Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are we able???

So, you want to fight the New World Order?
Boy, have you got a fight on your hands.
Let’s deal with the obvious first: they run both sides of the political spectrum and a fair proportion of the fringe parties, just to hedge their bets. Their control of Government gives them control of the police, the armed forces, the security services, lawmaking and the judiciary, the civil services. Their control runs deep, from direct contact right at the top, down through their pyramid of control via secret societies and brainwashing organisations like common purpose. They mop up the rest of this control matrix with control of the media and of education. They control our water supply (and poison it with fluoride), power supplies, money supply, food supplies via the giant food retailers and agribusinesses like Monsanto.
They control the drug companies, and so medical research and the modern chemical based “health” system. They also control the illegal drugs businesses at the top end (another record year for heroin from Afghanistan).
They control Religions and utilise them to abuse children and create disharmony amongst humanity.
They have an age long record of being willing and able to murder those in opposition or just inconvenient to them, not just targeted individuals but en masse (as in Stalin’s Russia). They have used their false flag terror operations to steal what protections our forebears had won so that their agents can arrest us without trial, “disappear” people to torture camps in Azerbaijan, or via their wonderful “Fixated Threat Assessment Centre” declare you crazy and lock you away as a nutter and happily give you electric shock treatment and their wonderful chemicals until you become just that.
Their murderous intent evidenced in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere continues a long tradition of heaping as much misery on the earth as it can bear. Their joyous blood lust and arcane celebrations of torture, child rape and other heinous acts beggars belief.
They have control, via governments, of the finest propaganda machinery known to history and behind it powerful machinery of mind control as evidenced by “The Sound of Silence” and it’s effects on the battle hardened Iraqi Republican Guard and the latest in low frequency microwave technology. Evidence of this all-encompassing control is all around us. Just say “9/11 was an inside job” in the pub and see how much ridicule and scorn is heaped upon you. Your mates will probably call the “Fixed Threat Assessment Centre” and have you sectioned.
It really is a David and Goliath thing, isn’t it?
Like me, knowing that the world is run this way and chatting with a very few other people about it on websites such as this will achieve something, but not much. It’s very often just preaching to the converted. The Alex Jone’s film “The Obama Deception” has had 2 million views. “Hahaha” the kid laughing (which IS beautiful ) has had 84 million views.
All of the great sweeping movements for change in history have been mass movements. Many have been engineered by the same murderous elite referred to above (Fascism in Germany, the Russian Revolution), some very few by the good guys. Perhaps the most successful tactically was Ghandi’s “Satyagraha” - resistance to tyranny through MASS civil disobedience founded upon the principle of “ahisma” or total non-violence. He was fighting an organisation (the British Empire) just as organised and pervasive in its way as our current shadowy masters are. A daunting journey, one which started with the first step.
All of that lengthy introduction was just a introduction to this one question:
Answers on a postcard describing tactics for creating a peaceful mass non-cooperation movement please.

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winston smith said...

It's tough, when I protested against the Iraq War peacefully by covering my town in anti-war posters and slogans, including pictures stuck on the MP's office front door of the real effects of War that the media won't show people, THEY preceded to destroy my life. I didn't give up but toned it down by posting on forums, yet they still came after me and have made my life hell ever since.
Like you said, they have managed to brainwash most people into their ridiculous version of 9/11 as the truth.
How to free people's minds ? That is the key I think. Teach people to rediscover their intuition. Encourage them to turn off the TV and go for a walk. Encourage communities and neighbours to start talking instead of fearing one another. Smile at strangers and say 'hello'. Go out of your way to help other people, regardless of the reward and regardless of whether thay want or ask for help. Forgive them for what they do. Let go of the fear and the hate and wish for good things to happen. A change is coming on a vibrational energy level that is unstoppable, but we must all participate as it needs to be helped along, and the NWO will do everything in its power to resist it and stop it. But together we can change things. We should start by trying to have positive and good thoughts and try to banish negative energy from our lives...