Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Rising Light.......

(Pic.The light of understanding is rising from the pyramid of deception.)

I wish I could do pictures here to illustrate what I mean.
I can't, so whoever does these crop circles is doing it for us.

Imagine, if you can, a structure (let's call it home) that is made entirely of love energy.
(There's a point to this, I promise).
Imagine it as a spherical ball of light, surrounding you and protecting you.
Imagine that energy coming from you, that love coming from you, that light coming from you. The structure IS you.
If you're still reading, you must be as crazy as I am!

This light of love that is you is also made up of other elements. It's wrapped in compassion, clothed in truth, and girded by trust. It is indestructible, as all energy is, and so you fear absolutely nothing.
Still with me?

Imagine, if you can, a different you. This is a you shaped like a pyramid.
It is the prison you.
It has four sides and a base.
At the base of this structure is fear.
A terrible, withering fear of death and harm that has a thousand thousand blocks of individual fears forming an eternal foundation of damnation for your true self.
Understand this: Fear is the greatest enemy you have. It is the fundament of your imprisonment and the root cause of all the world's evils.

The four walls of this pyramid prison you are Cruelty (rather than compassion) Hatred (rather than love) Distrust (rather than trust) and Lies (rather than truth).
All of the world of false reality we call life are made of these foul contradictions of our true selves. Once raise your eyes above the parapet and catch a glimpse of the truth and the whole edifice falls down piece by piece. Leaving just you and your true self and a determination to wake up your fellow travellers on this careering pantechnicon of deceit heading fast for the great pile-up on the freeway of history.

It is fascinating to me to see the symbols of the elite, particularly their beloved pyramid, sitting atop their obelisk, seen in the centre of many of the world's capitals. The pyramid sits atop the obelisk as if capping it. Perhaps the obelisk represents the true potential of humanity, the capstone represents the huge weight of their pyramid prison, the prison which we ourselves have wrought and continue to maintain with fear as its foundation.
The more you look at this world, the more you understand that the powers that guide our destinies are following a long term game plan that is almost inconceivably complex and is very , very old. Cleopatra's needle, at the centre of their throne of power in the City of London, is a 3,500 year old pyramid-capped obelisk brought from Egypt in Victorian times.

I watched a documentary here:
It's about religious fundamentalism and the strengthening expectation of the "rapture" and Armageddon amongst a considerable number of Americans and their supposed influence on government.

Of course, the influence flows the other way, from the top down. From above government. The presenter was trying to say that the fundamentalist's belief in the end-times was acting as a self-fulfilling prophecy and driving the world ever closer to armageddon, even trying to provoke it.
They may well be doing so, but the whip that drives this particular herd of sheep is the evil that has ever driven mankind towards its historic objective, set in it's historic agenda for three years hence.

This evil has understood for eons that humanity will one day find the truth. This truth discovery is happening now and is inexorably burgeoning.
When we find the truth we will begin the job of crashing through the walls of the prison pyramid and becoming something other, fearless beings over whom they will have no control.
To prevent that from happening, to prevent us from becoming light, to deny us this evolution they must re-impose the fear, cement up the base of the pyramid, strengthen the foundation of their dominance.
Be ready for their shock and awe.
Fear nothing.
Their time is over, our time is beginning.

(P.S. If you spend an hour watching the documentary, pay particularly close attention to the eyes of the flash-suited , limo driven , private jet using , sociopathic , fear-mongering festering pustules of sin posing as fundamentalist preachers. See any Love there in those eyes? Or do you, like me, see the whip masters of evil.......the heavy glowering domination of a slavering snake oil salesman?
I should learn to say just what I mean and not hold back!)


S Butler said...

Keep saying what you mean..I'm as crazy as you are and will read every word.
Your references to pyramids reminded me of the Georgia Guidestones which I found out about just a couple of days ago. My trivia storing mind remembered that they are made from Pyramid Blue Granite. I'm not sure what to make of them but here's a link if you're interested.

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

Another great post Mrs.Olive Farmer!

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Daniel Edd Bland III

winston smith said...

You are right Olive-dude that we have the power, we are the majority, we can make a difference.
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In my view it's one nail in the coffin of the despicable banking cartels.
Peace, Freedom and justice.

Anonymous said...

These kind and nice manners can certainly make a world more so as to say civilised, but it won't solve any of all the problems that have (re)emerged with the unleashing of the present barbaric and bloodthirsty capitalism.

Just try your receipt as an Iraqi, as an Afghan or a Palestianian with regard to hords of trigger- and bombhappy mercenaries, drones etc that the profithungry capitalists let loose over any place they think they can steal, and you'll see how long it takes

Anonymous said...

Daniel Edd Bland III

Defend Cheney????????

That would be an awful crime in itself!!!

I wouldn't give death sentence to that monster. I would rather make him live a loooong time under the conditions that criminal mind wants to make others live under: I'd make that monster work all day long for nearly nothing (that's what he and his ilk want to force upon the majority of us) and if he ever tried to deny any of his innumerable crimes I would just sumbit him to his favourite "rendition" methods: the same kind of torture he and his ilk made everyday routine worldwide...