Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello to the Department of Homeland Security

I have this software that shows me where visitors have come from (to be honest, I only just found out it did that. I just wanted a counter.) It's interesting to see where in the world visitors come from (the city, not the house number!)
Then I found this:

Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]
Springfield, Virginia, United States, 9 returning visits
11th August 2009
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No referring
11th August 2009
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11th August 2009
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11th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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12th August 2009
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Isn't that nice that someone there is a human being too and loves this blog enough to come back 9 times. Thankyou, whoever you are.
Or maybe they think love is bad and are checking me out in case I throw an olive at the flag of America!
Kind of a spooky Big Brother kind of moment.


toth_robert said...

Of course, you're being checked out. All of us are. Never mind, they cannot take away anything from you, you've nothing to lose. You've already quit their sphere of interest, didn't you? Let them know that you don't care and are not frightened.
Anyway, the most serious guys will use a well-hidden (and fake) IP address when spying on you. Like my Hungarian IP address or something like that.
Your "intruder" must have been a bored public servant who might very well agree with you.:)

Von Curtis said...

Big Brother alright - gradually they move in on us - I wish people would wake up IN A HURRY

Quest to Destroy the Middle Classes


This is what is happening in Australia, US and Britain.

To understand a little more about the wider context of 7/7 and everything that has happened since, one need only look to the words and wisdom of the Ministry of Defence who, on page 81 of a March 2007 report entitled, “The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036 (Third Edition)”, noted what the State considers to be a core threat in the foreseeable future:

The Middle Class Proletariat
The middle classes could become a revolutionary class, taking the role envisaged for the proletariat by Marx. The globalization of labour markets and reducing levels of national welfare provision and employment could reduce peoples’ attachment to particular states. The growing gap between themselves and a small number of highly visible super-rich individuals might fuel disillusion with meritocracy, while the growing urban under-classes are likely to pose an increasing threat to social order and stability, as the burden of acquired debt and the failure of pension provision begins to bite. Faced by these twin challenges, the world’s middle-classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest.




The EU’s Militarized Police

EU military police can enter Britain

THE EU’s Militarised POLICE……….Eurogendarmerie- In Battle Formation!!

EU military police may be Turks

Another disturbing element of the Treaty of Velsen is in article 44 which provides for the recruitment of Eurogendarmes not only from member states but also from “candidate states”. Indeed the Portuguese EU Presidency’s website, announcing the signing of this Treaty, stated that Turkey had already shown interest. So when the EGF does come over to Britain, we could find ourselves being policed by Turks in EU uniform. Even if they are excluded from being full members of the EU because their human rights record is not good enough, and torture in Turkish police stations is reported to be commonplace, the Turks are evidently considered good enough to be recruited as policemen to police us.

Please note – these are not soldiers, they are European riot-control policemen.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm a bored public servant and I love this site and agree 100% with you :-)

Keep up the good work Olive Farmer!

Wei Wu Wei said...

This post and it's comments made an old man laugh... thank you... I love laughing.

David G said...

Hey, Olive Farmer, I envy you for living on one of the Greek Islands. Greece is my favourite place.

I like what you are doing on your blog. We, who are intent on making the world a better place, must continue to do what we can, must speak out against the Masters of the Universe.

I have been visited by the spooks too. It means you're making an impression!

S Butler said...

Any other interesting stats from your visitor count? S Butler ..the frequent viewer.

winston smith said...

Do you have a link to get your stats counter so I can use it please ?

The Irritable Farmer said...

Keep up the fine work, sir.

jimmy mankind said...

Agreed. I'm jimmy mankind. i'm a writer in SF. i want to send a poem, can i do it here?
meanwhile, dear oliver, can we start to plan a plan of action? i like your blog, i'll start one too. i've been remiss.
i'm writing and hoping to get publishable. not so easy--many venues just look at the themes i pick and shut me out like plague. they be Rip-ugli-cants. some others i'm not good enough yet. but i'm good and i'm getting better.
i just don't want to mention anymore problems--from now on i'm out of words for them.
i will only do solutions. and i think that is the first good idea. i know i'm not gonna let myself eat the last fish or buy another DU bullet for some sad bedraggled Arab to pull out of his body, or for his kid to play with.
war is the admission of failure as a species. period. it is the ultimate degradation of self-hatred. let's ban the bullet!
my ideas include new names for anti-war and social improvement band names...let them proliferate.
Guns don't kill people, bullets do.
Call Michelle.
Bullets for Sasha.
Daisy cutters for Malia.
All wars are are Wars on women.
Take no action without thinking of our childrens' grandchildren's grandchildren.
Vote forever.
Assemble as much as possible.
Take back the streets the nights the air the water love hope dreams the future of the planet.
Burning is bad for Gaia.
Electrons are godsent.
Leave no footprint.
Grow one good thing.
Sell anything that burns oil or coal. Sell your gas-hog. Your motorboat, your jet skiis, your snowmobile. Leave them for the EMT.
Save gas for flying--or do we have to sail around the world? OK. Sailing to electric train terminals near the coasts doesn't sound bad.
There are really only three wars going on that count: they are all against peephole in general. They are The Class War in Economics, The Public Health War (which is designed to reduce or cull world population, which before they always wanted larger), and
The War Against War, which we are losing badly...via the War Theaters of the War on Women, the Wars on Trees, and the War on Gaia.
Those three major topics are all there is to think talk or act about.
We know the trees are pretty--let's save them because we need to breathe.
Women are getting unused to being abused, but not quickly enough.
Gaia, if she gets angry, will rain hell down upon her best bet, us, to have brought heaven on down where she could be happy with her children. But our garden is poisonous.... Our job here is to bring Heaven down here where we can use it. This universal religious myth has been subverted by our religious economies that say there are divisions of labor, and thus life.
How do we make Heaven at home on this planet? Tell me.