Friday, August 14, 2009

Just over the next dune.....

(Changed the picture when I'd looked up what milf meant....
I suppose it's a compliment in a way, so thank you, but it's not the idea of the blog. Here's a tit photo instead {trees I tend!})
Olive xxx

I don't know if I can carry you with me. Maybe you're too heavy. Maybe your bones stick out too much and will chafe. Maybe you don't want to be carried and will squirm and wail like a terrible toddler. Maybe you're just the right weight and I'll hardly notice you at all other than when you speak to me.
Maybe you'll share some of the weight?
Those are the nice times.

Whatever you are, carry you I will unless you decide to dismount and curse and kick out at this frothing and ornery camel that willingly but stubbornly offers itself as your ship across the desert of life.
If you do dismount. I can't promise that another camel will be along in a minute. You know how it is with public transport, five come in a rush at you and then nothing for hours. Or at all.
My advice to you would be: stay put and relax.

There is an oasis up ahead a while, but the ground is difficult and stony, covered with thorns. I have a long experience of dealing with thorns.
So relax, be happy, meet triumph and disaster with the disdain they both deserve, look to the future with a glad heart. Learn to fear nothing, learn to see the lies, and we will travel far together.

If you've been here before, welcome back dear reader and good fortune to you in the coming interesting times. I hope you do not come to the attention of authority, such as it is.
I have. But I have learnt to fear nothing.
It's nice.

If you are new, well Hi there! (Consider becoming a follower. It helps to calm Mrs Olive Farmer down a little.)
Minds touch each other here. Like-minds coming together, following the instinct that insists that something is very wrong with the world, something wrong that has to be put right. We together are looking for something we can do to hasten the awakening of our fellow travellers, shake them from the dream that is a nightmare, bellow into their ears: "Wake UP!"
They will.
And when we are all awake, watch us go.

The global hive mind of awakened humanity will be something to witness, something to be in awe of. We will amaze ourselves, turn over every stone and rock that has held us in place for millennia, find ludicrously simple and childish the difficulties and false notions and dumb ideas that currently constrain us.
The ideas that make murderers of teenagers.
Find pathetically straightforward the problems that dog us now as they have dogged us forever.
They are straightforward, aren't they?

You and I have 6.5 billion fellow travellers on this great spinning globe hanging like a glittering sapphire in the vastness of space, in the blue eternal ocean of time. When we all of us take to the oars, we'll cut through the waves as a hot knife cuts through butter.
Some sizzling, but evenly spread.

If you can see this vision, if you can feel in your inner self the great power of the united family of humanity, you can also understand the simplicity of life. Complexity breeds contention, detail is the abode of evil, detail makes truth of lies just as regulation makes justice of injustice and debt makes a slave of a man.
The substance and essence of the human soul, the great unfettered mind that beckons to us, the optimistic superior understanding of life, the world and everything that abides here awaits us all.
This chimera of life, this mirage of existence as we know it is a falsity of grand proportions. It is the biggest of all the "big lies". Everything we "know", everything we believe in, everything that forms the basis and fundament of our existence is a big, fat , sweaty LIE.

Death is a figment. Hunger is a creation of the idea of division that has rendered mankind asunder, turned us into a tumbling twisting jostling mass of squabbling and vicious dogs , scrabbling for rotten scraps whilst "they" look on in amusement.
We fight for life, but as yet we but rarely fight for each other's life.
Of course, there's no need to fight at all.
Because the most potent weapon we have is Love.

Reach for that weapon.
Raise your eyes above the parapet and witness the world for what it is and see it as it will become.
Then take the first step on our journey.
If you aren't too heavy, and even if you are, we'll carry you.
Me and all the other camels.

Oasis madam?
Just over the next dune.


Anonymous said...

Wow looking at your photo you seem to be a bit of a milf. Any chance of some more photo's?

S Butler said...

This is a general comment and not in response to this particular post. What will we do if the internet is blocked? I am planning ahead and amongst other things ensuring that me and my family are CB radio equipped. I can't believe I'm even thinking this, let alone posting!

Blandy Land said...

Wow! I had you pegged as a male. I think it was the bravery. You are will be a hero in the NEW NWO...Mrs. Olive Farmer! I love it, and wish more of my friends and family had the same courage and awareness level! Have a great weekend!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Von Curtis said...

Learn the magic word - Simply the word is NO

Learn The Magic Word; That'll Change The World!!!

There is no freedom without the freedom to say "no."

I learned this from a very Wise Man; so no credit for the idea, here. Take of it as you will, and spread the "WORD". Simply the word, is NO. Try it, just say No, and say it a lot. You say NO when things don't feel right. You say NO when the government is not the servant, but now the master. Say it enough, and the word begins to empower you, and build you into a new improved person. The "Word" takes the power back from the Oppressors, and re instills it in your Soul!!!

No you cannot have my car. No you cannot have my land. No I won't .

No you cannot make me.

No I will not let you inject me.


NO you cannot have my country. NO you cannot have my children. No you cannot have my land. NO NO NO!

Yes, love is strong, and extremely important it is more magical, but right now we need to learn NO. Here practice with me NO, NO, NO, You cannot make me forget about LOVE.

NO, I will not because, I care for my fellow Man, and Woman.

NO, I love them You cannot make me do that.

NO, I love my fellow country Man I will NOT stop them at the check point.

I say NO, out of LOVE my friend