Saturday, June 13, 2009

m-m-m-mind control?

The American public's (general) acceptance of the 9/11 lie, their acceptance of the "weapons of mass destruction" lie, their acceptance of the war on terror and AlQaeda lies, their acceptance of the man made global warming lie, their acceptance of the TARP, bailouts and Fed missing $ trillions deceits, their acceptance of the Obama lies, their mute obedience to and even virulent support of the devastation of their civil liberties, their acceptance of torture and murder and the wholesale destruction of lives in far off places in a sickeningly immoral and devilish fashion.......All of these things tell me that there is NO DOUBT that Americans have and are regularly being mind controlled; not just via TV and other media, not just via "the big lie" but in other more insidious and harder to fight ways ("the sound of silence" ultra low frequency microwave?)People act strangely if you put forward this hypothesis, always laugh first. Offer you some tin foil (they've seen crazies in films with foil hats, ergo you must be crazy). Not that the very fact that you have seen folks scared of mind control depicted as crazies might be part of the disinfo war.HOW ELSE could a nation of people who pride themselves on the "American Way", who hold dear the ideas of freedom and fairness, be persuaded to become the devil's whore and right hand man in his worldwide war on happiness and his infectious festering global carriers in the spread of the disease of misery? How is it that a nation that fought fascism could become more fascist than Hitler's Germany and not even understand or accept that it has become so?Only mind control, my fellow humans. Simple mind control of the masses has always been with us but ,like all the sciences, it has advanced in giant leaps over the last 50 years. And of course if you have a leader willing to kill babies and torture innocent teenagers, stride the world like some monstrous colossus of disharmony and hate, then surely you have a leader willing to use mind control technology. Don't believe it? Of course you don't!Believe it? Then work towards finding a solution and method of combating this insidious science. Research the subject. There will be NO END to this armageddon until we can beat mind control. Anything else must follow that objective.Take some time, dear brothers and sisters, become as expert as you can. The NWO thinks it has weapons which make it unassailable. They are strutting around as if they are untouchable and can commit whatever heinous crimes they like, cocky and self-assured they smugly laugh behind their hands at any opposition.These bastards think they've won alreadyAnyone up for proving them wrong?


Anonymous said...

Hi there Olive Farmer ! Nice blogs. Best wishes

Robert Newman

anthony said...

I agree with you more than I can say in one simple comment. I live in NW Arizona and agree with your comments about the USA. It is the Babylon of end times prophecy. I would like to ask one simple question, how did you come up with the time frame of 2.5 months until WWIII happens or begins? I have added my google account info but I will also add my Email address here.

b4truth said...

Glad to see another thinking human! Most are under the spell or are ostriches with their heads buried in the sands of ignorance.

winston smith said...

It's good to find enlightened people like yourself who know the truth. I have been mind-controlled in Britain - they tried to make me become a terrorist. Their technology is incredibly advanced and only really possible to believe when you have experienced it yourself. I do think that they are not invincible though, and look forward to their inevitable demise and hope I can play a part in bringing their evil ways and control systems crashing down as we all become free.