Thursday, June 4, 2009


On The End of Democratic Government…..or the beginning.
There is a concept mistakenly held by many if not most people that our current system of “democratic” Government is the best system, the system most likely to produce the greatest good to the greatest number of people. That our democratic system of Government is predisposed to the preservation of our liberty as citizens and to the creation of a society in which the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people is held as paramount. That under the democratic system the Government is selected in free and fair elections to do the will of the people, administer our laws, take care of the detail of running a complex society on our behalf such that we can focus on the things that matter: family and friends, the pursuit of worthwhile endeavours, making the future a better place, expanding our learning, building a model boat, walking the dog, playing a game, having fun or just relaxing.
Of course what I’ve described is a perfect Government in a perfect society, something worth fighting for and something which was fought for time and again throughout history. An ideal that cost the blood of our forbears in the struggle to release us from slavery or serfdom, from poverty and powerlessness to a better condition known as freedom. They fought the greedy child exploiting factory owner, they fought for the vote, they fought the Nazis, they fought for and died for the ideal of a just and fair democracy, for a society of decent people kept in safety and happiness by the rule of a fair and unintrusive law.
They might not have bothered if they had been able to see what we have done with the future they struggled for, wept over and died for. In our lethargy and indolence, in our negligence and indifference, in our preoccupation with shallow temptations we have slept on the watch. And whilst we were sleeping the very Devil himself crept in and stole our futures and destroyed what our ancestors had built.
The very type of people that millennia of effort went into removing from the seats of power over us have sneaked back in, smirking at our complacency, filling their pockets whilst stealing back our freedoms, doing what they do best: lying, cheating, abusing, torturing, murdering and enslaving. They have been intelligent about it. They have planned and conspired, organised and co-operated, been determined and underhand. They have stopped at nothing to win through and achieve their vile and menacing supremacy. Their greatest weapon has been the love of money and usury. Our prison bars are made of debt, our prison guards have accepted their dirty money.
The results are in plain sight, and still people are absent of the righteous anger and indignation that would drive them to action. This is a tribute to the all encompassing cleverness of their scheming. They now hold in their hands control over Governments (and control over the political parties that make them up, and over political parties that might in the future make them up). They control the drug companies and through them the medical care we are offered (at a time when the greatest new plagues of cancer, diabetes, etc etc are sweeping the globe they are letting us die for the sake of profit). They control our arms of state, the police, judiciary, armed forces and civil services and through them inflict upon us intrusive regulation, unfair taxation (theft by another name) a legal system which favours the big and the strong and the wealthy over the weak and the poor whilst doing little to stem the tide of violence that keeps us locked behind our own doors, afraid of the night.
It‘s not too bad for us. The drip by drip loss of liberty, the gradual surrender of our health, the slow surrender of freedoms to employees of the State (jailors, bullies and busybodies paid for by our own labours and endeavours!) That’s not so bad. In your name and mine, to our everlasting shame, in foreign countries where our rulers have economic interests , convenient excuses for invasion and brutality and mass murder have arisen. To save us from “terror” we have become the world’s terrorists. To grow “democracy” around the world we have become murderers and baby killers. In Iraq, Afghanistan, now Pakistan and countless other places around the world the citizens of Britain and America are seen in exactly the same way as the Nazis were seen just 70 short years ago. And what was that Nazi society? A nation of ordinary people that had allowed the Devil to sneak into power and surrendered its liberties for a handful of lies.
So it is that you and I, all of us, have been on the watch that brought to an end democratic government and substituted in its place an evil sham democracy that in all but name is as fascistic and controlling as Hitler’s Germany, as evil and menacing as anything the world has ever seen, a sham democracy that is rushing to create a prison globe of serfs and slaves governed by an uncaring and devilish elite.
Not on my watch!
The time has come for action. The time has come to cast of the shackles that restrict our actions. The time has come to restore and improve upon the legacy that our ancestors fought and died for. The time has come to disbelieve everything that the lying, deceitful usurious devils tell us through their propaganda machinery, the TV and press that they own and control. The time has come to wrest back from them the instruments of power and authority which they have stolen, to restore our societies to some semblance of civilisation. To fight once more for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness .
It is not sufficient for us to hold our opinions and in doing so be satisfied that we are in the right. If a shopkeeper short changes us, do we not march up to them and confront them with the truth and demand recompense? So it must be with those that have usurped and cheated us of our heritage. If we consider their rules unjust, we should gather together and tell them so (and particularly those rules that forbid us from gathering together). If we think that our Government and the political parties that have sold out their souls for a few crumbs from their masters’ plates should go, then we should gather together and remove them. Any man that complies with this murderous pack of predators, who pays his taxes, pays the interest on their fictional loans, votes for a political party instead of an ordinary, independent man or woman with a conscience and moral fibre, any man that allows himself to be drawn away from his purpose by their petty circuses or to sit by whilst others take the strain and take the risk, let that man feel the shame that is his due, let him face his children and grandchildren and tell them
“I did nothing. I sat idly by. I didn’t want to take the risk.”
The beginning shall be a persistent and practical denial of their authority over us. I am not a law unto myself, but I am a free man and a soul wrapped up in a body of flesh and blood. If I consider a law unjust or an apparatus of state a wrong then as a free man I have the right to object to it and a duty to bring it to the attention of my fellow citizens. If I think my Government is actively working against the very people it is it’s job to nurture and protect, then it is my duty to do something about it.
For all good people the greatest fear is to be seen acting alone, to be seen as a maverick, to be ignored as they fight the good fight and pay the penalty for their conviction, honour and bravery. It is a noble thing to act alone in the face of repression and evil, but it doesn’t have to be so. There are enough good citizens now to begin such an enterprise with some chance of success, with some chance of the possibility of such success snowballing into victory and the opportunity to enter the broad, sunlit uplands of a worthwhile and wonderful new world.
I am no advocate of violence. The tools of state oppression are designed to deal with violence with the application of superior violence. Where there is no violence in the objection, agents of the elite will act to provoke violence and so discredit the objection. In addition, any new world that has its roots in bloodshed will, as history demonstrates, find itself enveloped in bloodshed. We cannot hope to fight evil with an evil of our own. We have to take the moral high ground. We will be peaceful, we will be non-violent, we will greet the slings and arrows of the servants of the state sent to break us with love for them, we will keep on and on, growing as a snowball does, until they are broken and smashed by the collective action of humanity seeking, once and for all, to assert its humanity and cleanse the world of what, as a non-religious person, even I can only call “The Devil“.

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