Monday, August 3, 2009

Out of Darkness Cometh Light

If you don't look at crop circles, maybe you're missing something......

This one for Revolution Harry, who will know.......

"Our of Darkness Cometh Light."
I hope, if nothing else, to complete this journey.

Sometimes one arrives at a point in a journey when it is helpful to look back, to see where you have been, to recognise the mis-directions, to encompass the wholeness of the trails you have followed, then look forward again, newly emboldened and certain that you have chosen the right path.
There is at this moment across the globe an as yet un-named , ill formed and disorganised mass of humanity that is collectively reaching that point. It is a mass that shares a connectivity in the ether, a mass that shares a common goal and is only now arriving at that conclusion.
You and I, dear reader, are not alone. Far from it. We are part of the biggest family of friends ever witnessed. We are part of the biggest single event that the history of mankind has witnessed. We have enormous power, a power that will do enormous good and completely reshape our future.
This mass, like a fishing boat cutting the morning sea as the sun rises, is leaving behind it a glittering iridescent wake that is spreading inexorably outwards, touching more and more people each day. This iridescence is truth and understanding, and from truth and understanding will come light, and when humanity at last steps into the light we will banish darkness forever.
Only now are we coming to understand the evil influence that has prevailed for millennia and to understand that this influence has created for us an entirely false reality. I do not mean by this that the table in front of you now is a fiction, just that everything else that you take for granted is part of an intricate web of deceit. This deceit begins and ends with what you currently think of as "I".
The "I" is your animal self, the "body-mind", the instinctive self preserving element of your mind that currently controls your body and hides from pain the real soul inside. When we are born we are born full of innocence and love, happiness and joy, pure souls. The false reality brings us into contact with hurt, with evil, and the animal "I" assumes control, pushing the true inner being further and further into darkness. This inner soul re-emerges only at death, when the animal mind has given up the struggle and the light inside is allowed, at last, to express itself. The soul inside does not fear death, understands all.
Those that control us have made it their business to force us to allow the "I" mind to have primacy. They have understood for millennia that the "I" mind is easily controlled by fear, easily swayed by lies, easily distracted by baubles. It is capable of greed, violence, unutterable savagery and hurt, hatred and misjudgement. It is what we have been lulled into believing is human nature. It is not. It is the very antithesis of human nature. It is evil incarnate, driven by self and an instinctive urge for self preservation.
We should forgive ourselves and others, for we truly know not what we have done.
It is time we ended the domination of our inner souls by this monster , and in so doing open the doors to the new future that is fast approaching.
The "I" within us has been inculcated with an incredibly complex series of lies that have reinforced this entire false reality , made true what is falsehood. Concepts many of us cling to and value are constructs designed to create division and enmity, hatred and violence, to lock the inner soul ever more firmly in its protective "I" shell. The ideas of nation, religion, race, skin colour, sex, money, property, debt, success, failure, an endless and incredibly complex catalogue of falsehoods, all designed to ensure the primacy of "I" at the expense of the beautiful lives we could have lived, should live and will live.
Freeing ourselves from this matrix of deceit is the first stage , a stage in humanity's development that is underway at the moment and growing exponentially. These words are part of that process, as are the words and ideas of each of us, spreading like a virus of good, infecting others daily. The technique is simple and begins with questioning everything. Our lives are full of experiences that have been placed there by the matrix of evil and lead our "I" selves to make misjudgements. The simple act of addressing the "I" directly , of asking it why it feels anger or hatred, why it acts the way it does, will lead to a revelation of a kind, the revelation that every "instinct" we have, learned from the lessons of life, wrought from the lessons of experience , has its foundation in the sick evil emanating from the matrix.
The "I" that you so value has been shaped into the bitter fruit you know. The root and the branch of that tree is sick and its fruit is sour. The vast community of souls awaits our ripping out, root and branch, of the lessons of deception, the history of lies, the falsehoods we take for granted.
What will remain, the inner self we reveal, is love. Love will be the foundation of every interchange , of every transaction as our pure souls cast off the shackles that have imprisoned us and we enter the broad, sunlit uplands of our future.
We do want this, don't we?
Then let's go there.


Micah said...

Greetings, I was on David Icke's web page and some how ended up here. I don't usually read blogs....but found your style of writing both engaging and uplifting. The things happening in this reality right now are astounding, being hit daily with the coming Orwellian State. One can certainly see how they are going for the big push. It is my desire to place my family in an environment of Love, Growth, Unlimited Potential. To enjoy the physical beingness on this planet to the fullest, not live under the constaints of the illuminati and their police state. I'm just not sure if I need to move or if I can accomplish it where I am at. I can see why you left the UK, with 50 million security cameras and daily intrusion into the peoples lives. It is happening here in the States as well, I have read about the coming forced internments in FEMA camps if you refuse the vaccines, this seems to be one of the main instuments they intend to use to usher in the police state, besides the wrecking of the economy. I am looking forward to people waking up to their potential and taking back their power. Let's hope it happens soon. Thanks for putting your positive thoughts and emotions out there. It all helps. Micah

Olive Farmer said...

Thank you Micah.
Fear nothing, spread the knowledge, usher in the truth, care. x

S Butler said...

Well...I had another look at crop circles after reading this. One was reported yesterday

I like the comment about algea that you can read in this link but being a mathematician it struck me more a purely geometrical design. Along the way I've picked up that geometry is used in Islamic art to enable Muslims to focus on unity in the diversity of nature. When geometry is analysed pi phi (fibonacci)are at the forefront....the mathematics underlying things we can't see for example DNA aswell as elements of nature that we can...sunflower, spirals in shells etc...probably even olive trees! Anyway it is yet another reminder (doesn't matter who or what made this latest circle) that this world needs unity and balance.

S Butler said...

...I meant algae as opposed to algea...the latter would have thrown a completely different light on things.

Peaceful said...

L'amore รจ sufficiente.

Anonymous said...

Your heart is free!
Have the courage to follow it!


Derek said...

Olive Farmer: I just want to echo Micah's comments above. Your manner of writing is both insightful and inspirational. Your awareness of the darkness is grounded in a greater faith and knowledge of the Light. Your heart is in the right place. Alex Jones' rants are usually one-sidedly angry. You bring elements of intelligence and wisdom that are missing from the Infowars point of view. I will be back to read more. ~ Derek

Winston Smith said...

"We are the power in everyone,
We are the dance of the moon and the sun,
We are the hope that will never hide,
We are the turning of the tide."
~The summer solstice power chant

Anonymous said...

Really nice post... thankyou! Keep up the good work :) The new beginning is another day closer my friend.