Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fear is the only darkness.

Young Caine: Of all things, to live in darkness must be worst. Master Po: Fear is the only darkness.
(Kung Fu. 1972, TV.)

At the root of all the world's ills lies fear. Fear is the blanket that swathes our higher selves, smothers our true light. Fear is gifted to us as a child by those already under its sway. Fear is the fundamental virus of iniquity that infects us all. The entirety of humanity, with a few notable exceptions, lives out its life under the great weight of fear.

This fear gives rise to all of the baser emotions, the evils that so reflect the pitiable state of mankind. From fear flows anger. From fear flows selfishness and greed. From fear flows duplicity. From fear flows violence. From fear flows ideas of tribe, of otherness, of the herd instinct.

Fear has so dominated mankind for so long that it is difficult to conceive of its ever ending, but end it must if we are to find our way across the rocky path we face and navigate our specie to the next stage of enlightenment. Humanity will never flower, humanity will never progress, humanity will never build a heaven on earth without first the defeat of fear.

As our global masters have so ordered, it is each other that we fear. Mankind fears nothing but mankind. Somehow, somewhere in the dimness of history this fear of one another was instituted. From this fear has flowed the all of the constructs of this false reality, lie upon lie stacked so high that humanity cannot see beyond this awful construct, lies so old that to question them causes others to raise their eyebrows in incredulity or reach for a weapon in anger.

The world war for the soul of humanity is underway at this time. Be glad that you are here now , for although many feel pain right now and our global masters intend that many, many more of us shall feel their swingeing and vengeful evil this world war of the soul can only have one victor. Humanity.

This confidence in the final outcome of this final battle derives from the knowledge that humanity is, slowly but inexorably, discovering the truth of its condition of slavery to fear. We are finding the path to truth, shrouded and hidden for so long. Each piece of the jigsaw we discover forms another piece of our armour. We are slowly becoming clothed in truth and this truth, when shared by all of humanity, will end all wars, will end all poverty, will end all sickness, will end all enmity, will finally end all fear.

For if mankind learns to trust and love mankind there will be nothing left for us to fear, for we only fear each other.

This is how love will conquer all. This knowledge will stay the hand of the warrior. This knowledge will cause the slave to refuse the orders of its masters. This understanding will allow humanity to see itself for what it is: one race, one specie, sharing one planet that must and will come under the lasting control of humanity born out of love for one another and the forgiveness that must flow from that love.

We must bury enmity, bury the memory of crimes against one another, discard the anger and lust for revenge that so motivates us to carry on the evil wars that we are driven to by our masters, stirring the ants' nest with their sticks of nation, race, religion and greed.

We are coming to understand our condition, coming to understand that we have only one enemy and that enemy is evil and those very few that drive us to it and have always done so. When each of us renounce evil, when each of us renounce hatred, when each of us renounce the fear of one another and reach out our hands and our minds to touch that which we fear most, our human enemy, then will our enemy become our friend, then will we finally realise our destiny, then will the flowering of our specie begin.

Nothing can prevent that, because the realisation that we can destroy ourselves completely through this senseless fear and the division and violence that flows from it leads as night follows day to the certainty that we must overcome it in order that we might survive.

Our evil masters will therefore serve our purpose. As they need to prevent us from finding and spreading the news of truth, the understanding that love for one another will defeat our only enemy, so they will create more anger, more war, more division in a rapidly expanding maelstrom of wickedness. This attempt at distraction will inevitably create a counter insurgency of realisation, a final recognition of the enemy that is amongst us. We will at last cry "Enough" and turn on those that herd us, dig them out from their fastnesses, bring them to final justice, rid ourselves of them forever.

This is why the greatest weapon we have at the moment is communication, the communication of this truth. The more understanding, the more realisation , the less harm we can be driven to do to one another.

In the first world war we were herded into by the evil global scum the artificial division of humanity was exemplified yet we still did not learn. On the first day of the Somme 23,000 so called "British" human beings were gunned down by so called "German" human beings. As this monstrosity progressed the Somme cost 419,654 "British" souls, 204,253 so called "French" souls, 600,000 "German" souls.

The enormous lie that created this intensity of evil caused man to slaughter man, so brother to kill brother. In better times those peoples share a beer and a laugh, sit at table together and share salt, learn each others languages, share understanding and friendship.

These lies of division and enmity, of hatred and so called "just cause" for murder continue to this day. So in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan 1.9 million human beings have been brought to their end by human beings. So called "Christians", so called "Jews", so called "Muslims", all human beings, many being able to to believe that they follow the teachings of one prophet of god or another and yet being able to reconcile this with the very antithesis of that prophet's teachings as they shed one another's blood in a false war built on the lies of our global masters and sold to humanity with their usual evil deceits.

We see their lies now. More and more each day are coming to the truth. Soon there will be a critical mass of us. This truth will not arrive quickly enough to prevent their further unleashing of the dogs of war. Their mind control of the sheeple is still strong, though lessening each day.
The battle lines between good and evil are drawn.
We are all of us in uniform now, all of us on active service.
Our great weapon is communication, spreading the understanding of the false reality, recognition of the enemy by the entirety of humanity and the love for each other that will flow when the scales have fallen from our eyes.

Some words from Ghandi, a true human soul with an understanding of the universality of our condition and our weapon of redemption: Love

"It may be long before the law of love will be recognizedin international affairs. The machinery's of governmentstand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another."

"Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty
Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind."

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance.Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil."

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless,whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy"

This is our time.
Fear nothing.
Olive x.


Christine said...

Dear Olive, I have only just discovered you, and am amazed at your confidence and positive frame of mind. kudos. Wish I had the same, but truly find inspiration in yours.

That said, I wish to provide something I find extraordinary. Not a professional astrologer, only became interested since I retired, but there are a number of astrologers who specialize in "Sabian Symbols" and here is one I just found for Aug 22nd:

Sat Aug 22 23:01:48 2009 UTC
New Moon at the 5th degree of Libra
*Degree 185: Sabian Symbol - "A man revealing to his students
the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a 'New World'
could be built." The necessity for the youthful spirits to
learn from a Teacher who through his long experience has been
able to reach solid and illuminating truths, i.e. "seed ideas."

Daniel Edd Bland III said...

You staying away from the fires over there? Gonna repost this message at

The world is desperately lacking positive leadership today. I am very glad to see you using this incredible communication ability to fill the void. Keep up the great work!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Von Curtis said...

the beginning of the end of an Age

They will never push me off the land I love I promise that

This is our time.
Fear nothing.

Anonymous said...

Finally! I find a person living in Greece. I heard the news, of course, that swine flu vaccinations will be mandatory in Greece, but nary a word in print about how the Greek people are responding to this outrage.

Can you tell me? What is the reaction to this?

An article on just this topic would go viral as I am sure many people--like me--have concluded there is a news blackout on the subject. For some reason Greece was chosen by THEM as a test case for vaccination tyranny.

Thank you!

David G said...

"Their mind control of the sheeple is still strong, though lessening each day."

I see little evidence of this OliveFarmer. I've been blogging for many years and I can't say I've noticed any real change in the sheeple.

The Seeker said...

H1N1: I guess we were all expecting this - here come the scare tactics to herd the sheep to the slaughter (ie, the immunizations):

whoregisteredme said...

patience david g, patience still,
We are teaching our children and they are teaching their friends... just try taking a look at it from a larger perspective.
what takes longer to ripen will eventually be better.

Im glad i found olive, He /she's like a soulmate with the abillity to put my thoughts to paper.

One sincere question still to everyone who holds a clue:

If the elite is so powerfull, why did they allow the internet to happen???
(for 7 years I wasn't in contact with society coinciding a time the internet came out; hence my ignorance)