Thursday, August 13, 2009

The NEW New World Order. OURS!

Pic: This little fella walked past me at the spring where we get our drinking water, completely ignoring me, and spent 15 minutes "filling up". I didn't scare him, he didn't scare me. He didn't say much either. Hedgehogs? No conversation (though I tried!)

(One day I'll tell you about the amazing 100 year old time travelling and space travelling shepherd. Honest, it was really weird! Remind me if I forget..)

Boy, we're in a mess aren't we?
I feel a fellowship with all of humanity and a love for and mutual "we're in the same boat" affection for everything our beautiful blue globe provides for us.
This makes sense to me, because this is home.
Shake away the programming, and everyone will feel the same.

What a time we will have of fun and fellowship and freedom and creativeness when this nightmare is over and we can see each other for what we are.

This is our place in space and our moment in time.
This is our opportunity and our duty.
We have in our hands the chance to bring real change, fundamental change to the tide of history.
This awakening knowledge was subverted to the elite's programme with the Obama campaign:
"Change"! (Does that ring a bell?)
Future generations will look to us for the example WE set right now.
They'll also look for the villains, so that they might learn the lesson of replicating the past, sick as it has been.

Future generations will seek and find their heroes from amongst the courageous amongst us..
I hope you count yourself as one, for courage and heroism and disregard for personal safety is fundamental to any struggle played out in the sandpit of childish disagreement in which we are currently confined.
We are the foundation stones and building blocks of their future world under the NEW New World Order.

Fear nothing. You are better and more powerful than you now realise.
Don't for a moment think that globalism is a bad idea. The family of man is just that.
One hundred years ago reaching out a hand to help another human being across the world was almost impossible.
Now we can reach them in hours. Talk to them in less than a second.
The global elite wish to harness this power to their own ends, but We'll have it instead and use it for good, thank you very much.
Without their interference.

They are conspiring to introduce their global vision, whilst at the same time controlling the opposition to the globalism of humanity via their shills. They want you to distrust the idea of a global human race, one specie sharing one home, because then they would have to fight and kill all of us, united in our determination to "Start Again".

Globalism is not about global power elites enslaving mankind, it's about the family of man living in peace, love and harmony with its host, its home. It's about non-interference, it's about caring, it's about the charity that has no name or logo or advertising budget just the grunt and effort of humanity trying to do its best. It's about law and justice being what the people expect and not what the lawyers can make of it.

It's about freedom. Not the freedom to harm and brutalise under the protective cloud of disinformation and lies supported by the media and governments but the freedom to BE.
Just to BE..
As I heard once in "Green Wing", an inspired UK comedy:
The freedom to "dance like nobody is looking".
You know what I mean?
It's about love.

The beauty of mankind lies partly in its diversity, its traditions , its incredible variety. The
idea of a global system of good is fundamental to the future of the planet, as is the preservation and support of global difference, global diversity, global happiness.
This concept is not one which derives from a system of governmental and hierarchical regulation and the enforcement of laws preserving difference and punishing those that don't support "diversity", that simulacrum of decency and fairness and equality promoted by the current world masters that seeks to destroy difference by seeming to defend it.
It's about love.

The idea favoured by the global scum is to turn the entire planet into a mall where brainwashed sheep, drugged to the eyeballs, spend their debt dollar in the company store, spend their working lives cleaning the lavatories of their masters, held in place by "hate speech" legislation and the myriad of other petty regulations that stifle expression and punish the outspoken.
They elite just hate a maverick. Always have.
So be one.
Free people make them ill, and scare them.

The ebb and flow of history has so far been dominated by the rip tide of evil. There has never been a moment in the recorded history of humanity that hasn't seen the rape of a mother and child, the senselessly evil massacre of a family, the perpetual and horrific blood fest of this carnival of travesty that has gone on and on.

The sheeple accept this state of affairs as "normal", as "life". They , of course, are the very instruments of this perpetual malaise. They have the effrontery to believe in their blinkered and irrational minds that they are living in an enlightened and civilised time, the zenith of human endeavour, when of course the opposite is true.
We have touched the bottom, and are feeding off rancid black mud full of disease and the rotting carcasses of the murdered.

That's Enough, isn't it, of all that?
Are we not 6.5 billion strong in this family of ours?
Time now to "Start Again".


S Butler said...

Well said.

Von Curtis said...

Yes well said , we certainly don't want their version of globalism.
A person I talked to said he wants to live a no harm to anything type of life. He does not believe in eating beef, chicken, fish etc Now I believe that is carrying it a bit too far.
As beef farmers we love our property and look after our stock very well - I don't think I want to become a vegetarian and I am sure many people don't. The government and mining corporations are trying to remove us by many methods but they will have to shoot us and drag us out to do that.
Doing no harm to plants and animals is pretty hard when people still have to eat.

KathyM said...

Hi Olive,
My questions this time: How is your spring water there? Do you have to boil it before you drink it or is it still pure? And do you have another water source in your home for everything besides drinking water?

KathyM said...

Hi Olive,
My questions this time: Is your spring water pure enough to drink as is, or do you have to boil it? And do you have another water supply in your home for all other uses besides drinking?

Anonymous said...

We seem to be on the same page, but I've now read the intro, and several posts including this one, and I feel that this one of the least fact-dense sites I've run accross. Wish I had time to read another 30 pages for a few opinions and a fact or two. Don't get me wrong, I'm on your side, but PuhLEASE. I'm not sure the intro piece, with "everything" as the claim in the title, even said anything. Top marks for vagueness and lengthiness, though.

whoregisteredme said...

I,m sorry to hear you need to get it all in one ready packet whilst in a hurry anonymous.

Go stand on a rock somewhere far away from peope, take off your shoes and feel the rock, spread your hands towards the sky. repeatedly do this until you make contact with your innerself, after that take it easy my friend. You may cry, you may become enlightened, you might find revelations, you migt find out who you realy are.

patience, rid yourself from indoctrinations forced upon you by others, (hence the temporary spot far away from people.)

I can tell you already what you will find, You will find that you are god. there will be nothing else in the sky as just the knowledge that everything is related. from the past to the far away future.

if you would not have existed, I wouldn t either and vice versa. (hint : bring this piece of knowledge to a higher level by yourself.)

through ages our minds have been coexisting ,carrying the consciesness of existence through our biologic herritage.

please learn to apreciate the vague and lenghtiness of this beautifull blog.

now find that rock.


whoregisteredme said...

von curtis, life is sacred, just treat is as such and interfere only as far as your conscience allows. as long as your conscience can handle it, you,ll be all right. This conscience though will be there to find at the stone where also anonymous is standing.

the world is not a perfect place of yet.

if everyone had to slaughter their own animals for food, less animals would have to be killed since it takes a whole lot of justification to do so.