Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The evolution of mankind

I'm going to get a bit weird here. I hope you'll bear with me. I've been putting two and two together and keep getting four. No matter which way I look at it, it's still four.

First I'd like to share some groundwork with you.
There's a lot, and it goes off at tangents, bear with me.....

The human mind, by all scientific accounts, is an enormous supercomputer. New research at Harvard university is for the first time setting out to map the human brain at the synapse level. Early tests are astonishing in that they calculate that the human mind has sufficient capacity to easily surpass the storage capabilities of Google.

There is debate and conjecture about how the human mind stores data. Is it using some sort of code, like a binary code, or does it store data as images and as "pictures" of sound?
There is also debate in a separate field about the fact that man has somehow lost the almost shamanistic understanding of symbols and at the same time the understanding of the effect that symbols have on us at the conscious and subconscious levels. There is much research on the symbols used by the Illuminati and their corporate and political vassals and the question that arises from that that research is: Do they know something we don't?

The human mind is almost unique in that it is so massive and yet is virtually "empty" at birth. A mosquito, without any education at all, knows how to survive and live it's life and create the next generation. It is born with that information. A dragonfly is born with the knowledge that it eats mosquitoes. A baby giraffe can stand and walk and run within minutes. Animals instinctively know what to eat and what not to eat. They are born with this information, with this racial memory. Ergo it must be passed on via genes or dna, carrying data from one generation to the next. Is that what lies untapped in the enormous spare and unused capacity of the human mind? If so, why can we not access it?

There is a great deal of information about the loss of valuable libraries throughout history; the tragic loss of the early libraries of Mesopotamia, the torching of the great Library of Alexandria, the destruction of monastery libraries at regular intervals up to the pillage of the great and ancient Tibetan libraries by the Chinese and beyond. A commonality amongst them is that the ancient learning contained within was destroyed or stolen by a conquering power (the Illuminati of their time or their vassals) and will never be recovered. Perhaps one of mankind's greatest tragedies, for who knows what we would now know or be if they had survived?

The story of the deliberate destruction of knowledge goes further than just libraries. Different arms of the Illuminati power grid have attacked and still attack knowledge that they would rather we didn't have. This stretches way back to the destruction of the ancient mushroom eating shamans of Koldun in Russia, the burning of "witches" throughout history and throughout the world, the murder by the Spanish catholics of Mayans found in possession of the Popol Vuh (their ancient book of lore and belief). Who knows what information and knowledge these people had that was a danger and a threat to the Illuminati power grid?

This continues right up to today. The works of Tesla and Reich in recent times (all Reichs books burned by the CIA in the 1950's). Even the "Codex Allimentarius", set to deny us access to nature's remedies. The disappearance of scientists involved with "free energy", the disappearance of 40+ microbiologists around the world involved with virus research. Control of information is vital to the maintenance of the elite's grip on humanity. Control of all information.
Broadly speaking, we only know what they allow us to know.

The elite's control of education, via the Rockerfeller foundation in the US and the pathetic "National Curriculum" in the UK. Everywhere they are in power the education system has been absolutely in their hands for around 80 years, from top to bottom, from university and medical campus to primary school, from China to Moscow, from Auckland to Rio de Janeiro. A day's research on the internet reveals how extensive this is and how pervasive and all encompassing.

The Illuminati control of information and education extends to such an extent that there are inevitably many things which could and should be of help and benefit to mankind that are denied us. It gets worse. The human mind itself is controlled to a massive degree. There is clear and unassailable and well documented evidence that through a variety of psychological techniques, through fear, through the media, through the authorised drug industry, through the treatment of our water and food , that we are being mind controlled. That our minds are being interfered with. That our greater and better selves are being denied us. There is less evidence for, but compelling logic tells us , that this control extends to weaponised ultra low sound and microwave and other methods.

A bit of a tangent now:
Any student of history knows that hindsight is a marvellous thing. It's because after time has passed it is easy to spot the trends and identify the catalysts that were the causality of an event, providing one has sufficient true data. In studying history we also learn that the trends leading up to major events speed up as the event approaches, that more happens more quickly as the climax approaches.

Modern man, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, appeared around 130,000 years ago. It took us until 8,800 BC to be classed as Paleolithic, by 2,000 BC we'd arrived at the bronze age, 800 BC it's the Iron Age. The Romans took us to 400 AD. The Romans had writing, law, roads, aqueducts, agriculture, extensive trade and payment systems. We went back a little after them and didn't really start to out do them until the Post Medieval period (1500-1800). Things moved a little more quickly from then on.......
It took mankind 130,000 years to invent the spinning jenny and the steam pump.

Now take a look at the last 50 years.
Take a look at the last 10 years.
However you look at it, whatever causes you can determine, whatever confluences of invention and event you can point at, mankind seems to have taken an enormous and uncharacteristic , one could say an unexpected or even an impossible leap "forward". The trends leading up to major events speed up as the event approaches, more happens more quickly as the climax approaches.

The Mayan calendar, remarkable for its accuracy and complexity, has three different counting systems. The most interesting, began on the 13th August 3014 BC and is known as the "Long Count". It shows the world as we know it ending on 21st December 2012. The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. ( in the Long Count), represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what the ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event that has been coming to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution at exactly 11:11 am GMT. Many other prophesies attach importance to 2012.

Whatever will happen in the world over the next 3 years or so, does anybody believe it will be less than extraordinary? Does anyone out there think the world will settle down a bit?

Let's summarise:
Man's mind is enormous but unutilised. We are born with less pre-knowledge than a mosquito. This is unexplained and inexplicable. We have lost or had stolen vast amounts of collected wisdom and understanding and our education and our minds are controlled. We are deprived of vital information, we are prevented from utilising our minds to their fullest extent. We have progressed slowly through time but are moving with incredible and unusual speed now as a crescendo of events builds towards a climax that perhaps has been foretold.

Now , finally, the "two plus two equals four" piece:

We are about to evolve.

Don't laugh! We are about to discover how to use the rest of our minds and perhaps discover what's already in there. We are about to become a new sort of mankind.

The Illuminati have known for a long time that this time will come and have maintained a grip on that knowledge. For reasons known only to themselves they want to stop us. Their accelerated creation of bigger and bigger threats and fears, the major world war they are implementing, their increasing use of technology to control us, all of this is designed to distract us and continue the "prison of the mind" they have created for us.

What they are up to, it's not about money. It's not about global government. It's not about a fiendish delight in the creation of misery. It's not about global enslavement. It's not about population reduction or greenhouse gasses. It's not about Lucifer. It's not about unending world debt. It's all of these things combined and directed towards a single object, a single goal.

That goal is to prevent us from surpassing them.

They have governed us for millennia as we slowly progressed but now, like a juggernaut, we are careering towards our collective future and it is becoming harder and harder for them to contain us. Judge every one of their actions and measure them against this theory and decide. Can there be any other reason for their actions becoming increasingly desperate, increasingly evil? Their end , not ours, is in sight, and they don't like it.

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  1. You have viewpoints I share, and people are awakening. Looking around the usual suspects taking their children to school, shopping in Morrisons, organising Summer Fairs, and you might feel very despondent at the apparent over importance given to trivia - is this all they have to live for? For many it is, doing the best they can for the kids, sorting the plastic from the tins and the glass - paper here, cardboard there, and the BBC to keep them 'informed'. But amongst them are those who if you scratch just a little below the surface, you find beliefs that are quite revolutionary. Awareness of the surveillance society and the conspiracies that smother the conscious soul. On the surface they are Mr. & Mrs. average. But though not obviously a common creed, they are spreading - the desire for knowledge is becoming like a virus, and the internet is manna from heaven.

    As the conspiracies that surround 9-11 have been prised wide open, so now are those around the 7-7 2005 getting some air time, this is evil stripped to the bone;
    . . and while some opinions may vary to certain claims made in this set, there are some sound points being made - not made in the other two. A message from Muad Dib. Alias John Mills from Sheffield, residing in Kells, Ireland, but now under arrest awaiting extradition to the UK for perverting the course of justice for allegations made in the Ripple Effect:

    On the evening of 30 June 2009, BBC2 ran a documentary attacking Ripple Effect and its creator, along with a venomous attack on all so called 'conspiracy theorists', calling them evil destroyers of democracy. It seems to have got more people searching for the truth . . .