Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Sickness and in Health.

(I think I'm in love with these crop circles!)

There is great debate in the United States at the moment about "Obamacare", a bunch of sinister new ideas wrapped up in a nice glossy package of faux "good".
Kind of like a poisoned chocolate for the masses.
One of the ideas is that government will pay whatever big pharma ask for their death drugs and won't seek a bulk buying deal. Nice for big Pharma, but then you wouldn't expect anything different, would you?

There is simply no point in arguing over detail in this or almost any other area of government, for the devil is always in the detail, but the sheeple never see him hiding there. The global planet wrecking war whores love to watch the sheep wrangling over detail;
"What sort of noose should hang ourselves with, hemp or nylon?"
"What about silk, maybe in a nice yellow or just off-white?"
Baaa. Baaa.

Universal free health care is a no brainer. Remembering the good Samaritan, few real human beings would walk past an accident victim asking for help and ignore their pleas. All illness is accidental.
The smoker didn't intend to get cancer, the obese person didn't intend to have heart problems, the stressed out don't intend to get mentally ill, the road collision victim didn't intend to have serious head injuries. We are most of us guilty of something that might affect our health, from driving too fast to walking in slippy shoes. Who knows when we might need the help and assistance of our fellow human beings?
And when needed, should the outcome depend on money?

Few of us would not try to talk an attempted suicide down from the ledge, or seize the pills from their hands. Each of us has a bad habit or a lifestyle choice (mountaineering!) or a gene that determines when we will fall ill or pass from this false reality to somewhere else, and each of us , acting collectively, should help our fellows to sustain this life and a healthy enjoyment of it.

Shit happens, and one of the ideas underpinning government is that government should act on behalf of its citizens in the collective actions necessary in civilisation. We the people will help you if you are attacked in the street by thugs through our police force, there to serve (or at least that's the general idea). We the people will defend you from harm. We the people will help you get well and put your life back together after an accident or an illness.

Government should resemble the best of close knit families, there with help and support in sickness and in health.
Leaving you be when you don't want or deserve interference.
That is why we choose now to have government, that is its true function.

Something, as we know, has gone seriously wrong with this rationale.

The concept of delivering health to ourselves either via government or private systems has been hijacked by the profit motive. In effect, we the people will assist you when you are run over by a train IF you give all of your money to the drug companies, the private medicine suppliers and all the others involved in this ambulance-chasing-for-profit that serves as a mockery of the caring impulses we most of us have.

Drug companies have a vested interest in designing and marketing expensive long term treatments (often for conditions they have convinced you to suffer). They have no interest in providing a cheap and effective cure. Google "cancer cure" and witness the efforts made to stifle cheap and easy remedies for this plague. From cannabis oil to sodium bicarbonate the story is one of establishment suppression and the full weight of government pressure and the "law".

In the early part of the last century certain moneyed families took control of the educational agenda in schools and also in medical training, laying the cornerstone for the take over of good health by the profiteering allopathic drug regime. Boy, do they ever play a long game!
This effort continues to this day with assaults on natural alternative health, vitamins, organic farming and so on ad nauseam.
Until we are all sick.
Which is what they want.
Who benefits from sickness?
The answer should be: "No-one".
Who benefits from death?
The answer should be: "No-one".
Who benefits from misery?
.....Well, I could go on.

As long as we have a system anywhere in the world that motivates people to benefit from ANY evil , or profit from it, then those same people will have a vested interest in the promulgation of that evil.
Why do you think we have had so many wars?
Why are so many mothers weeping over the still bodies of their children?
Inside those flag covered coffins carrying the brutalisers that have reaped what they have sown for a handful of pennies sits a fat pay-check for some evil bastard somewhere, sitting beside his pool admiring his yacht and footling with someone's underage daughter or son. Laughing.

The major pharma companies are also neck deep in the influenza debacle that is spreading senseless fear around the world, generating enormous unwarranted profits on the sale of treatments that are potentially very harmful and untested vaccines that may prove to be disastrously murderous. They form part of the cartel of evil that is assaulting humanity from all sides.

Big pharma digging up dead Alaskans? What IS all that about?

Government in our current "democracies" is in no way "of the people" nor "for the people". Government has slipped down the blood drenched gutter of global oligarchy. They smirk at the sheep every time an election comes around, falling for the old right and left, republican or democrat false reality paradigm yet again.
What is most amusing to them, good conjurers that they are, is the practice of deception and obfuscation. So we have this senseless debate about the devils' detail of a certain piece of legislation when what we should be focussing on is the leprous festering devils themselves.
This is not the time to discuss detail. This is not the time to mess about at the edges, a little change here, a little alteration there, a dab of paint.
This is the time to rip up, root and branch, this entire poisonous tree of evil and "Start Again"


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. I totally agree with most of the conclusions presented by you. I happened to find you through AJ's homepage. I really respect your courage that you'd left behind UK to start over and have a new kind of life. Your observations are spot on, still, it'd be nice to hear more about your everyday life in Crete.

Robert Toth Dr., iur. said...

I've just read your blog from the beginning till this post in one go. You're talented, to say the least. Respect. And congratulations about escaping the ratrace.
I agree with the previous comment that it'd be interesting to hear about some down to earth details.
Greetings from (still) the treadmill.
I hope I'll be able to follow your example soon.

Blandy Land said...

Hi Olive Farmer-

If DHS is monitoring you then you are definitely doing something right. Keep up the great work! Mind if I repost this article on my site? (of course providing a link to this site) I didn't see where they are monitoring my site yet, but I'm sure it won't be long! Have a great day!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Blandy,
Reading you regularly, great insight.
I would be honoured if you chose to repost,
Olive x

Robert Toth Dr., iur. said...

Not a secret any more but I am commenting from Hungary, Europe. Should there be any problem, please let me be informed because I've saved all the blogs (incl. comments) and in case you lose your access or your entire blog should be removed ( I do not think it will happen), I'll gladly host it freely in my country. That means 2 years of relax because the police state is just beginning to build up here in Hungary. They do it but they are not efficient enough. (As gov't agencies use outdated methods.)

Should you need my help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Derek said...

"Big pharma digging up dead Alaskans?"

They want what they died of, to create a new strand of disease fear.

The truth is viral. Keep on spreading it people.
62 years old and woke up just two months ago - thanks to the internet.

Derek - UK

Pillerill said...

I like what you're saying Olive and I hope it will be so that we, the masses, are stronger in numbers and we will make the change together, but at the same time I'm scared as hell and doubt that it will be that way. I have two children and I will fight for their future, that I do know. I'm 40 and i woke up a year ago thanks to net.