Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The virus is dying

The Virus is Dying.
Take your time answering......
Love Olive xxx

Who was the first person you hated?
Who was the first person you feared?
Who was the first person you cheated?
Who was the first person you lied to?
What lies do you still hide today?
Which lies do you tell to yourself?
Who was the first person you struck?

Can you list the harms you have done in your life?
Which human being do you despise now?
Are they as guilty as you?
How did you judge them?
From what position?
Are you able to forgive them?
If not, why not?

Who taught you to hate?
Who taught you to lie?
Who taught you to hit?
Do you know who lies to you now?
How do you know?
How many times have you been made a fool of?
Do you know who is cheating you now?

Do you feel guilty about something?
Would you like to be free of guilt?
Do you feel sorrow about something?
Would you like to be free of sorrow?
Would you like to be truly happy?
Do you know what is preventing you?
Can you see that your enemy is sick?

What do you do for a sick person?
Do you revile the sick?
Do you ignore the sick?
Do you help the sick?
Do you judge the actions of a sick person?
Do you judge people who know not what they do?
Do you judge yourself?

Do you yourself seek forgiveness?
Can you see every soul as a brother or sister?
Do you care what happens to you?
Do you care what happens to those you love?
Do you care what happens to our mother earth, our home?
Do you care what happens to mankind?
Do you wish for a wonderful outcome?

Do you wish for a world free of hate?
Do you wish for a world of safety?
Do you wish for a world of true justice born of the soul?
Can you sense your part in the wholeness of humanity?
Do you know your duty?
What would you BE?

There has been a virus slowly spreading around the world. Passed from generation and from continent to continent. It is a virus of evil, and nearly every one of us has been infected. It now encompasses and shrouds the earth, dripping its pestilence everywhere it touches, making leprous the soul of every human being it touches.

It clouds the reason, fills the heart with hate, drips its poison and vitriol into every one of our number, enslaves us in its wicked motivations.

It makes a rapist of a boy, a murderer of a man, a liar of a mother, a cheat of a saint.

This pandemic of harm, this virus of sin has infected you, it's infected me.
Your mother and father were victims, as were mine.
The wicked amongst us are only judged as wicked on a scale, a scale which starts with your wickedness, a scale which measures the sickness compared to yours and mine.
The more wicked, the greater the illness, the more care and pity that soul needs to earn redemption amongst the coming family of humanity.

We all of us need the cure. We all of us need to take the medicine. We all of us need to get well again.

Caught in the terminal ward as we are, let's take the wholesome pill of truth, drink the draught of curative love, pass from one to another the soothing balm of peace.

We can all be cured. It is not too late. This miasma of wickedness that shrouds our true selves can be cast aside.
It is just an illusion.
Reality is just out there, behind the veil of deception, just a step away for mankind.

Let the morning come into your souls.
Let there be a dawning.
Let peace and happiness absorb you.

Forgive all, forgive everything, accept forgiveness yourself.

Step into the light.

There are interesting times approaching and a change for us that we may fear.

Do not believe what you hear from threatening people.
Open your mind. Find your higher self.

Their time is over.
Their virus is dying, ours is spreading.

Know this:
Our time is nearly here.
Welcome, friend, welcome.



KathyM said...

Your posts are always a breath of fresh air so I thank you again.

I am moved to laugh and cry at this one. This may seem strange to some but my father was so authoritative that he didn't allow us to hate anyone! He said "you can hate what they do, but never hate any person." So all my life, in my own mind, I was never "allowed" to hate a person.

Forgiveness, a strange thing for me. I was working through something called "The Healing Codes" a few years ago. (a very interesting set of workbooks) to heal spiritually, mentally and physically. When I got to the chapter on forgiveness I thought I would be okay because I had forgiven whatever I thought was ever done wrong to me. Boy was I wrong! There was a section on self forgiveness and I cried for many hours over that section. It was the first time I realized how much guilt and shame I carried for myself. I had to spend a lot of time there figuring out how to let go and forgive myself. And it's not that I ever committed a crime or anything horrific. I just recounted all my flaws and shortcomings and wished I had been better.

In this world of the evil virus, where we weigh and measure ourselves against a false reality we always come up short. The burden of self hatred or in my allowed case "self dislike" ... that burden makes us sickly. We need to shed it first. When we heal ourselves and love ourselves, when we forgive ourselves, then we bring ourselves to the table of the universal spirit in a healthy way.

I think of all of us as wounded healers for we have been wounded in some way spiritually in our lives and yet we have come out on the other side as awakened souls. We have so much to give each other and I feel it here on this blog. Thanks for a platform to share Olive!

S Butler said...

Woahh...many many questions! Haven't even scratched the surface of them yet but I thought that I'd share my initial reaction about the title with you all. Unlike the rest of the post it made me laugh.
I have just spent a horribly disabling 24 hours because of a virus on my PC. After much hunting and scanning I hope it's banished. And just now, brimming with excitement & relief, I was able to connect to the internet. The first site I logged onto (this one) states that " The Virus is Dying". I adore synchronicity.
Back to the post though. Wow. Yes..I'll NEED to take my time replying. My initial estimate is approx three years and four months....

Von Curtis said...

Forgive all, forgive everything, accept forgiveness yourself.

It is an interesting thing to do to go back as far as you can remember to your earliest memories and think about what you did and thought and what your family members did and how they may have thought - take yourself back and try to remember how you felt.
Then do as Olive farmer said forgive yourself and others for being human - strive to become a better person.

It reminds me of this article I read a while ago -

'In Lakota mythology, one who lives in opposition is called a heyoka.

The message here is clear, that if we are to join forces with the divine Creator and purify our air and water and heal our poisoned land, we must become heyoka, we must do the opposite of what we’ve been learning from our larger culture, from those who make our water, air and earth toxic through their greed and shortsightedness. “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God,”[5] wrote the Apostle Paul, and if we are to tap into divine wisdom, we must become fools to everyone else, living contrary and in opposition to what the larger culture says makes sense.

The first step in becoming a heyoka, then, is to let go of all our ideas and explanations about what is God and what is Good. Tapping into Divine wisdom means letting go of what we’ve been taught makes sense and begin questioning our paradigms—those patterns and habits that lead us blindly into destructive folly.'


Von Curtis said...

The Fig Leaf


Whether it is from individuals, group, or nations. From the left or the right. From the Arabs or the Westerners. From the Muslims, the Christians or the Jews. From your own and from the stranger...my Beloved where do we go from here ?

Am sorry..I misheard. It was not about you. They even asked me for a badge to enter, and when they saw your name...they refused.

Let's leave Beloved...this too, is no place for us.

David G said...

Von Curtis, questioning can have only one outcome: acceptance that there is no such thing as god or divine wisdom.

If we could get rid of silly superstition and fraudulent theology from the world, we might have some chance of achieving peace!

Anonymous said...

Dear Olive Farmer,
I live in southern Italy on land with olive trees overlooking the Adriatic Sea...and am doing my best to keep informed on the A/H1N1 swine flu scam thru comunication with Dr. Rima Laibow and constant NWO updates from www.infowars.com
Keep up the good work and hope to meet you sometime.