Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hive Mind.....

Dear Reader,
Take a high dose vitamin D. 2,000iu is OK according to my research, but check for yourself. Take what sunshine you can get. If you're British, just take the vit.D !
Here, as they say, we go.....the great roller coaster ride to the future is set to go, the seats are all full, the brakes are off and we're heading upwards to the first big fall.
The slavering soul harvesters are all in position.

Don't Panic!.
The Anglo American warmongers and their usurious masters behind the scenes have since 9/11 slaughtered 1.9 million souls in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is the first stage in their plan for global warfare, coming soon, kicking off with an almighty false flag operation against Israel, performed by Mossad.The theft of trillions and the collapse of the western economies with its concomitant domino impact on the rest of the world will engender global famine and internecine warfare. Coming soon. Carry love in your hearts for all. The last 60 years have seen startling growth in cancer deaths, new killers like HIV/AIDS and many more sicknesses. This new flu, and likely its vaccine, will bring more death. A new highly dangerous strain will emerge, they tell us, soon.
Take your vitamin D. (I ought to be selling the stuff!)

I often remark that the conjunction of War Famine Pestilence and Death on such a scale is reminiscent of the prophetic End Times. It is interesting to view the drawing together of these threats to the existence of mankind, rapidly approaching a dreadful confluence, then to consider the apathy and disinterest of the sheeple.

There isn’t an elephant in the room, there’s an enormous rabid bull elephant in must, bristling with weapons of destruction, weeping sickness and disease from its pores, eating everything in the house and now turning its baleful red eye on them. Meanwhile, they turn over the channel to watch “Britain’s Got Talent” (”But No Future”) or similar distraction fodder.

There has never been a time in the history of mankind when the flow of events pointed more certainly to the outcomes anticipated and yet the people were less engaged. This lack of engagement and suspension of reason, engendered by 60 years of post war propaganda and mind control in many forms is a modern day Judas Goat; their ignorance is leading them into the slaughterhouse. Like children, they bury their heads under the sheets if you tell them a boogeyman is coming.Well, the boogeyman is here.

I’m finding it difficult to arrive at alternative conclusions after reading these signs, interpreting the ebb and flow of current events and predicting the outcome, mindful of the hidden hands guiding the world’s history in the making. These same hidden hands gave us Fascism, WW2, Communist Russia and Maoist China, the Cold War, the War on Terror, the Great Depression (then and now) and many more institutions of pure, unfettered evil. They think nothing of plunging the planet into global armageddon, think nothing of subjugating peoples and setting up death camps, always find willing servants amongst us to serve as Gestapo, Stasi, jackbooted villains of oppression, vaccinators, camp guards, oven operators.

One example of Hegelian reasoning going on: They have planned for years to give us this flu. High amounts of vitamin D are very effective at preventing this illness. High levels of vitamin D are obtained from the sun. They have been telling us to keep out of the sun for years, citing skin cancer. Many dark skinned people suffer from very low vitamin D (these eugenicist swine are race selective in their plans…) High vitamin D levels also combat cancer, hence the lower incidence of cancer mortality as the equator is approached, higher as you move towards the poles.

The "hive mind" is the most powerful weapon in this coming struggle.

Can you sense the minds of your fellow visitors, all of the other people here, now, in this imaginary space? Have a go.
Looking at these words at this moment. Reading what you are reading, thinking what you are thinking , right now?

If you can't feel them now, you will soon. The internet is the tool of communication for awakening, the conduit of truth (and also of lies).

However would we have found other people who share our thoughts and ideas in such numbers without this incredible instrument, this still new thing called the internet, this weapon in the war between good and evil that rages around us.

Ideas and the words that express them can change the world.
Killing won't. Hatred won't. Those are the weapons of the global scum. Love and the hive mind are our weapons.

Welcome to the hive mind.
There has ever been a herd instinct; that animalistic self-preserving greedy and instinctive monster that we have lived amongst for eons. You see it all around you now, following the Judas Goat of public opinion into the vaccine slaughterhouse. Entire generations of humanity waiting in line for the axe of fate to fall, giving up their humanity for a promise of safety, trusting to the last the thieves of time, the great harvesters of souls.

The hive mind is something altogether new, altogether different.
You are here now, as many others are in many other places, connected.
It is a consensus that has no boundaries, it's a consensus that sees no skin colour, no measure of attractiveness, no differentiation based on language or creed or skin colour or nationality. Here, in just words, is a touching point of minds, invisible fingertips reaching out and tentatively touching invisible fingertips.
You will, I hope, sense them...

This connectivity, this blind communication, this togetherness of souls made possible by technology is an entirely new phenomenon for mankind. It is something we have never been able to achieve hitherto. It is something we won't need technology for in the future, but for now this technology is helping to create an entirely new community.
This is something really very special.
It's the hive mind.
We are one living creature known as humanity made up of billions of individual "cells", each one different, each one finding a particular role, each reliant on all of the others. Sharing one hive called planet earth.

There is undoubtedly in the vastness of the universe another, bigger hive called creation. Logic dictates that there has to be. Gut instinct says that there must be.

They might let us in if we learn how to behave like civilised creatures.
They won't if we don't.

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Von Curtis said...

I wonder at what point we will lose our internet connection ?? I hope we beat them before that happens.

Interesting comment I found this morning as I believe we had chemtrails right across this part of the world the other day. I am sure they are making southern Q'ld drier than it should be by using HAARP

This is a very good intro to my interview on HAARP and the melting of the Arctic for profiteering. Boy, you said it even better than I can Barbara!!!! Thanks. First man weaponized chemical energy – gunpowder. But the Chinese mostly used it to frighten the enemy and celebrate with fireworks. Then in WW II, nuclear energy was weaponized – the A-bombs. Under cover of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the US secretly developed HAARP (at Livermore Lab where I am a whistleblower) – and the energy of the Universe is now weaponized. The Univ. of California (DOE) and the Soviet Union have developed a global integrated weaons system that is space based, sea based, and land based. In other words, they have weaponized the environment to be used as a global weapon against mankind. HAARP can be sued to trigger earthquakes more destructive than nuclear weapons, it can cause volcanoes to erupt, giant tsunamis, it can be used to create huge storms greater than in Nature, it can modify weather to cause droughts, floods… and starvation, and HAARP is being used for global mind control – targeting individuals or whole populations. Chemtrails are an essential component of the HAARP system – and they are being used to disperse viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals, human blood cells, and radioactive particles that end up in our environment and in our bodies. It is the most horrific weapons system ever conceived, and it can be used to destroy most of humanity. Thank you for posting this great introduction to the interview. There are 10 HAARP interviews that I did with Alfred Webre on COOP radio in Vancouver. Do a search and listen to all of them. Everyone needs to be informed. Leuren