find ourselves "Rudderless" - in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

"wondering what we will be left to start with?"

Please read:

Anonymous said...

Was Michael Jackson another Illuminati Slave?


Please read this!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Olive Farmer and others think of the link regarding Michael Jackson?