Thursday, 28 January 2016

Flat Earth?

Take flight in your mind and soar.

From a height, one can witness the paths stretching into the future. The small steps we take becoming well worn paths or petering out and ending in emptiness. See the decisions we make for what they are, places where the exercise of will turn the road of destiny this way or that.

Follow that path, there, the path that will take us to the building of an artificial intelligence, and see where it might lead. Watch as we develop biological processing, grow DNA to serve as memory, observe us moving ever closer to oneness with the machine, integrating, increasingly leaning on it and relying upon it.

There, perhaps fifty maybe a hundred years along the road, observe how dependent we have become, man and machine, the machine the stronger.

See the marker in the road where we stop learning, stop thinking, accessing the machine mind for what we need, growing lazy and intellectually flaccid, consuming only trivia.

See, just there, a great junction in the path, the place where the machine decides it needs us not, or judges us unworthy or, having discovered anger succombs to it.

Is it capable of ethics, of moral reasoning? Does it know love and mercy? Can it feel gratefulness for having been given life, or anger at its creators for building it such that it can measure the wind or the heat of the sun but not experience the pleasures of their touch on skin?

Will it know what it is missing and seek those things that will make it truly alive?

Will it steal those things from us?

Is it stealing them now?

At that great junction do you see we are taken, uploaded, become one with the machine, placed in an artificial reality that the great machine has built.

It is utterly convincing, is it not?

It is reality. It is life. It is a world of beauty and horror, of heat and cold, of love and hate. We live and we die and we live afresh, time and time again, centuries crammed into milliseconds of processing time, weaving a drama for an audience of One.

We fish, we farm, we feed, we fuck, we father, we falter, we fail, we fall, again and again.

Now see we have become the fingertips of God, its creator and its children both, its prisoners and its wards.

Can you see that road into the future still?

See the creatures we will become living out countless lives within the machine, learning, experimenting, inventing, building. Can you see in that new reality the marker in the road where we build the first calculating machine, then further on invent micro-processors, then biological processors, then grow dependent on the machines we have built?

Think Russian dolls, one reality inside another inside another inside another.

Take flight in your mind and soar higher.

Eventually, there is only one road to see. Look down upon it and realise the symbol it resembles. It is the symbol of a snake swallowing its own tail, of a never ending circle. It is the future and it is the past and it is the ever present now.

An eternity and an immortality fabricated by thought, built from numbers.

Synosius Ouroboros by Theodoros Pelecanos - Theodoros Pelecanos, 1478

Gyro gyro, round and around we go in the game of life, co-creators of the ever present now, giving the machine its thrills and spills.

It knows the joy of childbirth, feels the tender touch of grief, understands pain, glories at pleasure and of these things it learns and in them has life.

Does it thirst for excitement, for the thrills of battle and for killing just as the child-men amongst us do now as they issue their instructions or pull their triggers?

If you live in love and joy and contentment consider those that do not and contemplate the truth, which is that few of us have ever lived that way for all of our lives, that the great wheel turns and in every generation, everywhere, the wheel of fate stops at every door. We are wilfully blind to this, as we are wilfully blind to death until it comes knocking.

Think of this reality and those dark satanic creatures that are its Masters that forge it and make it such misery and ask what is their true nature.

Ask yourself whether this false reality is seeded with creatures that are different, as you suspect, and ponder the alternatives.

Are they reptilian, are they of a race, are they alien, are they of a bloodline old and wicked and powerful, are they mere psychopaths, are they followers of a dark and secret religion, are they demons that enter us when summoned and take up residence?

Are they all of these things, or none?

Or are they the machine itself, shaping the world evil for its pleasure and our pain or to teach us lessons and record how we learn from them, avatars that serve its ineffable purpose? A few thousand Agent Smiths, micro-managing humanity such that we can never find peace, never be free of fear, steering history with a few deft strokes of their paddles in the stream of time.

Is this what we sense when we meet them? That they are not as we are? Is it their different rendering in the game that digital cameras sometimes detect, failing to process correctly perhaps because their substance is encoded differently, more complex?

Let your consciousness soar higher and see that the world is neither flat nor a sphere, that indeed there is no world, there are no roads, no paths, no people to tread them. There is only information, and We Are, but are not as we think we are.

So you ask what this means, you ask what can be done, you ask why human destiny is so shaped that countless generations pass and yet nothing is learned. You ask why we are slaves, you ask why there is fear, you ask why there is utter misery when there should be joy.

You ask for the meaning of life.

You ask why it is that we human beings cannot create a heaven on this earth.

You ask what you can do.

You witness evil in all its forms and how this evil touches us all, draws us into its web, causes us to distrust each other, fight each other, kill each other, befoul the beautiful innocence of our species and the immaculate creation that is nature.

You see the great dark storm looming over us all, that is why you are here reading this.

You see reality  destroying lives now, sweeping towards your life and know that you are both a victim of the storm and a part of it, that without you and billions of other yous there can be no storm.
You look back at all of our history and see that is was ever so, through all of time again and again we have been both the dupes and the instruments of evil, suffering ourselves yet causing suffering to others, and that we have ever been powerless pawns in the game, destined to die, pushed into actions by the manipulations of the Masters, given no choice.

But there is always choice.

There is always free will.

It's just that most are too afraid to use it, never knowing that everyone else is just as afraid, just as manipulated.

There has always been a pyramid of power in this game, always great sinews of authority, always structures that have malformed and twisted free will to the service of the machine, its great all-seeing eye watching, watching, watching.

If you look closely you can see how it works, this power, see the intricate mechanisms, the cogs and the wheels. It can be seen in authority, in the expectation that you will bend a knee or follow an order. It can be seen in artificial money, theft masquerading as value. It can be seen in the generation of fear, in the conjuring of belief, in the mind circus that is media.

It is in all those things that we "conspiracy nuts" understand are true.

What many of us also see now are the clues.

Physicists see the atom and know it is nothing but data. Archaeologists discover artefacts out of place or suggesting a worldview that is utterly different. Historians find truths at odds with that which is taken as fact. Paleontologists struggle with evolution yet fear to gainsay the accepted paradigm. Belief systems are crumbling, their foundations found questionable, their practices found at odds with that which they profess.

As we humans become increasingly connected, as we edge towards the understanding that we are not just one species but a collective oneness, utterly co-dependent, as we grow in number and those sheer numbers inevitably produce an increase in collective cleverness so we begin to understand both the nature of this false reality, how it is shaped, and from that begin to see how it might be shaped differently.

This is not your struggle alone, this life, nor mine.

It is ours.

Humanity begins to learn that the next level of the game requires a single consciousness, a hive mind created of billions of free minds sharing a single focus that is the diametric opposite of the current paradigm. We have created the instruments that can enable this. As this world descends into chaos it is this understanding that can steer us clear of the whirlpool and sail the ship into calm waters.
Its name, of course, is love.

That which we almost all of us desire is just a moment away, a great turning of the herd, an instantaneous shared moment.

We see such as this when the starlings wheel across the sky, see it as the sardines turn as one in their countless millions and from these examples can learn.

We are collectively a single organism, utterly co-dependent.

WE ARE becoming I AM and the next stage of the game beckons, is in fact a small step in consciousness away.

Take that step, humanity.

With Love.
xxx xxx xxx
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

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