Saturday, August 8, 2009

World War of the Soul

(Picture: another wonderful crop circle. Don't know why, but this one speaks to me of the awkening of consciousness of humanity.)

There is a World War raging at this very moment. This world war is taking place in the hearts and minds of humanity across the globe. It is the war between Good and Evil. It's about to go ballistic.
The majority of people think of themselves as "good", living out their lives keeping their heads down, trying not to come to the attention of those in authority. They are honest, up to a point. They care, up to a point. They love, up to a point.
They obey regulations, even when the regulation is wrong. They cow-tow to authority in a myriad of ways. They believe themselves well informed, watch the news and read the newspapers, follow the herd-mind in their opinions, defend their mistaken stupidities even to the death. They are patriots, and will don a uniform and kill any other human being that threatens what they believe is something called "nation" and consider themselves heroic for that act of murder. They believe in fair play but cheat in business and lie to their spouses. They go to church and promulgate the lies , believing themselves morally superior for being a member of "god's family", this same "god's family" that condemns others and occasionally murders in great swathes people who are in the family of a different "god". They believe in the lying texts of a fabricated narrative designed to subjugate and make unnatural the believers, designed to inculcate them into the belief that the soul is only released at death, that we have to wait.

We don't. We can release the soul from its prison right now, whilst we live out this part of the journey.

This great lumpen mass of "good" people is almost entirely sold on the fabricated unreality of the current world. They doubt that politicians are in the hands of the global vermin. In fact they know damn well that they aren't and if you think otherwise, why, you're one of those outrageous conspiracy fruitcakes and if you carry on challenging what they believe they'll swing for you, so help them God!
They doubt that politicians would wage murderous wars on the instructions of these vermin for a handful of gold and a seat at the table of the devil. They believe what they are told to believe by the puppet propaganda merchants that masquerade as the independent media. They believe 9/11, and 7/7 in the UK , were committed by muslim jihadists. They are right now lining up for Tamiflu and the vaccine. If the vaccine becomes mandatory, they will bring to the attention of the enforcers people who are trying to avoid it and think themselves upright citizens for so doing.
Their soul is crushed by their fearful and cowardly "body-mind", whispering it's instructions constantly: "Keep your head down, go with the crowd, question nothing, accept authority, believe the lies, take your medicine, die at the time I tell you to die, be angry at people who are free-they are a vexation and a danger to you".
Billions of these "good" people are living in a darkness of their own creation, living in the false reality, living as slaves to conformity, unconsciously doing the bidding of their masters. This conformity puts the blood of the murdered babies in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan on their hands, They're dripping with it. This conformity makes them nothing more than scavenging dogs , eating the festering scraps from the carcass of humanity left to them after the foul and unutterable demons have had their fill.
(I use those words often: devils, demons etc etc. These are inhuman people, people who can kill babies or get others to kill babies for them. What other names are fitting?)
The biggest single threat to these elite baby murderers is the internet. This is where an enormous covert war is being fought, the world war between good and evil, because it is into the hearts and minds of humanity that they need to continue to dig their leprous clawed fingers. They need to control all information or the game is up.
They don't.
So it is.

The internet allows a thousand minds to fall out of their grip at the click of a mouse, a million souls to wake up in a day. It will only take one idea to "go viral" on the internet and their game will be up. They must prevent this awakening at all costs. After all, what if all those billions of "good" people suddenly woke up to the truth?
As our global leeches are no slouches when it comes to disposing of irritations, expect an assault on the internet shortly. The global awakening gathers pace and they need to act quickly.

Anticipate the coming expansion of the "fear" factor. Fear nothing. Do not believe in their lies, however cleverly orchestrated. They are as incapable of Truth as they are incapable of Love.
Good will prevail.


S Butler said...

Echoing my thoughts as usual, Olive. Can I post a link to your blog on CVEITCH page on facebook, please?

Olive Farmer said...

Please do. There is courage and love there.
Standing at the front.
Olive x

winston smith said...

" I know you're out there. I can feel you now.I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a World...without you. A World without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A World where anything is possible. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you " ~Neo

Von Curtis said...

I love your site I found it from Info clearing house.
As my husband and I are farmers in Australia I wrote a piece on patriotism this morning on

We are under attack in Australia as they don't want food production they want mining and gas extraction.
I do agree with the writer who wrote - 'The patriotism I defend is one in which loving one's country is not reduced to ethnicity or race. It is a patriotism that demands of citizens a commitment to a national tradition, comprised of civic values and moulded by historical experience. Loving your country does does not mean adhering to unquestioned myths or mindlessly repeating slogans but being prepared to contribute to the improvemnet of your communtiy and culture. the national project is something that never is but is always becoming.
The lazy conflation of patriotism and racism is a political as well as a intellectual mistake, which has the effect of alienating the liberal left from a middle Australia that takes pride in our national identity , history and traditions.
Patriotism does not have to mean jingosim. There is the posssibility of a benign, liberal and inclusive love of country. And while many believe patriotism is in substance distinct from nationalism, divorcing patriotism from nationalism can do more harm than good. A genuine patriotism is a demanding one that challenges Australians to make their country live up to the best of their national tradition, as well as confront the misdeeds of their history.
The challenge of liberal patriotism also involves coming to terms with the value of citizenship and its application to a multicultural society. There is the mistaken view on the Left and the Right that citizenship and multiculturalism are fundamentally opposed Ideas.'

Vob Curtis said...

They removed it from that site - apparently patriotism is taboo in some peoples' eyes.
I have now placed it on

You are certainly right about it being a war on the internet.
People arn't allowed too much free thinking and expression.

Wei Wu Wei said...

I have to admit that when I see a word like 'patriotism', there arises in me a feeling of discomfort. From my point of view, patriotism should be a matter of love of humanity, the collective soul and the physical universe that we, as humans, are part of; not merely love of a piece of land, it's inhabitants, and it's government on a small planet orbiting a small star, lost in the utter vastness of an unfathomable universe. I believe our thinking as humans is still too tribal and primitive to make that leap quite yet. Although, I do believe that, with modern tools like the internet, we are starting to blur the lines a bit. We have a long way to go, but, eventually, I believe mankind will begin to truly awaken. It seems to me we have at least begun witnessing more of humanity discovering the 'path'.

Von Curtis said...

'I have to admit that when I see a word like 'patriotism', there arises in me a feeling of discomfort.'

Yes that's the trick though - to get you to become a global citizen. Our schools and universiites are al putting the emphasis on 'educating global citizens'
It is not physically possible for most of us to be 'global citizens'
We lose all our rights and freedom more and more with extreme globalism.
We need local small business and small farmers for us and our children.
We can be global on the internet and local in our communities.
These people pushing globalism are fascists excreting communism and they are extremely ruthless.

Von Curtis said...

Another person I really liked from ICH was No More Lies - he said things like

our real god is the truth and even though a billion people maybe have forgotten, our real evolutionary goal is to find truth.

its time for society to step out of the matrix, finally. if finding out of some truth is the result of this change then it will be deemed successful by our god of truth.

we always have the choice to learn peacefully or violently. we did not take the easy way out which long term thinking would have suggested.

when jfk was shot they were allowed to sweep it under the carpet. all the sh#t that has happened politically since then was bad but still everyone voted and went along with things even though most knew it was all complete bullsh#t, obviously, i mean does anyone ever watch politicians 'debate' in a chamber its disgusting. enron was a microcosm of todays macrocosm, still no one cared.

nature was trying to tell us all along, time and again her law of truth exposed the true reality, but time after time we ignored, taking the easy way out. putting the weight of responsibility on the next generation, then the next, accumulating until this generation will have to answer for all the lies of our forebears.

ours is the weight of a hundred bloody murderous years and more. and now we get the final decision this time for keeps. lies or truth, which one does mankind favour most. this is the underlying question of all this mayhem and chaos. it will be decided in the hearts and minds of 7 billion people.

truth and learning? or the yoke of lying slavery?

we must turn our backs on the lies everywhere and once more turn our spirits towards the truth as provided for us by our mother nature.

and i would hasten to add no man or organisation can claim to know what mother nature is saying, it must be a personal and individual conversation and people who converse so are obvious to others by their harmlessness to others. therefore the opposite to truth is harm, violence and coercion.

nature is the only force in the known universe that seeks to order itself, every other system eventually decays but not nature, not yet anyway. if nature was allowed to guide us she would show us the path to calm consistency.

We the People - Change from the BOTTOM UP