Saturday, June 13, 2009

A better place...

The elite have a long and impressive history of control. If you like, it’s a well established family concern in the business of power. Like all businesses that have centuries long traditions there is a strong element of nepotistic ownership and leadership and an underlying culture of recruiting the best and the brightest whose inventiveness, cunning and intellect are harnessed for the furtherance of the businesses agenda. After several hundred years of being in the business of control, they’ve become extremely good at it. They head and organise and control so many different organisations, so many secret and not so secret societies, so many political parties of so many different colours that the scale of their tentacles of control are bewildering at best, frightening at worst. Faced with such an enemy, people are like rabbits frozen with fear in the headlights of an oncoming juggernaut
Their ultimate goal is one of world government, though not of the world as we now know it. They are centred on an ideal, and that ideal is of a world ridden of too many useless mouths, bereft of individual thought, devoid of opposition, a world of compliant idiots perpetually in servitude. They contemplate, as the Roman emperors did , a world of god-like untouchability, where they can pursue any and every evil excess they choose to without fear of recrimination, disapprobation or the long arm of the law.
They’ve tried, in the last century or so, a number of different approaches to achieve their aims, each one resulting in countless millions of cadavers, countless millions of ruined lives, countless millions of dispossessed. Cities flattened, farmland scorched, futures littered with unexploded shells and deformed children. It is as if their pleasure and profit comes not just from the financial and power gains of war, but also from the harvest of misery and pain, the damaged souls, the murdered infants. Simply put, they must like it or they wouldn’t cause it to happen. It’s not as if they need the money.
Each effort failed to create the world government they sought but each brought it’s own rewards. The profitability of war is unquestionable, and the usurers who lend money to governments fighting for their lives, who own and control the businesses of oil and munitions, who sponsor and instruct both sides can never lose whoever “wins“. Then later they got to further their agenda by creating international organisations which lend themselves to world government anyway; the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The World Health Organisation and so on. And all the time selling their evils to an unwitting public as benefits, as solutions.
They have demonstrated their ability to manipulate and orchestrate democracies, to keep the public in the dark. They offer usually only two or three parties for the sheep to choose from and instruct the parties to squabble between themselves as if there really was a difference between them. The chief object of course is for their political puppets to keep the nation in debt to them and to propagate whatever wars they wish to create and to tighten ever more the systems and frameworks of control. Their control over government gives them control over scientific research and lends itself to the development of increasingly heinous weapons, not of the explosive kind (after all , the world already has the A-bomb) but of the kind that insidiously works on the mind. Numerous patents, particularly in the fields of microwave and extremely low frequencies, have been registered in the field of mind control. Why wouldn’t they? It makes such sense. However, that’s all very well for smaller wars in far off places that folks are indifferent to. If you want an Armageddon, you have to get people mad.
Numerous commentators remark upon the lethargy and apathy of the electorate. The low turnout at the recent Euro elections was a sign of this demise. Just 43% bothered to turn out, and this in response to what is effectively the government of Europe, in control of enormous budgets ,billions of which disappear into black holes. However this apathy, whilst proving the technology of mind control and the creation of the sheep mentality, ain’t quite the right thing for the next stage of the elite’s game plan. The war on terror hasn’t had the impact they want. Not enough misery, not enough pain, not enough for people to cry out in anger “enough, please God give us an end to it”.
The war on terror is ,of course ,just a warm up bout, an instigator. Combined with the collapse of the world economy scheduled for the next few months, and probably some enormously horrific false flag terror attack, the disintegration of people’s respect for government (underway in the UK, who knows what in the US? Obama assassinated by “Patriots”?) will become complete.
Enter the fascists. Enter the flag waving strong men. Enter the finger pointing, neighbour hating, public beatings, all the excuses for the psychopathic and sociopathic amongst us to start to enjoy themselves and be applauded for it. Enter the secret cabals of pre-placed operatives to ensure the smooth transfer into Armageddon, the government of the foolish by the wicked, ushering in the final days. Here comes the war to end all wars.
And yet, it is with a boundless optimism that I contemplate the future. Humanity has been buried by these people since time immemorial. The power and grace of the species, our strengths and beauty, our inventiveness and collective wisdom, all have been shielded from us. We need to see the light. We need to understand that our survival as free thinking beings is threatened for all time. We are an endangered species.
And like a rat cornered, it’s time to fight. Not with the weapons of evil but with the weapons of peace, of love, of friendship, of giving, of kindness, of understanding , of all the things we would wish to see forming the backbone and muscle of a world fit to live in.
There is a broad meadow filled with sunlight at the crest of this hard and rocky mountain. A place where we can rest and rebuild. A place where a glorious future will have its foundation. It won’t be easy. Many of us will never get there. But those that do will have the honour of creating an amazing new world. A world free of hunger, free of fear, free of doubt, free of warfare, free of debt. Somewhere to raise our children and care for our parents in dignity. A world full of hope and it’s realisation. A better place.
I’ll be there , I hope. Are you coming?

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